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  1. M33YGV:Title: Destiny Architect on Google Plus
  2. M33YH4:URL: http://1.JotHere.com/3994#MI37ER
  3. M87XAJ:is fully outlined with all key details in BOLD and most-essential & -timely first. So to skim, just read the bold.
  4. MAYCNN:is currently being updated ~1x/week; ID of last item is version ID.


  1. MI37PU:Events in order:
    1. MI392N: About 7pm, sign in to this Starbucks, “Your public IP address is
    2. MJ1OTZ:then logged in under my Google account LC..st@LoveRules.Info, my Google Profile[ presently only visible at http://1.JotHere.com/LCDest]
    3. MI38IH:Archive latest version as needs it, to MBHU71(_SingleFile_Chrome).htm; as typical, it’s huge: “46,486,494 bytes”, up from ~35MB.
    4.  MI39JT:Go to http://plus.google.com
      1. MI39XB:Get https://plus.google.com/up/accounts/upgrade/?continue=https://plus.google.com/ ;
        1. MI3AKQ:keep all settings from Google Account (name, gender, Birthday but not year);  quote:
          Join Google+ by creating your public profile

          Change photo

          Help your friends recognize you.

          Google may use my account information to personalize +1s on content and ads on non-Google web sites. About personalization.
          Hangouts, photos, and quick access to everyone in your circles
          Picasa users, note:
          • People you’ve shared albums with will see those pictures on your profile and in their Google Search results.
          • Your name will show up on your photos, comments and tags instead of your Picasa nickname.
          • Anyone you share an album with can see who else it’s shared with and reshare it, unless you lock the album. Learn more
      2. MI3AL7:click “Upgrade” ; get same URL with

        The name you entered doesn’t seem to meet our Names Policy. Check it over and try again.

        Did we mess up? Click here to submit an appeal (usually processed in 24 hours).

        1. MIZXHU:Aside: In the venue, 1st meet a couple gals.
        2. MI3BX2:Since my name fits the criteria of the policy, click the appeal
          1. MI3BYR:Get 2nd popup
            Names on Google+

            We want users to be able to find each other using the name they already use with their friends, family, and coworkers. For most people this is their legal name, or some variant of it, but we recognize that this isn’t always the case and allow for other common names in Google+.

            Please keep in mind that if you’re using this name to hide some part of your identity from other users, your behavior on a service like Google+ might inadvertently reveal information to others that you’d rather keep private. For example, the following actions could all lead to other users connecting your Google+ profile with your identity in other contexts.

            • Posting or being tagged in photos of you
            • Circling or interacting with people you know in other contexts
            • Using check-ins or displaying other location information
            • Adding biographical information to your profile

            Also, if you have used this Google Account in the past and took social actions (for example, sharing posts, commenting on others’ posts, or sending email), then those actions will likely still show the name that was associated with your account at that time. Learn more

            The URL for your profile does not change, and since the name field is always public, anyone who has the link to your profile (or includes the link in their Contacts) will see changes you make to your profile name.

            If you’re okay with these considerations, you can continue to submit your appeal for review. Reviews are typically completed within a few days.

            Your profile is disabled while your name is being reviewed. You won’t be able to make full use of Google services that require an active profile, such as Google+, Reader, and Picasa. This will not prevent you from using other Google services, like Gmail.

          2. MI3C4J:Click “Continue”;
            Submit your name for review
            Please provide online or offline information that demonstrates that the name you want to use on Google+ is the name that you commonly use.

            Please provide your email address.

            Proof of established online identity
            Provide a link to an established online identity with a meaningful following (such as those from other social media sites) where you are referred to by the name above. You may be required to link to your Google+ profile from the site provided to prove that the page or profile you link to is in fact yours.
            Offline documents
            Attach scans of official documents (such as a photo ID or passport), newspaper articles, or other printed media that refer to you by this name.

            Anything you submit will only be used to verify your name. We’ll delete it after the review and won’t use it for any other purpose.

            1. MI3CCH:Additional links, use the same as on my Google Profile “Other Profiles” that use name Destiny Architect and are unique;  max 5 and 5 are all I need. Spepcifically,
              1. MI3EKB:http://1.JotHere.com/3780#MD96EJ -I don’t include this here because it doesn’t really prove my name, but it is a “complete intro” on me under than name
              2. MI3EKQ:http://1.JotHere.com/author/DestinyArchitect -very strong proof due to the 100s of articles posted under that name.
              3. MI3ELB:http://meetup.com/members/1895099 -very strong proof of use since “2004”.
              4. MI3ELM:http://blogger.com/profile/01832170942635860953 -strong proof (On Google’s own servers) of dozens of articles posted under that name for several years.
              5. MI3ELT:http://myspace.com/DestinyArchitect -strong proof.
              6. MI3EMC:http://profiles.wordpress.org/destinyarchitect –reasonably strong proof of this name.
            2. MI3EOV:No scanned docs as links should be plenty and, as becoming the norm, I don’t really operate on paper.
            3. MI3EQA:Used the main email address for the account –which Google knows so wonder why it asked.
          3. MI3ES3: Submit and get https://plus.google.com/getstarted/suggest?continue=https%3A%2F%2Fplus.google.com%2F%3Fhl%3Den&hl=en
            1. MI3EVJ: It lists just one person, quote:


              William Zwicky
              Invited you to Google+
              1. MI3EY1:I add to “Friends” and get quote:
                What happens when you add someone to a circle?
                • You can share with them and see what they’re sharing with you.
                • You can chat with anyone in your circles who also has you in their circles.
                • They’ll be notified and can add you to their own circles, but they’ll never see the names of the circles you’ve added them to.
              2.  MI3F2Y:On submit I get “You can’t add one or more of these people or pages to your circles.”, maybe because my appeal isn’t processed.
            2. MI3F4B:It allows adding friends from just 2 other accounts: Yahoo & Hotmail.
          4. MI3F5K:Press Continue and get https://plus.google.com/getstarted/follow?continue=https%3A%2F%2Fplus.google.com%2F%3Fhl%3Den&hl=en ; has hundreds of interesting people & pages to follow, including EdX, MIT, Khan, many stars, Dali Lama, Larry Page, Home Depot, and much more; can’t add anyone, get same error; unfortunately can’t search.
          5. MI3GMM:Press Finish and get popup quote:
            You might be lonely…
            You haven’t added many people to your circles, so you might not see a lot of updates in Google+. Want to go back and add a few more
    5. MI3GPG:it goes to https://plus.google.com/?hl=en ; I still can’t add anyone.  I do a tour of the features
    6. MI3K3K:On new profile
      1. MI3HSZ: archive to MI3HSZ(_HTML_Chrome).htm -this doesn’t display
      2. MI3I6F:archive to MI3I6F(_SingleFile_Chrome).htm — it’s  huge “(46,968,404 bytes)”
    7. MI3IPI: my profiles.google.com no longer working: https://profiles.google.com/112838834260726240137/about , when logged in as me, redirects to the plus. form, and incognito (plus logged in as another user) produces a “404. That’s an error. \The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
    8. MI3IUF: redirect http://1.JotHere.com/M6Dest to archive MBHU71(_SingleFile_Chrome).htm
      1. MI3J0B:https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B1ockHRlkWswWVFzd0N1ODBjSTQ gives “Sorry, we are unable to scan this file for viruses.<br/>The file exceeds the maximum size that we scan. Download anyway
      2. MI3J3R:Based on that, instead use https://docs.google.com/uc?confirm=no_antivirus&id=0B1ockHRlkWswWVFzd0N1ODBjSTQ – this takes ~5 min to download 1st time’
        1. MI8A25:Former Title content (as no longer fits) “(MECN3T: change target fr(https://profiles.google.com/u/0/112838834260726240137/about?hl=en&tab=lh) suggested by desktop Chrome to present specified by http://support.google.com/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&ans [truncated])”
    9. MI79O3:At time noted, I received email quote:
      From: Google+ team <112838834260726240137-noreply@google.com>
      Date: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 11:44 AM
      Subject: Your Google+ Appeal
      To: LC..st@loverules.info


      After reviewing your appeal, we have determined that your name does not comply with the Google+ Names Policy.

      We want users to be able to find each other using the name they already use with their friends, family, and coworkers. For most people this is their legal name, or some variant of it, but we recognize that this isn’t always the case, and we allow for other common names in Google+ — specifically, those that represent an individual with an established online identity with a meaningful following. If you haven’t already done so, you can provide us with additional information regarding an established identity by re-submitting an appeal that includes references to where you are known by this name either in online or offline settings.

      Note that if you’re trying to set up a page for a business, band, group, or other organization, please sign up with your own name and then create a Google+ Page. If you’re trying to add an alternate name (such as a nickname, maiden name or name in another script), please sign up with your full name; you can add this alternate name (which will appear alongside your full name) once you’ve signed up.

      You may re-appeal with additional information, if you have not already done so. If you’re already using Google+, your current name will continue to be used.

      The Google+ team.

      View the Google+ Names Policy. You can’t reply to this message.
    10. MI79UW:When I viewed a Google Plus page https://plus.google.com/events/ceuopg98pbpr2nurgjipg27t0sc I got the slightly offensive popup quote:
      Your profile has been suspended.

      It appears that the name you entered does not comply with the Google+Names Policy.

      The Names Policy requires that you use the name that you are commonly referred to in real life in your profile. Nicknames, previous names, and so on, should be entered in the Other Names section of the profile. Profiles are limited to individuals; use Google+ Pages for businesses and other entities.

      Your profile will be suspended until you edit your name to comply with the Names Policy or appeal with additional information. You will not be able to make full use of Google services that require an active profile, such as Google+, Buzz, Reader and Picasa. This will not prevent you from using other Google services, like Gmail.

      We understand that Google+ and its Names Policy may not be for everyone at this time. We’d be sad to see you go, but if you do choose to leave, make a copy of your Google+ data first. Then, click here to disable Google+.

      [Close] [Edit your profile]

      1. MI7AEC:Now press close:.
    11. MI7AJE: my profiles.google.com no longer working; if my application to Google Plus was not approved, this needs to be restored — a serious bug.
      1. MI891E: working on a faster destination for M6Dest
        1. MI896I:Present  “46,486,494 bytes” MBHU71(_SingleFile_Chrome).htm, due to its size, gets a confusing virus warning which can’t be avoided (though Refresh clears it, but most wouldn’t guess that) then takes ~5min
        2. MI898S:Create MI86C8(MBHU71_Chrome_text_copy_Explorer_paste).htm , only “302,454 bytes” and actually works
          1. MI89EW:due to Chrome including the formatting info!, the 1x ever I’ve found this useful.
          2. MI8E2I:MI8E2I: The he biggest formatting flaw: the margins are too wide for the 1st header and the username (“Destiny Architect”) displays only if the window is full-screened not scrolled.
          3. MI89Y1:Update M6Dest from MI3J3R to point to here: works!
          4. MI8ATI:The title of this didn’t copy so Expression replaced with some spurious words; replace with title from source.
          5. MI8AUR:Add a top notice “(this is a temporary copy of my profile while my Google Plus application is pending)” ; then shorten; this mostly messed up due to MI8E2I but now will have to be good enough.
        3.  MI89AE:Create MI86P1(MBHU71_Firefox_text_copy_Explorer_paste).htm , only “176,713 bytes”  (notably smaller) but doesn’t work apparently because CSS references messed up.
    12. MIZXV7:Resubmitting (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
      1. MIZXW6:Dear Google+ approval process,
        1. MIZXXY:Summary: So your approval process lives up to the good promises you make for it, I need to get approved instead of now 2of2 times getting wrongfully denied and your process still needs serious improvements so this this will stop happening to others.
        2. MJ0L7F:And while I’d expect you didn’t intend it, your system seemingly picked the wrong person (me) give this poor service to.
          1. MJ0LP8:By my own trial use here, I’m presently reviewing your service and publishing to the public web my experience as I go (this post),
            1. MJ0LPN:especially to see if  I can endorse Google+, instead of un-endorse, Google+, to the ~400 members of the local community groups I head, which are presently primarily using Meetup, including heading & effectively founding Orange County’s Largest & Oldest Android Community Group; indeed I’ve been thinking if I should encourage them to instead switch to Google+.
            2. MJ0LRL:And I don’t get that leadership by accident; as well having all basic US military leadership training (from private to NCO to officer), with me being an MIT grad graduating top in my CS class, my endorsement or dis-endorsement of an computer product (as Google+ is) is appropriately typically followed.
            3. MJ0M8U:But this is no secret, indeed would probably come to little surprise to if reviewers read my very Google Profile I submitted for your approval.
            4. MJ0LSC:This is letter is already currently public on the web, and while I haven’t actively publicized its existence, realize of course that would be quite appropriate for me to do so if I you first won’t have a reasonable discussion with me
          2. MJ0LSP:So I hope you will heed this my letter to you with similar appropriate seriousness & respect.
        3. MIZYUH:On this my 1st experience with Google+ (starting with me), and only so far, your Google+ approval process seems to mostly want to support people with names like me but clearly does not deliver that but instead just kills (hopefully temporarily) the applicant’s profile & wastes everyone’s time, by guess & hope then because it’s not yet fully tested & developed.
          1. MJ1PAB:First off, my name does qualify your stated & promised present names policy, as I use and am called by this pseudonym, indeed since ~2003, and moreover since ~2009 it has become the name which most people know me.
            1. MJ0XTCIronically quoting your own names policy reference on why I was suspended, yes, this is “the name [I] already use with [my] friends.. and coworkers”; my family also all know me by this name.
            2. MJ0XUR:Indeed, as you should be able to tell by the URLs I gave you especially those on Meetup, hundreds of (indeed ~1000) people who know me & I interact with call me by this name alone, both online and in person (Meetup.com is, as its own name suggests, fundamentally about creating meetings in person). So yes it does “represent an individual[ me] with an established online identity[ since ~2003] with a meaningful following[ of about 1000]”, indeed I have no following of significance under any other name.  Moreover 95% of my publications are also under this name.
            3. MJ0XX9:I started using it years ago when MySpace and and handles there were the thing, and then carried it over onto Meetup when I started that creating groups there back in 2004, and the name stuck.  And now on Meetup as a community leader for multiple groups of hundreds of people each, it’s the only name for me which is known. Indeed, without a photo and something explaining, ~96% of the people I interact with would NOT recognize who I was if under any other name.
            4. MJ0Z31:So not only do I qualify under your own names policy reference on why I was suspended, but I am probably one of your best examples you will find for which on 2012.01.23, you famously extended your naming policy so now “allowing both nicknames and full-fledged pseudonyms” (Mashable.com article), also on ArsTechnica and direct from Product VP, also as you refer to yourself “we recognize that this[, using “legal name, or some variant of it”,] isn’t always the case..”, so then please follow thru with that promised inclusion and definitely don’t don’t be excluding me and others similar, indeed I find the fact that you 2of2 times did despite your there promise not to somewhat offensive.
          2. MJ0025:So on first impression of your approval process (on what you say you allow & how it works), it looks extremely good & fair; however, what I experienced so far has been not working & bad, as it seemingly would-else-could be for anyone whose name sounds non-typical:
          3. MIZYX0:In really trying it, it immediately & repeatedly never worked as it promises, as I well qualify by its standards but I’m continually denied by all of the means it offers to apply, which are are just 2.
            1. MJ0PF6:Right from creating my Google Profile (over a year ago), I’ve given you this my name for years which indeed already complied with your names policy even though back then I wasn’t yet applying to Google+.
            2. MJ0PFJ:Then about 2 weeks ago I decided to add Google+. But then your automated system mistakenly didn’t approve me and just because gave you, as I always have, the name most everyone knows me by.
              1. MJ0PFX:And semi-upsettingly, it didn’t say why it did this, so why did it?
                1. MJ0ZH7:Yes, I could guess (my name is pretty rare, though my 1st name is used by others), but I’d rather not have to be guessing why you do what you do.
            3. MJ0PHT:so then I selected your “appeal” option and, when you asked, answered all 5of5 URL requests with links to very strong proof of that, so presumably humans could judge. However,
              1. MJ0PO0:Acceptable: this took a few days
              2. MJ0PKU:troubling: this is seemingly-needlessly disabled by existing Google Profile
              3. MJ0PM3:very unaccceptable: was mis-denied entrance again,
            4. MJ0PV0: So now I was denied 2of2 times. And
              1. MJ0POY:unacceptable: every time I was told no details of why, such as which part(s) of my name was found bad or which of the maximal proof I gave was deemed unsatisfactory and why. So:
                1. MJ0PZK:indeed with this little info I couldn’t even be confident about what ifany of my app was reviewed.
                2. MJ0PSH:Why was I denied?
                3. MJ0PSN:Why wasn’t I told Why?
              2. MJ0PT7:Indeed denials weren’t even signed as to what or who exactly determined them.
                1. MJ0Q0W:Without this, or at least some way to reference the application (as application #), there is no way to reference for false positives &
                2. MJ0Q4B:Who reviewed my application?
                3.  MJ0Q9S:What is my application #?
                4. MJ0Q9Z:Why aren’t you the applicant this this info?
                  1. MJ0QA5:Or are you providing some/all this info the email username (as mine: “112838834260726240137-noreply”) and just not making that clear?
                    1. MJ0QDR:What info are you providing by this #?
                    2. MJ0QDZ:Why aren’t you making this clear?
                    3. MJ0QEN:When roughly will you be making this clear?
          4. MIZYXW:Moreover, and quite inappropriately, it seems your approval process offers no way to communicate with you, even over problems such as this where you are apparently mis-judging your own policy –that is other than your requested form fields but they do not cover this (there are only to URLs & scans but only to supporting names documents, and I’ve already unsuccessfully tried); notably I saw offered no discussion form or email address or other means to communicate with you (other than to retry my appeal but I had already given you a top appeal with excellent proof on the 1st attempt).
            1. MJ0IPZ:But the truth of course is no human-created system works so flawlessly that it’s never  necessary on occasion to offer general form of communication (such as written or verbal discussion) between applicant & approver, so your apparently not providing this is shockingly arrogant and certainly not in the spirit of your published policy.
            2. MJ0P6V:So what was the motivation & thinking not putting else featuring anyway to have a discussion with you?
            3. MJ0IQH:Indeed it is ridiculous that because of this, as the only way I can see in order to send a direct-message to you, I have to mis-lead on your form (I have re-appeal this time completing your form semi-misleadingly giving as a link to “a document showing my name in use” which is really a link to this this letter to you, as that’s the only question you give me on your appeals form to to answer!
            4. MJ0J22:No, somehow, having at least a text discussion with you, at least after a standard appeal fails, needs to be supported.
              1. MJ0QH0:When roughly will you be doing that?
              2. MJ0QHM:How roughly will you be doing that?
          5. MIZZJ5:And since my 1st application, my Google Profile and my visits to plus.google.com pages are seriously messed up.
            1. MJ0J5M:My standard Google profile I’ve used for for months & widely shared with others, now, after trying to “upgrade” to Google+, no longer works (just directs to an error)
              1. MJ0J7F:which effectively kills my normal use of it (notably other people wanting to look at it)
              2. MJ0JAH:Yes your application process warned this would happen while the application is pending, but
                1. MJ0JC8:That’s still serious; your 1st appeal process can take a few days, which is serious downtime
                2. MJ0JGR:it didn’t warn that the downtime would continue if one’s appeal was denied, and that’s very serious as
                  1. MJ0JKP:You haven’t clearly said how to undo this, and even if you had:
                  2. MJ0JNJ:Just like it seemingly would for anyone, my re-appeal is taking notably longer, seemingly most especially if you start things out with no way to discuss the matter with you (above).
                3. MJ0JPF:You’ve not said why it would be necessary to suspend my existing profile and I would see no reason why that would be necessary, so,
                  1. MJ0PCU:Why do you do this?
                  2. MJ0JUD:And why are you not doing the obvious? –just have the user submit a request to upgrade to Google+ or (if already on it) change his/her name but don’t make any changes to existing service except of course this change after you have approved it.d
              3. MJ0JXJ:To deal with this, I came up with a clever fix, to copy my profile and instead of giving out direct links to my profile to have thought ahead to give out a redirectable link, which, during my application, I set to redirect to this copy. BUT
                1. MJ0JZY:This was very complex, beyond the skill & reasonable-work of the average applicant, something likely only an IT expert as myself would think of and be able to figure out & do. So I certainly couldn’t reasonable recommend this to the hundreds of local community members I oversee.
                2. MJ0KEX:It is only a temporary fix, including:
                  1. MJ0KFP:The underlying source Google profile can no longer be updated.
                    1. MJ0K09:Is only a partial fix: Google Contacts, including I would get that uses on all Android phones, still gives out the direct link and of course it is virtually impossible (say without everyone using a complex Greasemonkey script plus a custom Google Contacts moible-OS app) to redirect that.
            2. MJ0KJX:I have been a proponent of Google Profiles as the best general web profile to most anyone who asked me, but since I’ve found they are very difficult to archive (and the only way I’ve found takes up ~100x more storage than it should) and now here I’ve found that if one upgrades to Google+ the profile will seemingly-needlessly be downed during this time period and if, not approved, so far ruined. So clearly I spoke too soon and am starting to think I should be un-endorsing folks use them.
          6. MJ1XTY:In the bigger, long-term picture, I commend Google for (at least in word) promising to allow pseudonyms (in contrast to notably Facebook); however my intuition is you haven’t gone far enough when a pseudonym is needed, and not just implementation (where I clearly qualify but am not yet approved) but in bigger effect,
            1. MJ1Y4E:Here your present system would be seemingly strongly encouraging name dishonesty & misleading, by doing “I’ll readily accept a pseudonym as long as it doesn’t sound like one.”
              1. MJ1YAY:How? By instead strongly preferring so encouraging pseudonyms which just sound like they aren’t, which instead sound like common/legal names.
                1. MJ1YF5:It would appear that if a person picks a pseudonym which common/legal-sounding name as a pseudonym,  your system instantly approves it even if that name was just invented seconds ago (perhaps only requesting verification if it doesn’t match someone else in the system who is popular).
                2. MJ1YS7:But when a person is more honest, and picks a pseudonym which sounds obviously invented (as I did when picking “Destiny Architect”), then that can’t be new (must already be “an established identity with a meaningful following”), indeed the person must provide proof of this, and at least in my 1of1 case I know of , s/he still isn’t approved.
              2. MJ1YYJ:This is frankly wrongful bias based on name: the pseudonym which starts off in its very name misleading everyone it’s somebody’s real common/legal name, that gets thru no problem, but the one which is fully honest & upfront in that it’s invented has a real rough time getting approved.
                1. MJ1Z88:This (more dishonestly) is probably exactly the opposite of what the system designer’s intended
                2. MJ1ZC7:It is also a common mistake by those who have not really thought about & used & appreciated pseudonyms, which seem to be most people.
                  1. MJ1ZLW:In business & in-person it, especially in business, it is difficult, sometimes virtually impossible, to get people to take one seriously if you introduce yourself by an invented name.
                    1. MJ1ZTJ:I speak from plenty of personal experience, having organized over years hundreds of in-person events on Meetup where people first knew of me by my invented-sounding name then naturally met most of them in person, where by that time they had accepted knowing me by just my invented-sounding name and then teased me because of it
                  2. MJ1ZYD:But through people increasingly 1st meeting & sometimes forever meeting online, this prejudice against a person having an invented-sounding name can be and is slowly decreasing, and Google would be right be part of this healthy trend.
              3. MJ1ZJU:All of this is probably from system designers accidentally not thinking ahead.
            2. MJ213X:As a solution, I propose this naming policy (constructing)
              1. MJ58W1:  Not ready for use beyond limited testing
              2. MJ2MSP:some key pros thru cons compared to the present system:
                1. MJ2MVL:Designed by me, an MIT CS grad and a social architect and one very concerned about protecting individual’s privacy (including why I’m not on Facebook and a leading reason why I support Google) and a person who has lived years with most people calling him by pseudonym even in his role a as a notable community leader of hundreds.
                2. MJ2NZU:PRO: Never interrupts service service due to name policy compliance problem.
                3. MJ4HE2:  PRO: No acccount will ever be suspended or prohibited from having service due to the user’s choice of name, but can have text deleted plus some added to the user’s choice of name to bring it into compliance.
                4. MJ2MYW:PRO: much better psudonyn support:
                  1. MJ2N38:Does not require a pseudonym be established.
                  2. MJ3F07:Encourages no more actual psudonymns than the present system (which readily allows for psudnyms as long as they misleadingly appear as legal names).
                  3. MJ2N2S:specifically encourages pseudonyms which don’t mislead they are legal names (unlike the present system)
                5. MJ3F0S:PRO: notably less work to for everyone (for both users & administration), because one needs name verification when name is unpronouncable and/or with special characters
                6. MJ4HN9:  Con: would cause many present names to be automatically edited somewhat to bring into compliance (but only for long-term betterment of all)
                7. MJ4HLY:  Con: unprototyped & tested.
              3. MJ214I:the policy: a user can have any name s/he choose provided all of the following:
                1. MJ2KS9:Aspects unchanged from present names policy:
                  1. MJ2KT5:“Indications of membership in professional, educational, societal or religious entities, such as “Dr.”, “Rev.” or “Professor” are not allowed in the first or last name fields. ..”
                  2. MJ2L3S:“Profane or offensive names are not allowed.”
                  3. MJ2KTM:Your profile and name must represent you as an individual… your name may not represent a family, business, [ organization, ]avatar, gaming handle, or other group of people.”
                  4. MJ2L1J:Don’t pretend to be someone else...”
                  5. MJ2L7P:“our Name Policy may not be for everyone at this time. We’d hate to see you go, but if you choose to leave, make a copy of your Google+ data first. Then click here to leave Google+.”
                2. MJ21U5:the account can have a nickname
                  1. MJ22HF:any nickname is considered part of the account’s full name and is treated the same except as noted in this policy.
                  2. MJ2LM7:a nickname is displayed within-or-ajdacent the full name but displayed distinquished to (as within either quotes or parentheticals as we deem fit) to make ti clear it is a nickname meaning not the official naming words.
                  3. MJ22IS:While not enforced, one’s legal name does not belong exclusively within one’s nickname.
                3. MJ2G0E:the name has not been changed by the user in at least 3 years, where the 1st setting of the name doesn’t count
                4. MJ216V:If the name is a pseudonym for the account holder, it should sound invented and not sound like a legal name, so to not mislead people into thinking it’s the latter.
                5. MJ4FOQ:  Portions of the full name (including nickname) which are un-pronounceable (including special characters) and/or hard-to-remember,
                  1. MJ4BKD: Determination must be 100% automated, especially for fairness, but also for cost-effectiveness.
                  2. MJ4BPJ:  The algorithm used here will initially & to some-degree-always be debatable, including will almost certainly be initially prejudice againsted certain people & langauges initially unknown to the designers, so will likely need to be improved in response to user concerns.
                  3. MJ229D:For every such potion, proof of legal ownership of that wording  must be provided.
                    1. MJ4FUE:  as the wording on the name of the birth ceritificate (or equivalent ID) of the account holder.
                    2. MJ2LY5:Consequently,
                      1. MJ2M1A:“Avoid unusual or unnecessary characters in your name…” and more is always accomplished unless these are indeed part of one’s legal name and the person provides proof.
                      2. MJ4BSE: The value of this constraint is high as it
                        1. MJ4FJ3: big: get short, memorable, & prounouncable names everywhere, and
                        2. MJ4FJV:  small: keeps accounts from rom having obscure names in order not fairly remembered & tracked (in attempt it would seem to do mostly bad things).
                  4. MJ21LD:after removing all such portions from the full name, the name left-over must globally identify just this account generally unmistakably
                    1. MJ2HHG:Consequently,
                      1. MJ2G8J:names (actually pseudonyms) as “+trench coat to +Madonna.” notably allowed starting 2013.01.23, would not be allowed as the name by itself can easily refer to other things;  instead a name such as “Madonna_(entertainer)”, extended with a nickname as “(entertainer)” chosen per Wikipedia’s name choice, or “trench coat (person)”.
                      2. MJ2HLB:However fully unique pseudonyms as “Destiny Architect” appears to be would not need any additional extension (for example, the next closest is “Destiny Architect Game” but that usually has the “Game” extension.)
                      3. MJ2HZ4:this seemingly makes all impersonation by same-name no longer impossible as every account must have a notably distinct full-name, even for the cases where multiple beings have & use the same legal full name.
                      4. MJ2I5S:This insure that as long as one refers to the pronounceable & memorable portions of an account’s name, it will refer to that account & and nothing else.
                      5. MJ2I5S:This means subsequent substantial external uses this name left-over meaning something else other than this account would then cause additional appendings and/or changes to the account’s name in order to continue to preserve this constraint.
                        1. MJ2JH6:This could be done fairly easily by a 3rd party, accidentally and/or malignly.
                        2. MJ2JI6:My guess is this problem won’t be that common, but it will sometimes occur, and it might be serious.
                        3. MJ2JSF:This is a potential key drawback with this solution.
                    2. MJ2N8C:The search for other possible meanings of the full name
                      1. MJ2NGN:is done via Google Search of the full-name (including nickname) sometimes/always with the help of human reviewers.
                      2. MJ2PI9:is fully shared with the account holder so s/he can be fully aware of any possible mixups (or lack there-of) with then name.
                    3. MJ22RS:once we find this name left-over could refer to things other than this account,
                      1. MJ2K2I:We will immediately
                        1. MJ2OUN:fix(stop) that by minimally appending to the nickname some number else short-word(s).
                        2. MJ2OXD:notify the user of the conflict (the ambiguity) and, if appears the conflict is probably not the fault of the user, also allowing the user 1 free name change better correct it.
                6. MJ2OFG:Name policy compliance checking
                  1. MJ2NMH:is scheduled whenever the name is set or changed.
                  2. MJ2OKW:once problems are found, they will result in immediate minimal changes to the name, with full explanation, to bring it into compliance.
                    1. MJ4H1L: Every not-allowed word will be immediately removed.
                  3.  MJ2OLJ:checks that can reliably done automatically are immediately done.
                    1. MJ4H5W:If a user name by the user is not presently allowed, the user will be shown this & why and not be able to submit a change.
                    2. MJ2ONF:done immediately & automatically will be checking for not-allowed phrases & substrings such profanity or “Dr.”, etc.
                  4. MJ2NQ0:may take a few to 90 days to complete.
                  5. MJ2NKL:until complete,
                    1. MJ2NOY:no functionality is lost except:
                    2. MJ2NRL:this status is noted within/alongside all displays of the name
                      1. MJ2NLB:as an appended ” (unambitiouity & other names policy compliance not yet confirmed)”
              4. MJ3F2L:To be continued
            3. probably because you’re not fully clear long-term where you’re going (andnot fully clear (lon
          7.  (other than just the few very limityou with anyone Moreover  your system makes it way too complex to communicate with you to get such matters resolved.   This is of notable concern to me, because I am a leader of multiple community groups overseeing ~400 people in multiple community groups and I want to be able to endorse Google+, not endorse against it.
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  1. MI3AOT:In the venue, 1st meet a couple gals: 1st Meet Muslim scarf-wearing gal Ruby w(to get her MS in Nutrian)  & short Asian with some sort of red face birthmark Jasmine (to get RN), just leaving their studying of anatomy in a Saddleback Class; Ruby got her BS at UCI, married a guy there, and goes into detail how she wears a scarf despite her parents saying No and that she does not feel oppressed by her Islam but would not allow her husband to take on multiple wives.


M31R7R:POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. MI37QT: so now create this post
    1. MEHCSP: for an article to be referenced on Meetup group acceptances & events.
    2. MEHCCA:via Copy to new Draft of http://1.JotHere.com/3975#MHEL1K  latest release MHRK3D  then create new IDs & edit to fit.
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