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NTGG2U   “intro & overall”

  1. NTGJSY   ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except:
    1. NUS7K6  has copying terms NUS1EF
    2. NUS7LT   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. NUS7M8   now add NUS7K6, appropriately replacing always accidentally incomplete quote ‘ NTGJTC  none’
  2. NUB9QU  (for decoration only: a similar-topic contact via the older-style (paper-based) template)

    NU4QL6  post name:

    ‘‘core rental/lease contract/agreement (especially for monthly renting/leasing of particular space(s) to put or store particular item(s) including park vehicle(s)) terms & forms {for varied extensions by linking-to-here} ’NTGG2U

    1. NU4QKP ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. NUSQOG   now to next: title to present
        1. NUSR7V   a few wording improvements
        2. NUSQQM   renaming to match new naming /4969#NUSB6M
      2. NU6V5Z   now to next: title to ‘template for a rental/lease contract, especially for monthly renting/leasing of a particular space to put (as park) a particular item (as a vehicle) ’NTGG2U’: reordered words for notably increased clarity + put in ‘title’id form
      3. NU4QM6   “post image”  added NU4R65
      4. NU4QJ4   updated to format of NTEO64  replacing following with NU4QL6
        1. NTGJTU   “post name history in reverse start-order”
      5. NU4Q6G  now to next: title ‘‘non-short term (as monthly) rental/lease, especially of a space to park a particular vehicle, contract template –post NTGG2U’’, as much more precise, plus cutting {‘good’ as unneeded & largely opinion} and {‘core’ as covered by ‘template’}
      6. NTGJTL   now originally to next: ‘core good rental contract template: post NTGG2U
      7. NTGGFH   “per post name, add post to categories”
        1. NTGH4K  ‘law N0BYA6’
          1. NUSTB5  now replace with ‘contract NUFMLI’
  3. NTGH4S To reply & discuss, please use’s default methods (click) except: none.

  4. NTGAOZ definition:
    1. NUSP06  ‘terms’:
      1. NU4SAZ   The contract’s…
        1. NTGAPI    fundamental transaction: renting, specifically: in exchange for the rentee‘s compensation, notably payment(s), to the rentor,  the rentor rents property to the rentee for uses allowed by the rental,
          1. NUDCFC  which often includes the rentee {{placing/putting including storing}, maintaining, or/and otherwise using} in the rented property the rentee‘s {property or/and creatures}, making them users & occupants of that property, and which are typically limited by contract (example is common phrase ‘maximum occupancy’) and are sometimes particularly specified & identified by contract.
          2. NU4V6D  so the contract’s…
            1. NU4C5P   type is rental
            2. NU4C71   activity is renting
            3. NTGAX9   ‘direct parties’ each fall into 1 of 2 roles:
              1. NTGAXR   rentor; definition: one ‘who rents .. property to a rentee’specifically
                1. NU4385   chosen to parallel lessor/lessee & employer/employee
                2. NUSOSS   so is the normal payee/paid-role
              2. NTGAXX   rentee; definition: ‘One who rents .. property’ from a rentor]’  also See: lessee’ A person who rents property from a rentor’ specifically.
                1. NUSOUO  so is the normal payer
            4. NUQ1UL   ‘regular compensation’
              1. NUQ1WF  is for renting
        2. NTGAYA  Every direct party is legally able to engage in this arrangement including:
          1. NTGATK   the renter is legally able to rent the property being rented for the purpose it is rented.
          2. NTGBYP   the rentee‘s use of the rented is legal, including can legally place (notably legally controls) the property s/he places there (so not stolen goods, etc).
          3. NU0KVJ   proof must be a legal document which shows the party has the legal ability to use the property via this contract
            1. NU0KYW   showing the party as the controller of this property for at least this use
              1. NU0L1K   at least at the start of this use
                1. NU0L36   with updates to amended annually if any direct party requests that
            2. NU0KZS   as valid…
              1. NU0L03   vehicle registration or vehicle history
              2. NU0L0B   property title, deed, or rental/lease agreement
          4. NUFCNG aside: this section, starting with its point NU0L03, 1st inspired by NUFCD3.
        3. NUC4ZI   ‘The rental’s properties including changes table’: The rental‘s properties including changes table
          1. NUSPTX   is a  ‘form template’:
          2. NUC531   where, to add, change, or remove a property or its specification, do in order:
            1. NUSSSJ   create an amendment extension to place the change
            2. NUSSWG   put in there 0 or more of:
              1. NUSSXR  a replacement property table
              2. NUST0I   an updated property table
            3. NUSSZ0   in other terms field , specify the IDs of the tables or/and property IDs to be removed (adding by each ‘remove’ or equivalent) and those to be added.
            4. NUST5H   when the amendment’s ready, sign & date.
          3. NUC6B4   unique field(s)
            1. NUC3GW  ‘owner here (party)’
              1. NUC3L7   is the ‘(item ID) reference’(s) to the ‘party’(s) in this contract who have top-level control of the referenced property.
        4. NU44HV   Deposits
          1. NUSOXV   so far nothing special here, notably this is same as {that of the basis document, which is so far NURGMY}.
          2. NUQ2HP   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. NUSPG0   could archive the section but for historic reasons plus to further visualize inheritance, make its contents just NUSOXV but move it to near end just before what that latest point refers to specifically NTGC0L.
            2. NUSOVZ   last todo done, removing all section content and just replacing it with only thing needed (#NUSOSS+#NUSOUO)
            3. NUQ3ZY   todo likely: most of this content to move-so-generalize into ‘compensation’
            4. NUQ2I1   correct the following quote to present:
              1. NU44LP   definition: the money or other compensation beyond rental payments for the sole purpose to help ensure the rentor is fairly paid for {unexpected costs of the rental, notably ‘damages’ and very late rent payment} which are the responsibility of the rentee,
        5. NTGC0L   basis which it inherits fully: terms & forms NUPAPB.
    2. NU0E53 ‘form templates’: ‘form templates’:
      1.  NUBBSR Property
        NUC1I1 ‘The rental’s properties including changes table’
        NUC1ZB ‘item ID’ NUC6YF NUC6YS    
        NUC1SZ ‘owner here (party)’ NU0IP1 NU0IP3
        NU0KAG additional
        NU7MZX  front driveway’s left side leaving space for straight trash bin movement  white van NTEONI  (none)  (none)
        NU0JTF physical address
        and/or license/ID #
         [redacted], Mission Viejo, CA 9269[0|1|2]   [redacted]
        NU0JZI owner’s legal name  (same as party’s) (same as party’s)
        NU0JUS {contract’s use is legal} proof, as
        URL or attachment ID
         deed [redacted]   vehicle registration [redacted]
        NU0K71 insurance coverage proof, as URL or attachment ID   [redacted]   exception NUEYU1
        NU0JVP insurance agency/org   [redacted]   [redacted]
        NU0JWQ insurance policy #   [redacted]   [redacted]
        1. NU7LXK use beyond property details & other terms:
          1. NU4BL4  AC electricity
            1. NU7M3P  via metered extension cord, disconnected & hid if not in use
          2. NU4BN7  hose water
            1. NU7MA6  To be finished discussed
          3. NU4BQB  presence of related persons but
            unnamed here (example: perspective buyers):

            1. NU7MGL  not allowed within 1 block
            2. NU7KV5 ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. NU7LDM   on section name: Lucy says ‘guest, as perspective
                buyer, visits’ sounds  like residence so to neutralize it
          4. NU4DFM additional usable areas (notably for parking):
            1. NU7MJS   facing street side under tree

  5. NU4PTP   reviews, design standards, & popularity
    1. NU4K4E   so far written from scratch without looking at any other contracts (but having experience writing some)
    2. NUF3H4   size/length (of the definition): says LibreOffice Writer…
      1. NUF3K1   now (2015.09.09Wed0912pst) 4421 words, so
        1. NU4P7P   so 54% of the size of a standard one, so ‘so big enough to be quality but notably more compact (notably due to much better writing IMHO :-)’ quoting my SMS ‘9/9/15 1:14 AM’ in response to recipient asking ‘How long is it?!’ also inspiring creation this section NUF3H4.
    3. NUPFZL   same as base ‘notable pros thru cons’ plus
      1. NU4PIN   PRO: while probably still has a few holes compared to similar contracts (example), appears to cover seemingly all basics.
      2. NU4PW9   see also comparison with similar contract.
    4. NU4K3I    comparison with alternatives
      1. NUSRMD   so far all have the same (so far predicted) pros thru cons.
      2. NUSS46   so far only spent ~2 hours comparing when 20 hrs would be more reasonable for good confidence.
      3. NU4P3H   compared to this real one from 2012.06 (redacted):
        1. NUF37Y   seems a good recent example of a typical professional vehicle storage business contract, including:
          1. NU4K67   by‘s, seemingly the biggest vehicle storage business in at least Orange County
          2. NUF3CK   reasonably recent, including
            1. NUF3E0   the 2nd most recent such contract I’ve signed (couldn’t find the most recent)
          3. NUF34W  8160 words (says LibreOffice Writer on a paste of original unabridged .pdf): so ~2x bigger
          4. NU4K86   well proven (apparently used for 10+ years)
        2. NU4PFR  as far as being comprehensive
          1. NU4PC2   probably only ~50% more comprehensive
          2. NU4PHG  still needs to be studied to ensure our new one here is comprehensive enough
        3. NU4PCP   notably harder to read IMHO
      4. NUMJ6W   compared to RocketLawyer’s relevant offerings
        1. NUMJD9  RL is one of the top ~3 of web-based legal document providers, as suggested by say
        2. NUMJD9   of
          1. NUMZQF   so far I like this post’s contract better.
          2. NUMTDU  has usual ‘notable pros thru cons’, plus:
            1. NUQ16U  more TBA
          3. NUMZRI Aside: right after {my first seeing, which was minutes before time NUMJ6W}, its ‘pay .. in advance on the 30th of each month’ reminded me that this post’s contract was missing {sufficient, indeed any} ‘pay in advance’ and ‘payment due date’ details, so now fixing that.
      5. NUSRAH   compared to
        1. NUSRDH   this appears a top choice as RocketLaywer.
        2. NUSRCP for ‘rental’ returns open-source agreement possibilities which are:
          1. NUSRK6  at least qty 100 –quite overwhelming.
          2. NUSRKF   of possibly-vastly varying quality.
          3. NUSS0B  on fast glance, appears usual pros & cons
      6. NUSROW   compared to LegalZoom,
        1. NUSRVT   there contracts/agreements appear not displayable until you buy a subscription so I haven’t seen matching agreements, however…
        2. NUSRY2  sample agreement  suggests would-be usual pros & cons.
        3.  NUSRUY
          1. NUSRVA   closest match I’ve found so far & may exist
        4. NUSRS4  find seemingly useful public post
    5. NTGGLD   use in practice:
      1. NTGGNQ   seems like it would be a good idea
      2. NTGGN4  no use yet, notably since it was just written, but…
      3. NTGGJC   initially developed for /4900#NTGH72 and…
        1. NU4XP2 to ASAP create for that 1st  instance/instantiation: ‘2015.09- parking rental ’NUFLHH ; as that’s private, some redacted results TBA here
    6. NTGGUP    “success of this”
      1. NTGGUB   TBA here after known.
    7. NU9I2Q ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. NU9I36 The following was 1st point cut at : Lucy’s emphatic suggestion:
        1. NTGAOH   is to be used should there be no better contract.
  6. NUPG6L  “author(s) background (on the topic)”:
    1. NUPG6U  same as base’s
  7. NTGGV4    ‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. NUSTHT ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20150916Wed1900pst‘;after ID ’minutes 2‘;revision ’15‘;version2.0‘;words ’3034‘;as ’still todos but seems usable‘;do ’Update then pause for review‘}}’
    2. NUSSBN   improvements: ‘terms’ grouping, deposit section near-archivedtitle NUSQOGcomparison section now reasonably-usable 1st pass; fast complete #NUC531; #NUSTB5; {spellcheck: failed due to ExWeb bug}+{update IDs to latest format: 200 replacements}
    3. NUQG2P  ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20150915Tue1213pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0~‘;revision ’14‘;version1.14‘;words ’2775‘;as ’just did big text move NUPBY1, it’s a good idea to snapshot for better diffing & safety‘;do ’Update then continue editing‘}}’
    4. NUQ47R   TODO: #NUQ3ZY{done at NUSSBN}+#NUFYVO+proofread again+verify links+spellcheck
    5. NUQ3AY  {factor out /4969#NUPBY1 } plus small edits: NUQ2I1 +{{#NUC4ZIexcept for contents, so to #NUC531} got deleted probably by a editor-app bug: restore from latest save}
    6. NUP991  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150914Mon2049pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’14‘; words ’11019‘; version ’1.14‘; as ’see next‘, do ’open again and get ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’; restore that and get ‘Post restored to revision from September 14, 2015 @ 19:32:47 [Autosave]’ but also ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’; do that getting ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ and a seconds more current version so keep; now continue editing but with plans to break the post into smaller logical posts to avoid these crashes and more‘}’.
    7. NUOMEX   now editing in got tab crash ‘Aw, Snap!<br/>Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. Closing the apps and taps that you don’t need may help by making more memory available. Learn more. Send Feedback’ ; pressed ‘Send Feedback’
      1. NUOMKM  with email address NOT the default (Google account) but {that used for JotHere; oops, it needs updating: so now }
      2. NUON4J  description from ‘Tab killed feedback.’ to the following, quote:
        1. NUP89A Tab killed feedback.
          1.  NUP8H6  This problem (crash) seems to routinely occur, with no warning, when editing at least longer posts, as this one at about 10K words, after ~3 actual-editing hours, using (as per the URL) WordPress latest (4.3) editor.
          2. NUP8I0  My 1st guess is the crash is from the editor undo-history is filing all available virtual memory, which unfortunately it does without warning.
          3. NUP8IA  A warning by the browser or/and its apps(s), as ‘resources running low’, which then would give user time to wrap things up properly, would be quite desirable.
          4. NUP8IL  Fortunately restoring WP autosave typically means no significant data loss as long as the restore is noticed & carefully done, but the latter wastes about 10 minutes of my time each time.
          5. For this report’s‘system information’, I turned off sending off this as its mem_usage appears far to revealing in general as it includes all the open tap titles (please censor by default) but do share relevant info ‘CHROME VERSION 45.0.2454.85 m; OS VERSION Windows NT: 6.3’.
          6. NUP8IW This text is a current quote of soon-to-be-published entry (so in the final output of the post being edited which crashed) which has additional details surrounding it.
      3. NUOO7Z  ‘system information’ ‘on’ to ‘off’ as its component ‘mem_usage’ is too revealing since it lists the title of not just this but every open tab; but from that I do put in the ‘VERSION’ info comment.
      4. NUP8X0  now press Submit and get
    8. NUMKQX  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150913Sun1004pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’13‘; words ’9744~‘; version ’1.13‘; as ’just before this‘, do ’on this session got ‘Aw, Snap!<br/>Something whent wrong while displaying this webpage. Closing the apps and taps that you don’t need may help by making more memory available. Learn more. Reload’  -clicked & got ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave ’; clicked & selected getting ‘Post restored to revision from September 13, 2015 @ 16:56:05 [Autosave] ‘ ; got ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’ but skipped diff-work manual and hasn’t paid off before and again here auto-save <5min old. Then now resume editing‘}’.
    9. NUJ85A   starting to integrate those results:
    10. NUG0HS ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150909Wed2101pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’11‘; words ’7968‘; version ’1.11‘; as ’ready for 1st preliminary release‘, do ’Update then will share 1st instantiation link rentor for feedback then will continue editing per results‘}’.
    11. NUFZTO spellcheck: buggy so will try next time; {update IDs to latest format: 611 replacements}
    12. NUFZS3 new: put sections which could be their own post(s) in a solid box of CSS class NUFZKB
    13. NUFZ06   move forms to bottom of each definition section instead of top, as in the final instance, the user will have already seen the forms and with the real data.
    14. NUFYVO   TODO: merge into here updates /4946#NUFX78 & others there
    15. NUFO3T   right after last, start additional needed edits: NUFSM5, add NUFSB7; others.
    16. NUFKQD ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150909Wed1521pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’10‘; words ’7591‘; version ’1.10‘; as ’ready to make 1st instantiation‘, do ’Update then will do that copy then will continue editing per results‘}’.
    17. NUEYKN   start edits: add exceptions NUEYNO, finish NU9W98, 2 additions to NTGCO5; started adding asides to explain sources ending with ~NUFBLC, no NUFF31; add NU9W7N; fix table & float problems; a few verify links; add NUFJ4J thru NUF16T; few verify links: now ~20% checked but tired & short-of-time; spellcheck & {update IDs to latest format: 588 replacements}
    18. NUDIPK  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150908Tue1242pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’9‘; words ’6227‘; version ’1.9‘; as ’still left is a little proofing plus all testing but well >500 words added so‘, do ’Update then continue editing‘}’.
    19. NUCFUK   many additions; biggest is add NUC76X; more of NU9W98 including much updates to Pros&Cons due to ‘fixes’ to stuff which was correct as is.
    20. NUFL8K   at time of IDs mentioned, added ‘history additional’ collapsing thru CSS class NUBSPB, so cutting:
    21. NUBJ59  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150907Mon1056pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’8‘; words ’3785‘; version ’1.8‘; as ’finished resort sections plus a few changes outside of moves (plus just small ones within moved text, as that’s hard to diff), but more proofing to do‘, do ’Update then continue editing‘}’.
    22. NUATPA  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150907Mon0146pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’7‘; words ’366(wrong)`‘; version ’1.7‘; as ’>500 words added and about to resort sections‘, do ’Update then later continue editing‘}’.
    23. NU9W98   process Lucy’s 1st edits in handwriting on the printout: ~15% done
    24. NU9W8S  finished some notable additions especially: replace NU9F1C with outline & add NU9ETQ+NU9RBT+NU9QXV+NU9W7N:
    25. NU6V1Y   as SMSed just now ‘Joan&Lucy were just reviewing a preliminary version, teaching me: 4those not quickly getting its novel structure,readability hurt instead of bettered;so they made improve-readability-suggestions which I’m working on now.’
      1. NUKH1D  first their verbal feedback
        1. NU7K6U    both reviewers had a lot of trouble getting the simple ways it works.
        2. NU7K4Y   Lucy especially insisted on reversal of major text sections, to forms then boilerplate then reviews & comparison.
        3. NU7KA2   Lucy suggested ~3 wording improvements: cutting ‘ fairly certainly’,NU7LDM
        4. NUKH24   Lucy said she she was so put off the the format she wouldn’t look at it further until in its final instantiated form, even though the author explained that making changes in that form would then be a lot harder due to the duplication.
      2. NUKH5A   A few hours later, on her own, Lucy backed off on NUKH24 and wrote handwritten edits on the printout, but just the 1st 2/3rds of the non-form text and for none of the tables.
    26. NU6D72  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150904Fri1559pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’6‘; words ’2972‘; version ’1.6‘; as ’>500 words added and now have to port laptop‘, do ’Update then later continue editing‘}’.
    27. NU4RT3   ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150903Thu1926pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’6‘; words ’2226‘; version ’1.5‘; as ’just accidentally closed editing tab‘, do ’reopen and got & did restore-autosave then got ‘Post restored to revision from September 4, 2015 @ 02:09:44 [Autosave]’ and continue editing’‘}’.
    28. NU42CD   ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150903Thu1009pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’4‘; words ’1160‘; version ’1.4‘; as ’a few hours Chrome self-crashed‘, do ’got & do ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup. ’ getting ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’‘}’.
    29. NU0E06  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150901Tue1032pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’4‘; words ’931‘; version ’1.3‘; as ’further completing for 1st actual use‘, do ’start editing‘}’.
    30. NTGKFV ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150821Fri1836pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’1‘; words ’911‘; version ’1.0‘; as ’looks complete‘, do ’Publish 1‘}’.
    31. NTGJZE   verify links; spellcheck & {update IDs to latest format: 75 replacements}
    32. NTGG85  starting right after, adding initial content, titling, & categories
    33. NTGFPN   ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150821Fri1556pst‘; after ID’ minutes 0~‘; revision ’0‘; words ’~314‘; version ’0.0‘; as ’need its own web post ‘, do ’to get a reasonable template, from  pick post latest modified, and that also references this, specifically , and on that now do “Copy to a new draft”, so of then its latest saved version, so with last entry “NTG5KO”}, so creating this post “ then cut {all its content not to be reused here, so the content just applying to the template, so all the posts’ fully stated points including their KCGUIDs}.”‘}’.
    34. NTGFOT originally wrote in its first intended use but before saving there…