Jul 292015
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We are looking for an experienced Linux C language programmer who can port a Linux based Asterisk VoIP unicom to different hardware platforms and hosting environments.

The linkage with Legacy Systems must conform to the HL7 format. This is a workgroup environment. We are evaluating whether Python will be an ideal language for supporting the interoperability applications.

Cyvernetics is deploy a new system architecture. It features advanced, easy to manage cryptology. It addresses interoperability with major legacy systems. The initial application is the Electronic Healthcare Record. It will store genomic test information, the mapping of the human genome, in a dedicated database, that is interoperable with legacy systems.

We configure a Virtual Private Network on the fly or Ad Hoc. It secures voice, video and data. Since it is impractical to secure legacy systems, we set up a communications oriented intersystem data base that creates the desired database and makes available information that is required to maintain the applications in the legacy system.

We secure voice, video and data for accessing the system with the mobility devices, the smartphone and the tablet.

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