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  NOF0AG:  “intro & overall”

  1. NOF0AY:  “The “terms of use” of {this post & its comments, including the privacy & confidentiality of it plus all knowledge obtained from it} is JotHere’s standard Terms of Use except:
    1.  NOF0BR:  none
  2.  “post image”TBA
  3.  NOF0CF:  post name history in reverse start-order: 
    1. NOH4B2:  now to next:
      {services for ensuring quality people}
      {definition & especially categorization}
    2. NOF0CS:  now originally to next: “
      {services insuring people for work/labor or/and social/relationships}
      {definition & especially categorization}

      1.   NOF0NK:  Per  this, add post to categories
        1. NOF0O4:  same as those of /4610#NNR05A
  4.  NOHB76:  services for ensuring quality people
    1. NOF1BR:  ensuring: where “ensuring” here consists of:
      1. NOF39Z:  recruiting so providing
        1. NOF3EJ:  notably labor recruitment generalized to recruting for any matter.
        2. NOF3AU:  consisting of:
          1. NOF1CR:  locating & collecting
          2. NOF1D6:  matchmaking, notably
      2. NOF1FB:  preparing & maintaining & transitioning
        1. NOF1ZE:  consisting of:
          1. NOF2C0:  coaching
            1. NOF2D2:  consisting of:
              1. NOF2Z8:  assistive personal involvement
              2. NOF1IM:  counseling, as in
                1. NOF213:  consisting of
                  1. NOF30P:  assistive personal involvement
                  2. NOF1Q9:  educating, notably
                    1. NOF1SW:  consisting of
                      1. NOF28R:  training/teaching, notably
                        1. NOF2AC:  consisting of
                          1.  NOF295:  training/teaching materials
                            1. NOF2TT:  consisting of
                              1. NOF2PB:  websites
                                1. NOF2RR:  especially web-based teaching materials
                              2. NOF2RY:  books
                                1. NOF2PH:  especially textbooks
                              3. NOF2SM:  more TBA
              3. NOF1NO:  dispute resolution, notably
          2. NOF37M:  probably no or little more of great significance.
    2. NOHBM5:  has activity subcategories:
      1. NOF110: services ensuring people organizations & other groups
        1. NOHCDB:  has ensuring subcategories:
          1. NOH1JN:  relationship counseling, notably
        2. NOF1TK:  has activity subcategories:
          1. NOHD3G:  services ensuring people for {economic ownership sectors, so for non-personal groups} 
            1. NOHD5U:   has ensuring subcategories:
              1. NOF167:  labor recruitment, notably service
              2. NOHD6Y:  others
            2. NOHD7W:  has 3 disjoint activity subcategories:
              1. NOHD9H:  public sector:, notably
              2. NOHD9S:  voluntary sector, notably
                1. NOHFWR:  has specialty subcategories:
                  1. NOHFX9:  community groups
                  2. NOHFXI:  others
              3. NOHDWN: business sector:
                1. NOHDX2:  use this category instead of as the latter is somewhat ambigious on if it contains nonprofits so the voluntary sector.
              4. NOHELI:  also State-Owned Enterprises would appear to fall under 1 or more of these 3, but I don’t know which.
          2. NOHE4K:  services ensuring people for personal life (family & friends & socializing)
            1. NOH19Z:  could be called: family & social relationship industry
            2. NOHEVB:  has ensuring subcategories:
              1. NOH1GD:  family therapy, notably
              2. NOH19N:  family law, notably
                1. NOH15Z:  divorce industry
                2. NOH399:  see also wedding industry
            3. NOHFQE:  has activity subcategories:
              1. NOF344:  parenting industry
              2. NOCPMY:  friendship, romance, or/and sexual ensuring service
                1. NOCPOF:  categorized by the degree sex is in the forefront
                  1. NOCPQW:  is common & useful
                  2. NOCPR6:  from least to most (that sex is in the forefront):
                    1. NOCPSL:  friendship finder & matcher service:
                      1. NOH1KJ:  Some dating sites additionally offer this
                        1. NOH1SL:  OkCupid is clearly the most capable
                        2. NOH1M6:  I’ve never heard of it being used
                    2. NOCUKU:  romance and/or sexual ensuring service:
                      2. NOH0XN:  romance ensuring service:
                        1. NOH10N:  could be called the romance industry
                        2. NOH145:  wedding industry:
                          1. NOH14V:  in the US:
                        3. NOCP6H:  romantic matchmaking/dating service:
                          1. NOCPBS:  categories are mostly listed within
                          2. NOCPCF:  sorted roughly where sex is the forefront from least to most are:
                            1. NOCQGK:  exclusive marriage focus
                              1. NOCPV0:  arranged marriage, notably
                              2. NOCQKY:  khatba, notably
                              3. NOCQGB:  Shidduch
                              4. NOCQBV:  mail-order bride
                              5. NOCPXY:  matrimonial website, notably
                            2. NOCQ2S:  Dating agency, notably
                            3. NOCQY3:  speed dating, notably
                            4. NOCPEV:  dating game show, notably
                            5. NOCPDQ:  online dating service:, notably
                            6. NOCPFX:  anonymous [romantic ]matching, notably
                      3. NOCQVC:  sexual ensuring service
                        1. NOEXLU:  so service of the sex industry
                        2. NOEXSK:  so performed by sex workers
                        3. NOCRMM:  suggestively
                          1. NOEXNW:  so adult entertainment
                          2. NOCRNF:  non-interactively
                            1. NOCRNS:  pornography, notably
                              1. NOGB3P:  legality & morality
                          3. NOCRO9:  interactively
                            1. NOCRGY:  virtually, notably , service
                              1. NOCRVK:  sexting, notably
                              2. NOCRT5:  cybersex, notably
                              3. NOCRI1:  phone sex
                              4. NOCRP9:  video sex chat aka camming
                            2. NOCRJV:  in-person:
                              1. NOFDJL:  neo-burlesque, notably
                              2. NOFD67:  exotic dancing aka sexual stripping, notably
                                1. NOCRZI:  done most notably in a strip club, notably
                              3. NOCS26:  a few others, as possibly listed in
                              4. NOFDU6:  live sex show, notably
                                1. NOHHA5: legality & morality
                        4. NOCRH8:  actually
                          1. NOCR47:  romantic escort service/agency: , notably for sexual services
                          2. NOCR7D:  prostitution notably
                            1. NOHH5J:  legality & morality
                            2. NOCVUF:  our handling
                        5. NOGZ3R:  section history additional in start order
                          1. NOGYTO:  in 1st draft midway, wording from “sex” to “sexual”
                            1. NOGYYJ:  as notable pros-thru-cons:
                              1. NOGYYU:  Notable pro: less offensive or/and shocking to many
                              2. NOGYYX:  Pro pro: more accurate (as this also covers the suggestive services)
                              3. NOGYZ5:  Con: 3 syllables instead of 1
                              4. NOGZ0B:  Con: not as familiar
                          2. NOH03Z:  now, wording to from “service foremost to provide sexual” to “sexual provider service
                            1. NOH09W:  as notable pros-thru-cons:
                              1. NOH0AA:  Notable pro: allows category to be used providers of sexual where its not foremost
                              2. NOH0CG:  Con: all services today which I’ve heard of which provide sexual provide it foremost.
                  3. NOF3P0:  ensuring people for resource sharing services
                    1. NOF3QK:  consisting of:
                      1. NOHAWE:  if online,
                      2. NOHAPA:  for transport
                        1. NOGE37:   TNCs (as “ Lyft, Uber X,” etc)
                        2. NOGECV:  carpool/rideshare setup services
                      3. NOHARH:  for housing
                        1. NOHAUS:  Airbnb & competitors, notably
                        2. NOF3T5:   “roommate” finder services
                          1. NOF3TZ:  as quickly found by Google Search “roommate or housemate locator OR matching OR finder”
                      4. NOGE7T:  for general: many uses of web search
                      5. NOF3VJ:  many more possible.
                  4. NOF42O:  seemingly more.
              3. NOHG2X:  possibly more.
      2. NOHC0I:  services ensuring people to do particular tasks
        1. NOHCA1:  –maybe especially NOT {covered by “for organizations and other groups” or, somewhat equivalently, mainly relating-with-people}
        2. NOHCME:  activity subcategories
          1. NOHCNE:  are huge lists of say 100s to 1000s
          2. NOHCON:  have no clear universal breakdown
          3. NOHCPI:  example lists can be found via:
            1. NOHCR6:
            2. NOHCZU: with basic lists found at
    3. NOH3LV:  section history additional in start order
      1. NOH3MO: correction: replace all non-archive instances of “insure” & variants with “ensure” & variants respectively.
      2. NOH4GB:  now, except within the the top level “ensuring” (as that breaks it down), following that lead, in every subsection, replace “provider” & “providing” and “finding & maintaining”, also:
        1. NOH4OD:  replace “-er” forms  with “-ing” forms as the latter is more general and can be better customized with “service” or “person” or “worker” or other noun.
  5. NOF3WM:  Post motivation
    1. NOF4L0:  quite helpful
      1. NOF4QD:  to both
        1. NOF4QK:  organize these important services & concepts
          1. NOF4SA:  including see how they relate and cover needs
          2. NOF4SL:  especially as my categorization here seems to make good sense and much I’ve never seen done before so may be novel.
        2. NOF4R3:   for each, have a quick link to at least the Wikipedia entry giving definition & other basic info
      2. NOF3XT:  so, so far, for 1st use at /4599#NOF3ZP and generally for “romance & friendship ensuring services by DestinyArchitect”
      3. NOF4K4:  many other uses possible.
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