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  1. Google image search(post) image 7ML9LD5: (title here to be rewritten) As much as practical, avoid communication which is is unwritten & especially hearable/seeable by just a few people (yes, even it’s to a leader); instead POST IT as-publically-as-can-be-made-effective and in-the-right-place!! —proper-posting within websites  

    1. MNFNJZ:-foremost referred to as a top rule of  “Meetup members: Want more people attending, plus great events totally suiting you?”.
    2. MHNW64:including remember you should be granted freedom-of-speech protection.
    3. ML9M47:including with every message primarily posted within the shared document, too, else, when not, a message just to direct to a point (as a post) within the shared document
      1.  ML9N3L:Nothing lost in an Inbox, specifically ideally all one messages (as email & SMS & more) could be deleted at any time without any significant loss because they are all just a cache of the full content in the shared documents as in posts.
        1. ML9NBH:While we are still a long way of achieving this fully, for this is largely achievable today for:
          1. ML9NGL:all the written discussion pertaining to a a Meetup group, by insuring the full & original copy is always on the Meetup group site.
    4. MNFMUS:Where NOT to post (but to communicate by other means): the properly increasingly rare exceptions:
      1. MNFMYD: in the unusual case where it might cause undue damage from this text  being too public (to the group & probably to the world)
        1. MNFN17:But usually the problem here is not Posting, but because the software doesn’t readily exist to conveniently enable the proper posting privacy (as limiting to just the right scope) and/or the participants don’t know of the software and/or how to use it. –so if you are in one of these situations, also work to solve those, too.
      2. MNFN2H:There are other cases, but it is very rare.
    5. MHK6GB: So for typical & most communications for events & groups, instead of just telling leader(s) or anyone effectively-privately, properly post that!  –follow that link
    6. MHKFAJ:Why?  Cons-thru-pros:
      MKSKX6:  Aside: read this section in the order you need; most people need to start initially with the cons (why I list them first) because switching to primarily communicating to posting is a big change for them, but the pros (listed at the ends) are why we do this even if it initially is hard for participants.

      1. MKSJO3:  Huge but temporary con: many/most people are still in the deep, deep habit of communicating via sending & receiving directed messages (as a phone call or verbal message or email or SMS/text, or paper letter), and with typically much more privacy than is constructive (due to the “sending” instead of “sharing” thinking),  instead of via good & healthy posting (including shared to all who could constructively use the info)
        1. MKSMJ4:  Experiencing this bad habit
          1. MKSJUY:  I myself was in this habit, and even though working as writer & manager, and will assure you, yes I know it’s not any easy thing to to get rid of.
          2. MKSK46:  Email is particularly misleadingly seductive,
            1. MKSM30:  like great flirting and casual foreplay & more and without the condoms –readily leading to disease, divorce court, dead-beat parents, unappreciated kids, and child-support payments for years
            2. MKSKK6:  you can just “go off” and shoot off a message, “shoot off a load” off your mind, easily & quickly and with most all the details you might want to say, typically with this misleading sense of satisfaction that you’ve “handled it”, including say all you want to say with great formatting (even outlining & hyperlinks) and not worry now about where it’s filed, and have full privacy for the moment and control over who first sees it so feel like you don’t have to worry about who else sees it.
            3. MKSMFC: But then after that first great 1st message of yours is typically where the fun starts being replaced with the pain of email,  from often not having fully thought what happens next through or for not knowing and/or thinking in terms of posting:
              1. MKSLGV:  You almost always asked multiple questions or raised multiple points, often all very good and should be said including timely said, but in this medium that is too much for the recipient at once time.  Because the points aren’t threaded and giving multiple replies to a single email is not the convention, a person may feel s/he needs to respond to everything in order to reply (so then not reply at all) or else respond to some point but not make clear s/sh intends to respond to the others and even if s/he eventually does, with more than 2 issues being raised or asked, it all quickly becomes very confusing.
              2. MKSLQK:  Once the message is sent, it cannot be updated (unlike many posting systems), a source of  notable problem & stress, especially as the message then gets to more people (see next points)
              3.  MKSLVH:  recipients are highly encouraged & often do a often very bad behavior of copying the message (or just parts of it, often out of context), and sending them to the other people often without telling the author or other in the conversation, basically creating gossip-central
                1. MKSLZ0: dramatically unlike posts which don’t generally get copied and where access & who’s involved in the thread is generally fairly clearly defined and shown.
              4. MKSKSS:  With more than 2 people in the conversation, suddenly people are joined in later or nor sent a message, and the messages can easily be in all sorts of orders.
                1. MKSL3Q:  And more than 2 people happens all the time, much more than one generally anticipates, including in all of:
                  1. MKSL9G:  if you’ve answered this same Q for multiple people
                  2. MKSL9W:  the talk doesn’t go as you planned, including some disagreement, so you need to bring in a moderator or ask someone else, but naturally want to pass along what happened so far so they can understand
                  3. MKSLAX:  you’re planning between leaders and now want to spread it to others (as members or other leaders), but not have to stop & and rewrite (as remove the private details) and often might want to include the reasons you decided something should questions come up including for additional leaders.
          3. MKSR4G:  Still even a solo leader doesn’t seem to quickly get this (as the problem of non-recorded communications & especially of messaging), and may very easily remain in the bad habit.
            1. MKSR73:  Especially one who doesn’t seem to care much of his members
              1. MKSR8S:  including
                1. MKSR9T:  not caring who came before, perhaps founded the group from scratch
                2. MKSRCY:  not caring who will come after, including when s/he’s grows tired of it or even if unexpectedly is incapacitated
                3.  MKSRD8:  not caring to involve other leaders, as to give his/her members additional reliability & ideas & perspective & energy,
              2. MKSRGS:  likely because
                1. MKSRKE:  caring for his/her members in this way (to prepare for & involve other leaders), in the beginning at least, takes real serious work which he may not be capable of doing (of getting along with other leaders) and often won’t have immediate success and but does immediately bring the spotlight off him and
                2. MKSRMC:  (the real reason) he’s doing all this leadership work mainly to bring attention to him/herself..
              3. MKSRO9:  In Meetup, which encourages & enables anyone off the street to create & oversee a large group, I’ve painfully seen many such leaders; I won’t name them here, but:
              4. MKSRQJ:  look particularly where the group is really a “benevolent” dictatorship. A “sole proprietorship  or “partnership” with no one else able to get into real power, at best maybe the illusion that they can.
              5. MKSRVH:  But this is the stark opposite of what the US military, with arguably the best leadership training in the world, taught me as a leader.
            2. MKSRXS: The solo leader, typically caring just for himself, can get along fine with everyone communicating just to him.
          4. MHEXQB:I know it can be habit to pick up a phone or send an SMS or email or just tell somebody verbally, but privately telling members or even leaders “I really love the event!” (belonging in your event review or RSVP), or “I’m going to to be late 30” or  “I can only come if get a ride” (both belonging in your RSVP comment) or “I can’t make Tuesdays” (belonging say in an event comment) or or “I was referred to your group via the one in LA” (belonging in your group profile)  or “I want to host an event” (belonging in an “SUGGEST AN EVENT” on the group home page) -telling but not posting this isn’t nearly as good as you posting that yourself including it often creates a lot of work which often simply doesn’t get done:
            1. MHEZ8P:It’s a pain & very disruptive for members & leaders (who, remember, are typically unpaid) to have to stop & repost what you tell them (which they generally need to as they have to tell the other event leaders & often other attendees plus keep a record) so frequently just doesn’t get done
            2. MHEZ9O:and your words then not coming direct from you get contorted & incomplete & less trusted from “The telephone game”.
            3. MHEZXD:and your participation isn’t nearly as visible (as members & potential members see see only leaders posting, and usually just 1 or 2, so it longer looking like a happening & participatory group, just some “solo monologue dictatorship”)
            4. MHEZ9F:and for these reasons & more, reposts are taken much less serious, including since even leaders, including the top group head, indeed nobody but you can set your text.
        2. MKSN0Z:  Out with the old thinking (private messaging), in with the new (posting)!
          1. MKSN1N:  Older generations have the most trouble with this, used to private messaging especially for most written conversation, and thinking only of posting for the rare event as having to sell some item or find someone to fill a job (IF they hire people) or perhaps advertize some big events (if they host events), etc, and certainly not for standard daily communication.
          2. MKSJZZ:  Younger generations fortunately have less trouble with this, as they’ve become used to posting info & talking via post since MySpace. Though they still place too much reliance on SMS. And still often suffer from those same private messaging habits.
          3. MKSK8Y:  And unfortunately it seems one often has to manage an organization/project/event where they share leadership with someone else (by having to handing off or assuming leadership and especially if working with another leader), before they can readily see why posting is better than private messaging.
            1. MKSKGS:  I see that was the case for me, having no one telling me this: it was only when I started working as a serious manager of people (as an US Military Officer, where in the military there are 2 leaders (NCO & Commissioned officer) at every level, and then as a Meetup organizer being encouraged and seeing the benefit of having multiple groups had having groups passed off on me, did I really deeply realize posting is better and I had to get out of my old habits.
          4. MKSNW5: Everyone who needs to be in the loop is typically MANY more than we intially think, so learn from this & think long-term:.
            1. MKSNXN:  see the many examples of where people later find they need to send the message out further in the pain of email.
            2. MKSO5G:  Many times it happens one raises an issue or question and someone one never would guessed and thought to ask directly has a solution.
            3. MKSOGT:  in getting the immediate decision made or job done, we often just want to think of the immediate people involved and can’t well and don’t like to stop and think of he other people who will later need to know and often participate in these details
              1. MKSOHX:  but these other future people we can’t now clearly see do exist, including:
                1. MKSQ6U:  including
                  1. MKSOMY:  other leaders, both additional & replacements,
                  2. MKSOQ9:  someone being counseled or advised by multiple leaders, to know how the leaders’ decision was reached.
                  3. MKSOQE:  subordinates & ordinary members & even outsiders, to be assured good management is taking place (management transparency) and make & bring us good suggestions we’d never have thought of and inspire interest to step in and lead
                  4. MKSOU5:  even ourselves, when we’ve had to put aside the work and come back to it later.
                2. MKSQ75:  Yes these are hard to-see future participants, including many whom we often don’t & can’t yet know who they’ll be. But they will be, including they are real & needed & needed in virtually every situation including those we often find most at-the-moment trivial, including as no one can do it all alone, not even remotely, plus together we’re vastly more capable and overall achieving than if working alone.
              2. MKSOXU: So we need our decisions & creations & work to be organized & share-able to them, including not just our results but also routinely our reasonings behind them (if ever the results are to be of any importance!), so pretty much need potentially all of our communications of any significance,
                1. MKSP8Z:  not left & indeed started in the mess created by messaging & non-recorded communication, and typically scattered across all sorts of places (whatever is handy for selfish-me the speaker at the moment) including many of these places, including all private inboxes (SMS, email, vmail, pmail, phone call, etc), are hard to point others to show what was said -of course not that! But rather,
                2. MKSP7P:  in notably central & organized & ideally-threaded postings, ideally from the start.
            4. MKSO8H:  in even our seemingly ordinary & seemingly-small communications  we need to prepare for our needed & real future participants that we can’t yet clearly see.
      2. MHKFXD:Much more on why, both pros & cons, -also read this link if time.
      3. MHKNUB:PRO:  if you want it to really mean something (including the people your words are directed to) and be taken fully serious, and/or if you want to be published (a good thing), then above all POST IT on the event or job so to meaningfully tell everyone who might benefit; as if you just tell it verbally or even as a private message (as an SMS or email), your words are typically quickly overlooked, forgotten, lost in the inbox, and unknown.
      4. MKSNON:Medium-big PRO: Causes others to be more respectful & sane if they are already aware others can-be or are watching.
      5. MHKJXS:BIG PRO: especially on Meetup, seeing non-leader posts are the #1 thing which attracts more people & participation to a group and event, and are contageous (in a usually good way)..
        1. MKSNK7:  Without this this, Meetup users assume “it’s not really happening” including sometimes “it’s just somone’s big monologue”.
      6. MHKK4E:HUGE PRO, but visible only if projecting long-term: Central & organized ideally-threaded posting is essential to keep in the loop & in the know & in sync & in-on-the-plan everyone who needs to be, who is typically many more than we initailly think, including
        1. MKSQQS:  -read those links for justification.
        2. MHKK4M:effectively mandatory to sync multiple-leaders (of an event ) where it’s impractical for leaders to regularly physically or even virtually meet at the same time in order to plan, including
          1. MHKK6P:essential for enabling the most healthy org: with grass-roots bottom-up max-participation management, for which Meetup was designed.
      7. MHKKQI:BIGGEST PRO but hardest to see:  posting is actually else potentially the most efficient form of communication, so much that:
        1. MHKKRB:when budget is tight (or non-existent as is the case with most Meetup groups), then it’s the only communication form really practical for planning (short of talking at the in-person meetings).
    7. MHKKWK:Related:
      1. MHEUEN:Know Meetup.com allows nobody but you to set your text, including only you can put up any text under your name (nominal exception) and only you can set your RSVP comment & profile text & picture, meaning
        1. MHKNE2:Nominal exception:  In a Meetup Message Board post, an high-enough Organizer can edit your text, indeed fully, but this rarely happens and the post is then marked as being last-modified by that person and nobody but the listed author can create the post.
        2. MHKNGI:Consequently, all are depending on you to post & RSVP with your news & views!
      2. MHKIQS: generally you should not be deleting any posted content, including your own, including never irrecoverably!


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