Apr 282015

NWQZ6G:  “intro & overall”

  1. NWNXRX:   ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is JotHere.com’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except: none.

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    NWNXT2:  post name:

    ‘‘constructing: well display site’s categorization starting with 1.JotHere.com’s ’NNGAII

    1. NNGAIW:   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’ name…
      1.   NWQWYN:  now to next: present
        1. NWQX1E:  doing update #NWQWSH
      2. NNGAJ3:  originally to next: ‘‘constructing: well display site’s category map starting with 1.JotHere.com’s ’NNGAII
        1. NNGBNJ:  “per post name, add post to categories”
          1. NWNXZ1:   starting at time of section id, ‘admin of this site LFNIZ6’
          2. NWNY0F:  starting at time of section id, ‘category N0C41P’
            1. NWNYLT:  replace with ‘this site’s categories NQZPXE’
  3. NWNY25:   To reply & discuss, please use JotHere.com’s default methods (click) except: none.
  4. NWNY2F:   table of contents overall for remainder: TBA  +  ‘post history additional’

  5. NNGAN6:  Why?
    1. NNGAPI:  at least on 1.JotHere.com, the site’s category map, including the nesting (hierarchy) of categories, is key overview navigation for the site so key to display well
      1. NNH174:  even for authors, as without, even for them, it’s hard to see so design & reorganize categories
        1. NNH199:  –what now motivates me to make this post.
    2. NNGB2R:  sidebar widget “Select & Display Category”N10H7P needs to only have 1 line of category selected but this then poorly displays the full category hierarchy, notably as its pull-down only displays a narrow and mere ~16 lines of it.
      1. NNHA0X:  byte so load cost of this
        1. NNHA2Y:  seemingly-unavoidably somewhat wasteful from having to use wasteful to the tune of ~60% by using HTML as “         ” instead of nested HTML to achieve the nested indent.
        2. NNH9ZT:  now is 76,560 characters  (LibreOffice count of HTML selection)
          1. NNHAE1:   presently 76,560/246,247=31%.
            1. NNHAG2:  so without waste, 31%*(1-60%)=12%
  6. NWQVF2:  definition, from most immediate/familiar
    1. NWQXZJ:  goals & their achievement
      1. NWQY5B:  goals
        1. NWOXQ1:  to be handy
        2. NWOXR7:  able for the average person to fully & quickly get without special help
        3. NWQY5Z:  also component-specific goals given in their specific component
      2. NWQY9A:  goals’ achievement
        1. NWQYDA: container (categorization)’s review overall applies except as noted here
        2. NWOXQK:  so far still weak
    2. NWQXE9:  ‘category listing’
      1. NWQXEK:  instead use the more powerful ‘category map as outline’
    3. NNGAII:  ‘category map as outline’
      1. NQ913P:  location possibilities
        1. NQ915Q:  linked to from every page, on a post-else-page just for it plus optionally some limited additional content as About the site
          1. NQ91AC:  the only solution that scales as the category list grows large
            1. NQ91CG:  so to-do soon
          2. NQ91B9:  Google Search(wordpress add widget to post OR page) find solutions
            1. NQAZK5:  plugins
              1. NQAZL0:  only solution seen so far
              2. NQAZLD:  WP spreadsheet plugin spreadsheet to compare
                1. NQAZN1:  TBA soon
        2. NNH5WQ:  on every page
          1. NNH9ML:  depends on category list size vs the average page size
            1. NNH8S3:  Longer term (starting say when the category list grows to notably larger than the page size without it, aka notably >50% of the page size with it), this will cost too much loading so will have to be on-demand loaded on its own page, and (as even bigger) pages.
            2. NNH9N5:  But before that, this could be a great solution to promote & develop the category list, plus fast to implement.
            3. NNHA9C:  where average page size
              1.  NNHAAS:  based on http://1.JotHere.com/ (home), just text data (no pics), that’s
                1. NNH5W5: now 248,483 bytes and 246,247 characters (LibreOffice on .htm; chosen) and 249,775 characters (LibreOffice on loaded HTML selection);
            4. NNH9QH:  This will increase page full-load data so time…
              1. NNH1B6:  since this category list is already included in a pulldown,
                1. NNH5VZ:  no more than ~100%,
                2. NNHACU:  presently, adding it again would only increase it by ~12%.
          2. NNGBBG: in the footer
            1. NNH0NM:  effect on page load especially time
              1. NNH0QS:  should often be not notable since its virtually at the bottom so everything else should be loaded & (I guess) displayed before it
                1. NNH0ZL:  only content it would seemingly be before is static and rarely needing seen, at least during rush: the say “© 2012 Temporary home for JotHere.com contentSuffusion theme by Sayontan Sinh
                2. NNH11B:  if a re-navigation is picked before, any/the-rest would seemingly not load at all
                3. NNH125:  for non-fast multi-page surfing, would add to the data usage
      2. NWOX1D:  for _ parents of each entry
        1. NWOWX5:  for 1 parent (so for tree/outline) –works
        2. NWOWYB:  for additional parents (so for DAG)
          1. NWOQF6: —coming eventually
      3. NQC2GY:  able to easy see nesting over wide areas
        1. NQC2HM:  as via special numbering
          1. NWOXC4:  –coming eventually
          2. NQC2IN:  via {level numbering aka depth measure}
            1. NQC2J8:  to do/try
          3. NWQW37:  via item numbering
          4. NWOXBL:  –a duplicate ID for this section
        2. NQC2IB:  via dynamic collapsing & expanding
          1. NWOX3U:  –coming eventually
          2. NWOX34:  –a duplicate ID for this section
        3. NQC2DF:  via minimal indent as it nests several levels
          1. NQC2GL:  to do
      4. NWOXT5:  display of categories with 0/no published posts
        1. NWOXUP:  defaults to not shown
          1. NWOXV2:  —problematic
            1. NWOXWA:  including in composition & deduplication & {categories in use via {additional parent and other indirect} references which aren’t counted}
          2. NWP2WJ:  including per ‘ Categories with 0 posts are excluded’ per Suffusion on this site
        2. NWQWHG:  for standard widget & perhaps more, controlled at https://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/wp_list_categories#Parameters ‘hide_empty’
      5. NWQXQ9:  here display of each category’s description
        1. NWNYYJ:  via hovering over the ‘category listing’
          1. NWNZ6I:  produced by post summary in a category listing
            1. NWNZ7A:  default behavior
              1. NWNZ7N:  nothing
                1. NWNZ7W:  fix to match #NWNZ5Q
        2. NWNZ5Q:  produced by the Categories widget
          1. NWNZ62:  as as output ‘whistleblowing NT5T70 (6)’
            1. NWNYNT:  default behavior
              1. NWNYQC:  is: when the user hovers over a category listing
                1. NWNYSX:  for >.5sec,
                2. NWNYT9:  a tooltip box appears showing  the category’s description
                  1. NWNYTT:  starting ~1 line down
                  2. NWNYU2:  with the HTML (to be displayed) stripped out so just plain text
                  3. NWNYUN:  where the user can’t click on it or select text because one mousing over (the user is off the category entry so) the box disappears
                    1. NWNYWP:  -a serious bug so
                      1. NWNYXF:  fix
              2. NWNYSA:  caused by Suffusion else WordPress
    4. NWNYN7:  (display) of each category’s ‘description’
      1. NWNZGW:  is key as contains key info especially definition and Wikipedia & official links.
      2. NQZUX6:  (display) to average users, notably in the regular site display
        1.   NWS5PE:  not done by (WordPress and typical themes),
          1. NQZUXZ: since  probably there is no standard yet for it.
          2. NWS5QN:  fixing
            1. NWOWQF:   not too easy
            2. NQZUZE:  so will be getting a plugin else other fix to do so.
        2. NWQXTI:  in/by category map –see that.
        3. NWOY62:  for single category
          1. NWQZF3:  for Suffusion –see that
          2. NWQZG9:  possibly more TBA
    5. NNGBKV:  1.JotHere.com.widgets http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/widgets.php
      1. NNGBX4:  Per this, add this post to category “WordPress Widget N10WZS” and {“WordPress theme Suffusion LXMQ30” as that controls the widgets}
      2. NWPU2E:  category widget (all instances)
        1. NWPU2Y:  is from
          1. NWPU3A:  apparently default WordPress, per official doc ‘ the default widgets that come with WordPress; for Categories, ..’
            1. NWPUCE:  official docs
              1. NWPUDD:  seems not to yet to exist  per
                1. NWPUCL:   entry missing from official doc
              2. NWPULE:  for API: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_widget#Categories_widget
          2. NWPUMS:  {the theme, so far Suffusion}…
            1. NWPU5J:  for sources, apparently NOT  as including not listed in official doc
            2. NWPUNZ:  for overriding
              1. NWPUY0:  maybe as this site.Suffusion.All Categories says ‘Categories with 0 posts are excluded’ and has other category options
      3. NNIUUQ:  Widget layout diagram (good) & enabling at http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-sidebars-and-widgets.php “Sidebar Layout”,
        1. NNIV8Z:  found from NNIUS4
        2. NNIV95:  aside: 1st discover “Widget Area Below Header” notably seeming a better area for certain text now in “Sidebar 1” text: all of  “How to Use this Website”N10FZM & maybe ““Top Authors”M8AO2Q –not yet working due to http://1.JotHere.com/87#M7AKDD” & more
          1. NNIVP2:  indeed, in this widget, I could see just links to these titles, as  “How to Use this Website”N10FZM –read this especially if new here” and then ASAP having these links go to separate page for them rather than having them on every page.
      4. NNITTU:  in “Wide Sidebar (Bottom)”
        1. NNGBN6:  so far, always empty
        2. NNITUB:  Not the right one to use: try this, and realize from its description “This is a wide sidebar displayed if both your first and second sidebars are on the same side. This is displayed below the two sidebars and is as wide as both of them combined.” this is not the right one to use and understandably won’t currently display.
      5. NNITYM:  in “Widget Area Above Footer”
        1. NNIU14:  so far, always empty
        2. NNIU1K:  on test, won’t display
          1. NNIUKC:  https://www.google.com/search?q=Widget+Area+Above+Footer finds
            1. NNIUKM:  #1 “Aquoid Forum • View topic – Widget Area Above Footer not disp
              1. NNIUME:  -{seems to be my problem} so far
              2. NNIUS4:   post 4 -follow
                1. NNIUZJ:  go to Widget layout diagram (good) & enabling
                  1. NNIV01:  there “Widget Area Above Footer”
                    1. NNIV0J:  is only area satisfying “[custom ]in the footer
                    2. NNIV3F:  always so far Disabled so Enabled now.
                    3. NNIW7N:  Save.
                2. NNIWBO:  sample widget now appears on http://1.jothere.com/ -fix worked!
        3. NQ89RO:  Categories widget
          1. NQ89RZ:  now added
          2. NQ89S7:  title ‘Category hierarchy with post counts NQ89RO’
          3. NQC2CK: NQC2CK: As the notably most readable so far, this is very helpful.
      6. NNIWFV:  a Categories widget
        1. NNIXZV:  auto-assigned permanent HTML id: categories-4
        2. NNIWMN:  location:
          1. NNIWGM:  none; set to #NNITYM
          2. NNIXIL:  per NNIXGF, set possibly temporarily to “Sidebar  1” bottom.
          3. NQ7Z85:  for fast readability, redo NNIWGM
        3. NNIWHB:  title:
          1. NNIWMY:  now change from empty to “Category hierarchy expanded, each category with its post count”NNIWFV
        4. NNIWQ6:  Display as dropdown
          1. NNIWR8:  off
        5. NNIWRR:  “Show post counts”
          1. NNIWSC:  from off to on
        6. NNIWT1:   “Show hierarchy”
          1. NNIWU8:  off; set to on.
        7. NNIWWK:  Save
          1. NNIWWX:  now
            1. NNIXBH:  notable pros thru cons:
              1. NNIXDG:  Pro: a full list
              2. NNIX05:  pro: subs are appropriately nested
              3. NNIX96:  tiny con: point counts are bolded but vertical alignment would seem better
              4. NNIX7O:  med-tiny con: needless & bulky point icons
              5. NNIX71:  con: waste space on left
              6. NNIXGF:  bigger con: wastes a lot of space on right
              7. NNIX42:  big con: lacks numbering system changes or something else better showing level depth
            2. NNIXO8:  at time of NNIXIL do its changes
          2. NNIXMC:  now
            1. NNIXTP:  notable pros thru cons changed
              1. NNIXU6:  huge con: most entries unreadable due to NNIX71
            2. NNIZS4:  new problems (NNIXU6) can be fixed with CSS
              1. NNIZST:  try reusing existing CSS for fixing this
                1. NNIZVZ:  find it it in 3374.MZTMC2.htm: see its point NNIZXT
                  1. NNJ9RW:  pausing but soon to be continued
        8. NQ8AZW:  ‘direct edit link’ http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/widgets.php?widgets-access=on&editwidget=categories-9
        9. NQ8AUA:  enabled
          1. NQ8AUJ:  1 to 0 until indents fixed.
      7. NQ89L9:  drag & drop of widgets on http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/widgets.php?widgets-access=off
        1. NQ89MI:  not working for many ops
          1. NQ89NL:  1st noticed now in both Chrome & Firefox
          2. NQ89NZ:  can drag into the main side bar but not into ‘Widget Area Above Footer’ and many other places: the dragged image disappears or appears several inches above the mouse.
          3.  NQ89Q3:  fixed by going into Accessibility mode.
      8. NQ91EV:  category contents
        1. NQ91F9:  much work before this
        2. NQ91FK:  starting ~12 hours ago, especially to make the listing NQ89RO look better, found better parents for ~90% (so ~10) of the categories with parent ‘Uncategorized’ or ‘None’, including in each put changes made plus linked to defining URLs
      9. NQ922J:  ‘direct edit link’
        1. NQ9283:  Purpose: to give every widget a permanent setting URL, ideally for editing but at least for identifying
        2. NQ9255:  each created by
          1. NQ927U:  on the respective entry on http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/widgets.php?widgets-access=on copy the ‘Edit’ link
          2. NQ929D:  then remove the generally-last 2 field settings as ‘&sidebar=sidebar-1&key=0’
            1. NQ929Y:  warning: these values aren’t then auto-loaded so one has to be careful if using this link to edit to set them correctly.
    6. NWPZZH:  1.JotHere.com.Theme.Suffusion.Templates http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-templates.php
      1. NWPZBK:  1.JotHere.com.Theme.All Categories http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-templates.php#categories-template (display of {‘Categories’ map aka All Categories template})
        1. NWPV2Z:  {can display this and this is the most key site map on at least 1.JotHere.com} so this Template section NWPV07 listed in definition NWQVF2
        2. NWPZGB:  so far does NOT display Category Descriptions in any form.
        3. NWQ0ND:  ‘Show post count for each category?’
          1. NWQ0NQ:  so far {default: ‘Hide Post Count’}
          2. NWQ0OD:  now to ‘Show Post Count’
      2. NWPV07:   1.JotHere.com.Theme.Suffusion.Templates.Sitemap http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-templates.php#sitemap-template
        1. NWPZT6:  docs for general mechanism: so far best found via http://google.com/search?q=Suffusion+Sitemap
        2. NWPV4X:  ‘Contents to Sitemap’
          1. NWQ0IU:  controlled by this section, can display All Categories
            1. NWQ145:  undocumented: except settings ‘Hide RSS feed’ and ‘Show Post Count’ are set & unchangable
          2. NWPV5E:  so far: {default: none selected}
          3. NWPV60:  now {all selected} as a test
            1. but http://1.JotHere.com/(sitemap|Sitemap|SiteMap) (still) return ‘does not exist.’
      3. NWQ269:  1.JotHere.com.theme.Suffusion.Templates.Single Category http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-templates.php#category-template
        1. NWQ287:  ‘Enable Category Introduction?’
          1. NWQ28Y:  so far {default: ‘Category Information not enabled’}
          2. NWQ29Q:  now to ‘Category Information enabled’
            1. NWQ2CD:  displays Description including its formatted HTML
              1. NWQ2FK:  example: see output of ‘US HUD(Department of Housing and Urban Development) NT6TDM (1)’
              2. NWQ2FS:  –excellent including long-overdue.
  7.  success of this
    1. TBA
  8. NNGAI0:  ‘post history additional’‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. NWS9HT:  ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151025Sun0854pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’4‘;version0.4‘;words ’2137‘;as ’more TODO but from sluggish performance, need OS restart‘;do ’Update‘}}’
    2. NWQWSH:  make post section NNGAII a subsection of new post heading NWQZ6G, so now covering display of all categorization not just of map as related and indeed is somewhat interchangeable.
    3. NWQV7Q:  updates: TBA+{}+cut quote:
      1. NQC2FM:  Good display (other than location)
    4. NWNYET:   TODO: finish completing initial content + organize + proofread + verify links +spellcheck;{update IDs to latest format: __ replacements}
    5. NWNXMD: (20151023pst0047) update post to {latest format so that of present post of /5102#NWN48N}
    6. NQC2JT: ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150621Sun2344pst‘; after ID’ minutes 6~‘; revision ’2~‘; words ’1363‘; version0.54~‘; to ’share current progress especially NQC2CK‘, do ’Update & pause‘}’
    7. NQ91DS:  starting yesterday, more additions
    8.  NNGAH0:  TBA: initial text thru NNJ9RW; now 981 words & constructed ~30% 1st draft; {todo: complete content; proofread; spellcheck; apply N14GIY latest mod}; publish 2015.04.28Tue1323pst.
    9. NNGA7U:  now via Copy to a new draft (of latest post) version “NNE93K:  .. save draft 1  2015.04.25Sat2115pst.” (copied from below) creating post http://1.JotHere.com/4593 (this here) then cut all IDs and other never-resued content