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  1. MO37F1: Follow WHAT.

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  1. MNYD79:  I recommend using my Insyc referral link  (else any link to it) to install and use Insync for all your general file storage,
  2. MNYE5O: but, for you & your data’s privacy, especially since Insync, and Google Drive, are closed-sourced (a privacy & security risk), plus Insync’s a very new company & non-US company (domain is registered in Singapore, in 2009), and both then would have full & immediate access to all these your files, so as I do:
    1. MNYEDL: Hide from these organizations your real or legal name, and maybe not even popular name, in connection with the Google Accounts you use here, including:
      1. MNYEI0: Hide it on your Google account (don’t have anything in the account information anything which would tell this), notably allowed by Google TOS.
      2. MNYEJY: Hide it in your Google Account’s primary email address (your Gmail address if your account has one).
      3. MNYEM1: To pay for these services, use gift cards, paid for via cash, picked up in person, and which are unregistered else registered to a fictitious name (the name on the card, as “GIFTCARD CUSTOMER”, works) and to random address.
        1. MNYES7: Highly-recommended http://SimonGiftcard.com Visa worked unregistered for me when I just filled in the exact info as printed on the card, probably because Insyc also asks for the CVC.
      4. MNYHSA: While Insync having your Google Account’s primary email address is understandable, during install, Insync will needlessly so rather-offensively require (not just ask) also your name, DOB, gender, and maybe location, as Google Account has for you (and so Google will prompt you if to approve).
        1. MNYHU8: My solution so far is don’t tell Google Account these things to begin with.
          1. MNYHX9: note this may not be practical if you use Google Plus.
    2. MNYHBE: Keep any very sensitive info away from these services until you can reasonably trust them, including:
      1. MNYGSL: if you’ve very sensitive info, test the install Insyc or other local-software first on a possibly-virtual machine with no access to any of this very sensitive info.
        1. MNYGUB: My buddy Martin, on his own, did this (installed Insyc within a separate Linux (Mint) partition & install he has for experiments), when, per my recommendation, he 1st tried this.
        2. MNYGVP: Software such as VirtualBox can be helpful here.
    3. MNYHJL: I don’t give them my legal identity & exact physical address, but beyond that, I trust them with most any info.  And I haven’t heard of anyone being wronged here (but haven’t searched extensively). Use your best judgement.
  3. MNYIFY: Make a constructive comment on this post (of your feedback & experiences) and I’ll email you a promo code to get 50% off.

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  1. MNYDDY: Pros thru cons

    1. MNYDER: Overall, from my own personal experience (of using it this way for about 1 year, and as an MIT IT geek),
      1. MNYDG3: There isn’t just light at the end of the tunnel, there’s rainbows!
        1. MNYDH2: –a phrasing I just invented about 1hour ago, when thinking about this.
    2. MNYDJR: Does what it says, something terribly needed, including:
      1. MO3MB9: For one’s general electronic files (note video not fully-tested), (the last piece in the puzzle to) well-achieve the ideal of primarily-cloud storage, including:
        1. MO3MWA:  your devices for accessing this data of yours have only a cache of your latest data (as little as 1%, or none),
          1. MO3NS5:  so
            1. MO3MZZ: don’t require much storage in order to perform very fast & have access to all of it.
            2. MO3N1Z: can be lost at any time and, provided they are well-password-protected and had Internet access prior to loss, none of your data will be lost nor compromised..
              1. MO3MY7:  mostly eliminates the need to backup, and backup constantly, one’s data.
            3. MO3N2W:  you can use any number of devices and, within ~1min of Internet access, the data will be kept in sync between all of them.
          2. MO3NSN:  Note strict-mobile OSes (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry) are not supported so will instead require Gooogle’s Google Driver mounter if access is needed there.
        2. MO3NH8:  Your operating system’s filesystem indexing progrm (standard om Windows & Mac), can also provide instant location of any file by just typing its name.
        3. MO3MKZ: everyone can seemingly well-afford it (for all their storage, except possibly significant video)
        4. MO3O2G: even when w/o Intenet access, allows one edit and save (but not version) data there-locally-created or already cached.
        5. MO3NNV:  see also  big benefits entirely from Google Drive.
      2.  MNYDLE: also supports Linux (virtually mandatory for any software I pick these days), so one isn’t locked into closed-source & regularly-costly OSes of Mac & Windows.
      3. MNYJ2R: Handles a person having multiple Google Accounts (notably better insuring  your privacy), a practice Google heavily supports & endorses.
        1. MNYJU8: In marked contrast to Facebook, Google notably supports & encourages this, in Google Chrome, Android, website via  multiple sign-in, and Google Apps (an account for each organization a person belongs to);  multi-account support just happens to be missing from Google’s Google Drive mounter, a key reason one needs Insync.
        2. MNYKTX: I’ve heard a Google CEO says everyone needs multiple accounts to insure appropriate privacy, but I can’t find this reference.
        3.  MNYJKG: “even if you are signed in to multiple Google Accounts on the same device, personal information from one Google Account is not combined with information from any other Google Account, unless you decide to link those accounts together.” says  google.com/goodtoknow/online-safety/accounts/ .
      4. MNYKPF: Yes Google’s Google Drive mounter is free, but Insyc  offers ~20+ advantages, a number of them (as those above) essential for serious use, which the comparison table on insynchq.com shows.
    3. MNYDT1:  GGoogle Drive storage is overall hot, including (starting with best):
      1. MNYI01: Automatically seems to store every version of your file (unless you delete particular versions, which is also allowed)
        1. MO3OBR:  This is essential especially for collaboration (best example: Wikipedia) as the more writers, the much more likely soone will mess something up.
      2. MO3MMA: easily & sucessfully share any file or folder with anyone and allow him/her to just-as-well write to it, too, except:
        1. MO3MS5:  serious: no good protection against anyone within write acccess, including oneself or malware one gets, doing wrongful permanent deletion of past versions.
        2. MO3MTU:  proivders (Google Drive & Insync) have full access to one’s data stored here.
      3. MO3MJY: well-indexed (near-instantly & generally-full), so just type any part of a file or folder’s contents and find it instantly.
      4. MNYI32: Low risk of being locked-in and to something bad, as
        1. MNYI6A: one of the top cloud storages and
        2. MNYI6P:  recently has (powerful) Google Apps Script to seemingly-fully automate it by potentially anyone able to write a little JavaScript.
        3. MNYIDT:  Google Data Liberation Front for this & all Google products)
        4. MNYIBV: Services such as SME=Storage Made Easy  exist to convert & exchange between cloud storages.
      5. MO3N6O:  links to files & folders given by Google URLs or file-Ids have cool features:
        1. MO3OJ8: of:
          1. MO3N84:  won’t break, even if item is moved to a different folder or even owner
          2. MO3N8K:  don’t reveal anything about what is in them if the person doesn’t have or is no longer given access to their contents.
        2. MO3OJG: generally impossible by a tranditional filesystem path (so yes including those generated by Insync & typical virtual-volume mounting software)
      6. MNYKKD:  Google Drive Apps, are hot & should get much hotter, likely one of the leaders as desktop apps are replaced by cloud apps.
      7. MNYLLU: I’ve done considerable work studying various Google Drive alternatives, part partially published here on JotHere.
      8. MNYL4V: Many of my notable computer buds (Bill, and now Martin) ) plus some I’ve worked with (Kundan) are using Google Drive and seem to like it.
      9. MNYI2I: Using it for all my primary storage for a year now, including for my recent photos & video, yet hasn’t cost me a penny!
    4. MNYDZ3: low-priced so everyone can easily afford.
      1. MNYIIB:  -currently just $10/Google Account for unlimited installs of version 1 on all platforms (Mac+Windows+Linux).
    5. MNYIJJ:  Neat referral program: “When you refer a colleague who installs Insync, you both get +15 extra trial days. * Refer ten (10) colleagues and you get Insync for free!” says Insynchq.com/referrals (including my link)
      1. MNYCGR:   –still I’ve already paid for it, but referring something good is fun and the credit I build up by using this link might be useful for future upgrades.
    6.  MNYE02: Notable con: new company and, worst, closed-source software, causing concerns & serious-precautions for anyone taking data privacy & security seriously.

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  1. MNLA8S:  from this article’s 1st post onward

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  1.  MNYIYX:Global, available anywhere there is Internet..

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  1. MNLAB7:  See WHAT 

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  1.  MO3H7F:  mymy use (also here) & my associates’ usea>.
  2. MO3H83:  I’m guessing now 10,000s of users (it’s a privately held company so they don’t have to disclose how many downloaders & users, but it seems the leading 3rd party for Google Drive which I estimate is used by millions).



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  1. MO38CC: I have quite a bit of history in the area, as just touched on and some linked to at MNYLLU.



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MDE167: POST ADDITIONAL TODO, roughly in order:

  1. MO3HDM: to soon announce to the community groups I oversee (currently of ~700 local people).

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  2. MEMPF1: No one else unless attributed.

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M31R7R: POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. MO3HKH:  Joan recently got her computer hacked, and then had to spend ~$150 to specially back up her computer; so about ~1hr before  this post, I verbally ecommended this (as it makes backup likely unnessary), and Joan replied to she’d do it and asked me to send her the link, so motivating me to make this post I was planning.
  2. MNYCXP:  I Destiny now created this post by Copy to new draft (of http://1.JotHere.com/4146#MNIUV4 latest MMPPRX) then gave it fresh IDs & content.
  3. MNYL8Y: 1st draft, not yet published, but released for test to Joan & Lucy in my email MNYCFN; pst2013.06.05Wed2349.
  4. MNYLU0: WP doesn’t allow to be visible to non-users unless publish; pst2013.06.07Thu0001.
  5. MO38QK: edits, in order of 1st appearance in revised post:
    1. MO393E: 1st motivated to have this post be a good template for future posts, now about to make 1.
    2. MO3AXG:  space before the 1st text after the ID tag: have been cutting it but that looks like crap w/o the ID floated away, messes up spell check, and doesn’t copy & paste. Realize the space should be with the ID, but that is going to take redoing the ID generator which is some work as I’m redesigning it. So for now decided to add the space in the normal (non-ID) text, done via regex s/\:</sup> */\:</sup> /g, and previewed and it looks fine.
    3. MO3CJ3:  1st header-tag (”
      MNYCRU: (link(s))

      “): deleted as a consequence of next; hopefully this won’t be a problem that the document ID is not presented as a normal ID but we don’t want people to link directly to it anyway (because it can’t be placed at the start of the page) and it’s already displayed in the link URL.

    4. MO3EOQ:  post essentials: renamed from “POST”, putting in lower-case as it’s meta and to call less attention (would like to remove name entirely but it needs some name for clarity of components), and adding its “-end of post essentials” for symmetry with other sections, plus added the name ” essentials” as (as it’s not the entire post, which becomes clear had I said then (mis-)said “-end of post“).
    5. MO3DTW:  URL(s): gave this a section ID and moved to just before title, which should be a notable as far as improving clarity as to what these are.
    6. MO3E4T: Removed self-links from section tittle names, as the additional link highlighting is distracting plus this area can be needed (as done frequently in the title) if ever its terms need to be defined plus if needed, the named-link is in the “-end of POST HISTORY“-like endings.
    7. MO39QR: title: put it in h1-tags (so then cut the strong-tag as that redundant; and cut “title:” as this being the largest text & at-the-start implies that), which notably much stronger emphasizes the links in the title which are important and missing from the former WordPress post title.
      1. MO3A6L: Now occurs to me that, in WordPress and other simiar, the article title (as well as catgories) should be declared via tag(s) in the post (rather than a seperate field) and should be unselectable for additional display as the post contains it.
    8. MO38KK: subsections MAZBWQ: took out of bold as already gets enough attention being at the top and also matches with endings as (-end of POST HISTORY)
    9. MO38US:  WHAT TO DO: moved to 1st real-content section
      1. MO38YJ: as especially in the wifi case http://1.JotHere.com/4146#MNIUV4, an arrival just needs to know what to to and even WHAT is overload
    10. MO3871:  ADDITIONAL HISTORY: added, in order of need-to-know (just before ADDITIONAL DETAILS).
    11. MO38ZO: (missing “-end of WHAT” and similar): added (restored?).
    12. MO38N2: from prior article copy: cut text which ddin’t belong.
    13. MO391Z:  this POST HISTORY (and similar history) entry: came up with the format.


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  2 Responses to “I recommend for all one’s general file storage: Insync (Google Drive (cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing) virtual-volume mounting software for all 3 top desktop platforms)”

  1. N4Q23W Insync serious problem: for no apparent reason, every ~2 months for ~2 days, it fails to sync (apparently hangs with a constant say “1977 files pending”) and provides 0 info on what its problem is.