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NUIY15: society socialization: some of my initial notes as they happen: ‘DestinyArchitect’s’ shared ‘misc personal diary :NZMisc’ of that :http://1.JotHere.com/4916#NUIY15

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  2. NUIYWS: Adam Grant on Friends at Work
    1. NUIYYJ: I 1st heard of ~.5hr ago in broadcast http://www.scpr.org/programs/take-two/2015/09/11/11986/ show portion ~70% where host Alex Cohen interviewed him: seems he’s noted some important tends (1st I’ve heard them published on) backed by stats.
    2. NUIZ30: related: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/06/opinion/sunday/adam-grant-friends-at-work-not-so-much.html?_r=0
  3. NUUBHA: Jason Fong on politics especially immigration
    1. NUUBCV: just heard ~10min ago on http://www.scpr.org/programs/world/ 2015.09.17Thu1410~ : 16yr old Redondo Beach HS student Jason Fong interviewed on yesterday’s CNN republican debate, especially on immigration issues: very sharp & composed.
  4. NUZRP4: http://www.intelligencesquared.com/events/the-robots-are-coming-and-they-will-destroy-our-livelihoods/
    1. NUZRPR: 1st saw per airing on cable channel 664 BBCWN today 2015.09.20Sun0800
    2. NUZRVS: Topic: robot (& other computer) proliferation causing problems for humans
      1. NUZRRY: very important & good topic
      2. NUZRZ6: Seemingly 100% of audience questions raised of agreement
      3. NUZRZ6: One audience member said ~‘the panelist against this whitewash the issue’; another panelist rebut ~‘the world won’t be solved by anecdote’ –both very accurate.
      4. NUZSB1: panelists by best arguments:
        1. NUZSD7: George Magnus’ –in the right direction, respectable & noteworthy given the short time, balanced, often based on big picture facts, plus included a solution list.
        2. NUZSEG: Andrew Keen’ –in the direction (though a bit extreme), about half good points, other vague, no hard evidence I recall
        3. NUZSH3: Dr. Pippa Malmgren’ –wrong overall, though did give good examples of what would suggest that direction (though at least many with obvious holes).
        4. NUZSLP: Walter Isaacson’ –overall wrong direction, and for seeming the core basis of ‘because I love what Steve Jobs did’
    3. NUZRSV: The debate
      1. NUZS54: Q phrasing
        1. NUZRUB: was weak/poor; both too extreme in one direction and yes-no Q.
        2. NUZRUI: better, say ‘To what degree do you see robots, without regulation, destroying our lives?’
      2. NUZS5I: official result judging: weak
        1. NUZT24: smart to survey the audience, both before & after.
        2. NUZS6B: weak. Analysis: said ‘no consensus’; but much more accurate would say ‘while still most people don’t see (negative) future of the debate Q will happen, probably due to it being so extreme, the debate shifts opinion in that direction’
      3. NUZSZU: by above points, show format designers and probably moderator need obvious serious improvement
  5. NVGY9P: the 2 articles of the OC Register ‘Life | Health’ section 2015.08.05Wed on desk treadmills and the like:
    1. NVGYEL: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/work-675793-sitting-standing.html +
    2. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/06/10/the-downside-of-treadmill-desks/?_r=0 edited including to add sub-heading ‘study shows that workers lost some abilities while using a treadmill, but experts say machines still valuable’
  6. NVR8ET: ‘both religions AND math & science’ create imaginary dimensions to explain the world’
    1. NVR9Q4: to be a 1.JotHere.com post of this idea by me also crediting Lucy.
    2. NVR9MK: especially significant because:
      1. NVR9MQ: it seems math & science, in their excessive distain for religion, easily forget they also do this
      2. NVR9NP: notably further unifies art esp. religion and science, including seemingly accurately
    3. NVR9GQ: initial history: Yesterday/Sun 11:00~ pst when explaining basic String theory to Lucy, she said ‘pagans also say there are imaginary dimensions’ which then had me realize this significant parallel, which is had me want to create a post.
  7. NW9PTC: peeple (mobile app)
    1. NW9PTZ: 1st heard of it 2015.10.01~, possibly from http://www.ocregister.com/articles/app-686655-people-peeple.html which also gives OC roots
    2. NW9Q0O: I’ve had a similar idea long before
      1. NW9Q2W: since at least 2001~ when registering for domain for it (something like ‘rude-date.com’) which I allowed to expire including from realizing the idea could be generalized to more than dating and more than negative.
      2. NW9Q4X: including reviewing each person according to ~3 nearly-identical categories, as independently invented 2003~.
      3. NW9Q5Y: often for more advanced uses.
    3. NW9Q69: I’m glad to see some products in this area
    4. NW9QKP: Doing this well I do not find obvious.
    5. NW9QDO: my fast impression intuition is the rules aren’t well developed enough, probably under estimating the difficulty, which will result in serious problems.
    6. NW9QL2: I hope they don’t scare away the market for better developments, and instead inspire improved developments.
  8. NVR9TG: a JotHere post I plan to do ‘on hypocrisy’
    1. NVR9XP: latest inspiration to start: hearing of /4997#NVK39A
    2. NVR9U9: material
      1. NVR9V5: Matthew 7:3
      2. NVR9VA: ‘kettle calling the pot black’ (Google Search)
      3. NVR9XE: much more
      4. NW9QLR: 1.JotHere dashboard search ‘NW4NOT’
  9. NW4CS5: on cutting gun violence
    1. NW4D19: http://www.pressreader.com/usa/los-angeles-times/20151012/281728383351432/TextView (‘The deadly equation: guns bring killings’ by George Skelton)
      1. NW4D1K: great on the subject
      2. NW4DC2: possible to select text by doing browser F12 then {on the top 2 or 3 layers, doing {inspect-icon + select + delete} }
      3. NW4D27: article 1st found a ~15min ago from the print version of http://www.ocregister.com/sections/news/california/ but still the article does not appear on OCRegister.com
  10. NUIZ3Z: More TBA.
  11. NZXWFZ: SMSing holiday greetings
    1. NZXWGQ: for Christmas
      1. NZXWH0: for 2015
        1. NZXWIC: did some searching quote ‘NZXU2L NZXU9V ~15 min ago https://www.google.com/search?q=merry+christmas+SMS&oq=merry+christmas+SMS&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.4142j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=0&ie=UTF-8
          NZXU2N NZXU9X in order find 1 http://www.latestsms.in/happy_christmas_sms.htm
          NZXU40 NZXU85 in order <p class=”maincontent”> Beautiful christmas quotes-<br> From home to home and heart to heart,<br>From one place to another,<br>The warmth and joy of Christmas,<br>Brings us closer to each other.<br>Merry X-Mas</p> click ’

          1. NZXWLM: got what seemed to be a scam popup, of incorrect ‘you’ve got a virus. Call this <toll free #?/:> so be careful.
        2. NZXWON: return to http://www.latestsms.in/happy_christmas_sms.htm but don’t find any good ones, then quote ‘NZXV8I NZXV8M page 4 http://www.latestsms.in/christmas-greetings-wishes.htm#.Vn3a6_krJhE click
          NZXV8O NZXV9H good 1
          “No Greeting Card To Give..
          No Sweet Flowers To Send..
          No Cute Graphics To Forward..
          A LOVING HEART
          “HAPPY X’MAS” !! ” ’

          1. NZXWQI: based on that, I compose ‘
            No Greeting Card (creating environmentally unsustainable paper clutter & waste)…
            No Cut Flowers (allowing floral genocide)…
            No Cute Graphics (enabling pix & bandwidth overload)…
            Just A LOVING HEART Saying
            MERRY X’MAS, __! –Michael
            (aside: this cheesy SMS poem NZXV9K by me 🙂

  12. NZZ6M7: 2015.12.26Sat
    1. NZZ6MY: https://blog.bufferapp.com/the-ideal-length-of-everything-online-according-to-science
      1. NZZ6PE: since says ‘The ideal length of a blog post is 7 minutes, 1,600 words’, it’s worth mentioning when talking of 1.JotHere.com doc sizes.
      2. NZZ6O0: 1st found ~5 min ago via https://www.google.com/search?q=ideal+buffer+amount+or+quantity&oq=ideal+buffer+amount+or+quantity&aqs=chrome..69i57.5903j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8 (so not what I was looking for) find 8
  13. O13ULR: 2016.01.17Sun
    1. O13UMP: open-relationships appear notably on the rise
      1. O13VP7: –news I see as overall very healthy
      2. O13VEX: Google.com/trends/..q=open%20relationship%2C%20monogamy&.. show this trend as painfully-slow but reasonably-steady’, including (queries for) ‘open relationship’ overtaking ‘monogamy’ 2011.12
      3. O13UNK: from News.Google.com/news/section?..&q=relationships&.. 2016.01.16 I see 3 articles from {fan-ish but well-known sources: cosmopolitan & MTV & OkCupid} promoting open-relationships:
        1. O13V95: What It’s Really Like to Be in an Open Relationship<br/>Cosmopolitan.comJan 16, 2016’ –heavily promoting open relationships, and in leading women’s magazine.
        2. O13UVB: Open Relationships Work For Some People — Just Ask This Brooklyn Couple<br/>MTV.com – ‎Jan 15, 2016‎’
        3. O13V9B: OkCupid launches new feature for open relationships<br/>Chron.com – ‎Jan 15, 2016’/li>
      4. O145WX: from News.Google.com/news/section?..&csid=cfb3e1f609e346da (also entitled ‘Relationships), 1 article:
      5. O145YE: from ‘realtime coverage’, ‘You’ll Never Guess the Reason Mo’Nique Wanted an Open Marriage<br/>BET – ‎4 hours ago‎’ — saying ‘to the point that the couple even have a podcast dedicated to the topic.’ and includes a decent video on the topic. :O145YE
        1. O14CEE: Indeed Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Mo%27Nique#Personal_life has 3 of 5 paragraphs on her open marriage.
        2. O14EP5: Her relationship explanation as ‘See, when you’re with your best friend..’ (‘been best friends since the actress was 14’) sounds a bit like my own parents’ relationship description (see romance-friends™ dedication)
        3. O14G1D: the articles use the term ‘hall pass’ which reminds me is another romance semi-form which I need to document.
        4. O14CLN: as far as celebrity status, it seems semi-low ranking but real.
          1. O14MJ5: an academy award winner.
          2. O14CNG: I didn’t know her until now by name but have seen 1x per her ‘her performance as Ma Rainey[ a real-life celebrity who was apparently-bisexual secretly] in the HBO biopic Bessie(‘Bessie SmovieE1 (2015) :O14CR6’) –interestingly also about celebrity (Bessie Smith,, died 1937) who was secretly bisexual & into open relationships), somewhat like her
            predecessor Ma Rainey.

            1. O14DEF: Perhaps Mo’Nique’s thinking was: {well, now that HBO revealed to the world that deceased celebrity Bessie Smith, and perhaps Ma Rainey, had an open-marriage, then now I can reveal (come out about) mine while I’m still alive
          3. O14CF4: She is medium-overweight; I estimate this coming-out, plus her actress career, would be a notably bigger impact if she were thin.
            1. O1528Z: Indeed, wisely she apparently admits people think ‘well of course, as, given her appearance, sharing a man is the best she could get’ when she says ‘Because society looks at me and they see a woman that looks like [she] couldn’t possibly have a man that looks like that if there was not something else involved in it..’ (to which she also points out ~‘no, it was my idea’) quoting here
            2. O184Z7: Because this (being overweight) is unusual & typically-bad quality for a celebrity especially actor/actress, she may motivated to do ‘open relationship’ podcast to bring her more attention, though…
              1. O18566: maybe not while notable, it is risky and at best will at also bring substantial negative attention.
              2. O1853B: –that motivation (if there) is no problem by me, as what she’s doing is good & really needs doing “per” O14DT0
        5. O14OOL: as a celebrity and a woman doing this
          1. O14O6N: overall this is great news
          2. O14DT0: Hats off to she & her husband for doing this especially as it really needs doing. :O14DT0
        6. O14CI6: so she being the first woman celebrity I’ve heard to openly have & endorse open romance. :O14CI6
          1. O14JGX: ‘So then how long is going to be for the US & the world to get socially-acceptable & legal group marriage? :O14DVM’ –see that.
    2. O151QS: Celebrities open-relationships and open (as in public, non-secret) about it :O151QS
      1. O152L8: https://www.google.com/search?q=open+relationship+celebrities
        1. O152OW: 1st 2+ pages are mostly lists of 7 to 22 celebrities like this
          1. O1645V: which are intentionally vary painful to read including only 1 couple/page plus heavy ads & js which typically overload my Chrome
          2. O155XW: so results I am summarizing in table ‘reportedly non-monogamous celebrities.O154RA’ :O155XW
            1. O184SK: sampling from that now for {Out-of-closet >.5 }
              1. O184UF: 12 couples
              2. O184R6: national breakdown, from top first,
                1. O184V2: US: 11
                2. O184V7: Scotland: 1
                3. O184VI: other: 0
              3. O1647X: from that, the racial breakdown,
                1. O183J8: appears about the same as I’ve seen for polyamory except ending sooner (at Latina/Hispanic) probably because my sample size is smaller.
                2. O183NB: from top first,
                  1. O183QF: white: 9
                  2. O183QQ: black: 2.5 :O183QQ
                    1. O184QQ: ‘Why would American black woman be especially pioneering in open relationships? :O14M8V
                  3. O18411: Latina: .5
                  4. O1845P: other: 0
                3. O184AS: the most notable is black woman (‘O155KI .. Mo’Nique’) followed very closely by a white man (‘O15807.. Hugh Hefner’)
                4. O14M8V: Why would American black woman be especially pioneering in open relationships? :O14M8V
                  1. O14OAA: seems possible, considering all evidence noted in this section.
                  2. O14MAW: notable pros thru cons:
                    1. O14MBJ: ‘the first woman celebrity I’ve heard to openly have & endorse open romance. :O14CI6’ is an American black woman.
                    2. O14MMB: BET.com here video at 0:0:22 says ‘Recently the idea of hall passes and other open relationships have been a hot topic on social media because Toya Wright and her ex Memphitz [showing a black couple] discussed their hall pass system on Bravo’s Untying the Knot
                      1. O14O30: –note this has substantial bads as {she and this mate did & are separated (so apparently not happy together) and this arrangement is {not symmetrical (man-favored), came out when the romance was not ‘good’, and he not her brings it up, including perhaps accidentally, when he mentions ‘she gives me a hall pass’}}, but at least she has the integrity not to deny and indeed confirm it which then was what seemingly enabled this to be ‘a hot topic on social media’.
                    3. O14MSU: Unlike other American woman, black are known for being
                      1. O14MTB: the real leaders of the household, a typical matriarchal
                      2. O14MTU: (good things) the most blunt & forthright sexually and the best understanding & seeing & accepting-when-respectful the way men think sexually
                    4. O14NDA: monogamy, especially requiring a woman be that way, is not a native-African thing but a American/European thing, per
                      1. O14NCF: BET.com here video at 0:1:01 says ‘The black bird actress also said the idea of {infidelity being the end of a relationship} is part of having a western mentality and was something that people took on over time, saying ‘When we came here[from Africa to America], we adopted other people’s ways and that’s called ownership[also alluding to black slave ownership?]. There was a time when I was owned before. I don’t want to be owned anymore.’’
                      2. O14N0V: polyandry in Africa appears notable, but today non-existent in North America.
                    5. O14MGJ: notable con/offset: rank a distant 2nd per ‘black: 2.5 :O183QQ
        2. O152U3: 1st CelebRomance.com ‘22 Celebrities Who Practice Open Relationships’ (and ‘redefining love by’ it)
          1. O152XG: is intentionally slow to scroll thru
          2. O153LJ: ~10 of 22 are not mostly out of the closet so don’t count including often can’t be well confirmed.
          3. O18496: results & overview much easier to read at O155XW
    3. O14DVM: So then how long is going to be for the US & the world to get socially-acceptable & legal group marriage? :O14DVM
      1. O14HI4: –an idea I’ve been sold on since ~1992, maybe before! –so am naturally quite bothered is taking so long.
      2. O14HL0: staunch conservatives point out (& fear) legal group marriage would be next, if same-sex marriage were allowed
        1. O14HMF: including as I remembered briefly shared on 2014~ episode of Now with Alex Wagner an (not found by here nor here)
        2. O14IFS: –one of the few things I agree with staunch conservatives (that will happen) –but I say ’yes, great!
      3. O14GMJ: well, in the US, how long was it from ‘when the first celebrity announced s/he was homosexual :O14H97’ to when same-sex marriage was legalized everywhere (2015.06.26)?
        1. O14H97: when the first celebrity announced s/he was homosexual :O14H97
          1. O14H8Q: from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coming_out#Highly_publicized_coming-outs , it appears to average about 1990.
        2. O14HB0: so would seem 25 years.
      4. O14HBZ: The world & US
        1. O14HE3: is now notably socially smarter (well in certain ways) thanks to the Internet plus this last legitimizing of LGBT
          1. O14LW5: example: http://www.debate.org/opinions/should-marriage-to-more-than-one-person-be-legal (with a polygamy picture but on at least quick look it appears group marriage is attended), where a person must put in an explanation to vote, has in favor by 73% vs. 27%.
        2. O14HEE: is hungry (overall) for some new liberalization now that LGBT liberalization is pretty much done.
      5. O14HG4: so I’m guessing 10 more years.
        1. O14IL6: –way too long!
      6. O14IML: how about we accelerate things:
        1. O14IN1: form a group with the goal ‘by 2025, have 15% of US marriages be group marriages! ;-)’
          1. O14IZE: –by both new marriages plus upgrading existing marriages
          2. O14IQR: deliberately analogous mandatory renewable energy targets, as for US states, as California’s ‘33% by 2020, 40% by 2024, and 45% by 2027[22]
          3. O14J9G: –I expect a lot of uproar, from conservatives absolutely, and from liberals, too. But not so much rejection that it won’t be noticed & considered 🙂
          4. O14JEM: Possible text:
            1. O14JJI: Federal Order:
              1. O14JHX: Like fossil fuels, monogamy is no longer considered a source of sustainable stable family & especially romance.
              2. O14JTH: Moreover,
                1. O14K90: due to increasing popularity & now norm of both
                  1. O14K9N: divorce and
                  2. O14KAE: avoidance & delay of marriage from having to find “the one” perfect partner (for our increasingly long lives), a goal about as realistic as expecting one’s income by winning the lottery,
                2. O14KBB: the broken family has become the norm, and the single and even no-parent family has also become the norm, which is terrible on our hearts and abhorrent on our kids.
              3. O14JOB: Consequently,
                1. O14KGX: the goal is that most every adult will be simultaneously & openly & happily married to between 2 to 7 other adults, forming marriage groups or/and infinitely extendable family-by-marriage networks.
                2. O14JKP: existing 2-person marriages must begin the process of upgrade by adding additional adults and/or merging with other marriage(s)
                3. O14JMC: New 2-person marriage licenses will automatically expire after 3 years unless at least 1 additional spouse has been added to the marriage.
                4. O14JZX: Each state will have 18 months to set up an implementation of this transition for their state, else the federal program will be used in that state.
          5. O14K1W: also could be used as plot or part of a sci-fi; indeed many Sci-Fis have group marriage already.
  • O163QT: 2016.01.18Mon
    1. O16406: while bathing, heard on KPCC http://publicradioeast.org/post/panel-round-two-134 to https://www.google.com/search?q=I+think+even+single+guys+can+get+laid+in+this+thing find 2 http://www.autonews.com/article/20160111/OEM04/301119969/chrysler-makes-over-moms-minivan is ‘Chrysler’s replacement for the Town & Country — the 2017 Pacifica’ –looks nice
    2. O185EO: celebrity polyamorists
      1. O185FB: http://google.com/search?q=celebrity%20polyamory
        1. O185HB: find 2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_polyamorists
          1. O185K0: gives a few celebrities:
            1. O185K0: Margaret Cho, comedian, fashion designer, actress, author, and singer-songwriter[4]
            2. O185M7: Caitlin Stasey, Actress, feminist, creator of herself.com[1]
        2. O185PI: ‘Celebrities open-relationships and open (as in public, non-secret) about it :O151QS’ mentions ~3 couples which may be doing it but haven’t made it public/confirmed
          1. O185UW: -an early acknowledgement of http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/11/11/the-rise-of-polyamory-so-what-if-celebrities-have-an-open-marriage.html
  • O1D2FN: 2016.01.19Tue
    1. O1D2G1: Working with imperfect humans, one has to do/be certain notable wrongs in order achieve real big success?
      1. O1D2P9: example
        1. O1D2PQ: Steve Jobs
          1. O1D2Q7: notably as described apparently-accurately, but pattern not noted & explained, in CNN’s ‘Steve Jobs: The Man and the Machine’
            1. O1D2SG: –what caused me to think of this pattern (again? , per O1D2OJ) when watching it 2016.01.19Tue~ (while on an exercycle)
      2. O1D2LF: similar to
        1. O1D2ME: stages of achievement: ignorance (is bliss), then Dilbert Stage, then corrupt, then top achiever
          1. O1D2OJ: –wrote about 2000~ :O1D2OJ
          2. O1D2Z4: perhaps most especially where former top Apple worker(s) say of him
            1. O1D2ZT: ‘he would either seduce you, ’ belittle you, ‘or ignore you’ –where I note 2 of 3 were negative.
            2. O1D31B: he drove us to work so hard I lost my wife & kids
            3. O1D31Z: yet no one else could have done it.
          3. O1D38P: more TBA here
      3. O1D2VZ: why
        1. O1D2WA: {To dance with someone, one generally has to go to your partner}
          1. O1D2Y1: –a concept I’ve coined & said since 1993~
        2. O1D340: {To make deep progress with and especially from anyone, and to be really cared for by most anyone, one generally needs to connect with so resonate with them}
          1. O1D35B: –a concept I’ve coined and said starting 2014~, including further just now.
        3. O1D390: more TBA here
      4. O1D39A: more TBA here
  • O19JYF: 2016.01.20Wed
    1. O19JYY: the American and perhaps Human/earth religion
      1. O19JZS: came up with ~1 month ago
      2. O19K05: the ideal that typical supernatural religion is getting replaced with secular values of sophisticated & increasing complexity, latest being LGBT respect, which becomes a mantra/teaching-ritual in itself.
      3. O19K2H: Lucy concurs and likes this idea
    2. O19TEY: ‘-’ congregation leader exchange
      1. ‘replacement’
      2. ‘completeness stage’
      3. ‘usage’
        1. ‘in order’
      4. O19WE2: ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
        1. O19WXY: an event which
          1. O19X0M: simultaneously involves any number & ideally all religious congregations worldwide
          2. O19YTG: takes up how much time? :O19YTG
            1. O1A0VR: goals :O1A0VR
              1. O19YRI: O19YRI: not so much that it would be unavoidably quite-harmfully disrupt any participating congregation’s normal ongoing operations
                1. O19YXW: especially which would cause too hard {workaround decisions :O19XBG}
              2. O1A0V3: as much to get significant ideally maximal good
            2. O19X5X: each happening lasts
              1. O19YYL: short/long enough so ‘goals :O1A0VR’ met
              2. O19X47: 1 week
                1. O19Y80: as that’s
                  1. O19Y8M: long enough to
                    1. O19Y8Y: cover the congregation’s main weekly service when that exists, including if it happens to fall on
                      1. O19YL2: ‘Sunday [especially morning], or Saturday in the case of those churches practicing seventh-day Sabbatarianism’ for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_service#From_Jewish_to_Christian_services
                      2. O19YPE: typically Friday evening/night’ for Jewish
                      3. O19YPU: or other day & time of the week
                    2. O19YQR: get a real sample of what working & life in that congregation is
            3. O19X1N: which repeats
              1. O1A0UN: infrequent/frequent enough ‘goals :O1A0VR’ met
              2. O19X2M: 4 times/per year
                1. O19X2V: ideally 1 time per season
                  1. O19Z1Y: including that would seem to well match-else-coincide with many leading religions’ celebration of each season as it takes place.
          3. O19X3L: where each happening
            1. O19X8D: for the duration, each participating religious congregation leader
              1. O19WED: leads-else-serves not his/her normal congregation but another
                1. O19X8O: normally doing the duties of that congregation’s participating leader
                  1. O19Z52: …who him/herself is now instead similarly serving for another congregation
                  2. O19XDK: except
                    1. O19XO1: before each performance of service, introduces him/herself when his/her audience wouldn’t know or remember, including his/her job in the congregation s/he comes from, naming both the job & congregation.
                    2. O19Y1V: especially on faith/theology,
                      1. O19Y2A: generally should act like a US military chaplain called to serve another congregation likely of another faith, including:
                        1. O19XS2: does NOT attempt to lead congregation members in any direction they haven’t clearly said they want to go, including not (unless they clearly say so)
                          1. O19XZY: to his/her own congregation and/or faith
                          2. O19Y03: away from this congregation and/or faith
                        2. O19Y5Q: gives objective answers to degree palatable by the audience.
                    3. O19XBG: does not make congregation financial & property & rule decisions :O19XBG
                      1. O19XEW: including (during this period) these are typically still done by the congregation leaders, by one or more:
                        1. O19XIY: the normal leader here, possibly before/after his/her leaving/return to/from this activity, or/and remotely during it
                        2. O19XJL: other leaders
                      2. O19XHM: except as permitted by the congregation’s board
                    4. O19Z69: a main service consists of an agenda
                      1. O19Z76: as this possibility:
                        1. O19Z7J: 1/2 time doing an service as would normally be done by the congregation’s normal leader
                          1. O19ZB4: except accelerated and/or abbreviated so it can still be done in this substantially reduced time.
                        2. O19Z8U: 1/2 time telling the differences and pros & cons the visiting leader sees between this congregation & its faith and his/her normal ones.
          4. O19WHO: the other congregation is to be
            1. O19WOB: such that no congregation goes without a leader
            2. O19WM6: equally, ideally randomly, chosen among the possibilities
            3. O19WPT: of possibilities which are
              1. O19WWV: in comparison to his/her home congregation,
                1. O19WI5: mostly physically nearby
                  1. O1A181: –to build meaningful community, including
                    1. O1A19L: so most attendees visited by another congregation’s leader have a reasonable chance to {physically visit including even try out} that other congregation
                2. O19WJ2: theologically
                  1. O19WKM: within acceptable range so this process will be constructive
                  2. O19WLE: otherwise as distant as possible so this activity is useful
                  3. O1A1BZ: so for instance
                    1. O1A1CB: a very conservative congregation (in America) might start out by exploring just racial & ceremony but not much theological differences,
                      1. O1A1L1: such as done by Rachel.
                    2. O1A1GR: as a congregation is & becomes more open minded, it tries out exchanges between bigger theological differences,
                      1. O1A1MK: such as an exchange from/to sects of the same faith, then say from/to Christian / Jewish or Jewish / Muslim, and then from/to Christian / Muslim, etc.
              2. O1A1OW: of quantity
                1. O19WU0: ideally ~16
                2. O1A1P6: above say 3 so to do real networking
                3. O1A1QO: below say 50 as to avoid being overwhelming & {unrealistic given the other goals}
      5. O19WC7: ‘name anew’
        1. O19WD7: ‘congregation leader exchange’
        2. ‘rendering anew’ [examples from most recent] ‘‘NzUUId’’ ‘‘transitive closure’’ ‘‘regular expression’’ ‘‘1.JotHere.com’’ ‘‘natural number’
        3. O1A1VS: ideally shouldn’t (answer ‘takes up how much time? :O19YTG’ (such ‘week’ or ‘quarter’ or ‘seasonal’} especially so that can be easily defined & re-defined as needed.
      6. ‘per def’
        1. ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
          1. -1 ‘1’
          2. 0
            1. ‘Wikipedia’
            2. ‘maker’
          3. 1 ‘1’
        2. O19ZWU: ‘notable pros thru cons’ :O19ZWU
          1. O19ZD5: using religion to really put an end to racial strife
            1. O19ZK4: including as a real start at addressing & correcting ‘The Most Segregated Hour in America .. eleven o’clock on Sunday morning’ –a powerful observation I 1st heard from an Obama speech.
          2. O19ZR4: a real start towards religious unity & peace, instead of fighting & division.
          3. O19ZZW: I’m happy to architect it
          4. O19ZXP: –neutral
          5. O19ZY6: I don’t want to run it if that takes more than a few hours per week because, believe it or not, I’ve got even bigger projects to do
          6. O19ZX4: it’s going to take good amount of work to get it going
        3. ‘compared to’
        4. ‘so post category’
      7. O19TFA: ‘‘motivation or source or change’ ‘in reverse start order’’
        1. O1A01I: see ‘‘notable pros thru cons’ :O19ZWU
        2. O19TFM: O19TFM: I came up with the idea from seeing it core in ‘Rachel Doroski’’s great work as I know from it being detailed in http://www.ocregister.com/articles/church-700419-doroski-whitlock.html in paper (which 2016.01.20Wed09~ breakfast, I read, so 1st telling me of her & it), which …
          1. O1A02R: was itself handsomely inspired by ‘ the race-motivated shooting of nine African American churchgoers at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C.’ says the article,
            1. O1A077: indeed I’m guessing inspired by how shockingly & unbelievably well the churchgoers, all black, handled their unexpected white supremacist visitor, both before AND after he killed 9 of them.
          2. O1A02D: caused me to:
            1. O19TQD: want to thank & congratulate Rachel deeply, for both her brilliance & courage & integrity, especially here in OC as it still unfortunately remains behind the Orange Curtain.
            2. O19TRL: immediately think {But this appears be just a 1x (a 1 Sunday swap), and just 2 conservative Christian OC churches. So how about more? And how to scale up?}
              1. O19TVT: which caused me, since Rachel wasn’t there to ask, to over my bath right after breakfast, come up with this potentially world-wide ongoing scaling, including all the basics.
                1. O1A0IW: -probably including because of
                  1. O1A0JP: my long history of planning community events, both in tech and in unifying religion
                  2. O1A0JW: my IT focus on max-scalable algorithms, and my entrepreneurial & community focus of max-scalable organizations
      8. ‘display place’
      9. ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ section 1st
      10. remaining sections
      11. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. .
  • O1BQ5U: 2016.01.21Thu
    1. O1BQM9: accepted but failed substantial applications should by default be clearly informed of the reasons why at least the key reasons (unless the applicant refuses that)c
      1. O1BQYY: even though this may be the norm, both in this select on and in society –indeed that just turns spirit murdering into mass-murdering :O1BQYY
      2. O1BQP3: why it’s seemingly increasingly not done
        1. O1BQPM: I guess because of substantial & increasing ‘asynchronous communication, which commonly leads to serious & silent loss of valuable feedback :O1BQ76} :O1BQPM
      3. O1BQTQ: example of notably failing this is
        1. O1BQU4: my application for presenting CoComp.Biz to SCaLE, submitted 2013.11~, which was, as would be expected & known, a substantial amount of work of multiple people done under special undeserved pressure, being turned down and with 0 explanation why, as probably the norm per O1BQYY
          1. O1BQZH: this still hurts me notably even today
          2. O1BR50: this is what really caused me to come up with & start seeing O1BQM9
        2. O1BR92: the rejected 7 of the 17 applicants for the 2016 Laguna Woods Video Club video competition not told anything as to why
          1. O1BRBB: From hearing of Lucy getting so rejected, yesterday I thought of this and so this morning I told her of O1BQM9 :O1BQM9
    2. O1BQ76: recording enables asynchronous communication, which commonly leads to serious & silent loss of valuable feedback :O1BQ76
      1. O1BQDC: example
        1. O1BQDL: custom {emails and other electronic writing} increasingly substantially wrongfully don’t get replied to
          1. O1BQIQ: why in at least the early days of this, people would return to hand-typed and especially handwritten letters
          2. O1BQEW: something I 1st noticed in late 1990s, but didn’t yet see generalization :O1BQ76
    3. O1BQHU: ‘‘motivation or source or change’ ‘in reverse start order’’
      1. O1BQA0: this generalization & phrasing occurred to me when this morning I was explaining O1BQPM to Lucy as part of O1BQM9
  • O1MYAQ: 2016.01.27Wed
    1. O1MYAX: The featured bear of the California flag, the California grizzly, was effectively rendered extinct by Californians.
      1. O1MYKN: also noted here
      2. O1MYIK: I just learned this this morning from KPCC or KCRW.
      3. O1MYKU: a very upsetting fact, but fortunately its de-extinction may be done.
  • O1R7ZP: 2016.01.29Fri
    1. O1R7WJ: I get the strong feeling Santa Ana jail is seriously covering up their apparent-serious negligence for not keeping their jail non-escapable, including now framing a low-level worker aka making her “the fall guy”
      1. O1R7YU: KPCC reported that in the jail official press conference on the matter, when asked ~‘What about making the jail more secure? this has happened before’, the official gave what to me sounded like a cover-up-reply ~‘we can’t be distracted by those questions, just need to focus on apprehending’
      2. O1R8A5: Then ~2 days later they found someone to blame, the ESL teacher
        1. O1R8AE: per articles ‘ESL Teacher Arrested in Jailbreak Had ‘Close, Personal KTLA11 hours ago; More details emerging about English teacher arrested in OC jail Los Angeles Times14 hours ago; Orange County jail escape: ESL teacher to be charged with being ; OCRegister12 hours ago
        2. O1R8AO: but IMHO, the problem is not that somebody gave them Google Maps (public data) but that Google Maps, or any public info, enabled them to escape! —so then making this worker a scapegoat
      3. O1R8GQ: escape Wikipedia entries
        1. O1R8NZ: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_prison_escapes&oldid=702341348#cite_ref-22
        2. O1R8SJ: jail at https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?search=orange+county+jail&title=Special%3ASearch&go=Go especially https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Ana_Civic_Center#County_of_Orange_offices
  • O1ZP7P: 2016.02.02Tue
    1. O1ZP8A: powerful boilerplate messages for SMS & possibly electronic chat
      1. O1ZP9I: use
        1. O1ZP9N: in the message being sent, include
          1. O1ZPAF: in quotes
          2. O1ZPAL: with the KCGUID written ‘KCGUID: ’ ideally
          3. O1ZPB7: can be prefixed or suffixed with some intro
      2. O1ZPFL: motivation
        1. O1ZPFY: the 1st 6 of these developed for initially, & mostly used, in ‘our 2nd conversation (SMS) :O1XJLZ
      3. O1ZPBT: of, in rough order of use
        1. O1Z95L: What are these codes as “O1Z95L: ” on this paragraph? They’re {short IDs to uniquely-reference, date-stamp, and portably-track most any point, item, or content http://1.jothere.com/401?&N46Ref=O1XJLZ }.
          1. O1Z96K: -based on MWPJAT
        2. O1XQ19: BTW, 3 powerful conventions for our messaging:
          1. O1ZPXR: Especially if in some cases u feel I’m sometimes not replying fast enough, KNOW all is typically ok. For, as u likely expect, I’m usually doing other timely tasks simultaneously. PLUS I AIM TO (&seemingly do) FULLY read & FULLY reply-to EVERYTHING u write just me(&hope u do the same 4me :-); to pull that off, I aim to reply to what u write just me _in the order u wrote me_(unless it’s urgent) incl2ensure I hear & heed all u say; so realize even in SMS it may take me up to 1 day to fully catch up, BUT from me u’ll have ALL u wrote just me FULLY read &FULLY answered, which I hope u’ll like & appreciate. 🙂
          2. O1ZQA0: ALSO WITH ME u’ll mostly never need to repeat anything, including since I work hard to keep very good records; so instead just refer to it as quote-else-use a few key words and/or the msg time.
          3. O1ZQAC: Also, unless I put ‘?!’ on a question, I do no not ask rhetorical questions, rather all Qs are real. So just as I will do for you, every time I send you a ‘?’ (you can page-search as Ctrl-F for them), please answer that question as best you readily can; otherwise it costs everyone wasted time & clutter, as I have to go back to see which ‘?’ you didn’t answer and ask, including likely send, it again, and then you’ve got to read it again and usually also go back & find the context it was originally asked, all a total pain.
        3. O1YAQ1: To answer to your Qs of me, plus for the many Qs & thoughts I have custom for u, I’ve written a number of longer SMS msgs I’m about to send to send you. But what SMS client app do u use? -will let me know if the SMSes I & others send you aren’t getting corrupted & properly display to u. -hopefully u AREN’T using Apple/iPhone iMessage (awful here (my 1st witnessing), which Apple doesn’t warn u!), and instead use something solid, such as best I know so use, free Google Voice http://1.JotHere.com/857?&N46Ref=O1XJLZ . Also, if comfortable msg lengths, such as mine here, are too much for your present SMS client app, just explain & I’ll be happy to instead private-web-post else email my comfortable-length msgs for u.
        4. O1ZBCH: Time out: To text/SMS me & others, are u using {a mobile device: a tablet, or, worse, a smartphone, or terrible, a non-smart phone}? That’s Painfully Slow; yes, it drives one crazy. Instead, how about using free services that allows one to SMS from one’s laptop/desktop? –so u’ve A FULL Keyboard, +Search, +Easy Select&Copy&Cut&Paste, +a FULL-Sized Screen, & More. –FREE services as solid http://Voice.Google.com (where u send & receive SMS from that URL; what I use,& love, since 2010!) or possibly MySMS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mysms or Pinger Textfree https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinger or equivalent. How important is this: before I Hated text/SMSing. even cdn’t see why people do it; BUT once I got free Google Voice, whoa! -now I LOVE SMS/texting! …so much that emails & even calls now typically feel painfully backwards. Ur thoughts?
        5. O1ZH3V: As best I can see, it’s perfectly fine to be {{healthy, so including victim-less}-unusual –hey I certainly am!} AS LONG AS one DOESN’T unpleasantly surprise others when the unusual matters come up; consequently being healthy-unusual means being MORE up-front to explain & ideally preface to others any unusual, and if being up-front then requires one being known at least at first only via a pseudonym & not give exact physical location, do so, as it’s wrong for people to expect legal identities & exact physical location in many cases they still do today, but other than that, it’s also wrong to unpleasantly surprise others where than be avoided, especially by being upfront as I describe.
        6. O1XTXG: Know even tho I personally have nothing to be ashamed of nor hide substantially, at great personal cost to me, so far since 2006~ I’ve boycotted Facebook due {their extreme compromising of their users privacy _from_ them FB: FB spies on its users as {maximally legally allowed: a ton, until holes plugged} plus requires every user tell them his/her real name plus has no 3rd party auditing them here that I know}, so also warned about by many other IT privacy experts. So, while I may eventually give in, so far I will not see nor do anything on FB that requires a FB login.
  • O2G71D: 2016.02.05~
    1. O2G776: Zygote balls
      1. O2G77W: seem pretty cool for crowd events.
      2. O2G71P: 1st telling me of these: when researching Canada Olympics detailed in /5373#O1U0JL, found YouTube ‘Zygote Balls at 2010 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony’
  • O2G79L: 2016.02.10Thu~ :O2G79L
  • O2G6ZK: 2016.02.12Fri
    1. O2GBNF: noticed article http://www.ocregister.com/articles/waves-703707-gravitational-scientists.html
      1. O2GFSW: Wikipedia reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_wave#cite_ref-Discovery_2016_6-0
      2. O2GBVD: says ‘Some physicists said the finding is as big a deal as the 2012 discovery of the subatomic Higgs boson, known as the “God particle.” Some said this is bigger.’
        1. O2GBQX: –yes, probably the latter
      3. O2GBR7: inspired me to think:
        1. O2G704: why is that, in a vacuum, forces on objects is none, including no sound, wind/air. & electrical, except for gravity?
          1. O2GFSW: perhaps one could say gravity is transmitted via the graviton (particle)?
          2. O2GBRP: could this be used for much better methods of propulsion/drive in a vacuum, notably in space?
            1. O2GG70: my Google Search(Graviton drive OR propulsion) reveals I’m not the 1st to think of this, rather a few ideas are found there dating back to at least 2013, as the very amusing http://war-among-the-stars.Wikia.com/wiki/The_Graviton_Drive
    2. O2GF8L: Especially for cooking, will simmering evaporate off water nearly as fast as boiling? (but then save the possible damage of boiling)
      1. O2GFAP: I wondered, as a possible way to fix my mother’s latest batch of 15 Bean Soup as it was somewhat runny
      2. O2GFC1: while I couldn’t find the answer on cooking sites, it appears yes per the chart on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaporation#Evaporative_equilibrium
    3. O2GFDN: a mobile OS (as smartphone & tablet) app to avoid its owner colliding?
      1. O2GFEL: especially in vehicles, especially as plains & trains
      2. O2GFHP: using the Bluetooth or/and 802.11 to transmit the user’s GPS location & direction velocity & acceleration to other nearby (as <300ft) devices also running this app, where each receiver then estimates if any serious collisions likely and, if so, warns its user plus its neighbors & perhaps warn on the Internet :O2GFHP
        1. O2GH9U: –a tad like http://ktla.com/2016/02/12/myshake-earthquake-app-from-uc-berkeley-turns-your-cellphone-into-a-temblor-detector/ I first saw on KTLA 5 ~1hr ago.
      3. O2GFF7: I got the idea about 1hr ago as a workaround idea after from hearing on KPCC just then a report on improving US’s Air Tracking System, as apparently the Canadians had done, with GPS
      4. O2GFMO: if someone knows of this or especially develops it, let me know!
      5. O2GGAV: Google Search(android device collision detection) finds
        1. O2GGDS: page 1 just for collision detection within a simulated world of a game
        2. O2GGK1: find 11 is 2011 article on iOnRoad but this uses notably the camera to detect collisions, not O2GFHP which would seem a lot more reliable.
          1. O2GGYR: notable: http://appcrawlr.com/android/ionroad-augmented-driving-pro
            1. O2GGZ2: similar apps? –will take some searching.
  • O2ROG1: 2016.02.18Thu :O2ROG1
    1. O2ROGN: ‘If you want to be the world’s police force, you’ve got to live with a little terrorism.’
      1. O2ROHN: this phrase
        1. O2ROJ5: Lucy says she invited
        2. O2ROJF: I 1st heard Lucy say ~6 hours ago and pointed out to her something that {it appears very impressive, something which appeared hadn’t occurred to her}
    2. O2YFOG: ‘contribution process :O2YFM1’ :O2YFOG
  • O2YRO8: 2016.02.20Sat :O2YRO8
    1. O3BO1Q: ‘inspired by a SMS discussion of recommending Bernie to Edgar :O2YROS’ :O3BO1Q
  • O2YOQO: 2016.02.21Sun
    1. O2YOR8: LA Times 2016.02.21Sun feature story: https://web.archive.org/web/20160222050929/http://graphics.latimes.com/officer-involved/
      1. O2YPLC: printed copy graphic is awesome but I can’t find it online, including
        1. O2YPOW: http://www.latimes.com/includes/sectionfronts/A1.pdf seemingly had it but gone now including not in Archive.Org
        2. O2YPTT: https://www.google.com/search?q=there+have+been+more+than+2000+police+shootings+since+2004 has the online pic but not this one.
      2. O2YPE6: archive
  • O2YP41: 2016.02.22Mon
    1. O2YQ3U: LA Times 2016.02.22Mon 1/2 feature story: http://www.latimes.com/nation/politics/la-na-clinton-money-20160218-story.html , in print titled ‘Clinton hits a pothole in money race She has had trouble finding more big donors and has been outspent by Bernie Sanders recently.’
      1. O2YP4J: on: front cover now.O2YOZM.pdf
      2. O2YQ7R: key quote ‘Only about 600 people have given Sanders the $2,700 legal maximum.<br/>Clinton has received 23,000 donations at the maximum. But such checks are becoming harder to find.’. justifying..
        1. O2YQ85: The rich are preferring Hillary over Bernie by a factor of nearly 40 to 1…!
  • O8KUCX: 2016.06.10Fri
    1. O8KUJ3: ‘Answer to global warming?’ –IMHO looks like a big one per today reading http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-carbon-dioxide-stone-20160609-snap-story.html & 1st hearing of this promising method
    2. O8KV5W: touching example of Swords to ploughshares: former fighter aircraft maker now produces solar plane to deliver Internet to areas of the world without it as third-world countries
      1. O8KV66: I 1st heard this ~2hrs ago on NPR in 2 sentence news report, but can’t find the web reference
      2. O8KV6D: article (warning: turn off JS as it hogs): http://bigstory.ap.org/article/2daadfec9c824c9c8bb682b56ea0c216/aerospace-firm-unveils-solar-powered-aircraft
  • O8OEHI: 2016.06.12Sun
    1. O8OEHU: outstanding choreography positively suggestive of romance-friends/polyamory and notably empowered woman: Take The Lead’s (plot) ‘impressive three-person tango’

  • O9DKVU: 2016.06.25Sat
    1. O9DKWQ: I discover song ‘Hands of Love’ (2015) (also on Last.FM) & find it outstanding

      O9DNAQ: My favorite rendition especially since it has this awesome video of synced images
      …and, I’m pleased to discover, the one rendition performed by (it sounds & seems like)
      not famous Miley but the underlying songwriter Linda Perry
      –lacking Miley and her fancy & great-sounding orchestration including with backup singers
      (so perhaps why it had only 1K views and 55 Likes when I now found & Liked it),
      but, especially with the matching images & writer’s voice, sounding heart-wrenchingly sincere.

      1. O9DKY6: today I first discovered this song playing during the ending credits of {my 1st watching movie Freeheld (2105) : row O9CKAV of here}, and IMHO the song is even better than the movie.
      2. O9DLOX: While the song is pop, I find the song has a specially penetrating eternal feeling similar to Loreena McKennitt.
        1. O9DM3C: Indeed ‘the official songwriter Linda Perry [said] ‘I don’t take ownership in something that beautiful, because it comes from somewhere else’. .. The song reportedly popped into Perry’s head just after she attended the screening of the independent film, “All of a sudden,” she said, “I hear lyrics, melody, the chords – it’s all just kind of coming.” Perry also supposedly wrote the song in her car, scribbling on her dashboard. \ Also according to Billboard, producers were apparently dumbfounded by Perry’s quick ultra-quick turnaround on the song, which took her about 45 minutes in a car to write. When she played it for them on the piano, it was already a complete piece of music. \ “I think they thought I was on drugs or something,” she told Billboard. “They were like, ‘There’s no way you’re going to tell us you wrote a song in 45 minutes on the way from the movie to here.'”’ quoting http://musictimes.com/articles/50466/20151011/linda-perry-hands-love-freeheld-movie-miley-cyrus-dont-take.htm –warning: opening that URL seems to notably slow the one’s computer with excessive animated ads, so why I quote the whole relevant passage here.
        2. O9DM3W: Yes the song feels a bit divinely inspired, and with that synced video above, it touches my heart so it nearly brings me to tears.
      3. O9GAJ6: And inspired from this song, I then checked out singer Miley Cyrus
        1. O9GAJ0: foremost I listened to ~12 other songs by the same singer (Last.FM/music/Miley+Cyrus also ranks top songs) to find more like this one …but no luck,
          1. O9GAIQ: indeed while she’s a great singer and sings a shocking wide variety of melodies, I found all her other song melodies were average or worse, including barely anything memorable.
            1. O9GALI: indeed her seemingly most famous song, official video ‘Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball [by] MileyCyrusVEVO’, while the melody is decent, it’s ruined by the visuals being obviously self-promoting {inappropriately including notably the reverse-of-the lyrics sentiment}, as excellently & deservedly expressed by the popular ‘ Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” PARODY [by] Bart Baker’.
        2. O9DM4L: Though, from briefly reading that her Wikipedia page, I do find very coll & respectable that Miley’s ‘openly identified as both pansexual and gender fluid, and is a vegetarian’ , and 2nd, that she’s ‘the founder of the Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit organization set to help LGBT and homeless youth’ and ‘has visited several sick fans in hospitals throughout the years.[212][213]