Apr 282014

N4PKYB: q(http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-blog-features.php : updates to add beyond-theme custom file for {CSS:  more} & {JS: 1st})

  1. N4PKYU:  I now created this post by http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/admin.php?action=duplicate_post_save_as_new_post_draft&post=721
  2. N4PL98:  archive url_archive_MAXUKI\com_\JotHere_\1_\wp-admin\themes.php\&page=suffusion-options-manager\&tab=theme-options-blog-features.php\HTML.Chrome.N4PL98.htm
    1. N4PLCK:  create
    2. N4RCHN:  archive 2
    3. N53GY8:  archive 3
  3. N4QZHP:  (in logical order) explicitly save theme options:
    1. N4R0DD:  http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-intro.php -(Introduction) -> “Export all options to a file” save to   url_archive_MAXUKI\com_\JotHere_\1_\wp-admin\themes.php\&page=suffusion-options-manager\&tab=theme-options-intro.php\&_select=q(Export all options to a file)\suffusion-options.php\Chrome.N4R0DD.php
      1. N4R0NK:  create
      2. N4RCF8:  archive 2
      3. N53H0Q:  archive 3
  4. N4PLGG:  file stylesheet_N4=N4PLGG.css
    1. N4PLNC:  to store the latest CSS extensions
      1. N4R84E:  Seemingly always better than storing extensions in the text source file
        1. N4R88A:  by just insuring they are uniquely named via ideally KCGUID
      2. N4R88J:  Insert new extensions at the end just before N4QYWF
    2. N4PLOC:  now create by
      1. N4PMN9:  copying server.N4PEMZ.css (just for template not content)
      2. N4PMNQ:  Insync is suddenly taking terribly long to sync, reporting  “1975 files remaining” (when I’d expect 1 or 2),  so pause for it to do that.
      3. N4QYLB:  host per https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2881970?hl=en : in https://drive.google.com/#search/stylesheet_N4%3DN4PLGG.css  , set access from q(Anyone who has the link can view) to q(Public on the web) getting  https://googledrive.com/host/0B307OJ9W4BnBRUg3b09mWU9fcmc working.
      4. N4QYWF:  replace contents with just a test CSS including to see if file loads in a way which optimization hopefully won’t strip.
      5. N4R0SU:  before making any changes do N4R0NK
      6. N4R0WT:  set q(Second Additional Stylesheet link) aka ‘suf_custom_css_link_2’ from blank to above https://googledrive.com/host/0B307OJ9W4BnBRUg3b09mWU9fcmc
      7. N4R0X7:  start verify that new CSS is loading.
        1. N4R4H2:  I observe the theme (q(Suffusion – 4.4.7)) doesn’t combine the dme doesn’t combine the ‘suf_custom_css_link_(1|2|3)’ into 1 file which it delivers but they are individually requested (on every page load).
        2. N4R35R:  setting was saved but CSS content is still missing.
          1. N4R381:  add a valid CSS to source & reload.
          2. N4R3DU:  It’s loading now and probably was loading; seems I was looking in wrong address:
            1. N4R3FJ:  In Chrome inspector,
              1. N4R3I7:  “Sources” tab seems to only list  stylesheets in effect
              2. N4R3II:  Tab “Resources”.Frames.(4375).Sytlesheets appears to list all stylesheets.
      8. N4R3JD:  Move out to here ‘suf_custom_css_code’  per N4R3ND and verify it loads & works: yes.
      9. N4R4M3:   this file is loading in 0ms –excellent, says Chrome.Inspector.Timeline.
      10. N4R4NN:   for this q(The following cacheable resources have a short freshness lifetime:) (says Chrome.Inspector.Audit)  –many others do, too, so fixing this one  would likely make negligible difference.
      11. N4R4RD:  add import N4R7N7 and to here do moves {N4R7RO}
      12. N4RCDF:  seems to work great!
  5. N4RCEB:  Re-archive the 2 archives above
  6. N4RCJ9:  publish instance #1 now pst2014.04.28Mon0121: works!

  7. N53G4Y:  Do again to introduce first custom JavaScript:
    1. N53G6C:  On https://drive.google.com/#search/js_N4%3DN4X9V6.js (the file)
      1. N53GH5:  select sharing from q(Anyone who has the link can view) to q(Public on the web – Anyone on the Internet can find and view) so https://googledrive.com/host/0B1ockHRlkWsweWxBVEJ4dVB2b0E accessible.
      2. N53GPB:  In http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-blog-features.php q(First External JavaScript file) aka ‘suf_custom_js_file_1’  change from q() to that URL & save.
    2. N53GUY:  repeat N4RCEB
    3. N53H6E:  inspect results; yep the section mark of http://1.jothere.com/4383#N4VA0R appears & links.
    4. N53H9D:  update title to mention q(& JS); publish #2 now pst2014.05.05Sun0238.