Sep 182013
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  1. MTBCWJ:  Links
    1. MTBCJL:
      1. MTBY79:  clicked on this link in the search results in an icognito window
    2. MTBCKF:
    3. MTBCK2:
      1. MTBYAJ:  clicked on this link in the search results in an icognito window
  2. MTBCPN:  Additional Post History
    1. MTBCQ1:  added 3 links, to respond to query MTAR39.
    2. MTBCQD:  created & added to category q(post to trigger reindexing MTBCQD)
    3. MTBDAL:  1st post pst2013.09.18Wed0216.
    4. MTBW2K:  no change to search results, pst2013.09.18Wed0852.
    5. MTBY8J:  no change to search results; to possibly accelerate things, did MTBY79 & MTBYAJ; publication 2 on pst2013.09.18Wed0942.
    6. MTC73S:  no change to search results; pst2013.09.18Wed1250.
    7. MTP3VC:  No change to search MTAR39 results; shocking it takes this long to reindiex; clicked on 3of3 finds hopefully (but seemingly unlikely) causing them to reindex plus verified again the incorrect data is not there; pst2013.09.25Wed1215.