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NOIO1H:  “intro & overall”

  1. NOIO1Y:  “The “terms of use” of {this post & its comments, including the privacy & confidentiality of it plus all knowledge obtained from it} is JotHere’s standard Terms of Use except:
    1. NOMFBH:  now until next: for this version & later ones: none.
    2. NOIO29:  originally until next: are the same as for the content’s original source (confidential so far) except as officially specified here in writing.
  2.  “post image”TBA
  3. NOIO29:   “post name history in reverse start-order”:
    1. NOILRQ:  originally now to next: “general terms/rules and their moral & legal basis, by DestinyArchitect
    2. NOIO2P: Per title, add post to categories:
      1. NOIHVP:  same as those of source –minus some
      2. NOL4A8:  “law N0BYA6”
      3. NOL4AN:  “social M9Y797”
  4. NOB376:  rules from highest priority:
    1. NNJBCG:  All applicable laws must be followed
      1. NNJBDX:  so for instance, in United States except as local laws specify otherwise,
        1. NNJBEZ:  no prostitution
    2. NOL5N5:  Maximum-practical liberty
    3. NOL5NT:  more TBA
  1. NOI9JF:  has “definition & morality & legality & rules” (“definition & morality & legality & rules”) subsections
    1. NOIO5M:  linked to above
  2. “author(s) background (on the topic)”
  3. Motivation
  4.  “success of this”
    1. TBA

  5. NOII0H:  post edits overall history table, by increasing start-time
    entry ID action why word cnt ver # s# date (typ fr earliest ID)
    NOIHZZ:   start  factor to here significant content from source NOI6XR ~0 0 0 now
    1. NOIMP8:  original beginning at /4630#NOI6RG so:
      1. NOI6WZ:  also (made seperate post) because of the content’s many other future uses
    2. NOILG2:  via “Copy to a new draft” of latest post’s latest version so with last entry “ NOIHFD:, stop&start, for safety & history, save right before doing NOI6RG, 3183, .35, 5, now=20150517Sun1343pst” creating (this here) post then cut all IDs and other content not to be reused here.
      1. NOILHG:  use this to create 1 of subs, NOI6RG, with just the content for all subs, then duplicate that to create the remaining subs
     NOIRG9: stop&start  save after move before making further changes 1526 .30 1? now=20150517Sun1724pst
    1. NOJGJ0:  added NOG8SH, ~50% complete.
     NOJGOA: stop  period & rest  2538  .31  2?  now=20150518Mon0221pst
     NOK7DB: start  continue work  2544  ||  3  earlier=20150518Mon10~pst
    1. NOK7F6:  plan to factor out significant content
      1. NOK7GD:  due to its size
      2. NOK7GJ:  of possible post core topics
        1. NOK7HG:  “liberty”
          1. NOKL8H:  now replaced by NOKK5R
        2. NOKK5R:  “liberty and fairness for all”  –now there
          1. NOKLBO:  sub posts:
            1. NOKLEP:  “NatureVoting”
              1. NOKLGW:  sub posts:
            2. NOK7IG:   “easily seems bad to many but fundamentally isn’t” –now there
      3. NOKVAS:  why: factor out to here significant detailed at /4647#NOK7F6 from that post
    2. NOMF9D:  possibly other edits
    3. NOMFG8:  “update field names & links per updates thru NOME7E  (so top thru “post image”)”NOMG9R
     NOMHJU: stop  have to do other stuff now  440  0.4  d 3  now=20150519Tue1733pst
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