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  3. M33YGV:Title: OWN’s Our America with Lisa Ling’s “I Love You & You… & You” –major TV channel makes & gives a 1hr documentary on 3 polyamous families in real present-day America


  1. MJAZAK:URLs from mot to least info including links: JotHereOfficial blog entryWikipiedaIMDB.

  2. MJB494:Reviews, some with responses, sorted roughly by the highest quaity writing first:

    1. MJBAS3:This post.

      1. MJMD7U:Overall 5of5 stars; see OC-Polyamory’s 1st Watch&Discuss comments for more.
      2. MJC0Y4:(prior to seeing it) I haven’t yet seen it because it’s currently only available via broadcast so have to wait, but my bud who referred me recommends it, and I’m delighted this topic is being covered by another major TV network, carrying on the torch Showtime & similar, and I deeply thank Lisa Ling & OWN for that, and I’m announcing it to OC-Polyamory to watch & discuss.
    2. MJB49M: by “Incredible job!”

    3. MJBAQ7:by Gawker :
      1. MJJJTT:Includes the best summary video I have been able to find. On quick test it doesn’t seem to be embedd-able elsewhere.
      2. MJMG5Z:  Writing: “[The coverage ] was almost cartoonishly rude, but it gave the opportunity for what all seem like reasonable, well-adjusted people to give reasonable, well-adjusted answers about their way of life..”
        1. MJMEGD: I’d take this writing with some serious grains of salt. While it touches on some valid & accurate points, instead of giving balanced reviews, it throws in some zingers as inaccurate “almost cartoonishly rude” perhaps to stir debate (as follow up comments) & excessive attention to the post itself.
          1. MJMEL6:  For example, “almost cartoonishly rude” is inaccurate; rather accurate is Lisa asks some probing Q & gut-level initial reactions which some of her audience (general America), probably never having heard of this before, would likely want to sincerely to say to and ask the practionoers, as indeed they would at least initially consider them “Perverts and Freaks”, but it note she also “gave[ them] the opportunity ..answer”, and from hearing & feeling their answer, seems to even herself find these are “all seem like reasonable, well-adjusted people”, to the point that at the end she herself starts buying in, too, even saying when one practioner says her fantacy is to have two primary male (romances in her life), Lisa responds, semi-seriously, “me, too!”. For:
          2. MJMF0O: The overall coverage of the show is a very compete & in-the-final-analyis highy resepcting coverage of polyamory, indeed there is perhaps nothing more convincing to a real skeptic than seeing a fellow skeptic expressing her skeptism but then, on hearing the unexpected replies, ending up sold.
          3. MJMF3X: Indeed, to his best credit, the reviewer concludes his first so critical paragraph with “but maybe that’s just me being gay“; yes, I think he’s on to something, and likely more accurate likely more accurate would be “but, in hindsight really that’s probably just me being gay AND gotten spoiled from present political correctness scare that has come from the sometimes forced accepatance of LGBT, that today no one dare call me
            a freak or a pervert without me then being then able to attack anyone saying these words even my attack is wrong: even if they’re just just saying this to share what their initial sincere gut level reaction is and, despite their painful words, are indeed listening & feeling what I reply.”

            1. MJMFRO:  Or at the very least, if you’re going to write “”but maybe that’s just me being” anything, and in a supposedly resepcted publication, then very likely you should have stopped and thought out what was really going on with your feelings and sentiments before you pulished it!
            2. MJMFGK: But then, publishing under site name as “Gawker”, that level of almost tabloid journalism would be what one should probably expect.
  3. MJAX5T:a 1-hour video documentary about 3 polyamous families in real, present-day America, by major TV network OWN.

    1. MJJKH4:Specifically “Lisa visits three polyamous households – each of them pushing the limits of love, commitment, and family.” as episode 7 of season 4 of Our America with Lisa Ling(“an American documentary television series. Each episode examines an aspect of [present day ]American society that may be viewed as marginal or outside the mainstream.[1] The series, hosted by journalist Lisa Ling, premiered on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network on Tuesday February 15, 2011 at 10/9c.”).
    2. MJAX76:Each (family):
      1. MJ91KE:In a house in US.PA.Philadelphia,  a quintuple with potentially more(2 men(Wes,Shawn)+3 women (Gina,Jessie,Jenny) +apparently 0 kids+cat(Tandori)), all white & ~30s) living together
        1. MJ92AQ:Notable: a real present-day polyamous household apparently 3 women+2 men, all white & ~30s, potentially more.
        2. MJC18C:  See MJPre1 transcript for an overview of what’s going on.
        3. More about this video clip.
      2. MJB45G:In US.WA.suburbs, a triad (I’m guessing 1 woman(Regina)+2 men(names TBA)+1 child(Colleen)).
      3. MJB8DQ:In somewhere in US, another polyamous family.
        1. from’m guessing in US.CA.Loveland, at least 1 woman(“Robyn L Trask”, executive director of Loving More) plus at least the 2 men pictured here (“Jesus Viramontes Garcia” aka “Chuy”, board president & IT director of Loving More and 1 other).
  4. MJ926B:Notables, from most to least:

    1. MJ9282:real polyamory effectively promoted for under 1hr by a major television network.
    2. MJ92JR:Copying text from the website rather coolly appends the buffer with with the source as “Read more:”
  5. MJ91QG:Directory of videos, cast, broadcasts + some transcripts made-manually by me starting now.

    1. MJ95DL:in spreadsheet  MJ95DL(I love you and you and you,template_MDRIB0)
      1. MJAPWP:includes tables
        1. MJ91S4:Cast
        2. MJAQ51:MJAQ51(_video)
        3. MJ91SO: Transcript
          1. MJAPXK:covers videos:
            1. MJAPXV:Preview 1 aka MJPre1 aka’s Our America with Lisa Ling’s “I Love You & You… & You: How To Create a Polyamorous Family”
        4. MJASZG:Broadcasts: MJASZG(_broadcast)
  6. MJC0R1:Samples:

    1. MJC0RI:  This was important to me because until this,  I had never heard of Lisa Ling before, only her sister who got trapped in N. Korea.
    2. MJJL3I:Gawker’s video -recommened
    3. MJC0RM:  The blog (in above URLs) provides sample videos, all but 1 are posted here.
    4.  MJC483: includes some good intro plus the quite-enjoyable Online Brides episode.
  7. MJBBE5:How to see it?:

    1. MJBNAI:Local showings

      1. MKNFZS: Showing documentary OWN’s Our America with Lisa Ling’s “I Love You & You… & You” in/for the meetups of polyamory-related community groups
    2. MJBBF2:Broadcasts

      1. MJJN8L:OC-Polyamory’s watch&discuss of it -recommended
      2. MJBBF2:official upcoming broadcasts with reminder emails and channel finder.
      3. MJBBGF:broadcast table including channels
      4. MJBC1P:available to subscribers of the OWN channel (on cable TV)
    3. MJBBIE:Streaming

      1. MJBBIE:Hulu:
        1. MJBN7O:presently doesn’t carry Our America
      2. MJBBK3:iTunes:
        1. MJBNGK:presently doesn’t carry Our America.
      3. MJBN8M:NetFlix:
        1. MJBY55:presently doesn’t carry Our America
      4. MJBY7S:”Our+America”+”Lisa+Ling”
        1. MJBY93:  presently doesn’t find real sources, just a few fake ones.
    4. MJBC4Y:video disc (as DVD or BluRay): TBA.

    5. MJBNA4: BitTorrent (illegal):

      1. MJJNAY:currently none.
  8. MJBBMO:Similar recent shows:

    1. MJBBNL:Showtime’s Polyamory reality series.
      1. MKNBRS:OWN’s vs. (notable alternative) Showtime’s video for use an intro to polyamory is notably if not dramatically better. Pros-thru-cons:
        1. MKNBTP:Huge pro: <1hr, short enough to be part of a standard meeting, instead of 4.5
        2. MKNBUG:Big pro: an be shown in a much wider variety of venues including seemingly where there are non-members and potentially children present (as in OC-Polyamory’s present one, a corner of a private coffee shop) as:
          1. MKNBV8:doesn’t have any nudity, nor sex beyond a few quick kisses
          2. MKNBVW:is less sensational so less attention-grabbing and drama-causing to passer-buys notably those who would find the topic (IMHO unjustly) objectionable.
          3. MKNBY1:doesn’t have cuss words (I seem to recall Showtime’s does)
        3. MKNBYS:Notable Pro: takes a bigger US perspective.
        4. MKNC47:Con:for people mostly sold on polyamory and watching in a private setting (and without kids unless brought by their parents) and with some or a lot more time on their hands, Showtime’s is probably better as it’s  sexier.
    2. MJBBPF:more TBA.

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  1. MJBBT7:covers present day.
  2. MJ91I8:1st released: 2013.03.05Tue on the OWN channel “Tuesdays at 10/9c!”;
  3. MJBBSP:see How to see it? for more.

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  1. MJ91MO:covers 3 real familes in the US.

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  1. MJBBWZ:Not free but inexpensive if you have/buy the video packages; see How to see it?

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  1. MJC2OG:On the’s Our America with Lisa Ling’s “I Love You & You… & You: How To Create a Polyamorous Family”
    1. MJC2Q8:  Unfortunately not explained:
      1. MJC2RF: this video is apparently the best public preview of the full documentary.
      2. MJC2RJ:it provides a partial intro & history summary of just 1 of the 3 families covered.
      3. MJC2ZC:It would be much better titled say “A whirlwind overview of the Philadelphia quintuple and their history”.
    2. MJC2WN:  A great well-produced & documented video
    3. MJC2XE: partially destroyed by its hugely overpromising & seemingly-polyamory-mocking title.
      1. MJC30S: While the video is done fairly serious, especially Lisa’s narration, so then it takes seeing it in full a few times to see how many (a huge number of) key points are actually quietly left unanswered it so only then realizing that it’s title “How To Create a Polyamorous Family” is seen meant to be anything but serious, but perhaps such humor also is why sadly Gawker rated the main film (of which I suppose I am to infer this is a snippet) as “[The coverage ] was almost cartoonishly rude”; as indeed this question is no joke,no different that the question of “How to create a lesbian or gay family?” should be thrown around as some kind of joke, indeed for polyamory the question is MUCH harder, perhaps one of the questions of the centry including so hard few people if anyone knows the general answer and the poly community is struggling to find successful role models of the actual, not even yet really beginning to well answer how to come about it especially in general
      2. MJC38I: Some of “what happened” is covered but still a number of key steps are skipped and “how many of these unbelievable steps (of adding additional romances) is allowed to take place” is completely unaddressed.
    4. MJC3AE:  Even a basic overview of the situation is hard to get from this video
      1. MJC3EA:  so many people are involved in this romance (5 instead of usual 2) but
        1. MJC3F6: not 1 family portrait, nor camera shot, is given showing all 5 people and ideally the names of each (unlike predecessor Showtime’s Polyamory)
        2. MJC3TV: the video seems far more concerned with telling dramatic tales, and flashback devices, and constantly having 2 somewhat-related scenes overleaved, than giving any diagram or solid explanation explanation or single picture of who all the players were and how they formed.
        3. MJ92EZ: the exact details of what was going on were so hard to get from the video, I immediately started creating and created a transcript of the full thing and then adding to that the missing key narrative. This gives the basics of what’s going on but still leaves plenty of key questions unanswered as many key details simply aren’t in this video despite the enormous promises of is title..
    5. MJC3KI:  While documenting great stuff, it sadly seems entertainment here was taken as being far more important than clarity, even at the expense of apparent mocking the subject by the title.
  2. MJJIDT:I 1st heard of this via JH’s call.


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