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      2014.08.10Sun Seattle March to the Match family & friends outing

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  3. our family reunion event 2014.08.10Sun18:00-21:30~ in Seattle which I’m hosting of
    1. Who wants to join me? For which sub-events? –pick either or both

      1. Simply reply-post to the post linking you to this post, else reply-post(comment) on this post here, else contact me by other means
    2. The 2 sub-events are March to Match then watch the match:
      1. 6:00pm-7:30pm: “one of the best traditions in American sports” is happening right at our reunion and the seemingly best part (the patron march) is free! —Seattle’s nationally famous March to the Match.
        1. Even though I’m 2 states away, I first heard about last this last year seeing broadcast this video (starts at voting and the march but watch all 1.5 minutes if you’ve time) from HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel  –“We would never believe this could take place in America” -concludes the team owner in this YouTube clip.
        2. Some additional good coverage:
          1. a picture tells 1000 words: at Lucy P.‘s suggestion, see Google Images of “Seattle sounders march to the match” for the many latest popular pics.
          2. a top armature video of one of the March to the Match
          3. A soccer blog entry on the Real Sports episode 
        3. The march begins at Seattle’s Pioneer Square, which is also is the city’s original downtown area and a major tourist attraction with old architecture, shops, parks, and restaurants.
        4. And the fans do this their big march every time the team has a home game, says the YouTube clip.
        5. Why I find this hot…
          1. is seemingly the same/similar reasons Real Sports chooses to feature this nation/world-wide (along with its other stories it carefully picks).
          2. is it’s being socially pioneering in positive ways, specifically:
            1. it’s top community spirit as every community should have but seemingly few do
            2. it’s free
            3. As far as professional sports go, this is apparently the first major-league team in the US to import & do certain great management things (in sports) before only done in the rest of the world especially Europe
              1. 2 great pioneering aspects:
                1. unlike ubiquitous American football which is complex and regularly causes injuries including eventually deadly head injuries (reveals Real Sports), this is about simpler & safer soccer
                2. the team fans opinions are seriously solicited by the team owners (indeed here 4x per year!) about how the team should be run, including “Barcelona rules, which is [the fans] can vote out the general manager every four years ..and once you get the general manager out they can vote their own in…”*, as highlighted near the start of that YouTube Real Sports clip, indeed why the team owner says he acquired the team!
              2. and in doing so, may start trend here (as I would hope) for other US sports teams to follow, though (sadly) so far I’m not yet seeing that or else it’s not certain (but maybe you spread the world and help change this!)…
                1. For instance, notice how watching the FIFA(soccer) World Cup this year (2014) now became notably more popular and important here in the US,  🙂 though, to be fair, in prior years I wasn’t checking that.
                2. including I calculated compared to “American football”, Google searches for “soccer” in the US (looking at the significant data: the season peaks) grew in the last 4 years 48% (from 2010.07 with 27 to 2014.07 with 35), whereas football grew 33% (75 to 100), though I must note in 2006.06 “soccer” searches was just as popular as today so that trend isn’t sure.
                3. Google Search “vote general manager sports” shows to me (page 1) that indeed this sports team Sounders were first in 2012 to do this but seems to show no other teams yet.
        6. Aside: HBO’s Real Sports is a great nationwide if not international TV series, not about the usual sports games, but about sports politics, indeed it’s what I term The Rachel Maddow Show for Sports, unearthing the sports gaming industry’s notable political corruption & pioneers.
          1. As such, it, and other video/movies on sports politics, as Invictus (2009), are the only “sports watching” I find interesting –unlike most men.
      2. 7:30pm-9:30pm~: for us to watch if you want, there’s a home game (Seattle-Sounders vs. Houston Dynamo), so why the march to it
        1. Currently ~380 tickets to the game are still available
          1. with some as low as $35 to $40 (lowest cost),
            1. including the coolest I found “Section 120 – This section is located in or surrounding our Supporter Section. Please expect 90 minutes of flag waving, standing, chanting and cheering. <br/>US $35.00 – US $50.00”
        2. I don’t much enjoy watching sports as I shared, and even more when it will cost $35 up (yes even if that might be a good price), so I will skip this part of the event unless other family/friends wants to go
        3. If we go, I’d prefer the Section 120 where even if watching sports is not so fun for me, watching and meeting the top-supporter fans certainly will be fun! 🙂
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