Feb 172013
Google Image Search(SCALE expo OR conference) image ~6*4+1MICGMC http://1.JotHere.com/3999#MICGMC


  1. MAYCNN –check back for updates! We significantly update this post every year, especially in the days before the event: see last entries of post history for latest update date & changes.
  2. N1507S is “fully outlined with the most essential and/or timely details first and/or in-bold. So to skim, just read in-order the top-level points and, where a match, the bold sub-points.” quoting #M87XAJ in the right sidebar
    1. N150DH This post gives info: 1st for our general attendees & especially booth volunteers (read onward) and 2nd for leaders of groups wanting to join us.
  3. M33YGV title:
    1. N150HZ for 2014-: Since 2011, OC Community Tech Groups visit & host-booth at SoCal’s famous annual open-source conference SCaLE, plus get in FREE if you do a shift helping staff our booth!
    2. N150H0 for 2013: MIComm community groups visiting famous open-source conference SCaLE —FREE for our booth volunteers!.
  4. Google Image Search(SCALE) image ~24*5MIAVKL What’s SCaLE. This annual conference running now more than a decade is:
    1. MIDY0J attended by 1000s of people
      1. MIDY14 “Nearly 2,000 people in attendance.” in 2012
      2. MIL1HK For 2013’s SCALE11x, a day before it starts, I got “reg# 1923”, suggesting nearly 2000 people have already registered!
    2. MIDW2Z a must-attend for most anyone in SoCal wanting to know about the latest in OSS(open-source software), which
      1. MIDWDD quietly has become the dominant form of software, dominant on Internet servers (as web servers) and now dominant for even ordinary people (end-users) thanks now most people using their mobile devices more than their laptops & desktops and the most popular mobile-device OS being Android (which is based on Linux & all open-source)!
      2. MIDWKO founded & leads the growing open-source (beyond software) movement.
    3. MIDW47 seemingly the biggest conference for programmers, sysadmin, and OSS users in SoCal
    4. MIDWAD surprisingly affordable: in 2013, $10 for expo-only and $70 for full-access to everything (all days & events) (<1/4th what similar-sized conferences cost) and FREE if you help our booth.



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    1. MIMBHG One can attend for any portion; attend all that you can: simply RSVP to us as directed even if things have already started.
    2. MIHL3O This post should be very helpful in preparing for your SCaLE visit, even if you’re not part of OC Community Tech Groups, including lots of key info here which one generally needs to properly prepare for their SCaLE visit that I don’t find on the official website site.
    3. MICLH4 We can get a limited number of people into SCaLE for free with full access to everything (all days & events, a $70 savings!) plus get in as an exhibitor with the specially-respected EXHIBITOR badge if s/he volunteers to help our booth and we accept the offer (with high chance of being accepted).  We hope you submit to get this deal –most people miss out simply because they didn’t try to get this! But even if you don’t go for it, the rest this post still applies indeed.
  2. MICH4X Community groups participating here, both actual & potential

    1. N14ZRF Name
      1. N14ZT1 for 2014-: “OC Community Tech Groups”
      2. MIDQ2F for 2013: “MIComm Community Groups” (where MIComm is a valid 6-digit ID which, after the “MI” prefix, has “Comm” for “Community groups”); names considered.
    2. MIDR1K Groups listing 
      banners\2014=12x\N18EKA{N17JNW{N17JNV{N17JNU{N17JMU{3in1.2}.ppp.OC Community Tech Groups}.ppp}.pdf}.jpg.800px133px}.jpg
      N194I6 Groups from most participating (including exhibiting at & supporting our SCaLE booth overall) plus booth heads, broken down by SCaLE instance:
      N1528Z Aspect (as group)   N152X7 Involvement here, as days-exhibiting & event listing(s) & conference exhibitor listing
      N152VK graphic, name, & URL  N17KAG Slogan N17KAS found date N17KCQ Event Host(s) N180JN exhibit day cnt N17IG1 13x=2015 N17IFS 12x=2014.02Feb N17IFI 11x=2013.02Feb N17IF8 10x=2012 N17IF2 9x=2011
      N19JRW Conference Dates&Times NOT including registration (opens starting 1 to 2hrs before) + Schedules       TBA *21Fri0900-2200
      see listings see listings
      N1AF3G Exhibit Hall so Booth Hours        TBA 8hr Sat1000-1800
      6hr 23Sun1000-1600
      8hr Sat1000-1800
      6hr Sun1000-1600
      see listings see listings
      N17Z9M Our Booth #; Destiny‘s worldwide JotHere announcement; exhibitor’s kit; participant contacts       N2CFZ5 ?; here N2CFZF 70; here; kit; contacts; images N2CFZS 81; here N2CG00 81; there N2CG07 77; there
      N152NR Our Booth Head(s) N17IDG
      1st Destiny as head,  2nd Martin as assistant, 3rd Lucy for graphics;  not William tho invited to present &recruit helpers
      N17ICS 1st Destiny as head,  2nd Martin as assistant, 3rd Lucy for graphics;  not William tho invited to present like any other N17ICH Destiny did & sub-leaders did ~90% of the work William had the power but loosing it  N17IC3 Destiny did ~80% of work; William had the power  N17IBO Destiny did ~75% of work, William had the power
      MICH7S OCAndroid Meetup.com/OCAndroid Orange County’s largest & oldest Android community group 2009.10.09 Destiny assisted by our many leaders 10 Sat-Sun listing; Sat-Sun listing: Sat-Sun listing: Sat-Sun listings: Sat-Sun
      MICH8T OCPython Meetup.com/OCPython, Orange County’s Python Community Group 2010.01.27 Co-Organizer Destiny   6 Sat-Sun   listing; Sat-Sun   listing: Sat-Sun 0
      Node.JS OC logoN1813O Node.JS OC Meetup.com/Node-JS-OC Orange County’s Node.JS Developer Group 2013.07.17 Martin & Destiny & maybe more 4 Sat-Sun Sat+Sun; listing 0 0 0
      N154HF Future Chief Data Scientists in Orange County, CA Meetup.com/Future-Chief-Data-Scientists-in-Orange-County-CA OC’s most cool Big-Data Group 2010.01.27 Group Head Michael Fahy, the Assoc. Dean of CS @ Chapman University; assistants Martin & Destiny 2 TBA Sat+Sun; listing Sat+Sun 
      OC-PHP logoMICH5N OC-PHP Meetup.com/OC-PHP  Orange County’s PHP Developer Group 2006.04.21 Head William 4 TBA Sat only; listed, but emailed out?; exhibit  no conf­erence event listing(required); Sat only no conf­erence event listing(required); Sat only
      MICH74 OCDrupal Meetup.com/OCDrupal Orange County’s Drupal Meetup group 2009.08.23 Head William 4 TBA Sat only; listed; but emailed out?; exhibit; Drupal.Org
      N1DRS4 House of Devs Meetup.com/houseofdevs Orange County’s Tech Developers Community Group 2009.11.23 Head Ounie Phakousonh 2 TBA Sat+Sun      
      N17LTS OC Linux Users Group logo OCLUG www.OCLUG.Org Orange County’s Linux Users Group 1997.02.05~ TBA with assistance by  Martin & Destiny 2 Sat-Sun Sat-Sun TBA 0 0 0
      OCMIT logoN181CR OCMIT 1.JotHere.com/OCMIT Orange County’s MIT alum Group   Miral Kim-E, Destiny (both MIT alums) 2 Sat-Sun 0 0 0 0
      OCJUG potential logo found via Google Image Search(Java) image 10 as first most-Orange lookingN183A2 OCJUG Meetup.com/Orange-County-Java-Users-Group-OCJUG, formerly OCJUG.Org Orange County’s Java Developer Group 1997 TBA with assistance by Martin 0 TBA listing to be emailed out 0 0 0
      N1QVEE AngularJS OC Meetup.com/AngularJS-OC Orange County’s AngularJS Developer Group 2013.06.06 TBA 0 TBA 0 0 0 0
      N19ID6 PeopleSpace Meetup.com/peoplespace OC Tech Hub 2013.09.03 Co-Organizer Ounie Phakousonh 0 TBA 0 0 0 0
      MICLCP And potentially more!  Your group not yet listed here?  –Take us up on our offer!                
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      6. N19MQB RE OCJUG
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      8. N17LLM next version: changed from q(in order) to present: nope, see replacement.
      9. N17L0C removed “members” counts as this would have to be maintained and is misleading (some groups have many members but are not strong), and sometimes long as for OCAndroid “231+ members hand-picked (only ~60% are approved)”
      10. N17KZZ other prior exists.
    3. N1533I Offer to join us! on this our SCaLE visit…
      1. N19O98  –compared organizing your own group or individual visit to SCaLE, we make it very easy & organized.
      2. N19P6T For each individual, just follow our RSVP directions
      3. N19OAI  For each participating group, you:
        1. N1559T must be a community tech group primarily serving US.CA.Orange County=OC, ideally with OC in its name as its area served.
          1. N155HO It does not have to be a Meetup group.
        2. MIHS3W must have at least 1 standard event listing on its group site advertising to its members this our SCaLE visit (the whole 3 day conference), including prominently linking to this article.
          1. N153VW It is highly recommended that the OCAndroid Meetup listing, when ready, simply be copied to make the event listing for your own group
          2. MIHS5D for real examples & ideally your group’s listing, see the event re-listings.
        3. N153N1 optionally provide us ASAP up to 4 things key things about your group: an exact name, URL, slogan, & logo.
          1. N19M1N –so your group will be listed here well, and especially to make your group’s banners,
          2. N1B3AZ otherwise we will make our best guess, and we can do pretty good guesses:  
            1. N1B4G0 and nothing to fear if not entirely perfect even if we’re doing banners, as we also make your costs super low..
          3. N1B4L7 For what we currently have here so will use by default, simply see the column of names graphic, name, & URL plus slogan
          4. N1B3F1 Keep in mind that for printed materials especially banners, the group name and especially URL should be short & simple.
            1. N1B3GH On Meetup, this is often forgotten as there people foremost find & join & refer to the group entirely electronically (web & email), but now you’re group is getting important enough to be offered its own banner!
            2. N1B3HS Put the extra details in your slogan.
            3. N1B3NM Name such as OCAndroid, OCPHP, OCDrupal, OCPython are well-tested and generally best . Names as OCPUG is not (does the “P” mean Python, PHP, Perl, or Pretty! And is this really a group about dogs (Pugs?)).
            4. N1B3SB Your Group URL:
              1. N1B3X1 this must be exact so we will use whatever you’ve got.
              2. N1B3X9 For readability, consider using CamelCase as Meetup.com/OCAndroid rather than meetup.com/ocandroid .
              3. N1B3XM Note Meetup allows the group Head & perhaps Co-Organizers to change the group URL freely & instantly and your old URL will forward to your new URL seemingly indefinitely (or until someone else takes that URL).
        4. N19LRR Post these details and/or your interest ASAP on 1 thread for it on your event listing, else on 1 thread for it in the best matching place in the comments below.
        5. N1540L and this also makes you eligible to join us representing your group (with banners!) in our booth!
  3. MIFHPU RSVP Directions for each individual. If you might or will be attending, insure you’ve given us the key info detailed in this section about you & your participation here:

    1. MIFQYI for many key reasons, including since we want to be able to

      1. MIFR1E notify you of last minute changes and
      2. MIFR1Q especially find each other at the event (especially if you’re volunteering for our booth but not just) and there will be 1000s of other people there
      3. MIFR4I find out what sessions are cool & where will all be & what will be doing
      4. MIFR37 schedule your shift(s) & plan for your equipment loans if you’re volunteering for our booth
    2. MICNR4 On the event re-listing where you’re RSVPing, do ALL 3 of the following:

      1. MIMATT On Meetup, standard RSVP YES/NO/MAYBE but without an RSVP comment there (as you’ll provide that comment & more in your event attendance thread)–that is if Meetup allows you to do a standard RSVP (as if the event start time is not past); if Meetup doesn’t allow, skip this step.
      2. MICNSL Make sure event listing hosts have your email address & cell #
        1. MIFUE7 On Meetup, right after your standard Meetup RSVP can provide these via the private RSVP Qs (best) if the RSVP asked you; and if you need to add more info to these Qs (as some of the Qs you didn’t answer the first time), simply RSVP NO then RSVP YES again and Meetup will prompt you to add to your answers.
        2. MIMB3M If not asked by the RSVP, private-message them to event listing hosts.
        3. MIMAR9 Why we need this info?
          1. MIMAQL A cell # is extremely useful to SMS u of important alerts & reminders to look at key URLs usually regarding RSVPing, registering, & finding the event, plus finding u at the conference, very important if you’re volunteering for the booth.
          2. MIMAQO An email address is required to get your free-to-everything code if you volunteer for our booth and potentially other uses.
      3. MICNRF Your event attendance thread. (on the event listing where you’re RSVPing,) have all your attendance details of you & your guests in a single top-level (event )comment thread just for covering that (create it if none)
        1. MIEL5J for instance, this our 1st real example (by Lucy) of quote:
          • Lucy Parker
            Lucy Parker

            Will attend 1 day, not sure yet which day.

            Like · Reply · January 31 · Mute

            • Lucy Parker
              Lucy Parker

              I can only attend on Saturday and want to attend VideoLAN, VLC: an overview http://www.socallinux… from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. I would prefer to work in the booth after that but can come in the morning if necessary. I will bring my netbook to help with group

              Like · Yesterday

            • DestinyArchitect

              Great deals! Per that, I scheduled your shift (Lucy Parker works booth :MIEMW6 https://www.google.com… )
              with full details awaiting ur shift RSVP. Thanks!

              Like · 40s ago

        2. MIFS0H Don’t worry: at any time you can easily add to and effectively change the info here, and with everyone being fully & easily able to refer to anything that was said before (so not have to repeat anything) and without ever loosing what was said before.
          1. MICNXN As your plans develop and/or as need to change this,
            1. MIFSHP simply search the event listing’s comments for this your 1st top-level comment then on it click “Reply” creating a new sub-comment with your new news on what you’ll be doing at the event.
            2. MIFSHW DON’T post your attendance details in any thread other than this, including
              1. MIFSI3 DON’T create a new thread/top-level-post!
            3. MIFSIJ and certainly DON’T delete any posts/comments (if you feel you need to, instead ask Destiny to handle that).
        3. MIFRY9 The information we need in these comments are your key attendance details of you & your guests, starting with the most important first:
          1. MIFSZV How likely you’ll be attending (or at least YES/NO/MAYBE) & Why for the whole thing & ideally for each day/part.
          2. MIFTAR Unless you’ll definitely be there from start to finish if you attend, When you’ll be there and especially you won’t be there (while it’s running).
            1. MIFTC4 First mention the days you will & especially won’t be there –skip for an event which is on just 1 day.
            2. MIFTDZ Then, as soon as them, say the times/hours you will & especially won’t be there for each day of the event.
            3. MIFTFI If you are going to or can be early or stay afterwards, say that too.
            4. MIGB7X -this section’s text to eventually be moved to here
          3. MIDUN9 if you can volunteer to help our booth, as “I don’t want to volunteer for our booth because ___” or “I’ll volunteer to help our booth!” and if you know of any equipment you can loan or times you know you won’t be available.
            1. MIE3FC For example, you can post things as:
              1. MIE1I0 as “I can work Sat from __ to ___ except not from __ to __ as I want to attend ___; and I can work on Sun from …”
              2. MIE1KP as “From your equipment list, I could loan you …”
          4. MIFJ7H What sessions you want to attend
            1. MIFKDY Don’t do this in your 1st RSVP (unless you’ve got time then) as this takes significant time to determine.
            2. MIFKKX This info is useful here so:
              1. MIE2V9 If you can volunteer to help our booth, we can avoid not scheduling to help when you’d want to be attending a session.
              2. MIFKPE other group members can learn about you and what you’ve discovered are the cool sessions and possibly join you there, or at least they can find you at the event.
              3. MIFKPT You have a nice permanent organized record of things you’re planning do at the event along with everyone else’s plans.
              4. we don’t schedule you we will avoid scheduling to help staff the booth at those times.
            3. MIFKHU Review the conference schedule for each day (at SoCalLinuxExpo.Org “schedule”) for sessions you want to go to.
            4. MIFJO3 As far as specifying a session,
              1. MIFJKR most important is to include the URL to the session from which then any reader can get all its other details.
              2. MIFJLL You can also include the session day & time range and name.
        4. MIE3HN But we certainly don’t expect you give all this info all at once!  We just need to know whatever you now about your attendance, and ideally as you find it out, so we can start planning our group visit. So:
          1. MIFIGY In your 1st top-level comment, we just need to know OFFHAND all you know about what your attendance (what you’ll be doing there and especially when you can’t be there)
            1. MIFJVH So DON’T wait more than 1hr (as to say work out these details) before making this 1st comment.
          2. MIFJW2  If you’re ever out of time, please just comment with “Further details of my attendance TBA here.”.
        5. MIEFTU On Meetup, event comments can’t be edited and, quite unfortunately, can’t be moved are limited to 1000 characters and in a Reply-comment one accidental hit of the return key posts it (instead of entering a line break) and are emailed out immediately; so it really helps to get them right on the 1st time, including to pre-compose event comments in a text editor (as Windows Notepad), especially Reply-comments as this is the only-way to include in them forced line-breaks; and then when they’re all ready, copy & paste them into the event listing, posting them in bunch.
        6. MIFRGO Create this your top-level event-attendance comment if none.
          1. MIGBLQ 1st search thru the event comments to insure it’s not already there, as you do when making additions to it.
          2. MIFRHO on a Meetup event
            1. MIFIQ5 your 1st RSVP comment can now be well-used to create & head this thread;
              1. MIFIV4 But Meetup bug warning: unfortunately when you change your 1st RSVP comment (in RSVP box), Meetup creates a new top-level comment for your new version instead of a reply to your 1st comment, so don’t change your 1st RSVP comment; reply to this 1st event comment with a new sub-comment.
            2. MIFRLD else you can just type one in the event listing’s top-level comment box.
        7. MIFUK5 To reply to an event comment, on Meetup, just click “Reply” on it’s top-level comment.
    3. MIHSS9 For your guests (insuring they’re RSVPed, too)

      1. MIHSXU Thank you for finding, maybe even recruiting, others to join you! There are many benefits to everyone for you’re doing that!
      2. MIHT6L If you can’t get a guest of yours to quickly RSVP themselves (highly recommended), here’s how you can handle your guest’s RSVP:
        1. MIHVB1 Yes this all seems & starts simple, “I’ll just increment my Meetup RSVP guest counter”, but with an event as complex as SCaLE and definitely your guest also volunteering for our booth (or for any booth with shift schedules or similar complexities), you’re handling your guest’s RSVP quickly becomes a rather daunting task. But you asked how to do it, so take a deep breath, then keep reading:
        2. MIHTAD For every piece of info asked of you in your RSVP you need to go back and also there append (else somehow attach) the answer for each of your guests as well, (their contacts, when they’ll be there, their booth hours, events attending, etc.), so go back and add that.
          1. MIHTQQ This is particularly essential if s/he will also be volunteering for our booth
          2. MIHTD2 Note this includes each guest’s group profile URL
            1. MIHTK8 in particular his/her profile URL on the group site (such as on Meetup or Google+) where the event is listed, else if none then whatever their best web profile URL is).
            2. MIHTDC On Meetup, this often  tricky to find.
              1. MIHTNP One can search the group’s member page for the person’s Meetup username if the name is known & if that person is a member of that group.
              2. MIHTNV One can Google Search for the person’s Meetup username & Meetup city else state if both known & fairly unique.
              3. MIHTTW A good way (to give this & more) is to have your guest Meetup-email the event relisting host (else you) his her cell phone, zip code, & email address (which the event relisting host also needs and can’t be posted).
        3. MIHTZ1 Still even one does this extremely well, this has the inevitable problems of you then playing the telephone game (delays, loosing & changing info, unofficial info, needless work for you, and typically problems for all), so:
      3. MIHTUT Far best is if you can get each of your guests to quickly RSVP him/herself.
        1. MIHU63 Also this is much better if your guest will be volunteering for our booth as if someone is going to help staff the booth, s/he needs to be familiar with how to sign up for our group(s) & events.
        2. MIHU83 Simply have each of your guests RSVP to an event listing in one of our participating groups else any group listing this event where that group best matches his/her interests.
          1. MIHUDC Indeed, if you’ll be volunteering for our booth, this signing up newcomers is most of what you’ll be doing, so it will be excellent practice for you!
          2. MIHUHD Just stick each of your guests to make sure they quickly do this, but then they still don’t, then yes, handle your guest’s RSVP yourself.
    4. MIHSUG Best Unless you can’t get them to do it quickly, best if they handle their RSVP matters directly
      1. MIHSV7 As it’s a lot of details be playing telephone for them; moreover, if s/he is working our booth, they will have need to
    5. MIHYUK Finally, WHAT TO DO has many additional useful things to do in preparing for the event.
  4. MIHG8S Things to bring to SCaLE

    1. MIHIU6 (bring) friends, and group-together with others going (see the RSVPs of event listings)

      1. MIHIUZ as the more the merrier!
      2. MIHIWF as carpooling & especially hotel sharing dramatically reduces the cost (and, IMHO, a lot more fun)
      3. MIHIWS as here’s Miles example of recruiting a friend -thanks!
    2. MIHG96 (bring) all you’re usual IT geek equipment you can carry (at least have it in your car parked there)

      1. MIHGCY -including to fit in, as SCaLE is nearly as geek as it gets. The only conference I’ve ever seen more geeky is DEFCON.
      2. MIHG9S (bring) your laptops (at least 1) and mobile devices as smartphones & tablets (at least 1) including what you use to operate Meetup and program
        1. MIHGAS To fit in, to take notes, to look up websites, to write code & admin during the conference (yes, lots of people do that) and
        2. MIHGK7 especially to help when you volunteer in the booth including to show people our community group web sites & sign people up on the spot.
          1. MIHHIG For security of your own info, use your laptop or device’s guest account (preferred) else supervise carefully.
        3. MIHHKC Wi-Fi Internet will be available (else attendees will see it so!)
      3. MIHHVF An AC outlet power strip & extension cable (at least 1)
      4. MIHHWZ A portable Wi-Fi hotspot if you have one just in case.
      5. MIHHTI Ideally a portable printer & paper for when you volunteer in the booth and/or what to help other exhibitors of  if you print business cards or flyers to hand out or banners.
      6. MIHHQB all your remaining tools for programming (as software as IDE, plus if you do device coding (as smartphone apps or embedded systems), the cables and devices).
      7. MIHI0X A portable scanner if you use that.
    3. MIHZ11 Equipment you’re loaning our booth.

    4. MIHIGQ If in doubt about something you might need, bring it & leave it in your car (provided it fits doesn’t needlessly prevent carpool passengers)
      1. MIHIIA as parking is typically nearby but exhausting so even if you do live nearby or could just go to a nearby store to buy it, that would probably be too realistic as on your return it’s typically costly & time-consuming nightmare to re-park.
  5. MICL20 Event re-listings. typically with RSVPs & comments

    1. N194NS starting 2014=12x, see involvement column (above)
    2. MIE5Q9 starting 11x=2013.01.22:
      1. MIHWQ7 (spreadsheet sheet of) community group event listings sorted by date
      2. MIHWR1 (MIComm community group) relisting  model-so-template (which the other re-listings copy & model): SCALE11x on OC-Python.
    3. MIE5R1 before 2013: exist, eventually TBA.
      1. MIK47Y our SCaLE9x visit  2011 visit
      2. MICH1D our 2012 SCaLE10x visit 2012 -being generalized for all years by this post
  6. MICL9T Our Exhibit Booth

    1. MICLMF We’ve run this booth on every SCaLE starting with SCaLE9x 2011 (and possibly before; I will check).
    2. MICM50 Our booth (and all others) are in the SCaLE Exhibit Hall which:

      N1AG95 section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N1AGAW now replace #N1AG9L with cleaner present
      2. N1AG8X other prior exists.
      3. N1AG9L until ~ now, had quote: is open:
        1. MICMFD Fri: not yet says http://socallinuxexpo.org/scale11x/schedule/friday
        2. MICMAZ Sat 1000-1800(8 hrs.) says http://socallinuxexpo.org/scale11x/schedule/saturday
        3. MICMBG Sun 1000-1600(6 hrs.) says http://socallinuxexpo.org/scale11x/schedule/sunday
        4. MIDYNR Total duration open: 14 hours.
      1. N1AGDQ is open the Exhibit Hall hours, generally14hrs: 8 on Sat plus 6 on Sun.
        1. N1AGGY We keep our booth open the same hours.
      2. MIEMAP is in the EXPO room (of the LAX Hilton)
        1. MII85Z We are Booth #: see new column for it column N17Z9M
    3. N194TG Offer for groups to join us in representing themselves in our booth:

      1. N19I08  –compared to arranging & running your own conference booth, we make it maximally & very easy, about 1/5th of the work!
      2. N19I0J Every group which represents itself in our booth
        1. N1536C must be approved by the booth heads, where the key criteria follows:
        2. N194Y1 must be joining us on our group visit,
          1. N19I2A including the proper advertising of it especially as you are now also getting for virtually free a conference booth which normally costs $1000 for vendors and for non-profits seem to be mostly long all taken.
        3. N153O3 starting 2014,
          1. N15372 will get 2 quality professionally-designed highly-reusable banners, custom-made for each group.
          2. N19L7U they are designed first for our booth banner layout but, from plenty of experience, are very reusable at group meetings & elsewhere),
          3. N19LA2 plus included, well-shared to you via Google Drive, are:
            1. N19LDZ the pdf/jpg graphic source so you can reuse your banners on your websites & printouts -as say done here for
            2. N19LF8 the designer source files, so you can further customize the design.
          4. N153H0 Banner specs (latest estimates):
            1. N153CV for the booth back walla 3ft-by-1ft banner –see that link for examples
            2. N153DY for the booth front table front 2ft-by-2/3ft banner: the same banner image scaled down to 2/3rds –see that link for details
        4. N153NH to the booth heads for that SCaLE, the group must pay a very small booth join fee to cover your booth costs especially your banners
          1.   N1B458  just $40 —super cheap; normally one can’t even buy 1 quality banner for this price, nor even get into this conference, but this price includes multiple banners plus conference booth representation!
          2. N1B466 we can pick up this funds; cash preferred but we might support PayPal.
        5. N1542F must have at least 1 group leader help staff the booth for at least 1 shift.
        6. N184Y8 every approved group gets to display its banner & flyers & otherwise represent itself in our booth during times it has workers in our booth able and willing to answer questions about the group.
          1. N1852W A group’s leader does not need to be always present, as generally any booth worker is willing to answer questions on any approved group provided that group has at least left him/her basic instructions, ideally written.
    4. N19KX8 Booth Banners
      1. N19KXP Since 2013, our banners have been & are professionally designed and for free (as service to our good cause) by professional graphics designer & our OCAndroid user leader Lucy Parker –thanks so much, Lucy!
      2. N184XQ Banner layout, to scale:
        1. N19W9X Ordering of the group banners:
          1. N19WF4 Ordered top to bottom, and then within each row, left-to-right.
          2. N19WFZ Banners to be ordered by #N194I6 as that seems to be most fair, plus is posted here so the ordering will be easy for anyone to do & verify.
        2. N19W3H In these banner collections pictured here, group banners are samples: notably which-present is determined by #N184Y8 and the-ordering is determined by #N19W9X.
        3. N1855U Back wall: width: min ~6ft;  height: ~5ft(with 8 groups)  
          banners\2014=12x\N18EKA{N17JNW{N17JNV{N17JNU{N17JMU{3in1.2}.ppp.OC Community Tech Groups}.ppp}.pdf}.jpg.800px133px}.jpg
          banners\2014=12x\N18H3X{N17JUB{N17JUA{N17JU9{N17JMU{3in1.2}.ppp.OCAndroid}.ppp}.pdf}.jpg.448px149px}.jpg banners\2014=12x\N18HZU{N17JWD{N17JWC{N17JWB{N17JMU{3in1.2}.ppp.OCPython}.ppp}.pdf}.jpg.448px149px}.jpg
          Node.JS OC banner
          OC-PHP banner
          OCDrupal banner
          OCLUG banner
          OCJUG banner
          1. N190NM mounting,
            1. N1911R assembly in order
              1. N190OX banner top & bottom supports: every {banner height=1ft} down, a strong fishing line is tied horizontally & tight between left & right support poles of the booth and taped in position on the pole with packing tape.
              2. N190S2 then, to prevent sagging of these horizontal supports, down the center and optionally to left & right of that by {banner width=3fit}, a vertical fishing line is also run, tied to top booth support pole and then to each of these support lines
              3. N19122 the top & bottom of each banner is then attached to these horizontal support lines via mini binder clips, as from Staples, 1 clip per foot, so since banner width 3ft and top+bottom of it, 8 clips per banner
        4. N18562 Front table front banner: width:~6ft;  height:~32in(with 9 groups) 
          banners\2014=12x\N18EKA{N17JNW{N17JNV{N17JNU{N17JMU{3in1.2}.ppp.OC Community Tech Groups}.ppp}.pdf}.jpg.800px133px}.jpg
          banners\2014=12x\N18H3X{N17JUB{N17JUA{N17JU9{N17JMU{3in1.2}.ppp.OCAndroid}.ppp}.pdf}.jpg.448px149px}.jpg banners\2014=12x\N18HZU{N17JWD{N17JWC{N17JWB{N17JMU{3in1.2}.ppp.OCPython}.ppp}.pdf}.jpg.448px149px}.jpg Data Scientists OC banner
          Node.JS OC banner
          OC-PHP banner
          OCDrupal banner
          OCLUG banner
          OCJUG banner
          OCJUG banner


          1. N1859L same as back wall just to fit front table:
            1. N1B2O7 scaled down to ~2/3
            2. N1B2OO a different grid dimension wider & less high
            3. N1B2PN for a table of height 29in (probably typical) instead of 32in, to cut that 3in, the banners will have to be overlapped slightly  –not shown here
              1. N1B2T6 as 1.5in off top & bottom of the top header banner.
          2. N1B2J5 mounting:
            1. N1DPTM on the rear of the banner assembly, run clear packing tape along the seams.
            2. N1DPV2 for hanging the assembly to the table, protect with tape the edge of the top then tape along the top front of the assembly and the table top edge along this top seam.
      3. N1DLA9 Since 2014, our banner on glossy white photo paper that’s extremely think (really heavy card stock) with certain properties.
        1. N1DPIA 3 to ~5 of our banners are printed on one sheet and must be carefully cut apart. This works with an X-Acto knife and straight edge & cutting surface, etc., but takes some care/skill plus about 15min per banner.
        2. N1DOS1 recommend taping with clear strong packing tape.
          1. N1DOUS this tape on the back can be easily removed, but still holds well.
          2. N1DOVM ALERT: Tape on the front becomes instantly un-resolvable (super stuck) without damaging the poster surface including removing ink or tearing plus possibly tearing tape.
            1. N1DOXN When needed, recommend taping all front borders with this clear packing tape as think as possible strip, as 2in, which still allows a fold over the back that holds and lines up with text top line else {bottom line minus descenders}
              1. N1DP0H allows taping on this front surface which can be easily removed no damage –as long as its only on this tape border.,
              2. N1DP9F seems to protect edges from damage
              3. N1DPMR Takes about 20min per banner.
      4. N19NNA If you haven’t already, get your banner by becoming represented by our booth!
    5. MICM3A Booth staffing & volunteering

      1. MICMJU We (our booth) needs volunteered staffing & equipment-loans:
        1. MIHLRY BIG REWARD to volunteers, including get in to everything & free (all days & events, a $70 savings!) plus a prestigious Exhibitor badge, plus help your local tech community (your MIComm community groups), make friends & have fun, & more!
        2. MICML8 staffing:
          1. MIE41H Not many hours work: at least 4.5 hours/person, effectively paying $15.55/hr in registration savings!
            1. MIE150 and if we get more person*hours volunteered than expected, we can reduce this minimum.
          2. MIDUWX: at all times there should be at least 2 people staffing the booth who have been so approved by booth organizers (except for say 1 person going momentarily to the restroom).
            1. MIFUWN Why?
              1. MIFV14 Allows a newcomer not to have to do it alone and the experienced to be training the new
              2. MIFUZR Shares & divides the work
              3. MIFUZN Insures reliability including allows 1 person to easily momentarily break for restroom etc. including without having to shut the booth down & secure the booth equipment.
              4. MIFV17 and more
          3. MIE42P Easy & fun work:
            1. MIDV90 The primary job of the booth & its staffers is tell visitors of these community groups and get signups to the groups & their events ideally on the spot.
              1. MIDVJF Experience  in any of these groups is quite helpful but not required.
                1. MIDVEN Since all these community groups have public websites telling  all their details, most anyone can do this job by just reading about these groups & their events and then selling visitors on them and getting signups.
              1. MIHGQU Most of what staffers will be doing is, for the people who pass our booth, encouraging them to come over to us and check out our community groups & their events and sign up for them ideally on the spot. Specifically,
                1. MIHGSU encouraging them to come talk with us (as catch their eye with a smile)
                2. MIHGW3 tell & show them the groups we represent, asking “Which ones might interest you?”
                3. MIHGYT Then telling them about the group ideally while showing them the group website (on your/a laptop or mobile device else printouts of it) and encouraging them to surf around it.
                4. MIYCIY Getting the visitor’s contact info & interests
                  1. MIYCKD I was reminded to write this section by the signup list apparently-by Miles apparently in the absence of these instructions.
                  2. MIYCLG more TBA
                5. MIHH0U Most important, using a laptop or mobile device (on theirs, else ours, else yours) to get them on the spot to signup to 1 or more of our groups & events
                  1. MIHH3G If you don’t them to do this on the spot, only ~10% will do it later so it seems ones efforts are mostly wasted.
                  2. MIHH5U Sign up to Meetup and the group site & RSVPing is a bit involved, but since you’ve already done it yourself (else should have), you can be a big help
                  3. MIHH7H While doing this process together on your device(s), it might be best for you & your interested persons to sit down at the booth’s table
                    1. MIQIMC I sat down at 2 chairs on the outside of the booth facing in to the table working on my laptop, and was able to do this fine for multiple visitors in a row; I did have to carry the chairs around for the process.
                  4. MIQIRA If using a laptop belonging to not the visitor, I recommend using a fresh Chrome Incognito Window for the person to enter their information, as that then insures them their password etc. won’t be saved.
                  5. MIQIS1 As a good example, here’s a real signup done as described; note in particular:
                    1. MIQIZB the proper answer to MFTRef (copy & edit & re-user)
                    2. MIQJ00 The picture waiver “will put just head-shot soon; Destiny approves.” as he provided a body shot (via his Facebook) and while we took  a pic of him at the booth that he liked, it was taking too long to transfer that from our phones and other visitors were waiting to be attended to.
              2. MIE4DH You get an Exhibitor badge and extra respect at this event, plus extra attention when you want it.
                1. MIE4HS Working the booth in 2012’s SCaLE11x, I also got for me personally some business leads plus 3 girls to date!
            2. MIE46W Second, booth staffers should always insure no one unauthorized takes nor uses nor damages our booth equipment & staff.
            3. MIFGI5 You can also use our booth to advertise other things (as other products & services or finding friends & mates) provided this don’t at all detract with our other goals above.
              1. MIFGLF 1st year’s (incomplete) listing for this.
          4. MIEC2D Booth staffing hours start .5hr before Exhibit Hall open-to-attendees for setup and goes to .5hr after close-to-attendees for tear-down.
        3. MICMM2 Equipment loans
          1. MIE4L1 You’ll get extra thanks for bringing & loaning equipment where we  specially you “we need that” (as in response to your post “I can bring..”), including for hard to get things we’ll also give you an hour or more off on your staffing time.
          2. MICNN7 our list of equipment we need
          3. MIG6Q5 Our booth gets only (from SCaLE10x source 1 & 2):
            1. MIG6WN1 x 500W Electrical Outlet ” 120V AC
            2. MIG6XR1 x 6′ table
            3. MIG6ZE2 x chairs
            4. MIG70D1 x Ethernet Ports
            5. MIHZ70 a drapery back “wall”, but maybe no side-walls between adjacent booth
            6. MIJO6P (for SCALE12x at least) all booths are “8′ deep and 10′ wide.  The back wall of the booth is 8′ tall and will be a pipe and drape wall.  In addition, there will be two 3′ high drape walls between each booth.” emails operations chair Gareth “Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 3:43 PM”.
          4. MIJQZ0 Banner
            1. MIJR0C Booth drawing -TBA
            2. MIK30G Banner discussion on OCAndroid SCALE11x listing
      2. MICMQ9 shift schedule & volunteer procedure
        1. MICMVV for 2013’s SCaLE11x and beyond

          1. MIDU3R “OC Community Tech Groups esp SCaLE booth shifts”MICDRJ
            N1ADU4 section history in REVERSE order:

            1. N1AEJV In title, fr (OC Community Tech Groups esp SCaLE booth shift schedule :MICDRJ) to present as shorter (to display better embedded) plus new prettier code format
            2. N16FF9 now I Destiny renamed from q(MIComm community groups SCALE visit & booth schedule :MICDRJ) to present esp per new collective-group name http://1.JotHere.com/3999#N150HZ
            3. N1AHPP to present more compact design selecting to show only q(Date,  Print icon, Tabs , Time zone) and 400*500px; from  <iframe src=”https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?height=500&amp;wkst=2&amp;bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&amp;src=n6eomb7pjh7fiq3p0i2k7tpba0%40group.calendar.google.com&amp;color=%231B887A&amp;ctz=America%2FLos_Angeles;&amp;mode=AGENDA&amp;dates=20140221%2F20140223&amp;wkst=6″ style=” border-width:0; margin-top: 0px;” width=”500″ height=”500″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe> to more compact design
            4. N1AHNK cut q(MIGL1V Use that link as the calendar displayed here is functional but too small to read.) as it’s working;
            5. N1ADZE ~2hrs ago, decide it much better to use
              &amp;mode=AGENDA; cut q(–being added to now, TBA here 2014.02.20Thu q(N19PSD meanwhile, simply complete these dirs as much as possible and you will have done ~100% of what needs to be done now.. ) as doing that) as completing #N19PON

            6. N1ADUK other prior exists.
            7. N1ADWB before now doing https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=n6eomb7pjh7fiq3p0i2k7tpba0%40group.calendar.google.com&amp;ctz=America/Los_Angeles&amp;mode=WEEK&amp;wkst=6&amp;dates=20130222%2F20130224 so week display starting with Friday (&amp;mode=WEEK); this wasted the rest of the screen; this somehow displayed the Year in the summary of date choosers but the new ones don’t.
            8. N1AEC6 using &amp;wkst=6 since SCaLE always starts on Fri recently.
            9. N1A8XI editor’s use:
              1. N1A8VI email address
              2. N1A8TT Embedded form customization URL; but the URL’s need to be further customized
                1. N1ADRQ URL parameters unofficially but well documented
                2. N1ADGV &dates unofficially detailed
                3. MIGL2D via codes from here
                  1. N1ADR2 don’t see relevant docs there
            10. MICDUC: now created by Destiny


            1. MIDUAQ This Google calendar holds the work assignments for the booth plus ideally member attendee RSVPs.
            2. N19PON our live Google calendar for 12x=2014

            3. MIDRP6 our live Google calendar for 11x=2013
            4. MIFURV who can edit this calendar:
              1. MIFUSC the creator Head Destiny
              2. MIFUT0 Head William will be added if needed
              3. N16EY0 :now I Destiny shared with “Make Changes to events” to Martin Ma..SN@Gmail.com per his scheduling booth 2014 per http://1.JotHere.com/3999#N152NR
              4. MIFUU8 No one else at this point though open to suggestion.
          2. MIFUNN First, say you want to volunteer for the booth & the details, as part of your attendance thread of your RSVP.
          3. MICNV5 If you are selected to help (likely),
            1. MIE655 Head Destiny or other event visit organizer will email you a Google Calendar entry specifying your shift:
              1. MIDUUJ This will coolly sync with your electronic calendar and could even give you a reminder alert.
              2. MIEH92 Personal offer intro. If you just received an electronic calendar entry/email with a URL directing you to this point, congratulations! Only a few people are selected to get this offer, so I hope you can RSVP YES to it so you can greatly help us out, plus so you can get into the famous SCaLE expo and for free with access to everything (a $70 savings!) plus you get in as an exhibitor with the specially-respected EXHIBITOR badge.  As you might now have guessed, is an offer for you to help staff our SCaLE booth on the date & time range that email/entry specified; that link & this page will fully explain, plus explains how to make changes to this offer: by posting replies on the event comment pointed to (URL to it given) in the offer email/entry you got. Please also offer our booth loaner equipment; we need that, too. We look forward to your response, which will hopefully also include YES. And congratulations on being chosen to get this limited offer!
            2. MIL95L now RSVP to your shift offer
              1. MIE66V When you RSVP YES to this the event visit organizer grant you access to get your registration code  (covered below) getting you in free and to everything (all days and events) and getting you an Exhibitor badge registered on behalf of our booth.
              2. MILA6X RSVP to your shift offer by doing these 3 easy things:
                1. MILABW clicking YES/NO/MAYBE on it (in your http://calendar.google.com else in your email of it if that works) else (if you can’t get Google Calendar working) by saying how likely you can do this your event attendance thread;
                  1. MIL9TP note Google Calendar doesn’t seem to offer even the event creator to set the RSVP for anyone but him/herself, so unless you RSVP NO to the Google Calendar, it won’t be crossed out on our live shift calendar so other booth staff will be after you to be working then until an event visit host has manually read your answer so then prefixed the tile of your shift “NO: “.
                2. MILAE9 In your event attendance thread, also tell your answer, plus explain why especially if not YES, notably if your likelihood of doing your shift is not 100%.
                  1. MINM2S “also tell your answer” here is apparently required including since Google Calendar doesn’t seem to notify the entry creator when s/he RSVPs.
                3. MIL9OQ If you’d like or need your shift changed at all, comment on your event attendance thread telling what changes and ideally explaining why.
              3. MIL9AQ Whatever you do, RSVP to your shift & promptly. As:
                1. MIL9RN We nee to know if you’re going to work or do we need to recruit someone else to do work then.
                2. MIL9Z3 If you haven’t replied, we may eventually cancel your offer once we’ve gotten enough others to fill it, but that’s a lot of needless extra work for us to find others to replace you if it turns out you’re going to take it.
                3. MILAV1 if you don’t RSVP YES or MAYBE promptly, you’ll may loose your offer, including SCaLE gives only a very few of these get-in-free-to-everything deals we can give out.
            3. MINMOT When the event listing host gets your calendar RSVP, s/he will  replies back on your event attendance thread letting you know & what to do next.
              1. MINMQG If you RSVP’d YES, s/he
                1. MINMYT gives you access to get your code (procedure TBA)
                2. MINMZ7 then replies back letting you know to continue these steps,
                  1. MINMV9 From this real example, “I just saw ur RSVP YES to ur event shift. Cool & thanks! ..
                    *Then as promised, I just granted access to u (ur email si..en@gmail.com) to the get-in-all-for-free exhibitor status. Now register per http://1.JotHere.com/… and reply-post back here as that says.”
            4. MIJOPC then quickly register BUT WHILE ALSO (so keep this window open) doing the following in order:
              1. MILHVW When you get to https://reg.socallinuxexpo.org/reg6/add_attendee asking to put in your name, organization, etc., put as your organization:  your full-time organization (or whatever org you do related to SCaLE besides us) followed by ” & “ (if you have any such org), then “OC Meetup Tech Groups Booth <our booth #/>”
                1. MILI2S For instance, for 2013’s SCaLE11x, I Destiny put as my organizationJotHere.com & OC Meetup Tech Groups Booth 81” (well actually I missed adding the ” 81″ booth but your registration will be better); naturally the italics-portions here will vary for you according to which SCaLE it and who you are (so what is your primary org), but the rest will be same
                2. MILI5S This tells everyone your primary org if any plus tells everyone about our booth your working and representing, including otherwise people will/can ask you “What’s your booth?” as your badge will say “Exhibitor”.
              2. MIJU7E For 2010’s SCALE9x until TBA, follow official exhibitor staff registration instructions (for SCALE11x & probably before) (IN A NEW TAB/WINDOW, keep this window open) including at not where it asks (at the beginning) “If you have a 1-5 digit promo code, enter it here:” but (at the end) where it asks “Pay With a Coupon <br/>If you have a coupon to redeem, please enter the 10 digit code below:”, then for that field:
                1. MIJVL1 get your code by clicking on the appropriate next link (you’re about to see them; note that requires login via your Google Account linked to your email address), then select & copy the code, and back out of there (closing that window displaying the code (important) and returning to here):
                  1. MIJOQE for 2013’s SCALE11x (for OC-PHP+OCAndroid+et al), get your code
                    1. MIJUST Registrations so far via this (of 10 max):
                      1. MIJUV7 as of 2013.02.20Wed12~: 4 uses, all presumably authorized by Head William, as he emails me Destiny “there are only 6 uses .. left.” when he finally emails me the ability to register our booth staff as exhibitors “Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 1:09 PM” (1.5 days before conference start).
                      2. MIL35G #5:Miles used,reg#1915.
                      3. MIL1NN 6:I Destiny just used,reg#1923
                      4. MIM9S8 #7:Bill used, reg#2016
                      5. MIMA3S #8:Siqiao used, reg#2048
                      6. MINN42 Would be #9:Lucy used, reg#2669, but failed with “expired” -see that; reporting.
                        1. MIQI0I In reply, Gareth fixed, then Lucy successfully completed, link TBA.0
                      7. MIQI38 Martin used, reg # & link TBA
                      8. MIL1P6 more uses coming
                2. MIJVOG now paste/place-your code only into that your web form field.
                3. MIJOVV NOTE: copy your code into your SCALE “registration” (in that appropriate field) and nowhere else, and only when you have been directed to here because you have volunteered, been, offered and agreed to do a shift for the MIComm Booth for that SCaLE. As if your code gets used by anyone unauthorized, this (1) will discredit us as exhibitors and (1) can easily prevent other booth workers from registering (we loose our ability to register for free) will easily then have to pay the full registration price.
              3. MIJUEF You should end not being asked for any additional payment (as credit card, PayPal, etc.) and be charged nothing.
            5. MIJUH0 then immediately send us your registration # by posting it on your event attendance thread  organizer footnote
              1. MIJWIT so everyone in our booth can know you’re registered and the event listing hosts can secure your code from further us
          4. MIDTZY booth 1st discussion
        2. MICMVL for 2012’s SCaLE10x
  7. MIE2SG Official site: SoCalLinuxExpo.Org

    1. MIE31P Impressive, especially for the “schedule” of events & details on each (an sexy pivot table, BTW -I wonder what Drupal module was used), but:
      1. MIHKIQ other than an outstanding event schedule, I don’t find on it most of the details-to-get-ready-for-it  details  that most everyone attending could use  (including where it’s advertised & exactly who’s coming & when (for carpools & room sharing & shift scheduling & more), what to bring, booth details as for Exhibitors and how to get booth volunteering for staffing & equipment and  schedule & coordinate shifts, plus complete details on hotels & carpools & parking available) which this post then provides everyone –just click on those links!
      2. MIHKLV I don’t find an overview which lists the each (year’s) occurrence but
        1. MIIDW9 fortunately http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_California_Linux_Expo has that and
        2. MIIDWT the prior occurrences do appear to be still on the official website, one must just know & typically-type the path.
    2. MIE2ZI Doing true dogfooding & practicing-what-one-preaches, the entire site appears to be in Drupal, one of the leading open-source CMS.

-end of WHAT & WHY


  1. MIE2L7 MIComm groups attending 2010’s SCaLE9x to present; exact covered by WHAT & WHY

-end of WHEN


  1. MIE2K9 SCaLE9x(2011)-present in LAX Hilton conference rooms (all of them); exact ones specified in SoCalLinuxExpo.Org “Schedule”.

    1. MIG32Y While I adore SCaLE, I personally somewhat dislike this venue or 3 reasons, but don’t know all the considerations.

      1. MIG53V because:
        1. MIG53Y it is Hilton so overpriced for hotel rooms though affordable options nearby (and I don’t like supporting businesses who overprice no matter how much money I have) and
        2. MIG54A the parking is notably costly, time-consuming, & typical-cramped
        3. MIG55G and despite all that, it’s also a pure high rise building, even for its parking, so makes me worry about what happens with California’s Big One hits.
      2. MIG58V In 2012’s SCaLE11x I recall bringing this concern up to the SCaLE organizers and recall they responding something like they know it’s just hard to find a place (or perhaps a place which gives SCaLE an affordable deal); indeed the entrance fees are way low. I certainly don’t know all the considerations.
    2. MIG2N3 Parking is typically nearby but exhausting (expensive & time-consuming & easily-stressful). From my SCaLE10x 2012 visit:

      1. MIG2OU Parking areas available.
        1. MIGKF3 The hotel parking underground (under the hotel) with ~6ft height so not good for the claustrophobic. The advantage is it’s super-close to elevators so easy to carry equipment up & down. I don’t know if the parking is included if one rents a room from the hotel.
          1. MIG2QF for SCaLE10x 2012, was expensive, self-park was $20/day flat as I recall, and packed: took me ~20min of driving to find an open space.
          2. MIGKIB for SCaLE11x 2013, ”  Self parking is $9 Note: parking is frequently limited; SCaLE recommends you come early and stay late! Carpooling is recommended.” says http://socallinuxexpo.org/scale11x/venue
            1. MIQI7R When one enters, at least in SCaLE11x 2013, there will be a sign saying parking will be $27.00 –don’t panic!  Once you’ve wearing your conference badge, take your parking stub to the conference main desk (on 2nd floor center in SCaLE11x 2013) and you will be given a parking discount stub which, if on exit you submit with your standard stub, will discount your parking to the promised $9.00.
        2. MIG2X0 Next door is a large parking structure, I recall $18/day, fairly crowded but not as much.
        3. MIG2XD There is no near street parking I saw.
        4. MIG2ZY The other hotels have parking but one must then take a taxi or bus, which could be tricky for carrying equipment.
    3. MIG66I Carpooling.

      1. MIG66Z Especially recommended, now including since Parking is exhausting.
      2. MIG6A8 Post offers here in the appropriate comment section (as for 2013’s SCaLE11x) else in event re-listing where you’re RSVPing.
    4. MIG33D Hotel arrangements including room rentals (at this & the many neighboring hotels).

      1. MIG60M Recommend since the conference is super-packed with good & fun stuff and people to meet one generally can only see 1x/year and driving to/from home is a long from many, plus, if staying in the venue’s hotel, no worry about finding parking which is time-consuming here.
      2. MIGKX0 You may only need to reserve 2 (Fri & Sat) nights.
      3. MIG5I4 Sharing a hotel room especially with other attendees
        1. MIG5J5 I highly encourage this as it’s much more fun plus saves notable money.
        2. MIG5LI By default, assume that each night’s stay is divided evenly among all those who said they would use it and/or did.
        3. MIG5YF If you don’t or shouldn’t have full confidence in your room-mate’s paying his/her share, the person renting the room should collect these funds in advance.
        4. MIG8QX Post offers here in the appropriate comment section (as for 2013’s SCaLE11x) else in event re-listing where you’re RSVPing.
      4. MIG5GT How much in advance to reserve your hotel room stay?
        1. MIG3EO It is seemingly a bad idea to reserve a hotel room more than ~18 hours in advance as
          1. MIG3MY ~3 of 3 hotels told me if you decide to cancel, you still have to pay for all additional nights you reserved for, not just the 1st one.
          2. MIG3O3 there are plenty of available hotels the morning of the night when you need it.
          3. MIG3TM 2 of 3 hotels informally concurred for these reasons mentioned.
        2. MIG3XQ I’m not sure if it’s good idea to wait until you now need a hotel room in order to reserve it (didn’t try). You probably can get one but you might have to have to pay more. Anyone have experience on this?
      5. MIG364 Which hotel?
        1. MIG34K Renting from the hotel of the expo is pricy as the hotel’s name suggests, but very convenient and you MIGHT save on parking.
          1. MIGKUW For SCaLE11x 2013, “$112.00/night plus tax” via SCaLE discount http://socallinuxexpo.org/scale11x/venue, 3-start hotel normally $130/night.
        2. MIGMHL For SCaLE11x, Google Hotels nearby (as just down 1 street) lists 30 nearby hotels from $42 to $139/night.
        3. MIG387 Because this hotel is on Century Blvd which is the main Blvd. of LAX airport, there are plenty of hotels also along this Blvd..  From my SCaLE10x 2012 visit, .
          1. MIG3B1 there many of these that are inexpensive have vacancies in at least that morning for that night.
          2. MIGN5B If driving & parking at to the expo can be solved (a reasonable If), I would recommend on the morning (else maybe night) when you want to rent, and/or:
            1. MIGN7Q Using searching the Google Hotels nearby.
            2. MIG48C else driving up & down say Century Blvd; after 1 pass down the Blvd., you can spot fairly good deals then go back and rent.
          3. MIG4VK I would recommend against the Super Motel 8. I reserved for 2 or 3 nights but canceled after staying there just ~6hours, as the there were people fighting next door when I stayed there and the customer service was crappy.
        4. MIG4ZR I have very little experience renting hotel rooms. Certainly others could give more advice.

-end of WHERE


  1. MIE50O fully covered by surprisingly affordable.

-end of COST


  1. .MIE53J generally covered by What’s SCaLE.
  2. MIE55R Specific community groups listed by Community groups represented here and more generally by Event re-listings. typically with RSVPs & comments.



  1. MIE6VF in order (roughly),

    1. MIE63M Continually, as time permits: Make constructive comments, on this post & elsewhere.

    2. MIE5ZA RSVP on at least one of the Event listings ideally including volunteering to help our booth, specifically do RSVP directions.

    3. MIE64A Register for the conference: Do SoCalLinuxExpo.Org “Registration” WHILE ALSO (so keep this window open) handling this undocumented stuff:

      1. MIECZP  includes paying for your entrance.
        1. MIED31 Note if you got an exhibitor discount code from us, you will never actually be asked for your credit card & charged so will get in free.
      2. MIHYW5 takes ~10 to 25min —and faster & better with the help of this guide here
      3. MIKR1E can be done on arrival at the event but better if you do in advance;
        1. MIL2DH  Booth volunteersplease register in advance! -so we avoid any last minute problems with that and we can better assure you’ll be there and will actually make use of our get-in-free and not be keeping someone else who could help us from using it.
      4. MIKPWM “in step “Registration – Add Items \ Step 2 of 7”
        1. MIKRQQ for SCALE9x-11x & maybe more, doesn’t tell you what choosing this does. I would guess it means you want to attend these things, but then does that also mean it prints on your badge or they email you or it prints they get your name and/or reg info? I don’t know.
        2. MIKPY3 for SCALE9x-11x & maybe more, doesn’t give you links telling you what its terms are so here they are:
          1. MIKQ0I for 2013 SCALE11x,
            1. MIKRNN For every choice listed:
              1. MIKQ16 “Friday .. 10:00 to 17:00” DevOps Day LA is “remove the wall of confusion between your development and operations teams”, probably most notably interfacing programmers & sysadmin
              2. MIKQB8 “Saturday .. 19:00 to 21:00” Key Signing Party for a key signing party;
              3. MIKQK1 “Friday .. 10:00 to 17:00” MySQL Community Day for “MySQLMariaDB, SkySQL, and other variants
              4. MIKQLL “Friday 10:00 to 18:00” Puppet Camp for Puppet
              5. MIL1GF –to look up the main keyword, I used use this search appending the phrase
            2. MIKRVS Example: since none of these were deep interests of mine, I picked none of them.
      5. MIL21A Small bug: The registration process doesn’t give a preview of one’s badge (what it will look like) but that can be important including to make sure all the text fits well.
      6. MIL15L Security bug: one’s https://reg.socallinuxexpo.org/reg6 redeem_coupon titled “Registration Payment Receipt<br/>Step 7 of 7” contains indeed prominently displays  “Coupon code: ..” (the code used) including on the “Print receipt” printout it makes of itself; this could allow the code to be abused, so the code should probably not be included and one should take caution to protect the coupon code displayed on one’s receipt.
      7. MIL1WF For an example reg, I just did my registration for SCALE11x.
    4. MIHZBI Search for people to carpools and hotel arrangements.

    5. MIHYWP Gather your items on Things To Bring then commute (ideally carpool) to the event.

    6. MIE6S1 Join us to at the event, to attend it & help make it happen!

      1. MISDXY Discovering future activity opportunities (at our SCaLE visits and at any of our events)
        1. MISOC0 -first announced in OCAndroid’s visit to SCALE11x.
        2. MISECZ Community group members (not just leaders, as here everyone’s a leader) should be on the lookout for future activities for their group
        3. MISE6W such as a vendor presenting to or conducting a workshop on their product for our group, or a speaker here giving that presentation for our group, or more.
        4. MISE3B will especially happen for community group booth workers: people visiting the booth regularly have an activity they could lead for our groups, indeed sometimes are approaching the booth for that purpose.
        5. MISEE4 When our attendees of this find else found future activities for one of their community groups (especially those our booth represents), follow-up by simply by doing this procedure
          1. MISETQ -where every step follows from our communicate foremost where-possible via posting rule
          2. MISLG6 which I write up (indeed create parent point MISDXY) after I had now successfully done this myself 2 times (Python comedy & the one it links to) and now need to conference booth worker Martin (of OCAndroid) in response to his response to telling me, but via SMS & in-person verbal, of one he had found, SMSing “talked with Mozilla about possibility of a speaker on their Mobile OS”.
        6. MISIQ5 of these 5 steps in order:
          1. MISK76 if time, get the person(s) from which the activity ideas come from to be added as attending-YES on the group’s re-listing of our visit
            1. MISKDO as well as being accurate (s/he was there), then no longer must you notify him/her of the activity discussion thread you created (later step) plus then insure s/he won’t miss any discussion on that potentially related.
            2. MISKJL On Meetup, could require time consuming steps if everything isn’t streamlined: requires an event listing host (or higher) updating the RSVPs to add these person(s) as YES (as the event has already started), and that requires the person(s) to be members of the group and so also users on Meetup which the booth is supposed to be setting up for visitors on the spot but that still takes 10+ minutes (if all must be done) and the persons may not want to do it at this time.
            3. MISL75 A real example of this I did was adding Melina  to the attending-YES list of the OCPython visit to SCALE11x , before posting her offered Python comedy, which wasn’t hard because she was already a member of our group and I had the privilege to make this change.
          2. MISEOA The one discussion thread for each possible activity for the group, covering all of its occurrences if any. Post each activity possibility in the single top-level event comment for it (create one if none) in the group’s re-listing of our visit including all known core basic details
            1. MIST6Q include all known core basic details, including when & where you heard/came up with the activity and (if you can find them) the profile URLs besides you of all person(s) involved, including those coming with the activity and those possibly leading it.
            2. MISEIL such as a great real example, this one I did (Python comedy), and the one prior the 1st links to
            3. MISGG1 which, as with any event comment, serves to share with group members what you found & invite them into the discussion, including immediately notifying (emailing) all the listing’s attendees.
        7. MISF4E Write to the person(s) bringing you the activity of this discussion thread for their activity if not already done above.
          1. MISG56 ideally via posting on his/her profile telling them of & to join in on this discussion thread for their activity, including joining our group as required.
            1. MISG36 such as a great real example, this Meetup Greeting “Feb 25, 2013 10:16 AM” I just did on Steve’s profile
        8. MISG6V those interested post updates to this thread as the plans for the activity develops.
        9. MISGA8 When meeting(s) are found to host the activity, mention in the listing for each of them (in as in the top-level event comment for that topic of this meeting) a link back to this ‘activity proposal thread, and in the proposal thread, add reply-comment with a link back to that occurrence’s mention of the activity (so bi-directionally linked)
          1. MISGNH as  in this 1st real example (1st occurrence of OpenShift workshop); except as noted here
            1. MISHII except the activity proposal’s (1st) link to the activity’s 1st occurrence I mistakenly included in the original proposal thread (for a single announcement (of the activity and the seeming date for it)) but a single-post for both was & isn’t good idea as the link to the occurrence couldn’t be to the exact mention of the activity there (per the catch-22 of creating a bidirectional link w/o edits) and since the meeting occurrence had no explicit-user added content being just auto-generated, on Meetup it didn’t yet have a permanent ID so I 1st had to create that which is unobvious.
              1. MISHZ1 for future ones, as the 1st occurrence of the Python comedy, add a reply-comment with a link to the mention in the occurrence.
  2. MIE6TQ Post reviews of the event as it happened or happens on the Event listing(s) you RSVPed on plus optionally here.

-end of WHAT TO DO


  1. MIE79Y None yet (besides competing the topics mentioned here).



  1. MIE7B8 none.


MDE167 POST TODO, roughly in order:

  1. complete

-end of POST TODO


  1. MEMPEO The author

  2. MEMPF1 No one else.

-end of CREATORS


  1. Just ask.



  1. MIDRGB names considered:
    1. MIDRE2 “MISMOC” with “SMOC” for “Scale Meetup OC”
    2. MIDQRO “MICGSV” with “CGSV” for “Community Groups’ Scale Visit
    3. MIDQWS “MIMEOC” with (as currently accurate) “ME” for “Meetup” and “OC” for “Orange County”
    4. MIDS5X “MIComm”  with “Comm” for “Community groups”
  2. MIDYP9 booth staffing minimum hours/person & $/hr savings for each
    1. MIE16Y I computed by this spreadsheet sheet items MIDZJ7 & MIE0IA respectively.
      1. MIFG6V Empirical also supports this: 2012’s SCaLE10x William requested 2hrs min which was definitely not enough: resulted he & especially me (since he didn’t cover Sunday at all) doing most all the work and so seeing almost none of SCaLE ourselves.
  3. MILCER organizer aside: before now, this was “by RSVP-comment else reply-email to your calendar entry shift”
    1. MILDJU Miles followed this dir but then it came in as a private email to me which has problems and so it occurred to me:
    2. MILDKU both those text forms have problems and thus far haven’t been needed and I don’t see for the registration # to be private, especially when they are just a counter apparently starting with 1 so could easily be forged by guessing 1.


M31R7R POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. MIEKUN In prior occurrences, to organize the community groups’ visit, I created a shared post for just that occurrence as last one; here I try to create 1 post that can be re-used for successive years, potentially drastically reducing the amount of work each year.
  2. MIDS1K So anyone could easily comment on this post w/o possibly creating a login
    1. MIDS2R creating a test https://sites.google.com/site/micfsc/
    2. MIDS3H decided it was easy enough to create an account on JotHere
  3. MICGSO so now create this post
    1. MEHCSP for reference by several Meetup groups going to SCaLE
    2. MEHCCA via Copy to new Draft of http://1.JotHere.com/3994#MI37ER  latest release MI7B7N then create new IDs & edit to fit.
  4. MICNZO ~80% complete draft; I did email an aside link to present SCaLE11x Chair Ilan.
  5. MIE7BZ ~90% complete, 1st published; pst2013.02.17Sun1741.
  6. MIEE01 Expand on Register for the conference and; add Personal offer intro; Lucy tested resulted in her 1st reply to her event cmt and proofread resulting in fixing several links including insure related supporting documents open in their own window/tab, small wording improvements, and greater emphasis of our free offer by updating title to include q(MIComm Community groups‘ visit to SCaLE —FREE for our booth volunteers!) and put mentions in larger font; pst2013.02.17Sun2235.
  7. MIEL7C added MIEL5J; improved MICM50 by separating out its container; pst2013.02.18Mon0048.
  8. MIFGON added MIFGI5; adding ;
  9. MIFM2U To better phrase description intro of this 1st template listing (point MIFLNK), renamed title from “‘ visit to” to “visiting” as shorter and allowed me to phrase “We’re
    1 of
     (title)”; expanded #MIE2K9 from 1 point to ~20, mostly completing it; ExWeb spellchecked; pst2013.02.18Mon2111.
  10. MIGK44 MIDUAQ: added iframe (pretty); updated MIGKF3 & MIG33D; pst2013.02.19Tue0130.
  11. MIHL8L per Miles q, added “all days & events” explaining full-pass; moved & featured-1st MICLH4, adding then MIHL3O; added MIHG8S; cut top-alert “MIDPCK UNDER CONSTRUCTION; should be complete 2013.02.18″ as it now done & on that schedule;
  12. MIHQ32 dropped 2 points “M33YGV: title” as they important & short & title already mentioned 1x;
  13. MIHQ3H cut “M33YH4 URL:” and put the URLs to the top as reads better and URL tied to ID & quite important.
  14. MIHQ9Q for THIS POST cut the sub-points “is ” and “has ” prefixes as seems clearer w/o.
  15. MIHRRY added logos & stats for each group; so Miles’ bud (a booth worker) can be properly RSVPed, add MIHSS9 plus a point it references MIHS3W.
  16. MIHVUC replace “SCALE” with correct “SCaLE”;
  17. MIHWDJ in title, replace “SCaLE” with “famous open-source conference SCaLE”, carefully choosing these 3 prefix words to sell the most important points; notably don’t include “software” as, while it is the focus, a key exciting point is that this open-source software is leading the general open-source movement; I’m notably thinking title will then be reflect in the event listings referencing this post where the title has to stand on its own & explain.
  18. MIHWYC added MIHWR1; added name “RSVP Directions” including since “directions” abbreviates to “dirs” (unlike “instructions”) which I use in Meetup listings’ “How to find us” field; ~30min of link checking & fixing plus small rewrites; pst2013.02.19Tue2036.
  19. MIIE6K Added MII85Z;about to again show this post to SCaLE leaders, improved MIHL3O & especially MIE2SG
  20. MIJ8I1 The prior edit didn’t get saved until now. Some formatting fixes; added MIJO6P
  21. MIJXNI Now that I’ve got the reg codes & instructions, explain all that (with improved instructions) in MICNV5.
  22. MIJXO0 Rename from “Orange County’s leading & only Python Meetup group” to “Orange County’s Python Community Group” as Lucy Google Searched for 10 min and found no other.
  23. MIK4MT update MICLMF & MII85Z; review new content; pst2013.02.20Wed2042
  24. MIL1RI extended MIE64A doing it myself; added MIL1HK & MIL1NN; pst2013.02.21Thu1210
  25. MILB3I Inspired by Tommy’s NO RSVP, create MIL95L;
  26. MILDHS updated MIJUH0 as the footnote there details; 2013.02.21Thu1440.
  27. MILIKT In prep for Bill about to register, realize it would be good to feature our booth on everyone’s badge, so add MILHVW; pst2013.02.21Thu1627.
  28. MIM9PJ MIJUST: append 2 new ones
  29. MINAV8 Lucy shows me her experience registering enabling me to fix some more bugs including enhanced MIJU7E. ; add missing step MINMOT ; added MINN42; pst2013.02.22Fri2143.
  30. MIQI4J updated MIJUST and, especially in prep to Miles right about to begin his first shift &, 2nd, my not being able to guide him, MIGKIB and MIHH0U; pst2013.02.24Sun0924.
  31. MISLTM Added MISDXY per its motivation MISLG6; 2013.02.25Mon1848.
  32. N14MKA 3999.N14MKA.htm created now: draft file for editing in better editor as MSExWeb.
  33. N14XLM overwrote with 3999.autosave.N14MMW.htm (next version)
  34. N14XNQ 3999.N14MKA.N14XNQ.htm version start: apply regex N14GGJ: 1 bad code found (dup MIFRGO made MIFRHO); ~”420 replacements”; save before updating to 2014.
  35. N14YW7 3999.N14MKA.N14YW7.htm: starting 2014 updates
  36. N15514 in category q(community group MMPQ65) add category:
    1. N155W7 q(OC Community Tech Groups N155W7)
  37. N155Y2 add category q(territory N155Y2)
    1. N1562I q(Earth N1562I)
      1. N1563K q(United States of America=USA=US N1563K)
        1. N1566C q(California=CA N1566C)
          1. N1567K q()Orange County=OC of US.CA. N1567K)
  38. N156DE ~40% complete update for 2014; more coming today; republishing now 2014.02.17Mon0524
  39. N17I5D Insync was failing to sync causing extraordinary problem is the recent edits of this;; after many hours repairing it, somewhat mysteriously it now appears to be working again. Did significant edits:.
  40. N19HLG fixing the new (group) graphics. Many more small improvements; mostly lots of improvements to #MICH4X.
  41. N19MDF pretty usable; now pst2014.02.19Tue1456; fixed OCJUG logo; fixed some sectioning. before doing #N19NJI, save now.
  42. N19OLN did that; looking good; improved #MICH4X a bit more; add #N19PON; fixed some bad nesting; republishing now pst2014.02.19Wed1629.
  43. N19WNZ some additions to #N184XQ: it now covers group banner presence &ordering; #MICH5N &#MICH74: updated; #N17Z9M: updated with exhibitor kit; doing #N1ADZE
  44. N1AIEE did #N1AHPP; looks good; republishing now  pst2014.02.20Thu0228
  45. N1AK73 updates to #N183A2 & #N17Z9M; save.
  46. N1B2VQ added to #N18562 the pictured layout #N1B181; save;
  47. N1B4P2 #N153NH & #N153N1: extended; republishing now pst2014.02.20Thu1157
  48. N1DLL7 some updates;#N17ICS #N1B2J5 & #N1ADU4: republish now pst2014.02.21Fri1840
  49. N1QT7E updates: #N1JL8X & #N1QSZA & #N1DRS4; add #N1QVEE
  50. N1ZEQ3 #N1A9WJ: update & use this CSS class for wide objects.
  51. N2CGF7 republish now pst2014.03.12Wed1514

  26 Responses to “Since 2011, OC Community Tech Groups visit & host-booth at SoCal’s famous annual open-source conference SCaLE, plus get in FREE if you do a shift helping staff our booth!”

  1. MIG75G:  Specific to SCALE11x http://SoCalLinuxExpo.Org/scale11x : 2013.02.22Fri0900-24Sun1730 at usual LAX Hilton

      • N15VAN [Comments including RSVPs on our SCaLE 2014=12x]
         for Groups Headed or Assistant-Lead by

         (2 groups: OC-PHP starting 2011, OCDrupal starting 2011)

        N15VYD Meetup’s stats above could be wrong as I recall William heading OC-PHP a few years before adding heading OCDrupal
        • N1D3NN On William,

          1. N1D3PO As emailed SCaLE staff recently, quote:
            1. N1BMV5 William does do one thing [really ]well: he’s great at locating & often first great events & speakers, what had attracted me to him. Indeed he was the one who told me of SCaLE (successfully convincing me to do the booth work). But …”
          2. N1D4EQ “Our booth has name “Orange County Community Tech Groups” and William has no ownership of our booth, as requested& agreed 3x from the start of last SCaLE

            a collaborative letter written by our all 3 top booth leaders (Destiny, Lucy, & Martin) and posted here

            1. N1D46N made private (password protected) especially to protect William, but
            2. N1D4EQ: some key sharable direct quotes:
              1. N1CIYT .. in short, what happened is: 
                1. N1CIZA Above all, in every [of 4]conversation requesting this booth[, the first in person with the SCaLE booth coordinator at the end of last SCaLE and the remaining 3 all in writing in emails quoted here with this key part highlighted], we[The MIComm leaders creating staffing the booth all prior year(s), Destiny, Martin, Lucy, Bill] noted we did NOT want our booth belonging to William, and in all 3 cases [the SCaLE booth coordinator] agreed to that.”
                2. N1CIZI But now apparently by accident, understandably very busy so probably forgetting & thinking this is no different than prior years, very unfortunately [the SCaLE booth coordinator] nonetheless gave William our exhibitor kits and our passes and even now somehow now even a second set of passes for our booth which only he has!
                3. N1CJ1Y But [the SCaLE booth coordinator] did indirectly warn of this, CCing me of at least some of it; but for many reasons, I also failed not to correct [him soon]: not the least because it would create a nasty conflict (someone William inviting to go in with him years later then then replacing him) which I (accurately) anticipated unsurprisingly [would not go well even if very appropriate], and also when the only way to talk to [the SCaLE booth coordinator] about this (it seemed at least) was by email; but maybe most notable was even after doing by January thread N1CFXP below,
                   we then essentially told William of his new role [there citing my “Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 12:49 AM”, CCed to MIComm leadership plus the SCaLE booth coordinator], in response to William asking me “to discuss SCALE” apparently for he as well to be “planning the booth”, we replied   “we’re making it very easy for each group to participate.. nothing special you need to do now; just relax in and in about 10 days we’ll have the web pages up with all these details for you and for every one of the participating OC Tech Groups”, so politely but very accurately & strongly implying to him that we were no longer having him as a top leader]
                  and he appeared to be going along with it,
                  even saying he may not be involved this year in SCaLE at all [there citing his
                  “Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 8:26 PM” inquiry email saying “If we don’t connect .., I guess have fun with the booth.” “” and then his “Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 1:45 AM” reply “In fact, it is up in
                  the air of myself making it to SCALE as [family issues]
                  ”], all good news[ including even if he doesn’t come, then giving more time for him to accept is not top-leader role avoiding problems plus we could still well represent his group as we’ve had to do every year on every SCaLE on Sunday as William also never shows for that half of it.] 
                4. N1CIUO but then in the last weeks before SCaLE, [William] waltz back acting like he’s a “co”-leader again, including with all the problems of that, and admittedly dismissing most all we’ve done seemingly [as saying to our vice-leader Martin he refuses to read this page of what we’ve done preparing] [apparently ]especially when he’s realized the obvious: that he wasn’t supposed to be part of the planning by no accident and probably well knowing why, so then telling & confusing others [via post, including on our groups ] he IS [also ]in charge, including today joining one of our other groups mostly to post to the group we’re bringing in that instead he’s in charge too and we wrongfully took it from him (“a coop”) [so] undermining our authority[,] and soliciting & taking our recruits, causing increasing destruction that, directly or indirectly by distraction, is putting most of our 10 OC Community Tech Groups that Martin & I have brought to SCaLE in increasing [jeopardy],…  
              2. N1BRWN Moreover, even if William, not us, had secured this booth, we all agree you likely would not want ..[ (serious very relevant matter but out of respect to William not disclosed here) ], so why we 4 of us leaders came to talk to you in person at the end of last SCaLE, all very upset at what we just witnessed.
                1. N1CD7P And we have abundant written proof of all this, and not just recently but for years, especially for the former items. 
              3. N1D75Q[So all of us ]OC Community Tech Group leaders (formerly the MIComm leaders), especially the ones now very involved in this years booth,  Destiny/Michael (doing the listing writing & some group recruiting), Martin (doing the booth shift scheduling & more group recruiting), and Lucy (developing all the banners for every participating group), [got together and]  carefully collaborated to write [the SCaLE booth coordination] this email [, all asking SCaLE booth coordination]” quotes:
                1. N1BHF5 ..It’s urgent that you make it clear that this is our booth NOT belong to William Estrada .., indeed it was 3x requested and agreed from the start that it not belong to him, so then if he want to participate in our booth, which we are still happy to allow him[ and are long inviting him: #MICH5N & #MICH74 & even his own thread here], [but]just like all these other groups do without any problem, he needs to follow our rules. ..
                2. N1CC1J MOST IMPORTANT: So please make it clear, as say if William asks you, responding “William, starting this year, this booth does NOT belong to you. The understandable mistake was only I had forgotten it was instead requested starting at the end of last SCaLE by Destiny & Martin where they plus 1 or 2 other booth leaders (Bill & Lucy) came to me in person saying they notably DID want you in charge any further and not telling me but hinting at some of the damage, so there I promised them to go thru them instead; and then starting days after I (~6 months ago) I made the call for booths, they sent in their request which then by no accident did not include you, and I granted that. And Michael/Destiny also sincerely apologizes for not quickly responding to this email here CC’d him to correct me on this; but he did email you “Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 12:49 AM” [below], including CCing me, that you were to just participate like any other group, so not lead or joint plan, so why then, when it was not your booth but they were still inviting you to participate presenting as any other group, he get didn’t get back to you on top-planning issues, as you were never intended to be part of that team as it was their both.. So the fact you got their exhibitor information and indeed were sent their exhibitor passes, plus more passes and these which only you have, is a mistake. So you need to return all passes to them and hand over those the details of who you’ve recruited to work the their booth & when. And instead, like all the other groups they’re gathering, go thru them if you want to participate in their booth, which doesn’t seem so bad indeed it seems they’ve developed an excellent program.  Moreover, despite your differences, they re still very nicely inviting you to participate, indeed along with several other groups, but you must abide by their rules, which look quite reasonable, and go thru them.”
                3. N1BR4U All our leaders CC’d here[, All of us 3+ OC Community Tech Group leaders] well know the situation and are firmly agree with this action, that this is the right thing to do.
            3. N1D7V7 And all of us 3+ OC Community Tech Group leaders simply hope William will just do so, per our invites and all our many other groups have done no problem.
          3. N1DA21 Moreover, an limited-time offer to William by us booth leaders:
            1. N1DAA2 You are still welcome to join in our SCaLE booth If, as our many other (8) groups have done without a problem,  you just follow our rules designed easy & to insure everyone especially SCaLE top respect, and just as we asked you to in our  reply email to you “Jan 16, 2014”. indeed just as we asked everyone else, plus of course undo the things of the above unintended mistake per that last point  N1CC1J above, then also saving SCaLE leadership the trouble with having to deal with this and when they are certainly desperately busy. .
            2. N1DAAG Moreover, just as we would be for anyone, we are of course not happy to have seen you at times appear upset. And we absolutely don’t want you to have any hard feelings. So if now you do this, and don’t give us any trouble, I personally will now pay your booth costs fee ($40/group) and for not one but for both your groups here, for OCPHP & OCDrupal, (so where our other groups would have to and are paying what here would be $80 total), plus also I’ve seen to even at this late time you’ll have no worry about having your banners (as, despite all this, including hoping you might decide just work together as all the other groups are doing, we already professionally designed your banners and they look really hot), plus, even though you’re now paying $0, you also can keep these banners (and that’s 4 big banners, 2 in each size) plus all the code to produce & customize them.. For, as we’d do for anyone, we aim to see all happy.
            3. N1DBKH Simply reply with your agreement.
          N1DBL5 additional comment history in order:

          1. N1BF34 file 3999.comment-1841.N1BF34.htm
          2. N1D54X intermediate draft; another; near final save; 1st publishing 2014.02.21Fri1539
          3. N1DE1K:  fixing all links to this page to not open a new page but idealy saving page; including page causes new page load so add attribute q( href_path=”3999″ ); ~3rd publishing 2014.02.21Fri1543
          4. N1DEKL:  also remove q( target=”_blank”) as even with a just # link that causes pageload; publishing #4 2014.02.21Fri1558
      • N2DSCH [Comments on our SCaLE 2014=12x groups’ visit]
         how-it-went & results, max 1 thread-per-topic

        MORE TBA

    • N15POF [Comments including RSVPs on our SCaLE 2014=12x]
       Travel-including-Carpools+Parking and Hotel/Housing-including-Sharing, max 1 thread-per-vehicle/parking-spot/room

      • N1DVMY Martin & I are:

        1. N1DVV6 renting a 2 bed hotel room Sat night. Could probably take a few more people.
          1. N1DVP8 I’m happy with a nearby no-reservation room easily found for about $60, but Martin seems to preferring the conference hotel (Hilton), at double the price, for the connections especially at the morning breakfast. I still don’t see why one couldn’t just hang around the hotel and do the same thing. But I’m flexible.
        2. N1DVVH carpooling from his place (in Orange) in the early morning, driving my car (a wagon great for holding lots of booth gear!).  I doubt we could realistically take anyone else, but just in case.
    • N2DT9A [Comments on SCaLE 2014=12x especially our groups’ visit & booth]
       how-it-went & results, max 1 thread-per-topic

      1. booth overall view

        N2DTR1 Overall it went: fabulous, “even beyond our own expectations”, including against-notable-odds

        1. N2DTSX See the impressive images (from in the summary table above)
        2. N2DTX4 “2/23/14 6:54 PM 2 weeks ago “, ~2hours after the conference, when I first was able to come up for a breath of air, I visit & booth head Destiny SMSed back our graphic designer Lucy as she had been asking how it went (as she  implemented our banners even though outside obligations prevented her from attending this year),

          Lucy: .. I worked so hard on the banners ..[please please ]send me a photo — that you didn’t find time to do that. I hope the reason wasn’t that things went badly[ due to William]. 5:49 PM
          Me: .. [will now it’s over but ]no break to stop and send anything as was extremely extremely busy[including: ]
          [Due] mostly to William[ (who, as you well know, had knowingly wrongfully invaded leadership of our booth and would not quit)], I personally saw 0 sessions and saw 0 other exhibitors besides my neighbor. Martin was the same except he did one quick passing exhibits. [It was non-stop work for me, for, as I posted, ahead of my enjoying SCaLE, my loyalty was first to my OC tech groups and seeing their visit & representation at SCaLE a success.] 6:10 PM
          Me: But OC Community Tech Groups, and booth, including your banners, were a remarkable success even beyond our own expectations, with several groups and individuals asking how to copy what we did and companies approaching us asking what they could do to be allowed to advertise to our groups, 6:17 PM
          Me: and thanks to some crafty impromptu in person negotiation on my part which then [enabled] this incredible success[ (by specifically having to managerially force William to abandon his nothing-stopping-him efforts, even as late as 1 hour after booth opening, which would have destroyed things (to layout the booth in a way that would look crazy & disrespectful (OC PHP & Drupal on the left, and other OC tech groups pushed aside & squeeze on the right) plus wouldn’t fit)], even William, shook my hand leaving on good even smiling terms after a few hours earlier refusing to do anything of the sort, after his realizing but of course not admitting he would be crazy not to work with me after his seeing but of course not admitting the success of my idea[ (of bringing together so many OC tech groups under the my name & banner “OC Community Tech Groups”)], 6:30 PM
          Me: including [ William] seeing, but of course not admitting, it bringing his _own_ groups and concerns notably more positive attention than his plans, which now clearly appeared silly. 6:43 PM
          Me: In short William knew, but of course did not admit, well actually he too was [indirectly ]starting to admit, that [Destiny] and the rest of us were right, indeed virtually 100%, indeed beyond anyone’s expectations, and, while he still fight hard not to be ranked below us, also saw not working with us be crazy 6:54 PM

        3. N2DYD9 Primary flyer we handed out
          N17KZJ section history in REVERSE order:

          1. N2E3S0 present based on http://forums.asp.net/t/1877403.aspx?Issue+with+embedded+pdf+object+in+chrome+browsers#5279920
          2. N2E2GL Would not display in IE (only alt): quote(alt: SCaLE 2014 Handout N1EIJ1_copy_N1EJ3T.pdf) based on http://stackoverflow.com/a/1244854/2255628
          3. N2E2DW found if I added q(type=”application/pdf”)then Chrome-only wouldn’t scale to fit
          4. N2E1HH found it won’t display in IE: embed based on http://stackoverflow.com/a/7044015/2255628
          5. N2E1H5 changed to q() entering URL in https://docs.google.com/gview
            based on http://stackoverflow.com/a/2417237/2255628
          6. N2E0C8 changed to present as felt that had problems with the writing on the flyer.
          7. N2DYVI added flyer image quote(booth overall view); .
      2. N2DTK3 Additional comment history in order
        1. N2DTMX Create draft file 3999.comment-1888.N2DTMX.htm
        2. N2DY4Y 1st reasonably complete version; publish now 2014.03.13Thu1035
        3. N2DYWI add #N2DYVI; publish now 2014.03.13Thu1035
        4. N2E0I4 updates latest #N2E3S0; publish now 2014.03.13Thu1247