May 292013
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    1. MNJRHP: Purposes:
      1. MNJRI3: Prepare for the upcoming events,
        1. MNJRLP: including
          1. MNJRLZ: Process member applications —detail at MNJTNA below.
          2. MNJRM9: Find & line up & ready speakers & presenters.
        2. MNJRJB: especially prepare the group’s next main meetup,
          1. MNJRJU: So hopefully this event is notably before the next one, ashalf-way between the group’s main meetups.
        3. MNJU0C: Really delegate admin work work so the group Head(s) aren’t burdened doing everything and the group is much stronger & better having this a real team of many leaders.
      2. MNJRMW: Deal with group problems (members, venues, etc) and other group admin decisions.
    2. MNJU51: The meeting is not just “Planning” but also “Working”, thus a longer duration, so that there is better assurance the work is get done well, timely, & together, and there will be no or less “homework” to do.
    3. MNJRPN: Attendance is just open to group members plus their special guests, specifically:
      1. MNJRPX: Top-level leaders are required.
      2. MNJRSB: New leaders are required for leader training & instruction, until they complete it.
      3. MNJRQP: other leaders are encouraged to attend and required if there will be any leaders there who need training.
      4. MNJRVE: prospective leaders & curious members are welcome & encouraged to attend.
      5. MNJTHS: attending members are welcome to bring guests if they relate to group planning.
    4. MNJSJR: Stuff every attendee must have.
      1. MNJSEA: his/her laptop and other devices for accessing & publishing on Meetup, JotHere, and the web in general -what we’ll be doing.
      2. MNJSEH: Good Internet. If any doubts this might not happen (as the venue doesn’t have or isn’t getting set up with it), bring any Internet hotspot you have.
    5. MNJS5Z: Making these board meetings more efficient & convenient & attractive:
      1. MNJS9C: Attendees should always bring stuff (as a laptop) to keep one happy & productive during times during this event they are waiting.
      2. MNJRWP: If possible, this meeting will be scheduled at the same location and directly before the main meeting of sister-groups, so
        1. MNJS7S: the leaders who need or might attend both meetings can do 2 meetings in one outing
        2. MNJS7Z: that main meeting will more likely have the leaders it needs already there well before.
        3. MNJSNO: the same venue reservation can be used for both meetings; and if it’s not available before the other group’s Main meeting, then a small part of it (unreserved) should also work well for this board meeting.
      3. MNJS0S: Research should be done in order to have virtual board meetings, in addition to this and, where as effective, replacing it.
    6. MNKUNC: more detail on purposes:
      1. MNJTNA:we get applications to join almost daily and applicants need timely response (admission, or corrections to make) in time for attending our next events (which were probably what caused them to join) else ~95% loose interest in attending.
        1. MNJTOR: and so far, with the overload in applications, they mostly aren’t getting this (as it’s a lot to burden the head leader)
        2. MNKU87: ~70% of applicants don’t complete the application as directed, mostly just simple 1min fixes, but Meetup allows only the applicant to correct it makes communicating with applicants (on how to correct their application) very tricky.
        3. MNKUP6: But if the application (so profile) is not fixed then (before joining), lots of problems arise, including for 90% of members it never gets fixed.
    7. MNKTPI: In leader Lucy’s review of this description she emails me “Overall, I think it’s a very good step to plan board meetings. In my club experience, it’s essential to getting good performance from leaders. The tone sounds confident, an expectation that they will perform. Also, I see why you made the meeting so long — to get help from the Board, especially on processing new applications.”
    8. MNJTJX: all the above description points I plan to move to a new post before this 1st meeting.
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