Dec 102014


  1. NGCZ8G:  Short URL:
  2. NGCVKT:  Dear members plus whomever concerned,
  3. NGCVLC:  After being a UU for ~10 years, I found there a notable young adult storage, so to well solve that, I founed quote(UUYA(Unitarian Universalist Young Adults association) including notably (US.CA.Orange County chapter))
  4. NGCVOL:  But after working extremely hard for ~6 months creating these UUYA organizations, I gave it up, and am now closing them permanently,
    1. NGCVRD:  this is why:
      1. NGCVS5:  First, it overwhelmingly one of our county’s upcoming UU minister malignly destroyed our group out of jealousy.
        1. NGCVXE:  at 1 of the 5 UU congregations in Orange County, there was already a young adult group just for that congregation, run and I-think-founded by an upcoming minister.
        2. NGCVY0:  I never thought of nor portrayed this existing group as competitive. Rather I saw & said & aimed my Meetup group to unify & work together the groups of each of the county’s 5 congregations, and my UUYA to potentially & eventually unify work together the UU young adult groups across the world, so each local group was not reinventing this complex wheel (of building young adult presence, particular tough in this case) and would work together.
        3. NGCW44:  This young upcoming minister, to my face, heartily agreed & said he was supporting me, but actions speak louder than words, and months later I found behind the scenes his support was faked, that rather he was setting me up to undermine me (per his real actions long term) –he apparently secretly fiercely jealous that my organization was set to grow much bigger & potentially better than what his was ever slated to be, so instead of wanting to be a part of that, he actually did all sorts of underhanded things to destroy it for everyone, most of this  by using his trust by the community to spread negative faked gossip about me behind my back so that we would loose all official endorsement of our cause, which is what indeed happened.
        4. NGCWFH:  But one bad apple, even a big one as this, did destroy our initial big effort, but still was not was destroyed my interest in the effort, as there will always be some underminers, always be a bad apple.
      2. NGCWDQ:  No, what really killed for me, indeed even killed my subscribing to UU from then after, plus did the same for my mother (who had been UU since birth!), was not this one evil-doing aspiring minister, but how the authorities above him responded to him.
        1. NGCWMT:   4 out 5 of our county”s UU ministers (1 for each congregation), violated core UU principles and dismissed/disowned, never even asking me if this hearsay was true (it was all faked),  even my own local congregation’s minister –who had said to me & my family he would be there for me– apparently from now fear of doing anything contrary to his minister peers–. Most shocking of all, the district manager, overseeing them all and indeed several times more ministers (all S.Cal & Nevada), took this same severe UU principle violating behavior against me.
        2. NGCWWH:  I and my my mother were shocked. I and only done notable good yet, trivially tricked by faked hearsay, 4 out of 5 ministers plus even the district manager was violating their own UU principles so thinking & working against me.  The sickness of it all made me want to vomit.
        3. NGCX0G:  But what could I say? Really nothing, within the rules of UU –as one of the core believes of UU is that its principles (aka rules)  UU are themselves optional!
          1. NGCX1R:  So then YES the “police man” can say he doesn’t get a ticket if he recklessly runs a red light as he’s a police man so he doesn’t get tickets, only gives them(!) –fortunately, that is NOT the law
          2. NGCX3Z:  But indeed that is the effective rule in UU.
          3. NGCX51:  Yes before I thought the fact that UU principles themselves, being heavily unjudgemental, was nice & good thing.  Until I saw here how it rampantly abused.
          4. NGCX72:  Now I could see what UU really was: my way of phrasing it: it’s government with 2 of the 3 branches missing: the legislative (making rules), but no executive (to execute them)  & judicial (to judge them).  Clearly that wouldn’t work for any government, so no surprise it wasn’t working, really work, could at most just pretend to work, for any religious organization, either.
        4. NGCXOH:  Even conservative religious, such as Catholic or even extremist religions, have rules & beliefs where there are serious consequences for not following them. They may often be bad & stupid & harmful  rules & beliefs, but at least the are real rules. But UU had become so liberal it, by policy, was fully spineless.
        5.  NGCXEM:  And this believe that even the religion’s principles/rules are optional, with no one to hold them to it indeed seemingly we shouldn’t even really judge if they don’t do them, this believe apparently goes up to the top level of the religious organization, presumably for all its existence, so seems isn’t about to change any time soon.  It would appear UU is so suck in this way it would never see its mistakes & change –or at least that would take enormous effort beyond which I cared to give.  UU was so small anyway (only ~800K members, and not growing, last I heard), it would be easier to start something fresh.
        6. NGCXS3:  So from this,  me I left UU permanently, after 10 years of service and even founding a serious scalable young adult solution. And my mother, after a life time of subscribing, left UU as well.
        7. NGCXW6:  This is not to say one can’t learn a lot from UU; one can and should.  But I emphatically recommend NOT subscribing to it as any sort of remotely complete value system,  as it has the fatal flaw of being spineless: all rules are fully optional including apparently without judgement.
        8. NGCXZV:  There is no religion now I could really endorse except to limited degree:
          1. NGCY0X:  Buddhism sounds best of the major ones.
          2. NGCY1V:  I feel a religion needs to be created that is like UU but also adds the missing executive & judicial branches, not just legislative.
            1. NGCY4T:  But creating a religion is a big job and  not something I’m up for right now, maybe later. 🙂
      3. NGD39J:  An amusing minor update: ~1.5 years later I stumbled upon the daughter of that incoming priest (she was working reception in a restaurant I 1x ate at: Sure Fire Grill). She said her father had been thrown out of UU so was no longer involved it it.
        1. NGD3EC:  So likely the guy who got away abusing us went right on abusing.
        2. NGD3HC:  A tiny encouraging that it appears UU leadership were eventually able to see his evil ways.
        3. NGD3IN:  But was never directly told of this, and most important I & the organization the UU officials destroyed never got any apology to say nothing of amends. So no real progress has been seen.
      4. NGCY5E:  And while this organization & group I designed & built could potentially be continued by other persons, indeed Meetup encourages this for Meetup group and in most cases that makes sense,
        1. NGCY90:  here that is bad as:
          1. NGCY9B:  I explain above UU I see as fatally flawed as far as being complete values as it suggests,  so I would consider myself being bad to the people of the world to be further  contributing to any organization endorsing it, yes even if I created the organization.
          2. NGCYFK:  The UU name is trademarked by the UU official organization, and, as the creator of UUYA, I don’t want to get into any trademark wars, especially now seeing official UU’s deep, indeed here abusive, misbehavior.
        2. NGCYL5:  so I choose Meetup to permanently close the group
          1. NGD645:  Prior to it getting closed, I made a hopefully 100% backup of the website (painfully manually, and took ~3hours, because Meetup apparently fails to support backup by design,  probably to strong-arm you to pay to host to keep the data from being lost). If anyone nees access to this backup, just contact me.
          2. NGD8PK:  Closing announcement email (sent minutes before closing) quote(
            From: Lucy Parker <>
            Date: Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 3:42 AM
            Subject: [UUYA-US-CA-OC] now this Meetup group & UUYA permanently closing –read why, you likley need to know

            Read why; if you’re doing or considering UU, you very likely need to know: [–links to this article] )

          3. NGD957:  And per & at “Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 3:50 AM” email, this Meetup group closed
    2. NGCYMR:  My condolences to the members who joined this group in earnest. I hope the news above, while unplesant to realize, will give you new & better directions.
    3. NGCYP2:  Should anyone wish to contact me regarding this, you can do so via this website, as by posting a comment (see register/create account) else via the special email for this
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