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Google Image Search(popular Meetup) image 2MHEL1K:


  1. M33YGV:Title: Meetup members: Want more people attending, plus great events totally suiting you?
  2. M33YH4:URL: http://1.JotHere.com/3975#MHEL1K http://1.JotHere.com/MHMore
  3. M87XAJ:is fully outlined with all key details in BOLD and most-essential & -timely first. So to skim, just read the bold.
  4. MAYCNN:is currently being updated ~4x/month; ID of last item is version ID.


MGDU8A:Want more people attending, plus great events totally suiting you? Powered by YOU!Then Make It Happen!

by doing these simple things –then sit back & enjoy great popular events!
Starting from most critical:

  1. MKDWS5:  Essentials & Summary

    1. Google Image Search(Bring your laptop) image ~36*6+4MKDX0F: for all our upcoming events

      1. MIUMRZ: RSVP!
        1. Google Image search(few RSVPs) ~26*6+3MJI60H: And only if you’re absolutely certain you can’t attend, say NO; otherwise say MAYBE or YES.
        2. MJGIP7: And don’t wait, RSVP ASAP!
          1. MJIXS8: Why? If done along with that last point (NO only if absolute NO), this is:
            MJIYD0:the #1 thing any person can do, and do easily, to attract more YES RSVPs!, plus
            MJIYDH: -insures you get notified of event changes & discussion & plans, plus
            MJIYDU: -makes carpools possible (including you could be there to give a ride if a fellow member is in need), plus
            MJIYE7: -casts your vote early so the event’s planned to you.
        3. MJGIQ3: If you’re a MAYBE but that option’s not offered, say YES & explain.
        4. MJGISY: And of course as you are important to us, your reasons for attending and especially for not-attending or changing-your-mind are important to help us plan good events, so kindly share them with us if that conceivably could be helpful
          1. MJISXQ: Usually this info IS VERY helpful and we can’t get enough. Notable examples include:
            1. MJIT5V: when you’re a MAYBE -Why?
            2. MJI5JI: when your RSVPing this way could be of some surprise, especially
              1. MJI5Q1: if you earlier were expected to attend (especially if you are/were a leader or a presenter or a big contributor or just you usually come), and maybe even you even said you were coming/RSVPed YES, but now are RSVPing MAYBE or especially NO -then kindly, Why?
              2. MJI5RC: and/or if you will be possibly be missing some parts of the event -Kindly, What parts? -When will you likely arrive & leave? And Why?
                1. MJIUR0: If you you RSVP YES or MAYBE, everyone will reasonably expect you to be there for the whole thing unless you say here what you’ll be missing..
            3. MJITQO: when something about the event doesn’t work for you -the date or time or venue or drive/distance or activity or cost or people attending or somebody there, or group admin; and when it particular does work for you.
            4. MJIU4A: when there was something about our last event(s) that is causing you to change your mind about this one.
            5. MJIU27: when there’s some other event or activity you prefer to do over this one, or you when you prefer this over that –What’s the event/activity URL & details & why your choice?
            6. MJITLK: when they’re a small # of people attending, as under 30; the fewer attending, the more important for each person to say Why.
            7. MJIT9G: when few others who RSVPed the way you are have told Why (then it’s generally important you DO say Why, so what’s going on there gets explained)
              1. MJIVP6: Most notably, we don’t want the situation where over 10% of the RSVPs were NO but none or few of them explained Why.
          2. MJI5SG: Simply share this info in your RSVP/attendance comment-else-thread except as noted.
            1. MJIV6T: except the (usually rare) parts of your RSVP which would not be constructive if shared there (in a comment on the event listing, which, by default, also gets instantly emailed to everyone RSVPing or commenting on the listing), these parts simply post on your group involvement thread else if the group has none, Meetup-email the listing’s top ranking Event Host..
        5. MJIVAT: Do NOT just tell some other attendees or even the top leader your RSVP & reasons! -as nobody, not even the top leader, can well post it under your name and shouldn’t have to and so understandably annoys them when some “RSVPer” does this. Like everyone else, you yourself need to post your own RSVP & reasons on the event listing, as explained here.
        6. MJIWN9: You get into the group for free and get events carefully developed and offered to you. But this only really works if you properly RSVP.
      2. MJGJ6D: Suggest topics & future events!
        1. MJGJAE: by posting each topic as 1 top-level comment on a matching event listing and each event via a “SUGGEST A NEW MEETUP” on our home page.
      3. MFOLRC: Carpools!
        1. MJGTD0: are a big help for attendees
          1. MFOLUB: -coming from a distance.
          2. MJGTFW: -wanting to much better get to know & build-connections-with the other attendees & members
          3. MJGTGO: -wanting to be Green
            1. MJGU9Y: -like the Android robot! 😉
        2. MJGT7Y: And we’ll try to find you one! Simply:
          1. MFOLUO: RSVP ASAP YES, now so you’ll hear-of & be-invited-to & find carpool offers, too.
          2. MIUMNL: And in your RSVP/attendance comment-else-thread, say you’re open to carpooling as “Hey, I’m coming from zipcode __ leaving at time __. And I’ve got a car which can seat up to 3 or I can ride with someone. Carpool anyone? We could meet up at say the local Starbucks. Just click “Reply” on this thread!”
      4. Google Image Search(Bring your laptop) image ~31MGDVWD: Bring your devices for accessing Meetup (your smartphone & especially laptop) plus any additional items for programming if you intend to be doing that.
      5. M15TNK: Bring portable Internet if you have it, especially one you can share as a wifi-hotspot.
        1. MJGN0I: as we share who provides us Internet among our attendees (for the regular case where our venue’s Internet is non-existent or not reliable; also gives us many more venue choices).
        2. MJGMYA: Have equipment that could possibly create portable Internet (as a 3G or 4G smartphone or other device) but don’t yet have it setup to provide Internet to your other devices? Then BRING the equipment and ask event attendees for help to create a portable Internet hotspot.
    2. MKDX9S: Wherever practical, communicate, including reply, via a good shared-document typically via proper-posting within websites.

    3.  MKDXEP:  Do “due-process” before you do anything possibly negative.

    4. MKDXH7:  Ask what you can do for you group & event.

    5. MKDXLA: Think of anything? Then constructively speak up! -especially properly post it! -including since your freedom-of-speech is protected.

    6. MKE0PR: Regarding your Meetup group memberships and group profile

  2. MHF0QP: And so, my fellow Meetup users, Ask not what your group & event can do for you, but What can you do for your group & event –DestinyArchitect

    1. MHF0Z9:This is true even much more than when JKF said this to American citizens, because at least the government collects 1/3rd of each “member”s income to run, while Meetup groups & events generally get an average of $0 for the stuff they provide you.
    2. MHF0SV:as remember,
      1. MHF1GU:Typically all leaders including the group head get $0 for the services they provide you; they’re working often many hours every week for you for free, plus paying Meetup.com over $100/year to bring you these events, so to insure quality, longevity, & fairness, generally you need to help back!
        1. MHF1FDMost all Meetup groups & events are free or near free, including nobody is paying anyone to hold them (besides sometimes a nominal fee so that members take it seriously), so, to best & longest serve, they count on members working to make it happen.
        2. MHF1Q5:Think of your Meetup group as not a restaurant and waiters to serve you, but rather as a community cooking & eating group where everyone needs to be chipping in if you want to be eating great meals!
      2. Google Image Search(everyone participates) image 1MHF1JO:the by-far best group & event is where virtually everyone is participating, so go participate & help out!
        1. MHM9TJ:This ideally is also a democracy –where not only everyone can participate but also has a fair say in how things are run.
        2. MHGAKS:The most healthy group and organization is maximally participatory, including where, beyond democracy, every participant is prepared-to and sometimes-does serve time as a leader to the best of his/her ability.
          1. MHGALJ:The US Armed Services and and other militarily operate like this including so that no matter who is unexpectedly incapacitated (as killed in war), every group still functions.
          2. MHGTOV:Meetup.com is not your usual dictatorship event site but by far as grass-roots as I’ve ever seen one,  rather uniquely & specifically designed to be now to be potentially fully bottom-up (ordinary members creating the activities) and self-organizing.
            1.  MHGBCF:Most impressively, Meetup event listings a can&do get proposed, worked out, and take-place successfully even if all normal group & event leaders inexplicably disappear(original phrasing), especially with its “SUGGEST A NEW MEETUP” (plus date & venue) features introed ~2008, though for this to happen else happen well, it takes attendees who know they can & should do this so do it, which is not a given
              1. MHGXU6:so why that’s mentioned here –Make your Meetup event a success even if there’s no normal leaders there!
            2. MHGU9X:And since it’s 1st release, Meetup.com has the feature that seemingly-all Interests (topics) are user created, so various groups across the globe would be bound & linked by common interests without a notable any authority of what that interest was.
              1. MHGUED:The most famous example I’ve heard is Meetup’s world-wide directory of polyamory groups, polyamory.Meetup.com, but it provides similar examples for literally every of its thousands of interests.
            3. Google Image Search(Meetup) image 1 size 320 × 237

              MHRIA1:What’s Meetup? Meetup is like Facebook but in-person, providing a website for 105,000+ local community groups which meet in-person (a requirement), more than any other website host I know of, serving 11.1 million+ users across-the-globe in 45,000 cities and on 117,000 topics (as hiking, Android, polyamory, etc), plus an Everywhere service for dynamic group-less events. Meetup definitions give much more info.

              MHGUP3:It also has http://Meetup.com/everywhere hosting event listings that don’t belong to any group (just a common topic) and I think anyone can create

              1. MHGUR3:the most famous example I think being http://Meetup.com/occupytogether organizing  the Occupy Movement.
            4. MHGUWJ:Which Meetup groups do this? (where many or potentially every member is a leader)
              1. MHGUWX:The most successful & popular Meetup groups do it heavily, as http://Meetup.com/OC-Good-Life with over 100 organizers, though they could be much better & respectfully if they also followed the universal rules I’ve developed including to help manage such grass-roots structures such as requiring every event has at least 2 leaders.
              2. MHGUYT:All the groups I oversee do it fully.
              3. MHGV84:Perhaps from their founders & leaders having bigger egos plus never really have seen & thought of this bottom-up leadership before and seemingly not realizing it’s best and what Meetup was designed for, most Meetup groups do this partially: mostly benevolent dictatorship but mostly allowing free commenting & discussion, but with group leaders slowly releasing the reigns over time as they gradually get this better way.
            5. MHGUTX:Meetup group site can be set & and run as a full dictatorship where most everything requires approval, example is SCPUA1, but this rarely done on Meetup and generally brings deserved resentment from members including who then don’t contribute & share & volunteer (at least not on Meetup), just take, and also then expect the dictator to do all the work, and while they might be impressed with the leader’s skill in the subject are a (what usually allows leaders to get away with this), they are still ambiantly disappointed with the leaders as they needlessly constrain the group including preventing the many possible contributions of other members typically due to their  ego and/or being a control freak and/or not realizing the better bottom-up way
    3. MHF1HY:So Ask what you can do to help out, plus shape the groups & events into those you want!
      1. MHF1CJ:Not yet sure of what you can to do help? Then even more, start with these easy ways next!

  3. Google Image Search(Freedom of speech) image 2 size 500x237MHET9Q:Freedom-of-Speech Right: You have full freedom-of-speech for all your communications as long as it’s respectful content by maximally-liberal & improved-Meetup-TOS standards –specifically you have this protection in true healthily-led community groups.

    1. MHM7KZ:Why?
      1. MHM7LQ:Critcal for groups & events, most especially smaller ones (with few members and/or attendees) as the ones serving specialty topics, plus to individuals especially if they think long-term, to get from members the feedback about them they need so to best serve everyone and grow & become a true success.
      2. Google Image Search(Freedom of Speech) image ~7*4+3 size 250x333MHM7PA: Essential for a true democracy and following the example of say the First Amendment and other forms of freedom-of-speech.
      3. MHM85R:Seemingly essential for having a non-repressive environment.
        1. MHM9BT:Without it, mistreatment runs rampant.
      4. MHM7R9:Probably many more reasons.
    2. Google Image Search(Freedom of Speech) image 7*4+3 size 340 × 292MHKTM2:Note for NON-true healthily-led community groups, which are the vast majority of groups on Meetup, you do NOT have this protection so one has to be very careful with most everything one says and especially writes, even if totally appropriate including fully constructive and even essential to the group or event’s long-term success, for if it disturbs egos (which run rampant), especially the ego of any leader or anyone who can manipulate leadership (as typically most any pretty female member) but also routinely of any member, it will typically get deleted and pretty-routinely get you removed/banned, and almost always without any warning nor true & complete explanation, all in severe violation of the “due-process” rule.
    3. MHLC8W:resepectful content by maximally-liberal & improved-Meetup-TOS standards
      1. Google Image Search(Freedom of Speech) image ~7*4 size 326 × 245MHLYJU:is content (as text, images, sound, and/or files) which COULD be actually-or-perceived negative but does NOT appreciably & undeservedly have any of the following:
        1. MHGI5H:misleading
          1. MHM4JV:includes misleading statements & reviews, deceptive advertising, and more.
          2. MHM43N:Note content/info can:
            1. MHM48B:be all true but still misleading by having an excess of either positive or negative truths.
            2. MHM4BE:contain falehoods, typically inexact statements, but not be misleading admitting that the falsehoods are not accurate and combining them to give a true impression.
        2. M2J6RI:excessive
          1. Google Image Search(Freedom of Speech) image ~7*8+5 thumbnailM2J6TL: as defined:
            1. MHM3R7:Repeating a point very similarly more than 3 times
            2. MHM6ED:where, for any person or group or org x & y, x is attempting to communicate with y but y is not replying, x would be sending excessive communications to y if:
              1. M2J6UP: Initial attempt: More than 3 message/posts from x to y without any reply from y.
              2. M2J6VY: Subsequent attempt: More than 1 message/post from x to y per 1 days with no reply since the last Subsequent attempt or if-none since the Initial attempt, with this waiting period doubling with each Subsequent attempt until maxing out at 1 year.
              3. M2JAF5: except as required to handle the proper restoration of content as restoration of wrongfully-deleted Greets,
            3. MHLD74: likely a few more situations TBA.
      2. MHLY4I:violates improved Meetup TOS.
      3. M2J8IQ:other situations? None come to mind. But especially given this rule is new, appropriate are suggestions, especially those aligned with its reasons plus reasons in derivative situations as the motive not to delete Greets: simply comment on this post.

  4. Google image search(post) image 7MHEYMV:Wherever practical, communicate, including reply, via a good shared-document typically via proper-posting within websitesmoved to HERE

  5. Google Image Search(RSVP ASAP) image 6MGDV53:RSVP early & ASAP & with Why.

    1. MHOBXG:Be on the lookout for events you might want to attend, and when you find & hear of them, DON’T WAIT, RSVP  THEN! And tell Why.

    2.  MHESL3:–as you & others RSVPing early & ASAP REALLY helps! –to:

      1. MHOAHA:make an appealing event listing & event
        1. MHOBA6:as early RSVPs:

          1. MHOAW7:of  YES & MAYBE then notably attract more YES & MAYBEs!
            1. MHOBD4:especially when the attending list currently has few faces
            2. MHOAXV:especially on Meetup which mandatory features the list of members attending on every event listing, so what that shows is heavily used by onlookers as measure of the event’s expected & actual success.
          2. MHOB3Q:with Why and other constructive comments then notably help report problems & suggest improvements so they can be fixed & done before further advertising & the actual event
        2. MHFRCZ:so enable the event to be well-attended and a success!
      2. MHESSM:insure you’re notified (typically emailed) about changes to the event whenever your RSVP is a YES or a MAYBE.
      3. MHFRHH:find you & everyone carpools & rides in your commendable pursuit to be Green & sociable!
      4. MHESPI:get the event and group planned and shaped to fit you, and to fit other members (as you were the right one to speak up!) whenever your desires are somewhat representative
        1. MHFPS2:most especially when you include  a constructive event comment explaining, as it well-prompts you to comment.
    3. MHESTA:And whenever you’re a MAYBE but that option isn’t given, say YES until you’re certain it is & will stay NO, then change to NO
      1. MHFMP6:as insures:
        1. MHFM2O:you get notified of changes including those then change your answer (as http://Meetup.com/<GroupName/>/settings (“Email & Notifications) only offers to notify a member of “changes to” and “comments on a Meetup I’m attending”).
        2. MHFMMB:your RSVP is seen (as Meetup hides all NO RSVPs unless the viewer clicks each time to show them), so
          1. MHFMTX:lending notably more support to the event  showing more faces interested
          2. MHFMWB:Showing your RSVP comment which should include the reason of your MAYBE as then very commonly other attendees & viewers, often someone you’d never guess, will reply back with with solution (as “I can give you a ride”) which then allows you to become a YES!
    4. Google Image search(few RSVPs) ~26*6+3MHFLM5: especially do this (RSVP early & ASAP) whenever:
      1. Google Image Search() image ~7*5+4 smaller sizeMHFNBN:the event listing currently shows few faces attending
        1. MHFQRU:as then your eyes should light up “Oh, I can really help here!”
        2. MHFNDL:as then you
          1. MHFNFH:add your face to the attendee list as-soon & as-long as-possible! (by RSVPing YES-else-MAYBE when true)
            1. MHESOW:which then notably attracts more people! (who then also RSVP YES-else-MAYBE)
              1. MHEU86:which then insure the event happens and is popular!
                (And if you want any changes, as on time or place or topic, also just post a comment!)
              2. MHEW15:so this this is the biggest bang-for-the-buck fix for low attendance, & super easy, & you make it happen!
          2. MHFO0S:are well-encouraged to include a constructive event comment explaining
            so providing probably badly needed feedback regularly getting changes that get more YES-or-MAYBE RSVPs.

            1. MHFOSW:Example: even your NO RSVP but also explaining “NO, I can’t make because of the big conference <url/> at the same time on the same topic” may easily be the very clue event hosts need to realize “OMG, we missed that! And of course that’s why we’re getting almost nobody RSVPing YES. Well then of course we need to move this event so not to be in conflict, and since we’ve got the conference URL, we can figure out exactly how much we need to change our event dates so there will no longer be a conflict.”
      2. MHOFO2:Before certain points (as event listing being actively advertised or event start) by which it really helps to have RSVPs-with-Why.
        1. MHOA25:Before the event listing is actively advertised, which, on Meetup, means emailed out to general members.
          1. MHOA7E:As this gets YES-and-MAYBE RSVPs (which attract more) and gets problems reported & fixed before the listing is emailed out to general members
          2. MHODZP:the event listing is emailed out by at least 1 of:
            1. MHOE28:automatically-by Meetup.com
              1. MHOE6G:iff the event listing option “Email members automatic reminders” is on.
                1. MHOE6U:status unfortunately can only be seen by group organizers clicking “Edit”
                2. MHOE84:‘but probably typically on in better-run Meetup groups.
              2. MHOE9V:says the option info, quote:

                Sit back and relax. We’ll remind everybody.Meetup automatically sends reminder emails, which are a great way to get people to say they are attending, or remind them that they said they’d go. But, if you have frequent Meetups, you might want to turn them off so your members don’t get too much email.

                • Approximately 1 week before, people who have RSVP’d ‘attending’ or have not yet RSVP’d will receive a reminder.
                • 1 day before, members get a reminder if this Meetup has 2+ RSVPs.
                1. MHOF5X:IMHO, this seems optimal as indeed people often smartly plan 1 day & 1 week in advance.
            2. MHOEHH:manually by any group organizer, but most likely 1 of the event hosts.
              1. MHOEPM:When is hard to predict.
          3. MHOES1:also note group hosts could regularly use at least 1 day of padding
            1. MHOG20:any comments suggesting improvements may typically take at least 1 day to implement.
            2. MHOG13:RSVP YESs & MAYBEs can be immediately used on Meetup, but in some cases, especially where auto-announcements aren’t used, event hosts might want to make advertising of say “5 members are already RSVPed YES, including ..”.
          4. MHOF1B: so to beat Meetup’s smart auto-minder plus equivalently-timely manual remindersit’s best here to RSVP before the event at least 8 days else 2 days.
        2. MHOFS6:else before the event to minimize attendance attendance at the event.
        3. MHOFFA: to reflect this, events that could charge should have price-break discounts
          1. MHOFH2:such as: “Save $ by RSVPing early! Admission is $5 if 8 days before, $6 if 2 days before, $7 if before arriving, $8  at the door” .
      3. Google Image Search() image 22MHEU4H: (to get time to) find you a carpool or ride (as part of your being Green & sociable :-).
      4. Google Image search(newcomer welcome OR RSVP) image 5MHFODF:you just just got accepted into the group
        1. MHFOE0:then you are expected immediately to RSVP-with-Why to at least 3 of our upcoming events with at least 2 YES-RSVPs (or the equivalent: 2 MAYBEs count as 1 YES). Why, you dare ask? 😉
          1. MHILKT: As you just read, members RSVP ASAP so, by RSVPing now to 3 events, this appropriately lets us know you’re actually do this excellent habit, and from the day we let you join.
          2. MHIL9H:Plus we’re a quality group (as you can see -else we wouldn’t be following and even training you these rules!) so we expect you to commit to attending at least 2x to really see what we’re like, AND for us & you to see what you can do for us (remember  point 1).
          3. MHILE4:But most of all, it’s to familiarize yourself with & show support for the group, especially in appreciation of our work organizing this all for you, including to just now to stop & carefully review & process & help-you-with your application.
          4. MHIMB1:So now’s the time for you to show that back with your many RSVP-with-Whys including with a healthy number of YESes!
      5. MHFQWP:and actually NOT because there’s a shortage of openings at an event so you might not get in
        1. MHFR36:because, hey
          1. MHFR3J:if you do all the above, you’ll already be among first in line!
          2. MHFR54:and if you don’t do the above, then, hey, another member who does do it will get in before you, and deserves to 🙂

  6. test to

    Real snippet of very-well-done RSVP comments from here

    MGDVHI:Put in your RSVP comment (so visible on the event page):

    1. MGDVKC:Exactly Why you’re a NO, MAYBE, or YES –the less a YES, the more important to know & share Why.

      1. MHET7X:Tell the URLs&details of your conflicting events,situations, and concerns in a constructive & ideally-enthusiastic comment.
        1. MHETJ5: as
          1. MHETXD:“YES: Love the DJ!” or
          2. MHETXK:“YES: IF I can ride with someone as I work to be Green. I need leave 6:00pm from say Starbucks at El Toro & Paseo of Laguna Woods 92653.‎”
          3. MHETZO:“NO: Cant stand DJ but enjoy!”
      2. MHEU35:This really helps to plan the event around you.
    2. MGDVNF:Plus the rough time-range you’ll be here if not attending the whole event.

  7. MGDY6B:Think of anything? Then constructively speak up! -especially properly post it! -including since your freedom-of-speech is protected.

    1. ML9OQ8:  suggest activities, and ideally OFFER TO HELP LEAD SOMETHING!
    2. MHICCW: POST YOUR EVENT IDEAS: 4each,on our Home pg click “SUGGEST A NEW MEETUP”
    4. MHICEI:*YOUR POSTS* ON OUR SITE (ur profile&event suggestions&RSVPs w/comments&news&more) IS WHAT DRIVES US & INSPIRES OTHERS 2also get involved & MAKES US THE GROUP YOU DESIRE!

  8. MGDW1H:If your attendance situation changes (there or not, hours there, problems making it, guests, etc), please update your RSVP BEFORE the event starts (ASAP if your role is critical).

    1. MHHFIQ:This also prevents No-shows. If you know you aren’t going to make it, update your RSVP to NO with ideally-fully Why.

  9. MHHEMQ:Things to do especially the day before you leave to the event

    1. MHHEUZ:Read & follow the event listing, especially any recent comments and the event description.
      1. MHHFSJ:note all event changes, including last minute, should be posted here.
    2. Google Image Search(carpool OR rideshare) image 13 smaller resMHHESV:Ideally set up to carpool/rideshare
      1. MHHFE3:Better event hosts will assist in this as it’s Green & Sociabile
        1. MHHFMI:including each member’s home city will be their title so you can quickly scan the RSVP YES/MAYBE list to spot who will likely be coming along same path/drive you will.
      2. MHHEU4:Tips TBA; /389#LKC14O might be useful.
    3. Google Image Search(Bring your laptop) image ~31MGDVWD:IMPORTANT: Bring your devices for accessing Meetup (smartphone & especially LAPTOP)!!
      1. MHEUFB:to look-up stuff, comment & report on this event (hey, you can’t expect leaders to keep all the minutes), plan & RSVP on future events (key to getting early YESes on the attending list), plus help with the group, and more –everyone having such devices helps out a ton!  And tech & career meetings, it’s a godsend.
    4. MHHFJ7:If any attendance changes (including running late), update your RSVP.

  10. MHHMKN:Regarding your Meetup group memberships and group profile:

    1. MHI78Q:Your Meetup username
      1. MHI7E9:is the same on all the Meetup groups & forums which account participates in.
      2. MHI7CC:does not need to be (and often isn’t) the “Real name” (legal name) the signup says, but  can be any name (as typically just first name + last initial, or just first name, or (what I “DestinyArchitect” use) a pseudonym) as long as the name’s fairly unique including it doesn’t often get mistaken with any other Meetup account, often properly used to protect one’s privacy.
      3. MHI8ZV:can technically be changed at any time but doing so breaks everyone’s mental & written references so it’s very rarely done as it should be.
    2. MHIC1A:CAREFULLY READ OUR GRP INTROS: both Our “Home” page including “read more about us” + Our “About” page.
      1. MHIC5C:Including this is where any special group rules will be.
    3. MHHMM6:Better Meetup groups require & insure, and even when they don’t, better Meetup users have, at all times:
      1. MHHMN4:your main group profile pic is a good pic IDing your face, including just by the pic alone and nothing else including no name, anyone can clearly & unambiguously ID the face of the person the pic refers to.
        1. MHI4WZ:If no picture policy is specified (as via a custom profile question), here’s the best community group picture standard I know also used by all groups I help lead.
        2. MHIGJE:Don’t worry, you can still well-protect your legal name & exact-identity and you can still well-add to your profile all your other favorite pics & are encourage to.
        3. MHIG9N:And once you set up such a pic for one your Meetup groups, you can and typically-will trivially re-use it for all (else most all) your other Meetup groups, and they’ll all love you for it, as:
        4. MHI4Y3:Each person having such a pic is a big deal on Meetup and notably improves the Meetup group and makes the group come alive, as:
          1. MHI55U:just looking at the event listings on the group home page, one can see, just from the micro picture list, exactly who’s coming & who went.
          2. MHI5AM:when you arrive at the event, you can easily find the group even, as is often the case, you’ve never met most or any of them before.
          3. MHI58A:if you meet someone interesting at the event, then via the event page you can then trivially find them, find out more about them, & contact that
          4. MHI5EH:taking attendance is easy, even for the many you may not know, insuring a great record of the event and crediting for everyone who went.
      2. MHHMXK:all profile questions are fully answered with exact as possible and reasonably current details.
        1. MHI4SC:Note some Qs are really 2 or 3 Qs in 1, so answer all, ideally individually.
        2. MHI4QU:The work one puts into these answers becomes a strong measure as how seriously they take the group.
      3. MHI6OS:When & while any of the above aren’t done, you can’t be a member of the group. Consequently:
        1. MHHN19:All the above are completely done before you are allowed to become a member.
        2. MHHN25:If any of the above becomes undone (as your picture is no longer to standard), after 2 warning Greets you explaining this problem and giving say 7 days to fix it, you are removed from the group.
      4. MHHNCD:Your group title is manually set by group leader(s) to feature: your city,join date,#of events you’ve RSVPed&attended, your specialty or title.
        1. MHHNEX:3 actual examples are visible in the RSVP pic above.
        2. MHHNH0:All of this info helps better know, remember, and find connections & build bonds with other attendees & members.
        3. MHHNNJ:the person’s city is also particularly useful for quickly finding carpool & rideshare partners.
        4. MHHNPD:the count of events RSVPed to & attended also encourages members to compete & challenge themselves to get these counts high and
        5. MHHNT3:attend-count is the best quick measure of the amount of actual experience the person has with the group. 
      5. MHIF61:Do not use mailing lists, use JotHere.com posts (signup) else the Meetup group’s Message Boards, as that’s communicating via post (so they’re updatable, a ton more organized, definitely won’t clog your email Inbox, and much more).
      6. MHIEEI:When viewing your profile, click “Edit communication settings” then:
        1. MHIEIZ:for EVERY forum of the group (all custom), select to be emailed on it so at least then you have some TINY chance a chance to get notified of posts there
          1.  MHIETM:You can’t really get overloaded with email from this; indeed tragically even with all of them are selected, you’ll probably still miss the alert, as with all the other email Meetup sends, this one gets lost: only 1 email to you at midnight, combining a list of all the posts in all the forums of all the groups you’re a member of, and only if there were any.
          2. MHIEPQ:Unfortunately this setting has redone by every member whenever a forum is added (so say every few months, you want to redo this), and even the group head can’t see what member’s selections are.
        2. MHIEW4:except when you plan to go inactive, set all “Email me” to YES,
          1. MHIFJT: especially “Email me when this Meetup Group’s message board is updated” which is tragically not on by default, but you typically can leave on all the time even when you’re not active due to the extreme low volume of email from that.
          2. MHIFW9:  If you don’t really know what you’re doing, keep all these set to “YES”.
            1. MHIFZA: as it’s very easy & common for members to set turn off the wrong setting then not get the event comment letting attendees know the say the date’s been changed, then show up and find nobody there.
          3. MHIFV0:  Appropriate settings to help reduce group email TBA here.
    4. MHII6Y.crop_contrast_MHIIE2MHHNVA:For every Meetup group a user joins, s/he has a group profile, as http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/1895099 , plus a main profile ideally showing all their groups plus a very short bio found by simply removing the group name & slash, such as  http://meetup.com/members/1895099.
      1. MHHOG6: On your main Meetup profile, I strongly recommend setting your social network URLs (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
        1. MHHOKG:Note the Tumblr entry can actually be set to any URL; I point mine to my Google Profile(including Google+), which provides the best web profile I know of.
        2. MHHOKS:Once set, these URLs will also appear by default on all your group profiles, considerably enhancing members in all your groups being able to much better get to know you.
      2. MHHON0:All your profiles (main & groups) share the same user-name & pictures except each:
        1. MHHOOU:has its own unique text answers.
        2. MHHOPM:can choose a different one of your pictures, or no picture if that’s allowed, as it’s featured/main picture.
    5. MHHO42:The default Meetup privacy & communication settings are overall pretty good. In general, don’t change anything.  In particular,
      1. MHHO8F:Basic privacy protection on Meetup
        1. MHI7Y7:On Meetup, it seems one typically doesn’t need to worry about stalking, both for the events you attend and the content you add & send, often even if you might want it. Including:
          1. MHI80X:Meetup makes it typically practically impossible for anybody but you to see what events you will be attending (and even you have a hard time to see what all you did attend across groups) unless:
            1. MHI8RV:one stumbles upon this which is not too likely especially once you’re a member of a few groups.
            2. MHI8SI:you share the events your attending to your friends by linking your Meetup account to Facebook (and maybe another step),
        2. MHI7OO:I strongly recommend NOT hiding your Meetup groups, interests, & main bio (IMHO, Meetup should never even give this as an option), since doing this:
          1. MHI8DV:makes you appear unfriendly, including showing you clearly hiding things most people don’t, and
          2. MHI8E8:makes you much-harder to know & connect-with, including Meetup can no longer recommend similar members to you,
          3. MHI8K4:and these are both things which are notably bad for everyone, most especially any sort of event or group leader,
          4. MHI8EN:plus it’s trivial to defeat most of this security (still anyone can easily list your groups, and share the URL, if they just know the trick)
        3. MHI7PS: Instead if you need more privacy (notably keeping your participation in 1 thing from being linked to another),
          1. MHI87I:set your Meetup username to just your 1st name or a handle (what I do; I’m DestinyArchitect) else,
          2. MHI8AS:if you you still need more privacy, have multiple Meetup accounts each with a different username (as business+personal);
          3. MHI8BL:both of these solutions have none of these problems of hiding and don’t involve changing any settings from the default.
        4. MHI8U1:more on this topic (within the pic standard).
      2. MHHO4D:Do not turn off receiving 1-on-1 (not broadcast) communication from other Meetup members (as receiving email & Greets) else explain here why (but I’ve never found a good reason ever, including no it won’t appreciably reduce your Meetup email, just causes you to have communication problems and makes you appear unfriendly & childlike-immature by foolishly “plugging your ears” here).
        1. MHKBJD:This is not the default and in fact rarely done, but a communication problem & bad-appearance when done, so still worth mention.
      3. MHIBBU:There are limited appropriate ways to reduce the amount of email Meetup sends you for a group,covered here with more TBA
    6. Google Image Search(I will never quit) image 6MHIACL:On anyone separating from a Meetup group (leaving or being removed or banned)
      1. MHIAG5:Meetup.com causes total historic & tracking loss
        1. MHI9F7:One leaving a group, Meetup.com (very wrongfully) always totally erases one’s profile & name from it indeed like the user was never a member, including all one’s contributions (all events attended, posts made, files uploads, & messages sent, etc) are now all listed as being from “A former member” with a black pic, so doing a better job to erase someone’s existence than even the mafia ever could, indeed even once the group founder parts you often never even can tell s/he was the founder (“thank” for treating former members like shit, Meetup.com!); also members can no longer see when the person last visited and is visiting.
        2. MHIAHW:One rejoining the group has seemed to undo this but I haven’t really verified that and that still only can be done by the to-be-member themselves.

      2. Google Image Search(I will never quit) image 8 smaller 480x360MHI9G2:So before leaving a group or removing a member, consider not just the future loss, but Meetup’s terrible historic & tracking loss.

      3. MHIA33:Rather than one separating from a Meetup group, first try all of this:
        1. MHIA3W:working out any problems. This “due-process” rule seems to solve most of them.
        2. MHIA4E:Setting the member’s group title to include say “inactive” or “non-mbr”
        3. MHIA77:Setting you (the member)’s communication settings & email client to reduce (or, if truly needed, eliminate) the bulk of the group’s email.
      4. MHIAP3:As required by this “due-process” rule, if one does separate from a group, if you do leave a group or if you do remove a member from a group,
        1. MHIAQT:then
          1. MHIB06:before else definitely then fully explain Why especially so that anyone could see how to to have prevented this, proportionate to the investment the group leaders have put into the member plus the member has put into the group!!
          2. MHIB1U:And, if a removal, say exactly which leader did it (Meetup hides this!)
        2. MHIB3S:as, when not done:
          1. MHIB45:when you leave a Meetup group, this really rightfully pisses off the leaders who invested in finding you & getting your profile up to great standards and getting you up to speed and handling your attendance and teaching you the subject & ropes.
          2. MHIB96:when you remove a member, this really rightfully pisses off the member, who then has been cheated of his/her rightful due process detailed by this “due-process rule”.

  11. Google Image Search(before you) image ~27*5.5+1: MHGM3W:Follow the “due-process” rulebefore you do most anything which could negatively affect others L2PGK2, which in general means .

    1. MHPQ6W:meaning
      1. MHPQ88:(meaning) generally: before doing this,
        1. MHPQNH:make sure any violation and corrective action is according to well-posted rules that the violator would be reasonably expected to know.
          1. MHPUV9:Would the US police give you a ticket without citing the published rule they claim you broke? Would they not follow Due proces, as not sending you to a trail before punishing you, or, if arresting you, not reading you your rights? Of course not! (else they’d be in big trouble) Then you be no less professional with everyone, too!
        2. MHPQPM:backup everything problematic before any corrections to it, giving a copy to the creator(s)
          1. MHPSAZ:Note this is essential on Meetup because the content creator does NOT have a backup copy of any content they posted on Meetup (unless s/he manually made a backup, which is rare & painful)
            1. MHPSDD:including since in all cases of posting on Meetup (Greets, event comments, profiles, message board posts, file uploads, etc), Meetup does NOT give the content creator an archive copy
              1. MHPSIV: but for every type of Meetup post which is emailed out in full (RSVPs, event comments, Greets, and member applications), but Meetup does email the post to everybody else it pertains, except wrongfully nothing to the creator (Meetup wrongfully excludes the post creator from being emailed his/her creation so s/he typically has no copy especially in case his/her post is removed),
                1. MHPTZ1:sometimes making those who got the email forget that the creator doesn’t have a copy of the post in case they or someone else deletes it.
            2. MHPU6D:It is tragically the norm on Meetup that a content and/or a member is removed for being offensive but the member left with no copy of the evidence of his/her alleged offense due to everybody failing to provide him/her a copy of it; and then with no access to the alleged evidence used against him, including not even being able to see what it was including to defend against it, indeed to see if it truly even existed, this leads to plenty of wrongful removals of content & members plus much lesser hope of him/her learning anything of what was offensive if s/he even actually did anything.
        3. MHPQRG:warn-of and explain the problem so ideally, where possible, not you but the causer will fix things
      2. MHGL6V:(meaning) most importantly, in general, given to all those effected, especially to all content creators, are: 
        1. MHGKK5:a complete backup of the present (typically problemantic) content before any such corrections
        2. MHGKIK:a timely-warning and full-explanation of the change
          1. MHGL1S:so instead typically the content creator can & would make the corrections him/herself.
        3. MHPVFH:(This section to be merged with the last one.
      3. MHPR5M:(meaning) exactly, before you do most anything which could negatively affect others L2PGK2 -read that.
    2. Google Image Search(before you) image ~54*5.4+4: MHGMKY:Most important applications of this “due-process” rule, from roughly most to least important: follow it before/when you:
      1. MHGMOO:delete or otherwise alter anyone’s content especially when it’s not yours (as Greets, or event comments, or discussion posts)
        1. MHKG86:so generally you should not be deleting any posted content, including your own, including never irrecoverably
          1. MHGM0:including Greets on one’s own profile (NOT to be deleted except in a few cases) -read that for when & why, with much of that also applying to any type of post.
      2. MHGN4W:say anything negative about someone before you’ve first said it clearly to them
        1. MHKIK7:Malign false accusations (as slander) is typically started by violating this, and by no/few listeners responding by insisting that this be followed.
      3. MHGMRE:cause a loss of a member (leave/quit the group, and also remove or ban a member), regardless of reason
        1. MHKGQ0:So generally
          1. MHKGRO:a member quitting should be rare
            1. MHKGV8:but sadly it’s very common, mostly due to Meetup’s spamming & making it way too easy to quit.
          2. MHKGUU: removing/banning a member should be very rare
            1. MHKGVV:In OCAndroid, a Meetup a group of 200+ active now ~3years top-managed by Destiny, it properly only occurred only 1x, and only a removal.
            2. MHKH6O:Unfortunately it’s very common on Meetup due primarly to Meetup: due to group leaders typically having no leadership training (not being required to by Meetup) including commonly leading by their egos instead of what’s best for the group and Meetup TOS mostly allowing & heavily-facilitating this.
      4. MHGMUW:cause a loss of an assignment (quit a leadership role or demote a member), regardless of reason
      5. MHGMZV:block anyone’s communication with you
        1. MHKHDB:seemingly always wrong (to do) on Meetup but Meetup makes enables it & makes it way too easy.
      6. MHGMQE:not show up or otherwise do as you promised.
        1. MHKHQV:No-shows on Meetup
          1. MHKHSD:please don’t do them: simply update your status: updating your status is effectively following this “due-process rule”.
          2. MHKHWD:Meetup.com enables event hosts to track every event a member is a No-Show at, and counts the member’s no-shows, but wrongly it hides these records (so only the member & leaders can see member’s no-show) instead of featuring them (so everyone can see them) and doesn’t do anything more (as suggest what to do about them).
          3. MHKHIG:(so) especially for poorly managed events, no-shows are common.
          4. MHKHYC:While not an excuse for them,no-shows
            1. MHKIDM:regularly provide more good than bad in events lacking few RSVP YES by attracting RSVP YESes that do show.
            2. MHKIDZ:mostly don’t cause serious damage (though can & sometimes do).
    3. MHGNBZ:Simply slowing down to follow this “due-process rule” most always turns most of these common bigger problem into tiny ones or non-problems or instead into new improvements!

  12. MHIBLJ:Congratulations, you made it to the end of this post! This should cover all the basics which all group members need to know (but which Meetup rarely tells you!, per their custom of pretending that it’s simpler than it really is). More advanced stuff, as for more advanced members and for every leader, are detailed in my extensive publications on community group management.

  13. Google Image Search(Bring your laptop) image ~36*6+4MGDY6X:Now, having done the all above, give yourself  big pat on the back for you, even as a non-leader, now being one of the best-trained and best-participating of anyone on Meetup basics!, so then sit back & enjoy the fruits of your efforts: great popular events shaped & happening & powered by you!

-end of WHAT & WHY


  1.  .

-end of WHEN


  1. .

-end of WHERE


  1. .

-end of COST


  1. .



  1. .

-end of WHAT TO DO


  1. MHD4VX:just as noted elsewhere here.



  1. MH870U:Some history the topic here

    1. nothing needing featuring so see post history.


MDE167:POST TODO, roughly in order:

  1. .

-end of POST TODO


  1. MEMPEO:The author

  2. MEMPF1:No one else.

-end of CREATORS


  1. Just ask.



  1. MHM0IV:true healthily-led community groups
    1. MHM1TD:Does NOT include the vast majority of Meetup groups due mostly to Meetup.com. -DANGER!
    2. MHM0JQ:includes all groups saying on their main info (as “About page”) effectively

      MDMSQY: Moreover, like a Better Business Bureau member… We’re a proud follower & endorser of Universal Rules & Guidelines for Meetup.com L2PG1L! –a free eBook which includes a great intro to Meetup

      1. MHM1D3:specifically as of 2013.02.02 (& quoting from source of achieved by Destiny)
        1. MHM0UN:the county’s scalable Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Group, UUYA-US-CA-OC
        2. MHM0YK:the county’s largest & oldest Android group for developers+users, OCAndroid
        3. MHM11F:the county’s largest Polyamory group, OC-Polyamory
    3. MHM19B:includes all community groups Destiny helps lead where Destiny has enough power to make it so, so definitely if Destiny is the Head and likely if Destiny is a Co-Organizer.
      1. MHM1HA:specifically as of 2013.02.02 (and quoting from that source):
        1. MHM1JQ:the county’s largest Python group (for programmers), ~OC-Python
    4. MHM1X2:includes groups which, by other rules and/or intuition, effectively achieve these standards.
  2. M2IFWN:improved Meetup TOS (unofficial but strongly recommended)
    1. MHOLSI:The standard Meetup TOS here I unofficially improve
      1. MHOLVV:in the spirit of Meetup & the original TOS except as noted which is rare.
      2. MHOLWR:such the original covers where the the improvements don’t specify or are found unenforceable.
    2. MHOLOO: the section “(b) Posting any Public Information or other material:”
      1. MHOQY6:where (from nearby) “For purposes of this Agreement, “posting” includes uploading, posting, emailing, transmitting or otherwise making available.”
      2.  MHOR6Z:Overall changes here slightly expand the scope over what content is allowed but still seemingly in the original intent.d”””” “”, instead of (too liberal)
      3. MHORLL: (Meetup TOS) Improvements (unofficial but strongly recommended)
        Id Replaces Text Pros thru cons
        MHORW7: Posting any Public Information or other material: CON: “Posting” and “Public inforation” is too narrow
        MHORX6: MHORW7 (b) This service’s content (info transmitted, so including stored & made-available, so including email & posts, & uploads & downloads) PRO: follows from the definition given in “For purposes of this Agreement, “posting”…” and covers all cases.
        MHOSHY: “harmful, threatening, ” and “tortious “ M2J7YG: Missing “unjustly” so  most anything negative can be labeled “harmful and/or threatening and/or tortuous” (to say one’s feelings or ego) so then allowing wrongful alterations and/or deletions such as for Greets /2829#M2J43D  & /2829#M2J4WN.
        M2J7CW:  MHOSHY “unjustly (harmful and/or threatening and/or tortuous),”
        MHOSWD: defamatory, could be interpreted, perhaps mis-interpreted, as just “negative speech against someone or something” and where not is already more clearly covered by “libelous”.
        MHGIJ5: MHOSWD “”
        MHGJBT: invasive of another’s privacy (including the posting of private emails or contact information about another individual) CON:  doesn’t make clear when the author/speaker is another owner of the info

        1. MHGJ1T:as per say example: if people consentingly get romantic or sexual with each other and no non-disclosure was agreed, then each has the full right to reveal the details even if the other person objects.
        MHGIMF: MHGJBT invasive of another’s privacy except by other owners of the knowledge in ways not excluded PRO: as clearer and more clearly also covers copyright and trade-secret violations
        MHOYA5: (iii) that you do not have a right to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships;
        MHOZ2K: (f) Disclose the Private Information of any member of a Meetup Group or Meetup Everywhere without the permission of that member; or
        MHLDZR: MHLDZR & MHOYA5 & MHOZ2K makes available info the speaker/author is prohibited from giving away
        MHOSSR: racially, ethically or otherwise objectionable M2J7PF: Why? “racially objectionable” is already covered else where (as “hate speech”, “abusive”, etc), and “otherwise objectionable” is way too open (anything that bothers anybody can violate TOS!) so conflicts with  M2J4WN  & M2J43D
        M2J7EM: MHOSSR clearly ethically wrong
        MHOS1Q: including any Public Information or other material that may be considered hate speech MHOZDR:  CON: too open; allows anyone to say “I consider that hate speech” and who can really prove otherwise.
        M2J7OG: MHOS1Q generally considered hate speech
        MHOYH0:  [(vi) ..]inappropriate, MHOYFL:  Serious con: circular (the TOS is to define “appropriate”)
        MHOYHT: MHOYH0 “”
        MHOYMP: (c) Encouraging others to violate this Agreement; MHOZDY:  CON: seemingly would violate freedom-of-speech & plus disallow healthy dissent.
        MHOYOK: MHOYMP (c) Encouraging others to not follow this Agreement without acknoweldging that such is unofficial;
        MHOZ6J: Also, your posting of other inappropriate actions, Public Information or other materials may also warrant removal and/or suspension from our website. MHOZE6:  SERIOUS CON: “other inappropriate” is vague and could potentially allow anything, “warrant removal and/or suspension” is better covered elsewhere..
        MHOZAQ: MHOZ6J “”
        MHOZFB: Meetup reserves the right to remove any post or other material without warning or further notice.
        1. MHOZFO:  Unnecessarily claims excessive & commonly-abusive power.
        2. MHOZGC:  Sets a terrible example for Meetup group organizers, which they are apparently following as many/most commonly &very-wrongfully “remove any post or other material without warning or further notice” if it disturbs their egos or someone falsely reported or sometimes simply on a whim where they decide to delete everyone’s posts as say “because it looks prettier”.
        MHP024: MHOZFB Meetup will follow the “due-process” rule; and expects its users,especially group leaders, to also follow this at least with regards to groups & activities facilitated via Meetup, else get Meetup’s written approval for a waiver to do otherwise.
        MHP0CM: Without limiting the foregoing, Meetup and its designees shall have the right to remove any Public Information or other material that violates this Agreement or is otherwise objectionable.
        1. MHP0DY:  CON: “Without limiting the foregoing, ” has no purpose as far as I can see.
        2. MHP0HC:  Scope is not fully precise (but replacement MHP0IR fixes)
        3. MHP0EC:  “otherwise objectionable” is too broad: could potentially be anything; if something wasn’t covered, it should be handled by updating the TOS to cover it.
        MHP0IR: MHP0CM Meetup and its designees shall have the right to remove content on or via  Meetup that violates this Agreement.


M31R7R:POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. MHEMOP:I wrote generic Meetup group welcome message LA6GTJ
    1. MHERQT:but this couldn’t be readily updated and had to be pure ASCII.
    2. MHERYF:This post’s info should be referenced by such a welcome message but not included.
  2. MHEMNC: I wrote On Meetup, etiquette & things-to-know, especially when RSVPing LEVV22

    1. MHEMNS:This is excellent but turns out to be too much reading.
  3. MHK65L:For http://meetup.com/OCAndroid “About us”, I wrote rule:

    (LTECO0=With each other (and ideally everyone), members should (communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LRBX9W and avoid private-messages & calls when possible to avoid. For instance,

    (LTED3B=News & info about venues is posted on the venue’s thread so all can see, benefit, & reply.)
    (LTED7B=For jobs (recruiters especially, take note!), one (posts the need as a thread in the forum of Jobs Offered & Wanted) and (at least for the reply, encourages reply posts there rather than privately contacting back); the forum’s also private so other employers can’t see.)
    (LTECMG=No posting direct contacts (as phone #s & emails) except for carpooling & finding-at-a-group-event.)


    1. .
  4. MHENCR:I wrote “I approved u (to join us” greet MGACMB
    1. MHENDA:Uses found at GS(MGACMB inurl:/members/); only one is http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/37462182 , quote:

      Siqiao, “MGACMB: RE http://Meetup.com/OCAndroid ,OC’s Largest&Oldest Android Community Grp
      *Per prior Greet(s),u fixed all ur profile to at-or-above our stds -ThkU! So
      *ALWAYS IMPORTANT: (1)RSVP ASAP!! (2)in ur RSVP:
      **if MAYBE,say YES&explain
      **say Why,esp if NO-or-MAYBE
      **if going,read&follow all directions given
      *Ur grp title features how many u’ve RSVPed&attended.
      *Now go RSVP2 at least 2 upcoming events!
      *LkgFwd2 1st mtg u@our events!”

      Jan 08, 2013 12:15 AM
  5. MHEMUD:I wrote some boilerplate text to placed at the top of an event
    1. MHELD2:Now copied from original source, quote:

      MGDU8A: Want more folks attending, plus great events totally suiting you? Then make it happen! by doing these simple things:

      1. MGDV53: DON’T WAIT! RSVP YES *NOW* (which attracts many more people! and helps us plan). Even if you’re a MAYBE, say YES (unless you’re certain it’s a NO, then say NO).
      2. MGDVHI: Put in your RSVP comment visible on this page:
        1. MGDVKC: Exactly why you’re a YES, MAYBE, or NO.It really helps us if we know the details & URLs of your conflicting events & situations.
        2. MGDVNF: Plus the rough time-range you’ll be here if not attending the whole event.
      3. MGDW1H: If your situation changes, please update your RSVP BEFORE the event starts (ASAP if your role is critical). Meetup allows only you, not us, to change your RSVP comment.
      4. MGDVWD: Bring your devices for accessing Meetup (smartphone & especially laptop) to look-up stuff, comment & report on this event, plan & RSVP on future events, plus help with the group, and more –everyone having such devices helps out a ton!
      5. MGDY6B: and If you think of something related, constructively post it! –comment, maybe suggest activities, and ideally offer to help lead something!
      6. MGDY6X: Then sit back & enjoy great events!
    2. MHEN2M:Copied to http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/96653712/#MGEKM8
    3. MHEN6J:Uses found via GS(MGDU8A inurl:/events/ inurl:www.meetup.com)
    4. MHERE2:but probs of boilerplate text, including creates a bulky event listing (people won’t want to read it).
  6. MHEKZK:so now create this post
    1. MEHCSP: for an article to be referenced on Meetup group acceptances & events.
    2. MEHCCA:via Copy to new Draft of http://1.JotHere.com/3969#MH80RE latest release MHD4WU, then create new IDs & edit to fit.
  7. MHEROL:1st draft which just contains prior history including latest snapshots of text to be put here.
  8. MHF22V:Starting with MHEMUD, lots of of improving & extending; fairly complete, might have some typos, 1st published; pst2013.01.29Tue1813.
  9. MHFRO6:Complete rewrite & extension of MGDV53, quite a bit longer but much better logic, somewhat repetitive but for completeness & good teaching on a very important point; pst2013.01.30Wed0326.
  10. MHGNNW:Added MHGTOV; several formatting improvements including <hr/>s; pst2013.01.30Wed1851.
  11. MHHKZS:Added MHHEMQ & all but 1 subsections; improved <hr/>s; added 13 pics to spice things up; pst2013.01.31Thu0304.
  12. MHICHS:Incorporated the rest of MHENDA (on non-RSVP directions) creating MHHMKN and filled-out that section; incorporated most all of MHEMOP (so still more review needed) including creating MHIBLJ to refer to the additional pubs; smoothed & stylized ending MGDY6X; other tiny improvements.
  13. MHIN16:added shortcut http://1.JotHere.com/MHMore as expect to make many refs to this article on every acceptance letter (esp 500 character Greets) & event; pst2013.01.31Thu1653.
  14. MHK5NI:To reply to email address posted here, updating MHEYMV:~90% complete new version, intermediate save; pst2013.02.01Fri2054.
  15. MHLXU3:MHET9Q top-level with 2 footnotes including improved Meetup TOS; ~80% complete rewrite of that, intermediate save; pst2013.02.02Sat1952.
  16. MHOZMK:Many edits, description TBA; complete but proofreading still needed

    1. MHPXVR:In Don’t delete Greets#M2IKAK, since the content is mostly applied to all types of content, not just Greets, moved to here & generalized the content in:
      1. MHPP3T:Don’t delete Greets#M2J6OC to new resepectful content by maximally-liberal & improved-Meetup-TOS standards, creating new section parent Freedom-of-Speech Right and now creating forwarding link to that)
      2. MHPXS1:Don’t delete Greets#M2IFZA, specifically MHGL6V, and to parent section, redirected forwarding link.
  17. MHOZOC:Rename to “the golden rule” to “the due-process rule” (referring to Due process) as more accurate;  pst2013.02.04Mon0329.
    1. MHPQD7:Some edits to this section including MHPXS1
  18. MHRK17: The needed proofreading.
  19. MHRK3D:New Meetup user’s AlyssaGolden‘s post reminds me some new group members are also new Meetup members, so added pic aside “What’s Meetup?“; pst2013.02.05Tue1221.
  20. MKE2RY:  imported history
    1. MHQ8ST: Want more folks attending“[ now in for all our upcoming events]: serious rewrite & extension, incluing moving to here general topics mentioned elsewhere.
    2. MJGUFL: several  improvements, especially on “MFOLRC: Carpools!”; add 5 images; pst2013.03.10Sun1822.
    3. MJI3W5: I now see at “Mar 11, 2013 at 7:28 AM” Miles unexpectedly changed his RSVP from YES to NO, & w/o explanation against guidelineMJGISY: And especially if you’re not 100% likely to attend..“; so about to refer him to this this, but first improve this, adding “or attend ” for clarity and since his or one’s situation could be not suitable for general sharing (don’t know), add support for that; indeed improve-via-rewrite all of “MIUMRZ: RSVP!
    4. MJIR6U: At Lucy‘s suggestion, added MJIQ8I, but then cut: “MJIQ8I: Naturally we particularly need to know where it has anything to do with us and your relation with us (our group, events, members, leaders, websites, etc), what you choose over joining us (or the reverse) and why, especially if there’s anything conceivably we could-do or are-doing insuring you’ll be joining us as our foremost activity is holding events, so why a person attends or not is a very big deal, especially for smaller events say under 30 people.
    5. MJIYIQ: “MIUMRZ: RSVP!“: rewrite & improve, Lucy‘s review & some suggestion; pst2013.03.11Mon1853.
  21. MKDWTM:  Added Essentials & Summary-> for all our upcoming events and moved to here the subpoints of today’s upcoming OCAndroid Main Meeting description point MHQ8ST and imported history; pst2013.03.28Thu1510
  22. ML9P87:did move of MHEYMV; #MKDXLA: fixed image of #MGDU8A: fixed; pst2013.04.14Sun1615.