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NOPZ9W “intro & overall”

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    NOPZ9W: communicating & setting-up-appointments with meseemingly just like most of the new generations as Millennials except they probably will expect you to know & follow these conventions without having to spell it out & explain it to you, and actually the conventions are overall quite improved’

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  4. NVMIMT table of contents overall for remainder:  ‘key background’ +  ‘my phone line’s outgoing message/greeting’ + ‘on communicating with me and with seemingly most of the new generations as Millennials’ ‘post history additional’

  5. NVN74S   ‘key background’
    1. NVN75J   This article is about communication conventions which should be helpful for most all ones communications –what I do and what I encourage seemingly everyone to do
      1. NVN79M  indeed to help  achieve maximal improvement there,…
    2. NVN77G   I wrote this article foremost to correct where I found my communications being most indeed killer strained: when trying to work with VA medical system, as seemingly the worst thing about that mostly amazing organization it is still heavily working in the dark ages when it comes to remote-discussing matters including setting up appointments: still almost entirely depending on telephone calls especially live calls for remote communications
      1. NVRVJX  and with staff routinely apparently having/doing ‘the līve-only mis-believe/practice’
      2. NVN7X8  typically bringing my own productivity there down to a crawl, sometimes even backwards,
        1. NVNA15  as would readily for just like most of the new generations as Millennials as all of us understandably don’t like dark-age communication methods especially phone calls.
          1. NVRWFZ   but my guess is  most of the younger soldiers are either still in the military (so get their healthcare form there, not the VA) or have jobs elsewhere (so get their healthcare from there, not the VA) and are generally in better health, so the VA has few of being serviced by the VA so far so the VA is slow to modernize here
            1. NVRWNN   –but that won’t erase the need; rather it still is there & still grow-to-full nonetheless!
      3.  NVN7Y1   To its credit, staring 2013~, the VA offers every patient a private website login with their online schedule list and electronic mail but
        1.  NVNA71   in every department I’ve seen, not this but telephone calls are still promoted and regularly the only remote way to communicate
        2. NVNA64  it has serious often crippling limitations, as the schedule is read-only, email is via ‘secure messaging’ which is non-standard and separate login, boxes, etc, primitive, & with way-too-limited recipients, & more bugs.
        3. NVNAFG  VA staff have normal (SMTP email) address, but they seem to be kept hidden from patients apparently due to the serious mis-belief that ‘secure messaging’ works ok
  6. NQXV0S   ‘my phone line’s outgoing message/greeting’ 
    1.  NVMJCC  does  (else should) be a good nugget of the info covered in this post.
      1. NQZ529   –in the message(s), quoted next, the phrases (as many as possible, so many) I link to the sources behind it below, so the message provides a fairly good table-of-contents for this post.
    2. NVMJFA   is
      1. NVMK2J   upcoming DRAFT:
        1. NVRLZ7  quote:
          1. NVRLWW   You’ve called the all-purpose Google Voice number of [name]
          2. NVRV14   And you’ve reached my voicemail
            1. NVRLXY   –just as most calls to most any person go to voicemail these days — due to calls being interruptive, and giving info verbally not in writing, and other problems with calling when there are now better methods. In that vein,
          3. NVRLYS  per the smart growing phoning conventionplease do not call me & ideally others until you’re certain it’s not better, ideally because you’ve already really tried, to send  your message via modern electronic writing, as web posting to me, else SMS/texting to this number or emailing me, as those are modern remote communication methods and typically-work much better.
          4. NVRM0E  And if those aren’t working or truly can’t work best, then, yes, please call this my secure voicemail, which properly only I can access;
          5. NVRM0W  and here leave me a message that eliminates phone tag as I will likely have to send you a message back, so tell me here all the details you can fit, up to 3 minutes, plus your email address, or/and times you will answer.
          6. NVRM1D  And, to schedule meetings on-the-phone and/or in-person, tell some larger exact time ranges I can pick within, then I’ll reply with my choices.
          7. NVRMHV   This my outgoing message you should not need to transcribe nor save as it’s permanently posted on the web –just as all better messages should be, per this message! Plus you can use it, too, for your outgoing phone message. Find it and most all related details by searching JotHere else Google for its template ID NVMK2J.
          8. NVRM45 ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. NVV3VO   considering replace #NVRLXY with say
              1. NVV3WJ   And voicemail is best so increasingly normal for unscheduled calls to any individual. Why?
            2. NVV3SO  cut this next parent container as adds nothing but clutter:
              1.  NVN2RV  ‘motivations & sources & changes ‘in reverse start order’’
            3. NVRV3Z  #NVRITT improvements: incorporate: save draft of present then…
              1. NVTBWJ   more TBA
            4. NVRUIE   add ‘the all-purpose Google Voice number of ’ as that helps callers know the capabilities.
            5. NVRHPQ   on ‘within, hopefully when I’ll already be in your area if known, ’, after ‘,’: appended this but, as it’s too much for the other person to know my schedule (yes the VA can see it, but nobody else, and that’s still a lot of work to look that up specially and plan it), so cut that and stead added ‘larger ’
            6. NVREUX   replace ‘You’ve reached [name] –my voicemail.’ with present
            7. NVREUL  move ‘, which only I can access’ to where is more needed.
            8. NVREBO   replace ‘until you’ve already tried to ’ with more accurate present form.
            9. NVRDU3  ‘via the modern & typically-much-better remote communication methods of electronic writing, as web post, else SMS/text to this number or email.  If that isn’t..’ is a mouthful, so replace with present
            10. NVNN90   in ‘Per the smart growing phoning convention, unscheduled calls I rarely live-answer moreover plus’, the part just after ‘,’: inspired by #NVNMZ4,  just added it, but then cut it as what follows this implies that addition and here is really short on space & must be kept simple.
            11. NVN5MF  had ‘As is the increasingly norm, I don’t want phone calls & similar remote verbal unless that is truly the best communication method; so ’ but, for needed brevity, cut after ‘norm,’ as what follows mostly and ideally soon entirely the same thing more precisely
            12. NVN2SA   add ‘This is [name].’ or equivalent because #NVN3D2
            13. NVN4ZW   per #NVN4S0, replaced  ‘Thanks for calling!’ with properly placed ‘please’
        2. NVN52W   where [name] is
          1. NVN54A   specific enough to avoid problem #NVN3D2
          2. NVN55Q   general enough to maintain privacy
          3. NVN569   so far: accurate but common first name else accurate common nickname
        3. NVR7FM ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. NVR7CH   recordings
            1. NVMMPD   -recording 1: tba
              1. NVR54B   voicemail  setting (for Google voice)
                1. NVRAG3  per answer of here, access vmail by phone
                  1. NVRAG8  official but incomplete instructions https://support.google.com/voice/answer/117523?hl=en + https://support.google.com/voice/answer/117523?hl=en
                  2. NVR556   call from Skype log ‘[7:58:29 AM] *** Call to +NVRAZ5 ***<br/>[8:00:01 AM] *** Call ended, duration 01:31 ***’
                    1. NVR5SK   before any ring sounds, get immediate ‘Hello. Please state your name after the tone and Google Voice will try to connect you. BEEP’
                    2. NVR5TX   I say ‘test caller’
                    3. NVR7ZE   ringing starts
                      1. NVR82K   start pressing keys as ‘123 * #’ but they seem to be ignored.
                      2. NVR846  after ~25 seconds aka ~4 to 6 rings…
                    4. NVR818  hear voicemail ( here NQXV3C)
                    5. NVR823   before it ends, from a guess but correct, press ‘*’
                    6. NVRANI  get ‘To access your account, the phone you’re calling from is not associated with this Google Voice account. Please enter one of your forwarding numbers followed by #’
                    7. NVRANY   don’t remember any so don’t enter any.
                    8. NVRAPP  get ‘I didn’t catch that. To access your account, please enter your PIN followed by the # key’
                    9. NVRAQ3   don’t know the PIN at least fast so don’t enter any
                    10. NVRARG  get ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. …’
                    11. NVRARU  to see what happens, just enter ‘#’
                    12. NVRAT0  get/continue ‘Please enter one of your forwarding numbers followed by #’
                    13. NVRAU9  don’t enter anything per above
                    14. NVRAUI  get ‘I’m sorry you have having trouble. Please try calling again later. Goodbye.’
                  3. NVRCD1   call from Skype log ‘[10:26:55 AM] *** Call to +19492873762 ***<br/>[11:38:20 AM] *** Call ended, duration 1:11:25 ***’
                    1. NVRFT4   as last call, but here enter the PIN.
                      1. NVRFUQ  Without saying if PIN is ok, it then prompts me for the alternative #, possibly because I’m calling from caller ID unknown, so as perhaps a security measure.
                    2. NVRCLB   Get ‘you have 56 messages saved.’ (starts playing them)
                    3. NVRCN0  Press * to get to main menu
                    4. NVRCNU  ‘to change your setting, press 4’
                    5. NVRCNY   ‘To change your greeting, press 1’
                    6. NVRCOS   get ‘thank you for calling, you’ve reached my secure voicemail, which sends me an email when you leave a message, so after the tone, please leave me a detailed message’
                      1. NVRDCX  this appears to be M56THT, the lowest custom recording listed by https://www.google.com/voice#voicemailsettings
                    7.  NVRCQS   ‘start recording after the tone, when you’re finished press the # key’
                    8. NVRCRU  record some garbage as long as it allows recording. This is recording #NVRCRU
                    9. NVRCSZ   after ~1 minute, it starts plays back my recording WHILE it continues to record.  I hear myself listen to myself! I say ‘I’m now at #NVRCRU
                    10. NVRCYP   I press #.  ‘I’m sorry I didn’t catch that. Your current greeting is’… staring playback at 10:38:15; ends at 10:43:20, so seems to be 5 minutes.
                    11. NVRDD9   I press # then try recording #NVMK2J
                    12. NVRFQJ   It is interestingly echoing me back everything said over the last minutes while it continues to record.
                    13. NVRFR8   as still composting and Skype is not free, cut the call.
      2. NQXV3C   ‘Thanks for calling! Know it’s generally much better to email or text-message me, including I typically cannot hear this phone ring, so you’ve reached my voicemail. Only I can access it, so please leave a message with all details, up to 3 minutes, to avoid phone tag, else a time range when you’ll answer. To schedule appointments, just propose some times, a week or more in advance, ideally when I already have appointments at your facility. Thanks!’ (rush-read to meet the time limit, so ~22 seconds)–transcribing message MRLIZI from https://www.google.com/voice#voicemailsettings,
        1. NVN34Y  in use: 2013.08.13(per id ‘MRLIZI’) to present, so 2+ years.
        2. NVN2UZ   some results
          1. NVN4S0   ‘Thanks for calling!’ is a super friendly beginning but
            1. NVN4TH  obviously undeservedly friendly
            2. NVN4TU   could be understandably misleading people that {I like calls when I typically much prefer electronic writing} —it just occurred to me
          2. NVN3OP   ‘Know it’s generally much better to email or text-message me,’ has not gotten any I could think of to do so, so it may need to be stronger as 1st thought of here, but it has been useful in one case to show the person isn’t paying attention
          3. NVN3D2   as far as not mentioning any name for me,  while it’s conceivable that could be an advantage in some cases,  in the 2+years, there has been no occasion where not mentioning my any name has been an advantage but significant cases where it may have been a disadvantage.
          4. NVN2VI   seems nearly every voicemail says ‘This message is for [my name].’ so it would appear callers aren’t convinced they’ve reached me so then even though they could double-check if they dialed the right phone # and it’s in my voice, so unsure it’s me, this may explain why still a significant # problematically don’t leave details even though it says  ‘Only I can access it, so please leave a message with all details, up to 3 minutes, to avoid phone tag,’
      3. NT13XM   IMHO a polite message
        1. NT14SP   …trying to clue in people, at least those who still depend on phone calls, especially the VA, that
          1. NT14TM   especially for routine business, phone calls and especially voicemail are essentially the wrong way to communicate now that better methods are commonplace
          2. NT15RH   no one fully-sensible has a shared personal phone line especially shared voicemail anymore, so of course you can securely leave the intimate details (else it’s now the recipient’s fault)
          3. NT14WG  you don’t need to get a live response, as talk live on the phone, in order to propose an appointment (coming from ‘the līve-only mis-believe/practice’), and
          4. NT14WL  (something the VA staff seem to routinely forget) naturally to schedule/propose multiple appointments together so to avoid unnecessary trips.
    3. NT14KH  In contrast I’ve regularly witnessed and read reported by newspaper articles that many/most Millennials are much more brutal in their handing of phone calls especially voicemail to those who aren’t clued into these things.
      1. NT153K   If anyone calls them
        1. NT15E4  If the caller’s name & number are not saved in their personal phone directory (so including if caller ID is unknown and especially blocked), they probably have a policy to not answer.
        2. NT15EY   If the caller is NOT a family member or very intimate associate (or they’re not at the moment expecting call backs from job hunting or selling/buying something), they probably have a policy not to answer.
        3. NT15JA   Unless it’s a valid emergency, they are likely to respond angrily  ‘Why are you calling me? [instead of texting me]’ or just ignore the phone call & maybe all future calls (due to the caller not instead doing texting “when they should know to”)
      2. NT1434   And they won’t really bother with voicemail (even if they’ve got visual voicemail which auto-transcribes voicemails to text) and will expect you to know that, including one or more:
        1. NT1474  Never setting an outgoing message.
        2. NT14A1  Only checking voicemails every few weeks or, fairly commonly, never.
        3. NT14AA  Regularly letting vmails fill up so no more vmails can be left, regularly intentionally.
        4. NT14AF  Setting the outgoing message to ‘Why are you calling [when you should be texting]? At the beep, don’t leave a message.’
      3. NT1535  at least on their personal phones, which are now 100% cell phones (here, landlines are gone), and they generally want to do this on their business lines, too, just as soon as they can get away with it.

  7. NT1S01   ‘on communicating with me and with seemingly most of the new generations as Millennials’ (where Millennials)
    1. NVX7WZ   This section starts from the most overall goals and logically then derives each component until logically reaching the concrete solutions. As such is sub-sections are, in order:
      1. NVX80X   ‘overall communication preferences’
      2. NVX852  ‘on written vs. visual vs. verbal’
      3. NVX85N   ‘on degree of sync/interactivity: messaging vs. līve’
      4. NVXAFG  ‘communication method preference order’:
      5. NVXBGI   ‘[communication & scheduling with me] conclusions & small extra action points’
    2. NQXLR5   ‘overall communication preferences’
      1. NT1SNJ  These overall communication preferences dictate my remote communication standards plus all my communication standards.
        1. NOPZTD   and my remote communication standards, especially my remote communication preference orderis pretty much identical to increasingly many in this electronic age, especially the new generations as Millennials,  so I encourage all others & organizations to “get with the times” and adopt this order.
      2.  NT1SWL   Now the new generations as Millennials, and possibly prior generations, pretty much never bother to say why their particular communication preference order, yes even if it’s disruptively different, just expect everyone else to know it & comply without having to spell it out & explain it
        1. NT1T06   So I can’t know for sure my reasons are the same as some other big group, and in ways I suspect they are different, but please note again the result is largely the same remote communication preferences as the new generations, so many if not most of my reasons may well be held by lots of the new generations.
      3. NQXLZF   for me, overall I strongly want all my communications to have 2 things:
        first, to have a great records of all my communications and,
        second, not be notably interrupted,

        1. NQXM23   to have a great record, including recording, of all my communications
          1. NQXM4L  including so I can hold myself responsible, and help those communicating with me do the same for themselves and & me, for…
            1. NQXML2   fully responsible for what was said
            2. NQXML8   not repeat whenever that can practically be avoided
          2. NQXM8V   where ‘great record’ includes, from most important: private & secure, recorded‘fast searchable & quotable’‘kept long, ideally forever’
            1.  NQXM9U   of course private & secure to just me, plus ideally all parties directly involved, unless it’s appropriate to share it further
            2. NT1ZAL   ‘record’, meaning the communication is recorded
              1. NT25J4  I strongly want to have a quality recording of all my communications, for reasons explained below.
              2. NT214V   And recording of the communication happens automatically for…
                1. NT1ZG8   for writing by its very nature (one of writings key advantages and a key reason wrongdoers fear it)
                2. NT216Q  but for all other types of communication, no, recording is not automatic, and while the technical hurtles to record most everything each of us communicates & does are now trivial for our high tech, because it has not been automatic have led to huge social recording fears to overcome.
              3. NT33TY   Note recording of communications & happenings has degrees of intensity which play a big role
                1. NT346D   in terms of accuracy & fullness of capture, which range, starting with lowest:
                  1. NT33VP   taking notes of the event especially afterwards
                  2. NT3427  taking still pictures
                  3. NT33XM   taking video/moving-pictures w/o audio
                    1. NT3413   interestingly/oddly most laws take this less invasive than audio-recording, perhaps because what was said & even written is still generally not captured.
                  4. NT33X8  audio recording
                  5. NT344L   video/moving-pictures with audio
                2. NT345R   in terms of how aware people are of others there recording them, which range, starting with lowest:
                  1. NT349W  Unseen, including hidden camera, or taking notes where others don’t see the person taking notes
                  2. NT34BA   camera or microphone pointed at you, or person taking notes of you in front of you, especially where you can’t see the notes/recording being taken.
              4. NT2W14   Notable cons-thru-pros (of recording communications & happenings) are essentially 3: ‘fear of the unknown’, ‘abuse possibility’,  and huge-pro ‘wrong avoidance’.
                1. NT2W6V   big marketing con: ‘fear of the unknown’: creatures fear the unknown, and probably because recording often isn’t automatic, oneself being recorded has been mostly unknown to most everyone except top leaders and celebrity.
                  1. NT2WI8   This unfamiliarity so fear has mostly gone, seemingly because recording equipment becoming so cheap & ubiquitous & included that now everyone has it & even carries it, most notably with every mobile OS device (as smartphone) including a video recorder.
                2. NT2WEF   significant con: ‘abuse possibility’: with recording, one can much more easily compromise privacy specifically share the truth with those who truly shouldn’t have it.
                  1. NT30AJ   This is regularly a real concern, and while it should definitely not stop nor revoke practical recordings, it appears sometimes it should, and I don’t know a general rule for drawing the line.
                  2. NT2Z8B  But
                    1. NT2Z8L   while true, the problem is the wrongdoing is not the recording itself per ‘no victim from recording itself’, but how it is then used, and that is the real wrong we should be most focused on.
                      1.  NT2ZH0  Indeed, by being allowed to witness something, much indeed seemingly most of the damage could be done even without any recording other than the person’s memory of it.
                      2. NT2ZK7   Still, ‘much more easily’ is very true: our information storage tools, most notably hard drives, allow us to store about millions of times more bytes than we possibly could remember, plus it is significantly more trusted & reliable than our human memories.
                    2. NT2WX4   See the irony in this “con”: here we want to keep people from sharing the truth; consequently,
                      1. NT2X67  this goal is similar including not far from encouraging misleading and even lying; yes there are appropriate times for misleading, but do note that is an advanced subject and not the normal goal of avoiding it.
                      2. NT2X6C   this goal should always be seen with care and some skepticism.
                  3. NT2WGU   Our privacy concerns are sometimes backwards & can backfire (notable example), but also regularly they are very appropriate (notable example). Notable examples from most appropriate:
                    1. NT2WHI   a person involved in a confidential project or topic could record it then disclose it to those who s/he really shouldn’t tell.
                      1. NT2Y3Q   This is a real to concern. We need to protect against others who use truth to abuse. Big examples:
                        1. NT2Y7Q  Stealing money or property from knowing one’s combination codes, passwords, PINs.
                        2. NT2YQN   stealing ideas
                        3. NT2YT1  unjustly exploiting weaknesses
                        4. NT2YTH   not able to handle truth including responding to it destructively.
                    2. NT2WRO   1 or more of people doing something intimate, notably being nude or having sex, could record that then later show the recording to others who they “shouldn’t” tell.
                      1. NT2XLI  But
                        1. NT2WUE   people’s fear of being recorded & seen nude or even having sex in the past was huge fear, but is slowly reducing, seemingly due to pornography naturally growing to being ubiquitous and most especially due to WWW (where pornography constituting one of the largest shares of Internet traffic, and there are seemingly limitless people pictured & videoed nude and having sex today on the public free web),
                        2. NT2XKI   I argue this is a fundamentally needless indeed destructive goal as: unless nudity and especially intimacy in unhealthy, there is nothing to be ashamed of it (or have we forgotten the fig leaf lesson of Genesis?)
                          1. NT2Y1F  indeed by making the norm to hide including not record nudity & intimacy, it then makes it much easier to hide where something is inappropriate or wrong (domestic violence and sex crimes, medical conditions, etc) so not stop & correct it.
                3. NT2W33   huge pro: ‘wrong avoidance’: dramatically allows wrongs to be caught & exposed and significantly discourages people from doing wrong and dramatically enables them to do right.
                  1. NT30ZS   including wrongs regardless of our control of them, including correcting from
                    1. NT315Q  our  human memories failing, including selective memory as based on emotions.
                      1. NT32YT  Note recordings can remember vastly better than our brains. With conversation & happening recording, we now have super memories!
                    2. NT317M   matters intentionally wrongly hid & erased.
                      1. NT318G   Do note that all those consciously hiding wrong, will likely have response to their being told that their communications may be recorded which can be revealing of this fact. See NT322T
                  2. NT34GL  see notable examples
                  3. NT322T   Note a person or group’s response to being informed they may be recorded is regularly very telling of wrong is going on that they are privy to:
                    1. NT3261   If they welcome it, it generally means they are aware of nothing wrong going on which they want to hide.
                    2. NT32GF   If they give possibly valid reasons against it, then those reasons could well be true and need to be addressed.
                      1. NT33G0  Valid reasons against recording
                        1. NT33IL appear always fall within those cons mentioned
                          1. NT32HV   which are:
                            1. NT32JE  ways the recording could be abused (wrongly released and/or contrived): ‘abuse possibility’
                            2. NT32LN  Fear of recording based on it being new to them and they not having thought it though: ‘fear of the unknown’.
                          2. NT33H6   though just because they fall under 1 or more of the cons is insufficient to show they are valid; the reason should so be appropriate to the situation, including appropriately scaled.
                    3. NT32BC  If they tune out, it would seem to generally mean they are aware of wrong they want to hide, else they are arrogantly ignorant to the reasonableness of the request.
                    4. NT32DA  If they resist giving invalid reasons,  there is some wrong going on with them same as tune-out, else low intelligence, and their invalid reasons could give helpful clues as to what.
              5. NT1ZVL  Since 1990 (apparently way before most people), I personally realized & accepted the need for most all conversations being recorded.
                1. NT1ZZM   It happened when I got a call from Wolfram Research where they reluctantly revealed the reason they inexplicably would now not showing and presenting  product (the best symbolic math package available) to MIT, our school which shockingly had no school-wide math software, at the presentation just for them that I, as a student, had arranged and already advertised because the MIT employee who was supposed to be acquiring such software but wasn’t was,  to hide her poor job performance. now extorting them (‘if you present there, we’ll never buy from you’), and at great real cost to MIT (they were & still are the makers of the best symbolic math software, but because of her extortion, MIT never go it (at least while I was there).
                  1. NT20GC   Had I a recording of that telephone call, this person not only not doing her job but quietly majorly sabotaging our school to hide that fact, most likely would have gotten stopped –probably fired, most appropriately.
              6. NVWS6S   But  ‘unfortunately people have historically had huge fear to having their communications & ongoings recorded..’
              7. NT25K5   I feel if a person can legally & morally witness something, s/he has the fundamental right to record it, limited only to real ‘abuse possibility’
                1. NT25RK   because
                  1. NT2VIH   logically: ‘no victim from recording itself’: not allowing this would be prohibiting a victimless activity.
                  2. NT34SD empirically:  a net huge win:
                    1. NT34XQ  the ‘wrong avoidance’ has proven itself to be huge and increasing,
                    2. NT34YT  where as for ‘abuse possibility’, while real & needed to be heeded,  the cases of it happening are almost unheard of
                      1. NT3518  Rather the “cases” (at least that I’ve seen reported in news in recent years) appear all to be further  ‘wrong avoidance’, from people as Manning & Snowden & Falciani making & releasing recordings of their workplaces to successfully expose & get corrected serious abuses.
              8. NVNP74 ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’ name…
                1. NVNP8W  per section title, add post to category: ‘recording N7BXTX’
            3. NQXMCQ   ‘fast searchable & quotable’
              1. NQXMDF   so wherever possible in writing: immediately, else transcribed into writing
            4. NQXM9Q   ‘kept long, ideally forever’
          3. NQXNOL   And it feels like these motives are the slowly growing popular trends. Notable recent examples:
            1. NQXNQE   Free Google Voice, from its release, including forever & well-searchable logging of all calls & SMS, plus forever-keeping and auto-transcribing of all voicemails, plus even incoming call recording.
              1. NQYYBA   so I should have followed my multiple tech buds advice so started using it years earlier!
              2. NQYYDN   so I use it exclusively starting ~2011.
              3. NQYYEC   Google Voice limits referenced in this point:
                1. NQYYLN   each vmail can be up to 3 minutes
                2. NQYYF3   The outgoing/greeting message max length, from my usage & tests:
                  1. NQYYGL   is about ~25 seconds
                  2. NQYYO7   needs to be at least 1 minute (with a key press to skip, if that’s not already there)
                3. NQYZ4Q   Call answering selection/screening (as rings-allowed is max ‘25 seconds’.
            2. NQXNU8   Dashcams becoming increasingly popular in Russia and now slowly in the US.
            3. NQXNV5   In the US, body sound/audio recorders and now BWV(body-worn video) recorders becoming the norm for police, and very slowly for ordinary people as say via Google Glass and Helmet cameras as GoPro.
            4. NQXO01   Many people who go so far as practically-only(!) communicate via Facebook (note it’s Timeline) or Instagram or Twitter –as all those communications have these properties.
        2. NQXMO7   not be interrupted/intruded to the degree of say an unscheduled live phone call or unexpected home solicitor interrupts a person
          1. NQXQ87   …well unless it’s my job to be a phone operator or rep or otherwise answer & service general people’s phone calls
          2. NQXMUJ   and not just me but not-doing-telephone-calls seems to be a growing trend in this direction by at least the newer generations
            1. NQXOE5   For instance it’s well known these days that (in at least the US since 2005~) a guy wanting to date a gal doesn’t call her even if she gave him her phone number for him to date her, no that’s now considered way too personal & invasive, so rather he must SMS/text her until she, oks him for phone calls, which may be never; and indeed many guys now feel the same.
          3. NQXMWN   for me, this feels like invading my personal space.
            1. NQXP42   as I might be busy doing something else or/and can’t or might-not respond right on the matter when now my mind is on something else.
            2. NQXP7F   Interesting mine is probably the same reaction as I heard people had when the telephone was first being introduced (this period), of ‘Why should this ringing device suddenly take all my attention? –indeed just as much if some unknown person appeared, indeed now right into my home, when clearly no person didn’t! No, giving it so much unscheduled immediate attention ridiculous! And even if  wasn’t, I still don’t want “people” suddenly appearing in my home any time they so feel!)’
              1. NQXPED   And now that our devices can take messages, and indeed easily deliver the words in searchable writing & more, IMHO it’s about time to again the rude interruption of unscheduled live phone calls into our personal space! –at least by non family & friends now else realistically to be.
            3. NQXP73  So I will grant this for close family & friends, or someone where the goal is to become that, but to no one else.
          4. NQXMYH   and I may take it a tad further than most, as this is a key reason I haven’t gotten onto Twitter (plus, even more, not liking ‘follow me!’ -not liking nor especially wanting to be narcissistic).
    3. NVWM2Z   ‘on written vs. visual vs. verbal’: on written vs. visual vs. verbal
      1.  NVVOSC  Strongly prefer communication via writing, supplemented by visuals (video else still images) and/or transcribed verbal where convenient & effective, and un-transcribed verbal  dead last.
        1. NVWM5Q   Why?
          1. NVWP05   Is mostly answered by the ‘unique pros thru cons’ weights of the various types, which that last link gives: see where each noted ‘pro’ and ‘con’ falls and one can see why the choices are weighted this way.
          2. NVWP3Y   ‘supplemented’ rather than the common of  ‘else’ or ‘or even better’, as naturally we then get the best of all worlds
            1.  NVWPS1   For instance, even though I & my family have perfect hearing, at my inspiration, we want all video including TV to have closed-captioning and almost always watch it with closed-captioning turned on
              1. NVWPZD  because
                1. NVWPZV   you literally get notably more info, notably more clarity on what was said
                2. NVWQ04   a tiny benefit, you can also much better follow what’s happening even the sound obscured or even turned off
      2. NVWMOJ   each (types), from generally most to least preferred:
        1. NVWMQ5   ‘writing’
          1. NVX44W   review:
            1. NVX46S   overall: huge win, as only missing being immediately natural, so
            2. NVX478   ideal most communications that are not primarily entertainment, so definitely for work so including business & industry
            3. NVXA5Y   ‘ideal routine or/and non-personal’: seemingly typically best for routine or/and non-personal matters
            4. NVX50M  ‘[‘writing’] unique features’: [‘writing’] unique features
              1. NVX50W  are the pros of the unique pros thru cons
              2. NVX53B  are so good, as I really saw them, I can’t live without them.
                1. NVX571   and I’m prolific technical writer, including regularly writing on the topic of writing itself, so I’ve really explored them.
              3. NVXBVD   allow the achievement of  nor typically the top communication goals as archived + well-filed + searchable
            5. NVWMZU   ‘unique pros thru cons’
              1. NVWN08   huge pro: recorded automatically indeed intrinsically,
                1.  NVWN1B   including, compared to all other forms, way better, including:
                  1. NVWN42    easier
                    1. NVWNE1   as history shows: writing dates back to 5,000BC~, whereas photos dates back to 1850~ and moving-pictures to 1920~
                  2. NVWN5C   dramatically more compactly
                    1. NVWNEP   perhaps most notably, a typical short text document takes about 1/100th the space of a still image which takes about 1/1000th the space of a video
              2. NVWN72   big pro: machine indexed & searched way easier than other forms (visual & verbal)
        2. NVWNN0  ‘visuals & verbal’: visuals & verbal
          1. NVWNND   ‘[‘visuals & verbal’] pros thru cons’: [‘visuals & verbal’‘unique pros thru cons’
            1. NVWMM3   Notable pro: most natural & most-familiar & easiest-start for all known creatures
            2. NT1ZJU   Notable con: recording: people have historically had huge fear to having their verbal-communications & ongoings recorded, to the degree of laws & prevention even when they’re shouldn’t be.
              1. NVWT3V   probably here recording isn’t in
              2. NVWSBJ   but even by those who they’ve allowed to witness them
                1. NVWSAV  IMHO this fear mostly paranoia else hiding wrongdoings.
                2. NT35X6   IMHO recording laws‘ All-party consent is wrong.
              3. NT35PD   indeed to the degree of creating laws against recording for audio specifically verbal
                1. NT35RB  rcfp.org/reporters-recording-guide provides what appears the best reference to audio recording laws, and a bit on hidden cameras, especially for reporters.
              4. NVWSSJ  See the particulars for visual (small con) and for verbal (huge con)
              5. NT230G The good news is that, in the US, it’s feeling like it will soon be socially acceptable and perhaps the norm for the individual to record all his/her conversations & life.
                1. NVWSVE   indicators:
                  1. NT35EQ   Our entertainment seems to slowly moving towards suggesting an individual records their entire lives:
                    1. NT35FG   perhaps most extremely, Robin Williams’ movie of a future where everything one sees & hears is personally recorded for that person: The Final Cut (2004)
                    2. NVWX0V    feature film Strange Days (1995) plot revolves around ‘an illegal electronic device which records events [the wearer experiences] directly from the wearer’s cerebral cortex
                    3. NVWX4W   In the Continuum TV series (2012-15), the main character is 2077 cop and a key point is cops then have a ‘CMR’ implant which, among other features, records everything the person sees & hears for daily download into police servers.
          2. NVWMQE   visuals (notably video & still images) except for writing
            1. NVWNKK   ‘unique pros thru cons’
              1. NVWNLX   Pro: if done well, overall fastest communicating
                1. NVWO7U   as per the saying ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words’
              2. NVWOJS   small con for recording: strong {social pressure and laws} insultingly punishing a person for recording what s/he individually sees, but only in mostly unneeded cases, notably nudity within private locations especially bathroom & bedroom
                1. NVWXLU   [visual especially video recording] laws & popularity & utility
                  1. NT21QT   Visual including video recording of one’s own property, including a city’s own public property, seems to have no serious laws against it.
                  2. NT21XH  So, as video recording became cheap enough, it’s become increasingly & significantly popular for people to use to record their ongoings, not just making the normal video/film…
                    1. NT21T3   again all larger businesses & organizations, plus now even seemingly most of the smaller ones, video record everyone on their property, including both employees & customers.
                    2. NT21YP  And police cars started adding a dashcam. And later, audio recorders and then bodycams on police officers themselves; and sci-fi predicts a brain-embedded chip.
                    3. NT226I   And ordinary Russians, for some reason ahead everyone else, started getting dashcams for their car.
                    4. NT2205   And smartphones typically included video camera then allowed most every citizen to video record stuff without looking so weird as by carrying a specific video camera.
                    5. NVWV4X   2 weeks ago 2015.09.26 I 1st saw a major department store selling in-store a wearable spy camera, not a toy but a serious ($200) one: Pivothead from Target
                  3. NVWXKW  And this video has & is proving very useful
                    1. NT21VK    to catch & prevent wrongdoers –as I could have told you decades ago.
                      1. NT22K1  And what was perhaps least expected but very significant are police caught doing wrong via video, so corrections made:
                        1. NT22Q9  from say Rodney King 1991 to now major news of ‘police caught on video’ every few days or even hours, including making a number of huge headlines in the last year.
                        2. NT22QG   To the degree that ‘police body cameras’ news is itself major news (see Wikipedia stats) and is feeling like body cameras will soon be required by all US police notably to keep them honest.
                    2. NVWVO6   to provide entertainment & education:
                      1. NT224H   -such video provided & provides ~90% of the material for a new fun informative television show: Caught on Camera.
              3. NVWUX4  see also inherited ‘[‘visuals & verbal’] pros thru cons’
          3.  NVWMTR   ‘verbal’: verbal
            1. NVX5AT  review:
              1. NVX5BU  overall: a few well know advantages, but many serious drawbacks which it seems many sill miss, though culture is slowly cluing in.
              2. NVXCGA   ‘where [‘verbal’] called for’: where [‘verbal’] called for
                1. NVXCQ5   should be rare.
                2. NVXCQN   where:
                  1. NQYZX9   matters which can’t be well handled by ‘writing’ or the  many readily available better methods  because significant emotion is understandably involved beyond the ability of all significantly involved parties to express & understand each via those methods
                    1. NVXCJG   so which should be rare
                      1. NVXCME   unless perhaps the activity is a therapist counseling a patient –but even still I believe even that field could be drastically improved if talk foremost started with writing, too.  
                      2. NQZ03T   unless education else abilities (of the significantly involved parties) is low
                        1. NVXD0Y   This does happen,
                        2. NVXD15   but this post is a big step towards what seemingly needs to be taught to help change that.
                        3. NQZ07D   but at least I and most younger generations seem to have these skills pretty under control, at least as far as using writing instead of telephone calls.
              3. NVX5E2   Per being listed last, to be used when the other methods can’t be made to work best.
              4. NVWMJS  ‘[‘verbal’] ‘unique pros thru cons’’: [‘verbal’‘unique pros thru cons’
                1. NVWP9T   small pro above ‘writing’ alone: better captures the tone of the words.
                2. NVX3VF  ‘getting [‘verbal’] to have ‘[‘writing’] unique features’’:
                  huge con: getting [‘verbal’] to have ‘[‘writing’] unique features’ is so painful it is largely just not done and where done, error-filled.
                  From bad to worst:

                  1. NVWPDX   notable con: can take significantly longer to be precise so typically lacks significant precision:
                    1. NVWPGV   for instance, compared to ‘writing’,
                      1. NVWPJ2  lacks hyperlinks –a huge loss
                      2. NVWPJB   anything which is not a word in a normal dictionary, such as an email address or any generally unfamiliar alphanumerics, sounds bad and {has to be very slowly spelled out, as via say ideally lima-alpha-kilo system, which is often not done, so a cause of significant error}, so also causes a lot info just to be left out.
                  2. NVX4SB   Transcribing is serious work and has leaves serious errors.
                    1. NOQ29T  so, for anyone responsible (so who is to remember most all what was said & setup & agreed), what was covered verbally s/he then also needs to transcribe & file
                      1. NOQ2HR   indeed typically every party now needs to do this & does it unsynced! –unless the rare case the discussion also had a designated minute taker & sharer
                      2. NQXT4Y   which
                        1. NOQ2I5   is VERY disruptive & time consuming (takes ~5x longer than just writing & posting/sending a message)
                          1. NOQ273  especially for the customer/patient, who, unlike representatives of the big organization s/he deals with, doesn’t have a computer in front of her custom set up to capture & record these routine communications.
                        2. NQXT74  and effectively-always has errors including regularly serious ones, especially with verbal where the different people routinely come away with different hearings/understandings
                        3. NQXT7H   but still I do this to be responsible, but who should like to do ~5x extra work, indeed be forced to do this, now that it so easy to get all that done instantly & for free! (by all the written communication methods)  –nobody should!
                  3. NVWMNM   Huge con for recording: significant {social pressure and laws} insultingly punishing a person for recording what s/he individually hears, and, for remote verbal, putting individual persons at notable disadvantage because larger orgs can-so-do routinely escape these punishments
                    1.  NVWQVX   and even though, without recording, verbal communication is so famous for transmission errors the humans have even invented the telephone game aka Chinese whispers with the sole goal to point it out!
                      1. NVWR7G  –well to kids, as adults seem to then quickly forget the lesson of the game, especially those dependent on telephone calls especially for business.
                    2. NT36CB   for seemingly all variations, see ‘[telephone & other remote verbal] recording fear & laws’
                      1. NVWTSO   Based on my looking at #NT35RBlaws and seemingly social norms for in-person [verbal recording] seem to be derived from and seemingly the same as the telephone case.
                    3. NVWTBU  laws
                      1. NVWU5S   see #NT36CB
                    4. NVWXE8  the future seems to be slowly {improving, meaning less needless fight against verbal recording}
                      1. NVWXG3   I could imagine that audio & verbal recording get sneaked in the back door by video recording being legal & becoming popular and there quietly also turning on the video’s audio recording ability
                        1. NVWXPP   For example, the 2015.04 Walter Scott shooting video contained audio that was used as part of verifying the shooting, but no one seemed to complain that since a non-party witness recorded it, that violated South Carolina’s one-party consent law.
                3. NVWUQ5   see also inherited ‘[‘visuals & verbal’] pros thru cons’
      3. NVX5LE   ‘on degree of sync/interactivity: messaging vs. līve’: ‘on degree of sync/interactivity: messaging vs. līve’
        1. NVX5N8   Strongly prefer messaging and not live unless it happens naturally.
          1. NVX5P1   Why?
            1. NVX5PN   On 1st look, indeed almost inane, is to say ‘Of course live is better. So I want live!’
              1. NVX5UB   But unobviously but regularly, in many cases, including routinely the majority, live is not better. As will explain.
            2. NVX5W3   ‘live’ sounds fast & exciting & sexy and immediately entertaining.
              1. NVX60E   In part probably because been drilled to be attracted to it by all our TV news shows screaming ‘LIVE from New York’ etc.
            3. NVX62E  But is ‘live’ necessary?
              1. NVX62T   As it ‘live’ is much more expensive, so when it is not necessary, we’ve bought our-self something expensive typically instead of buying what we really need.
            4. NVX69L  Given that the pros-thru-cons lead me to my choice here.
            5. NVX7HF   also loosely but IMHO genuinely indicative: Node.js is arguably the hottest popular programming environment today, due to its using JavaScript (hottest programming language today) plus seeming due to it uniquely being asynchronous.
        2. NVXAA9   ‘messaging’ instead of  ‘live’  review
          1. NVXAC0  ‘ideal routine or/and non-personal’ seems to apply here, too.
          2. NVX65U ‘notable pros thru cons:’
            1. NVX6E4   Big Pro: because it’s recorded, the reader can read/play/absorb at his own pace.
            2. NVX6C5   Notable pro: allows each party to carefully think before the respond, so:
              1. NVX6DA   generally dramatically shorter messages, and when they’re longer the reader can skim.
            3. NVX67Z   Mostly pro (specifically short-term pain, long-term gain): requires recorded communications, but then also ensures that.
              1. NVX6PM   Note, while recording involves many things, its cost to set up the communication system (NOT run it) seems to still notably proportionate to storage size for the media, so lowest for writing, followed by verbal/audio, followed by video, however it’s the ratios are not as extreme: say if writing is qty 10 of work, then audio is qty 15 and video is qty 20.
            4. NVX6L4   Med-big pro: Not interruptive. 
            5. NVX6HO   Notable con: with low interactivity, it is difficult or impossible to prod the other party to do what they aren’t inclined to –this is mostly bad thing.
        3. NVX9CE   ‘live’ scheduled vs. unscheduled
          1. NVX9D7   strongly prefer indeed require scheduled.
            1. NVX9EZ   Why?
              1. NVX9F9   similar to why messaging-vs.-live.
        4. NVN7Q5   ‘the līve-only mis-believe/practice’: the killer mis-belief/mis-practice by someone mis-thinking/acting {if they can’t reach somebody, as a client, for live verbal talk, without-question nothing really can be accomplished with that person and likely that the other person is at fault for that (phone example)}, including  in severe cases (as is still common in the VA), even though the person has already demonstrated they are highly reachable by messaging methods
          1. NVRW9A  so also results in typically-subconscious unjust destructive & hurtful discrimination against that person
          2. NVRVLU   –a concept I invented after suffering from VA medical staff’s serve problems here, especially  this severe example, the straw that broke the camel’s back, causing me to invent the name & write this up.
          3. NVT82D  so then mis-thinking the only way of serious remote communication is not messaging but something live & interactive, notably telephone calls
            1. NVN8CY   so effectively completely dismissing ‘the modern & typically-much-better communication methods of electronic writing, as web post, else SMS/texting or email’(source)
            2. NVT864   so then having all involved fall victim to the serious problems of telephone calls and other remote verbal
              1. NVN8OP   most notably, when staff call the client and instead of getting the client live reach his/her voicemail (which is routine, as patients have lives, too), the problems begin, as then staff both:
                1. NVN8T5   are likely but mistakenly disappointed & frustrated,
                  1. NVN8UJ   likely mistakenly (upset) at the client(!) with the client for not being available for them live, from…
                  2. NVN90S   likely forgetting that when the client calls them, the client often instead understandably gets the staff’s voicemail, too
                    1. NVN90Z   indeed typically a LOT more than the other way around, as indeed for ~90% of the hours of the week
                      1. NVNMJ8  as for the average staffer, the client might only get a live answer M-F ~8am-~4:30pm and that’s IF it’s reception desk, otherwise it’s only about 25% of that time for regular staff (who go on breaks, are at lunch, and are on the phone or in meetings or busy doing something). And so for about 90% of the time a client could call, he’ll get voicemail!
                    2. NVNMLQ   so it’s very unreasonable for staff to expect & plan on reaching the client live from an unscheduled call to the client, especially when
                      1. NVNMYO  even standard fully-staffed VA reception desks the client can only reach them live for only 24% of the time (40 of the 24*7 hours of the week),
                      2. NVNMZ4  also most clients (if not retired) have to work through those hours so can’t be making & receiving VA calls then.
                  3. NVN93S   from notably not realizing/thinking ‘wait a minute; calls are understandably increasingly problematic; I should be using the modern electronic writing methods for remote communication, as they well solve this & much more’
                2. NVN972   leave skimpy voicemail so causing the opposite of eliminate phone tag,
                  1. NVNLQ0   including never once bothering to leave on my voicemail the exact meeting/appointment time ranges they have open –so I can call back with my choices, even though this info I’ll need to have as most of the time I call back I also understandably get their voicemail!
                    1. NVNO0H  even though the need should be obvious and my voicemail asks for it
                  2. NVNLPV  such as real example from 2 days ago from a senior admin staff where she leaves me vmail, and ironically in response to my email (so again, why isn’t she emailing?) of barely more than ‘give me a call at 562-xxx-xxxx and uh let’s schedule a time that we could [physically] meet to identify concerns.’
                    1. NVN9RC   and here even though detailed write-up of my starter concerns were already emailed to her 40 days ago, which the she knows & was expecting back then, but only now (40 days later) finally looks at, as still strongly appears she {doesn’t have the interest and/or skill  to really read email and/or follow its links PLUS definitely not interest/skill to usefully report any difficulties in doing so problems there can be diagnosed}
                    2. NVNKVE  and here even though the issue has nothing to do with my physical body, and she’s aware I’m 1.5hrs drive away each way so it pretty much takes up my whole day plus 3+ hours of driving to hold an in-person meeting,  so naturally since she doesn’t have the courtesy to suggest instead a phone meeting, at least for starters, she 2x now I’ve raised that to her (once on the phone after which then suddenly mysteriously had to get off the line then didn’t call back as promised, and then in my vmail replying to that), but she just
                    3. NVNIMN   indeed here the staffer says responds like a parrot ‘let’s schedule a time that we could [physically] meet’ every time she speaks me (since my 1st call 45 days ago), so but every of the ~3x now I’ve reply back to her yes ‘just propose some [exact] times’, which is verbatim what my voicemail tells also tells her every time she calls me back, instead she just leaves me another voicemail saying this same thing (‘let’s schedule a time that we could meet’)!
          4. NVN84X   which, for staff who have a severe case, can result in anti-progress: can have staff mis-believe/claim they have taken care of a client, or at least done all they can do, and perhaps even mis-blame the client for being difficult here, and so even start to forget the matter, when actually they’ve only barely gotten started and rather they ball is in there court to instead be communicating by modern methods which actually work! —latest example.
          5. NVVOGU   Healthy behavior here is:
            1. NVVOAE  nobody counts on reaching anyone live unless that’s scheduled,
              1. NVVOIY   so then scheduling itself is done via messaging, which again is very easy: the more tightly scheduled party especially, just share else publish your availability.
            2. NVVOKS   Better so modern communication methods used, notably
              1. NVVORG   web posting else other messaging, so ideally all recorded, filed, & automatically shared
              2. NVWMBJ   specifically the methods recommended by this here post NOPZ9W 🙂
          6. NVSXN0  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. NVX7SK   moved from TOC toward-end to end of #NVX5LE
            2. NVVUBW  add #NVVOGU
            3. NVT9UX   {add grouping #NVT864}+ {update #NVRVLU} + {replace ‘live’ with ‘līve’ to refer to the adjective form of merriam-webster.com/dictionary/live}
            4. NVSZF4 ‘{did NVSYK6: at time of id ‘NVRVJX‘, moved (this section) to ’present-location‘ then, to put into that context, {prefixed with quote ‘‘ with more updates todo as action link details}}’
            5. NVRVJX  originally at what inspired it:  #NVRVJX
      4. NVX9HN   ‘communication method preference order’:
        1. NVX9IF   follows mostly from all the previous sections’ conclusions plus having secure comms plus, for the subtle method variations (which is most of the thought & text of this section), the details of those applying the previous goals & situation.
        2. NOPXQQ   is, from most preferred first:
            web discussion/wiki,
          then SMS/texting else other best Internet messaging (as email),
          then, much less, writing on paper,
          then, very-last, remote-verbal (vmail then scheduled live calls),
          then in-person scheduled;
          each detailed here in order:

          1. NQXJZ6 NOT telephone calls!! –that’s last.
          2. NQXH0I   per here, in writing, via the most powerful medium, so, from most preferred:
            1. NQXH23   electronic [writing],
              1. NT5IKW   [so] discussion via electronic writing strongly preferred wherever that can be made do the job best –http://1.JotHere.com/NT5IKW  

                1. NUAHAM   so where that can’t be made best, just reply by electronic writing (strongly preferred) scheduling a meeting
                  1. NVWIGR  where the meeting is of type ideally remote-verbal, as phone call, and(if that doesn’t work well enough)/else(if certain that won’t work well-enough) in-person.
                2.  NTX3LB  Why? —
                  1. NTX2XB   to easily get all the details & terms down in writing (helpful to all parties, and key when a number of possible trading partners or/and details)
                  2. NTX3VA    if one hasn’t recorded it notably written it down, I (and many) easily forget details one said and even want to say
                  3. NUBDYP   many additional benefits covered in the remainder of that 1st ‘electronic writing’ link.
                3. NUBDVG  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. NVWGL1  title from ‘Discussion via electronic writing preferred wherever that can be made do the job best<br/>NUAHAM   and where that doesn’t work, just reply asking for remote verbal (as phone call) or an in-person meeting.’ to present including:
                    1. NVWHCH add Prettylink
                  2. NVWG2T ‘{did NVSYK6: at time of id ‘mine‘, moved (this section) to ’present-location‘ then, to put into that context, {prefixed with quote ‘‘ with more updates todo as action link details}}’
                  3. NUBE3J  title
                    1. NUAA9G   now to next: present title
                      1. NUAAFU  do update NUA0Y4 (so change ‘best do the job’ to ‘do the job best’)
                      2. NUAALY   cut ending ‘.’ for more flexible use.
                    2. NUAA6F   originally until now: ‘Discussion via electronic writing preferred wherever that can be made to best do the job.’
                  4. NUAA6X   ~now moved into /4670#NUA7NJ
                  5. NVWFXW  1st written at /4875#NT5IKW version NT7IU4
              2. NVWFUH  specifically via method:
                1. NOQ0CV  web posting (writing & images)
                  1. NOQ0HD  as for VA healthcare, most notably via https://www.myhealth.va.gov/mhv-portal-web/mhv.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=appointments (the web calendar every patient can read 24/7 of all his/her appointments both future & past)
                  2. NOQ0HL  ideally with web {discussion, as forum} or wiki
                    1. NOQ0HX   as for VA healthcare, it would be much better if that _pageLabel=appointments GUI also allowed the patient to add & reschedule appointments, similar to the way Facebook & Meetup & Google Calendar typically allows any user to add & reschedule entries involving other people.
                    2. aside: because of section topic, now add post to categories ‘discussion/message/Internet board/forum LXYYJA’ + ‘’
                  3. NOQ1WE   realizing that when one posts to someone, the system may still not automatically alert the intended recipients enough so, when it seems like that’s the case, others, especially the poster, often have to also message them a pointer to it.
                2. NOQ0KJ   best Internet messaging
                  1. NOQ0Z8   as, unlike posting, while yes a message is electronic writing, it regularly gets lost in ones Inbox and is hard to get organized & generally impossible to update.
                  2. NOQ5ZI   where the best is typically SMS/texting (unless the sender doesn’t have one’s phone number or {the message is not short, in which case it needs to be: just a few words then URL to a post}
                  3. NOQ0L5   else, for VA healthcare, seems to be Secure Messaging (new: introduced ` “2012”) sort-of
                    1. NOQ55Q   but note while Secure Messaging can be made to work so should be used as much as possible, it has needless key drawbacks of (from worst first):
                      1. NOQ57A   the list of possible “To” field recipients (so who one can message) is typically way too short
                        1.  NOQ5DJ  for me & probably most all patients, we have been asked by the hospital phone operator to contact maybe 50 different phone extensions and numbers, but my “to” field only gives me 3 or 4 choices and no obvious way to add more.
                        2. NOQ5HH   so then I and probably many are forced to use phone calls, which is serious problematic, and defeats the purpose of moving everyone to electronic messaging.
                      2. NOQ5DR   lacks message search (for arbitrary text),
                        1. NOQ5F4   so thread subjects need to be titled very well, but they rarely are and the system provides no means to rename them.
                      3. NOQ6DK   a smaller point due to workaround: display of any message thread (so message) gets notably corrupted if any message in the thread has long text without whitespace, notably by a long URLs, such as most any of its own URLs(!), such as the most common one: to any appointment –eeks!
                        1. NOQ7D2   I work around this by breaking the URL successive lines around 60 characters with every one but the last one ending with “\” to indicate the line continues onto the next.
                  4. NOQ0N2   via {ordinary email, meaning SMTP so “@” email}.
                  5. NW4AHU ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                    1. NW4AIG in title, from ‘electronic messaging’ to ‘Internet messaging’ for accuracy (so to not include say SMS)
            2. NOQ0R6  writing on paper: paper mail and other paper messages
              1. NQZ3EW  much less preferred,
                1. NOQ0SS   as while this is in writing, it’s very slow plus then needs to be scanned & filed, wasting tons of time and introducing easily days or weeks of delay.
          3. NOQ0SI  telephone calls & other remote-verbal communication
            1. NQZ3HE   –[calls and other remove verbal] are listed very last as, at least big-picture, that’s typically very undesirable, as:
              1. NVSVOX  Especially now that everyone has talk via electronic writing –email, SMS/texting, & even web posting–, I want wherever communication can be made better to get out of the dark ages of phone calls & voicemail
                1. NVKA37   –compared to the accuracy & recording & share-ability of electronic writing, phone calls & voicemail are dreadful:
                  1. NVSW1P  Perhaps somewhat like crack-cocaine, while starting them often feels good at the moment (hey, just pick up the phone and dial), they quickly end up costing enormous needless time, telephone game errors, and accountability
                  2. NVSW1X  Indeed just to keep a reliable complete record of what was said becomes a huge job, indeed so much work that it is typically not even done.
                  3. NVSW24  And with everyone now able talk via electronic writing, I’m REAL tired of these costs.
                2. NVK8RX   Plus, while my phone can text/SMS great, it’s ability to receive live phone calls is crappy, and I like it that way, as nobody needs excuses remain in dark ages.
                3. NVSVRI ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. NVSVUC ‘{did NVSYK6: at time of id ‘its ID NVSVOX‘, moved (this section) to ’present-location‘ then, to put into that context, {prefixed with quote ‘‘ with more updates todo as action link details}}’
                  2. NVSVRX originally as the beginning of what inspired it: /4875#NVK8OI
              2. NQXVXX    [remote-verbal most especially telephone calls] has notable net drawbacks; from best to worst points:
                1. NQXVYS   yes is familiar, especially to older generations and (mostly older client?) organizations as the VA
                2. NVSVAD   yes, can be fast-at-first, well IF answered live BUT now norm is voicemail & automated systems
                3. NQZ3K2   phone calls uses ~100 times more data bandwidth than other communication methods
                  1. NQZ3NA  usually not a problem given today most everyone can afford & often has a telephone line
                  2. NQZ3O2  but, because of this extra heavy data usage, voice calls will likely fail when circuits are overloaded (as from large disasters, as earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, big bomb, etc), whereas SMS else other text messages should get thru.
                4. NT4XGX   compared to popular electronic messaging, phone calls are notably less secure & private,
                  1. NVX2PW  that is if you’re concerned about 1 or more:
                    1. NVX2Q8  unintentionally allowing info to get to the wrong persons: from mis-delivering + from overhearing + from wrong forwarding
                    2. NVX2QV  call disturbing other persons
                    3.  NVX2R3   the caller inappropriately compromising his/her privacy.
                  2. NT4YB4   as phone calls, from roughly so-so-good to worst quality:
                    1. NT5421   In terms of intentional distribution privacy –making sure the proper receiver of the message doesn’t send it to others who shouldn’t have it–
                      1. NT543R   remote verbal especially phone calls are stronger here being hard to copy; in contrast, most popular types of electronic writing can unfortunately be too easily shared with others it was not for.  But the ability here seems questionable at best:
                        1. NVX0FC  This feature indeed important for whistleblowing, though probably even more important is to not name exact names & IDs.
                        2. NVX0KV  This could be a little helpful in distributing passwords or sensitive ID information (so it doesn’t get readily copied or shared), but still not inherently secure as the receiver is then probably just writing on something informal, say post-it, which could then fall into wrong hands.
                        3. NT546K   And if you are a say a medical establishment or collection agent or law officer handing back results & status, provided you deliver the info the appropriate person, who they share it with is something you are not only not responsible for, it’s actually not even your business.
                    2. NT4YBD   as it’s more easy for remote verbal as phone call, especially a verbal message, to be mis-delivered, due to this this combo:
                      1. NT52CB   the wrong # is more likely to be used, as electronic messages:
                        1. NT4YHM   are symbolic & text, typically identifying the recipient, whereas phone numbers are almost always random (except for the country & area code) and rarely automatically tell the user what this # is for (unless the phone # spells a name, which is rare and even if they do, it’s painful to map the numbers to the letters and only the numbers, not the name, is used by the device).
                        2. NT52E3   are more likely to have auto-addressing
                        3. NT52GK   dramatically longer, often forever, including are rarely reused, whereas phone #s go out of date routinely including per design (more).
                      2. NT52FN   if the wrong address is entered, sending electronic writing typically fails with errors saying so, but  phone #s routinely don’t tell you’ve gotten the wrong # plus readily give many confusing & time-consuming responses.
                        1. NT52VG   Examples:
                          1. NT4YWY   a person has a generic voicemail (increasingly the norm, as folks want their privacy and don’t like communication via calls) so you don’t know if you’re leaving your message for the right person.
                          2. NT52WM  if the phone # just rings & rings with no answer, we don’t know if the person lacks message taking (now) or it’s someone else’s phone #.
                    3. NT4YED   are  dramatically more easily overheard (than electronic messages are overseen)
                      1. NT4YPG   For me and many in the texting generation, {this lack of privacy and disturbing others near me} is a big reason I don’t like remote verbal as phone calls, especially unscheduled
                      2. NT531E  as:
                        1. NT4YFP  even if the recipient doesn’t turn on speaker phone, others around/him can well hear 1 side of the conversation.
                          1. NT4YMQ   and now that most everyone has a cell phone with him for personal or/and business, this means s/he getting calls anywhere, as in the local Starbucks, not just in the privacy of his/her home or office.
                            1. NT53GU  If I must take phone calls, or other remote verbal, live, I’m regularly, indeed more-often-than-not, in situations where other people can be disturbed or/and overhear that I don’t want!
                        2. NT532R  speakerphone could be used, and often is, including without the caller knowing, as speakerphones:
                          1. NT537G   are now common & acceptable quality, including every smartphone now does it
                          2. NT532Z   are often used for many reasons:
                            1. NT534I   for convenience,
                            2. NT5356    for conversation recording, which is an important need
                            3. NT535B   per law & necessity, most notably when driving.
                            4. NT538P   as it’s usually the only ready way to share a remote verbal conversation (but then others can overhear, too!)
                        3. NT4YX8 Messages left are often not private if taken by answering machines & if taken by a live person
                    4. NVX0Q6   Caller identity protection when it’s appropriate —a typically killer drawback of phone calls compared to electronic writing.
                      1. NVX116   As there are significant legitimate cases where a person contacts organization where the org should not have their customer’s phone # (unless a pseudonym #, which is expensive) , such as for a company servicing their data & for communication services (so applicable for everyone) plus for someone whistleblowing or investigating wrongdoing, but today’s caller ID gives it to them.
                        1. NVX0QZ   Further details:
                          1. NVX15J   having a pseudonym phone # & line  is pricy for the individual, costing ~1000x more than an electronic writing pseudonym.
                          2. NVX1Q7  today the average call receiver makes so much use of the caller ID that not giving them some ID is pretty much impossible,
                            1. NVX1T2   Toll free numbers can see the caller’s ID even if it’s blocked, and typically use this feature use this feature highly.
                            2. NVX1QV   It’s now considered unfriendly & not trustworthy for a caller not to share their caller ID
                              1. NVX1X3  indeed for individuals, typically guarantee the call is unanswered live if ever
                            3. NVX0YF  having phones which display caller ID and even systems which permanently save & act on, even discriminate based on the caller ID, it now commonplace, even for the individual as free Google Voice provides.
                            4. NVX1RB   blocking sending one’s caller ID is no longer a feature on some seemingly increasing phone lines, including free Google Voice
                    5. NW4ADF   aside: add this post to category ‘ whistleblowing NT5T70’ per mentions of it (so far #NVX0FC#NVX116) which are notable (all)
                5. NT4XL4   remote verbal, especially phone calls, are not serviced and may easily disturb call-receivers during most or many of the hours of the day & week, and regularly it’s hard to know which hours
                  1. NT4XQ5   Calling an individual during hours which they may be asleep or could be too late or too early (or their personal phone when they are at work, especially now that cell phones are the norm for individuals), readily really disturbs & upsets them, and while we can say those hours are say 8am to 9:30pm local time, it increasingly varies from person to person (as people work different hours & shifts, including part-time)
                  2. NT4XW5   Businesses have even more limited hours, as generally 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday, and while you probably won’t upset anyone calling them at any hour, if outside these hours many/most businesses pay little attention to the calls, some don’t even offer to take a message.
                  3. NT54NU   Not everything works on standard business hours! Put yourself in other folks shoes, here; notably in the shoes of everyone you want to communicate with:
                    1. NT54LV  True for those making & receiving calls as part of working standard business hours, these problems do not usually come up for them (though maybe for their callers), as:
                      1. NT54PR   most businesses are also open then (or else expected to handle calls), and
                      2. NT554N  it’s hard for individuals to object because someone, especially a business, is calling them during normal business (so waking), –though often they are it work so can’t answer else can’t really talk, so they really should object!
                    2. NT54R6   But for everyone else, including individuals if that is whom you want to talk to, this is a small to big problem.
                      1. NT54SU   Most individuals are at work during these hours, so unless you are talking about their work related issues, they can’t readily talk & think about it, and often not even take the call.
                      2. NT54YI   Increasing people work different work shifts, and 2 (or more jobs).
                6. NT4Q0I   the caller typically doesn’t know how the call will be answered (see possibilities)
                  1. NT4X9U   so  to most professional & proper, the caller needs to prepare for & handle all of them, which costs significant time, which is typically needless now that electronic messaging is ubiquitous.
                  2. NT4Q64   possible answerers are many (around 20 types), but it can be broken down into 3 categories:
                    1. NT4Q6P   verbal message taker (voicemail else answering machine else message taker person/service) for the person being called
                      1. NT4Q85   This has become seemingly the most common phone answerer
                        1. NT4QMD  perhaps as it’s so useful to the problems called caused by interruption, so a good thing.
                        2. NT4QN7   but that puts additional strain on the voicemail message as now it really needs to be detailed, not just ‘call me back’, as then one gets into phone tag.
                      2. NT4VMV  see ‘preparing for a verbal message taker (human or machine)’
                    2. NT4VNO   the correct person live
                      1. NT4XDT   more on that at ‘live {telephone calls or other remote-verbal}’
                    3. NT4VSG   unable to reach the desired person at all, or unsure: no answer (as over 10 rings), the wrong person, the wrong message taker service, or a `non-working #’ recording
                      1. NT4VUT  note  all of this can happen from dialing the wrong phone number, but also dialing the right phone #, which makes diagnosis of the problem additionally tricky.
                      2. NT4X7B  When these things happen, one often doesn’t well know if the person no longer uses this phone # number permanently or temporarily, so then not sure if s/he should go searching for new was to reach the person.
                      3. NT4W19   This wastes the caller significant time having to check the # and/or redial
                      4. NT4W2H   Unlike electronic messaging (which has much fewer problems here), failed connections via phone calls happens fairly regularly, as probably once every 2 years for the typical person, as:
                        1. NT4W84   An individual’s phone line typically costs $35 to $110/month, but electronic messaging including addresses, are typically free & last for life, so the phone bill does not get paid or phone service doesn’t get bought to begin with.
                          1. NT4WGN   This is especially true when dealing with low income people, including homeless.
                          2. NT4WPR  It’s true one can use VOIP services (as Skype or Google Voice) which can be much less even free, but these are generally reasonably complex to set up including with no phone store to help you, and typically severely limits your phone devices (unless you’re quite clever & careful) and doesn’t include roaming Internet especially web browsing which most non-third-world people seem to have today, so seemingly only a small % choose this route.
                        2. NT4W4F   It used to be always whenever a person moves, though happening less now that people depend on cell phones instead of landlines (as those are typically are nation-wide services and now that most people calling from cell phones (but still not landlines) don’t get long distance charged long distance if calling within the same country).
                        3. NT4W7X   Seemingly more common today as people have many more phone carriers than they did in the past and are encouraged to switch, though some switchers go to the trouble to port the phone # to correct for this.
                      5. NT4VX7   the person reached may pretend to be the person you are trying to reach, though this is extremely rare.
                7. NOQ0TX   biggest & huge con & cost: ‘getting [‘verbal’] to have ‘[‘writing’] unique features’’ including transcription
                  1. NVX3MY   I do it, yes, I make notes of every call & transcribe every voicemail (with helps thanks to Google Voice) and keep a complete call of all my calls, but naturally, as that link details, it means calling takes 10x longer than a friggen post or email or SMS, and still with many more errors including my call records are not nearly as good as those forms, plus technically every party themselves needs to do it, and will have different notes of the same thing…!  –forget it, just use electronic writing foremost!!!
                8. NVWZSS  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. NVWZT6 spot that the ‘cons’ are not sorted ‘from best to worst’ so do so now.
            2. NQXKA6  from most to least preferred:
              1. NQXKB1  ‘vmail messages’ 
                1. NOQ17S   For vmail, it’s secure, so please make sure to leave a full detailed message
                  1. NOQ1AI   especially to avoid phone tag
                  2. NQXKX4   each vmail can be up to 3 minutes
                    1. NQXTK9  seemingly one of the longest allowed, but still not at all long so more real reason to instead use written
                2. NQXLAW   as, while vmail has serious drawbacks being remote verbal, at least it’s recorded, including permanently in free Google Voice, plus Google Voice auto-transcribes it which then can be also searched.
                3. NT4V1D   ‘preparing for a verbal message taker (human or machine)’
                  1. NT4VHE   The most common answerer is a verbal message taker.
                  2. NT4RL5   What kind of message needs to be left depends on what type of message taker answers, which generally can be 1 of 3 –listed from the most common:
                    1. NT4RN3   if a voicemail system answers
                      1. NT4RNK   This is generally the most private & preferred, as, for a direct phone for a person, the only person who generally hears the message will be the person you call (plus possibly his/her direct superior, if a work phone, but that seems fairly rare).
                      2. NT4RR6   Fortunately this as become the most common including the majority.
                    2. NT4R4Q   if a message taker person answers (as a receptionist desk or message taking service),
                      1. NT4RGK  the privacy is also less than vmail
                        1. NT4R5B   if a professional service, the privacy is probably still reasonably high, though for certain matters, it could be awkward or bad
                        2. NT4R7A   usually one can tell if a professional service or not, but not always.
                      2. NT4RHA The message usually has to be written shorter & simpler (& often less revealing), as the message taker won’t be familiar with the details (and regularly shouldn’t be exposed to them) and often won’t actually write them down correctly or at all (while regularly telling you they have!)
                    3. NT4QOX   if an answering machine answers,
                      1. NT4Z38   the privacy of the message is regularly a lot less.
                        1. NT4QRA   as answering machines
                          1. NT4QSM  usually play the message being left out loud (for dynamic call screening) but then anyone nearby can and generally does hear it
                          2. NT4QT1   and usually do not have anyway to secure their messages so only the phone line owner can hear it; any family member or friend (or anyone) who can get physical access to the answering machine can just push ‘play messages’ else just take the tape else the machine.
                      2. NT4QY7   and the caller being able to tell if answering machine vs. voicemail is usually doable for the trained caller, but not always.
                      3. NT4Z5L   fortunately answering machines seem to have become fairly rare, seemingly due to voicemail being overall better & typically free, but are still not entirely gone, especially for older generations.
                  3. NT4QCB   one is best to be ready with message to leave
                    1. NT4QLH   as the message has many particular requirements:
                      1. NT4QLH   detailed to avoid phone tag, especially given the increased use of message takers.
                      2. NT4QM0  but also concise to fit in the short amount of recording/message-taking space, which is short (as <3) but varies in length and regularly unknown before calling and not announced by the outgoing message.
                      3. NT4RCP   be written down in the caller’s call log so s/he can keep track & record of what message s/he left
                      4. NT4RWO   be catered to the particular message taker type(s) who will answer, which in some cases could be unknown or/and multiple.
                    2. NT4REH   so before placing the call, typically right before, it’s best to write down the message to be left in the often-most common case a message taker answers
                      1. NT4SGL   I do this and it’s worked well.
                  4. NT4SH1   BUT this is a lot of trouble, indeed about 4x the time to just send electronic writing, and the receiver still doesn’t have your message in the now-original writing so can get errors in communication and ideally should (so has to) take the time to transcribe it!
              2. NQXLIL   ‘live {telephone calls or other remote-verbal}’
                1. NQXSB2   overall: I’m delighted to do [live remote verbal] when it’s warranted, which should be rare
                2. NVWKQI  pros then cons & why
                  1. NQYZR0   [live remote verbal] is warranted in what here should be rare circumstances
                    1. NVXD8J  notably  same as ‘where [‘verbal’] called for’:
                  2. NQZ3TY   [live remote verbal]  is preferred so listed very last as:
                    1. NQZ3X7   there are an abundance of readily available methods without the problems of live remote verbal, notably the many typically free & significantly-better modern communication technologies available & in-high use today, starting with all those listed above
                    2. NQZ2GS   [live remote verbal] is problematic due to all of:
                      1. NQZ28O   all the universal problems of remote-verbal plus
                      2. NQZ11M   [live remote verbal]  recording is hard, especially for the individual
                        1. NT23G4   and even though communication recording both:
                          1. NVWJLI    is overall highly desirable
                          2. NVWJLW  ‘all modern methods of remote communication (vmail ,email, SMS, & web post)’, so all above communication mediums, have it automatically.
                        2. NT23JN  Fortunately the equipment to record calls is not complex, and especially thanks to the smartphone, could be commonplace but
                        3.  NT1ZND   (the problem is ) due mostly to ‘[telephone & other remote verbal] recording fear & laws’:
                          1. NVWRFO   there are still laws on the books (plus social norms) which typically make not a big org but an individual legally recording phone calls socially unacceptable so often impossible.
                          2. NT23LK   people classically fear recording to the degree that, for at least phone calls, most developed democracies have passed telephone recording laws which are overly severe:
                            1. NT3623 notably all-party consent which…
                              1. NT35ND   typically (very unfairly) makes legal call recording socially impractical for
                                1. NT21HW  for the individual (as s/he generally would appear a freak/crazy/paranoid/unstinting if at the start of his/her calls, says “Calls are recorded”)
                                2. NT21IO  but NOT for the larger businesses & organizations who, around the 1990s, nearly 100% quickly discovered they can easily workaround the social objection for them by having their now automated phone answer (a phone tree, automated voice system, which individuals couldn’t afford and would look weird having) simply mention ‘Calls may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance’ before a live person comes on the line, so did so
                                  1. NT36RH   and, BTW, despite their saying ‘calls may be monitored or recorded’ , apparently typically are recorded, indeed every call 100% in full –as data storage is now practically free, so it’s just easier & more fool-proof to leave the recorders on 100% of the time.
                              2. NT362D   and is IMHO generally immoral
                              3. NT365V   so for these reasons, IMHO [all-party consent] should be replaced with something more liberal specifically better, as one-party consent.
                                1. NT38Q2   One-party consent is well proven. Indeed the vast majority of our states (51 minus ~11) have one-party or no-party consent; and I’ve never heard any news story that that this lack of consent here caused any trouble, or nor ever news that that the ~11 states with all-party consent were better because of it.
                          3. NT23TG   So here are workarounds I’ve found from best first:
                            1. NT242O   Have calls you want to record, instead of you call them, have them call your Google Voice # and answer by pressing ‘4’ which then gives a quick automated announcement of the recording of ‘Call recording on’.
                              1. NT24FS   I did this for ~3 years for all my calls and in that time only ~4 of ~100s of callers even asked about the ‘Call recording on’, and only 2 objected to it!
                              2. NT24IU   Note: as of 2014.11~, this feature stopped working for me. I haven’t diagnosed it as I currently have converted most of my phone calls to SMS.
                            2. NT24QZ   Have a good announcement of call recording.
                              1. NT24RK   For the individual, this is extremely hard to be socially acceptable.
                              2. NT24S6   here is my latest attempt, in an SMS ‘7/16/15’ scheduling the phone call:

                                1. NW8OAS quote except ridding the SMS abbreviations for readability:
                                  1. Me: Hey, I’ve communication policies, too: For top integrity by all, starting 1st with me, I wish to have a recording & ideally witnessing of all my communications, _most especially_ whenever any potential problem, as here. And fortunately such recording happens automatically for all modern methods of remote communication (vmail, email, SMS, &web post)… BUT still NOT for the largely becoming-outdated methods(phone calls) especially on non-business phone lines. 12:06 PM
                                  2. Me: So, as I would much like be the case for _all_ human communications –self-recording & friend-witnessing for top integrity by all–, I request to record our conversations, so including our calls, & have a witness to them of my choosing, and naturally welcome you to do the same. Agreed? 12:07 PM
                                    1. NW8OFS:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                                      1. NW8OL3 incorporate updates from /4875#NVYVLR
                                  3. Me: If, like us, you .. do nothing wrong consciously, as I hope, such recording & witnessing should not be a problem. … 12:08 PM
                                2. NT24Y1   Doing so few phone calls, I’ve only used this this once. And this once suddenly got no response, seemingly because the recipient was knowingly consciously doing wrong, as was already hinted by their policy effectively avoiding any recorded communication including on their performance.
                                3. NW8OQO ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                                  1. .
                            3. NT23RY   don’t reveal you’re recording the call.
                              1. NT23ZD  While this appears very easy get away with,
                              2. NT23ZO  tragically in many states this is illegal. As such, you can never generally reveal that you’ve recorded the call, severely limiting the recording’s usefulness (unless possibly in an emergency and where there is no question that the other party is guilty –but I’ve never encountered that situation).
                              3. NT240W   the recording can still be very useful for review by oneself (including just to transcribe fast-spoken outgoing messages) and to review with those you can trust.
                      3. NQZ32S   typically about 3 to 10 times more data bandwidth (a live call vs. vmail message)–though usually not a problem given affordable 4G becoming the norm.
                      4. NVWLVU  my phone weak on all incoming live calls on rare occasion, but mostly just for unscheduled incoming live calls.
                3. NOQ78O  As far ridding unhealthy phone call dependence,
                  1. NVRVH1   –especially for those doing ‘the līve-only mis-believe/practice’
                  2. NOQ5KH   sadly VA healthcare still feels years away, yes even despite its new Secure Messaging including due to SM’s needless weaknesses —more on this
                  3. NVRVEW  perpetratorspretend that I & likely others have NO telephone voice/call service except as noted
                    1. NVM8GQ   –to avoid the enormous phone tag problems & more with me & likely significant others, including from the many times which I’ve called you, too, but also understandably gotten your voicemail,
                    2. NVM8F8  except using the telephone for just 3 things:
                      1. NVM8FH  SMS/texting (which is wonderful); free Google Voice can make texting a dream.
                      2. NVM8FQ  meetings-via-phone-call which have been mutually scheduled in advance –see details
                      3. NVM9MX   as minimal as needed to establish & confirm communication via email or other electronic writing, including:
                        1. NVM94A   just to tell/leave a message about some writing (such as posts, email, SMS/texts) which the recipient is not replying to (as probably missed) so should reply to (so meaning normally to reply to _there_ , else by SMSing back, but also NOT by any phone call)
                    3. NVSUN4 ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                      1. NVZ4A2   updated #NVM8FQ
                      2. NVSUQT   ‘{did NVSYK6: at time of id ‘its ID NVRVEW‘, moved (this section) to ’present-location‘ then, to put into that context, {prefixed with quote ‘perpetrators, ‘ with more updates todo as action link details}}’
                      3. NVSUNT   originally at what inspired it: /4875#NVM7SC
                  4. NVSTH0   Everyone, especially victims, use ‘my phone line’s outgoing message/greeting’ also for him/herself.
                4. NQZ4AS  scheduled or not, from most to least preferred:
                  1. NQZ4B9   scheduled with me
                    1. NQXLJD   –please schedule [live remote verbal] with me 
                      1. NQYZK9  same as you would any in-person appointment, by using the many other communication methods above to set the appointment up.
                      2. NQZ1RT   as unscheduled has problems
                  2. NQZ0T4   unscheduled with me [live remote verbal]
                    1. NQXLJD   is my least preferred communication method when unwarranted, due to it
                      1. NQXW2T   meets none of my preferences including now also the interruption/intrusion,
                      2. NQZ10P   is impractical else problematic due to all of:
                        1. NQZ2LZ  all the universal problems of live remote verbal
                        2. NVWLKN   my bleeding edge phone –sections to merge:
                          1. NVWII9   I’m on a bleeding edge cell phone, so uses VOIP instead of cell minutes, which then is flaky for unscheduled live calls 🙂
                            1. NVWK5S   Instead of requiring mobile cell minutes & service, my bleeding edge cell phone uses VOIP (currently Google Hangouts Dialer), so then
                              1. NVWKES  can also be a tablet (doesn’t require a phone) and indeed
                              2. NVWKG0  can be set up in multiple simultaneous devices easily, unlike typical mobile/cell phones which are limited to just 1 device and require the carrier’s help to switch
                              3. NVWKG9  is unbelievably inexpensive (~$5/mo since 2014.11)
                              4. NVWKGD  but, until the VOIP technology catches up, is still flaky unscheduled live calls
                                1. NVWLI8  and, rare: for old versions of Android (rare), for all live incoming calls
                                2. NVWKHS   but I endorse the problems to get us out of the dark ages of verbal and especially unscheduled live calls
                            2. NVWIK7  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                              1. NVWITI   title from ‘plus I’m on a bleeding edge VOIP tablet cell phone/ which is a bit flaky except for SMS :-)’ to present
                              2. NVWIL2 just factored this point out of #NVWII9
                          2. NQXW39   I often can’t hear my phone ring or else can’t answer it fast enough
                            1. NQXW8V   because of a lot of reasonably-understandable problems from being on the bleeding edge
                              1. NQXX48   which I don’t fast fix because all of:
                                1. NQXXH4  I like being on, surfing, & exploring, & helping pioneer the bleeding edge!
                                  1. NQXXHD  including I don’t like telephone calls  & remote-verbal when there are better methods
                                2. NQXXHP  and increasingly I can afford having a flaky voice calls as
                                  1. NQXXIH  all my work is via web posting else rare messaging
                                  2. NQXXIX  all my buds & associates & family SMS me
                                  3. NQXXKK   I haven’t been socializing much
                                  4. NQXXJY   and the rest my associates, like much of at least younger America, are slowly moving away doing phone calls
                                    1. NQXY2P  –though, grr!, there are still some left (as the VA?) in need of further explaining so why I make this post
                              2. NQXX1Z   of having reasonably-understandable voice call bleeding-edge technical difficulties of all of:
                                1. NQXWER   I am most always working on my laptop or equivalent desktop/laptop OS (Windows/Linux/Mac) and have many windows open and the Google Voice app for desktop (as for Chrome) doesn’t bring up which window is ringing, so by the time I find it, it’s typically auto-gone/sent to voicemail.
                                2. NQXW9E   problems with my mobile phone
                                  1. NQXWAV   starting 2014.11~
                                    1. NQXWBE   it broke 2015.02~ (at it is experimental high performance inexpensive hardware) and
                                      1. NQXWEF   I’m not getting around to getting it fast repaired for the same reason I’m not repairing the overall problem.
                                    2. NQXWBS   I’m experimenting with bleeding edge Google Hangouts Dialer (mobile device VOIP for Google Voice, so effectively free mobile calls!)
                                      1. NQXWP7   allowing one to dip one’s toe into the future: allow one to have a “working” mobile phone without having to sign up for mobile phone service at all, just sign up for data service, AND instead use a mobile OS tablet ($100s less expensive than a good smartphone, and easily much bigger display)!
                                      2. NQXWW8   but on my backup tablet, the mobile OS version is not new enough, so: the device rings when I get a phone call but when  I answer there is no sound connection, plus I can’t place calls.
                                  2. NQXY8P   before 2014.11:
                                    1. NQXY96   using Google Voice app for Android but it being able to only ring so operate just one phone line at a time
          4. NVX9SW   in-person
            1. NVX9TA   with scheduled/unscheduled types:
              1. NVX9TX   [in-person] scheduled
                1. NVX9XW   By the position of this, provided all the above methods were tried or else considered and certainly wouldn’t work best, this is fine.
              2. NVX9U7   [in-person] unscheduled: unscheduled:
                1. NVX9UH   Not being storefront open for any customer to drop by, I really do not want & won’t tolerate this, for the productivity reasons covered earlier.
          5. NVX8OS   [method preference‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. NVXDQQ   {in previous revision, added #NVX9SW}+{updated to #NVXD8J}+{fixed #NOQ0TX}
      5. .

    4. NOPZSM   ‘[communication & scheduling with me] conclusions & small extra action points’:
      1. NT1SDG   Doing this, including doing it properly, is an increasingly big deal for me and seemingly all new generation, as remote communication has become the norm not just some but now most of our daily communications.
      2. NOPX1V   sorted starting with the most needed to be said:
        1. NVXB90  my voicemail provides the quickest most-core summary over what to do –but not everything so keep reading…
        2. NVXAMP   communicate with me by the communication method preference order
          1. NVYKEI  the gist: I simply want communication foremost via electronic writing (reply web post, else  reply SMS, else reply email or better Internet messaging), including for fastest response, and where that can’t be made to work best, then via scheduled meetings (by phone-calls ideally, and/or in-person) scheduled by messages ideally via this electronic writing,  so, please, no unscheduled meetings including no unscheduled phone calls except alerts.
            1. NVYMZ3  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. NVYN8P   gave a shortlink: /NVYKEI
              2. NVYN1Z Lucy made improvements {‘best-Internet messaging (as reply email)’ to present} and {adding a prompt reply promise to which I added the ‘, including for fastest response’} and {not liking ‘the gist:’ big so I took out of h3 and put selection in <span “font-size:125%;”>}
              3. NVYMZO   original inspiration for this is for what now is its first use: /4875#NVXFDY
          2. NOPXRN   For matters {which are timely} or/and {for which you’re not seeing timely follow-up on},
            1. NOQ1GS   First ensure you’ve used the best standard communication method if there was/is time to do so.
            2. NOQ1H8   Then send alert(s)…
              1. NQXTW4   not repeating but pointing to, so alerting of, details already sent (as from the last step), and, for all new relevant things, spelling them out here as much as practical.
              2. NQXU23   using:
                1. NOQ1K6  the best electronic messaging
                2. NOQ1KJ  and that isn’t working, via SMS/text message
                3. NOQ1KQ   and if that isn’t working, via verbal especially telephone call including vmail.
        3. NVNOM1   ‘on scheduling meetings/appointments’:
          1. NVNON5   see what my voicemail says on ‘meeting’ and ‘appointment’
          2. NVYLC7   meetings and other interacting-live
            1. NVYLDT   are by phone-call other remote-verbal ideally and/or in-person
            2. NVYLEU   should be mutually scheduled in advance including
              1. NVM8W6   scheduling the exact meeting date & time range (start & end)
              2. NVM8X2   scheduled via ideally electronic writing or other messaging, by:
                1. NVYLVC  one party, notably the one suggesting the meeting, proposing how long the meeting should be.
                2. NVYLV5  the party with the likely tightest schedule sharing his/her some exact time ranges, as days & hours, she is available for the meeting
                3. NVYLVI   then the other party replying with his/her choices.
          3. NOQ30U   on scheduling physical/in-person meetings
            1. NOQ33N   To avoid anyone needlessly making multiple trips, whenever possible, put multiple appointments to the same general physical location (as to the same hospital) on the same day so the person’s one visit will take care of them all.
              1. NOQ3IB  Most notably, as any US veteran, I’m assigned to a VA hospital
                1. NOQ36W  {NOPW6L. but even though I live in highly-populated southern California, the closest main hospital branch for me is a about 1.3 hour drive for me each way.
                2. NOQ3K0  And it seems many veterans don’t happen to be close a main VA hospital.
                  1. NOQ3Z6  Indeed the problem seems so bad that in 2014 congress voted “Veteran’s Choice” forcing VA to specially care for the apparently-many distant vets.
                3. NOQ3K5   So VA (and most any) appointment scheduling staff need to automatically schedule appointments to get as many as possible for a patient (or other person) on his/her same visit.
                  1.  NOQ42B   Which seems typically super-easy for them since every one instantly sees a patent’s other appoints when scheduling them, indeed seems them much faster & easier than patient can!
                    1. NOQ3MZ   Indeed I see no good reason why they don’t do this already (out of the consideration for the vet)
                      1. NOQ46J   so I fear something’s wrong if I have to be reminding them, as it seems I always have to.
        4. NOQ1DB  Avoid & minimize all repeat of details by rather referring/pointing to the already communicated written details so the recipient can find them, ideally giving the URL to them.
          1. NQXUHD   This significantly cuts info overload, especially for the recipient, plus gives a clearer & typically more accurate picture.
        5. NQXKI3   As is proper for everyone, all my direct communication methods (including phone lines, vmails, pmail box, emails, etc.) can be accessed by only me
          1. NQXKS4  so there it’s always secure to share all the relevant details, so please do.
          2. NQXUNF   If yours are not, please let me know up front & how.
      3. NVX8WO   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. NVXAZ7   moved out of TOC to into here ‘on scheduling meetings/appointments’
        2. NVXA20  title until now ‘for communicating {remotely, so not in-person} especially on routine or/and non-personal matters…
        3. NVXAHJ   cut seemingly unnecessary grouping
    5. NOPZZG   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. NQZ5ES   due to topic, now add post to category: ‘communication LRCGCO
  8. “motivation”
  9.  “success of this”
  10. “author(s) background (on the topic)”
  11. NVMHSP ‘post history additional’‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. NW8OZW ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151014Wed1917pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’13‘;version2.2‘;words ’15771‘;as ’significant TODOs but usable and need to reboot Chrome‘;do ’Update‘}}’
    2. NW4AA1   improvements: #NW4ADF+{#NW8OAS updates}+probably more;  spellcheck & {update IDs to latest format: 800 replacements};
    3. NW4A2G  ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151012Mon1004pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’13‘;version2.1‘;words ’15655‘;as ’an Administrator opened this post while I was editing and that mistakenly took control of it, I got ~‘user AnytimeInnovator has taken over this post. Your changes were autosaved’ popup then when I opened I got ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ ; significant changes (detailed in previous entry) so did it& got ‘Post restored to revision from October 9, 2015 @ 22:12:00 [Autosave]’‘;do ’continue editing‘}}’
    4. NVXDSK  improvements: #NVXDQQ + {from next Autosave diff: {add #NVXCGA}+{change #NW4AIG}+{#NVWZQI updates} probably including {#NQYZX9 & #NQZ03T moves}}+{#NVM8FQ factor content out}+{#NVXAMP completed}+{#NVYLC7 added}}
    5. NVXCA3  ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151008Thu1609pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’12‘;version2.0‘;words ’15211‘;as ’Chrome gave  ‘Aw, Snap!’‘;do ’reload getting ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ which had much changes so did that getting ‘Post restored to revision from October 8, 2015 @ 23:01:02 [Autosave]’ and no ‘backup’ alert so then continue editing‘}}’
    6. NVWX05   resume editing: {added ‘on degree of sync/interactivity: messaging vs. līve’}+{big reorg resulting in new sub-TOC NVX7WZ}
    7. NVWWL5   ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151008Thu1036pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’11‘;version1.6‘;words ’13749‘;as ’Chrome gave  ‘Aw, Snap!’‘;do ’reload getting ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ which had much changes so did that getting ‘Post restored to revision from October 8, 2015 @ 17:25:00 [Autosave]’ plus ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’ so did & diffed that getting ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ and it had ~8 more characters newer so kept then continue editing‘}}’
    8. NVWFT9  { improve #NQXH23}+significant more including adding ‘on written vs. visual vs. verbal’ here or next
    9. NVVV40  ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151007Wed2039pst‘;after ID ’minutes ~0‘;revision ’9‘;version1.4‘;words ’12374‘;as ’significant TODOs but need to do OS restart‘;do ’Update then continue editing‘}}’
    10. NVTBOP   some small edits+ #NVVUBW
    11. NVTBK1   ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’201510065Tue1201pst‘;after ID ’minutes ~0‘;revision ’7‘;version1.2‘;words ’12231‘;as ’significant TODOs but have to save for #NVSUQT+#NVSVUC+#NVRV3Z‘;do ’Update then continue editing‘}}’
    12. NVR789   work on #NVMMPD + { ‘the līve-only mis-believe/practice’: make own top-level section & move to before end}+ {#NOQ78O heavy additions including #NVSUQT} + {update #NVT9UX}
    13. NVR6DE   got mis-published on got mis-published on ‘May 21, 2015 @ 18:00’ (at 1st publishing)
      1. NVR6GG   reason: not yet known
      2.  NVR6KR  see this is the 1st draft save date
      3. NVR6RO  Pros thru cons:
        1. NVR6S0   indeed I had been talking about its matters with VA since then
        2. NVR6SB   the public site says ‘Posted’ (not ‘Published’) by the date, so is technically correct but
        3. NVR6TW   it may not get indexed in Google search: minor at least soon as there is no urgent need.
        4. NVR6WR  misleading as general readers will still think that is the ‘Published’ date
      4. NVR6XZ   so set it to accurate: from ‘Publish 1’ date, so from revs : 2015 ‘3 Oct @ 18:27’ since I had been talking about the
    14. NVR65G  ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151005Mon0806pst‘;after ID ’minutes ~0‘;revision ’6‘;version1.1‘;words ’10580‘;as ’significant TODOs to now continue on‘;do ’continue editing‘}}’
    15. NVNPIA  ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151003Sat1116pst‘;after ID ’minutes ~0‘;revision ’5‘;version1.0‘;words ’10543‘;as ’significant TODOs but usable and needs to start to get out there including already being referenced‘;do ’Publish 1[ then #NVR6DE] then continue editing‘}}’
    16. NVNPFL  TODOs: proofread, verify links;
    17. NVNOUQ  right after that, several additions, most notably #NVMK2J + #NVN74S + {#NVNOM1 except for #NOQ30U}
    18. NVMHJ8   update to format to that of latest post
    19. NVMHCW   ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151002Fri1923pst‘;after ID ’minutes ~0‘;revision ’5‘;version0.13‘;words ’8466‘;as ’improvements to be made and got to get this published including already ref NT5IKW to it‘;do ’continue editing‘}}’
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    21.  NT2651  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150813Thu2303pst‘; after ID’ minutes 3~‘; revision ’3‘; words ’5486‘; version0.11‘; as ’WordPress editor has recently gotten very sluggish, to the tune of 1 edit (as 1 character entered) per ~5 seconds, and when Chrome’s load and the OS load are not heavy, plus I’ve added >500 words‘, do ’Save Draft, refresh page, continue editing‘}’.
    22. NT1Q6P   category ‘human M23N9Y’
      1. NT1Q7X   category ‘generation of humans NT1Q7X’ –now add
        1. NT1QDS   category ‘Western world generation of humans NT1QDS’ –now add
          1. NT1QJZ   per entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation#Western_world
          2. NT1QLY   category ‘Millennials NT1QLY’ –now add
            1. NT1QPL  per entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennials
    23. NT13BG  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150813Thu0905pst‘; after ID’ minutes 3~‘; revision ’3‘; words ’3581‘; version0.11‘; as ’it would be best to have & refer to this post (tba) to be released tomorrow, ‘, do ’start finishing editing of this‘}’.
    24. NQZJ8N ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150704Sat1546pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’2‘; words ’3542‘; version0.10‘; as ’>500 words added and need to restart OS plus reload Categories‘, do ’Save Draft‘}’.
    25. NQXGTW  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150703Fri1259pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’2‘; words ’1551‘; version0.9‘; as ’additions to make plus want to publish soon‘, do ’start editing‘}’.
    26. NVMHZD   original entry unabridged (so chronological in order):
      “post edits overall history table, by increasing start-time”
      “entry ID” “action” “why” “word cnt”  “ver #” “s#” “date (typ fr earliest ID)”
       NOPYNG start  new text that is best posted rather than email  257  0  1?  now=20150521Thu1436pst
      1. NOPZ5V  “now {via “Copy to a new draft”, so of {then latest post template used by author, so /4658#KOLWCZ}, so of then its latest saved version, so with last entry “NOLY4C: stop&start per NOLXKU 493 1.1 2 now=20150819Tue1033pst”} created {this here post, so” http://1.JotHere.com/4685 “} then cut {all its content not to be reused here, so the content just applying to the template, so all the posts’ fully stated points including their KCGUIDs}.”
      2. NOQ2ZL  per post-whenever-possible, move from message NOPVSU to this post, specifically…
        1. NOPZML   to NOPZSM above the original text quote:
          {NOPX1V Please note, for me and increasingly many, the best method for routine or/and business communications is {
          {NOPXQQ via {
          *web postings (writing & images; most notably here, via https://www.myhealth.va.gov/mhv-portal-web/mhv.portal?\
          _nfpb=true&_pageLabel=appointments ) ideally with web discussion (including it would be even better if that _pageLabel=appointments GUI also allowed the patient to add & reschedule appointments),
          *followed by say this Secure Messaging,
          *followed by email,
          *followed by, at very last & very undesirable, verbal communication especially telephone calls}NOPXQQ}
          {NOPXRN plus for timely matters or items not responding to, {
          *still doing those communication methods NOPXQQ
          *and NOT repeating any details,
          *but just now also sending an alert reminding of indeed pointing to these already communicated written details needing attending, ideally giving the URL to them, sent via best electronic messaging, and if that still isn’t replied to, SMS, and if that isn’t replied to, via telephone call.}NOPXRN}
        2. NOQ2YQ   to NOQ30U above the original text quote:
          {NOPW6L Your hospital is ~1.3 hour drive for me each way so I notably need to avoid making multiple trips whenever 1 can suffice, especially putting multiple appointments on the same visit whenever possible. {}NOPW6L}
        3.  NOQ81G   thinking about not publishing this until site has usable public logins 
      NOQ833 stop  now have to do other stuff  1507  .90  d 1?  now=20150521Thu1800pst

  One Response to “NOPZ9W: communicating & setting-up-appointments with me –seemingly just like most of the new generations as Millennials except they probably will expect you to know & follow these conventions without having to spell it out & explain it to you, and actually the conventions are overall quite improved”

    1. NVRITT:  In response to a recent version of your outgoing message draft, I’ve a rewrite:
      1. NVRIUZ:  I started from #NVMK2J as of ~1hr ago: 192 words:
        ‘You’ve called [name] and have reached my voicemail, just as most everyonAe’s calls these days go to voicemail due to the problems of  interruptions, verbal info not being written out, & more. Per the smart growing phoning conventionplease do not call me & ideally others until you’re certain it’s not better, ideally because you’ve already really tried, to send  your message via modern electronic writing, as web posting to me, else SMS/texting to this number or emailing me, as those are modern remote communication methods and typically-work much better. And if those aren’t working or truly can’t work best, then, yes, please call this my secure voicemail, which properly only I can access; and here leave me a message that eliminates phone tag as I will likely have to send you a message contacting back, so tell me here all the details you can fit, up to 3 minutes, plus your email address, or/and times you will answer. And, to schedule meetings on-the-phone and/or in-person, tell some exact time ranges I can pick within, hopefully when I’ll already be in your area if known, then I’ll reply with my choices.’
      2. NVRIXA:  Suggested revision – 173 words, quote:
        1. NVRJ16:  You’ve called [name] and reached my voicemail. Like many others today, I follow the growing, modern convention of using written electronic communication methods first – so the best way to reach me is with SMS texting TO THIS NUMBER or emailing. I’ll respond FAST – so please don’t call me until you’ve tried to send your message via SMS texting, emailing, or web posting.
        2. NVRJ1M:  If those aren’t working – or truly can’t work best for you – then, yes, please call here – at my secure voicemail which only I can access. Leave a detailed message – up to 3 minutes – plus your email address and/or best times to reach you. Be complete and I’ll send you a prompt message in reply.
        3. NVRJ27:  To schedule meetings – either phone meetings or in-person – if possible, please state a date-and-time-range I can pick from – and I’ll reply with my selection. Communicating this modern, way will eliminate phone tag and save us both time and errors – so thanks in advance for your cooperation.