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NTEOJK “intro & overall”

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    got parking space?

    NTEO64   post name:

    will pay $60/month or more for a parking spot near Laguna Hills or City of Orange –post NTEOJK

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  4. got parking space?

    NTG4UY Got any parking? Or any land that could be used for a parking space? –Easily turn that into monthly cash! Plus help a vet.

  5. NTEP9Z  I’m a MIT CS grad and combat vet.
  6. NTEOM9 I seek a parking spot…
    1. NTG2YN not for using but just storing my vehicle 
    2. NTEPE7 such as residential as a portion of driveway or backyard or garage, or commercial including biz or retail parking or warehouse, or car or RV professional storage
    3. NTH56J   Reply ASAP. As to buy 2015.09 and may well need future locations later.
      1. NUFMKH  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. NUSKOO   replace ‘starting soon, as before 2015.08.27Thu else soon; reply ASAP.’ with present.
    4. NTEOSR for expected duration: monthly rental of ~2 weeks to ~2 years
      1. NUFMKH  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. NUSKOO   replace ‘ ~2 weeks to ~1 year of monthly rental’ to present.
    5. NTEONI  for my vehicle which…
      1. NTEOOX   measures just 19.2ft long max by ~7ft wide (134sf) by 8ft3in high

        1. got parking space?

          NTG7P9   so comfortably fits in a standard car parking space, including in a parking garage/structure with taller (>=8ft4in) clearance

        2. NTWL23  length: just {230in=19ft2in=19.2ft} max
          1. NTWNXK   so just ~3ft longer  than a smaller wagon or compact SUV, which is ~16ft long
          2. NTWPX3  specifically {223in=18ft7in} bumper-to-bumper, plus {7in for the rear door’s spare tire –which, to save those 7in, can be removed in just 5min, but that’s never been necessary as it already comfortably fits in parking}
          3. NTWLND   aside: until measuring now, I had this guestimated ‘~20ft long ..(140sf)’
        3. NTWKNO   width: 78in(6.5ft) body, plus 2 {9in side-mirrors which, in 1 second, hand fold down to 0 extra inches}
        4. NTWLES   height: 8ft+3in+/-1in
      2. NTESO1  doesn’t leak any fluids
      3. NTEPXY   has been fully insured since purchased (in 2004~) thru 2015.07 and plan to be well insured again just as soon as I finish getting & comparing quotes.
        1. NUSL71  section history additional in reverse order:
          1. NUSL7F   replace ‘is fully insured’ (what I originally understood) with present.
      4. NTEPXP  drives though occasionally a trick to get started
      5. NTH1UT  while very clever internally, the vehicle is probably not worth a lot in terms of dollars, as <$5K, so not wise to spend a ton on storage for it, but I could use whatever money I can get out of its sale
      6. NTESOA  looks decent and generally unnoticeable, like a soft white conversion van (click here for representative pic)
      7. NTX7EO   as is common for vehicles in storage, to pay minimal annual registration ($0/year) plus significantly reduced insurance fees (as 15% of normal) while a vehicle is stored, my vehicle’s currently registered for storage, specifically California PNO(Planned Non-Operation), so it can’t be parked on public property including streets and requires special permit to move; though I may change that soon (smog & register it) including so it can be freely moved and sold at higher price.
      8. NTWP4K  section history additional in reverse order:
        1. NTWVUT  many updates per reply point NTWPCS, especially to NTEOOX plus:
          1. NTWP67   Move looks (so including ‘van’ mention) from first to near bottom so readers don’t worry about it being a van, including (and motivated by) reply point  NTWPFD  so after size info (instead of just before it) so readers first get NTG7P9 so don’t think ‘it’s a van; it will be hard to fit’
        2. NTESHO  aside: per section topic, file this post in of MissionFirst N1O49
    6. NTG3PB  for especially while & until I sell this vehicle
      1. NTG2A6  where the vehicle interior {has extensive excellent customizations but also requires fixing for the buyer to do}
        1. NTEPM6  so seemingly it will take a while to find an appreciative good-paying buyer
    7. NTG4ZW Will pay initially via cash and ongoing via check or PayPal, paid in full & in advance at the start of each rental month.
    8. NTEPMJ Features I seek from most preferred (so if you only have the first 3 or so features, that’s probably just fine):
      1. NTG70T any land that could basically be used to long-term park an automobile including:

        1. got parking space?

          NTG6II  level firm ground, which does not need to be concrete or asphalt nor demarcated/outlined but can be grass or dirt.

        2. NTG6RN  accessible by a motor vehicle possibly requiring some vehicle shuffling as common for valet parking & driveways.
      2. NTEPMX    near where I work/live: specifically within ~15 minute drive so ~6 miles so within a city or two of either:
        El Toro Rd & Paseo De Valencia, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 US  or Yorba & La Veta, Orange, CA 92869 US

        1. NTGVT6  specifically I’m shooting for minimal drive time from the nearest of those 2 locations, which those linked maps compute near instantly
        2. NTESLN   aside: per section topic, file this post in: US.CA.south.OC(Orange County) N1567K.
      3. NTEPPM   low fair price (click for more)
      4. NTGI2O   should you need me to vacate, at least 2 weeks advanced notice from you (so I have time to find a replacement)
      5. NTG3W8  ability to there, else within ~3 blocks, work on selling my vehicle including:
        1. NTEPPT    cleaning up especially the interior of my vehicle, most immediately in prep for sale, so including:

          1. got parking space?

            NTEPVU   ideally shade for the vehicle (as a tree or building or canopy the vehicle can be parked under/by)

            1. NTWJEF   as, like any motor vehicle, the interior gets hot during the day (except in winter time), making cleaning up the interior or any work in very unpleasant.
            2. NTHRNB   my definite favorite is parking under a big tree else other natural canopy
          2. NTEPSA   ideally nearby 115V AC electricity, which I can well pay for
            1. NTWJWL   For repaying my any electricity usage should you desire that, I will exactly meter electricity usage down to 0.1KWhr via the industry-standard Kill A Watt® meter, likely the great P4460 from Home Depot.
            2. NUNAZ6   my need for this:
              1. NTET9P   the biggest and indeed likely only significant use, would be to run the vehicle’s roof air conditioner
                1. NTWUBG   as on a warm or hot day (in SoCal, most any day except winter!), when this and most any motor vehicle is parked not in shade but in direct sun, the inside gets uncomfortably hot, so making the interior cleanup work or any interior work terribly unpleasant else impractical
                2. NUNB18   which is a standard quality home-window air conditioner (elegantly mounted in a vehicle) so
                  1. NUNB56  makes little noise –only someone walking pass it would actually notice it.
                  2. NUNB5M   uses normal home-level electricity (just enough to cool 1 small room) but that’s still more than any affordable batter pack or the engine alternator can power, so the big need for wall AC.
          3. NTEPU3   ideally nearby hose water, which I can well pay for
            1. NUN9WC   For repaying my any water usage should you desire that, I will exactly meter my water usage down to 0.1 gal via this great meter.
            2. NTXD33   and naturally I wouldn’t waste water, including even before the California drought, as me long being a bit of environmentalist 🙂
            3. NUNBC5  my needs for this, from biggest first:
              1. NUNBCK   washing the vehicle exterior as minimally necessary
                1. NTXCZU   Note ‘Washing cars at home is still allowed by most California water agencies, if residents have a shutoff nozzle on their hose.’ says reputable news reporter Marketplace.Org 2015.06.09, and of course I only wash with a shutoff nozzle.
                2. NTXDSO  And I typically need this as I’ve often found I’ve had no choice but do my own washing as it has seemed most car washes either won’t work or are prohibitively expensive due to this vehicle’s height –just standard full-sized van height, including can still fit in taller parking structures but it seems there are few car washes which can wash a standard size van.
                  1. NUSK1M  Including for my Laguna Hills location, I’ve found no car wash that can do it.
                    1. NUNCL5   I just 2015.09.11FriEve checked every nearby vehicle washing station I know there (Shell stations on El Toro by 5fwy + on Lake Forest W of 5Fwy, plus Moulton Auto (hand) Car Wash), and, simply because my vehicle is a van, all found it too high –even the hand wash for hand washing. The vehicle is 99in high (pretty normal for a van) but the hand wash has a 91in limit and the Shells were 6ft8in and 84in.
                3. NTXDCZ    and per my not wasting water, using such water minimally:
                  1. NUSJSX  about 1x every 2mo:   fast hosing down the vehicle’s exterior (probably less than 1 bathtub of water)  just to wash off stray dirt,
                  2. NUSJUL  ~1x per year: also using soap & polish
                4. NTXCTS   So if no nearby hose water else car wash which can wash a standard sized van, this might be show-stopper for me.
              2. NUSKFD   spray water 1 or 2x per year to wash the engine and flush the radiator or fill the internal water tank.
              3. NTWTSJ   a little water for cleaning the vehicle’s interior and similar.
          4. NTWTKI  and good news:
            1. NTEQ5F     On my utilities use (water & electricity)
              1. NUNALP  I won’t be using much
              2. NUNBDJ   100% my past paid vehicle storage (since 2009~) have had these utilities (electricity & water) sufficient for my vehicle’s use
                1. NUNBJS  every professional RV storage had a dump & wash station with an AC plug, and every residence allowed an AC extension cord & water to be connected as needed
                2. NUNBRE  and so far it has all been free (been included in rent at no extra cost)
                3. NUNBS2   so hopefully providing them won’t be a problem for you, either.
              3. NUNAM2   even though in all my past it’s been free for me, I will be happy to fairly & fast pay for my any utilities use, indeed:
                1. NTX0TL   I will happily & easily pay my utility source, as my rentor, for my any of their utilities at 2x their highest cost/rate they pay for them
                  1. NUNA4F  earning my utility source, likely my rentor, a nice profit for my any use of their utilities
                    1. NUNC8E   as I’ll still be okay (due to my generally low use) but I do want to make it a no-brainer-for, an “of course yes”, for my source.
                  2. NUNA75   including I will pay proportioned to my source’s highest cost rate for that respective period (month), so for utilities which are charged multi-tier, usually at higher rate(s) for additional any additional usage beyond normal, the highest rate
                    1. NUNC0D   so while it’s unlike my uses will cause my source to pay additional at higher tier rate (due to my small use), in that event even the source is already charged the additional at the higher rates, I and NOT the source will be paying for these higher rates (at least for my use), then also allowing the source to likely have a little more of their own utilities at the lower rates.
                  3. NUNAOI   including I have excellent meters to measure my full exact use of all utilities: both for electricity & for water.
                  4. NUNACH   including just give me a copy of your utility bills applicable period, and I’ll quickly do & give you all the calculations plus this net revenue you earned.
            2. NTWTAV   low profile: performing this cleanup work, like most any work done in this vehicle’s interior, will generally not be visible nor noticed by passer-byers as the vehicle is fully enclosed plus tinted windows plus window sun screens.
        2. NTEPQN   ability to bring prospective buyers by to show the vehicle
        3. NTEPW5   longer access hours, ideally 24/7 but not required, for occasional access
      6. NTEQ2D   indoor parking NOT required, outdoors is fine, covered not required, just ideally shade
      7. NTEQSH   RV dump station NOT needed, just ideally hose water
      8. NTEPWW   special security including cameras & gates NOT needed as my vehicle is already fully insured.
      9. NTEUO7  no experience in renting storage required,
        1. NTG4GE  including, having considerable experience here, if all the terms are good, I would be happy to rent from a renter of any experience level, including those experienced with such space rental, or new to renting space, including I’m happy to assist, even have a complete contract template.
    9. NTEPU6   I’ve considerable experience here: in Orange County, for the last ~6 years I’ve had this vehicle in storage which I found & well-paid for, including plenty of standard professional car/RV storage plus residential driveway plus retail parking lot, and always paying in full, so I am fairly experienced with this kind of vehicle parking rental.
    10. NTESKE  aside: per section topic, file this post in motor vehicle parking NR5LBI.
  7. NTEQDH   If you might be possibly interested in providing me such storage, 
    1. NTETSE  that would be awesome! Thank you. Yes, please let me know.
    2. NTGTPR  Also for the winner ;-), plus runner ups, indeed all for good deal offerers, if you want, on this post, I can also advertise you or/and your great deal!
    3. NTH8WA  Heads up: for each of my questions here, some big time-savers:
      1. NTH5KY   if I should already have the answer (notably, if the Q was already clearly answered by your ad(s)/website(s)/person(s) telling me of you), please feel free to skip that Q.
      2. NTH8X1   if you already have it clearly answered on the web, please just tell me the URL to the answer, which saves repeating the answer and the problems that causes plus tells where the official answer is kept.
    4. NTETS6  My foremost questions are, from most important:
      1. NTH4OE   When would you have a parking space which would be a good match for my vehicle?  Plus if time to specify,
        1. NTXBX1   What are max dimensions (length*width*height) of the parking spot(s) you offer?
        2. NTXC2U  If a shared space (as a driveway), what are its dimensions and what vehicles, including especially their sizes, are already to be parked there? –so to figure out what space could be left over for additional vehicles.
        3. NTXC7C  If complex, you could give a representative pic.
      2. NTEQEW   What would you charge me for such a space?
        1. NTER7E   I’m seeking a few offers including per this ad, so the lower your price the more likely I’ll take your offer.
        2. NTEQFZ   What $/mo would you charge me?
          1. NTI824   As setting a price & finding deals here can be tricky, here are real recent/current deals(lower prices) I might take, sorted by professional-then-informal then by price decreasing, based on my searching before & while creating this ad:

            1. got parking space?

              NTI833    from storage businesses aka professional storage:

              1. NTGSAQ   car parking  (144sf) at ‘$95.00[/mo with] 50% OFF [1st? ]2 Months’ (now just 25% off) quoting 2015.08.10 AnaheimFullertonStorage.Org vehicle storage prices;
              2. NTI893   10x20ft (200sf) parking spaces for $89/mo in Anaheim.
              3. NTIQNY   21x~8ft (168sf) parking for $73.5/mo via 21ft*$3.50/ft./mo in Anaheim –but probably getting that notably lowest professional price by tight-pack (so need to shuffle vehicles ‘to get [one in or] out’)
              4. NTIA3I  And if one is willing to drive ~110 mins (too far for me!), even very-professional 12x25ft parking can be had for a mere $19/mo! –quoting Craigslist ad & maker’s page.  While I include that mostly for amusement, it does suggest a low limit: a professional price too low for suburbia, at least around here.

            2. got parking space?

              NTI8AF   from residential property, business parking lots, and other informal  providers (whose main business is NOT providing parking or perhaps any storage), which are also fine by me:

              1.  NTI8DK   These prices are generally expected to be reasonably less than storage businesses plus would likely be negotiable, and have more chance of being nearby, but, take notably more hours work to find (especially given it’s still uncommon for people to advertise a spare driveway or parking lot) and, if say a driveway, typical, are just for few (as 1 to 4 spaces), so if advertised, probably go fast.
              2. NTHZJ7   I found near-central OC an informal-looking offer, perhaps someone’s ranch or extra business land, with, priced by size, apparent-multiple parking spaces starting at $75/mo/space, so likely $75/mo for me.
              3. NTI0BP  Here is sample individual now offering $150/mo about 2.25 times the parking space I ask for (plus asking RV-sized width: 10ft), so suggesting my size should be ~$66/mo (=$150/2.25).
              4. NTI9EA   And I just found on the border of north OC, and even in the heart of south OC, informal-looking offers –not just 1 but 2 unrelated offers—  each apparently to share just one big parking space, as a big driveway, both asking $60 (apparently per month) per vehicle, even with much bigger vehicles than mine as truck/boat/RV.
                1. NTJPDB   So this sets my offering price: ‘$60/month or more’.
              5. NTJNHT   Same as the professional offers, these informal offers are also real recent/current deals with ad URLs –but with URLs TBA here after my space is secured. Being informal providers, they are the lowest-priced local deals and at some of the nearest locations but also readily took a few hours to find/create the offer, and are often just 1 to 4 spaces, so for these informal ones, well the ones I might take, I’m not revealing the full details (or at least trying not to) to prevent others from stealing it from me, and ask folks not steal it from me; still, after I’ve secured a spot I’m content with, then, to help others, too, yes I’ll reveal here the ad URLs for these, too.
          2. NTI8H9   So quote as low as you can while still making sure that will work for you.
          3. NTI8UB  And if your quote needs to be higher than the other quotes here, it can still have a fair chance as low-price is a bigger factor but not the only factor.
          4. NTKF83  section history additional
            1. NTKFEM   cut ‘, per ‘OBO’ (Or Best Offer)’ and replace 1st point ‘NTG62R   ‘around $100/mo’ is a starter figure.
              1. NTGSA7  So you can offer lower, including much lower, which is nice and has advantages; or, if you need to, you can request a bit higher amount.

              ’ with title NTKF3Z

        3. got parking space?

          NTEQHT   What would be your minimum charge? -including:

          1. NTEQGG   What move-in fee will you charge if any?
          2. NTEQG1   Would you prorate rent if I move out early?
          3. NTEQGY   How many days of move-out notice do you need?
          4. NTG5Z1   To be fair to all, I’m shooting for a minimum charge/payment of ~$25.
      3. NTEQJB    At what physical address would I be storing my vehicle?
      4. NTEQJU   What hours & days could I come see the storage you may have my vehicle?
        1. NTX5WS   Note my vehicle is presently in temp storage now where it’s presently not easy to relocate including due to its storage registration, so I much prefer to come check out your parking spot possibilities ASAP and then if I really like them, come bring my vehicle to store to show you live (should you also want to see it in person) and hopefully then store it there. Meanwhile, you can see my key vehicle details including pic now by just reading that section.
      5. NTH60E   What additional key rental terms might/do you have?
      6. NTETLG     If I’d be renting from a business, What’s the business name?
      7. NTH5NY   If time to answer, What are your parking rental features? –especially as far as the features I seek.
      8. NTJKLJ   Hot but OPTIONAL (please address only when you have extended time, as later):
        On your web ad(s), posting these answers & info –for the ones where readers can’t already self-find the answer– I suspect would be great, well not 100% but typically

        1. NTJLAN   including, as far as status, you/one could also say on the web ad(s): What units you have/had: including for each, What dimensions and How many you have (so your vacancies). And How fast they generally went/go and come available.
        2. NTJLEV  as it saves having reader (after reader after reader) having to stop & ask & interrupt you & wait for a reply, plus would enable & insure especially complete & consistent answers, though it does help maybe competitors (though if they did it, that it helps you, too) and it does cut some of the detailed reactions you get.
        3. NTJLFJ   What might your thoughts & plans be on that?
      9. NTJM1M  Thanks for your time addressing my questions.

  8. NTETVT    How I’m finding such parking spaces, & will be sharing this ad post:
    1. NTETXP   Friends & word-of-mouth.
    2. NTEV3E   To matching storage businesses I find on the web, via and similar
    3. NTETWR   Putting a printout of this page, also with a phone #, at nearby suitable houses & businesses.
    4. NTETWB especially ‘parking / storage’ for responses & ad
      1. NTXAS7   my ads there: posted 2015.08.25 for Laguna Hills+for Orange.
    5. NTKR4Z  NOT directory as prices too high: 3of3 vehicle storage for 92653(Laguna Hills) are $289 to $492.
  9. NTHRZB   Especially as I have used & could still select typical storage here (professional car/RV storage), why am I also considering all other options? –indeed really considering them.  2 reasons:
    1. NTHS0T   Not wanting to support waste: As how about first using the parking right in front of us?!  For at least here in suburbia,…
      1. NTK2DG   There seems to be this long-term vehicle storage irony:
        1. NTK2F9   there are few long-term vehicle storage businesses including typically none nearby with low prices;

        2. got parking space?

          NTK2GB  but, except for beach cities, pretty much everywhere, within no more than a block or two and typically less, there are decent unused parking spots (a big reason I like suburbia and NOT the big city), and not just street parking but house driveways and especially business parking lots not fully used including often totally empty, so regularly near-limitless of parking within only 1 mile.

      2. NTK2I1   And
        1. NTHT0Z   I’d like my vehicle stored near, yes including any extra vehicle; who wouldn’t want that?
        2. NTK309  And when we’ve got plenty of parking, indeed typically right at/in-front of most everywhere we go, it seems to make little sense if one just wants affordable long-term parking, then one must travel miles away and do a pretty hard search for it!
        3. NTHT66   I hate the fact that nearby I see plenty of good parking often heavily just go to waste even when I want to buy it: when I’d be delighted pay the local property owner/renter for it, including I’d much prefer my good money go to him/her rather than a “professional” vehicle storage businesses if arrogant –which brings me to my 2nd reason:
    2. NTHS0T   Not wanting to support arrogance: While there ARE exceptions, maybe even for vehicles as these, in my & my family’s considerable experience with storage rental, many times storage businesses seem to be remarkably arrogant, especially for vehicle, especially RV storage, including, from increasingly bad:
      1. NTK6UK (related pic for amusement; actual parking spot does not need to be concrete/asphalt, nor outlined, nor have this cute inscription.)

        NTHSXZ  do not look homely & natural, especially for storing my vehicle, which has a name, but instead look typically like the most cookie-cutter industrial shelving

      2. NTHSII  boast of fancy features I really don’t need, as…
        1. NTK3TW   super cleanliness; hey, vehicles are designed for a little dirt; if a problem, just put on a car cover.
        2. NTK3UD  especially super security even though my vehicle is already fully insured, and this not a high-theft area, so daily locking up my stuff up so even I can’t get to it is instead nuisance or worse.
        3. NTK43U   and sometimes: indoors even air conditioning(!): no, for a vehicle, outdoors is typically just fine; indeed if I need to specially protect it, here all I generally need is a car cover, not a rented building!
      3. NTHSQ5   typically lack features I do need, and typically with 0 apology! As…
        1. NTK29A   hose water and especially AC electrical I can clean my vehicle (plus, for long term storage, occasionally recharge the batteries)
        2. NTK29P  or just the ability to once-in-a-while access my vehicle after ~10pm (why does my vehicle need a curfew!),
        3. NTK29Y  or even just having my vehicle be nearby, as there typically none nearby with low prices!
      4. NTHSJF   and with few possible exceptions, most upsetting of all, including despite all this,
        prices well or way above what seems reasonable for what I do need

        1. NTJW7H  which, for my vehicle, is basically just any old nearby parking spot, indeed here I’d even be quite fine on a dirt space!
          1. NTJTYN   But, for even for a simple car-sized parking, so far, ordinary quick search typically (mis)leads searchers to think they should pay at rates over $100/mo and sometimes up to ~$400/mo!
  10. NTGAN0    Rental Contract
    1. NTGANF  rental contract template NTGANF which is…
      1. NTGD1R    for when no better contract is available,…
        1. NUSMFH  which may be rare as it’s very complete!, even about to be put into 1st real use.
      2. NTGH72    ‘core good rental contract template: post NTGG2U’.
  11. NTJQXE   Finding & setting a good price here (for long-term vehicle parking) seems particular hard
    1. NTJRPL  or at least it has been for me: it took me the last ~3 days of heavy searching, including a spreadsheet, before I was pretty confident what a fair price was
    2. NTJRD2  including as:
      1. NTJRBG   the price to store an extra vehicle can vary hugely; for car-sized, in OC, I’ve seen everything from ~$450/mo (for a classic car, on the beach) or $289 to $349/mo (at typical professional storage, per they suggesting & pricing their 10×20 indoor unit be used for vehicle) (3 more examples) to $0 (by a friend with extra driveway space).
      2. NTJRC1   it seems the more the savings, the hours more work on average it takes to find the deal
        1. NTJRG9  so what one finds on quick search, as Google map or text search, are generally the more expensive deals.
    3. NTJRUM   Why?
      1. NTJR2I   My guess is that the biggest reason is because this need is not the norm, as seems most people have at most 1 motor vehicle, and those with more already have the property to store them as part of their normal housing/business.
        1. NTJSED   so for instance, while it seems in OC suburbia there is a storage business every mile or two, only ~10% offer vehicle storage/parking (and it’s generally pricy); so typically no long-term vehicle storage nearby a storage business.
      2. NTJRVZ   Also there are no good directories I could find, possibly also because directories are tricky as they are geographically based (really need storage near you) but Craigslist lacks radial search (though fixes may exist) and Craigslist doesn’t have its own category for ‘parking’.
      3. NTJSJI   And the best deals tend to be from informal ‘very-part-time’ providers as would be expected, but these come & go fast and are unorganized.
  12. NTETTQ  “author(s) background (on the topic)”NTEPU6 and perhaps NTEP9Z.
  13. NTETVD    “success of this”
    1. NTEU9E   TBA here after known.
  14. NTEU9P    ‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. NUSO87 ‘‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20150916Wed1713pst‘;after ID ’minutes 8‘;revision ’14‘;version2.0‘;words ’5475‘;as ’updated and, minus full proofread, seems fully ready‘;do ’Publish again‘}}’’
    2. NUSLN9   updates: {utility use and the water & elec it links to: lots of updates there}+start & search dates NUSKOO+rental term NUSKOO+ins NUSL7F+add contract update+{in ‘section history additional’ replace all ‘class=”N0QX1H” with modern ‘ class=”NUBNKF”’}{NTEU9P converted from old format quoted next to present ‘ class=”NUBSPB”’ }; spellcheck & {update IDs to latest format: 254 replacements}+{NTMWCR: fixed broken img URL}
      1.   “post edits overall history table, by increasing start-time”
        “entry ID” “action” “why” “word cnt”  “ver #” “s#” “date (typ fr earliest ID)”
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    4. NUFO8C   started a day or so ago, more small edits:
    5. NU6DDS  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150904Fri1603pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’11‘; words ’4745‘; version ’1.6‘; as ’may  have been a lot longer than intended for Update plus now have to port laptop‘, do ’Update then later continue editing‘}’.
    6. NU4RKI  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150903Thu1915pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’11‘; words ’4662‘; version ’1.6‘; as ’as Chrome crash‘, do ’got & do ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup. ’ getting ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ which indeed was latest version (matched fresh open‘s ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave ’); continued editing‘}’
    7. NTXEK9  NTG7P9: fix its link.
    8. NTXDYG ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150830Sun1937pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’11‘; words ’4640‘; version ’1.5‘; as ’seems ready to go‘, do ’Update 5‘}’
    9. NTX3FP   Got some positive responses! Starting first for reply email to that NTWHRV, do following edits: Review Glyph edits: fine; changes NTWVUT including updated NTEOOX significantly; NTG3W8 especially NTEPPT updated significantly especially on utilities; updated NTMCT8; added NT5IKW as NTX3LB; add NTX5WS+NTX7EO+NTXAS7; NTH4OE: 3 additions; doing: verify links; spellcheck & {update IDs to latest format: 222 replacements}
    10. NTWJ2A  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150830Sun0829pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’11‘; words ’3709‘; version ’1.4‘; as ’to address reply point NTWI0O plus add to NTETWB‘, do ’start editing‘}’.
    11. NTNOQP  Reviewed by Glyph. Very few changes needed such as small words omitted.  First 1/4th is well done — clear and concise. And per its newsprint writing style, I see the rest goes into additional related detail which could be interesting to some and which the reader is free to read per his/her interest. Author has put a lot of work into it and it shows.
    12. NTN1JL ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150825Tue0538pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’8‘; words ’3626‘; version ’1.3‘; as ’looks complete; could use proofing by another, say Glyph‘, do ’Publish 4‘}’.
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    16. NTMGRO   ‘essentially-replace pic(#NTK6UK) with multiple realistic examples’: consider Glyph’s pic picks; add 12 good pics with captions (lot of work)
    17. NTMB0Y   improve display esp for printing including:
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      3. NTMGOS  replaced quoted NT5R88  & NT5IKW with much simpler NTMDD7, even replacing that’s ‘ (preferred in this order, but whatever most convenient for you)’ with just ‘else ’ transitions
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    24. NTG5KO   add sell  points NTG4UY & NTG4ZW; add money explanation: NTG62R & NTG5Z1; add spot explanation NTG70T; add contract
    25. NTG1H1   Realized from the wording & maybe pic could cause mis-impression that. that I would live from the van from this parking (so the pic might be mis-taken seriously!), so fix that, including considerable rewrite and adding NTG2YN & NTG3PB.
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    30. NTEOLA   Previously had said this just by calling and or emailing it