Jan 292011

LFT4I7: (~50% complete)

  1. LFT5A1: This is caused by the new Meetup interface (seemingly-unexpectedly released on all users about 2 days ago) which, among a number of debatable changes, whenever one RSVPs NO,
    1. LFT5KL: no longer allows one to leave any RSVP comment
      1. LFT5LF: A big (& seemingly very arrogant) mistake IMHO.
    2. LFT5KY: no longer prompts the user the event’s private RSVP Qs.
  2. LFT5BD: problem: “when one RSVPs NO, politely saying & even asking WHY is impossible it seems in the normal routine case”
    1. LFT5HF: as there are no workarounds I can think of for the route case:
      1. LFT5ID: Ask the RSVPer to privately email one of the event hosts with his/her reasons for “NO/MAYBE”
        1. LFT7CB: This is what I’m recommending members do presently. But only temporarily, as:
        2. LFT7FO: This has subtle but killer problems in the route case:
          1. LFT68N: Probably won’t be done, as much more trouble for the RSVP
          2. LFT68T: Killer: easily looses the association with which-event. If running many events (as is typical), it would be a potential record-keeping nightmare for event hosts.
          3. LFT68H: Hard to compare the positive comments with the negative comments as they’d be stored stored separately and in different formats and at different privacy levels.
          4. LFT697: Killer: makes the feedback too private and so not needing to be shared to all that could use this feedback.
      2. LFT5JL: Asking why in a private RSVP Q won’t work due to that other new change .
      3. LFT5PB: Setting up a discussion thread for NO reasons for this event has serious problems in the routine case:
        1. LFT6C1: Would create a very negative discussion.
        2. LFT6CG: Hard to compare the positive & negative as different formats & diffrent locations.
        3. LFT6DJ: Reasonable more trouble for the RSVPer (to post), plus for the event host (to start & bi-directionally link the thread)
      4. LFT5QY: Having users post their “NO” reasons in the event comments/Talk is not really feasable:
        1. LFT63L: Needlessly instantly emails all RSVPers & commenters that “Johny’s got the flu” or worse “But Johny doesn’t like rock music.”.
  3. LFT6GH: I find this a very upsetting situation.  It’s yet another reason to leave Meetup but I don’t know where to go.
  4. LFT6HS: to be continued.

  One Response to “new Meetup bug: when one RSVPs NO, politely saying & even asking WHY is impossible in the normal routine case it seems”

  1. I just posted on (my Meetup event listing http://meetu.ps/rCc4 which had me discover this unpleasant change) a comment referring to here:

    As part of Meetup’s new GUI jst released on everyone apparently-unexpectedly, I now see there’s (new Meetup bug: when one RSVPs NO, politely saying & even asking WHY is impossible in the normal routine case it seems http://2.loverules.info/lft4i7 ), so u CANT “Simply RSVP here ..with your reasons for NO..” as I asked &have always asked. So what2do? See that URL: I’ll maintain there the present best workaround4u. I quite upset w/much of Meetup’s directions,esp recently:Meetup similarly cut MAYBE.