Jan 152016

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  2. NZ23L1 ‘completeness stage’ CONSTRUCTING

  3. O18FT1:  Thoug I developed these rules independently, ‘Johnny Mercer‘s 1944
    song ‘Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive’ had the start of the idea here in its lyrics
    ‘Eliminate the negative ..’

    NZ3GR7 ‘name anew’

    1. O108YK ‘‘minimize ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’ :NIDF7K’ :NIDF50

    2. O104ON “avoid-including-minimize surprises especially unpleasant”
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  6. NYM1YV ‘definition’‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s’ (else in ‘NOLDef’ to-be)
    1. remaining sections
    2. O18G6X:  compared to ‘’
    3. O10G8O:   ‘-’  ‘‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’
      1. O11W4V:   ‘completeness stage’ ‘1st draft ~50% complete :O11W8C
      2. O11ZVW:  ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
        1. O11ZWA:  generally says what it means
        2. O11ZWQ:  where here one considers & ensures-fair the change to, includinging happiness/welfare of, every creature affected, not just to the doer(s).
          1. O18DY2:  so as if {the name :O11WI2} has an implied ending of ‘for some creatures/persons involved’ :O18DY2
      3. O10G93:  come from, from roughly most problematic,
        1. O15UJ0:  lack of respect/consideration shown especially to others
          1. O15UG6:  due to 1 or more:
            1. O15V0T:  selfishness, especially “people are readily socially disposible” as is typically & increasingly commonplace in higher {populated and/or web-“connected”} areas
            2. O15V1H:   ignorance
            3. O15V1T:  occassionaly stupidity
          2. O10IO4: specifically a change typically quickly seen as as positive for the doer (such as quit or and/or skip a group/activity) so which is done but which is negative to especially others in ways doer didn’t appropriate accomodate for
          3. O10G9M:  more specifically, deciding for, especially doing/allowing, a {change or something} {potentially unplesant/negative especially for others}…
            1. O10GE2:  without doing ‘significantly & solidly ‘{reduce  ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’} :O11YW3’ :O15YRJ
            2. O10J33:  including from sources, from typically most problematic IMHO
              1. O10J3H:  quitting else reducing participation/attendance in an {agreed, including implicity agreed} activity, relationship, or/and group
                1. O10JXQ:  especially where significant people probably think it’s going at least ok
              2. O10J7G:  removing, as deleting, else reducing-access-to, content or other resources by/from {anyone except perhaps oneself}
              3. O10K5M:  allowing & especially enabling/encouraging belief of hearsay/gossip, especially negative about creature(s)
              4. O10J9S:  otherwise inflicting hurt on others or/and oneself
            3. O15UPV:  often because its typically quickly seen as positive for the doer
              1. O15UQS:  including as systems, most immediately Meetup, make it (such as quitting a group & deleting) way too easy
        2. O10KYZ:  negative acts of nature beyond our present control, especially unwarned & unpredictable
          1. O15UV6:  –listed last as modern humans pretty much have these under control
      4.  ‘per def’
        1. ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
          1. -1 ‘1’
          2. 0
            1. ‘Wikipedia’
            2. O11YV0:  ‘maker’ original
          3.  1 ‘1’
        2. ‘unique pros thru cons’
          1. ‘notable pros thru cons’
      5. O11WI2:  ‘name anew’ :O11WI2
        1. O18DC7:   ‘‘motivation or source or change’ ‘in reverse start order’’
          1. O18DDB:  in fewest practical words, create an English {description so filter} of human behavior that I’ve seen…
            1. O18DUL:  that catches/focuses-on most all the significant problems but not {capturing else notably targeting} the good acts
              1. O18EI1:  –notably instead of  {focusing on the positive}
                1. O18EJD:  yes even though {not {focusing on the positive}} sounds backwards from an attitude standpoint as say by the song
            2. O18DTR:  using a good test case such as {Meetup.com “community” behavior, which has tons indeed shocking amount of bad, including worst of any social network I know}
        2. O18C9Z:  ‘changes possibly {negative or unexpected or ungradual}’
          1. O18CNT:  compared to O165NB, ‘fast’ replacement ‘ungradual’
            1. O18CQB:  pro: clear what meaning is
            2. O18CP8:  con: defined in few dictionaries
        3. O165NB:  ‘changes possibly {negative or unexpected or quick}’ :O165NB
          1. O1668U:  compared to {last: O127GJ}, IMHO notably better as appropriately…
            1. O16684:  broader coverage as
              1. O1669A:  ‘unexpected’ covers more than its extreme, ‘surprise’
              2. O166A5:  ‘quick’ covers more than its extreme, ’sudden’
              3. O166AU:  ‘possibly’ added, indeed over all attributes O166DY
              4. O166DY:  not always {wrapped-around, so requring} {‘unplesant’, now called ‘negative’} :O166DY
            2. O166CB:  rather than O166DY –covers all 3 attributes symmetrically –very elegant!
            3. O166IG:  ‘negative’ sounds more professional & exact than ‘unplesant’
            4. O166HQ:  ~15% fewer characters
        4. O18C22:  ‘changes possibly not {positive & expected & gradual}’
          1. O18CFU:  compared to O165NB, notable pros thru cons
            1. O18C9K:  ‘quick’ replacement ‘not gradual’
              1. O18CCE:  notable pros thru cons
                1. O18CCN:  more comprehensive & exact and a good way, as the goal is ‘gradual’ and perhaps ‘incremental’
                2. O18CE9:  con: quite a bit longer including more sylabuls.
            2. O18CG6:  ‘negative’ replacement ‘not positive’
              1. O18CHP:  more comprensive –a maybe small pro
              2. O18CJK:  more words, so including a bit more to use it to ‘spot’ the problems
                1. O18E9N:  most notably, it seems it would regularly lead to comclusions such as ‘Well stealing is positive… for me’ so enable forgetting/ignoring (the act being NOT positive) ‘‘for some creatures/persons involved’ :O18DY2
            3. O18CLB:  gives a misleading suggestion that all good things must be ‘positive & exected & gradual’
        5. O166XM:  informally ‘drama’
          1. O167EP:  …as defined not-exactly but best at urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=drama (chosen from among the first ~7 entries of google.com/search?q=define+”drama”)
          2. O1690Z:  but, as with O165G0 but not quite as bad, many if not most people today mis-react emotionally if not also intellectually that {saying something negative will practically avoidably create bad so ‘drama’}, but we want negatives being appropriately shared, so in general {spell it out, so O165NB}
        6. O16069:  canceled: ‘unplesantness’ :O16069
          1. O165G0:  –but many/most do {{telling why if negative, what we really want all to do} is unplesant to hear so say, so then don’t say it}, so this readily backfires, so over simplified, Lucy now points out. :O165G0
        7. O127GJ:  ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’ :O127GJ
          1. O127LJ:   ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’
          2. O127HB:  where ‘especially sudden’ just added as there regularly exists {unpleasant changes which are sudden but not surprises} and that is still regularly in-between in increasing worseness
            1. O127P3:  for instance, in relationship especially romance, for known reasons, typical cases of quitting it entirely instead of scaling it down around half-way.
        8. O11WZZ:  ‘unpleasant changes especially surprises’
          1. O11YN9:  ‘rendering anew’  ‘‘unpleasant changes especially surprises’
          2. O11X2V:  where ‘especially’  ‘compared to’ ‘including’
            1. O11X7L:  ‘notable pros thru cons’
              1. O11X5U:  puts emphasis on what is generally more reducable.
          3. O11YHJ:  ~12 hr ago, add ‘[unplesant] changes’ because the goal to reduce ideally minimize…
            1. O11YJY:  results out of corrective work per ‘something better instead ..:O10GFL
            2. O11YJC:  applies to them as well
        9. O10AVM ‘unpleasant surprises’ as
          1. O10AZH a ‘pleasant surprise’ appears never bad provided it doesn’t lead to ‘unpleasant surprises’ which is still covered against.
        10. O11WWX:  ‘surprises especially unpleasant’ from & at NIE5C0
        11. O11WQH:  see ‘surprises especially big & unpleasant :NIDF6X
      6. remaining sections
      7. O11YW3:   ‘-’ reduction aka {reduce  ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’} :O11YW3
        1. ‘completeness stage’
        2. O11ZQG:  ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
          1. O11ZR4:  says what it means
          2. NIE5IA exceptions are small: 
            1. NIE5K1 the standard overall benefit exception
              1. NIE5LB which is seemingly the most common exception for rules
              2. NIE5NR which is {no later than soon afterwards, overall participants notably agree that doing otherwise was a better choice}
              3. NIE5PJ where here has flavors:
                1. NIE5XC {things going too smoothly has problems by definition, so do otherwise producing better training, entertainment-including-constructive-jokes, and/or other benefits}
                2. NIE5YG possibly others
        3. O11Z6U:   ‘‘motivation or source or change’ ‘in reverse start order’’
          1. O11Z7W:  to characterize the frequent if not typical case of partial minimization
        4.  ‘per def’
          1. ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
            1. -1 ‘1’
            2. 0
              1. ‘Wikipedia’
              2. ‘maker’
            3.  1 ‘1’
          2. ‘compared to’ .. ‘notable pros thru cons’
          3. ‘so post category’
        5. remaining sections
        6. NIDFZ8 means to accomplish this :NIDFZ8
          1. NIDGK5 aside: do all of them
          2. NIDG0T include from roughly biggest:
            1. NIDGEO follow due-process especially before doing anything possibly negative
              1. O15U06:  but ‘due-process’ defined via that link still {verbose plus spread across multiple docs}
            2. O15TZ1:  do plans, decisions, & changes via group (as group planning) including collectively & collaboratively
              1. O15TXU:  including ensure all those affected are appropriately involved, which includes, to the degree possible,
                1. O10GDK:  substantially beforehand, else during, else soon after
                2. O10JD1:  they…
                  1. O10IHF:  knowing what might-be else was changed when and by who
                  2. O10GEU:  knowing why
                  3. O10GFL:  having reasonable opportunity to search for & work out something better instead, ideally collaboratively :O10GFL
              2. O15VM9:  similary, for every decision, do good group decision making to the degree practical especially to degree it {potentially affects especially others especially negatively}.
            3. O15V7U:  be considerate, notably “put yourself in others’ shoes”, especially before deciding/changing, then act accordingly –so to know how to be & be respectful
            4. O123XW:  build predictability
              1. NIDGTV as that then there enables reliablity  –as one can’t rely on something/someone one can’t predict
              2. O1244L:  by notably, from biggest first  :O1244L
                1. NIE7S6 minimize hypocrisy
                2. NIE7H4 well share what you & all actually do & don’t do and why
              3. NIDGQ1 starting foremost with yourself: be predictable
                1. NIE75D by notably, from biggest first:
                  1. O124AQ:  first ‘by notably, from biggest first  :O1244L
                  2. NIE77X be known including by the rules you follow
                    1. NIE7DJ notably by, from biggest first:
                      1. NIE7E2 for the groups you appear to be in (as country, community group, political party, religion, etc), follow its rules and where not preface it with what you instead do
                2. NIE6YQ do as expected within reason, including:
                  1. NIDG6S “..do as expected-especially-asked else well-tell where & why not”
                  2. NIDGBC Keep promises else well make amends.
                  3. NIDG9R Promise Less, Deliver More.
              4. NIDGR8 well-tell problems
        7. O15YRJ:  significantly & solidly ‘{reduce  ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’} :O11YW3’ :O15YRJ
          1. O15Z6H:  notable pros thru cons :O15Z6H
            1. NIE8R5 we need to get along (as Rodney King famously pleaded 🙂
            2. NIE8PT this article has figured out significant & core portions, especially enough to get one started.
            3. O15Z79:  –netural
            4. NIE89C The mis-belief “I will be boring & uninteresting”. No, you will be fascinating..
            5. NIE8CQ bad thinking {Why go to all that work, when I can just do it myself immediately?}
            6. O15ZC5:  hard as humans which are notably most complex entity we know.
            7. O15ZGW:   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O15ZJG:  this section now replaces quote:
                1. NIE864 bad reasons
                  1. NIE88Q from roughly most common:
                    1. NIE8GQ likely other bad reasons.
          2. NIE82E Not doing this
            1. NIE8MN is very common, but much if not most of it unnecessary & tragic.
            2. NIE852 reasons: see cons of ‘notable pros thru cons :O15Z6H
          3. NIDF7K  minimization aka {minimize  ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’} :NIDF7K
            1. NIAQC1 …a key goal for every entity, including every person or entity (as software or service or device operating) created by an entity,…
              1. NIDEQD so let’s strive for us all to do it well!
            2. O109U1 ‘completeness stage’
              1. O109UE very rough 1st draft
            3. O123EV:  ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
              1. O123F6:  as much as possible, ‘reduce  ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’ :O11YW3
            4. NIDFAX –this seems extremely key but typically not taught, so needs to be written & popularized, as:
              1. NIDFCO is seemingly one of the most core rule to getting along with people
              2. NIDFF4 but I only seen this spelled out & taught in a college class on business management
                1. NIDFGH and there it applied to business, especially for customers, but it notably applies to all human relations
            5. NIDFYB this point I have developed elsewhere:
              1. NIDG1G to be merged into this post
              2. NIDG2B from most recent:
                1. O10980‘anti-surprise’: Surprises, especially unpleasant ones, are to be avoided else minimized.’
                2. NIDG4O quote(Be predictable: no surprises unless pleasant ones.) in Universal Guidelines
                3. NIE8Y8 likely others
            6. NIDF6A  ‘name anew’
              1. O15Y9L:  ‘rendering anew’  ‘‘minimize unpleasant surprises’’ –starting ~#O108YK & ending now.
              2. O108P9 ‘avoid-including-minimize’ ‘replacement’ ‘minimize’ as
                1. O108SB ‘minimize’ seems allows more options than ‘avoid’
                2. O108S0 ‘minimize’ seems to imply ‘avoid’ (as minimize to 0)
              3. NIF751 now: —cutting exception reference and add hyphenation 
              4. NIE5C0 now until next:  main title line, “With small exceptions, avoid including minimize surprises especially unpleasant” –cutting “big & ” as that is already implied by “minimize” and adding the exceptions. :NIE5C0
              5. NIDF6X now until next: main title line of “avoid including minimize surprises especially big & unpleasant” :NIDF6X
            7. O0YO78 ‘-’  ‘‘minimize unplesantness deposit’
              1.  ‘replacement’
              2. O0YOM5 ‘completeness stage’
                1. O10BNQ planned:
                  1. O10BIX up to 1/2 to be forfeit to degree correction not done before event/delivery time.
                  2. O103JD generalization to “avoid-including-minimize surprises especially unpleasant”
                2. O0YOMK basically conceived and now formally drafting
              3. ‘usage’
                1. ‘in order’
              4. O0YOAS ‘name anew’
                1. O1284G:  ‘minimize unplesantness deposit’
                  1. O160IL:  ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘minimize unplesantness deposit’
                  2. O160AL:  where ‘minimize unplesantness’ is referring to ‘minimize  ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’ :NIDF7K
                2. O0YOBJ ‘absence/stop reason deposit’
                  1. O0ZE0V ‘rendering anew’ ‘‘absence/stop reason deposit’
              5. O0YOHJ ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
                1. O0Z2QW a deposit added-to & collected-with the normal attendance fee 
                2. O0Z8ZH normally the same amount as, else, near to, else proportionate to, the attendance fee
                3. O0Z35S is returned once …
                  1. O1286P:  & {to the degree} event hosts clearly see the attendee ‘reduce[d]  ‘unpleasant changes especially sudden especially surprises’ :O11YW3
                  2. O0Z36H (to be updated) roughly speaking, the attendee has effectively explained & discussed with the event hosts why s/he will be more-absent/less-participating including has made reasonable attempt to avoid that
                  3. O0Z32M (to be updated) specifically, the event hosts clearly know…
                    1. O0YOI4 why the attendee is now and/or will-be absent more than event hosts have so far reasonably expected s/he would be :O0YOI4
                    2. O0ZDPT that the attendee understands the event hosts offered improvements in response to O0YOI4
                    3. O0Z2SI why the attendee finds insufficient this offer
                  4. O0Z75Q (so) by situation which does NOT require event like your reasons, but must confidentially know & understand them.
                4. O1281T:  is not to be used to cover {normal specifically readily-predicatable} wear-and-tear
                  1. O128OQ:  –analogous to {for a standard rental deposit} & {in a standard warrantee}
                  2. O128T0:  including notably per (the deposit covering) {‘especially surprises’, 1st introduced at NIDF6X}
                  3. O128Q0:  instead such wear-and-tear should be covered by the normal fees as the attendance/use fees.
              6. O0Z77I ‘‘motivation or source or change’ ‘in reverse start order’’
                1. O10AGD “straw which broke the camel’s back” causing me to finally create this write-up: /3593#O0YNDX
                2. O0Z77R high, as so far (without this), attendees
                  1. O0Z7AW which have been
                    1. O0Z7BB have been ~1000 different people totaling all
                    2. O0Z7BK effectively so far all on Meetup
                      1. O0Z7DA and/but we suspect, for subtle reasons, Meetup largely causes this
                  2. O0Z78T to this & on all other (Meetup) groups we’ve seen
                  3. O0Z7Y3 do not reliably repeat attend (unless event hosts), say ‘Where everybody knows your name’ (quoting our RSVP policy, and the Cheers song) or even most/many people
                    1. O0Z8BH indeed in most Meetup events (not run by us) even the event hosts don’t know most attendees by name.
                    2. O0Z80A which is tolerable for {“cattle” events as mere presentations, as O04NZ9, and base entertainment}
                    3. O0Z84C but is very bad really intolerable for intimate meetings, as SimulSquad detailed at O04PBO
                  4. O0Z7DT tell their reason for not attending or leaving literally…
                    1. O0Z7F6 never when it could be used to do something to improve
                    2. O0Z7IN almost never before already taking negative action
                    3. O0Z7H7 only when there is nothing possibly controversial about it, as ‘I’m moving out of your service coverage area’
                    4. O0Z7LM typically without warning nor any, else any usable, usable explanation.
              7. O0Z928 ‘per def’
                1. O0Z92G the more an attendee attends, the proportionately more such deposit s/he builds up.
                2. ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
                  1. -1 ‘1’
                  2. 0
                    1. ‘Wikipedia’
                    2. ‘maker’
                  3.  1 ‘1’
                3. O0Z8DC ‘compared to’ the norm of not having any clear economic incentive to do this,  ‘notable pros thru cons’
                  1. O0Z8OJ compared to {persuasive words, notably :NYRWHL}, it is expected to be a potentially a lot more effective as
                    1. O0Z8UC increasingly people especially Americans don’t like reading
                    2. O0Z8UQ most every everyone listens to & heeds money
                    3. O0Z8WW my theory that where we are now, in big suburbia (or urban), people are increasingly disrespectful & uncommitted, so need stronger methods.
                  2. O0Z8FP expected to get some, instead of 0, feedback needed for real improvement
                    1. O0Z8JG Yes, some will say ‘I can’t be bothered’ and just trash their deposit, but by setting the deposit amount high enough, I expect some will do the respectful thing.
                  3. O0Z8LR expected to get some, instead of  instead of seemingly 0, to try to make things work instead of run whenever they feel they have a problem or just casually forget/neglect the earlier investment made in them.
                  4. O0ZED0 –pro (above) vs. con (below) division line–
                  5. O0ZEB3 totally novel: never heard of it or anything similar done (so likely cause for resistance)
                4. O103CX ‘so post category’
                  1. O103EK ‘rule N0BY8E’
                  2. O103GD ‘social abuse M9Y7B2’
              8. O0ZDW0 ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ section 1st
              9. O109KQ ‘display place’
                1. O109N1 now ‘means to accomplish this :NIDFZ8’ per #O10A9C
                2. O109L0 originally in /5344#O0YO40 in ‘definition’
              10. remaining sections
              11. [sub custom another]
              1. event series
            8. NIDF2E post categories
              1. NIDF32 add q(rule N0BY8E) as fully applies
              2. NIDF3C add q(help/support/aid N0BWR8) as indirectly applies
            9. O18FLT:   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O18FIG:  doing a 1st line of ‘[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GLz5OjosOo&align=right ]’ (per https://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/youtube/#embedding-with-a-url ) was just ignored by WP
        8. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    4. O11W80:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. O11W8C:  1st draft ~50% complete :O11W8C

  7. (for this post) my ‘motivation’ (and, TBA, its achievement)
  8. ‘success of this’
  9. NZ3KAG ‘annex’
  10. NYWZWX ‘so post category’
  11. NYM1ZP ‘post history additional’‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. O10BLO ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’2016.01.15Fri1043pst‘;after ID ’minutes 9‘;revision ’17‘;version ’2‘;words ’1534‘;as ’about to make notable rewrites as #O10BNQ‘;do ’NY0WO6 with 140 replacements then Publish 1 then continue editing‘}}’
    2. O109I1 seeing this is the only post on 1.JotHere.com exclusively on {surprises especially unpleasant}, merge the other content into here, including:
      1. O10A9C done at O109N1
      2. O10ABS more TBA
    3. O1044P ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’2016.01.15Fri10753pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’17‘;version2‘;words ’657‘ ;as ’seeing this post lacks standard post formatting’; do ’following NXBIBI with {{template plus no source text} last {addition if known else history entry} /5344#O103JD (post 1st-latest and unrelated), create rather update {this ‘document’ http://1.JotHere.com/4476#NIDF50}‘}’.
    4. NIFD0E 1st trial of NIFB8G here at “<sup><a id=”NIDF7K” class=”aself_KEP2FG”></a>NIDF7K:</sup> <strong>“avoid-including-minimize surprises especially unpleasant” </strong><ul>”
    5. NIF6RA:  edit more including add 1st trial of “<ul class=”KMW3VO”> <strong> title</strong>”: draft 3
    6. NIE925 completed significant updates & additions including “With small exceptions” and new title; some more work to do including title edits to be less featured but still near; ~90% complete, draft 2
    7. NIDHT4 ~80% complete draft, saving for safety, draft 1
    8. NIDF0X post history in order:
      1. O1058U now converted to ‘post history additional’ (in reverse start order)
    9. NIDEZH per NICPRC, just now created this via copy to a new draft then updated IDs & text to fit.
  12. NYMK00 comments next & elsewhere, per reply instructions.