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  1. N21JF7 cut q(MRR776 Kindly see & follow WHAT else reply explaining, ideally via comments here.) as that reference is really not applicable here.
  2. N21JEN created yesterday; many additions.


  1. N2121S If at all possible, for the application process, use a laptop/desktop, and not a mobile OS as smartphone or tablet

    1. N212A3 as:
      1. N2125X Meetup still has bad bugs here, especially when it comes to fixing & editing your group profile so application
      2. N2127J on mobile OSes it’s generally a lot harder to this job: in the text your editing, to cut & paste and include URLs, plus look up links as those within questions and simultaneously keep open instructions and other stuff you likely need to refer to in composing your answers.
  2. N20BYL Do realize & kindly respect 3 key points:

    1. N2183N  Especially as a quality Meetup group, we continually get 10s and sometimes 100s of people applying to join us; but we are unpaid, including to properly & respectfully process all those apps of folks wanting to join us, which Meetup actually makes extremely hard.
      1. N219H5 Still, the first reason we are quality is because, unlike most other Meetup groups, we don’t then just let in virtually every random unknown person and/or decide entrance on some leader’s current whims.
      2. N218OM So us being unpaid to do all this work yet still enforcing good standards, we can only afford to stop & review pending members (and re-review & try to correct those who didn’t get it right the 1st time)
        1. N218Z6 in bulk and
        2. N218ZC generally at most once per month
    2. N20AQV quality Meetup groups, much like any quality employer, foremost need & want only members who cooperate & work well with the group, 
      1. N20AOG  which, as far as the member’s group profile & especially application goes, means 4 top requirements, in order:
        1. N20AM9 foremost  want & need only members who will follow the group especially the group leader’s directions mostly and where-not will, to the direction givers, respectfully explain why-not and ideally offer near alternatives.
          1. N20AXX as would be implied in order to direct anything: it’s impossible to direct if regularly X is requested but Y is done and without any prompt alert & explanation.
          2. N20B60 and the first way for us to tell this, and for you to demonstrate this, is how fully & accurately & on-topic you answer every application question
        2. N20BCN tell here exactly why you want to be in the group, especially why you applied to join
          1. N20TYD Notably, listing these items in the order they occur, tell here:
            1. N20BH1 exactly how you found us (our group)
              1. N20U38 especially what & who referred you where & when & how
                1. N21FOO notably (to be exact) 
                  1. N21FRZ the URLs (as web pages) or other locations where you saw else heard of us (as of your search query URL (else the search engine name & query string)
                  2. N21FVG and the person(s) tell you, his/her Meetup or web profile URL and online profile name
              2. N21EQV this info
                1. N21EII is specially useful to us to know what of our marketing efforts are paying off & how
                2. N21ER6 while yes in some commercial settings an applicant providing this info is optional, since here we have no registration fee and we leaders are unpaid, including in processing your and everyone’s app, we require this info as best as you can reconstruct it.
            2. N20C80 exactly what about you & us (our group), including what about what referred you to us, is-causing you to want to be a part of us, especially to apply to join,
              1. N20UDD so (to be exact), ideally linking to (URLs) else quoting else telling:  
                1. N20UE2 what you saw or heard about the group
                2. N20UEC matching us, what you are & do and what are your goals
                3. N20UEK why these caused you to want to a part of this group
              2. N214IE If you don’t or might-not-appear-to fit the group’s topic coverage (as don’t seem to be involved in its specialty or are outside its service area), naturally also tell here why, despite this, you still want to be a part of us.
            3. N21FWB For example, “On 2014.02.23Sun14~, I first heard of this group(Node-JS-OC) at (the SCaLE12x OC Community Tech Groups booth); specifically there the “Orange County” and then the Node.JS banners caught my quick attention, me being in OC (Irvine) and coding NodeJS for the last year, but so far coding all alone; so after talking with booth rep Winston a few minutes, I was very delighted to find you hosting such a group in my community and decided to apply to join.”
          2. N20TZ0 as this is very helpful for:
            1. N21GX1 leaders and all the other members to better know you
            2. N21H0I you to better know all the other members (by they doing the same)
            3. N21H22 the group to know what works as far as marketing & how
              1. N21H2T For instance, above Winston & and a few other members volunteered many hours plus some driving and even some hotel expenses to staff our SCaLE booth and make it happen: this helps credit him & them and know it was worth it for you.
        3. N20B40 having a main group profile picture which well identifies you and just you, else well explaining on your profile why not (and potentially getting that waiver approved)  
          1. N21D10 especially since
            1. N21D4W logically: that picture is needed to tell everyone who any person showing up is by matching them with this picture, including if s/he a member and/or RSVPed and knowing all whatever is properly known about this person, especially since:
              1. N21CLN the point (indeed requirement) of Meetup is primarily to meet in person, NOT online,
              2. N21DCE Meetup never checks if the names & facts people use on Meetup are valid (except email address & credit card but that’s info they never share) and members are allowed to use a partial name or pseudonym.
            2. N21E15 empirically: in all my experiences on Meetup (significant, leader since 2004),
              1. N21E2M It was really just a matter of convention: if nearly everyone was doing it, then newcomers did it no problem, otherwise people would get sloppy: so once most everyone was doing it, not a real problem for most anyone to require such.
              2. N21DO9 In all my experiences (dozens) the contrary (of people refusing to provide such a picture), it turned out this was a tell-tale-sign, as they were overall trouble-makers (and then unsurprisingly, never had (usually never provided) and reason, besides evasion, as to why they should not have such a picture).
            3. N21DUJ aesthetically: Meetup features members pictures everywhere, on RSVPs & on every post plus on member lists, so a group not having real faces there looks quite bad.
          2. N21CTJ Without putting on your profile a good explanation for which we’ve seen none so far, you need to look like your picture (and your picture also should be unique to you)
            1. N21CUJ So (semi-joking) if you put as your main picture a penguin or some logo, then you (and only you) better show up each time looking like that penguin or that logo!
        4. N20ATC there are regularly a few more things to complete/show besides these, especially on topics specific to the group’s coverage, but for community groups, completely & accurately answering those above quickly determine who gets in.  
    3. N20BIM on Meetup, your group profile:
      1. N20BR0  is also your application to join the group plus a portion of what keeps you a member,
        1. N21AZP indeed for us and other quality Meetup groups, with regards to your group profile,
          1. N20BW6:  your accurate & full completion of it, and not what answers you give there (unless not complete or accurate), is typically 100% of what determines if you get into the group, and
          2. N20BX0 your maintaining it this way (accurate & complete), including updating it (say, at least once every year or two, plus within a few weeks whenever anything very relevant to the group changes for you), it a frequent determiner so requirement for you being kept in the group.
          3. N21BZE As part of being complete, share your Meetup interests and especially groups, else well explain on your profile why not
            1. N21C2P  –strongly recommend for members and required for leaders
          4. N21C42  if you might need additional privacy, especially to enable you to freely speak and join controversial groups & discussion, you welcome & encouraged to:
            1. N21C7G have your Meetup username be just your first name or a pseudonym
            2. N21CA2 have multiple Meetup profiles, as 1 for business and 1 for personal
              1. N21CCB though for that a warning: this can be tricky to manage and generally requires something as Google Chrome’s user profiles
      2. N21AA3 to complete & edit it
        1. N20BJK can unfortunately only be done(edited) by you, a serious Meetup bug; so even if the Head of the group wanted to fix it so it’s accurate & in the right format as based on all you’ve shared, s/he can’t, so it’s all up to you to edit your profile so app to be exactly right.
        2. N20BL0 typically cannot be well completed and especially-edited on a mobile OS (as on a smartphone or tablet) due to bugs in both the web browsers there & the Meetup app, so use a desktop/laptop.
        3. N21AC8 on at least a desktop/laptop, before you have been accepted/approved to join, even to re-edit, in your web browser (as Chrome, Firefox, etc),
          1. N21AFO go to the group home page and click “Join”
          2. N21ALR or if the “Join” button or similar doesn’t appear or work, append to the group’s URL the path “/join” then go to that: for instance,  
  3. N20TD4 #1: show respect, especially to the group & especially to its leaders, on your group profile

    1. N20Y3G especially
      1. N210IB from the start: your 1st application-to-join submission –get it right the 1st time
        1. N210JN as
          1. N210QA that’s respectful, including we did (else should have) given you clear directions especially exact questions
          2. N210QM we’re on & communicate-via Meetup, as you can see, largely due to its monopoly on local community group management, and Meetup sadly makes your not doing this (you getting everything 100% right the first time) very painful on everyone, as Meetup:
            1. N211OP allows only you to/can edit your profile so application, and
            2. N211VY makes it very hard to give you additional instructions on what to fix & how, and
            3. N211WM makes redoing & editing it notably more complex & buggy especially on mobile OSes,
            4. N211XY makes rejecting you permanently erase all your answers & work you’ve done applying.
          3. N218ZW so every app requiring any corrections slows everybody down, especially if requires us (again) spelling out what needs to be done and now how to edit
          4. N210ST and we’re unpaid so can only afford to do this at most one per month.
        2. N211D8 so please do it right the 1st time!, else expect to wait one or more months plus a lot more work on everyone, for each correction and then re-review
      2. N20UI7 #1: well-answer the most important things: telling why you want to be a part of the group, especially now & presenting your picture identifying you.
      3. N20USF be exact & accurate & complete, especially:
        1. N20WJQ on the most important things.
        2. N20YXB leaving nothing possibly important unanswered
        3. N20WHW in your writings, telling precise, especially with URLs else other links/references and where that’s not exact enough, quotes.
        4. N20WM6 in your images, for at least your main picture, it well-identifies you else you well-explain why not
      4. N20TF2 fully answering every question, especially:
        1. N20V4C especially:
          1. N20WF7 every Q on the most important things.
          2. N20X05  for multi-part Qs you clearly give a full answer for every part, not just for one or some.
          3. N20WX6 for any question you didn’t fully answer you then insure it would be very clear to most any observer why you didn’t, else what enables you not to, fully answer it, typically because in your answer you then exactly explain that
            1. N20WYA and since generally all questions apply to everyone,
              1. N20WPV not leaving any Q blank nor filled in with just some filler answer as “n/a”
          4. N20ZWQ per you being exact & accurate & complete
      5. N20UFO avoiding repeating info; instead refer well (including accurately & compactly) to the full answer elsewhere
        1. N20UQS such as “see ” and the question name where you tell the answer, such as “see MFTRef”(what referred you) or “see Intro”.
    2. N20Y6J as not doing this is #1 thing, indeed often only thing, slows down processing your, & easily everyone’s, applications and stops leaders from accepting you & others into the group
  4. N21ILF Communicate wherever possible via proper posting, with us leaders and with other members & ideally with everyone (especially when not in-person and even then).

    1. N21IT6 as we will with you maximum effectiveness, and as Meetup & even Facebook achieves its success from doing.
    2. N21IXL Group leader(s) will post Greets on your Meetup profile with your application status & corrections needed plus most anything with regards to the group specific to just you or a few.
      1. N21J07 Do not delete these or any member’s Greets.
    3. N21J2J Communicate back via respectful reply Meetup greets to whomever Greeted you.
      1. N21J7K Notably here, you can use this reply back to the leader who said to correct your profile app that you have done so (or as much as you can) and any questions remaining.
    4. N21J4B Only for sending just sensitive info, such a personal/residential address or phone # or email or a password, and where posting can’t be made appropriately private, should you use some non-posting means of communication.
  5. N20XR4 #2: Be a match for the group in other ways

    1. N20XT7 However, possibly surprising to some, for the applications we get, this practically never a concern,
      1. N20Z6E indeed never, in my years of processing such applications, ~1000 total, have I felt I needed to disqualify someone over this,
      2. N20YMQ seemingly because the other selections going on generally handle this (self-select), specifically
        1. N20YOM by doing #1 the applicant is & shows-they-are doing this selection and can work within a typical organization
        2. N20Z8Y this is a community group membership, so unlike paid jobs and certain roles, doesn’t give for that money or huge-celerity-status so causing un-matching people to want to get it

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  1. N21JH6 Covered really by WHAT TO DO.

-end of WHAT


  1. N21JIN My further attempt to readily fix Meetup so it’s great-sounding but actually terribly-supported so-often-useless option of “Membership requests require approval” can actually do the work one needs & expects that to do –that is at least until Meetup fixes its software (which hasn’t happened in these areas in at least the last 6 years).
  2. N21K44 on Meetup well-answering profile questions seems to be not & increasing not, taken seriously, my guess is because, due these Meetup bugs, “Membership requests require approval” ends up to be an impossible amount of work to get the fixes made, so the standard drops making matters worse & creating a catch-22.

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  1. N21JRM Initial trials of this article starting the 1st week of its release.

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  1. N21K8X See instead WHO’S PARTICIPATING

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  1. MNLAB7 See WHAT 

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  1. N21JBC Developed initially for first use by OCAndroid to help mass-handle(as instruct) its now huge # of pending members (now 232, more than current approved members), ~80% who don’t answer/follow the profile Qs 100%, sometimes a lot, seemingly largely because of the catch-22.
  2. N21JT7 As is proven, will start putting this starting with other OC Tech Community Groups.
  3. N21KAS Ideally much more TBA.



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M31R7R POST HISTORY, in order: 

  1. N205ZD Have a 500character message, latest used on JH

    “N0CV0P=Thx4 ur”2014.02.01“app2 join us ,OC’s Largest&Oldest Android Community Group -WE GET 100s OF APPS! &yours doesnt yet follow all Q’s dirs; so this a generic reply2ask u2kindly fix:
    *EVERY Q read CAREFULLY&answer FULLY,esp:
    **MFTRef needs_2_FULL DETAILED ans.
    **MFWPic REQUIRES u do else well-answer why not.
    *Dont repeat any info;say“See [Q name]”.
    +Meetup allows ONLY U2edit it: on LAPTOP/DESKTOP do &fix.”

    but it’s too hard to explain in that short space.

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  6. N21B8H now have ~70% complete content; save;
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