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  1. MO3B4H URL(s) from most preferred: 
    N4VAFC section history in REVERSE order:

    1. N4WGD1 changed fr(URL(s)) to w/link.
    2. N4VC65 until now was just q(URL(s):)
    3. N4VC3Q 20min ago, added region urls_N4V8U8

    1. N5138I
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    3. N4WHJR replaced q(<ol id=”N4VA0R”><li><!– #BeginEditable “N4VA44” –>nothing<!– #EndEditable –></li></ol>) (note li-tag was to be moved in 1) with present so the default value (nothing):

      1. N4WIC4 PRO: has a KCGUID has a label (and given its the most typical, then typically making symmetric to neighboring entries)
      2. N4WIDK PRO: is standardized in template so easier to update and not mistakenly modified
      3. N4WINL is always present so
        1. N4WIOE PRO: strengthening the seriousness per the q( else) addition
        2. N4WIPS small CON: wastes an extra line when content added but in that case we want to call special attention here so being bigger (by a line) might actually be a part good.
      4. N4WIT3 tiny con: can’t be edited in present ExWeb WYSIWYG.

    N1S3YC terms-of-use: JotHere’s(right column) except:

    1. N4WHVR nothing else.
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    1. N4VAOM until now was q(N4E395 title(s) in reverse order: ) but since including image(s) here was new, gave it a new ID; used, instead of q(&) or q(then), q(+) to delicately-emphases other & combo plus short; it field image_then_name_s_N4VB1V -note it uses same multi-value format;
    2. N4VBGV wrap ol-tag with h1-tag: displays in latest { ExWeb: as small text & error and an empty h1 display before & after; Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari: fine}
    3. N4VH7X add #N4VH0O; decide to instead have the user put H1 directly around each title text as the user might already want to put the title in quotes plus that then allows the section history & especially any (displayed) user notes about the name not to be in h1 or equivalent.
    4. N4WGYL on field name, add <span class=”MBSHIS”>, no, <span class=”N4WGG5″>, to (make small) as this is expected so no need to see it.
    5. N4WK54 replace q(image) with q(pic) as shorter including 1 syllable and more familiar.
    6. N4WMAO name/title format of q(<a class=”aself_KENC7Z” id=”N4LTFQ” href=”#N4LTFQ”>N4LTFQ</a></sup>
      <h1>“..”</h1>) causes the ID to create its own line and be oddly small & spurious (so not appeared tied to anything), so changed to present example

    {pic+name}s from most preferred:

      1. image N4KJYF q(Try these too) image 5of5=8

        N513J5 “core rules & values of our group/organization/team of all”

      2. N20A33 section history in REVERSE order:

        1. .
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    N4VHVR section history in REVERSE order:

    1. N4WH43 repeat #N4WGYL
    2. N4VPTL found that cluttered so reduced to present
    3. N4VHW4 add for {inline name/title sub-term definitions} and maybe subtitles with title q(additional header (as name/title sub-term definitions))

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        1. .



    N5167R section history in REVERSE order:

    1. N516CR began this modeling after /4383#MEG922(WHAT TO DO).
  1. N515TH Everyone involved with us, you’ll want & need to know this!
      N515VI The more you’re involved, the more you’ll want & need to know this.

  2. N516EP Dear leaders especially high-level of any group/org/team, you may want to use this doc for your team, too!

    1. N516GX Just link to it (do not copy) in your group’s docs.

-end of WHAT TO DO


  1. N513UM Export from the source:
    N5140D section history in REVERSE order:

    1. .
    1. N4K5O3 quoting near the end of the main help-wanted post on OCPython:
      N4JPGJ section history in REVERSE order:

      1. N4PAFY replaced q(N3JJ2Q=..being a good follower and ideally a good leader.) with present accurate form
      2. N4NS23 replaced q(N43290=[Always be ]loyal to & follow [your ]chain of command) with a much extensive quote (and from Firefox) including on q(insubordination) as that has happened, with edits noted in it (a solid quote except N432A0 as that’s custom to the location); eventually this text will move to JotHere.
      1. N3JJFA=By default, everyone is unpaid, but there are big benefits…
        • N3JJGA=Time commitment is flexible: as big or as little as you have time to commit.
        • N3JJHA=Especially in your field, helps your colleagues & community, indeed makes that community happen!
        • N3JJIA=When finding talent to hire, gives you direct access to local cream of the crop.
        • N3JJJA=Looks great on your resume. And when you’re looking for clients & gigs or jobs, makes you a first pick among them and among recruiters!
        • N45UGN=And for further contribution & prestige, by proving yourself here, then get first chances to be selected for leadership a level higher: in the growing leadership team of our over-doubling-in-size-since-last-year­ Orange County’s Community Tech Groups:! –as I oversee that.
        1. N3JJ2Q=For administration/management work, having technical background especially in the topic is a plus but is NOT required; instead what’s required, indeed required of everyone, is being a good {follower and ideally leader}.
          N3JJ3Q=*So for instance, recruiters & managers & entrepreneurs can be perfect for this work, and can even go as high as overseeing the whole group!
          N3JL19=*Even for running our all-level at your own pace training (LUMBDI), I cleverly designed LUMBDI so one needs NO background in the topic being trained to run the training! –but still an interest in learning the topic is a big plus.
      2. N3JJE3=The main requirement is to appreciate and cooperate, including with the existing people & rules, and work together as a team, so everyone succeeds, including:
        1. N3JJ5N=Full respect & appreciation of admin & management -don’t undervalue the need & work as too many techies do. Realizing & heeding that just like running a business, running a community group, especially with one with this many members, requires just as much admin as tech.
        2. N45DNQ=Everyone checks his/her ego at the door; rather the goal is to see everyone succeeds & we work together as a team; including realizing in one activity or area x may be the boss of you but in another you may be the boss of x.”
        3. Google Image Search(salute) image 7*0+3N43290=[Always be ]loyal to & follow [your ]chain of command[, including]:
          • N432A0=[applies to just quote source:]–where here I’m your boss and my boss is OCPython and above that OC’s Python community and above that OC’s tech groups’ community,
          • N3EKK7=Overall do what’s expected & especially asked by those higher-ranking/titled than you, especially by your immediate boss, within the activity; and for everywhere you don’t or won’t, respectfully well warn-of & explain that.”
          • N3JJBK=Know & heed your place & position.
            N3JJCK=*”“Respectfully follow those with more[ years-experience and especially [more]-rank/title-in-the-job ]than you –[including ]as a leader is truly only as good as s/he is a follower” and “Respectfully lead[-else-assist] those with [less].. than you”.“
            N3JJDK=*Even in this unpaid & volunteer role, no insubordination.
        4. N3JM2O=Where you earn money and/or other tangible resources from your involvement here (as could readily happen with recruiters who find recruits by aiding and/or advertising-via us), a healthy portion of that goes to the group’s assets especially to appropriately pay back for the contributions to your success which the group and its leaders brought you, with profit from that fairly distributed among all the remainder group leaders proportionate to their contributions.
          N3JM3O=*What-is-earned aka profit is defined as gross income minus competitive-costs.
          N45BD4=*That healthy portion is 25% unless you otherwise officially negotiate in writing beforehand.
    2. Google Image Search(community love) image 7*1+4=q(WE HEART(love) OUR COMMUNITY)N4K5ON Mission First: For the purposes of our group, the top of everyone’s chain of command, so every participant’s, especially every staff member’s, top loyalty must be What’s Best for {The Community, which is all life-forms especially those {involved-in the topic and/or in the territory} of the group}.
      1. N4K77T Additional goals (as job leads, getting educated, becoming famous, etc.) are possible and encouraged, but this loyalty must be above all.
      2. N4K7F4 In the US Military, every soldier’s top loyalty is to be to the constitution –very correctly & brilliantly IMHO; so I adapted that to create this: something similar for community group participants especially staff.
    3. Google Image Search(loyalty) image 7*1+4=picture of getting loyalty up (close support: an affectionate hand on the solder) by (his apparently his near superior, president) , followed by q(You've got to give loyalty down, if you want loyalty up. -Donald T. Regan); chosen for caption not for players as deservedly gets mixed reviews and advocated
 seems increasingly to overall failN4K6G0 Bring yourself up by raising others along with you.
      1. N4K6H2 This guideline1st told me pst2014.04.20Sun17~ by OCPython member abstentia as his way to (remarkably correctly) describe the way he always sees me lead. It seemed he thought I had already known of this directive, but, no, I just do that naturally.
      2. N4K6L8 I cannot find the original or leading source for this directive. (So if anyone knows, do share.)
        1. N4K6T4 OCPython member abstentia said he 1st heard it 10 or 20 years ago from a guy in IT.

    4. N4LVD5 Every participant is empowered & encouraged to participate to the best of his/her abilities.

      1. N4LVDD –per our “ask not” saying.
      2. N4LVER including
        1. N4LU3J Our every volunteer and staff member is a potential leader of us.
          1. N4LU53 We don’t require every volunteer and staff member to be a leader as we still need help even if it’s not leading people, Google Image Search(new leader) image 7*7but we’re ready to support & empower every volunteer to become a leader whenever s/he’s ready to!
          2. N4LU7A This rule is from my US soldiering as:
            1. Google Image Search(game of thrones khaleesi) image 7*5+2N4LUUA in the US military, every solider knows, no matter what his/her rank, s/he may be called upon to take charge including of other people, including temporarily whenever his/her superiors are incapacitated as easily happens in combat –and regularly happens in the civilian world, too!
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  2. N4UVNI SAMPLE from post template:

    1. MNLAB7 See WHAT

-end of COST


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MDE167 POST ADDITIONAL TODO, roughly in order:

  1. .

-end of POST TODO

N4VHVR section history in order:

  1. N4VSL2 ~.5 days ago until now, added the 2 points then the field.
  2. N4VSMK put the field between the two points; rewrote 1st point from q(The author) to present; rewrote the ending point from (..attributed.) to present.


  1. MEMPEO The author listed by WordPress (on the top of this post).
  2. .
  3. MEMPF1: No one else unless attributed in this post.

-end of CREATORS


  1. TBA.
  2. N4UVT7 SAMPLE from post template:

    1. N4E445 “community group MMPQ65”
      1. N4E45B “ group LSXLEA”
    2. N4E4A1 “human _ LWQTZN”
      1. N4MPO5 “human staff N4MPO5” -create now
        1. N4MPV9 “human staff creating N4MPV9” -create now & add
        2. N4E4BH “human leader N4E4BH” –create
          1. N4E4EI “human leader creating N4E4EI” –create & add
    3. N4JY2KUniversal Rules & Guidelines for L2PFGY LR7MKT” –add, 1st reminded by #N4JXSM



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  1. N4VPWM additional=additional header info as name/title sub-term definitions and potentially subtitles. 
  2. .


M31R7R POST HISTORY, in order: 

  1. N4UV18 from creation else ASAP, (this post is )an instance of _MSExWeb_DWT_1.N4SOGX.dwt
    1. N4UWZZ which is the 1st MS ExWeb (DWT=Dynamic Web Template) used by
    2. N4UV45 so every region/field, when added/introduced, is initially a copy of the contents of that template
      1. N4UVAF which includes a sample entry/entries of what that field/value should contain.

  2. N512NY Shortly after creating /4383#N4K5FN I realized that really belongs in it own artcile. But wanted to develop this templating system used here before creating more.
    1. N512WQ so I created this post by doing ~”new instance” on the template, then updated values to fit; also did with title this ID to create the post.
      1. N51348 starting from q(N50PNP:  do #N50PJ9 & some additions; pst2014.05.03Sat1508 ) file 4396.N51348.htm
    2. N516SM moved that text to here #N513UM
  3. N516VM wrote initial What to do; pst2014.05.03Sat2056
  4. Just before, loaded in Brackets.Io which spotted 8 HTML parenthesis bugs from MS ExWeb which I fixed; full details at/ending N52DC2 . >
  5. Reformatting remaining; publish 1st version now pst2014.05.05Mon1023