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  1. MRR776:  Kindly see & follow WHAT else reply explaining, ideally via comments here.

-end of WHAT TO DO


  1. N0C4LZ: Standard redaction: to appropriately both respect privacy & insure security, in reasonably public content here, certain(sensitive) info must be standard-redacted else otherwise-not-included.
    N0C5SE:  Specifically in content released to a potential audience over about 30 people, so including all content made public, when referring to individuals at least {personally meaning not from their role within any formal organization (business, commercial, government, non-profit) except family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, & fellow life-forms}, certain(sensitive) info identifying them must be redacted in a particular way or otherwise-not-included, with certain partial exceptions for certain cases where such exposure is appropriate.

    1. N0BNXE:  Certain(sensitive) info is:
      1. N0BOXM: passwords and similar (as PINs & passcodes)  if, as is norm for these, there is a reasonable chance they were not intended for public consumption
      2. N0BOSZ:  any name for the person which he/she is NOT already using (for him/herself) in this context: to refer to that person here, don’t use any names except of course the name(s) the person here is already calling him/herself by
        1. N0BU6U:  For instance if online Destiny only refers to himself by Destiny, then here do not use any other names (but that) to refer to him, so here do not use any other names (as in-person or legal names) you may know him by.
        2. N0CH7C:  Note the right-sidebar gives the list of leading users; you can use that to find many people with an account here and see what name s/he uses for him/herself. Failing that, say if you know the person through an online service, as Meetup, use the name the person uses in that online service.
      3. N0BOL5:  personal/residential & private addresses including email address & physical address and phone number and network as IP address, are only to be posted here redacted, specifically with all but the first & last 2 characters of the key data (username or phone # or street & unit/apartment #), replaced with “..”, as “94..56” for a phone # or “MV..st@JotHere.com” for an email address
    2. N0BNX5:  Exceptions. Partial exceptions are made only when such exposure is appropriate
      1. N0C7EG:  specifically when 
        1. N0B06D:  the content attempts to ethically stop & fix & protect-against & seek amends-for wrongful harm that the content author is reasonably certain the person(s)-being-exposed did.
        2. N0C7G2:  This exposure is only done after reasonable attempts have been made to ask the harm doer(s) directly to undo their harm, unless one or more of:
          1. N0C8W0:  experts in the field would likely say such direct attempts would very likely cause more loss (example: correcting a blatant spammer)
          2. N0C8WU:  the behavior being wrong is obvious AND the doer’s official job is to prevent it (as psychologists or religious worker doing something that would be clear emotional abuse).
        3.  N0C7C3:  The full sensitive info is still invisible to the average human reader and easily readable only by machine indexing as for web search as Google Search, for the purpose that others already having this sensitive info of this person(s) can then find this additional (accurate) report on this person(s), unless experts in the field would overall say the person(s) will very likely do overall further harm if protected so.
      2. N0C7UB:  examples:
        1. N0B0TM:  to correct someone wrongfully ditching or quitting-on or removing or dumping others, as on meeting or on a romance or from a group, or unnecessarily misleading, without a reasonable explanation and ideally good-warning, all in writing if desired
        2. N0AW6A:  to correct spamming of a spammer;  here all & full “from” address(es) should be so exposed else exposable.
          1. N0C8A8:  And if the spamming is blatant, IT experts would agree the additional exposure limits N0C7G2N0C7C3 should be skipped, so do so.
      3. N0B19C:  Exposing as such is especially needed when the person(s) doing the harm have given no other legal & moral way to stop them and find, warn, and/or join-forces-with others concerned, especially potential or actual victims, to especially thwart the increasing trend, especially in big towns & suburbias and especially in dating, of wrongfully socially hurting others if that makes the doer feel good unless “it can get back to the doer” as though others.

-end of WHAT


  1. N0CA00:  Gives a clear standard for everyone of where & how to do redaction.
    1. N0CAYJ:  including enables our auto-repost practice to be safe so possible.
  2. N0C9XZ:  Covers all known past uses of this site, plus many more planned future uses.

-end of WHY


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-end of WHERE


  1. MNLAB7:  See WHAT 

-end of COST


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MDE167: POST ADDITIONAL TODO, roughly in order:

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-end of POST TODO


  1. MEMPEO: The author

  2. MEMPF1: No one else unless attributed.

-end of CREATORS


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M31R7R: POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. N0BUQ9:  motivated by /3374#N0BQY9
  2. N0BPQW:  I Destiny now created this post by Copy to new draft (of http://1.JotHere.com/4208#MTP4FK latest MTPDNK) then gave it fresh IDs & content.
  3. N0BSUF:  Move #M87XAJ out per /3374#N0BQY9
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  7. N0BTSC:  q(post essentials): cut the name plus ending <p style=”text-align: right;”>-end of <a href=”#MAZBVC”>post essentials</a></p> as while accurate labeling, here it seems unnecessary and just clutter.
  8. N0BUSR:  Per /3374#N0BQY9, copy to here 1st draft of Standard redaction;  add to category q(JotHere LXK5FK),
  9. N0BV5J:  under category q(privacy MT2T68) add
    1. N0BV66:  q(privacy insuring N0BV66)
  10. N0BVHG:  under category Uncategorized add:
    1. N0BWKH:  q(help vs. harm N0BWKH)
      1. N0BWR8:  q(help/support/aid N0BWR8)
        1. N0BVKR:  q(prevent/protect N0BVKR) -add to here.
          1. N0BVN9:  q(secure N0BVN9)
      2. N0BX0D:  q(harm/damage)
        1. N0BX4F:  q(abuse N0BX4F)
    2. N0BXNJ:  q(affect N0BXNJ)
      1. N0BXPG:  q(control|regulate|govern N0BXPG)
        1. N0BXS4:  q(guide N0BXS4)
          1. N0BXWJ:  q(suggest N0BXWJ)
            1. N0BY13:  q(guideline N0BY13)
          2. N0BY73:  q(require N0BY73)
            1. N0BY8E:  q(rule N0BY8E) –added to
              1. N0BYA6:  q(laJotHere.com –Got a thought? Jot it Here!…w N0BYA6)
                1. N0BYBZ:  q(directive N0BYBZ)
  11. N0BVRY:  under category q(communication LRCGCO), add:
    1. N0BVTQ:  q(reduce-including-remove communication-including-info N0BVTQ)
      1. N0BVAM:  q(censor N0BVAM)
        1. N0BV7X:  q(redact N0BV7X)
  12. N0C34S:  save 1st draft;
    1. N0C49X:  Still got saved in a lot of sperious categories, possibly due to /4239; now remvoed
  13. N0C3L4:  updated with latest N0AD69
  14. N0C4AA:  1st publish now;
  15. N0C4NM:  renamed that last content to N0C4LZ; did a full rewriting pass of this content, adding much more detail.
  16. N0CA6R:  should not the prettiest but reasonably usable; 2nd publish now pst2014.02.01Sat1453.
  17. N0CB3C:  Proofing, more fixes: {Standard redaction & ..must be..ixed bad link (removed draft file path included by ExWeb)}; N0CAYJ: added; several fixes; pics: 0 to 1
  18. N0CJB7:  2nd publish; pst2014.02.01Sat1809