May 112013



  1.  MMR6G7:ASAP, RSVP & offer to help; then bring the needed stuff.

  2. MMU22K:RSVP instructions

    1. MMNOX5:As is the smart convention for all our groups’ RSVPs,
      1. MMU2BO:Except for event hosts, it’s perfectly ok to attend just portion(s) of the event, but we & others want to know what portions so we can plan appropriately, so:
        1. MMU29O: Put in your public RSVP comment what time approximately you’ll arrive & leave as soon as you know (unless you won’t be missing a second).
      2. MMNOYW: RSVP ASAP, even if the event’s under construction..
        1. MMU2MF:If you’re not sure you’ll attend, but there’s a chance you’ll go, then RSVP MAYBE.
        2. MMNP0A:If you’re a MAYBE but the system (as Meetup) doesn’t give you that option, then for now RSVP YES.
        3. MMU2WU:Only RSVP NO once you’re absolutely certain you’re a NO.
      3. MMU2UN: If you’re a MAYBE or NO, please explain in your public RSVP comment what it would take to make you a YES.
      4. MMU69N:…Your RSVP, and each update to that, should be a public event comment saying your RSVP, not just setting/changing your YES/NO/MAYBE status on the listing,…
        1. MMU749:  ..with, for each person, 1 RSVP/attendance/review event-comment-thread (and vice versa)
          1. MMU5EV: Consequently, to change/update your RSVP or add your attendance notes and/or review review, reply on your existing RSVP/attendance thread rather than creating a new thread.
        2. MMU78G: So on Meetup,
          1. MMU7DL: it’s best to:
            1. MMU7II:just extend-else-make this your RSVP/attendance/review thread saying your new RSVP,
            2. MMU7JE:THEN change your RSVP status to match without putting any text in the RSVP comment box.
      5. MMU6MT:If the system (as Meetup) won’t allow you to RSVP normally (as because the event has started, so  Meetup says “Sorry, you can’t RSVP for this Meetup — it already occurred.”), just put your RSVP as an event comment.
    2. MMU3IO:To determine which days & portions you wish to attend,
      1. MMU81M:see the our breakdown by each of 3 days, and (where you need this much detail) the main conference sessions.
      2. MMU42P:Note because we will be watching recordings of the sessions which are available to us as the session happens, which we’ll then play according to the requests of our attendees present, it’s okay if you can’t make our event when the session you want is happening, so long as you come to our event after that also allowing enough time to get your request in to see it.
    3. MMU45D:Now, following the above, just place your RSVP in the comment section for that on this page else on our re-listings of this event.

    1. MMR5X2:start by simply by reply-commenting on this post (strongly preferred) else emailing(click here) MIComm-leaders-SK  with what you know of & can offer here.
    2. MMR670:We need help
      1. MMU5SO: to insure this event
        1. MMU5Q2:happens.
          1. MMU5QW:-handled by Destiny.
        2. MMU5TZ:is the great & fun success it can & should be
      2. MMU5XQ:getting:
        1. MMU5UX:a venue
          1. MMU5WB:-handled by Destiny
        2. MMU62Q:Internet
          1. MMU63K:–handled by Destiny: the day before I SMSed Martin “Me: Thx! I’m at [our venue] now(where we’re holding it [and which normally has no wifi, BUT] -where,after much research,[I] just installed here *10Mbps* wifi Internet -by my calc, just enough to 480p-video-stream *all 20* simultaneous Google I/O tracks at 1x! -yeAH! Now that’s what I call decent portable wifi 🙂 🙂 7:38 PM”
        3. MMUCCR:More equipment to significantly improve this -see that
        4. MMUCED:attendees to help run this, especially when Martin & Destiny need a break.
        5. MMUD1H:working out & running a system for choosing what videos to show
        6. MMU5Z1:a venue as a backup and/or for next occurrence
  4. MMU88H:Bring the stuff you’ll need and possibly we’ll need, from most important:

    1. MMU8C7:Laptop(s) and devices you use to access Meetup –important or required

    2. MMU8ER:Stuff for playing Google tech videos (YouTube) ideally on a big screen:

      1. MMU8GR:devices which can play YouTube to a bigger screen, as
        1. MMUUOW: mobile (computing) devices (as smartphones & tablet computers) with a video output (ideally & typically HDMI)
        2. MMUUNW: Rokus and other Internet digital media receivers/players, ideally with a remote control ideally with an alphabetic keyboard/pad.
        3. MMUUPK: laptops (though this is overkill for the task but will work)
      2. MMU8J8:the necessary display cables (as HDMI, SVGA, composite, S-Video, etc)
      3. MMU8JL:big portable video displays, as screens, projectors, monitors, & TVs.
        1. MMU8YF:-we and the venue have some but they may not be enough, so if convenient, bring yours, too.
    3. MMU8MT:Internet hotspots, ideally wifi & sharable.

    4. MMU8QC:Android & other mobile computing devices you want to share and/or work with.

-end of WHAT TO DO


  1. MMR6M8:This is our 1st time doing it, and it’s “last-minute” especially as this is in response to the overflow situation, so please be understanding & help.
  2. MMNEAQ:We’ll be doing the the usual activity but:
  3. MMYGYY:  We’re doing mostly timely recordings, which is quite a bit better than live!  -see that link
  4. MMO4DY: (Google I/O 2013 & our Extended event) breakdown by each of 3 days

    -total- Day1 Day2 Day3
    MMO6IZ: day 5Wed-7Fri 15Wed 16Thu 17Fri
    MMTMF0: our Extension event:
    MMVSAD: MMVSMK: attendance count 6
    MMVSD2: names, in order of arrival Destiny, Chris, Josef, Martin, Lucy, Bill
    MMVSLV: MMVSWG: review Very good
    MMNDLF: MMNDJB: re-listing URL OCAndroid long, short long, short long, short
    MMNDLI: OCPython long, short long, short long, short
    MMTMX5: MMTNGN: optional buffet: all-you-can-eat pizza, salad, breadsticks, & soda for $6.99: when start 11:00
    MMTMXM: end 14:00
    MMTMT9: MMTNHS:  Main activity (video watch & discuss): when start 13:00 if room open, else 14:00 15:00 13:00 if room open, else 14:00
    MMTN58: room change none 17:00
    MMTN5D: end 21:45 22:45
    MMTNAY: duration 8.25+/-.5 hrs. 6.75hrs 9.25+/-.5 hrs.
    MMO6IZ: cost $5 $10
    MMTMF0: the main conference sessions summary:
    MMO6J9: MMO6IJ:
    time PST
    start 12:45 10:00 09:00
    MMO6JC: end 18:10 18:00 15:40
    MMOBGH: duration 20:05 05:25 08:00 06:40
    MMO4XG MMO4XS:Google-product topic (11 of them):
    # of
    parallel tracks
     in each
    -total- 14(avg) 15 20 7
    MMO45S: Chrome(browser, OS, Store)
    & Apps(Script, Engine)
    9 4 3 2
    MMO43Q: Android 7 2 3 2
    MMO4S3: [Google ]Tech Talk (as maybe
    GoogleTechTalks,   AtGoogleTalks)
    7 2 3 2
    MMO47F: Google Cloud Platform 4 1 2 1
    MMO484: Google Maps 4 2 2 0
    MMO46I: Google+ 3 1 2 0
    MMO4AZ: YouTube 2 1 1 0
    MMO4BJ: Google Wallet 2 1 1 0
    MMO4OR: [Google ]Knowledege & Structured Data
    (as Knowledge Graph, Research)
    2 1 1 0
    MMO4U8: Google Glass 1 0 1 0
    MMO4V2: Google Ads[ aka AdSense] 1 0 1 0
    1. MMPD8K:  Source for everything but listing URL: official sessions (archive) as of 2013.05.11Sat.
    2. MMTN1Q:  Fri1700- need to transition to a new room, semi-room which holds 20(maybe more), instead of 36.
    3. MMVSOR:Day1: Very good: The seemingly impossible (doing this on such late notice) happened, including 6 attendees despite it being announced just that morning! The planned equipment was many & untested but we got it to work 100% and work-well. Everyone worked hard to make it happen. It was an great dress rehersal including many bugs worked out. We didn’t watch many video but that was mostly because we were so busy hard at work making sure the future days are ready to roll & all go smoothly. All those who came early stayed much of the time & planned to return again.
  5. MMR4OC:Choosing what videos to show

    1. MMR4P0: Goal is to do fairly (proportionate to attendee desires) while simultaneously following Conserving our event’s Internet connection: rules
    2. MMUV7M: Plan M7
      1. MMUV8N: Videos are watched in parallel, starting at the same time.
      2. MMUVE3: At the start time, every participant present
        1. MMUVDQ: gathers into a single room or close-by area
        2. MMUV9F: can cast a single vote for a video s/he wants to see.
          1. MMUV9O:  As each person submits the vote on a card, as a 3×5 card, ideally with his/her name.
        3. MMUVAG:  Among the votes submitted,
          1. MMUVAY:  While there is still a video playing station available, pick 1.
            1. MMUVBO:  An yet-unselected vote is picked randomly and announced and placed in a vacant location in the physical area.
              1. MMUVIX:  This could be done by one of
                1. MMUVLM:  withdrawing the vote from a hat.
                2. MMUVLW:  shuffing the cards then picking one
                3. MMUVM9:  other means (including say a computer)
              2. MMUVQN: If the vote is illiegible or not a valid video or contains multiple votes, it’s disguarded and this picking process repeats.
            2. MMUVCF:  Particiapnts who want to see that video gather in that area.
          2. MMUVGH:  Particpants who want to change to a different of the selected videos do so.
          3. MMUVH6:  The selected videos are sorted by the then-popularity and matched to each playing station according to the # of people it can handle.
        4. MMUVL3:  If physical cards or similar can be used
          1. MMUVMU:  After selection is done, they can be left in pile to be recycled for the next round, as say typically someone who didn’t get their choice probably wants his/her card back so sh/e doesn’t have to rewrite when they submit it again.
          2. MMUVOT: While multiple votes might well be written on a card, prior votes should be crossed out so only 1 vote per card
      3. MMUVTH: This strikes me as the best method so far.
    3. MMR4SI: Plan SI
      1. MMR4T4:Videos available for selection are any available video on Google technologies, with the present Google I/O videos searched first.
      2. MMR59U:Given we have bandwidth for n simultaneous streams, the n currently most popular videos at that time are watched.
      3. MMR5I7:Selection of which videos to watch is done ~10min prior to when the selected ones will then be watched.
      4. MMR4XY:One can vote remote; more TBA
      5. MMR5EC:For one’s vote to count, one does need to watch his/her videos if they are chosen.
        1. MMR5OR:This will be partially assured by if the voter is present when the selection is being made.
      6. MMR5QL:Voting is done via Used is a rating voting method; more TBA.
      7. MMR5RE:Voting is done likely via shared Google Spreadsheet; more TBA.
  6. MMNELE: more TBA


  1. MMNELK:Same times as 2013(6th annual) However:
  2. MMQ8QO:In your non-private RSVP comment say the days & especially hour-ranges you will be there for. (You need only attend for portions.)
  3. MMQ8CO:  (it now occurs to me)  if the event went into the evening, it could be a major benefit for many not wanting or able to take off work during the day. Thoughts on this?

-end of WHEN


  1. MMNP38:In US.CA.Orange County as near as possible to the center (zip 92780).
    1. MMND5UU:“Currently (May 10th, 2013) this event is tentative as we are in search of a venue[ & ideally equipment], etc.”
      1. MMU98Q: –handled by Destiny BUT we still PLEASE HELP -we still need more help!
    2. MMU9E6:Venue found!
      1. MMU9EK:a quality popular inexpensive resturant — serving pizza, the food of hackers world wide!
      2. MMU9F4: In north zip 92630 just south of the Irvine Spectrum Center (south-central OC)
      3. MMU9HFF:Just a few blocks from the exit of the 5/405 freeway.
      4. MMU9LN:Plenty of free door-front parking.
      5. MMU9MS:Classy & well-apointed, including:
        1. MMTOZU:FIVE 50inch screen LCD TVs with all input types (SVGA,S-video, HTMI, composite)
        2. MMTP0F:Private banquet room seating 36 which we’ve reserved.
        3. MMU9PUU:Full of movable tables-with-chairs seating 2 to 4 each, great for laptop use & video watching.
  2. MMU9QV:For the exact name & address, see re-listings, else RSVP in the comment section for that on this page and we’ll email it to you.
    1. MMU9VI:This insures attendance requires RSVP or at least membership in one of our community groups, insuring attendees are known or at least  have a verified contact for every attendee.

-end of  nd of WHERE


  1. MMR6RJ: Until some org sponsors us, there is a small & affordable cost per attendee especially to cover the heavy high speed Internet required (for the many-simultaneous-channel video streaming).
  2. MMTO0I:  At least initially & while we can afford it, NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY DUE TO THEIR BEING UNABLE TO AFFORD OUR PRICE. Simply say you can’t afford our charge when you arrive.
  3. MMUGZJ:Still our 1st day is notably discounted as it’s our 1st day ever so we expect to have some bugs, so this should make it more than fair.
  4. MMR6UD:Our venue, if a resturant, will expect reasonably that most attendees, on their honor, will buy something from them -to cover their costs of providing us the their nice venue. The prices are affordable (medium/low priced) and the food is good.

-end of nd of COST


  1. MMR6:See the RSVPs.

-end of nd of WHO’S PARTICIPATING?


  1. MMR6JK:We will make this a regular event.



  1. MMNJ8Q:Alternatives

    1. MMNJ9C:Appear all filled up (no more space), indeed ~1 to 2 weeks before, so our event appears to be your only remaining OC source!
    2. MMNJAR:From closest first: spreadsheet table
  2. MMYHWO:  Why watch it at a physical (Extended) event when I could just watch it on YouTube wherever & whenever? Other interested local folks to share it and talk about it with in-person! -so we recommen you do both.
    1. MMYI0N:  Yes  you can just watch it probably alone on YouTube, but you won’t have your other local folks who share the same interests and overlap to talk about it with, plus do the Q&A for the stuff you  don’t get (other attendees may well know the answer). So we recommend you do both.
    2. MMYRLP:-such an important point we reference it in the intro.
  3. MMYH49: What if attendees can’t watch Live, but “just” a recording, later by hours, or as much as month? Actually, besides not having the sexy “live” name, this appears only a notable advantage, indeed more so than it is on your DVR.
    1. MMYH9O:  as the situaiton is:
      1. MMYHAQ: Google provides no way to for remote users to talk back to the physical session (as remote Q&A)
        1. MMYHDD: Possibly notably because that’s what one pays the big conference fees for: with demand, there are plenty of those folks taking up the Q&A time.
      2.  MMYHE2: Even less so than TV, nothing presented is an “emergency” where u need to know it that very minute or even that very day,
        1. MMYHLZ:Yes, it’s new technology that an IT architect, and anyone replanning their IT career or other IT investiments, should keep up with, but that could be done even a month or two later with no harm.
      3. MMYHNQ:  From watching them on Day2, the Live Broadcasts seemed to have unexpected ~”We’re experiencing technical difficulties” displayed in about ~30% of sessions, or ~”pausing [~20minutes] for the next session” between every session, which the live viewer would have to put up with and in some ways even more annoying than TV commercials.
        1. MMYIFJ: –but hey, Google was never really known for being in the TV broadcast business, especially live; rather, what they’re really really know for for their video recordings (YouTube).
      4.  MMYHRV: Yes watching “live” does give the sexy “live” name & “new” thrill, but this appears even more a false thrill than on TV as this being a speciality subject,  so than TV this appears a false thrill as  thrill as being a speciality talk  false thrill as being a speciality.
      5. MMYIHC: Much like having DVR or Netflix-like subscription, watching  later dramatically increases the quality of shows you watch as
        1. MMYIJD:  You can take the needed time to gather togethers also local people interested to watch it with you and dicusss it with (what any good Extended event should do).
        2. MMYIQL:  If any section gets boring, the small watch group can generally decide to skip over it.
        3. MMYIRW:  From other people who have done the reviewing work & time for you, the videos are rated (by both YouTube (up & down rating counts) and on Google’s official website (for instance this good one currently gets 4.2 of 5 stars)
    2. MMYJAE:  The primary creator (Google) remote (Extended) event guide
      1. MMYJAZ:  currently addresses this Q (just in Q “getting guests to my event last year.”)
        1. MMYJGY: but currently in a correct but very-limited way
          1. MMYJRP: including
            1. MMYJI9:  where the Q asker doesn’t get what s/he’s doing wrong (“we were just showing the live stream”) which sadly I fear may be the mistake of many Extended events so giving the good ones a  bad rep.
            2. MMYJJ6:   providing only the beginning of describing what to do instead (some good ideas & vague talk of some successes (no event URLs)), and rather complex & involved fixes.
            3. MMYJLB:  Didn’t talk of the above (the notable advantage and simplicy watching & dicussing recordings shortly after the fact), but rather seemed to presume “live” was the thing to do when in mahy ways it could be the leading mistake as it sounds great but seems to deliver more problems & disappointment.
          2. MMYJQX:  -quite disappointing given all the other promo the maker (Google) as done to promote Exteneded: just about everything EXCEPT how to really make it a success & when experience shows it’s not easy for people.
        2. MMYJN5: So the above answer seems much better.
    3. MMYR3N:  For next & future occurrences (years), I’m thinking of the event being & being titled “Best of Google I/O”
      1. MMYR6Z:  about 1 week after the conference, specifically
        1. MMYR7J:  enough time for it to be clear what’s the best of it (especially best videos) plus
        2. MMYR9E:  also enough time for all the sides & code to be uploaded
        3. MMYR9R:  not to far from the conference to  have anything not be timel nor ideally not even to loose any momemntum.
    4. MMYRMG:-such an important point we reference it in the intro.
    5. MMYK0F:Thanks to OCAndroid member Louis for asking this Q inspring the above answer.
  4. MMOD15:Conserving your event’s Internet connection: rules

    1. MMPFAI:Aim to watch videos in group(s) as large as is effective (everyone in the group watching the same screen, ideally a bigger screen), as the group’s network consumption is then the same as an individual (so huge savings) plus more fun & often-more-beneficial.
    2. MMOCVH:Avoid significantly playing (the YouTube) video at resolution above 480p, (as) that increases the (minimum) bandwidth at least 3x!
    3. MMOD0Y:If no one is watching the video, just listening to it, play it at lowest resolution (usually 240p).
    4. MMOE8V:Here’s Why.


MDE167:POST ADDITIONAL TODO, roughly in order:

  1. .

-end of POST TODO


  1. MEMPEO:The author(Destiny)

  2. MMPHKZ:Martin Martinez (a Leader of OCAndroid)

  3. MEMPF1:No one else unless attributed.

-end of CREATORS


  1. MMPEHY:Venue & equipment

    1. MMPEIT:requirements

      1. MMPG0Z:For us, as close as possible drive to the center of OC: zip 92780 (Tustin, CA).
      2. MMPG2P:Available to us on these dates.
      3. MMPG46:Free, or low cost (such as at a restaurant where attendees just buy some food at reasonable prices).
      4. MMPFTO: Holds 10 to max ~100 participants.
      5. MMPFX6:Suitable for each participant to use a laptop: indoor else very shaded, chair, table; ideally wifi & electrical plugs (else these can be imported).
      6. MMPEJF:For streaming the video, must have/be-extended-with good high-speed Internet:
        1. MMPELR:Very preferrably wifi.
        2. MMPESP:Bandwidth
          1. MMPEMD:At least 500Kbps per video stream (for 480p, which seems fine for ~85% of content), and
          2. MMPEU4: there’s an average of 14 parallel tracks with a max of  20, but it would be ok (but not ideal) for all attendees to just 1 stream, 2 streams would add considerably, but adding streams gets less bang & need.
            1. MMPF0A:so, as a guestimate with following Conserving your event’s Internet connection: rules , ~1 stream per 7 attendees.
          3. MMPF2Y:so ~500/7=~71Kbs/attendee, assuming a minimum of ~10 attendees, if following Conserving your event’s Internet connection: rules.
        3. MMPGBD: It’s possible the bandwidth could be imported via portable hotspots (latest request has useful info) but they have to be really good
      7. MMPGIR:Big screens, 1 to 20 of them, as from projection screens, or big LCDs (wall mounted & portable monitors) and laptops with big screens.
    2. MMPGMW:Possibilities:

      1. MMPGQV:See comment thread on venue possibilities.
  2. MMNTKT:The primary creator (Google) remote (Extended) event guide



  1. MMU749: Yes, if you put text in the RSVP comment box, Meetup will make that text an event comment, but this almost always has (it will always create a new comment thread instead of checking for & extending any existing one; plus then the person almost always doesn’t include their “YES/NO/MAYBE” answer along with the rest of their text as at that moment (but only then) they appear together so it would seem redundant)..
  2. MMOD5PMMOD5P:Why (do these convervation rules)?
    1. MMOE5Q: Very important both keep Internet (bandwidth) costs down and insure if a number of groups/people can each watch their their own video stream.
      1. MMODYK:  This event is mostly video streaming (for showing to group, and potentially for a few individuals or break-off-groups as who don’t want to watch all the main group is watching)
      2. MMOE15:  Video streaming & download is by far most bandwidth costly general use of a network.



M31R7R:POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. MMNB8X:Martin created posts per this SMS history:

    Me to Martin Martinez (62x) xxx-xx26 – mobile
    5/10/13 10:14 PM 12 hours ago
    Me: great hanging with you last night. I’m near smart soft again. I will check out some possible venues near here for the Google i/o around 2 p.m. please now post the listing, but don’t email out until I review, thanks 12:51 PM
    Martin Martinez: See emails. Registering event with Google would be easy. 2:42 PM
    Martin Martinez: German How To 4 Organizers: Checklist *Location *Sponsors *Attendees/Registration *Wireless/ Internet *Power plugs *Projector/Laptop 4 steaming *Snacks&Beverage 2:49 PM
    Martin Martinez: s (opt) *Swag (opt) 2:49 PM
    Martin Martinez: Trey agrees registering event easy. Offered to cross post. He is worried he is over capacity. 2:53 PM
    Martin Martinez: Can u post event on Meetup? I am busy w/ family. 4:27 PM
    Martin Martinez: Posted 3 days to Calendar. Did not announce. Scheduling matches daytime sessions. Marked tentative 5:14 PM
    Me: Yes, I found ur 3 listings: , , -great u posted these! For safety, I’ve just archived them to . 10:13 PM
    Me: Great work u’ve done investigating -we’re on a roll! I’m heading to a small live bad dance then will followup tomorrow morn. 10:14 PM

  2. MMNB9L:I Destiny now created this post by Copy to new draft (of latest MM50VB) then gave it fresh IDs & content.
  3. MMNDWG:Copied content from Listings to here & factored out repeats; & formatted; added categories; usable; 1st published pst2013.05.11Sat121.
  4. MMNJUA:added Alternatives but incomplete: browser errors so rebooting; pst2013.05.11Sat1407.
  5. MMO7MI:From closest firstspreadsheet table” replacing inline HTML table; from quote:
    MMNDJB: Listings
    OCAndroid OCPython
    MMNDKG: Day1 118813912 tba
    MMNDKL: Day2 118815202 tba
    MMNDKZ: Day3 118815442 tba

    transposed listings and extending, resulting in breakdown by each of 3 days; Replaced quote:

    • MMNCP8:Day 1 is 2013.05.15(Wed)1200-1830 with ”main tracks are Android, Chrome & Apps, Google Cloud Platform, Google+, Google Maps, You Tube, Knowledge & Structured Data, and Tech Talk”.
    • MMNCPM:Day 2 is 2013.05.16(Thu)1000-1800 with “main tracks are Android, Chrome & Apps, Google Cloud Platform, Google+, Google Maps, YouTube, Knowledge & Structured Data, Glass, Google Ads, Google Wallet, and Tech Talk.”
    • MMNCPV:Day 3 is 2013.05.17(Fri)0900-1600 with main tracks “main tracks are Android, Chrome & Apps, Google Cloud Platform, and Tech Talk.”

    with MMO3DSpst2013.05.11Sat2245.

  6. MMOBFW:  added MMOBGH & MMOAJW & MMOBA0; pst2013.05.12Sun0105.
  7. MMPRZ9:added Venue & equipment and, referencing it, MMPHF1 (much work to make the mailto link); add image to 2013(6th annual; pst2013.08.12Sun1951.
  8. MMR6XY:many additions including Your only remaining OC sourceConserving your event’s Internet connection: rulesThis is our 1st time doing it,please helpchoosing what videos to show; pst2013.05.13Mon1323.
  9. MMRT8T:  Fixed the 9 anchorless IDs including “PLEASE HELP!” via HTML regex fr(<sup>{[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]}\:</sup>) to(<sup><a id=”\1″ class=”aself_KENC7Z” href=”#\1″>\1</a>:</sup>);
  10. MMRTIQ:  added ID self-lings (92 replacements) via the HTML regex fr(<sup><a id=”{[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]}”></a>\1\:</sup>) to the prior expr; pst2013.05.13Mon2124.
  11. MMTMBG:  Happening! Making updates prior to big email out. Complete rewrite (several hours of changes), including:
    1. MMUDBO:Added specific costs ($4, $7, $9)
    2. MMUD7M:renaming title from “OCAndroid’s+OCPython’s  Google I/O Extended 2013(6th annual)” to present as more emphasis on OC and readily generalizable to add other groups; pst2013.05.15Wed0626.
  12. MMUDEQ: Per ~1am suggestion of Martin to set prices $5 1st day, $10 rest, now do that; thus cut quote:
    1. MMTO5F:The cost still starts below our costs in the beginning (as we’re brand new), and increases each day (as we get better, plus have more videos to offer), so to reach where it more covers our costs.
  13. MMUFFO:change end-time from “22:00” to present as venue is supposed to stay open to 10:00pm but employees seem discontent and to cause probs if required to; pst2013.05.15Wed0751.
  14. MMUVTO:Highlight & resort bring the needed stuff; add Plan M7; pst2013.05.15Wed1309.
  15. MMVOXL:Meeting time: since it was brought up, I beleve by Martin, that it could be a benefit to many people to have this meeting in the evening (instead of the day when Google I/O normally takes place) so attendees wouldn’t have to miss work, I decided to extend Fri end time an extra hour (instead of to 9:45pm) since our venue allowed that then.
  16. MMVP3W:Meeting time: this evening Martin called me about & showed me an email to him from member Trey (saying it had been CC’d to me but I don’t seem to find a copy) saying that hey said Trey’s alternative Extended event at CentralDesktop (alternatives item MMNRGC) hadn’t nearly gotten the attendance that Trey had expected so Trey was inviting us to join him Thu&Fri (saying “If you need a venue”). This was troubing news both in his lack turn out and in possibly changing our plans after we had invested so much. But I asked what time his meeting serves and it’s 8:30am to 5:30pm, wheras we serve afternoon & evening. So I suggested & Martin agree that we go in the morning to attend his event, but we keep our event as planned except delay the start from 1pm to 3pm as this would cause less cross-over with Trey’s event
    while still not turning down any of the (few) folks who had RSVPed YES for our event
    , including not Josef who said he’d come from 3p to 5pm & maybe long, except possibly Chris. We tried to call Chris & left  a msg but didn’t hear back. So I’m going ahead with the change. This change will only affect Thu currently; depending on how Thu goes we can re-evaluate Fri. Hope this change doesn’t inconvenince anyone -if concerns just post Reply; pst2013.05.16Thu0039.
  17. MMVSVR:Added rows attendance & review; pst2013.05.16Thu0102.
  18. MMYRNM:added we reference it in the intro (misconceptions) & referenced points; pst2013.05.17Fri1543.


  17 Responses to “MIComm’s Orange County Google I/O Extended 2013(6th annual)”

  1. MMNJ0Z: venue possibility –suggest and discuss them here, 1 per sub-thread.

    *MMPUPO: See also venue requirements

  2. MMRKQX:

    announcement of this

    MMRLRG:  My general strategry is to announce it gradually but rapidly each time increasing several times: just to leaders and to a few members, to all the members of 1 group, to all members of all groups.

  3. MMU4JX:The ATTENDANCE (including RSVP (Going or not, & When, & ideally Why) + REVIEW of This Event, of Some (not all), with 1 thread per person

    1. MMU4K9:Please “Reply” to this comment with your RSVP as directed by the RSVP instructions.
    2. MMU538:  You are also encouraged to reply to that (your thread about your attendance) with what you’re doing at the event (so providing you immediate blogging & note-taking here), plus afterwards with your review.
    • I Destiny, as an event host and the primary creator, will be there for the whole thing, plus each day where possible early for setup and late for tear-down.

    • Martin as an event host and the 2ndary creator told me ~1am that he’s aiming to be here for virtually the entire event but
      *a few days ago his car seriously broke down (steering column replacement) and will likely cost near what the car’s worth to fix and he likely won’t have a replacement or repair this week so
      ***on Wed1300 he will borrow a family car so expects to arrive at 1330 and stay for till the end
      ***on Thu he should have the car so will be here for the whole thing
      ***on Fri he has to return the car so will look for a replacement (a Cadillac) during that day but hasn’t gotten that figured out yet.
      **I offered him to say with me in S.OC and I’ll drive him around, mention Bill’s stayed with me a few times, but he says he’s uncomfortable staying with anyone overnight whom he’s only known for a couple of years (and realize that desire is unusual).