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  1. MRR776 Kindly see & follow WHAT else reply explaining, ideally via comments here.
  2. N0YM5H For most immediate intro including “How to Use this Website”N10FZM, see that section(widget) in the right-hand sidebar on every page of this website, with content starting at M8K00L.

-end of WHAT TO DO


  1. M79S57 Got a thought? Jot it Here!™ –this website is for everyone‘s original+accurate writings on any topic;  super succinctly, it’s a FREE public+private wiki with nested-comment discussionvia WordPress+great extensions
  2. N12T2L On any topic, provided only:
  3. N0PQIJ Key content restrictions. For good integrity, content must be:
    1. N0PQJN original
      1. N0PQOE where original here means if the content is accessible somewhere else  more or almost-as easily by the same audience here if they had a link to it there, then here is NOT a copy of that and especially not a largely machine-generated variation of that, unless here is a proper quotation-or-paraphrasing  of the source.

        N13IGH section history in REVERSE order:

        1. N13IJD clarified from q(where original here means if the content is accessible anywhere else by a similar or larger audience, then here is NOT a copy of that NOR a largely machine-generated variation of that.)
        2. N13IHB other prior exists
      2. N0PQWD with exception allowed only were the (great) access provided by this site is clearly not enough
      3. N0PQRQ especially to prohibit spam posts (comments, articles, edits) which are huge problem in WordPress.
      4. N143MT and especially since this then covers self-originality, this also (rather-interestingly) also implies much of “minimal repeating”, a key communication convention of this site
    2. N0PQK3 accurate
      1. N0PT1X Most notably, we don’t want any content, including fiction, that significantly misleads, unless here only being referred to (as quoted or paraphrased by) by content which corrects-else-removes that mislead.
      2. N143Z3 One should do one’s best job given his/her nurture & nature beyond his/her control.
        1. N144HA Assuming this,.
          1. N1447X inaccuracies one still can’t see one is not responsible for, but
          2. N1448J inaccuracies one can see one IS responsible for, even if s/he didn’t cause them, to degree roughly proportionate to his/her ability to correct things here and his/her involvement here, where the right thing then for one to do is correct-else-report the inaccuracies as non-destructively including undoably as possible.
        2. N1453Y in other words, “the only sin there is is to not do one’s best to see & correct all wrong” as author-here Destiny well-summarizes this & more.
  4. N0PNRP Supported content types, from best first:
    1. N0PNTL writing
      1. N0PNUR expository
        1. N0PNVB Policies, guidelines, laws, and other rules
        2. N0PNZA Human instructions, how-to guides, syllabus, agenda, and simple manuals
        3. N0PNW1 encyclopedia articles: like Wikipedia without some of its most serious drawbacks: notability, No original research, & edit warring.
        4. N0PO61 notices & basic reviews & general reports
          1. N0PO7W especially for whistleblowing (exposing  and/or correcting  wrong-doing org(s) or person(s)) of up to medium scale & security
            1. N0PQ1P especially due to privacy features
            2. N0PQ1D or high security/scale, use say WikiLeaks
          2. N0PO9X support for general comparison tables (example) including pivot tables is coming & high-priority
        5. N0PO1X event listings (default article template (used on this page) well fits an event listing; note though no special ability to sort by date and radial search)
        6. N0PO09 other expository
      2. N0PPOB Collaborative writing especially due to discussion features + wiki features.
      3. N0PO0T Other writing types (as bloggingnews stories,  fiction writingpoetry, and even scriptwriting) are immediately doable with WordPress under the hood, but know these types haven’t yet been done much here.
    2. N0PO3Q other media types (as pictures, video, sound, etc.) just to the degree that WordPress under the hood supports these.
  5. N083ZD 1.JotHere.com offers regularly-essential features missing from most-or-all other websites.    Its benefits, from most unique (roughly):
    1. N0R4J2 Users & Its Use:
      1. N08AKI Online & operational since 2011.January (post #1) so for 3+ years, with a few administrators5+ editors (see them in the right sidebar section M8AUVK),  16+ authors (see them in the right sidebar section M8AQ0E), 100s of ordinary users, 178+ power short-links259+ categories,  293+ published posts, and 1036+ approved comments –as of 2014.02.09.
      2. M79S8R much or all content of a few other websites is moving to here (due to the many unique features of the site, especially those detailed what follows next in this section) including:
        1. N0PU5G all-possible of OCAndroid (moving off of Meetup.com); members especially leaders put here OCAndroid articles & comments.
        2. N0PU5T all of http://blogger.LoveRules.Info: leaving blogger and moving here!
        3. N0R4OA Used weekly or daily by one of our biggest authors, Destiny, for his years of  publications.
    2. N0PIFH all created via industry-standard personal CMS-leader WordPress  plus…
      1. N0R5TQ great Extensions (powerful plugins (~30,000 to choose from!) + top theme Suffusion: “the Best, Most Versatile and Totally Free WordPress Theme”) plus
        1. N0R5WP tell us which of these extensions you want and here you have a reasonable chance of getting them or something better! –quite unlike the big sites, as WordPress.com and Blogger, where most of your customization requests one would likely never get
        2. N0R5UH our own extensions (as strong outlining, full forever git backup, our IDs, and much more) and other hard work of our administrators
    3. N0PXJ4 All other present CSMes we’ve found fall short; from the best found roughly:
      1. N0PXMI very impressive MediaWiki (used for Wikipedia & more) sadly does not use HTML and lacks good discussion support.
      2. N0PXSA Drupal promises the world but proved too hard to get even wiki basics working, seemingly due to core designers wanting to offer everything but commit to almost nothing including took ~2 years to for them decide  what was official in version 7.
      3. N0PY07 Google Docs especially Writely has impressive security & scale-ability but dumped use HTML and is seriously incomplete as a CMS plus (not huge) is proprietary.
      4. N0PYFC SharePoint we tried but this doesn’t seem a full CMS, and had slow performance, and most seriously is very proprietary, including so much that became expensive to extend and unaffordable to repair (after it also crashed) resulting in 100% data loss.
      5. N0PYAO Blogger and Google Sites we tried but both are generally considered much less  featured  & extensible than WordPress and real world experience bears that out, plus it’s very proprietary.
      6. N0PYKX We also checked a few others briefly but had other problems.
      7. N0PYSI Though the above are many/most of the big CMSes, there Wikipedia lists dozens of CMSes and CMSMatrix.Org says it lists 1200(!), so there might indeed be one or a few out there overall better than WordPress,  but
        1. N0PZHB it’s simply too time consuming to really check significantly more, as even for one where the specs of a CMS look good, it seems one still has to really work with it for a few months before one can know fairly confidently if it will really do the job, and we don’t have that sort of time to check out significantly more.
        2. N0PZHN it would be smarter to instead to spend that time improving what we’ve got (WordPress) plus developing a replacement which definitely would have the features needed, what we’ve been doing.
    4. M79TDY Common (except for the italics) but very important: All content on this site, including max past content, can be readily found (via search & categories & awesome links)  and (directly from this site) viewed & commented-on for FREE at any time!
    5. N0PGQQ Not so rare but important + hard-to-do:  max Web 2.0:  where not just a few but EVERYONE including you can easily publish here, including post comments & even articles!
    6. N084LL Found seemingly nowhere:  fairly-easily & -permanently link-to and comment on ideally anything:  virtually-permanently point-to & link-to and comment-on ideally everything put in this website, ideally no matter how tiny
      1. N0PM87 ideally no matter how tiny:
        1. N0PM8V not just to the site or to each article but also:
        2. N0PMB9 comments (including comment on comments),
        3. N0PMEP if given one of  our IDs , each individual point (so including sentence) or even article or section version.
      2. N088U0 -so majorly avoiding repetition & sync-maintenance of duplicate content, including eliminating much for repetition (instead just point), plus much more accurate references; and also then with all that, less reading for everyone to do.
        1. N0PNMZ Especially good for policy & legal and other rules writing, and for instructions & manuals, where one often has to refer others to a particular rule or step.
      3. N0PMTY with virtually-permanent links:
        1. N0PN00 every link potentially ends with an anchor formed by one of our IDs, such as 4261#N0PN00 to this point even target content moves to another page, or the page’s URL’s changes, the content can still be found by searching (as often Google Searching) for the ID.
        2. N0PN49 we work hard to insure the URL here are also very short and especially never changes,
          1. N0YW36 including every post(aka article) here uses a short static number (counter) path to identify it, as 4261 for this one,  instead a longer path (say using the article title) which could go out of date.
      4. N0890C Note to comment-on something requires one be able refer/point/link to it, so this is:
      5. N088U9 -mostly achieved by our IDs and, second, by WordPress’s nested comments.
    7. N084LZ Found only on better wikis:  version & track & ideally-explain every change to this site including so full prior state & history is kept & never lost, plus compute difference between any two versions:
      1. N0PG3V so past work, and who did it & how much work, is never lost, and history & prior-agreements cannot be denied:
        1. N0R78O great for legal & policy docs and offers/ads/contracts that update
        2. N0R749 -essential to make feasible & bloom collaborative creations as writings.
      2. N0PG4C supported for every article/post, with support coming for, in order: comments, user profiles, & categories.
    8. N0R7CM Support for (the potentially many )replies which normally go un-posted, notably for readily respectably reposting them to still get all matters centrally gathered and (as needed) discussed
      1. N0R7UT important for (the potentially many) readers don’t yet have account here and/or aren’t accustomed to post on the web or just don’t know how to do it properly including with enough privacy.
      1. N0R879 by both
        1. N0R8D7 private post & discuss options many other websites don’t offer and
        2. N0R8DJ developing a respectable repost procedure and alerting of it on every site page: see the right-side bar’s “replying to content here” especially its other methods
    9. N0PFUE somewhat rare: have hierarchical outlines: serious & increasing support for this
    10. N0YPZM Semi-rare & extremely useful: since 2011.01, able to create extra-powerful short-links redirecting to any URL
      1. N0YQ98 For instance, http://1.JotHere.com/6mp redirects to our article on IDs (click it to see!) — and if we move that article, including to another website/URL, the destination can be updated!
      2. N0YQ2M via top-rated package for the job, Pretty-Links Lite (and we’ll likely upgrade to Pro)
      3. N0YQAE  including redirectable -a very rare & powerful feature: if the target domain or URL changes, just update the destination: the same old short-link then still works fine –a real life-saver!
      4. N0YQC2 including logs all link-info requests: see which IP accessed the link when; find out how many & somewhat-who clicks on your link.
      5. N0YQG2 Currently requires a site administrator to set up & update your link (just ask) but plans to allow anyone to create links direct.
    11. N0PID9 semi-rare:  content group-able into multiple unlimited hierarchical categories: possible for articles and eventually for comments other content types.
      1. N112EL Browse them: click on the pull-down in the “Select & Display Category”N10H7P widget in the right side-bar of every page of the site.
      2. N0YPM2 Enables this site 1.JotHere.com having sub-sites: to immediately serve as the underlying website for other organizations & purposes & domains, be them related or not
        1. N0YRGW indeed this is one of the original goals of JotHere: to pool efforts, as it is way too much work to create a new full-featured website for every little or even medium-sized topic or organization.
        2. N0YQKE Example: category OCAndroid gives all the content used here by http://Meetup.com/OCAndroid, and notably without OCAndroid having to create its own website for all that.
        3. N0YQOG Pros thru cons:
          1. N0YQSD Huge Pro: Easily 1/200th of the work of creating your own website for a given purpose!
          2. N0YQSO Big Pro: all your users immediately benefit from all these features & benefits of 1.JotHere.com
          3. N0YQSX Notable Pro: different orgs/purposes/domains participating easily share the same user database plus optionally any articles here
            1. N0YR4D But your users DON’T generally see the other content & users of 1.JotHere.com: not unless at least 1 of:
              1. N0YRAL your content links to it: but then that’s intentional  by you
              2. N0YRBF someone else places content in your categories, though this has been so far never happened and seems unlikely, plus it’s still under their your name not you, and if does become a problem extensions can be added to control who can place content in certain categories.
          4. N0YQUY Con: Just as Wikipedia‘s theme doesn’t change article to article or category to category and probably mostly rightly so, our theme is not (yet) customizable for each category, but does the proven & scalable theme used by our site.
        4. N0YPTR Simply:
          1. N0YPTZ create here a category for the organization or other purpose, plus optional subcategories
          2. N0YPUD place every article for that purpose into one of these categories,
          3. N0YPUZ create and distribute a short-URL to the category listing,
            1. N0YPWS as by having  the domain for the purpose redirect to this
            2. N0YPY1 as by creating a short-link, including by our own powerful short-link service
      3. N112N3 Benefit from the collective knowledge of shared categories and their potentially-shared articles:
        1. N112RZ typically a fair of amount of your category taxonomy (to classify your articles) is already built or decently started for you or least there are plenty of other examples to follow.
        2. N112SZ And if a category you’re using or one of its ancestors already has other articles in it, then you’ve joined forces with these other articles also here addressing your topic!
    12. N0PH1V semi-rare: all content in the leading & most-powerful & most-portable text-formatting language HTML (so text NOT constrained by the usual offering: severely-limited including unportable markup languages, as mere BBCode of most discussion boards)
    13. N084QU facilitate sincere constructive speaking-up by enabling, when truly needed,
      1. N0854K writing under 1 or more pseudonyms to protect against likely unjust reaction (using pseudonym(s) to avoid just response is not allowed).
      2. N0854X declaring an article including its comments not public but private (to only those who have the password) ideally only when pseudonyms can’t readily be used.
        1. N08C87 and when a shameful issue isn’t handled, optionally enlarge who can see it to get it fixed, then once it’s handled, optionally reduce who can see it to restore privacy for those involved, all readily without having to rewrite a word of it.
        2. N086PQ fully publish here –everyone can easily!, and not just comments but even articles/posts; aka maximum Web 2.0.
    14. N085BH Weak on MediaWiki and more: hold online discussions including:
      1. N0R3XE rare but much more efficient: with potentially every point & sub-point in its own thread -via comments that can be threaded/nested down 8 levels, thanks to WordPress.
    15. N0PGY8 Semi-rare: WYSIWYG –for all articles(posts) and eventually comments
      1. N13PSJ Currently used here is WordPress‘s built-in editor
        1. N13PVP which works great for simple small or simple edits
        2. N13PYE but
          1. N13PYX is not supported-by-WordPress-makers for comment editing
          2. N13Q0T is weak for editing: outlines + other advanced HTML structures and/or text naming points via our IDs
        3. N13Q5V so
          1. N13Q6Q Using a better external WYSIWYG HTML editor is what most folks here do
            1. N13QDL We management typically use the now-forever-free MS Expression Web which is overall awesome except for tolerable: it doesn’t autosave (so save every hour or so) and only runs on MS Windows plus won’t extend easily & won’t run HTML’s JavaScript.
            2. N13QFJ which then also generally requires a systematic way to manage the files containing the (draft) content being edited by the external editor
              1. N13QIO we management do this by storing in (to use this post as an example) the folder “C:\Users\<Windows_user_name/>\<Google_account_email_address/>\url_archive_MAXUKI\com_\JotHere_\1_\(_draft)MGU5HH\4261\N0YEI7.htm –simply click on each link for the details.
    16. N08561 Fairly rare and very impressive: allow all readers to instantly read all text here in his/her & most-every language, to auto-translate all text into any natural language, especially his/her native tongue, and with paragraph of the original text adjacent (hover over) its translation (thanks to Google Translate pull-down in the “Translate this page” widget box at the top of the right side-bar!).
    17. N0YVIY Semi-common: by design, most & typical URLs are very short, including well fit in an txt/SMS or Tweet
      1. N0YVN6 for instance, including the anchor positioning the reader to this very point, the URL to this point is just “http://1.JotHere.com/4261#N0YVN6” (32 characters) (and formed by just taking the URL for this article and replacing its anchor with that of this point)
      2. N0YVVZ And don’t forget, thanks to the anchor using our ID, URLs are virtually permanent.
      3. N0YW3Y And Search Engine Optimization=SEO still happens by these short links (without embedding extra keyword info into the URL, also then making in drastically longer plus frequently  to have to change & break), by WordPress formatting the article’s title and other characteristics in ways web search engines are tuned to recognize.
    18. N0PROZ semi-rare & impressive: starting 2014.01, apparently great backups via never-deleted snapshots of all data+code using leader git (basis)
      1. N0PRVX Allows changes to site design including code to be much less risky so enabling significant improvements.
      2. N0PS6N Backup restore-ability has not yet been verified.
    19. N11350 Beyond having your shared work automatically popularized by the search engines, get even more fame for posting here! And easily see what’s happening here! As the right-hand sidebar, on every page of this website!, features neat lists including:
      1. N113A3 “Authors: All, &their Bio+Stats+Articles”M8AQ0E
        1. N113VL so just become an author here and your name, bio, and optional-pic then is featured on every page of our site! But act soon as:
        2. N13NG7 this of course is a limited time offer, for our authors increase as they are, at some point it will become impractical to, so we can’t any longer, feature you every author, so you, too, on every page here.
      2. N113DT “..Most Recently-Modified Articles”N10HDO and “..Most Recently-Posted Comments”N10HID
        1. N113O4 It’s also very handy to quickly find (as so to further edit or refer to) the posts you, or even someone else, has recently written(for articles & comments, and planned for all types) or even edited(for articles & planned for all types).
    20. N086G1 Important + somewhat rare for all these features: 100% free, including free to read + free to publish.
      1. N0R43S Originally this site planned to be supported via embedded (web) ads plus ad revenue sharing, but because of poor & seemingly decreasing revenue web ads seem to provide most websites  (as say ~$50/mo for our whole website), the site is now supported by just donations of time & money.
    21. N0PB63 Documentation (of the site itself) is notable:
      1. N0PBMV a bit messy but
      2. N0PBBA Fairly complete, including
        1. N0PBSP A rare feature:  covers most all history of changes and especially the thought & work behind them
      3. N0PBCV Very rare except for open-source projects:  most all of the “behind-the-scenes” & development is public & transparent even wear-one’s heart-on-one’s-sleeve, not secret to just a select few
      4. N0PBI3 Rare & impressive: doing near 100% Eat-your-own-dog-food: uses the site itself to fully document the site! Plus sometimes discuss it
        1. N0PCMP See especially category “admin of this site LFNIZ6” where every admin operation is to be listed.
        2. N0PCTV So also
          1. N0PBPP Semi-rare:  Easy for anyone to centrally comment-on & discuss the site specs.
    22. N085D6 rare except on wikis: collectively compose/develop articles/writings, in wiki fashion
      1. N0YPGO including potential massive encyclopedic content: categories make handling massive content fairly easy.
      2. N0YPBM As a wiki it offers serious benefits, starting with lowest-stress posting.
      3. N0A0JCmulti-author editing is off by default as it requires special care (to protect & secure content, due to WordPress limitations which we aim to overcome), so first ask site administrators to enable this for you.
    23. N0PRA8 fairly common: Very good search support
      1. N0PRB8 Public articles put here automatically get indexed by say, Google Search within just ~2 days after publishing, possibly sooner.
        1. N113JT Typically one doesn’t have to use the built-in search for public articles: as I do routinely, just type “JotHere ” plus your search keywords in Google Search or similar and find it instantly! This also seems to notably increase the article’s web search ranking.
      2. N0PRFS all article content, and maybe content, can be found by the built-in search box.
    24. N086MG Accessible 24/7 world-wide from any Internet-connected web browser, with increasing mobile phone/device support.
  6. N0YOD0 Key example uses:
    1. N0YOFV See 3374#M7BJVL(Then Sign In..) also in the right side-bar.
  7. N1141U Our right-hand sidebar (on every page of our site) will also some very useful site intro & latest stats.

-end of WHAT


  1. N0N71D As potentially most anyone who can write and has something to say, we had a need to share writings and discus topics via writing especially with these features mentioned above, both immediately & for the indefinite future, and after several years of exploring many CMSes, WordPress + great extensions + customized as done here, appeared & appears to off the best solution for the present until even more powerful replacement CMSes are developed.

-end of WHY


  1. N0N73J See N08AKI.

-end of WHEN


  1. N0N7BJ Accessible anywhere one has web access,  note device preference: Best viewed on.

-end of WHERE


  1. MNLAB7 See WHAT 

-end of COST


  1. N0N7GL See N08AKI.



  1. N0N7IH Until a better list, see ADDITIONAL DETAILS.






  1. N14JL1 Top Features: an earlier short list (still applies, ~70% already listed here, previously at 2741#M236K6 & to be merged into WHAT above):
    1. M1PLOK allows you to comment, post, present your writings & work (on any topic!) to the whole world (or to whom-ever you want) and for free!, including:
      1. M2377N in latest standard WordPress, the world’s leading web self-publishing platform, indeed as the Internet’s most popular Content Management System; PLUS get the best extensions for the CMS we can find  (including request extensions & likely get them, something you typically CAN’T do on WordPress.com)
      2. M236KY private (as password-protected) writings, which you can then just keep to yourself, share to whom you want, or later publish to the world with a single click
      3. M236NO instant reasonable ranking in Google Search and other public search-engines for your writings.
        1. M236Q6 For example, this JotHere post, which, for just a few days, served the home page for an upcoming film, was then turned into and redirected to its own website (with its own domain name) for the film, so was the JotHere  post unnecessary? No! The post’s author reported searching for the film in Google found it on JotHere, but didn’t find it even though it now had it’s own domain name.  So even with this little JotHere post, that was what was getting the film known on Google!
      4. M237C5 aiming to pay authors over 50% of the profits from the publishing.
      5. MA1YN0 Unless your content is spam, you generally will be at no risk of ever your content being deleted or your account suspended.
      6. MA1SUT And, should you ever need it, supports & encourages you to safely speak-up the truth, including basic whistleblowing.
        1. MA1SXH to deliver true freedom-of-speech, notably to make it easy to honestly share, even publicly, controversial issues even where that could/would bring wrongful reprisal.
        2. MA1T14 including, unlike Facebook (which does most everything feasible to track you & identify exactly who you are, and readily locks-you-out-of-your-account if they even find any doubt you aren’t complying),
          1. M2P31D You can have up to 10 accounts to operate under pseudonyms provided that’s not used to mislead.
          2. MA1T2S You can have account(s) here where even your content host doesn’t know your exact nor legal identity, essentially also knows no more identity than what you tell.
        3. MA1Y14 Note WikiLeaks is notably superior in hiding the sources of its content BUT also seems only suitable for super-controversial posts (as “leaks”) whereas
          JotHere well-supports main-stream text content.
    2. MA20DF This section: much of it to be converted into a comparison table with the leading mainstream alternatives.
  2. N0N5MG Post http://1.JotHere.com/321?title=”1.JotHere.com features”
    1. N0N5PZ created “3 years ago (8 March, 2011 @ 3:52:51)”
    2. N0N5RW currently out-of-date (including effectively last updated “2 years ago (6 April, 2012 @ 18:50:17)”)  and, in the later portions, messy/unfinished/incomplete
  3. .N0N51D Page “1.JotHere.com/about”:
    1. N0N5DM content:
      1. N0N54J “PST2011.01.26Wed at 22:25″(creation) – present: contain a really about JotHere.com, specifically its history , specifically its series of websites past & future  which 1.JotHere.com is the present featured one
        1. N0N5ET moving  to __
      1. N0N5FC Soon:  a manual-redirect to this page


MDE167 POST ADDITIONAL TODO, roughly in order:

  1. .

-end of POST TODO


  1. MEMPEO The author

  2. MEMPF1: No one else unless attributed.

-end of CREATORS


  1. .



  1. .


M31R7R POST HISTORY, in order: 

  1. N0PARN for prior versions, see source of original
  2. N0N4QHAnytimeInnovator, motivated by 3374#N0NA30, now created this post by Copy to new draft (of http://1.JotHere.com/4250#N0L3UI  (latest)) then gave it fresh IDs & content.
  3. N0NAIW Per that motivation, moved from there to here N083ZD & M79S57 in reversed (better) order.
  4. N0PAMM image: 0 to 1;
  5. N0PAQ3 add category q(this site=1.JotHere.com MA0YI7); usable; pst2014.02.08Sat1533[ v1.0].
  6. N0PCRO N0PB63: add; 1st publish: pst2014.02.08Sat1622[ v1.1].
  7. N0PGMI N0PFUE: added:  move feature points from M79S57 into N083ZD, adding links to the remainder & accordingly update tittle;  N0PNRP: add; N0PGQQ & N0PFUE & N0PROZ & N0PB63 & N0PRA8 & N0PXJ4: add
  8. N0Q0MI 2nd publish: pst2014.02.09Sun0054[ v1.2].
  9. N0QYUW M79S57 so title: update from “free public+private wiki with nested commentsvia WordPress plus great extensions”) to present;
  10. N0QZ9Q q(N0854X: declaring an article including its comments not public but private) to present to emphasize “public” default.
  11. N0QZGD q(N08561:  instantly read all text here in every language: allowing every reader to auto-translate..): update to present to emphasize the uniqueness of this; drop down 1 level after WYSIWYG.
  12. N0R0ZM N0PIFH: move to top as logical.
  13. N0R1HL replace all “file:///C:/Users/M9..ik/LC..fo/url_archive_MAXUKI/com_/JotHere_/1_/(_draft)MGU5HH/3374/MZTMC2.htm” references (auto-created & won’t work) with “3374” else “” as appropriate; fix remaining “file:///” links; also updated N08AKI.
  14. N0R35S N085BH: updated including naming 1st sub-point; N0PIFH: extended considerably; removed most extra spaces before IDs;
  15. N0R8QH N0R7CM: added as new;
    1. N0R8ZD developed as Destiny discovered it was needed, starting with say {getting traditional-monarchist William to repost on SCaLE collaboration: item LX1UAW of this post};
    2. N0R8ZU also Lucy thought it would be useful for intro-ing posting to {her presidency, profile Greet “Feb 06, 2014 8:56 AM”} due to her members often used to just email not web posting.
  16. N0R9N2 do cleanup including RegExp fr(</sup>[  ]*)(note one of these space characters may be some other type) to(</sup> ); publish again pst2014.02.09Sun1714[ v1.3].
  17. N0YEI7 N0YEI7.htm (created) for composing this post in better editor as MSExWeb
  18. N0YEMV applied here regex N0T3FD
    1. N0YEOH 1st time: did same as 3374#N0WBU3: “158 replacements”
  19. N0YG95 #MAYCNN: repeat 4250#N0TM5W -no, cut it per 3374#N0YGKD.
  20. N0YOGU #N0YM5H & #N0YOD0: added.
  21. N0YOIX #N0YPZM & #N0YPM2: add; #N085D6: extended (referencing that stuff); #N0YVIY: add.
  22. again publish now pst2014.01.13Thu1709[ v1.4].
  23. N12Y3R #N12T2L: added & linked to; #N0PQIJ: updated & extended.
  24. N145CE again publish now pst2014.01.16Sun1612[ v1.5].
  25. N14615 #N0YEMV: fixed internal link, republish pst2014.01.16Sun1618[ v1.6].
  26. N14KNI #N14JL1: add; #N0PAL3 fixes
  27. NQBERQ the latest hosted version appears to be missing at least & seemingly at most N14KNI, still did ‘Restore Autosave ..1 month ago (22 May @ 07:30)’ to be safe.
  28. NQBEZT this is the last version to be saved externally (in a file 4261.N0YEI7.htm) as too much sync complexity doing that.
  29. NQBFBL category ‘this site’s documentation for its users NQBFBL’ –create
    1. NQBFFN add to, removing from ‘this site=1.JotHere.com MA0YI7’
  30. NQBHFG update ‘M33YGV title’ to present; spellcheck & {update to latest format: 253 replacements}.
  31. NQBJIU: ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150621Sun1649pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’9‘; words ’4740‘; version ’1.7‘; as ’other stuff currently notably higher priority‘, do ’save draft & pause‘}’.