Sep 142011
Make sure your “Communication settings” are turned “ON” in each Meetup group you belong to, initially & periodically LRJGGC updated 2011.09.15pst1328 (76% complete 1st draft & used in production)
  1. This is mentioned in your group welcome message which your group should have emailed you when you joined.

    Currently this covers the matter in with key additional detail (“going to” also to ON) but soon the welcome message will link to here.
  2. When you join any group and every few months (esp if you missed some updates),
    open your “Communication settings” for your Meetup group, as open if you belong to, and insure all entries there are marked YES (meaning: ‘yes, email me notification’), most especially:

    1. “going to” is ON (fortunately this seems to be still ON by default).

      Tip: using an email client with threading turned on, such as the default in Gmail, will significantly help declutter your email as all the comments for an event will be threaded together.
    2. everything under “Message Boards” is ON (tragically this is OFF default, and even if you select it ON for everything, when new forums are added, those are OFF by default, too).

      ​Note this setting generates remarkably little (indeed too little) email, but at least you will get a tiny bit of notice, but even with this, don’t generally expect most people to see the posts unless you alert them or you know they are looking for it.​

      Specifically, for all your Meetup groups combined, Meetup will send you 1 email at midnight every day, just listing which threads have been created or added to, radically less than the individual emails Meetup sends for each event & updates & reminders & comments on it.


      You’ll still have to go out of your way to notice this midnight-email and click on all possibly-interesting post links to make sure you get any important news & the replies to your posts.
      You will still probably have to alert people who need to see or reply to certain posts by say posting a Greet on their group profile saying say “I await your reply post to my post to you at <url/>”
    1. ​Our group & other participating groups work via (Communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LHPXDE and these settings are key everyone gets notified of appropriate posts.
    2. ​Traditionally if you RSVP YES for a Meetup event, you will immediately be emailed all updates to the event, especially updates via the comments. However, as new member Matt led me to find out, Meetup now unfortunately gives members the option to turn “going to” OFF (probably mis-thinking this will actually cut down email), which could then easily result in one showing up to a Meetup event only to find one is unprepared or no one’s there or all sorts of other problems, because this option is off so one didn’t get the usual updates via comment post that the event has been changed.
    3. ​Also, when someone posts news about or your group (done in a Message Board post), unless you’ve done these settings, you will probably never find out about it (because OFF is the unfortunate default setting here, and the alert of new posts says on the group home page  usually just a few hours).
    4. Group leaders, even the Head Organizer,

      unfortunately can’t set your settings (as can’t set them for you), in fact can’t even see what your settings are (probably because Meetup forgot to build the GUI), so​
      doesn’t know if the message went out to everyone (and who exactly it went out to) unless all members do this, so
      depend on all members to do this.