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      1. N4E3JK formerly & originallyN47ZFP for new leader volunteers: standard additional intro and first questions”
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      image N4KJYF q(Try these too) image 5of5=8

      N4LTFQ “{additional intro and first questions} for new volunteers of our community group

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  1. N47ZM0 Dear new volunteers for our community group,

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      Laguna Hills, CA
      Post #: 682
      Send an Email Post a Greeting
      N4C81N Post 1 of 2 ()


      Laguna Hills, CA
      Post #: 683
      Send an Email Post a Greeting
      N4BJWJ continuing from the previous post
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    1. Google Image Search(thank dance) image 7*1+1=q(THANK YOU!) above Snoopy dancingN4CFE9 THANK YOU! a Great Deal for responding you’d like to volunteer for us!
      1. N4LV1R Yes you are doing “Ask not what your group & event can do for you, but What can you do for your group & event”!
      2. N4CFEB …as it’s only volunteers which make our group happen! Including for years now, I’m an unpaid volunteer, too –just doing good work to help our community.
    2. N47ZL0 Please read this my additional new-volunteer intro here (which should you take about 15 minutes) training you on some of our relevant volunteer basics as they come up,
      and answer my 12 questions in this
      (which should take you say 15 to 20 minutes)
      –kindly completing these as soon as possible, say starting after when I first reply back to you and finishing the same day or next, especially this 1st part which ends at the divider below.
      N4I8W5 section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N4JKKE changed header from “Please read the following and answer my Qs in them –as soon as convenient, as say starting after when I first reply back to you, and finishing that, especially this first post, the same day or next.” to  present, including adding “will train you..” and time estimates for each part plus divider link.
      2. N4BH8X changed q(N47ZL0 [b]as soon as convenient[/b], as say after when I first reply back to you (or sooner, but only if that won’t significantly slow down your first reply, as some fast reply from you we need most of all :-)) to present as simple=better here;.
      1. N4CESD I carefully wrote this document for us —about 5 days of work with polishing– to be effective & efficient for everyone involved.
        1. N4NIQR And each section includes an embedded inspiring video for background music & fun! 🙂
      2. N4JMQ1 And your first bit of training: every question for you in order you will find in seconds by just searching on the web page(as detailed in the right column) for every “?” character –a handy trick in general to insure, when responding something in electronic writing, that you spot & answer every Q.
    3. N4LPQQ As you are probably starting to pick up, this document takes a pause from the group’s topic to take a needed focus on appreciating & finding & training great group admin, as:
      1. N4J1OX Good admin, management, & leadership is where community groups generally need the most help with  –well unless those ARE the topics of the group!
        1. N4LPOF Why:
          1. N4J1OZ Quality groups don’t just happen by just collecting people interested on a topic; a very sizable amount of the work of every quality group (and relationship, BTW)  is NOT work on the topic but administering, managing, & leading the group.
            1. N4J1OV Good venues & speakers & food don’t get found & scheduled on their own; event announcements don’t write themselves; processing member applications, plus finding and building organizer & sponsorship teams, plus working out delicate political issues and differences of opinion, and running events per the agenda –none of this happens on its own.
            2. N4LOZ5 Yes, in the beginning of something new & hot, regularly little thought & work needs to be done in the admin, BUT thinking that lasts for ever and not preparing for it to quickly end kills many a group.
          2. N4LMIV And the big admin catch-22 for community groups:
            1. N4LQ09 without money to hire folks (which is most community groups), the groups must depend on their normal members to the admin, but 
            2. N4LP9P BUT members are joining the group to do the topic so (unless that topic is admin), they likely
              1. N4LPAC don’t want to do admin
              2. N4LPBI don’t have the skills do admin, including recruit especially admin, and (especially if technical) may even not appreciate & including despise admin.
    4. Google Image Search(interview) image 7*2+6=woman with clipboard smiling and interviewing applicantN47WLB Interviewing you then finding you matching job(s) then training you, including in-person, for your first missions.
      N4I9FH section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N4JLU8 change from q(..training you for your first missions.) to present to emphasize in-person time.
      2. N4CCGJ cut q(N4BIDR *to do) and q(We’ll talk now);

      1. N47WLL Ideally we’ll communicate via
        1. N47WLU first writing, via posting else email, especially to answer the basic Qs of this article.
          1. N4IV3A Why: The usual benefits. Indeed, especially when not in-person, our group foremost aims to & does communicate wherever-possible & mostly in-writing notably via our-beloved proper posting wherever possible(below)
        2. N4IV5D Then we’ll talk via voice:
          1. N4IV66 specifically
            1. N47WLE we’ll chat a short time on the phonewhat’s your cell #?. And
            2. N47WLX then I look forward to in-person talking & meeting with you, as to finish your job selection plus training for your first missions –specifically to handle all remaining stuff best-done in-person.
          2. N4CG7Q Why: Despite continual efforts to communicate as much as possible via writing, a few matters are and seemingly will always be best handled by live-voice and even in-person…
            N4IA16 section history in REVERSE order:

            1. N4NN8T replaced q(But not always, so I mention it.) to present to better explain why mention it w/o blaming the person.
            2. N4IXDL moved to where it was relevant (in #N4IV5D) then broke into paragraphs and polished; drafted but didn’t use q(#N4JR3N This means a lot of people heading groups who have no business heading a group, if managing at all. And one such had in the such )
            3. N4CCMJ added N4CG7Q as indeed some don’t yet get this (notably our group head, but truthfully really the fault of Meetup for giving a group to whomever is first on the scene & regularly pays);

            1. N4IVF3 especially sensitive & delicate matters, so especially matters staff especially leaders are expected & needed to handle
            2. N4IVGN especially when not everyone is a big writer.  As a code-writing techie, plus a kid of 2 writer parents, I adore writing and work very hard to insure my voice & writing sync. But not everyone is that way.
            3. N4IVRI due to the need to get immediate reactions, plus full responses (as tone of voice & gesture), and so much faster understand the other person & empathize so tailor the conversation & decisions to suit;
              1. N4IW77 indeed, due to this additional & immediate feedback, live-voice and especially in-person conversation, where it’s needed, is readily several times faster than writing indeed writing simply can’t replace it.
            4. N4IVM9 and NOT to be able to later undeservedly-deny anything said  –no, that’s a BAD reason not to do writing! Indeed rather,  as is fortunately the increasing trend, I strongly encourage conversations be recorded & witnessed & properly-shared, for the many benefits of that, which include making undeserved-denial impossible.
            5. N4IW96 –for nearly all people, most all of this is pretty obvious (and rather the problem is to get people to write). But not always –including 1 group “head”, as Meetup, if unrestricted, makes most-anyone the community’s leaders even if they don’t get this & much more — so I mention this.
      2. N47XII should take you no more than just 1 hour total after adding up all the portions, especially if you’ll be doing management for us including where you’d direct or supervise people or give your opinion as one of our staff/volunteers; for other jobs this the prep time is of course less.
        N4IS0H section history in REVERSE order:

        1. N4CCGJ cut q(N4BIDR *to do) and q(We’ll talk now);
        2. N4IS0Z replaced “a quick 2 hours in total” with present (1) Lucy (edits) didn’t like “quick” and it took just 15 minutes to read all the key text here (including with a break), plus say 15min to answer the Qs, and then 30min for special training.

      3. Google Image Search(new leader) image 7*9+6N47XKX and here I’ll be working with you every step of the way.
      4. N47WML And per N47WMZ below, we may well need to move fast on your interviewing & training, as ideally get it done in 2 days, including having you join us for a special in-person only-select-staff meeting –not wait to our next regular group event.
      5. N4BIQV Staff meetings, which you now would be a part of and are typically in-person, are important for us to do occasionally (though naturally we try to minimize this), including since, as you hopefully would guess, it’s not respectful at ordinary group events to take up ordinary member’s time with staff-matters when they come there to instead be talking about the topics of the group.
        N4MO8X section history in REVERSE order:

        1. N4MO9X replace q(Aside: leader-only meetings, , which you now would be a part of ,) with present per #N4LT65 et al.

      6. N47X0E Given the above, How soon can we complete this your prep?
    5. N4JNL3 The unique 6-digit ID before each point & question (the official webpage) in much of our group’s written communications.

      1. N48MQB I’ve now asked 2 Qs. In answering any Qs we give, both here & in general,  where convenient for you, please use this its ID to refer to it –also making your reference to it extrem1ely precise & compact & with minimal repetition.
      2. N48MZM As I hope you recall, I introduced these IDs to you in the 1st post here, in its ending point: the point with ID N48M88.
      3. N4B1M6 I’m one of the lucky-few alpha testers of these IDs, so I use these codes everywhere on our group site and more,
        N4ISW5 section history in REVERSE order:

        1. N4ISWX Per Lucy’s edits, replaced “As one could guess, ” with “”, and “happily can so I do ” with “”.
      4. N4B1MO So for all these reasons, please take moment and glance over the official webpage on these IDs.
    6. N4BI2S What are the top 1 to 3 zip-codes where you’re usually at? –important for planning in-person meetings & events involving you.
    7. Google Image Search(jobs OR title) image 7*1+0=q(JOBS) with each letter built out of job activitiesN473V1 What kind of jobs & titles would you like within our group? –given:
      N4I9MR section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N4LQNF added #N4LQIU {in which rephrased #N4J1OT to a Q and added dual Q #N4LQKY} also creating an overlapping sub-Qs but gathering this additional info is key.
      2. N4J0Q4 Applied Lucy’s edits plus break into points including rewrote “lots is open” and cut “humble plus “
      3. N4CCIJ replaced q(N473V1 =What kind of leadership jobs would you like within our group? –lots is open so please don’t be modest, but please be realistic.) with present version adding “& titles” plus example;


      1. N4J0PB Every position is available because every position needs at least one backup person.
      2. N4J0V7 Say what you want including don’t be modest in your hope & desires (including say “I want to run everything” if that’s what you want)lo
        1. N4J0Z4 also please be imaginative, as invent position(s) you’d like and we’ll try to create them to suit you.
      3. N4J12S But also please be realistic in your expectations of knowing what’s best for us & changing things (as by adding to that, “…but I’ve got a lot learning to do, including understanding & appreciating how things work now, before I’m ready to make any changes here.”)
      4. N4LQIU In particular,
        1. N4LQKY How could you help us with our group topic? –we definitely want to know
        2. N4J1OT How could you help us with our group admin?like most any community group we foremost need help with admin and to be fair, everyone should pitch at least a little.
    8. Google Image Search(work boss) image 7*0+3=man directing 2 women & 1 man: select size 570 × 380 from US = https://www.google.com/search?q=command+platoon&es_sm=93&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=R_dZU8mgMY6LyASnnoLoDA&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAg#q=work%20boss&tbm=isch&tbs=simg%3ACAQSWQlIGNm6D6aPfhpFCxCwjKcIGjwKOggCEhS2HrMesB7hHbEe4B2yHq4i7B2-JhogGEE2u5t8XgfjmH_1zX1bpr3M9juVkF-dBwzaS7jZqerkMIbKKoOxMgHO_1&facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=yOGe4AF4H1ZJLM%253A%3BR28BjkwKl-ucAM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fcdn.benefitnews.com%252Fmedia%252Fgallery%252Fp17cflftba95vv3i930803ntc5.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Febn.benefitnews.com%252Fgallery%252Febn%252F6-leadership-styles-which-best-for-team-2729207-1.html%253Flistall%3B570%3B380
N47508 What administration and management and leader experience do you have?
      N4I9SI section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N4MP31 moved #N47UI1 from 2nd to top so it is adjacent its relevant container Q as that needs this.
      2. N4MOUG replaced all (2) instances of q(people {administration and management and leader}) with present (and then “of this “) notably cutting q(people ) as {that is implied with q(management) and definitely q(leader)} and {allows for computer administration}
      3. N4CCJJ from q(N47508_= What leader and admin experience do you have?) to present version
      1. N47UI1 Know you don’t have to have any of this experience, just be ready & willing & looking-forward-to having me insure here you’re the best you can be.
      2. N47UJ7 What improvements to your group profile would you imagine are important to do? –especially for the group profile of one of our group staff members as you hopefully will become!
        1. N4809O Hint: depending your profile, I can probably spot quite a few!
    9. N47WMZ Depending your answers to the above Qs, I may select you for Mission 1. Mission 1…
      N4I996 section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N4BH9X replaced q(N47WMZ_=Depending on the jobs you see yourself doing (Q N473V1 above) and mostly your admin interest & ability (Q N47508 above), ) with present short & simple version;
      1. N47XD2 I’ll detail but, for new leaders, to only those qualifying to do it to protect mission integrity.
      2. N47XEA and we’re actually needing a little new staff help immediately.
      3. N47XIV –if it appears you could be a match, we really need to get all this prep stuff done fast, within say 2 days after I first reply back to you.
    10. N48RR8 If you’re short on time now,
      1. N4IAKF stop and send me your answers to all the above Qs

      2. N4IAKR then read & answer the remainder below as soon as you can.
    11. N48RUN On how we communicate via writing, starting with my own example here.
      1. N48RUC I was about to message our volunteers these Qs and I originally started this as an email to do so (as a reply to my 2nd volunteer who here emailed me)
        1. N48R8C indeed sending email is as tempting as crack!
          N4I996 section history in REVERSE order:

          1. N4K14R changed from (email=crack) to present as more general.
          2. N4K0R0 gave this its own point and then detailed it adding 7 subpoints.
          1. N48R8R yes, my “messaging especially email=crack” analogy
            1. N4JZHI I invented 2013~ and
            2. N4K18V is quite accurate:
              1. N4JZZ5 oh so tempting, indeed feels awesome at first (just pop one off and… yes, you’ve now put it in writing and sent it, so mission accomplished (right?) –or so it feels!),
              2. N4JZZM but you PAY for it big time later… key info lost in the inbox, threads everywhere, can’t get the big picture, quickly confusing as what order did the conversation place and did you get you and they & them get this and that part, copies everywhere, copies of copies of copies in most every reply, can’t point to anything, constantly interrupted with updates, too much personal stuff shared (since it initially feels private & safe) but then impossible to take back and very hard to point to correct, and all to easy (just a few clicks) for anyone to forward it all to whomever (or forward any out-of-context part), everyone sees a different picture of who knows what exactly -depends on who forward what when, and more woes! …all from just not having started with and insisting on proper posting wherever practical!
              3. N4K1F8 The problem is of course is it’s almost never just as simple as putting something in writing and sending it off to somebody; one must also be prepared for where responses back will go, and for responses to responses to responses etc., and where the conversation and its sub-threads will be filed, and how to refer to earlier parts including so all that won’t need to be repeated, and how to brink folks into the conversation later on, etc.
          2. N4K01N so whenever sending email or other messaging, please think of my analogy “messaging especially email=crack” to help you break the nasty habit and instead do proper posting wherever practical.
      2. N48RUR but then, as my email draft naturally grew longer & longer, I of course realized that would not be following:
        1. Google Image Search(threaded post discussion) image 8*~14+2=facebook threaded post with videoN47469 “Wherever practical, communicate, including reply, via a good shared-document typically via proper-posting within websites” –take a peek at that web page, as it is:
          N4N97E section history in REVERSE order:

          1. N4N981 replace q(Proper posting) (as not quite correct title BUT URL right) with present.


          1. N4IROP our important guideline governing all our communications
          2. N480KE done in all the community groups I help lead & more, especially since they’re on Meetup, as the guideline explains why, including most notably:
            1. N4NCZN When multiple leaders are involved including where potentially everyone could be a leader (which Meetup pioneered for the web: grass roots events put on by people who were strangers before), it’s not ok to just to tell just 1 person (“the” leader); rather  everyone must see the same picture immediately, which posting makes possible. 
            2. N4NCYM On Meetup, posts on event listings (by people other than event organizers), including YES RSVPs, is the #1 thing getting attendance.
          3. N480LD key for every member, especially staff, to know & do.
          4. N4K2SH and for all bits & portions which truly need to be private,
            1. N4K3LR –privacy should NOT stop anyone from doing this (trying to still communicate by post), as it’s entirely solvable with the right tools & conventions present.
            2. N4K2U3 using pseudonyms else just first names and other standard redaction(detailed in right column) solves ~80% of privacy need
            3. N4K3L3 And when more privacy is required, that is still technically-tricky but still often doable, including by using, starting with most powerful privacy-wise:
              1. N4N9YR Google Drive offers full ACL(Access Control List) security BUT with lots of “but”s:
                1. N4NAXK there is no threaded conversation system I know (other than file-commenting which is fairly weak)
                2. N4NANJ fully(so permanently)-saving prior versions requires daily manual work
                3. N4NABP for spreadsheets is the best known EXCEPT collaboration still risky due to only ~7 days of prior versions kept
                4. N4NACQ for text,
                  1. N4NAIC unfortunately its built-in text document editor (Writely)’s formatting has become a disaster since 2011~ when Google audaciously dumped storing in HTML
                  2. N4NAIY but NeutronDrive.com now free since ~2013, does HTML with WYSWYG, but only 1/2: read-only, and hasn’t been tested for collaboration.
              2. N4K2V6 JotHere supports basic private posting(shared password) with better coming
                1. N4NB1N This is our 1st choice for fairly private matters (since 2012~) and for lots more.
              3. N4K2W0 Meetup offers posting visible to only the Meetup-group leaders.
                1. N4K35Q Real example used extensively: http://meetup.com/OCPython/messages/boardsvisible to official-group-leaders only :MKG6VZ
                2. N4N9WH While helpful this, be alert this is still regularly insufficient (so a more powerful means should be used) as 
                  1. N4NBAP often one wants to have a talk between leaders & just 1 or more non-leaders (as non-leader staff, ordinary members, and/or outsiders)
                  2. N4NBB0 the other serious cons of Meetup discussion boards.
      3. N48S70 so then following that (indeed my own rule! -never want to be a hypocrite):
        1. N48S9C I moved this text out of the email to the volunteer and into a web post,
          1. N48SC1 indeed very simply & powerfully, moved a single web post which every volunteer (and more) could use. This then caused me to:
          2. N48S9S rewrite the questions more universally & powerfully so it would apply to potentially any volunteer and
          3. N48SEY insure we gave the same info & Qs for every volunteer, for fairness,
          4. N48SGI insured improving the info & Qs for one volunteer would then instantly help later volunteers plus potentially even help past volunteers when/as they hadn’t yet looked at the page else reloaded it.
            1. N48SLB enabling so achieving a much higher standard of info & Qs: because it will be reused several times, much more work can justifiably go into making it great (as optimizing, polishing, editorial reviews, fully-completing, adding pictures & even videos —many work days here!) which all users then benefit from & enjoy.
          5. N48SBL Indeed I placed it here (as another post in the call-for-volunteers thread) which made it both super-easy and dramatically increased the heads-up and transparency on what happens in the interviewing process.
            1. N48T29 And thanks to my use of globally-unique IDs (detailed above), my existing references to points could still potentially be readily found, indeed by ordinary web search, as the IDs moved with the text.
          6. N4JYVG And then I took it step further: moved it this JotHere post (so replacing the original location with links its new place), so then not only enabling multiple uses of this text for later recruitment efforts, and not just by this group but usable by most-any community group!
      4. N48SVN My unique & custom message/post to the candidate became a lot more appealing and maintainable as:
        1. N48SXZ it shrunk dramatically, from ~7000 characters to ~1000, by replacing the content-to-be-reused with just a link to here
        2. N48SZ1 and it was totally clear what is written custom just for this person and what is “boilerplate” used by everyone.
      5. N48T5J Moral of course: once again, do proper posting wherever practical, as by following me.
    12. N4JP6F  Regarding our solicitations asking to help us (which you responded to), especially our main posting (as this post if OCPython):
      1. N4744X Ok, I just told about me (fighting our powerful addiction to message-instead-of-post!); Now for you, plus others you’ll spot:
        On our call to help you replied to, I ended with ~“let me know! -ideally by Reply-posting here else Meetup-emailing me.”; so if you picked email (the 2nd preferred) (and as a possibility of how to handle things when you see someone communicating by other than post)
        N4JPGJ section history in REVERSE order:

        1. q(N43290=[Always be ]loyal to & follow [your ]chain of command)
        2. N4NEMA Change from ~q(Why did you not pick that) to present as clearer including added Q #N4NEWR.
        3. N4NE4P while this a potentially negative point, I moved here from 2nd-to-last to 1st as then effectively comes right after #N48RUN on the same subject, and to connect further added preface before q( I ended with).
        4. N4NDYO appended everything after q((the 2nd preferred)) to give use to the question to everyone, not just those who picked email.
        5. N4JPDS Factored out the topic into new parent #N4JP6F, so replaced “In the main post I ended <quote/>” with present version


        1. N4745Z Why did you not pick posting here else elsewhere?
        2. N4NEWR Why do others not pick posting? –your best guess.
        3. N48S2J Here proper posting wherever practical(above) plus “replying to content here”(in right column):
          1. N47VA8 explains this my reply-form preference order
            1. N4K2IV –Yes, I’d much prefer to not even give the email option if I could, as you should now correctly guess per my story above 🙂
            2. N4K3VD But I still give it because, for new volunteers, proper posting wherever practical(above) is often still new & not yet comfortable, especially for private matters (and while I haven’t yet seen any matters which have to be private here, I suppose it could happen).
          2. N47VAZ properly has me say if you/one does not pick posting:
            1. N47VAR As soon as good, I’d like to get as much as possible of all our conversation as web posts, ideally there on this thread for it, ideally by you posting there directly rather than my copying or paraphrasing what you say.
            2. N474AX Given standard redactions(detailed in right column), what portions of all our talk (of your volunteering here) would you NOT want posted and why?
      2. N4K5FN a few things additional (or just worth repeating):
        1. N4K5O3 quoting near the end of the main help-wanted post on OCPython:
          N4JPGJ section history in REVERSE order:

          1. N4PAFY replaced q(N3JJ2Q=..being a good follower and ideally a good leader.) with present accurate form
          2. N4NS23 replaced q(N43290=[Always be ]loyal to & follow [your ]chain of command) with a much extensive quote (and from Firefox) including on q(insubordination) as that has happened, with edits noted in it (a solid quote except N432A0 as that’s custom to the location); eventually this text will move to JotHere.

          1. N3JJFA=By default, everyone is unpaid, but there are big benefits…
            • N3JJGA=Time commitment is flexible: as big or as little as you have time to commit.
            • N3JJHA=Especially in your field, helps your colleagues & community, indeed makes that community happen!
            • N3JJIA=When finding talent to hire, gives you direct access to local cream of the crop.
            • N3JJJA=Looks great on your resume. And when you’re looking for clients & gigs or jobs, makes you a first pick among them and among recruiters!
            • N45UGN=And for further contribution & prestige, by proving yourself here, then get first chances to be selected for leadership a level higher: in the growing leadership team of our over-doubling-in-size-since-last-year­ Orange County’s Community Tech Groups: 1.JotHere.com/OCTech! –as I oversee that.
            1. N3JJ2Q=For administration/management work, having technical background especially in the topic is a plus but is NOT required; instead what’s required, indeed required of everyone, is being a good {follower and ideally leader}.
              N3JJ3Q=*So for instance, recruiters & managers & entrepreneurs can be perfect for this work, and can even go as high as overseeing the whole group!
              N3JL19=*Even for running our all-level at your own pace training (LUMBDI), I cleverly designed LUMBDI so one needs NO background in the topic being trained to run the training! –but still an interest in learning the topic is a big plus.
          2. N3JJE3=The main requirement is to appreciate and cooperate, including with the existing people & rules, and work together as a team, so everyone succeeds, including:
            1. N3JJ5N=Full respect & appreciation of admin & management -don’t undervalue the need & work as too many techies do. Realizing & heeding that just like running a business, running a community group, especially with one with this many members, requires just as much admin as tech.
            2. N45DNQ=Everyone checks his/her ego at the door; rather the goal is to see everyone succeeds & we work together as a team; including realizing in one activity or area x may be the boss of you but in another you may be the boss of x.”
            3. Google Image Search(salute) image 7*0+3N43290=[Always be ]loyal to & follow [your ]chain of command[, including]:
              • N432A0=[applies to just quote source:]–where here I’m your boss and my boss is OCPython and above that OC’s Python community and above that OC’s tech groups’ community,
              • N3EKK7=Overall do what’s expected & especially asked by those higher-ranking/titled than you, especially by your immediate boss, within the activity; and for everywhere you don’t or won’t, respectfully well warn-of & explain that.”
              • N3JJBK=Know & heed your place & position.
                N3JJCK=*”“Respectfully follow those with more[ years-experience and especially [more]-rank/title-in-the-job ]than you –[including ]as a leader is truly only as good as s/he is a follower” and “Respectfully lead[-else-assist] those with [less].. than you”.“
                N3JJDK=*Even in this unpaid & volunteer role, no insubordination.
            4. N3JM2O=Where you earn money and/or other tangible resources from your involvement here (as could readily happen with recruiters who find recruits by aiding and/or advertising-via us), a healthy portion of that goes to the group’s assets especially to appropriately pay back for the contributions to your success which the group and its leaders brought you, with profit from that fairly distributed among all the remainder group leaders proportionate to their contributions.
              N3JM3O=*What-is-earned aka profit is defined as gross income minus competitive-costs.
              N45BD4=*That healthy portion is 25% unless you otherwise officially negotiate in writing beforehand.
        2. Google Image Search(community love) image 7*1+4=q(WE HEART(love) OUR COMMUNITY)N4K5ON Mission First: For the purposes of our group, the top of everyone’s chain of command, so every participant’s, especially every staff member’s, top loyalty must be What’s Best for {The Community, which is all life-forms especially those {involved-in the topic and/or in the territory} of the group}.
          1. N4K77T Additional goals (as job leads, getting educated, becoming famous, etc.) are possible and encouraged, but this loyalty must be above all.
          2. N4K7F4 In the US Military, every soldier’s top loyalty is to be to the constitution –very correctly & brilliantly IMHO; so I adapted that to create this: something similar for community group participants especially staff.
        3. Google Image Search(loyalty) image 7*1+4=picture of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Regan getting loyalty up (close support: an affectionate hand on the solder) by (his apparently his near superior, president) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Reagan , followed by q(You've got to give loyalty down, if you want loyalty up. -Donald T. Regan); chosen for caption not for players as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Reagan_Administration deservedly gets mixed reviews and advocated http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reaganomics
 seems increasingly to overall failN4K6G0 Bring yourself up by raising others along with you.
          1. N4K6H2 This guideline1st told me pst2014.04.20Sun17~ by OCPython member abstentia as his way to (remarkably correctly) describe the way he always sees me lead. It seemed he thought I had already known of this directive, but, no, I just do that naturally.
          2. N4K6L8 I cannot find the original or leading source for this directive. (So if anyone knows, do share.)
            1. N4K6T4 OCPython member abstentia said he 1st heard it 10 or 20 years ago from a guy in IT.
        4. N4LVD5 Every participant is empowered & encouraged to participate to the best of his/her abilities.
          1. N4LVDD –per our “ask not” saying.
          2. N4LVER including
            1. N4LU3J Our every volunteer and staff member is a potential leader of us.
              1. N4LU53 We don’t require every volunteer and staff member to be a leader as we still need help even if it’s not leading people, Google Image Search(new leader) image 7*7but we’re ready to support & empower every volunteer to become a leader whenever s/he’s ready to!
              2. N4LU7A This rule is from my US soldiering as:
                1. Google Image Search(game of thrones khaleesi) image 7*5+2N4LUUA in the US military, every solider knows, no matter what his/her rank, s/he may be called upon to take charge including of other people, including temporarily whenever his/her superiors are incapacitated as easily happens in combat –and regularly happens in the civilian world, too!
      3. Google Image Search(job post) image 7*25+0=newspaper classified ads clipping centered around a big q(HELP WANTED) titled adN473OM Please carefully read our solicitations of you (here & referenced) and let me know: What if any of that description is NOT ideal for you?
        N4JOA2 section history in REVERSE order:

        1. N4JPAZ Factored out the topic into new parent #N4JP6F
        2. N4JOAN changed “..read the main post (if you haven’t already) and let me know what if any of that is NOT ideal for you” to present to make it generic & clearer including added “?” so it’s found per #N4JMQ1; broke off ending to its own point #N4JOTM
        1. N4JOTM –as everything in our solicitation is important to be in agreement with, so if there’s something not ideal for your there, we need to know now.
      4. N4JYIF BTW, for these (solicitation) writings, I plan to soon factor out the universal portions into JotHere post usable by most-any community group –as I already did for this article for all those benefits.
    13. N4JQVI The leadership we select vs. most Meetup leaders: we aim to be always respectable, so dramatically better.
      N4K45J section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N4K45X A few hours ago I added this, even though it’s kind of negative news and seemingly hasn’t fast come up, because I now to this very 1st batch of new leaders especially those doing Mission 1, I will have to right at the end of prep remind them of #N4JRU5 to properly explain how it’s possible that the present group head has been & still is the group founder & head for 4 years now, and with hundreds of members, but still has no business being a leader and definitely not a group head.
      1. Google Image Search(Meetup) image 7*0+1=Meetup logo selected per URL to be about 500px max then turned upside downN4JQYH Core Meetup warnings! –especially for group staff including organizers
        1. N4JR9Vappears to have become the # 1 website, indeed seemingly monopoly, for organizing significant local community groups on most any topic the community wants a group for.
          1. N4JRC4 Indeed of the 12+ member groups of OC Community Tech Groups, 11+ so ~92% are on Meetup,
            1. N4JRIW including 2 groups which have been resisting Meetup for over 10 years (OCJUG & OCLUG) now also putting their website on Meetup this year, due to increased pressures.
        2. N4JQZ0 initially looks wonderful, including to the new Meetup organizer, including with clearly most every important community group feature –well, um, the beginnings of  them.
        3. N4JR3N But when thinking Meetup, by default think “facade” for which Meetup HQ is 1st to blame, as unknown to many if not most people:
          1. N4JR1E On every topic Meetup gives the Head job of every county’s community group on every topic to essentially anyone: simply whomever is first to request it and pays them regularly, s/he then is the one who gets the Head job so gets most all the members (yes mostly just by being the first) and the monopoly on the topic.
          2. N4JRQZ And then that person can hand out memberships & even community leadership positions, and remove them, with 0 restraint (that I’ve ever witnessed): so “hire” & “fire” at will.
          3. N4JT2A And there are other serious woes of Meetup, including the ability to erase all records (so of course making it nearly impossible to keep people accountable for their bads and preserve credit for their goods).
          4. N4JRU5 This means, for any particular topic, a lot if not most community leaders empowered by Meetup who have 0 leadership training & certification and/or no business being a leader –at least not without certain restraints & training and still that may not be enough..
            1. N4JS01 Yes, they typically love their group’s topic and/or the popularity & power from having so many members under their control, and
            2. N4JSBX And yes they may be an expert in the topic (or the worst ever -yes, that happens, too),
            3. N4JSCU but they typically have almost no training & often little integrity in managing people.
          5. N4JSGS plus it means members and even sub-leaders can be shunned and thrown-out without warning and good reason (and for any declared reason; indeed Meetup allows the leader to hide who did the removal!), including for:
            1. N4JSO3 respectfully saying something which is true & significant that might rightfully expose wrongs of the group leaders –probably the most common “reason” for removal
            2. N4JSQ6 offering any alternatives (as alternative places to buy or work at) as Meetup does NOT require leaders to have serving-the-community be their #1 goal, so typically it’s not (rather it’s their business angles or popularity & ego)
          6. N4JSNS as, again, by design holes, Meetup hands out the community’s top leader jobs (effectively monopolies on the topic) to simply whomever asks them for it first (and of course consistently pays Meetup for it), and then (as much as Meetup can legally allow) lets these “leaders” do essentially whatever they want with that power & those people.
      2. as used on http://www.meetup.com/OC-Polyamory/ About Us point MQFG87: Google Image Search(integrity) image 8*13+3=poster q(INTEGRITY\IF IT IS NOT RIGHT, DO NOT DO IT.\IF IT IS NOT TRUE, DO NOT SAY IT[ if avoidable].\..)N4JTOY So in contrast to most Meetup groups, we aim to be always be respectable and “do right always regardless”, so are dramatically better.
        N4RHN3 section history in REVERSE order:

        1. N4RHNM in the img-tag alt-attribute, replaced every q(<br/>) with q(\) as WP, buggy, was taking that point forward as normal text.


        1. N4JXD7 by developing & spreading & following
          1. N4JXHU most importantly, rules for all members including participation basics especially VERY IMPORTANT Due-process
          2. N4JXJK processes & guidelines for finding & selecting & training both
            1. N4JYF6 members as what it takes to become & stay a member
            2. N4JYFH and staff as the solicitations which brought you here and this document
          3. N4METE Meetup shuns versioning & backup of the data we put there: has no plans to allow users access to prior versions of their data and refuses to enable users to make backups of their data. And it not entirely but commonly allows users to permanently delete others’ posts. So
            1. N4MF79 Naturally this is a big problem if you’re going to post anything important on Meetup, and of course if you collaborate with writing something (as an event listing), as virtually everything at sometime or another will get lost behind your back (deleted or overwritten) accidentally including carelessly or deliberately.
            2. N4MF7I So one must make archive copies of everything significant on Meetup before and/or after changing it.
              1. N4MFAK To do this, as we do, follow “url_archive_MAXUKI: a Google Drive folder for community-archiving of content of URLs especially web pages”–a well-proven repository & process I developed which solves this & much more.
          4. N4JXSM and significant additional “Universal Rules & Guidelines for Meetup.com L2PFGY LR7MKT
    14. Google Image Search(loyal) image 7*25+3=small boy stroking his big brown & blank German shepard dogN47XPU Looking forward to your fast & complete replies.

  2. N4IJV8 Dear leaders especially high-level, of any community group,

    1. N4IJWA If your community group isn’t yet using document or something similar, feel free to plus comment here sharing that you are and how it works for you.
    2. N4LOOW On the topic of every quality sizable group needing admin work
      1. N4LN58 Yes in the beginning a group often seems to start great without having to think much of admin & scaling, but that’s like unborn bird thinking it can continue living on its egg yolk forever: no, its got to very soon start using that energy find other much longer food sources or its life’s over!
        1. N4LMEW Yes in the beginning a group can start out by just a few already-close people, including just 1 person,
          1. N4LMV5 doing all the presentations and teaching everyone, and admin -but then the admin is simple because the “staff” is just that tiny already-close group.
        2. N4LMR4 But especially if unpaid for all that work, these people (or person)
          generally soon burn out (causing the group to peter out & die) if, be before that, they don’t recruit more people to do the work, and that’s real hard likely especially for them:

          1. N4LN06 possibly 3x harder than all the work they put in, because:
            1. N4LNP0 they’re likely tired now
            2. N4LNQZ their skill & focus & likely interest has been on the group’s topic, but now they’ve got to instead-or-also put huge thought and focus into admin & scaling the staff including leadership.
            3. N4LNTB if they aren’t getting paid seriously for their work, pay almost certainly won’t be for the newcomers.
            4. N4LNWN Quickly & easily, many-many times more staff  than the original tight founding team (or person)), including leaders, will be needed, as
              1. N4LO3H if no money to hire them, then many (say 4x) more workers will be needed get the same person*hours.
              2. N4LNY9 each of these new staff generally will have maybe 1/2 or 1/3 the ability & interest as each original staff  –for if they had they would have already started a group.
            5. N4LO8W a lot of admin innovations will near-immediately be needed to handle these new staff members because:
              1. N4LOAZ the first staff team was already close likely before the group started, but these new staff members are many/most/all strangers to that first team and each other.
              2. N4LODT this 2nd staff team and future will need to be several times larger than the 1st.
          2. N4LOIT so likely a lot harder than they ever imagined.

-end of WHAT TO DO


  1. N4E40F See WHAT TO DO.

-end of WHAT


  1. .

-end of WHY


  1. .

-end of WHEN


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-end of WHERE


  1. .
  2. N4UVNI SAMPLE from post template:

    1. .MNLAB7 See WHAT 

-end of COST


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  1. .


MDE167 POST ADDITIONAL TODO, roughly in order:

  1. .

-end of POST TODO

N4VHVR section history in order:

  1. N4VSL2 ~.5 days ago until now, added the 2 points then the field.
  2. N4VSMK put the field between the two points; rewrote 1st point from q(The author) to present; rewrote the ending point from (..attributed.) to present.


  1. MEMPEO The author listed by WordPress (on the top of this post).
  2. .
  3. MEMPF1: No one else unless attributed in this post.

-end of CREATORS


  1. N4E445 “community group MMPQ65”
    1. N4E45B “Meetup.com group LSXLEA”
  2. N4E4A1 “human _ LWQTZN”
    1. N4MPO5 “human staff N4MPO5” -create now
      1. N4MPV9 “human staff creating N4MPV9” -create now & add
      2. N4E4BH “human leader N4E4BH” –create
        1. N4E4EI “human leader creating N4E4EI” –create & add
  3. N4JY2KUniversal Rules & Guidelines for Meetup.com L2PFGY LR7MKT” –add, 1st reminded by #N4JXSM



  1. .



  1. N4VPWM additional=additional header info as name/title sub-term definitions and potentially subtitles. 
  2. N4I7DM This document I designed 1st for OCPython’s recruitment now (a technical Meetup group) but also for any unpaid-leader community group especially:
    1. N4I7KI technical, including, per its roots, assumes members (so possible recruits) generally know little about management & leadership & admin including vastly under-appreciate it plus mis-think it’s unnecessary especially in tech community group settings.
    2. N4I7PA English-speaking though JotHere’s widget “Translate into Language”N10GNL probably can make it work elsewhere.
  3. N4IXFH As seemingly everyone does live-voice with little problem else realizes the importance of live-voice being essential routine cases, why mention this at all? Because in my decades of leadership, since 2012 I ran across one significant tech person who doesn’t get this, and unfortunately I’m still having to work with this person as he is still technically my boss here (my filling in on behalf of the group since (many will agree) he was not doing any leadership -at least no direct interactions with anyone) and so will be our boss for anyone in this group. So I certainly can’t say this never happens nor that it will never affect you -it does & can- so I mention it; and indeed to prepare you let me tell you about where I’ve seen it happen, him:
    1. N4NL0P First his identity I want protected as especially as so far the problem has & seems to only affect our group, not other groups or the public, and could be awkward for him to talk about as his behavior is so unusual.
    2. N4IXF3 unlike anyone I’ve met in my lifetime: he has some sort of talk-on-phone phobia (based on some past experiences but that’s all he’ll say) he so refused to ever talk on the phone ever (yes even with me he’s 2nd in command), but he’s still unaware of what a serious problem he’s got & created for others, as he sees else admits-to 0 point of talking-by-voice for any admin or sensitive issues, trying to explain it to him goes in one ear and out the other, so he nearly always refuses to do this
      1. N4IXFC causing of course huge problems, including of course the need effective replacement leaders (to actually lead the group, but without the full-title so -power to fully do it, and easily not the proper credit), and who themselves will hopefully recruit more, as he can’t do the job,
    3. N4IXFK and worst of all, he apparently thinks he’s fine here, including even as a group head of hundreds of community members even though, by this & more, he has no business being a leader, and most definitely not Head leader
    4. N4NLTK –but please remember first to blame is Meetup who, by design holes, routinely make people community Heads when they have no business being a Head if a leader at all.
  4. N4MEUC -per Meetup’s original support thread on backup, which I posted on, but then, in moving to their new support system ~2013, Meetup also intentionally deleted all their existing support threads (since they started so for the last ~10 years) — no, I’m not making this up.


M31R7R POST HISTORY, in order: 

  1. N4UV18 from creation else ASAP, (this post is )an instance of _MSExWeb_DWT_1.N4SOGX.dwt
    1. N4UWZZ which is the 1st MS ExWeb (DWT=Dynamic Web Template) used by http://1.JotHere.com.
    2. N4UV45 so every region/field, when added/introduced, is initially a copy of the contents of that template
      1. N4UVAF which includes a sample entry/entries of what that field/value should contain.

  2. N4JZAG Initial history based on these motivations:
    1. N4E4PU originally an email draft (most of it) replying to OCPython respondent & volunteer {2=point N47YG3} in response to his email.
      1. N4E4X1 last format had problems per #N48S70
    2. N4E0QA so then become: http://www.meetup.com/OCPython/messages/boards/thread/43211762/0#119243292 and next post
      1. N4I84D per #N4I84D, “Posted 4/18/14 1:09 PM“–“pst2014.04.20Sun..1245”
        1. N47ZIR *–I first developed these now as part of replying back to my new volunteers starting with {my second respondent: point N47YG3 above}.

        N4E4T0 created a nice tutorial with prioritized Qs.

      2. N4E4U2 had problems posted in this location http://Meetup.com/OCPython/messages :
        1. N4E1CY by design mostly could be used for not just that group but for any community group especially English-speaking tech group and
        2. N4E1DA there now were no longer well fitting due to the 7500 character limit there (indeed by that already had to be broken up into 2 posts)
        3. N4E1F1 due to the limitations of that location, we’re not the best formatted especially in terms of KCGUIDs plus arbitrarily wide-column.
    3. N4E0RADestiny, motivated by last point, now created this post by: searched prior posts for the most recent in formatting (generally latest new post) then did “Copy to new draft” and that’s contents replaced with TBA then Insync-duplicated the draft file of that to create this post’s draft file, then that updated with a fresh ID then removed all not-to-be-copied content: 4375.N3ML92.htm version “N3MM65 .. pst2014.04.06Sun1811″ so-copied to 4383.N4E0RA.htm
      1. N4E1TV reformatted q(<sup><a class=”aself_KENC7Z” id=”M33YGV” href=”#M33YGV”>M33YGV</a></sup> title: <span style=”font-weight: bold; font-size: 175%;”>“[Title including hyperlinks to keywords]”</span>) to present version supporting multiple titles.
      2. N4E57S copied {unabridged except for #N4BH7T) all existing source contents to here notably to #N4E3Z7; 1st draft now pst2014.04.21Mon1019.
      3. N4I7W5 added #N4I7DM; #N4E3Z7: update format to location; pst2014.04.23Wed2003.
  3. N4J1CY #N4IYGY edits
  4. Google Image Search(new leader) image 7*~32+6N4KXF3 Fill the article with pics: qty from 0 to 15; -pst2014.04.25Fri0217; qty to 16 -pst2014.04.25Fri1006
  5. N4LKDI Looking for a way to preview pages offline so http://1.JotHere.com/ is assumed, per http://w3schools.com/tags/tag_base.asp (fails to use end-tag!), 1st time ever add a base-element: <base id=”N4LKC7″ href=”http://1.JotHere.com/” target=”_blank”/> but this messes up all local links notably anchors as this warns with only fix q(<a href=”${scriptname}#anchor”>jump</a>) and there is no such variable in general HTML; (I tried <a href=”.#N4JNL3″>ID</a>) but expectedly “.” ignored), so don’t use.
  6. N4LT65 from writing N4LPQQ a and subs, now realize this document would almost entirely apply to not just leaders but for anyone doing admin work, so make it so; a few more small improvements; update KCGUIDs; spellcheck; -pst2014.04.26Sat1034
  7. N4NJX0 along with some polishing, link testing & fixing: thru #N4K5ON; now have to pause; pst2014.04.26Sat1534
  8. N4PASF various improvements including new & full CSS includes.
  9. N4RGY1 resume #N4NJX0: done; spell-check; pst2014.04.28Mon1532; insure pic links all good; publish instance 1 now pst2014.04.28Mon1541
  10. N4V34S (at time linked) attach DWT per _MSExWeb_DWT_1.N4SOGX.dwt#N4T28S
  11. N4V2AW update DWT per _MSExWeb_DWT_1.N4SOGX.dwt#N4UX9U (so 1st making a field for each subsection); -pst2014.04.30Wed1350.
  12. N4VWNH repeat this time to do _MSExWeb_DWT_1.N4SOGX.dwt#N4VT3D: done!
  13. N4X0R2 repeat; spellcheck; publish again now  pst2014.05.01Thu1445.
  14. N50LJI do something#N50PJ9; pst2014.05.03Sat1315
  15. N50QYD:  did small fixes; publish again now pst2014.05.03Sat1514