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NEFI64  intro & overall

  1.  NEFIAE  title history in reverse start-order:
    1. NQU9JW:

      NERsvp: policy for RSVPs, attendance, & general participation at events listed on {Meetup & potentially elsewhere}, starting 2014.10

      1. NQUI5G:  more accurate including added ‘, attendance, & general participation ’
      2. NQUIDH:  made clearer by wording to to make the prepositions expicit.
    2. NM1YM2  “
      NERsvp (a 2014.10- RSVP POLICY for Meetup events & potentially more)”–replacing “heading:” with present; new punctuation; key caps; keyword links: 0 to 4; new “for” phrasing.
    3. NM1WJZ   previous version “NERsvp=a 2014.10- RSVP policy for especially Meetup events”
  2. NEFIF9 image: Google Image search ‘Meetup RSVP’ find level 2 image 2 NQU2BL
    1. NQU24Q: section history in order
      1. NQU28J:  originally long HTML quoted in href
        1. NQU2B2:  a few days ago, noticed this wasn’t displaying so
      2. NQU2B2:  now present text, which also features a guest count & comment field, so the near original format Meetup RSVP format.
  3. NEFJ3D What to do

    1. NEFJ4J  Regularly, as every week to every month, see {our group’s upcoming event listings, as for OCJavaScript} and RSVP per above for 2 or 3!
  4. NEFIXO the policy

    1.  NQUIT1:  Please ASAP: RSVP YES & ATTEND SOME some of our events! As we work very hard to see you’ve every reason to.
    2. NQV5E7:  Do what’s best according to group & especially event size and especially on how dependent they are on you.
      1. NQV501:  Community groups & events, including Meetup groups,
        1. NQV565:  are typically small groups & events, and…
        2. NQV56D:  usually want to grow, especially have more attendees.
        3. NQV5IT:  –some deserve to grow: notably the ones which:
          1. NQV5OI:  foremost, have leadership with integrity, for example, with Destiny’s ‘integrity’ definition
            1. NQX7IQ:  yes, this takes some work to well-recognize,
              1. NQX7NO:  including since first appearances are often the opposite
                1. NQV69J:  for instance, despite’s flash, leadership integrity is notably less so rarer on Meetup, due to its design flaws, most serious being Meetup’s lack of group rules
            2. NQX7PA:  (but) it’s key, as practically everything especially longer-term depends on it, as I will detail.
          2. NQWEFC:  second, are smallelse larger but just as personal plus already ‘what-you-need’ —which is rare for large
          3. NQV5OS:  third, have topics & activities & perhaps even rules which may NOT readily be the best but are workable at least for now
            1. NQV6DQ:  and note this point is last (not first!), as if these, its ‘topics & activities & perhaps even rules’, are not currently the best, at least with that leadership with integrity plus constructive feedback & support and small so shapable, they become better.
        4. NQX5P1:  ‘the huge myth’: There’s huge myth {so many people means great/top quality},
          1. NQX78I:  a myth because that last point (that big benefit of notably smaller groups), e plus the problems of larger covered next, as …
        5. NQV6I3:  the smaller groups & especially events vs. larger
          1. NQV86M:  are overall a notable win provided good- else fixable-leadership, from summarizing their…
          2. NQV6JB:  ‘notable pros thru cons:’
            1. NQV6JR:  huge pro: can really get to know & care for you & build you meaningful relationships
              1. NQV6NH:  whereas medium & especially larger groups/organizations & especially events usually don’t
                1. NQV6P3:  are more like a cattle call
                  1.  NQV7S4:  …indeed not even that “good” as they generally don’t bother to interview & get to know you at all, except maybe by just some typically-simple form or machine (the most notable being the attendance clicker or cash register!), nor know you (well, other thank you being a bulk quantity)
                  2. NQV73V:  often just giving {material & especially presentations} in-person that actually one typicaly could get more-easily & better on your own & at his/her own time & pace, and typically for free, via the World-Wide-Web especially YouTube.
                  3. NQV730:  despite their fancy sexy ads & huge attendance lists & shows typically fooling many/most into thinking they’re the best, typically from people following ‘the huge myth’.
                  4. NQV73M: a fact they often well realize & don’t want attendees to know else think about
                2. NQV6QI:  unless very well designed to still break people up into small groups
                  1. NQV6R4:  for example: while not endorsing religions relying on supernatural, we’ve heard megachurch Saddleback has done this with their support groups.
            2. NQV6YT:  ‘shapable’: big pro: [smaller]are vastly more shapable to your interests & needs, often just from giving a little constructive feedback & support, that is if  having that leadership with integrity
            3. NQV80F:  pro: typically mean less driving and less travel time & costs, as are typically more local to you.
            4. NQV511:  con short-term:  the smaller the group, the more constructive {feedback & dicussion and support} they need & potentially deserve, especially from perspective & actual attendees –unless a group doesn’t want to grow which is rare,
            5. NQV7V0:  biggest con, but usually not very big: typically have some bugs, not being as streamlined as the medium & larger groups & events. But by shaping to the good, these are readily fixed if  having that leadership with integrity,
        6. NQX6R8:  section history additional in start-time order:
          1. NQX6RH:  I’m very pleased by this section, as think it’s very key stuff many need to know, and very well written.
          2. NQX5R6:   starting a polish
        7. so…
      2. so…
      3. NEY8FD follow this policy ESPECIALLY if 1 or more of:
        1. NM3E1L   we’re counting on you, on your attendance or/and feedback & ideally discussion, as 1 or more of (and the more, the more important):
          1. NEY8HI the number of attendees is presently possibly few
          2. MD9JDV  (or/and) you are helper, especially a helper at this, especially a presenter or host or group leader, again especially when the # of attendees seems like it could be few.
        2. NEY8I0 what you do-or-change regarding your RSVP or participationt might be unexpected, also detailed at NM2J6R
      4. NQW7BZ:  ‘Speak up!  Everywhere, welcome & celebrate constructive feedback & discussion’
    3. NM5ALM   virtually attending
      1. NM5AMW   notably via conference call,
        1. NM5XMA  ideally with video (as Google Hangouts or Skype)
        2. NM5XNP  but can be as simple as a telephone call with a event host present at the event with his/her phone switched to speaker.
      2. NM5B8B   still means a RSVP YES for each virtual attender!
        1. NM5YKL   just add “attending virtually” on your/the-person’s participation thread.
      3. NM5AR2  is strongly preferred over not-attending,
        1. NM5B82  very especially for group helpers especially leaders, and especially for helpers for the event, most especially a presenter or host
        2. NM5YUO   especially for keeping all in the planning & decisions & updates loop.
        3. NM5XP7   so is typically a great solution for an attendee with 1 or more of:
          1. NM5Y1N  transportation woes of 1 or more:
            1. NM5XRI  the commute would take a long time
            2. NM5Y3H   doesn’t yet have carpool buds and doesn’t like the drive, especially during rush hour
            3. NM5Y26 doesn’t have reliable transportation
          2. NM5XUV   s/he is or needs to be partially busy or interrupted during the event time, while partially attending is easily perfectly fine, what time is left would be too much taken up by transportation woes.
      4. NM5ANU   is still not as great as attending in person
        1. NM5APN   so generally needs to be announced in appropriate advance for any person the event significantly depends on –except for virtual events (where, by design, attendees attend virtually by default).
    4. NQUIV1:  Your planned & actual participation & experience at our events: letting organizers know, and ideally all attendees & more know, too.
      1. NQUJS1:  Do this by the best suited method, starting from most preferred:
        1. NQW040:  on the event listing:
          1. NQVZGO:  For your overall YES/NO & number-of-guests of your RSVP, use Meetup’s ~‘Are you going?’ selector
          2. NM2JWE  For everything else on this topic, use your ‘participation & review thread’ –see that link & its parent section 
            1. NQW855:  section history additional in start-order
              1. NQW85O:  now this section moved to the thread link and  ‘NEYCLS  ..thread creation ..’ just redirects to this section.
        2. NQVZDO:  other forms of communicating this info
          1. NQVZED:  are not liked by event hosts…
            1. NQVZNO:  as now which ever event host(s) get the news, they then have to stop & so post this info, something which attendees are expected to do directly.
            2. NQVZLH:  …unless you’ve got a valid excucse as:
              1. NQVZMC:  you’re communication is only sensitive details that you don’t see how to make suitable for this posting
              2. NQW88Z:  you’re reasonably unable to technically do this as…
                1. NQVZPQ:  while driving, some news came up which changes your participation, so you you can’t easily use the Meetup interface
                  1. NQVZSO:  do know, however, with the Meetup mobile app, provided one stays signed in as one generally should, it’s possible do these updates probably easier than it is to look up a phone # and SMS.
                2. NQW8B4:  You’re confused by these instructions and will immediately get with an group/event leader to help your correct that.
    5. NQUIXQ:  RSVPing
      1. MD9JEV Attendees join an event series, so (by default) not just 1 event
        1. NEYH6Q –unless the event says otherwise (as a new non-top leader attending the helper series) or (rare) is a 1-time thing.
        2. MD9JEX so ideally right after each event, {attendees not yet RSVPed YES for the next one} the Event Hosts auto-RSVP YES, announcing the additional YESes on the top-level “RSVPs IN GENERAL” thread (example) also per that example.
        3. MD9JFV so if you attended last time, no need to remember to RSVP, just show, or if before you become a MAYBE or NO, just update your RSVP per above
      2. NQV4QR:  When to say YES or NO.
        1. NQV4SC:  For each event happening, pick & use the RSVPing method here overall best for all, notably proportinate to how deserving the group & especially event is of your feedback & support.
          1. NQV52D:  3 RSVPing methods from most providing of your feedback & support:
            1. NQWDW6:  most work, but not much and provides most feedback & support that can really pay off:
              1. MD9J1V {RSVP ASAP, saying YES until you’re certain it’s NO
                1. NEYA7N  and it’s easy; specifically:
                  (1) as soon as you’re as possibly interested, RSVP YES, yes even if all the present details won’t yet work for you
                  (as also see point  “tell the details” to often get them fixed); and
                  (2) only when (if ever) you’re certain you can’t make it, then change to NO
                2. NQTN6G:  If it’s a MAYBE, say YES now (as Meetup no longer offers MAYBE) and ideally with/adding an event comment explaining with your reasoning.
                3. NQTN82:  And only once if ever you’re certain it’s a NO, change to that, and ideally with/adding an as-positive-as-true comment as ‘Bummer: can’t make this one because __ but I’ve RSVPed YES for the next ones’  per keep it upbeat.
                4. NQWDKT:  more on this, probably to be moved to here, at NQTML4.}
            2. NQWDZ7:  medium work providing medium feedback & support:
              1. NQV4X6: RSVP ASAP with your most likely answer (YES or NO), then update ASAP if ever it changes.
            3. NQWE1D:  least work and providing low feedback & support (appropriate for groups & especially events who don’t notably deserve much support).
              1. NQWDPS:  Wait until you’re certain on your answer, then RSVP.
          2. MD9J3V Background, from most important else immediate.
            1. MD9J4V Meetup no longer offers MAYBE
            2. MD9J5V Want more people joining you there? On Meetup, RSVP YES early appears the #1 thing one can do rnsure that (as RSVP YES really attracts more RSVP YES!) -most key for tiny growing or/and pioneering events
            3. MD9J6V Your RSVP YES keeps you updated of changes
              1. MD9J7V which happen!
              2. MD9J8V especially time&place
            4. MD9J9V votes your interest
              1. MD9JAV especially if you also comment on listing with your desires, as in its thread for “WHEN&WHERE” or for your individual “PARTICIPATION”
            5. NM2IT9   Your RSVP YES Insures you get in and not turned down as RSVPs have closed or on the never-called tail in on the waiting list.
            6. NQWDHX:  more on this, probably to be moved to here, at NQTN3P.
      3. NEY7KM  properly tell the details behind your each RSVP answer/change (of/to YES or NO) so we can best plan this & future events
        1. NM2J6R   “properly” especially includes telling us what all is going on whenever your answer becomes or is anything other than what we’re offering, so anything other than “YES, I will happily attend at the official place & time listed here indeed from start to finish” –most especially when you DON’T see shown: many RSVP YES or/and many others properly telling this.
        2. NEY7VA for at least this event happening, TELL:
          1. NEY7X1 Why your RSVP answer, especially your criteria for going. Very generally, What % is the chance you’re going, and especially if low, {Why, especially What’s your criteria for going}. And if you changed your RSVP answer, especially negatively (as to NO), Why. And, if time, it’s always appreciated to share Why you’re going, too. We need to know what specifically to do to get more attending, especially you!
          2. NEY88H Your preferred/available meeting times & days and places, and any improvements to the topic & activity you would like, especially if what’s presently offered isn’t working for you –Those who share this get the event shaped to them!
          3. NEY80N Your ETA & ETD (if NOT the event start & end time respectively: is expected if you don’t say otherwise) and preferably Why –note it’s typically tolerable, indeed often perfectly fine, for an attendee to arrive late and/or leave early PROVIDED its no surprise as s/he alerted us of these details via posting here.
          4. NEYDWE If Meetup no longer allows you to click RSVP YES or NO (happens once the event start time past, especially for all-day events where one just attends a part), then your plan in words to come or not.
        3. NQUJMJ:  report these (your details behind your RSVP)  as directed.
        4. NM327Q  importance of this feedback & ideally discussion: key if not essential for the event, group, & often you
          1. NM32F6  especially for smaller (few-attending) events or/and events giving away free or below-cost significant organizational work to put them on
          2. NM2ZTE   is key indeed typically required to insure you and often many people get the events they want and that you or/and many attend
          3. NM32IJ   at least on Meetup, it’s extremely common, indeed tragically the frightening norm, to do wrong here, which we don’t want.
            1. NM339H   doing this wrong, in order:
              1. NM33A6  rightfully take an interest in a group or/and its events, and, if paying attention, could see else sense the events are small or/and aren’t getting much constructive posted feedback
              2. NM33B1  then maybe, for 1 to 3 events, rightfully RSVP YES and sometimes rightfully show up –where in both cases where they give back to the group their presence (RSVP YES and/or there in-person) plus sometimes revealing some of what they could offer to help the group, but at this point have still given back nothing more
              3. NM33HH  BUT then NOT staying involved (especially NOT RSVPing or/and especially showing as hoped) –which is probably wrong but {could be right IF they had first done the next point, which they don’t, so then is generally wrong}
              4. NM33JM   YET also NOT offering Why –this feedback & ideally discussion really explaining Why, including routinely even when individually & personally asked
                1. NM3CG6  this is very wrong, indeed leaching on the event/group & its organizers, as such perspective attendees, typically for free, get to check out the group and have events hosted for them and often significant 1-one-1 attention and attempted help from the organizers and perhaps members, sometimes even getting help, but then give little or typically nothing back and then disappear without discussion nor even explanation, leaving the group with a heavy loss from their visit: invested in the person with little or 0 return so far but then was not allowed to learn much of anything as then why the didn’t stay.
      4. MD9JCV Have your above RSVP answers accurate, especially ~6 to 2 hours before event start so still time for people to correct for it, and especially don’t be a no-show!
    6. NM5A2V NOT-following-thru is not an option, including on attending, as…
      1. NM9N96 Apologies are nice, but making-it-right and improving are essential.
        1. NMBE9F   –phrase & excellent rule I coined yesterday after seeing this notably corrective response.
      2. NEYD1U  NOT allowed is: flaking (not respectfully following thru now else soon) including “fade away” (trying to disappear unnoticed and/so without sharing one’s reasons for not participating)
      3. NM3F69   If you had others expecting you would attend (specifically if you suggested that you would attend (to host(s)-for-the-event or a group leader or significant members), as by having your RSVP YES or message or verbally or by any other reasonable means, and did not change that for at least 1 day if ever) but then don’t attend at all (as you then unexpectedly changed your RSVP to NO or, worse, were a no-show, or, worse, quit the group or similar) else fully (specifically you were significantly not there when you said you would be),
        1. NEY9H1  then promptly RSVP YES to a replacement upcoming event that you’re not yet RSVPed YES for (strongly preferred) else promptly tell us the full-truth & ideally-reasonable explanation of Why not.
          1. NM71US   This rule or something like it seems it could do a lot of good but
            seems entirely new for Meetup (1st appeared seemingly in 2014.11 on OCJavaScript) but is used elsewhere (as in work shift scheduling); see “enforce appropriate to status quo”
        2. NM71ND  for every aspect the event was notably counting on you but you didn’t do
          1. NM59MF   then you must promptly RSVP YES to one of our upcoming events which you are not yet RSVPed YES for.
            1. NM72TM   This rule is roughly complete but still could use more work.
            2. NM6S2X   This rule or something like it seems it could do a lot of good but
              is unfamiliar to seemingly nearly all people; see “enforce appropriate to status quo”
            3. NM3G8G   aside: this rule a result of updating to include the fix used here
          2. NM5AG1   where “aspect the event was notably counting on you but you didn’t do”
            1. NM5IST  includes, in increasing badness (but still each count as 1 wrong):
              1. NM6P0U   you are significantly not actively participating when you said you would be via 1 or more of:
                1. NM5LVC   leave before your ETD
                2.  NM5LYJ   arrive after your ETA,
                  1. NM6NMB   but did you still arrive before the event end?
                    1. NM6NO0   If Yes, then
                      1. NM6NQY   (defines) you are late
                    2. NM6O4X   If No, then
                      1. NM5M57   (defines) you are “no show”
                3. NM5OMU   any other ways (for significant portion(s) of the event), including:
                  1. NM6PPA   doing something other than the event activities
                  2. NM6PRB being distracted, sick, or incapacitated
                  3. NM6Q62  being temporarily gone/leaving
                4. NM6OXW  where “significantly” is defined (in reverse order)
                  1.  NM5LTN   now “over 10% of the event length; so, for a 4 hour event, 24 minutes”
                  2.  NEYF5G   now (originally) thru next: “~.4hr [of him/her not showing as s/he RSVPed]”
              2. NM5BBB   you don’t fulfill these next responsibilities (typically by you don’t fully/at-all attend) when, at least until __% of the event has happened, you are announced on the event as…
                1. NM5IFV   up until -200% (meaning, say for a 5 hour event, until {5 hours * 200%=10 hours} before), as:
                  1. NM5BGP   a topic sharer during the event (from a presenter or notable announcer to a raiser-for-discussion of a small topic or Q)
                  2. NM5BE2  a host of the event
                2. NM6NVK   this section’s additional history in start-order
                  1. NM6NW0   replaced “{NM5IF3  up until 10%, as: {NM5H70   attending the event {NM5M57: defined as a “no-show”}}” with “” as now moved that functionality respectively to NM5LTN & to improved & more correct NM6O4X,
              3. NM5H3V   you don’t fully/at-all attend whenever low-quantity event attendance was expected
              4. NM5IV4   no other so far.
            2. NM5BC2   consequently, tabulating the bold-italics above of the previous sibling point, one can rack up 0 to 5 aspects here
        3. NM5J8I    “promptly” means:
          1. NM5JDY   “immediately” is preferred and, when possible, typically best for everyone including you.
          2. NM5JFM   if not done within 5x the event duration after the event (so, for a 3 hour event, within 15hours), event host(s) will automatically RSVP YES for the events you are due plus 1 more event having for also having made them do it.
      4. NEYEOB   late & no-show handling
        1. NEYEPD  for every person who is late, send him/her a message to get it corrected
          1. NM6OUD  ASAP, ideally as soon as they become late.
          2. NEYEQ3 posted on his/her PARTICIPATION thread if it exists, else in the top-level “RSVPs IN GENERAL” thread (example) now also listing all no-shows.
          3. NEYEWU Plus SMSed to the person when SMS is known
          4. NEYESE saying say “hey, you RSVPed YES for [person’s participation & else no-show thread URL] and we’re here but not seeing you. Please on there the event listing with you’re ETA and what’s causing your not being here already”
        2. NEYEXR a person is allowed no more than 1/4th of their RSVP YESes to be no-shows
      5. NM5N6H   quitting & similar: if you become no longer a member of our group
        1. NM6R50   by quitting or even by having been removed
        2. NM5NLL   it’s best for you & all that you FIRST fulfill your remaining promises to the group (typical ones)
          1. NM5O29   as
            1. NM5O3B   yes separating will relieve you of your unfulfilled obligations fast growing if not addressed,
            2. NM5NAE  but  separating does NOT relieve you of your promises to the group to that point, so is not to serve as means for wrongful escape
              1. NM5NDD   specifically all your still owed RSVP YESes and related event promises
                1. NM5NPU  are still publically owed by you until pay them off (notably by returning to the group and doing them or/and other fair arrangement)
                2. NM5OBS   are, at time of separation, are increased by 1 for separating when still having some
                3. NM5NQ7   accrue interest (so debit), as say by 10% annually.
      6. NM758U   consequently,
        1. NM5N5X   your promise obligation, if you fail fully to address it
          1. NM6RLS  will not reduce (due to at least “1” and NM5NAE)
          2. NM6RQ9   will likely exponentially quickly grow (due to “~6”)
            1. NM5NT0   somewhat like parking tickets
            2. NM5NYB   –an unpleasant thought but it is designed that way make it impossible for anyone, including even the wealthy, to not show their otherwise-small wrongs appropriate corrective respect.
        2. NM5JND   not following thru on attending an event will result in your being obligated to fully explain to hosts/leaders or/and be promptly obligated to attend 1 to ~6 more of our events, reasonably proportionate to how much you let people down, plus then your obligations will quickly exponentially grow, making it far best to just do the right thing: follow-thru from the start else quickly make the needed amends.
      7. NM59HX    “not-following-thru” is defined here: leading people to expect you’ll do something good then not doing it and not really making up for not doing it.
    7. NM6S7V   status quo with regards to this (attendance)
      1. NM6S68   “enforce appropriate to status quo”Rules are to be enforced to the degree constructively achievable given the status quo, so enforced proportionate to how close they are to status quo, so raising the bar is done gradually even for good directions, as it seemingly should be.
      2. NM6SDN   On Meetup, for the average group (not necessarily ours!), this attendance status quo is terrible, indeed disgusting.
        1. NM6SF5   possibly the worst anywhere of any major community/social organization
        2. NM6SM8   as would be expected, since (bug) Meetup provides 0 anti No-show enforcement just the illusion of it plus 0 of any non-extreme penalizingif even supporting rules
        3. NM73HX  From roughly most serious,
          1. NM72W1   Nearly everyone who stops attending events does so without without warning and without telling Why, and most refuse and apparently feel put-upon to tell Why.
            1. NM74R9   This is tragic for trying to find what people want in events, especially on small events & groups who naturally can’t afford A/B testing, something which needs to be a last-restore anyway.
          2. NM734Y   Even for the largest parties, each repeat event of more than say 4 people, including professional meetings, has only about 25% of the same attendees as the last one (so in marked contrast to what one might expect, as say 75% a weekly religious service), really hurting any sense of community & commitment, as quite literally, very few of the same faces will be there next time.
          3. NM73JN   Members are removed from groups capriciously, and very typically instead its the group that has harmed them and/or others and leaders fear their wrongdoings will be exposed, and almost never removed in accordance to any published rule –with exception that is so rare it is typically unheard of.
            1. NM74L1   NM74L1: From all I’ve witnessed, nearly all member removals are from leader abuse.
          4. NM6SG6   for instance, event organizers seem to report
            1. NM6SKK   very commonly ordinary members cancel participating, including last minute,  else no-show,  and without any amends besides occasionally a “sorry”, which is very harmful to small events & groups but the members seem to act incensed if called upon it this hurt, as if it doesn’t & should hurt, perhaps because larger events also get this done to them and tolerate it (because there it averages out) and because no group can reasonably police it, especially the  smaller groups, nor typically does
            2. NM6SJY   likely because of NM6SKK, a no-show rate of about 45% (of the RSVP YES)
              1. NM6VKE  thru 0 help by Meetup but only by good extra leadership, I’ve been able to push it down to ~25 to 0%)
          5. NM72WZ   Most everyone leaves a group or removes a member from a group without warning and often without telling Why else truthfully telling Why.
            1. NM74IV   For members removals, this warning & feedback is critical, but likely typically not given for terrible reason NM74L1.
            2. NM74OP   For event planning, since nearly all Meetup groups DON’T charge periodic membership dues (so it costs nothing to remain a member forever), this feedback seems only semi critical; then more indeed top critical  is the vastly unanswered why people stop attending.
  5. NQTMHA:  Standard messages especially responses
      1. NQTMIR:  content
        1. NQTMJX:  Thanks very much for attending! We quite enjoyed having you!
        2. NQTMXT: As you saw, we’re a caring, hardworking group; and, somewhat uniquely, where ‘Everybody knows your name! And they’re always glad you came!’ , where, by design, attendees quickly get to know & be cared for by everyone attending …kind of like the famous Cheers theme (right) & especially Cheers spirit 🙂

        3. NQTN33:  But currently we’re still tiny; so we really want to grow more, and probably could help a lot more people, plus you more, if we did have more attendees.
        4. NQTN3P:  So, to most show your appreciation for our service to you, plus readily help yourself in the process,
          attract more attendees!

          1. NQTMVK:  And the #1 easy things you can do to attract more attendees –for us & including hopefully for you, too– are:
            1. NQTMSY:  Foremost, for our upcoming events, early RSVP YES (very important on Meetup as Meetup features every RSVP YES), plus attend where possible, including try-for-a-while adding our repeating series on your regular calendar
              1. NQTT6N:  as nothing attracts people more than seeing others already coming & joining in.
            2. NQTMTR:  And second, where it will be seen, post honest positive/constructive things about our events.
          2. NQTMLK:  So to be most helpful to us, and readily to you, too, please do up to 3 things:
            1. NQTML4:  ASAP, as ideally now, RSVP YES for some of our upcoming events (see our Meetup group home page for the full list), ideally starting with our next one of these. And remember,
              1. NQZKO4:  RSVP ASAP, saying YES until you’re certain it’s NO –please please skim  & do that.
              2. NQTOI7:  Our new potential attendees naturally won’t & don’t know the full situation so are else could-be easily frightened off by any negatives; so…
                1. NQTNHW:  in your NO RSVPs & especially comment posts of anything possibly negative, as NO or MAYBE RSVPs and especially Why, please always ensure these readers wouldn’t take that negative to mean that you’re unhappy with our events or group, as in your RSVP NO, say ‘but I’ve more YESes’ or similar …well perhaps except if you actually are unhappy, and in that case…
                2. NQTOHT:  where there’s something about our events or group you’re reasonably unhappy about, then it’s very important you say it directly to those responsible ASAP.
                  1. NQTOV7:   But, especially if you voice negatives where others possibly-unfamiliar can see, it’s right to explain it fairly & balanced
                    1. NQTX60:  –as notably by listing your ‘notable pros thru cons:’ –at least that’s the method I find which really works, including when just making a decision internally for just myself.
            2. NQTMLB:  Second, as you have time, kindly post a few helpful words, as your review, as (on locations):
              1. NQTPDT:  on our event listing(s),
                1. NQTPYB:  ideally in the comment thread exclusively for your participation & review of that happening (if none, create one by just putting your text in the top-level (top) comment box)…
                2. NQTPE0:  on the listing of the event you attended
                  1. NQTPJH:  There you can also Rate our event (1 to 5 stars), but, perhaps since those ratings are anonymous & uncounted, it seems participant comments are what people really notice.
                3. NQTPED:  or/and small mentions on the listing(s) of our upcoming events, as those you will/might be attending
              2. NQTN9B:  Your Twitter or other promotion –whatever you think may work 🙂
            3. NQTQ3G:  Third, and also very helpful but a tad more work but will likely very much help you as well, ‘‘Quite appreciated: ideally when a problem or idea occurs to you, did you post an event comment for it, on this happening and/or future ones, for each Q or news or topic or activity or presentation you’d like to give or want done at the happening?’ –quoting the 1st private RSVP Q (et al) NQTXEC’ –click for details.
          3. NQTQ55:  So quite looking forward to your RSVP YESes other constructive posts and seeing you again at our events!
            –as We want you! And ‘You want to be where everybody knows your name!’

      2. NQTQ82:  section additional history in order
        1. NQTQ9X:  originally written for, and used for, responding to thread to attendees Dave+Harold+David
        2. NQTQED:  Like other some other responses, originally started in Sheet MNMKFU (the items in this series NQTMIF) but before even 1st draft done, was way too long so moved here.

  6. NEFIGD success of this

    1. NEFIGT Largely based on Destiny‘s other RSVP policies which have been successfully used for years
      1. NM7647   Has seemingly helped get No-Show rates notably down to say 25% to 0%
    2. NM768M   in use since 2014.11 with no known problems.
    3. NM7674   Hard to measure the success so far as, from most significant:
      1. NM76MB   Meetup is virtually lawless by poor design, so will have many not complying including won’t even think there are rules and offended to by even suggesting any, plus no way to make them really comply, so quite likely nothing could work to fix it, but since I must still deal with it due to their monopoly that doesn’t stop me from trying.
      2. NM76HH   this amounts to just good respectful behavior common elsewhere, so some will just do it automatically or else read the rules and just agree
      3. NM76Q8   so far this has only been tested on ~4 months of weekly small events.
  7. NM1Z58    design goals

    1. NM1ZHG   help bolster attendance as much as appropriate
      1. NM2494 in contrast to what happens, as would be expected, without this policy or better mechanism (to guide & ideally enforce proper treatment)
      2. NM1ZKV  especially via early RSVP YESes
      3. NM1ZJM  especially for events with low number of attendees, as 15 to 2, especially for good reasons
        1. NM775A  which is typically the case for smaller groups, though sometimes big groups can have small events, too.
        2. NM21GX   –good reasons:
          1. NM21HF   the events are so innovative & new that few “would want to be first on the dance floor”
          2. NM21J2  are best with this low # of attendees as this a type of event where everyone works and/or plays together and gets to know one another
        3. NM358F   so typically (still) too small to afford and practically-do A/B testing which also should be last-resort.
          1. NM3BHV   Note A/B testing should be as it was designed to be: the last resort method for collecting feedback, not the norm for it
            1. NM3BO3  as
              1. NM3BTI  it’s only really possible with big audiences & typically fancy stats & software/computers,
              2. NM3BU9   it allows the audience to be maximally lazy & low-profile as far as giving feedback, easily very wrongfully, as then the only feedback they give is the most vague of all: just what they buy without any explanation why or why not! (as, by A/B definition, that’s (easily wrongfully) left to deciphering & guesswork).
            2. NM3BYB   but it seems especially since Facebook, marketers especially data mining experts have gotten so good at doing this for medium and large groups, that many/most people have become lazy specifically uncomforted from giving feedback by the normal means or/and unappreciative of small groups maybe subconsciously because they don’t have the power for this, indeed even in dating & friendship (“if your friend or/and your dating pool isn’t large enough, there’s something wrong with you”, per wrongful acceptance & instance on “take the hint”).
        4. NM245P  as most immediately, “SimulSquad™ Coworking/Social on your topics” (as now happening & developing) which, by their definition & design, have both these good reasons
        5. NM3DC7   -an important “fight-back” as since Facebook, it’s feeling small events & meetings of this size, even 1-on-1 friendship, are increasingly & very wrongfully getting the rub, including:
          1. NM3DE1   perhaps from the bad side-effects of A/B testing seeming the norm, plus MySpace starting, then other social networks especially Twitter following, making the “norm” of the average individual having, else supposed to have, 100s or 1000s or more of “friends” / “followers” (terms before used in all prior history for much deeper &  rarer situations)
          2. NM21LX    small groups & events are what pays Meetup’s dues and what they, as always, seem to most appear to advertise they support but where significant Meetup bugs is still talking the easy/lazy path and really mostly instead catering to the few big/celebrity groups & events.
      4. NM20YE   notably, to address’s significant bugs including buggy-directions of…
        1. NM6ZFI   (this long section to be eventually mostly factored into an article where it more closely relates, likely article “Meetup Pros thru Cons” )
        2. NM1Z7K bug NM1Z7K: showing the quantity and even who RSVPed what to all perspective attendees, not only event & group leaders
          1. NM1ZC1   seemingly very much hurts events which are small # of attendee and/or sometimes multi-listed, since potential attendees can see this, many if not most are saying “if not many RSVP YESes, I won’t RSVP YES and may RSVP NO” creates a catch-22, but not  a problem for events known to have many attending/popular (so this isn’t worried about), such as places giving popular presentations, and as well as being unfair this also prevent small events where people can really get to know most everyone there instead of just the speaker & leaders.
          2. NM1ZZ9 bug NM1ZZ9: every event listing is mislabeled  “3 going” instead of the correct as say “so far 3 RSVPed YES on this 1 of 5 listings, so there could be much more going than shown & shown presently”
            1. NM2045   as creates notable further damages via notable further misleads: in this case “3 going” vs. say “30 going” (from 3 now + about 3 coming multiplied by 5 listings), which is typically the difference of “practically nobody’s going so RSVP NO” vs. “All sorts of people are going so RSVP YES”.
        3. NM1ZQT bug NM1ZQT : no longer offering RSVP of “MAYBE”
          1. NM1ZRP   which is unimportant to traditionally medium & big quantity attendance events where it all averages out and where A-B testing is possible, but extremely important to low quantity attendance groups so where every person counts so we need to know who is on the fence to ask WHY.
        4. NM70E8 bug NM70E8: tragic: while initially appears to keep group & member & event & notes just fine, they are actually experts at quietly & subtly in background erasing all the data, and routinely do so, including by design
          1. NM6T0V bug NM6T0V: tragic: as soon as person becomes a non-member Meetup {erases everything about him/her, specifically removes his/her name from} everything with regards to the group
            1. NM6UO6   some cons thru pros:
              1. NM6URT   Tragic Con: you have no record of who the group & event’s prior leaders or even the group’s founders are
                1. NM6UHZ   yes even the group founder is erased from founding (so becomes unknown) once s/he later moves out of town or whatever so is no longer a member
                  1. NM6UK8   example: the leaders of OCAndroid have run it for years and still can’t tell who founded the group, as Meetup procedure erases it.
              2. NM6UWX   Tragic & very common con: a member can do bad to group (most especially given Meetup bug NM6YBP), then just quit it erase that while s/he goes on to do bad to others.
              3. NM6UZC   Tragic & fairly common con: a member can do good for a group, then have to leave (as now involved and/or located somewhere else) and/or be removed by a bad leader, and so have all the credit due them erased.
                1. NM6V2K   I’ve experienced this 10s of times. As Meetup does for everyone, all my contributions to my prior groups have been erased as crediting me. Including a few times deliberately by later incoming bad leaders.
                2. NM6V7U   And I’ve seen this done to many others.  For instance, ordinary members wrote & contributed a number of programs & presentations for OCAndroid, but now most are former members, Meetup stripped their name from all their contributions.
              4.  NM6UOJ   Tiny pro: in the extremely rare case of a truly bad group and where member had no idea what they were getting into AND was never significantly involved, the member can questionably-correctly erase all his/her connection to it
          2. NM70IY   many other serious bugs exist but are beyond the scope of this document on attendance policy.
        5. NM6YBP bug NM6YBP: tragic: Meetup provides near 0 real support & suggestion & custom for a group or/and events having rules “with very limited exception”.
          1. NM6YND   with very limited exception: besides rules inherited by Meetup’s own TOS, which don’t cut it as:
            1. NM6YT3   suffers from some smaller contradictions based on my analysis & suggested rewrites
            2.  NM6YTM  worse, are vastly incomplete (for instance, doesn’t seem to at all cover RSVP & basic-attendance policies (as this document) and much more (as /MHMore))
            3. NM6YV8   worst of all, in significant and arguably most cases, expectantly are badly enforced including enforced backwards
          2. NM6Z0M  so literally creating & enabling, by default and nearly-all, lawless community groups mostly limited by only social norms which are routinely very wrongful plus (in theory, as I’ve never seen it used) local law enforcement.
            1. NM6ZML  so then, as would be naturally expected, especially on the group leader especially group top leader level, but certainly not just, Meetup…
              1. NM701O   attracts and has many indeed sometimes mostly those folks who secretly enjoy & exploit a lawless community, especially those who manage to get way with wrongfully profiting from it, so a great home for social bandits & others somewhat corrupt,
              2. NM7025   effectively drives away those who don’t do this, as those with integrity
                1. NM7045   but tragically, at least in local tech groups, Meetup now has a seeming  ~95% monopoly and with often no other realistic place to go (do your own website, but then you hardly get attendees).
          3. NM6SZI bug NM6SZI : Meetup provides 0 support nor customs to penalize a member for breaking rules (if even supporting rules“besides the extreme, which have even worse problems”
            1. NM6TD0   besides the extreme, which have even worse problems:
              1. NM6TDJ  throwing him/her out and optionally banning, which also has bug NM6T0V
              2. NM6TYX   report the member to Meetup HQ as abusing, but which, readily & apparently-regularly results in extreme draconian injustice, as leading 2014.10 example
                1. NM6WPN  by Meetup’s terrible indeed inhumane & very immoral design here, including:
                  1. NM6WUU   I’m & we’re apparently told Meetup HQ has only ~25 people (say “Community Specialist”s) to collectively the oversee the HR problems within ~200,000 groups and 2 million members worldwide (so each person oversees over 8,000 groups and about 1 million members! –way impossibly too many to reliably accurately determine who is right & what to do from complaints.
                    1. NM6X8A  -but no government nor real-world organization assumes 1 person can directly oversee about 1 million(!)
                  2. NM6XJU   Meetup’s process by how fault is determined & disputes resolved is not only proprietary and apparently unpublished, Meetup also refuses to reveal it (by my 2014.10 experience).
                  3. NM6Y30   and more flaws, starting with many of the other Meetup bugs noted here.
            2. NM6U3H   this usable for medium & large events and/or groups (which can afford extreme bad treatment of a few members as they have so many allowing them make people disposable, and typically do so even though that’s wrong), but is clearly not ok for small number of members/attendees, and all cases it is wrong.
            3. NM1ZOH bug NM1ZOH: Meetup provides 0 support nor customs to penalize those who are no-show or harmfully change their RSVP from YES-to-NO (including per Meetup bug NM6SZI), but does provide the illusion that at least No-Shows are being addressed
              1. NM212Q   same effects here as NM1ZRP
              2. NM6SQA   the illusion is that event hosts can afterwards mark no-show attendees as such, and Meetup does display on the person’s profile how many no shows the person has, BUT this information of no-showing is not prominently displayed (indeed on  a person’s profile, is way at the bottom), and, is hidden from everyone but them –yes, even the ordinary member can’t see his/her no-shows– a drawback which is typically unknown to group & event leaders, plus is readily erased bug NM6T0V
            4. NM6VM0 bug NM6VM0: extremely serious: Meetup provides 0 support nor customs to publically rate a member’s recent behavior, indeed not even privately
              1. NM6VOP   perhaps its designers thinking short-term “aww, that would be initially unpleasant and maybe “unfriendly”” and ““nobody” is really going to bad to the community & friends, especially now Meetup gives them pseudonyms and online to hide behind” but…
              2. NM6VRK   imagine eBay without buyer & seller ratings (and where the person could in clicks erase their bad reviews), and now you’ve got Meetup! –well not so far from that.
          4. NM6X8L   so I find Meetup regularly being what it could appear: the wild west but worse with no sheriff, police, judge, nor mayor in town, nor in county plus where disputes are considered resolved by  methods secret!
        6. NM1ZU8 bug NM1ZU8: Meetup, as part of its public RSVP process, no longer will (and can’t be made to) ask a general RSVP text comment especially Why (their NO/MAYBE/YES RSVP), indeed keep an event thread on this
          1. NM1ZXH   same effects here as NM1ZRP
  8. NEFIZH Unless noted here otherwise, details including format are the same as:

    1. NEFJ1K entirely created by Meetup & community-group expert DestinyArchitect via gracious helpers then, on JotHere, himself
    2. NEFJ12 “Destiny’s event series listing format starting 2014.10” done via pages –no longer applies as now using JotHere format
    3. NEFJ2C these docs to be moving to done
  9. NEFJ4Z {previous history of this} plus {commenting on this via OCJavaScript}

  10. NM1W0F section additional history, in start-time order:

    1. NM1XY6  right before this was at (starting 2014.11 on OCJavaScript)   “NEFI6K last modification: NEY79M(2014.11.012)”  with last history entry NEFI3G
    2. NM1VZ0   moving to here, now via copy to new draft of latest post created this post then cut out else update content to fit;
    3. NM1WAI   from last location in Firefox, now copy from there and paste into here
    4. NM1WR8  select categories “Universal Rules & Guidelines for L2PFGY LR7MKT”, “ bug LSXLEY”, “posting LXYYH2” , “rule N0BY8E”
    5. NM1WW4  create & add to category “event RSVP NM1WW4”  of parent “event LX7RHI”; draft 1 [v1.0.1] 2015.03.30MonPst1811.
    6. NM1Y0D   update formatting to present; spellcheck
    7.  NM1YWR  replace “summary & intro” with new “intro & overall”; add NM1Z58; replaced “NEFJ1K this content including thread entirely created by OCJavaScript founder & head DestinyArchitect via assistants as needed” with present based on NLD8MM; reordered subsections to place first what is most immediate to most readers; spellcheck & apply N14GIY latest mod; publish [v2.0] 2015.03.30mon2038pst.
    8. NM2II6   policy full rewrite: same terms just improving writing, including add NM2J6RNM327Q , add NM348A, add NM358F & NM327Q, move  NEY8FD to top & reorganize it, NM3F69 improvements; todo: NM3G8G (done via NM59MF ) & proofing ; usable; published again [v3.0] 2015.03.31Tue1351.
    9. NM59GE   policy enhance:
      1. NM75PN  add rule NM348A; add container NM5A2V including new rule NM59MF and new sub-sections it else its parent reference.
      2.  NM75PW   add virtual solution NM5XP7 & related rules & guides
      3. NM75SD   NM20YE content: increased ~150%
      4. NM77CK   to do: some copy cleanup, proofreading, spellcheck (done next); usable; publish [v3.1] 2015.04.02Thu1424.
    10. NMCUSP   add NM9N96; spellcheck & apply N14GIY latest mod; publish [v3.2] again 2015.03.30tue1707pst.
    11. NQTM36:  (at the time referred to) original location well-forwarded to here.
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    18. NQZJU7:  a few small ones
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