Oct 152011

updated 2011.09.16pst1607 (10% complete 1st draft)​
​A serious problem of default WordPress is that it alters the HTML given it

​including inserting p-tags and br-tags (such as when there is a blank line in source HTML) and often removing the class- & id-attributes.


​The HTML templates used on this site, such as the one this paragraph is in, depend on HTML to be unalterted & interpreted normally, including class- and id-attributes to remain, plus additional whitespace and blank-lines in source to be ignored.

I was recommended ​Text Control at WordCamp LA DevDay.
​(GS=”PS Disable Auto Formatting” “Text Control”) finds a good writeup on both in http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/20-best-wordpress-typography-plugins-to-enhance-readability/ ​; both control http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wpautop

​I decide to try http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ps-disable-auto-formatting/ as it has top reviews and seems minimal.
​On test site http://stashit88.dreamhosters.com/L1DWP2

Do “Install Now“; got “Successfully installed the plugin PS Disable Auto Formatting 1.0.6.”; do “Activate Plugin“; got “Plugin activated.”.It adds menu “Auto Formatting” with the only thing disabled of “content formatting”.  ​


. ​

​I realize zwsp of </div>&#8203;</div> is causing a line-break in latest Firefox 6.0.2 (so not caused by WP or anything else), yet another problem with the zwsp.

​So realize they will have to be removed from template generation, requiring yet another template ID, requiring (to do right) a proper JavaScript option-choosing template generator, a significant job.

I will have to r