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  1. NHJ5JP:  Title: Wifi Internet for Simulsquad™ and similar meetings
  2. NHJ5KU:  Difficulty: seems to me pretty hard (since started ~2012) since
    1. NHJ7RS:  Still many otherwise good venues don’t wireless Internet, else it’s not reliable,
    2. NHJ7SA:  cellular Internet is costly, and while prices are dropping, seems demands (as video: Netflix) are increasing, so do not see a future where it truly can be given away free
    3. NHJ7VN:  how easily share cellular Internet, espeically someone often unknowingly racking up big expenses, isn’t readily known, including given evey meeting has several newcomers.
  3. NHJ5W0:  Goals, from the generally hardest first:
    1. KEP2DU:  Without troubling anyone else, monitors each device’s Internet use (in the cost is linked to: bytes transmitted) and allows the device owner to be instantly notified if a device’s usage is high, and/or  shut off its supply, at limits the owner sets for it
      1. NHJ74P:  The real problem is:
        1.  NHJ75J:  Anyone can have a high-Internet consuming task on their device (YouTube, BitTorrent or any other video download, a large folder sync task) and use up a high amount of this expensive Internet, likely without anyone knowing it until it’s too late, even them.
          1. NHJ79I:  Just this month I did it myself: used my 4G to provide service to my new computer where I had forgot I had just installed Insync which was syncing up 9GB of my data files, and used up 2.5GB of my 4G Internet in only a ~3hrs, before I noticed it.
        2. NHJ7DV:  With the incrediably fast speeds of cellular Internet, as 12Mbps which is 12x faster than my and typical home Internet connection, one can eat up their data allotment at frightening rates indeed here 12x faster than they could do at home.
    2.  NHJ65G:  Without troubling anyone else, easily allows & requires the device owner to fairly pay for the device’s use: for as many bytes as the device needs, and generally only for what it actually uses.
    3. NHJ6C6:  From revenues the system collects, easily pays the system owners & promoters and potentially event hosts perportunate to the use of the system.
    4. NHJ85X:  Support pseudoanynomous users, especially users do not have to reveal their legal identity
      1. NHJ889: now key due to Snowden’s revelations
    5. NHJ6PM:  Supports 1 to say 15 attendees, with say 8 being typical.
    6. NHJ6MB:  Allows every attendee simultenously to connect 1 to 3 devices.
      1. NHJ6QR:  This is a problem with the hotspots (or at least their firmware) so far provided by the big carriers (as T-Mobile, Verizon) as most artificially & needlessly limit to to say 10 to 5 devices.
    7. NHJ8LQ:  Has coverage most everywhere one wants to hold a meeting
      1. NHJ8OQ:  This has been and seems to be notable problem with WiMax solutions notably FreedomPop
    8. NHJAKQ:  Ideally else when-needed a single LAN for all attendees
      1. NHJALQ:  so to share
        1. NHJAMC: the Chromecast(s) –frequently (& requires same-LAN)
        2. NHJAPZ:  fast and at 0-cost, share:
          1. NHJAMV:  computer screens fast –semi-regular
          2. NHJANJ:  files –potential and has occurred especially when installing IDEs and installfest meetings
    9. NHJ6N7:  Allows every attendee simulanteously to read web pages composed of text & some pictures & voice-quality audio, but not high-quality audio & video, and 1 person (or say the group) to stream HD video.
      1. NHJ6VG:   This is not at a problem with today’s better services (3G and especially 4G aespecially 4GLTE). which generally could do several times this.
  4. NHJ7ZB:  Solutions, from seemingly best, soon with links to details:
    1. NHJ805:  custom firmware hotspot with a hotspot billing service
      1. NHJ939:  problem: a lot of time to locate & develop inexpensive hardware
      2. NHJ93Y:  status: under development by me
    2.  NHJ82Z:  Karma service
      1. NHJ91W:  problems: fails goal NHJ6C6 and seemingly/probably NHJ85X, and possibly 0 to 50% more costly to use than NHJ805
      2. NHJ92N:  status: under investigation by Amanda & me.
      3. NHJ9WI:  one pro: founding concept seems clever & powerful
      4. NHJ9WI:  One con: cool  but official website is a mess, near disaster, as far as fully spelling out how it works & what it costs; details are via blog (so is it currrent) so it seems you’ll only really know by obtaining one or reading 3rd party reviews.
      5. NHJ9S4:  How the sharing works?
        1. NHJA43:  Like most details, not clear by official website.
        2. NHJAHS:  http://www.androidcentral.com/karma-wifi-hotspot-review explains some.
        3. NHJA9C:  Can a user buy the data they need without buying a device?  -this is essential
          1. NHJAAB:  So far I cannot find the answer posted
          2. NHJABX:  It would be officially explaned on http://hotspot.yourkarma.com (from https://yourkarma.com/start) but apparently that is (mistakenly) only visible when surfing thru a Karma device.
    3. NHJ8SQ:  Using the hotspot devices, especially firmware, provided by at least T-Mobile & Verizon  & probably FreedomPop
      1. NHJ9GL:   can limit each device’s use, but doesn’t alert the device owner when running low and needs the hotspot owner be interrupted to fix & correct this and manually manage funds collection else collect a lot of funds.
      2. NHJ9GW:  With a T-Mobile ZTE MF96, I do this & plan to continue doing this until better solution found
    4. NHJ8QH:  An Android hotspot app with all the needed features
      1. NHJ9M1:  doesn’t seem to exist (other than Karma),
      2. NHJ9MH:  FoxFi is closest I’ve found, which falls short but which I use & continue to use when having nothing better.
  5. NHJ6YM:  Our work on this issue (who & how much)
    1. NHJ6Z5:  I”ve been working on this since ~2012, placing a few weeks hard work into it, plus several purchases (hotspot, router, devices, service) totalling ~$500, and trying these at meetings.
    2. NHJ7KI:  At last meeting Amanda ordered a Karma to see if that would help.
    3. NHJ7NR:  A few of our attendees have brought and shared a hotspot as free FreeedomPop.
    4. NHJ72J:  I and several of our meeting attendees have configured their smartphones to be a wfi hotspot and shared it with the attendees.
  6. NHJ7P3:  Post history
    1. NHJ7PQ:  created this post as a 1st starter draft, with more work to come.