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  1. MRR776 Kindly see & follow WHAT else reply explaining, ideally via comments here.
    1. N0T7RU –follow this especially before & when reproducing any content-or-info from here, including copying or printing or quoting & paraphrasing of it.

-end of WHAT TO DO


  1. N0V37J Overall this section provides solid basic rules for use of all content here, with notables including:
    1. N0V3XN achieved foremost by copyright
    2. N0V3LV reproduce-as-copy from here  properly-including-minimally BUT
    3. N0V3AK refer-especially-link to content here  fully
    4. N0V3UYadd-to & improve, but not remove, any content
    5. N0V45C other official rules here
    6. N0V59Z and don’t forget to see WHY
    7. N0NIMA this is here‘s default terms meaning each article can extend or alter these terms for itself.
  2. N0NIVW Specifically all content here is fully copyright ©
    1. N0NGXQ by its owner(s)-else-author(s)
      1. N0W55M where on 1.JotHere.com, so far, the main author is specified adjacent (in the start) of each post and additional authors & owners to be specified in the post.
    2. N0NGYO starting the date when first placed here or the content’s outer-most creation date, whichever is first,
    3. N0IASO where how content here is to be used is specified foremost via this copyright
    4. N0NH32 with {all rights reserved aka no-rights-given} except:
      1. N0AA36 Referring-especially-hyperlinking to content here is highly-encouraged and well-supported!
        1. N0T7CR especially since here all content including max-past content is to be here indefinitely for ready access.
        2. N0T7BR so refer-especially-link to content here  fully
        3. N0V4O1 Examples:
          1. N0V4OU Every hyperlink on this page going to here.
          2. N0V4PO More TBA
      2. N0UOGR all reproducing-as-coping from here must be done properly-including-minimally, specifically:
        1. N0T7C0 especially when reproducing causes any loss of attributioncrediting, or control including update-ability, or any info overload
          1. N0W26P as reproducing is most famous for and usually does as mostly alerted to in WHY
        2. N0T7B0 so reproduce-as-copy from here  properly-including-minimally
        3. N0A9QS Making general copies of this content, especially caching (as required for efficient web browsingplus printing, is only allowed provided all such copies of the content are permanently erased/destroyed after no more than about 1 week.
          1. N0Q3DJ limits potentially-outdated including incorrect information by setting a good (low) limit on how out-of-date all copies can exist so:
            1. N0Q3PR insures all contributors (as authors + commenters) can make  updates which they know all readers can see provided only the readers read it again after only this (short) delay for copies to be thrown out so forcing a refresh.
              1. N0Q453 otherwise  (without this) once copies are sent out, updates can be difficult or impossible.
          2. N0Q45J requires significant additional use to go back to the source so
            1. N0Q4CK can continue to monitor further use (who uses when & where) & even regulate it including, in the rare cases necessary, revoke access.
        4. M79VPF Quoting else paraphrasing the content is encouraged but ONLY allowed when every reproduction, including every copy, is done to quality academic citation standards as Wikipedia’s, specifically all of, from most important:
          1. M79WDB specifies the exact source(s) used by the reproduction, including:
            1. N0TCJR  link(s) to it, hyperlink(s) if possible
            2. M7AUTX exact version/variation(s) of it, as the version ID and/or date, unless readily derivable or hard to determine
          2. M79WCA copies no more than 500 characters (especially for more, instead link to the content)
            1. N13LLV except if the reproduction[ of more] both (1) overall truly better serves its consumers and (2) is to & from the same website
              1. N13LVZ as say on this website
                1. N13LVZ:  the background-included CSS & JavaScript files on all-else-many to achieve needed uniformity
                2. N13IWM the right sidebar included on every page as it is ideally-all content immediately needed on every page as it provides (at least 1 of):
                  1. N13M5Q important frequent navigation (as signin/out, “Select & Display Category”N10H7P, and the lists “Most Recent” posts and “Articles per Month for all History”N10VKE)
                  2. N13MLV stuff, notably the tagline and “How to Use this Website”N10FZM”, needed to properly interpret the main page content (on the left) which can’t be first introduced elsewhere as on this website most any page can be and often is one’s point of 1st entry.
                  3. N13N2V promotion needed repeated to build up audience during the site’s popularity growth, as “Authors: All, &their Bio+Stats+Articles”M8AQ0E
          3. M79WEF puts within quotations (or, if paraphrasing, bracketing appropriate for that) all & only the content reproduced (optional if content is a title or name) plus, in that else adjacent, specification of all modifications to it,
            1. N13KL3 or by some device similarly demarcating exactly what is reproduced & how
              1. N13KQN as done in HTML & CSS for file inclusion (an HTML tag with attribute “src” (for JavaScript & for image & for frame) or “href” (for CSS) or CSS directive “@import”) provided readily-available synced-source code (as right-click->Inspect element in Firefox & good web browser)
          4. M79WF4 makes clear all changes in the reproduction compared to its source
            1. N0TC8A as by using traditional text-quote-variation notation as:
              1. N0TC9M “..” replacing original text when that text isn’t relevant/needed in the present context
              2. N0TCA0 “[<variation/>]” replacing original text with better wording for it which still has the same intended meaning of the original.
          5. N0V4QD Examples:
            1. N0V4RG TBA; meanwhile, just follow these instructions.
      3. N0UOEM Other accessing-including-changing of content here is highly-encouraged or prohibited depending on the access, specifically:
        1. N0A9LN All presently allowed to access the content, which is the world unless & per password/permissions set on the content, are freely-allowed & highly-encouraged to both:
          1. N0TAUV   human-read & machine-index the content, plus
          2. N0TAV7  add-to & improve, but not remove, any content to the degree officially-granted permission to do so.
        2. N0TAYP Permanent removal of any content from here is only allowed by administrators here: ask them for any such removal: the aim is to allow reasonable requests.
          1. N0TBA8 However, making content very private, even say to just the creator-else-owner plus administrators here, IS well-supported (do it immediately yourself) and generally-allowed including certainly when a constructive change.
          2. N0TBFK Why? To insure users can always & well depend on here to have content it had before plus a full history of what changes were made, plus have access to these IFF their accessing these is still legitimate.
        3. N0Q2VH site content & use must abide by all other official rules here, most notably:
          1. N0Q2X7key restrictions: original & accurate”
          2. N0V4TQreplying to content here
          3. N0Q2ZOstandard redaction
      4. N0A9EL for each piece of content here, as each article, all its additional variations & exceptions to these terms, when it has any, also apply iff officially specified in writing by the owner(s)-else-author(s) of the content within the content itself ideally at/near its start.
        1. N0VA0Q For example, at/near the start of the content a declaration as “This content’s terms-of-use are the default except X.” where X the alteration spelled out inline (if short & non-reoccurring) otherwise where X is a link (ideally to a JotHere.com post!) which spells-out the alteration.

-end of WHAT


  1. N0IC2W We humans have becoming largely and dramatically-increasingly an information society, and on this website all the content is information so readily & regularly very important, so:
  2. N0IBWG Our foremost goal in our terms-of-use to enable sharing of the content here as much as possible while-still insuring good integrity, where integrity is most notably that both:
    1. N0T8MO corrections & improvements to both the content and the sharing(especially who has access) are effectively made even after the content has been shared (informally, even after copies/the-info have gone out), indeed especially then, and
    2. N0T8MI creators-and-owners of the content & services here are still:
      1. N0T9GR properly-attributed at minimum, and
      2. N0T94B while not guaranteed but in the “integrity” spirit of these terms, we hope properly-compensated, too!
  3. N0TDHF WHAT also gives additional explanation as #N0Q3DJ and goals as #N0TBFK.

-end of WHY


  1. N0TDLE Effective the date of this post, and ideally starting the date of this site’s creation.

-end of WHEN


  1. N0TE7T Designed for & used by JotHere.com (approximate JotHere.com definition), which is notably this site 1.JotHere.com plus other subdomains of the JotHere.com domain as 0.JotHere.com.
  2. N0TECK Not yet licensed for but usable for other contexts & websites; please reply-comment here with your interest.

-end of WHERE


  1. MNLAB7 See WHAT 

-end of COST


  1. N0TEF7 See WHERE.



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MDE167 POST ADDITIONAL TODO, roughly in order:

  1. .

-end of POST TODO


  1. MEMPEO The author

  2. MEMPF1: No one else unless attributed.

-end of CREATORS


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M31R7R POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. N0IACZ motivated by /3374#N0BQVR: see that for prior versions: moved from there to here #M79S95 renaming to #N0IASO.
  2. N0IAAFDestiny now created this post by Copy to new draft (of http://1.JotHere.com/4238#N0BU1D latest MTPDNK) then gave it fresh IDs & content.
  3. N0IC6H add to categories q(JotHere LXK5FK; law N0BYA6;)
  4. N0ICH5 under category q(info M1EQW0) create categories:
    1. N0ICIG q(intellectual property=IP N0ICIG)
      1. N0ICLY q({intellectual property=IP} law N0ICLY); also belongs in parent q(law N0BYA6)
        1. N0ICOR q(copyright N0ICOR)
  5. N0ICT6 image: 0 to 1
  6. N0ID8Z Should be usable; 1st publish pst2014.02.04Tue2147.
  7. N0IDV7 N0IASO: improve format;
  8. N0L3EV Plan to incorporate style of text quote(DO NOT COPY CONTENT; instead REFER INCLUDING LINK TO IT HERE ONLINE, including to get the latest version: some images&comments&content may be added&updated; no info to be removed, and content to be indefinitely online here else via here. Viewers, feel free to attach constructive comments.) just 1st written for album N0HDWI, which will seemingly involve renaming title to say q(JotHere.com content default use terms including copyright);
  9. N0L3UI fix links which have references to external draft; some external link to text on every page should be changed to link to the source text when it’s there; pst2014.02.06Fri0914.
  10. N0ND75 do N0L3EV:
    1. N0NDXS N0IASO: replace q(Copyrightall content on this site is copyright as that link details,  including specifying which uses are strongly encouraged, and which are prohibited, and why.) with present
    2. N0NDY2 change title fr(JotHere.com content default copyright) to present:
      1. broadened appropriately
      2. appended a summary
        1. which should be easy-to-maintain (as quoted)
        2. N0NHUR cut, from(: by default, ~“copy from here minimally, especially when copying causes any loss of attribution, crediting, & control plus info overload, as copying is most famous for and usually does; BUT refer & especially link to info here fully, especially as here all content including max-past content is to be here indefinitely for ready access”) to(), as had become too long for a big title font AND was hard to maintain by copy & paste as the quote contains links.
        3. N0NIHR from() to the present but much shorter initial summary quote.
      3. N0Q2LS in title, change fr(use-terms) to(terms-of-use) including so “use” won’t be read as a verb as initial tester mis-read it
    3. N0Q2S8 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright defines it covering “use and distribution” so generalization is appropriate, but by name “copyright” many might think it covers just copy so better to explicitly say “terms of use”; so added N0Q2VH
  11. N0Q4I1 added N0A9QS: added 2 reasons; publish again: pst2014.02.09Sun0222.
  12. N0SYZT draft version N0SYZT.htm (for external editor editing)
  13. N0T3FD now ID repair via certain regex “Match case”
    1. N0W1M5 [updated in child] fr(( | |&nbsp;)*<sup>(~(<sup)(KENC7Z|[^0-9A-Z]))@{[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]}(~(<sup)(KENC7Z|//[A-Za-z0-9.\-/]+/KM37RH/KEUBLL\(html_\)/templates_with_Ids_LJKDDO\.htm|\1|[^0-9A-Z]))@</sup>( | |&nbsp;)*)
      1. N0W1HQ Update to also handle q( class=”aself_KEP2FG”): q(( | |&nbsp;)*<sup>(~(<sup)(KENC7Z|KEP2FG|[^0-9A-Z]))@{[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]}(~(<sup)(KENC7Z|KEP2FG|//[A-Za-z0-9.\-/]+/KM37RH/KEUBLL\(html_\)/templates_with_Ids_LJKDDO\.htm|\1|[^0-9A-Z]))@</sup>( | |&nbsp;)*)
    2. N0W1ML to(<sup><a class=”aself_KENC7Z” id=”\1″ href=”#\1″>\1</a></sup> )(includes attributes sorted into WordPress preferred order)
    3. N0T6VV seems to work beautifully: After applying to this file, run it through N0T6MT and get effectively 0 diffs: excellent!
  14. N0T6MT N0T6MT=N0SYZT_WPEditor_filtered.htm (create)
  15. N0T7OP #N0IASO: some cleanup especially to the start
    1. N0T7YZ #N0NIMA: quite a bit of rewriting cleanup, also causing title to update;
    2. N0TDAQ Inspired by #N0T802, generalized from “copy” to “reproduce-as-copy
    3. N0TE5M #N0TAYP (important) essence was specified in prior docs but missing here, so added.
  16. N0T802 #N0T7RU: added, copying from 3374#M79S95 then making that a quote of this.
    1. N0WD8L fixed link from “copying
  17. N0T9SF #N0IBWG: rephrased as a goal & much better defined this goal; also then placed into WHY.
  18. N0TEGQ ~finished rewriting & improving whole article.
  19. N0TM5W from q(MAYCNN latest updated every ~1 week;  see the post history.) to present to allow for updates without having to constantly update & guestimte this value.
  20. N0UOFN create #N0UOEM
  21. N0UOXT create #N0UOGR and make several links to
  22. N0V3ZF WHAT: ~15min ago, start significant top level reorganization:
    1. N0V5CF Notably more complete & easier to read
    2. N0V5CW Title “value” (its ending) from(: ~“by default, essentially “refer-especially-link to info fully BUT reproduce-as-copy properly-including-minimally”” and why) just to(, and why)as this now more & better & well spelled-out by initial Overall which is also too long to well fit in title
      1. N0V5P6 moreover, changed that just to() (cut it) as “, and why” (if not more) is already implied by a good report so calling more attention to it feels backwards: less is more.
  23. N0V8MO add “here” def N0V95L (which, as was always intended, covers JotHere.com, broader than just 1.JotHere.com) and appropriately replaced “this site” and “site” references with “here”{everywhere except of course not in this this history}.
  24. N0V9WK #N0A9EL: from(all additional variations & exceptions as officially specified in writing by the owner(s)-else-author(s) here in their content, ideally at/near its start.) to present as much more precise & clear.
  25. N0VYW4 #N0T7BR then #N0T7B0:
    1. N0VYX5 began with phrasing as q(reproduce-as-copy properly-including-minimally ) assumes noun “You” and the actual (parent) rule broader (speaks to the result, not the door), so: (1) prefixed each with “so ” and (2) made an immediate child of the parent and (3) the rest of each (#N0T7CR & #N0T7C0 respectively) broke out as a separate earlier immediate child of the parent.
    2. N0W3LA made the entire entry including “so” a link to parent and clarified a tad
    3. N0W42M insured #N0V37J exactly quotes this text
  26. N0W2AT ~.5hr ago, making all these changes, again think about how to include this history here inline as now done just for the sidebar (via 3374#N0QX1H), ideally w/o JavaScript for max portability:
    1. N0W2RV For the sidebar, as their were two displays (sidebar & source), the first was collapsed but the 2nd is expanded, supporting 2 displays; but for ordinary text (with one current copy) seems a toggle would be necessary.
    2. N0W2GI Do http://google.com/search?q=css+toggle
      1. N0W2HG Find https://github.com/ghinda/css-toggle-switch
      2. N0W2KX Find http://thenittygritty.co/toggle-navigation-with-pure-css
    3. N0W2M1 Do http://google.com/search?q=checked+CSS
      1. N0W2OP Find (#2) http://css-tricks.com/almanac/selectors/c/checked
        1. N0W2Q8 Imagine a top of post “Display history” checkbox, by default off for viewing & on for editing, could be used the history inline.
    4. N0W2VJ then decided change was big and edits here almost done, so do that change in a later (but soon) revision of this & other posts.
  27. N0W1FC #N0T7C0:
    1. N0W1ZN after ending q( usually does) append a ref to Why
    2. N0W24D replace q(copying) with more comprehensive (reproducing)
    3. N0W28S break first “as” remainder into new child #N0W26P
  28. N0W6I1 spell-checked & verified all links; again publish now pst2014.02.12Wed0846.
  29. N0WG7M 2 additional small edits; more edits TBA.
  30. N13QPB cut MAYCNN possibly recently updated: see post history bottom(newest). as usual as now should not be needed
  31. N14D20 #N13LLV: & #N13KL3: added; now publishing pst2014.02.16Sun1848.