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NUPAPB  “intro & overall”

  1. NUPAY5  ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except:
    1. NUS1EF   copying of post’s content is NOT allowed…
      1. NUS2U5   except as permitted by 1 or more of:
        1. NUS2QT   The TOU just linked to, which is so far here.
        2. NUS1G6   (as minimally allowed for extensions and recordkeeping) as defined here
      2. NUS2X3 so say, from realizing, ‘hey, I found bunch of good contractual terms & forms that I could use in my own contract/agreement creations’,…
        1. NUS3AQ  DON’T think nor do ‘so I’ll just go copy them’ (say per the ‘just copy from others’ sentiment typical for many wanting to make their own contract/agreement) including as that’s prohibited by TOU including copyright; rather
        2. NUS3AW  follow the copy exceptions (& alternatives) to properly create custom extensions & discussions for your use.
  2. NUPB3T   image TBA (for decoration only: a similar-topic contact via the older-style (paper-based) template)

    NUPAYJ  post name:

    ‘‘core legal contract/agreement terms & forms {for varied extensions by linking-to-here} ’NUPAPB

    1. NUPAZ0   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. NUS0VR   now to next: present
        1. NUSB6M   replaced ‘extensions’ with ‘extensions by linking-to-here’
        2. NUS107   from ‘contract/agreement with forms’ to ‘contract/agreement termsforms
          1. NUS1A8  as this is not practically any full contract but just the terms & form
            1. NUS1AN   from now getting ‘terms’ word from my SMS new SMS NURZ26 wording
            2. NUS1DX  so then now conceiving of this this breakdown of potentially everything in the definition as either a term or form
      2. NUQJ13   now to next: ‘‘core legal contract/agreement with forms for varied extensions ’NUPAPB’, per (in reverse order):
        1. NUQJWT   a few smaller improvements.
        2. NUQJU1   add ‘ with forms’ as a top feature
        3. NUQJTD   add ‘/agreement’ per the common use here
        4. NUQJPK   cut ‘template’ as that often means to-copy but we instead want to favor to-reference, and add ‘core’ and ‘extension’ as those both accurately imply that the ‘core’ still exists {unaltered at least mostly}
      3.  NUQF3H   now originally to next: ‘‘template for common legal contract ’NUPAPB
        1. NUPBW5  taken from title  ‘good terms for most any legal contract of:’ from 1st source plus source post’s present title.
      4. NUPB09   “per post name, add post to categories”
        1. NUPB14   ‘contract NUFMLI’
  3. NUPB32  To reply & discuss, please use’s default methods (click) except: none.
  4. NUSDKG   table of contents overall for remainder: ‘definition’ + ‘reviews, design standards, & popularity’ + ‘annex’ + ‘author(s) background (on the topic)’ + ‘post history additional’

  5. NUPB54   ‘definition’:
    1. NUSGR3  ‘terms’:
      1. NTGEWL   Every ‘direct party’ affirms, to the best of his/her knowledge, this contract’s arrangement is as this contract describes.
      2. NUKZUE  Every term of this contract is…
        1. NUKVOE   negotiable, so can be overwritten (by valid extensions of the contract)} except where & to-the-degree the contract says/implies not allowed is such negotiation or/and changes/exceptions.
        2. NUKZWN   moral.
        3. NTGCT8    legal by default, including:
          1. NU50AJ  every ‘direct party’
            1. NTGCSJ    is legally able to engage in this contract.
            2. NU508G  ‘s activities via this contract are legal including NUFJ4J
          2. NUFJ4J   related external binding contractual obligations, including applicable government laws, must be followed, including:
            1. NTGDXF   this contract abides by the laws {where the contract is executed, meaning wherever the contract’s usage & ‘compensation’ take place}.
            2. NUFIL9   for every involved vehicle, its operation especially movement & placement must be allowed per external obligations, including
              1. NUF16T  as external obligations require, every vehicle must be covered by legal vehicle insurance else be moved & placed by a licensed tow company else operated & placed in such a limited fashion that such prerequisites would not be reasonably required.
          3. NUL038  {illegal aspects or other {breaking so not following external obligations} related to this contract
            1. NUL08O  must still be moral, including:
              1. NUL07V   at least every ‘direct party’ knows & agrees-with where this contract’s activities breaks other obligations
              2. NUL0O5 is never ideal long-term
              3. NUL0PE   is only as a workaround for relevant immorality of {government, notably laws or/and their {enforcement or/and judgment}} where then the rule-breaking…
                1. NUL1H9   needs to also include proportionate reasonable effort to fix those problems necessitating it.
                2. NUL1FX   is done at most only until these problems necessitating it are fixed
            2. NUL3NI ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. NULCCF This section initial content, solutions #NUL07V#NUL0O5#NUL1FX and especially #NUL1H9,  is inspired by an interesting story: Since in my life I’ve been highly law respecting & abiding, I have seemingly no significant experience of doing anything illegal. So my rules here are from when I was many times, seemingly routinely, romantically pursued by attractive sexy women who eventually would reveal they were married, and when it was clear that if I then said No, they would just easily find another guy for romance, who wouldn’t give a damn about their marriage cheating indeed probably like it, so then no hope of their ever stopping their cheating just matters getting worse. So I created for them the conditions detailed in this section, which here would mean the condition of their getting good romance now from me would be they would have to examine their marriage, ideally with MTF, and as soon as can be made safe, share their real feelings & actions including cheatings with their husbands so to work out the problems properly, including first try their best for that relationship over me or any other. With the limited long term data that I have, that never seemed to work: their immorality would not be corrected. But I still feel what I developed there gives reasonable form of how rule breaking, when immoral to not do, can be done without all loss of integrity, and perhaps without any in some cases.
              2. NUL3NX This section 1st inspired by NUKG4A specifically the ‘cash .. is now my Preference.’ without saying why, so reminding me that cash is commonly used to avoid paying taxes and to do illegal sales (because of it being much harder to track) –regularly immorally, but sometimes morally, then so then making me think ‘What I’m I getting into? -I better know’ causing me to think of NUL07V so then create this section.
          4. NUL28W ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. NUL29E name from ~‘legal, including:’ to present creating that linked section NUL038 to handle the exceptions there.
        4. NUL22Y  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. NUL237   just created this section to meaningfully group existing NTGCT8  with new NUKVOE+NUKZWN
      3. NUWMNT  ‘anti-surprise’: Surprises, especially unpleasant ones, are to be avoided else minimized.
        1. NUWMV5   This term
          1. NUWMVA   is be cited in violations when no more precise term fits.
          2. NUWMRR   is left vague as the parameters involved, as ‘degree of surprise’ and ‘avoidance effort’, are difficult to precisely define.
        2. NUWMX2   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. NUWMXC   The author thought of adding this section to help address what he experienced today when rentor held back news she was going to be unavailable for the next 2 weeks starting tomorrow (including SMS ‘will not be back til the 29th!’) when she knew we needed to finish plans now {which could take a few days and where 2 weeks later would likely be too late}.
      4. NTGB2V   All terms & transactions of this contract, including {transaction explanations as receipts} plus {amendments & other changes including termination}, must be clearly recorded where…
        1. NTGBGQ    accessible in-full & unabridged to every direct party for at least the duration of the contract plus 2 years thereafter.
        2. NTGE4G   notably in clear writing
          1. NTGEA1  notably in the most official natural language of the contract, typically English
        3. NU9W7N   as far as document medium,
          1. NTGB8S    at least via electronic (web browser) viewing, all relevant parts are gathered else clearly link/refer to each other so clearly define the full agreement.
          2. NUFFBA  it must print to reasonable degree, specifically be basically usable in printed form especially for signatures and general archiving.
          3. NUFFEY  by design; just reads best including more fully & faster in web browser as there clicking on any linked terms instantly finds what it refers to; plus in this electronic form, snapshots are still possible.
          4. NUFF31 aside: this section 1st inspired by my SMS of ‘it prints,too,by design; just reads more fully & faster in web browser as there clicking on any linked terms instantly finds what it refers to; plus snapshots are still possible.’
        4. NTGBLP   it identifies every ‘direct party’, as soon as selected/added
          1. NTGBP9    by correctly using a valid photo government ID type & number & expiration to identify every ‘direct party’, insuring {the {in-person {appearance & signature}}, name, and possibly contacts} match those on the ID.
          2. NUDG1P   by using as primary the info off the government ID except for contact info.
          3. NUDFYG   by giving his/her:
            1. NTGBOP   role within the contract
            2. NUDGBZ  info from the photo ID of:
              1. NTGBOX   full name (so also legal name since a government ID)
              2. NUDGDP   the ID’s {#, expiration, & type, & issuing government}.
            3. NTGBU3   a reasonable means of remote communication with him/her (as phone #, email address, or/and mailing address) for the purposes of this contract.
        5. NTGC6S    on the initial revision and on every change,
          1. NTGBHP   for any relevant prior recorded agreements including advertisement(s),
            1. NTGCO5  does not alter the recording, especially if it ‘requiring ‘modification notice’’
            2. NTGCOE  precisely & permanently references them
              1. NUBZVB  including, as effective, the ads & discussions used to form & especially define the agreement: see form fields and advantages to doing so
              2. NUFN5S   referring
                • NUFN92   to a copy
                  • NUFN9T   which is ideally public, else at least which every ‘direct party’ can easily access
                  • NUFNAU   which does the content not alter
                    • NUFNG2  if Yes, no more needs to be done.
                    • NUFNI9   If other response, then then a revision number must also be given such than, with the URL + revision number, at that location else readily nearby a the referenced revision be retrieved (in ideally a web browser)
                • NUFNMF   Via a URL which is permanent (won’t break) or/and contains {additional information, such as the anchor ‘NUFNMF’ in the URL to this point, which by simple search as Google search, generally readily finds the content’s present location}
              3. NUFNSS   such as via URL on
                1. NUFNTW   Archive.Org (permanent & static snapshot content)
                2. NUFNVC following example NUFNMF plus archives via NUF8E8
                3. NUFNZM   to an entry in URL_archive
            3. NTGCOM  precisely tells all changes & clarifications being made to them
          2. NTGC8K   for every ‘direct party’, includes his/her legal authorizing signature plus date of that signature.
        6. NTGCW3     including ‘full receipt’: a record for every relevant & significant {service/product or lack-of and especially compensation-including-funds for that, especially for all transfers of such}…
          1. NUDF75    so “receipts for everything” significant & relevant where a receipt would be applicable
          2. NUDF9E   which are reliable including un-falsifiable, including
            1. NUKI2S   effectively immediate (record) at time of the exchange
              1. NUKI5K   so there is no reasonable worry nor significant occurrences that, in any exchange, one party (or more party) won’t or didn’t fulfill his/her end
                1. NUKI8V   such as  funds paid but receipt not delivered, or visa versa (receipt given but funds not delivered)
            2. NUDFBV   again effectively unalterable after-the-fact
          3. NUDF8R   telling
            1. NTGDAN   every compensation {transfer else debit/credit incurred}’s…
              1. NTGD7D   date & time incurred, as example NUC97T
              2. NTGD82   item & amount of it (typically amount of US dollars), as example NUC95Y
              3. NTGDA0  sender & receiver
                1. NUF787   potentially implicitly, as via the amount sign/direction and contract ID, as example NUC95Y
              4. NTGCX7    full reason, aka what all {it’s for aka to cover}, including:
                1. NTGD0N  contract id. as example NUC92A.
                2. NUF6QX   aspect of the contract, as example NUC9BW
                3. NTGD0W    applicable period (notably date range) whenever that arguably applies, as example NUCBR9+NUC9ME
          4. NUKK4Y   ideally enabling remote or asynchronous transfers, ideally both
          5. NUMG45   low-cost else affordable (for the actual transfer & record keeping)
          6. NULPIS   ‘attaching to payment the receipt’: which, for payment form(s) which allow comments as at least a ‘memo’ field, ‘attaching the receipt’ can typically be accomplished easily by placing on the payment itself the receipt, which can
            1. NULPYH  which can be very short by 1 or more of:
              1. NULPZJ  just completing the remaining missing details
                1. NULPM5   as cheque memo field, giving the only thing remaining, the full reason, which often can be very short, as ‘NTGG2U 2015.12 rent’
              2. NULPQB
          7. NUKJQY   consequently payment methods which are {potentially allowed, as able & here-are-made to accomplish ‘full receipt’}
            1. NULEP8   for handling, from most accomplishing ‘full receipt’ goals):
              1. NUKJRO   ‘Paypalish remote async’: PayPal transaction or equivalent done remote & async (per ideals) including full receipt.
                1. NUMDUV  –as is readily made to accomplish all these goals…
                  1. NUMDVB   except can’t itself confirm typical physical item delivery (as product/service) but
                    1. NUME4Z  at least for pmailed items & probably more, this is well handled via PayPal’s 10+ years of eBay & similar experience.
                    2. NUME7T   the detailed receipt, which easily include long URLs notably to the ad(s), can easily make clear what exactly the payment is for.
                  2. NUMDW8  including ‘attaching the receipt’, specifically the ‘full receipt’, via its {native means, which is powerful as can be a long memo fields or/and totaled bill of sale like a standard receipt}
                2. NUMEGF  where ‘PayPal remote async’ is a transaction done by these means via specifically PayPal.
              2. NULOGE   cheque with memo-field ‘attaching to payment the receipt’
              3. NULOLG   seemingly any system which takes a payment form(s) (as payment card  or other(s)) and generates an immediate appropriate receipt, such as:
                1. NULPBC   as most any web site ecommerce module.
                2. NULPCT   many in person payment form(s) terminal (as modern ‘cash register’)
              4. NUKKF6  in-person simultaneous exchange (of any item(s) or {payment form(s) at least with high ‘transfer reliability’}) with ‘full receipt’
                1. NUMEPF   accomplishes all goals except notably lacks all remote & async ideals
                2. NUMENZ   where ‘cash in-person simultaneous with receipt’ is a transaction done by these means via specifically cash
              5. NUL3GF   a quality escrow service –as doing the required goals is its main job, but typically not affordable except for transactions over say $1K.
              6. NULP79   at some rank in this list, probably other means which haven’t yet occurred to the author.
            2. NULEQC   currency, as far as reliable (1st) and fast (2nd) funds transfer
            1. NUKJZW   TBA a standard check delivered with the memo field clearly telling what the funds transfer is for –ok except for the possibility of a bounced check so should only be done for higher amounts proportionate to trust in the sender.
              1. NUL3AS   especially checks written & sent by a party’s bank –as only sent if funds are there and can be trusted to be sent recorded
          8. NUKG3R   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. NUQNGF   move this section from right after NUQM55 to right before as is more fundamental including more (major) pioneering here of writing style.
            2. NUKG4A   revise & extend, inspired by 1st rentor’s contract reply (NUJ85A) of SMS ‘If u would like to pay me cash that is now my Preference. I can leave u a receipt under my mat. You can put the cash in an envelope & drop it into my locked mailbox. 10:11 AM’ when then caused me draft reply ‘Cash is my pref until I get PayPal setup. ‘I can leave u a receipt under my mat. ..’; no, I want immediate receipt (plus that wd require 2 visits for me), so unless u want to leave me a signed receipt for the payment in advance of the payment, cash requires us to meet in person, one of the reasons I fast want PayPal, else check or even debit card.’ then causing me to realize this stipulation of ‘immediate..receipt’ was missing from the contract as it in this section’s title but wasn’t clear why it was there
              (indeed even I the author, tired, forgot why) so got mis-deleted due to Lucy’s 1st written edits. So added NUKI2S, extended NTGCW3+NUDF75
        7. NUS1PF   for {this contract else its forms & terms} AND extensions of them,
          1. NUS1M5   ‘extension’: extension
            1. NUS8V1   definition:
              1. NUS8ZS   (fairly complete:) a collection of terms or/and forms that:
                1. NUS9BX   is a single document but doesn’t immediately include all it agrees to but rather…
                2. NUS91O  extends-by-reference, ideally with minimal repeat, existing terms and/or forms
                  1. NUS9OH   –commonly extending {just 1 such collection else a just a handful}
                3. NUS93C   itself or/and on some chain(s) of extensions of itself, is normally intended to be signed
                4. NUS9HI   if signed, is also a contract/agreement.
                5. NUS9BD  if extending signed contract, is an amendment
            2. NUS8SV  creation & maintenance
              1. NUS27Z   Must be on this same website…
                1. NUS2B2  at least for now
                2. NUS2AE  except with written permission of the content owner-author…
                  1. NUS2C1   which likely will be granted in response to a request fully telling why the exemption desired
                3. NUS2F1   to study & respectfully-control use of this contract writing style plus promote the use of its website
              2. NUS1WI   Are made & kept by…
                1. NUS1NY   referring to what is extended, notably hyperlinking to it
                2. NUS1VO  are NOT by copying what is extended
                  1. NUS8I7   which is prohibited including by TOU including
                  2. NUS8J3  except as minimally required to…
                    1. NUS1Z7   copy each ‘form template’ so they can be instantiated with different, typically real, data
                    2. NUS2E8   refer to each term extended.
              3. NUS9SQ To create (such an extension),
                1. NU4ION   To in particular {make an instance of, aka instantiate} this contract (terms & forms)
                  1. NU4PWZ  can be fairly easy, quick, & clean including long-term paperless; just (steps in order):
                    1. NU4IR7    Do ‘Copy to a new draft (from & to’ and instantiate that as normal on except as noted:
                      1. NUC2M5  so including
                        1. NUC2LT  deleting all content except form Q&A
                        2. NUC2NQ  ‘item ID’s for items which are to have new values, including were before sample data, must be replaced with new.
                        3. NUFR8C  every ‘‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’’ including post
                          1. NUFRBA  delete its contents (except for post, first copy (as don’t delete) contents which will be reused)
                          2. NUFRBR   as soon as each gets contents, give it a new ID.
                      2. NUC2KC  except
                        1. NU4ITB   Immediate set the post as password-protected or equivalent security
                        2. NU4IWC  Do not delete the ‘forms’ tables; instead replace their sample data and empty values with your actual values except for the signature fields and, if needed for accuracy, the sign date fields.
                        3. NU5NKY  Name the post say ‘‘2015.09- parking rental contract/agreementNU5NKZ’ where (from most important):
                          1. NU5O83   the name is unique ideally globally
                            1. NU5O8X   well accomplished here by including the post  ID as that’s also a KCGUID
                          2. NU5NM4   the name doesn’t exactly identify, and ideally doesn’t refer to, any party nor property, to…
                            1. NU5NP5   most important: protect the privacy of all parties, especially as on default WordPress, so, the name is public
                            2. NU5NPM   keep the name short & sweet
                          3. NU5NS2   the name is meaningful to ideally everyone, most especially the ‘direct parties’, by specifying from most important:
                            1. NU5NWE   the permanent internal post ID
                            2. NU5NYR   the type of contract
                            3. NU5NZN   the estimated start date of the contract accurate to say 1 month (as the actual start date may not yet be known)
                            4. NUWJ6M   ‘contract/agreement’ since the that’s what it is.
                          4. NUWJ33   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                            1. NUWJ3N   suggested name
                              1. NUWJ4Y   now to next: present
                              2. NUWJ3X   originally to now: ‘‘2015.09- parking rentalNU5NKZ
                    2. NU4IXJ   Give the URL & password to the other ‘direct parties’ for review, discussing & editing until all are satisfied.
                    3.  NU4J0D   Print and have all parties sign, then scan the document and append it (as via comment) to the post, per say workaround NUFADI
                    4. NU4JUZ  should {the info copied, especially copied form templates} then need update, updating is harder, including:
                      1. NUBYSJ   as it would be for most copies,
                        1. NUBYY8   changes have to be made to every copy, with no immediate automatic tools to do that.
                        2. NUBZ0R   checking that the versions are kept and sync is tricky especially the areas to be kept in sync (as form field names) are mixed in with the data which needs to properly vary.
                          1. NUBZ2R   An obvious method, using the diff utility on the HTML source, but it will likely be easily confused due to this interleaving;
                        3. NUBZ83  still this is better than what paper forms offer: usually manually completing the form all over again.
                      2. NUBYQJ    plus further problems as a legal doc. Has the doc been signed?
                        1. NUBYRO  If NO,  then nothing special here.
                        2. NUBYRV   If YES, this would readily require a new unofficial version be made (tricky in standard WordPress since past versions aren’t easy to share & display) then getting that resigned.
                2. NUS9Y7   More TBA hopefully soon.
          2. NUS2KY  copies
            1. NUS2LM   follow copying terms NUS1EF
            2. NUS3JM   Things (here) you sign to agreeing to you are allowed & encouraged to make copies of which you keep ideally forever {provided the information obtained from those copies is used only morally {including notably used only directly to only ensure that agreement is {honored and appropriately modified}}}.
              1. NUS501   –indeed this-or similar copying exception to ideally move ASAP to the site’s general TOU {as that currently appears to exclude this at /4250#N0A9QS}.
        8. NUBANW   ‘form template’ aka ‘form templates’:
          1. NU9RBT   are about details which change between contracts  and plus sometimes within the contract’s duration, specifically forms…
            1. NU9RAR   are to capture ideally all & only these details plus just enough to link ideally every one with the details which generally don’t change between contracts.
            2. NU0E5F   are largely based on and instantiate these details, which ideally each should be an entity the unchanging portions formally names plus, as necessary, further defines.
          2. NU9QXV   are, prior to instantiation, ideally filled with sample data
            1. NU9R16  which to be most representative, is ideally is real data (but redacted as needed), ideally to be soon used else recently was used
            2. NU9RP0   which must be replaced with the actual data when the form is instantiated (so used)
          3. NUSIS9   -every specialization & instance should have a section describing it which links (directly else indirectly) to this section and includes the details particular to itself.
        9. NUC25G   ‘item ID’
          1. NUC2CL  each
            1. NUC260   ‘use of GUIDs’: a fairly globally unique identifier identifying exactly 1, and ideally every 1, of the contract’s entities (each person, property entry, reference, term & sub-term, ad, etc.)
            2. NUC280   are each a KCGUID but can be approximated by another system offering similar features.
          2. NUC35A   ‘(item ID) reference’ aka reference to an ‘item ID’.
        10. NUC373   tables
          1. NUC57Q   ‘The contract’s ‘direct parties’ table’: The contract‘s ‘direct parties’ table
            1. NUC5AD   is used to ID the parties: note for photo ID and matching photo ID
            2. NUC5BG   is used to authorize creation & changes to the contract –at least those which require more than 1 party’s signature.
            3. NUC6CJ  unique field(s)
              1. NUC3VR   ‘(other terms) added/removed’
                1. NUC40A   specifies term(s)…
                  1. NUC4KU   which are not given by the present for collection being signed to
                  2. NUC4KK  which are generally ads/discussion/docs
                  3. NUC4HS   per NTGCOE, typically by giving its permanent {URL or attachment ID}, so including potentially ‘(item ID) reference’ plus, when change possible, revision ID.
                  4. NUC4PQ   where, if the terms don’t already include a start date (as they typically do), include the date here adjacent the term.
                  5. NUC3X7   where every term being removed is clearly marked as so, such as prefixing by ‘not’ or ‘remove’, otherwise it is taken as a term to be added.
              2. NUC62Q   ‘contact’ fields
                1. NUC62X   used to meet contact requirements
                2. NUC63F   each sub field should only be completed if the info is being added (including if doubt if the current value has been given) or the respective contact-type is being updated.
              3. NUC5EY   ‘photo ID’ fields
                1. NUC5FI   refers to the photo ID used to verify the party’s identity
                2. NUC5P3   only needs to be completed when the party needs to be IDed or the a new photo ID is being used including as a replacement for an id used in the past which has expired.
          2. NUQNXW  see also references table
        11. NU4SUC  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. NU4SUP the following was at the end but now removed as it seemed redundant {except for perhaps NTGEIR which is now more generally covered by  NTGB8S}:
            • NTGDNW   consequently, make sure every real instance of this contract, including every document, meets all the requirements of this section, including
              1. NTGEIC  provides all the info requested for that document
                1. NTGEIR   Note, for most every variable value requested here,  a precise & concise way to specify which variable is being specified is to link or/and name the variable by its point #, aka KCGUID, used here.
      5. NU4X4M  The contract’s
        1. NUSHCU   ‘involved entities’: involved entities (creatures & property) ‘other than noted’
          1. NUSHD2   where ‘other than noted’ means other than classified elsewhere in this document, as ‘compensation’
          2. NUQM55   ‘condition’: condition including from deterioration & appreciation
            1. NUQMI9   The entity owner must maintain (‘involved entities’) at least to the degree that the condition doesn’t significantly hinder allowed uses by other parties.
            2. NUQM7W  caused by normal wear & tear from allowed uses
              1. NUQMAP  is the responsibility & asset/loss of the entity owner
            3. NUCDIT    ‘damages’: Damages
              1. NUCDK8   Every party aims to do no damages to {the other parties and their involved properties & entities} other than caused by normal wear & tear from allowed uses.
              2. NTGBBE   Every party is responsible for damages to the degree caused by him/her, including:
                1. NTGBD9   caused by entities, including creatures & property, s/he owns or is expected to  control.
                2. NU45M2   For ‘actual allowed use’, every ‘direct party’ must have reasonable insurance on every entity which both {s/he owns or expected to control} and {is directly involved in this contract}.
                  1. NUFCD3 aside: this section 1st inspired by the rentor’s ad saying ‘YOU PROVIDE PROOF OF INSURANCE AND REGISTRATION!’ in the contract’s 1st use.
                  2. NU45Q3  including insurance protecting against loss & damage, of property & creatures, to and from/via those entities
                  3. NU48P1  including of appropriate insurance type; for example:
                    1. NU48EG   For a vehicle entity, this means appropriate vehicle insurance.
                      1. NUF08K   relevant discussion:
                        1. NUF0J5   ‘Can I drop insurance if the car is stored?’ currently’  says in such cases, [US] government (notably the state) makes no insurance requirements but a lien holder ‘typically’ will mandate some ‘Collision and comprehensive’.
                        2. NUF31R
                    2. NU48FF   For other types of physical property, including buildings, this means appropriate property insurance.
                  4. NUEYNO   exceptions:
                    1. NUEYZX   NONE APPLY unless explicitly granted.
                    2. NUEZUA    insurance coverage is not required
                      1. NUF148   –may be appropriate (notably savings worth the risk) in some cases.
                    3. NUF1G0   the required insurance info (notably of the property form) will be provided before any ‘actual allowed use’
                      1. NUF66G   aside: a caveat which, by independent conception, is also in standard contract at ‘in any event before placing any property on The Space’
                    4. NUEYU1   Before proposing the contract, party had somewhat reasonably expected s/he had proper insurance (for instance, was automatically paying it by bank-driven auto payments, just missing the pmailed & emailed notices), then when asked to get the insurance coverage proof, found that insurance was canceled (for instance, due to rate increases until then unknown to the party), and is under significant and reasonably undeserved pressure to do fast ‘actual allowed use’, so
                      1. NUF0W7  is granted 1 additional week after ‘actual allowed use’ to provide the insurance coverage proof & info
                      2. NUF0WH   still all laws must be met
          3. NUC22F   ‘party’ aka ‘parties’
            1. NUSHNZ   This section uses same specification method for ‘use’: while abstract categories can be specified in this section, the particular entities (creatures, generally people) are specified in extension documents.
            2. NU4X50   ‘direct parties’ are every party directly involved in the contact.
          4. NU4HYP    ‘references’
            1. NU4HZ5   are provided…
              1. NU4I1V   usually at least at the start of the contract before it’s 1st agreed to
              2. NU4I1K  by every ‘direct party’ to the other ‘direct party’(s)
                1. NUFBLC   aside: this section 1st inspired by the rentee then likewise asking for references on the rentor, which, though unusual (usually only rentor asks references) was reasonable here as the property being stored is reasonably irreplaceable even with insurance (detailed next) plus here the rentor was not a storage biz but a residence plus a 1st time doer of such a rental for just a parking spot.
                  1. NUFDSE  Relevant actual talk: SMS 2015.08.02 quote ‘
                    Rentee: Indeed your request for references appears actually a good idea …including as it makes me realize that, while you will have an extra month’s rent plus especially effective possession of my VERY special vehicle, including the key, I have no references on you yet. So then what are 3 relevant longer-term references for you? –as you now have 3 solid ones for me,plus you’ll have my money+vehicle+key. Thanks in advance. 12:42 PM
                    Rentor: GREAT! Thanks:) I will call them today. I will show u that I own the house & show u my drivers license. Since u asked for references I will give them to u. 12:49 PM
                    Rentor: But in my 17 yrs of tenants no one has ever asked me For references! 12:50 PM
                    Rentor: Lol 12:50 PM
                    Rentor: I will get back to you with them. 12:52 PM
                    Rentee: Thk u. 🙂 🙂 And,yes,but ur renters b4 probably not starting w/ storing a vehicle w/u,esp a precious 1(I love dearly)+where if vehicle got lost,best insurance wd probably pay <=$4K,+take off big4 age+unfinished new interior+maybe4customizations; &since they now cost $80K to $120K new(!), seems impossible to afford another,for me(&most people!); indeed even oldest used 1s within 400mi are >=$25K –too much4me, +a >=$19K loss –eeks! 2:09 PM
              3. NU4I36   to establish the trustworthiness of the party
              4. NU4I4Z   to ideally have others to turn to if the party becomes unreachable or non-cooperative
            2.  NU4I6C   each
              1. NU4I7J   must be reasonably related & relevant to the party’s performance on the present contractual matter
              2. NU4IA5   should be long term associate of the party
              3. NU4IDN  ideally has current else recent interactions with the party
              4. NU4IH1   must include a way for the recipient to effectively contact the reference including
                1. NU4IK3   at & shortly-after when the reference is received, to ask Qs & verify the reference to establish trust
                2. NU4IKY   ideally in the future to turn to if needed
            3. NU9FXW   exact names & contact info
              1. NU9FZJ   is extra confidential info
                1. NU9G3G   due to it revealing both:
                  1. NU9G5X   typically-important associates of the parties fully-else-fairly exactly
                  2. NU9G7C  the references (associates)’s contact info
                2. NU9G04  so should only be shared on a need-to-know basis including redacted as needed
                  1. NU9G1Q   perhaps most notably, in using courts or other public dispute resolution, full if any info should generally not be shared
            4. NUC6HB   table references in order provided of references in order provided
              1. NUC6N7  unique field(s)
                1. NUC37F  ‘for party’ field
                  1. NUC6P7  gives a ‘(item ID) reference’ to a ‘party’ for the matter at hand.
            5. NUFBGI   aside: this section 1st inspired by, in the contract’s 1st use, the rentor insisting on references, even for a parking space, so which at first seemed a bit extreme, but it was at the rentor’s home (though with no house key & just the front driveway, but did include garage access to plug in extension cord), but that requirement then allowed the rentee to likewise ask references of the rentor, which actually here made good sense.
          5. NUSILG ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. NUSILV ~.5hr ago, created this section to generalize so further group ‘condition’ including listed that first as liablity coverage is key to most every legal contract, then found {2 other sections to append: ‘party’‘references’ }.
        2. NUCEDO   ‘compensation’
          1. NUMVE5   ‘normal’ [‘compensation’]:
            1. NUO9B6   is exclusively (to compensate) for ‘use allowed by contract’.
            2. NUMW42   ‘repeat period’:
              1. NUMXTM   is for compensation for allowed use during the specified one of its ‘repeat period’s, including
                1. NUSFOS   to divide up compensation, at least normal, into manageable time chucks.
              2. NU4B9H   ‘duration’:
                1. NUXE3F   choice
                  1. NU9H3Q   ‘1 average month (so monthly)’‘1 average month’ (so monthly)
                    1. NUXESY   is the default.
              3. NUMWD0  ‘start 
                1. NUXETH   choice
                  1. NUMWDI   start of each ‘duration’ in the Gregorian calendar
                    1. NUXEV7   is the default
                  2. NUXEWB  ‘starting ‘contract start date+time’’: starting ‘contract start date+time’
            3. NUXDSN  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. NUXDT3   for clarity, name from ‘period’‘ to present
          2. NUX0AV   ‘purchase’
            1. NUX0BB   ‘purchase minimum’
              1. NUX0DR   values do NOT by default mean unused portions are not refundable; see notably proration of mandatory refund.
              2. NUX0MV  defaults to
                1. NUX0N2   0
          3. NURGMY  ‘depost’: deposit(s)
            1. NU44LP   definition: the money and other ‘compensation’ belonging to the party(s) normally paying, typically all of them, but, during the contract, held by the party(s) normally paid, typically all of them, and spent/consumed by them only to ensure they are compensated according to this contract at the end of the contract.
              1. NURH6Y ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                1. NURI73   for further indeed virtually full clarity, added ‘belonging to the party(s) normally paying, typically all of them, but, during the contract, held by the party(s) normally paid, typically all of them, and them’
                2. NURHDA   ‘for the sole purpose’ is inaccurate as for example deposit can be used to help insure stable even-long term tenants, so replace with ‘to be spent/consumed only
                3. NURHCA   in title, do NURGPA
                4. NURH79 the prior to this, title was ‘definition: the money and other compensation for the sole purpose to ensure the rentor is fairly paid for {the ‘compensation’ due him/her at the end of the contract}’
                5. following quote to plus make improvement of
            2. NU49PG  must be given…
              1. NU49TG   from normal payers to normal payees
              2. NU49QZ   at the start of the contract for the amount it specifies
              3. NU49RM   additionally as the contract specifies
            3. NU44UE   must all be returned…
              1. NU49CT    doing reverse of party distribution at giving
              2. NU49D4   for the sum of
                1. NURITK   the total amount given
                2. NURIUY   standard compound interest on the amount of such money held for the duration it was held
                  1. NURIZ0   at local saving account compound interest rate for the period
                    1. NURJ5J  approximated by or equivalent.
                3. NURITV   minus the amount spent to ensure compensation
              3. NU49BK  before date {the end of the contract plus {the minimum advanced termination notice divided-by 2}}
              4. NU49KA  along with, for every addition (notably interest) & deduction, a full written explanation including a copy of every related receipt/invoice/bill.
            4. NURGP3  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. NURGPA now created by copying in all content of the rental variation then generalizing that then customize that source to instead just point to & extend here.
          4. NUMV60   ‘payment’
            1. NUMV97   must follow ‘compensation’.‘tracking’
            2. NUWYQU   a payment is a compensation transfer…
              1. NUWYO4  from a normal payer to a normal payee — unless specified otherwise, as done for refund
            3. NUQR1A    ‘refund’
              1. NUWYHO   is a  ‘payment’ which undoes another  ‘payment’  to some degree as percentage
                1. NUWZ0Q   so, unless specified otherwise, its compensation transfer is in reverse normal direction, so from a normal payee to a normal payer.
                2. NUWYJ6   so as such, it’s bound by all normal ‘payment’ properties, including ‘late payment’.
              2. NUWYUE   (‘refund’) is mandated for certain items which have been overpaid
                1. NUX00Q  where certain items include by default:
                  1. NUX009   all services, so including say rent.
                2. NUWZAD   for portion, via proration
                  1. NUWZAP  all unused,
                    1. NUWZ8N   which, for a time-charged service, all time remaining after both
                      1. NUX05C   the buyer has  stopped using the service
                      2. NUX06M   the contract for the service has terminated, including via ‘contract termination’
                3. NUWZFR   at rate
                  1. NUWZGF   exactly the same as was originally paid
              3. NUQR1S   (‘refund’) for every item, at least by default,
                1. NUQZ4X   has policy great for all, as (refund) is possible & fair-for-all {after any duration (since purchase), plus in any condition, and for any reason}
                  1. NUQZA2   so far due to the (pioneering) amount formula given here.
                2. NURFSP   requires the item
                  1. NURFWN  to the seller
                  2. NURG09   be shown for his/her reasonable condition determination
                    1. NURG8H  ‘when the valid refund request received’
                  3. NURFWZ   be returned at least by time
                    1. NURGHZ   when the refund payment received, specifically:
                      1. NURFXE  when >1/2 of the refund payment received (to also handle partial compensation transfers here, but)
                      2. NURGJB  where the goal & norm is full refund payment delivered at once
                3. NUQRDN   is for the amount which is the sum of:
                  1. NUQRF6   the value of the item
                    1. NUQRFW   which is the reasonable sale price at a certain point in time of {{this item {in its condition at that point in time}} or equivalent}
                      1. NUQZIK  where that point in time is:
                        1. NUQY4W   ‘when the valid refund request received’: when a valid report of the refund request was received by all the involved parties
                      2. NUQRGL   where ‘reasonable sales price’ is the sales price
                        1. NUR09J  from:
                          1. NUQZMJ  the (to-be) refunder
                          2. NUQRK3  else (if that-then not sold) the local market
                        2. NUR0GQ  as agreed upon by involved parties in a timely fashion where the max time is proportionate to the reasonable sales price
                          1. NUR0HS   as I so far don’t have better was to bound the price determination work.
                      3. NUQZQW   thus
                        1. NUQX74   most technical products (as electronics), even if kept new, still loose their refund value due the fact they typically are rapidly outdated
                        2. NUQXAB   gold might increase in value.
                        3. NUQXD7   rent (or other pay-for-access) based on a period made actually available, once that period has passed, would not be refundable, even if the access/service was unused, as would have market no value (access for a period which is passed) other than the unused {allowed-use normal {wear-and-tear other consumables} for the refunded service}
                    2. NUQRV1   with an arbitrary sized portion removed
                      1. NUR1EX  for refund request delay
                        1. NUR1GL   so effectively creating a statute of limitations (for mandating a refund)
                        2. NUQRW2   scaled by the refund-request-delay duration
                          1. NUQX3Z  so creating a not abrupt but gradual statue
                          2. NUQW0H  of range
                            1. NUQRZA   beginning the date of the purchase-being-refunded
                              1. NUQS3V   where if on multiple dates, then the “center of mass“, specifically the average of those dates weighted by the purchase amount at each date.
                            2. NUQSAN   ending when the first of:
                              1. NUQVP2   when a party benefiting from the lack of refund realized a refund would or may be appropriate
                                1. NUR0WK   thus at least not here (and hopefully everywhere), a buyer would not be penalized ( by a seller knowingly defrauding or otherwise overcharging the buyer for as long as the seller knew that
                              2. NUQVNB    ‘when the valid refund request received’
                                1. NUR12V   thus at least not here (and hopefully everywhere), a buyer would not be penalized {after the refund is fully in the seller’s court, so for the seller’s refund processing time}
                            3. NUQW1D   applied to (loss) formula
                              1. NUQVR2   of a half-life
                                1. NUR1PH  as, while not (yet) common in business, is seemingly the most nature-like function which also
                                  1. NUQWHQ   a continuous function (so notably no hard ending)
                                2. NUQWDZ   of period
                                  1. NUQWFW   which is
                                    1. NUQWGZ  near 5 years
                                      1. NUQWKQ   as that is near but not the full max-7 year record retention length (as IRS’s) but doesn’t end there (due to the half-life) which is ok as record keeping can go at least 100 years due to super-inexpensive electronic storage.
                                    2. NUQWHB   similar to some reasonably natural phenomenon
                                  2.  NUQWUA   so that of ‘cobalt-60: 5.2714’ years 
                  2. NUQRKJ   a fixed processing fee (positive or negative)
                    1. NUQROE   paid by every party making a significant mistake causing the refund
                    2. NUQRQS   of
                      1. NUQRRH   $2
                  3. NUQY9H   the item’s interim {value loss + maintenance costs}
                    1. NUQYNO   of ideally & regularly at or near 0
                    2. NUQYAF   for the refund processing period: period between from valid refund request received to when processing it completes.
                    3. NUQYE7   from any {deterioration/appreciation} + maintenance costs
                      1. NUQYUJ  physically
                      2. NUQYUP  NOT marketwise (including as here market price has been frozen)
                    4. NUQYLH   paid for by (and credited to, in the case of appreciation) the part(ies) physically possessing the item during this period.
            4. NU4VFL   ‘late payment’: being late (aka ‘payment’ late)
              1. NUMVZK   is the portion of a ‘payment’ which is still unpaid after it’s due
              2. NU4VFY    can come any contract related source, including:
                1. NU4VGC    ‘late regular payment’:
                  1. NUMXQ4   which is late payment ‘regular compensation’:
                2. NU4VGM   from depot return
                3. NU4VMU  from overcharging
                4. NU4WB5   damages unpaid
                  1. NU4WVQ  after 30 days.
              3. NU4VH0   shall have a penalty
                1. NU5PEE   of a setup fee added at time of occurrence
                  1. NU5PFU   of $2
                  2. NU5PV6   including to cover penalty computation plus the notice
                2. NU4VHT   of interest accruing on {the balance overdue including any setup fee}
                  1. NU4VKC  computed to at least the day
                  2. NU4VIC   at rate 4% per month
              4. NU5PJX shall cause notice of the lateness to the debtor
                1. NU5PMG   which, for any penalty starting, must
                  1. NU5PUG   include that penalty is added (and what it is & will be if not clearly specified here)
                  2. NU5Q2X   must be sent right after, as within an hour or so, after that penalty
                2. NU5Q4G   for which the sender must get recorded confirmation of receipt
              5. NU4WCW   can be reduced by placing the reduction amount as a lien on the debtor’s property
                1. NU4WH2   but that first requires alerting the debtor of the intent to so
                  1. NU4WJ3   by a ‘change notice’
              6. NU4WKI   cannot be reduced by possessing/seizing the debtor’s property (so that is not to be done)
              7. NUN135   When a (any) ‘payment’ is due, so when afterwards becomes late
                1. NUN1AH   is by default:
                  1.  NUR91J   paid-in-advance ‘except no balances’
                    1. NUREUI   where ‘except no balances’ means: except where that would cause {corrections or/and balance-keeping} even with best payment in full
                    2. NUNKLR   defined: (a payment’s due date is) the {last, aka most future} of:
                      1. NUNKNH   the start of what generally soon & unstoppably leads to ‘actual potential allowed use’ of something the payment is for
                        1. NUO6E3   as probably most notable example, in mail order & online information sales, where giving access to something is what is being paid for starts at whatever is first:
                          1. NUR6NV   when the seller receives it (notably applicable when selling information)
                          2. NUR6O6   when the seller has un-cancelably sent the item to the buyer (as via UPS, USPS, or digital Internet delivery, & more) in certain common cases
                            1. NUR7MS   including per the common payment card processing rules (and laws?) saying the card cannot be charged until the item has actually shipped to the customer.
                            2. NUR7J0  where 1 or more of:
                              1. NUR6ZH   the cost to the seller of getting an equivalent item is not insignificant
                                1. NUR7B5   -it’s insignificant usually for only (readily many) information products which the seller can readily copy
                              2. NUR6XT   it is hard for the seller to know for sure if the item is delivered including without damage.
                              3. NUR732   the item can only have a very limited total number of buyers (for instance, when selling secrets)
                          3. NUO6OZ   as another example, when renting a doweling or other storage location, ‘actual potential allowed use’ starting for that payment period
                      2. NUR81W whichever, is first (regarding the payment amount):
                        1. NUN0PU   the sum of:
                          1. NUR8AI  when {the final charge amount including explanation and other key details} {reliable-enough so subsequent adjustments rarely need to be made} can be easily & reliably determined else seen by all parties
                            1. NURE5I   note this ‘when’ varies significantly depending if the pricing structure is based on ‘actual use’ vs ‘actual potential use’, specifically:
                              1. NURE6R   for  ‘actual use’, even ‘actual allowed use’ as allowed utility use charged by ‘actual use’, computation cannot generally be done until after a
                              2. NUREAW  but for ‘actual potential use’, especially ‘actual potential allowed use’ as typical fixed-rent payments, computation can be done multiple, indeed unlimited, ‘duration’s in advance.
                          2. NUR8DZ   (plus) adequate time to for the payer reasonably respond & send payment
                            1. NUR8GL  of multiples of ‘duration’.
                              1. NUR8HN   so also allowing this payment (for say utilities actually used) to be combined with other relevant payments (for say regular rent)
                              2. NUR8JH   of ‘1 duration’
                        2. NUR83N   when the sum of {the amount now owed plus {the amount expected owed by the time payment for what now owed must be received} exceeds all ‘depost’ held to cover this.
                          1. NUR9MZ   For instance, say a ‘depost’ to cover this of $x and 1 month to pay for actual utility use and y days  after the month’s end to compute the utility bill; then generally utilities/month use should be no more than ~$x/2/(30/(30-y)) otherwise the rentor could be financially uncovered by a utility bill not paid while similar or greater utility use continued.
          5. NUCEE6   ‘tracking’
            1. NUMUTV   Follow relevant compensation record keeping requirements, notably ‘full receipt’
            2. NUCFO5   Paperless mostly/entirely methods
              1. NUCEP6  ‘compensation tracking: some charges & fund-transfers incur in order’: HTML table for ‘compensation tracking: some charges & fund-transfers in incur order’
                1. NUCEV5   is designed
                  1. NUCEZN   a near low-end accounting system for the purposes of {this a general contract, as rental}
                  2. NUCEWT   to track some but not all the compensation entries
                    1. NUCEVW   especially to make receipts for otherwise hard to track transfers especially a cash transfer
                    2. NUCEU8   so named ‘some’ as other tracking means may be used in addition
                2. NUCF6E   ‘biller/receiver’s signature’ field
                  1. NUCF8G   simple way to create an irrefutable transaction.
                    1. NUCFD5   so a notable pro of this manual table method.
              2. NUCF4S   a shared online spreadsheet
                1. NUCF5F   TBA
                2. NUCFG0  compared to  ‘compensation tracking: some charges & fund-transfers in order’:
                  1. NUCFF2   Notable Pro: much faster & immediate-error free
                  2. NUCFGV   Notable Pro: easy to sync the data
                  3. NUCFM6   Con: protection against alternating receipts seems weak
              3. NUCFI9 via PayPal
                1. NUCFIN   Notable Pro: allows for irrefutable receipt generation
          6. NUMWVG   (‘compensation’) is exclusively (to compensate) for ‘use’, specifically for:
            1. NUMX7N   ‘(compensation for) actual potential use’: for ‘actual potential use’, as:
              1. NUOEZX   direct ‘actual potential use’ (compensation/charging), such as:
                1. NUOF6T  notably compensation according to the “dimensions” of the ‘actual potential’ ‘use’
                  1. NUMXAJ   including most notably the time period (most typically monthly) and another size measure, such as:
                    1. NUO9RW   interest to cover the the time period debit was outstanding, where the debit could be a loan or late payment (interest example) or other debit.
                    2. NUO9U0   rent to cover the time period where use of ‘use’ of what was rented is ‘actual potential’ regardless of the amount or any actual occupancy.
                    3. NUQPLU   ‘common cellular pricing’
                2. NUQOW4  primarily
                  1. NUQOWB  soley/merely/exclusively
                    1. NUQPJ5  is very common
                    2. NUQPJF  for example
                      1. NUOEVI  ‘common cellular pricing’: for cellular/mobile service, each month, an allotment of maximum {talk minutes or/and GB} charged for regardless if any are actually used (also a time-period example)
                        1. NUOFIG  so the buyer can theoretically achieve near actual use charging, but only via being able to well predict what his/her usage will be and also calculate then which allotment would be the most affordable and change to it at/near right at the start.
                        2. NUOFCE   because the provider is still well-metering actual usage anyway (here to detect when max reached), but often apparently-deliberately not telling telling anything but the minimum details of the actual use, such charging/pricing plans are almost certainly a game to trick the customer into spending significantly more than actual use charging plus make it very difficult for the customer to know so shop-for best rates (for both which plan and which provider to choose).
              2. NUOKPD   ‘(compensation for) actual use’:‘actual’ ‘use’ …
                1. NUMX4J   where the contract specifies how to charge for that
                  1. NUOAF3   for instance, with a specification to entirely pay for utilities according to their to their actual use (example), then instead of  paying anything for the potential, specifically actual potential, to use them, one here pays for the ‘actual’ ‘use’ of them.
                  2. NUOEUB  compared to mere potential use charging,
                    1. NUOG1M   typically requires significantly more actual use metering & tracking & computation.
                    2. NUOG5C   typically creates significantly simpler pricing plans
                      1. NUOGD2   as ‘$ per GB-used’ instead of ‘$ per month for max _ GB used then’
                    3. NUOCYL   is to be done when can be made fairer to all parties
                      1. NUOGDF  so in opposition to potential-use pricing exploits (as apparent big example)
                2. NUOKN7   where the ‘use’ {not allowed or otherwise undesirable}
                  1. NUOKVF   according to 1 or more:
                    1. NUOKYJ  the contract, most notably: {relevant ‘use’  outside ‘use allowed by contract’} or making {‘late payment’(s) or damages}
                    2. NUOKZ3   entities being hurt by the use/action where those responsible would be reasonable expected to know their responsibility here.
                  2. NUR3TL   costs the doer costs allowed by contract, specifically the sum of:
                    1. NUR3WA  {the raw costs/price (as time & materials) of the ‘actual use’ not allowed
                    2. NUOLBV   repercussions beyond the raw cost of:
                      1. NUR3I0   ‘cost beyond raw’: ‘the cost, if negative, reward’ for the rule breaking beyond its raw cost
                        1. NUR54L   so for likely {being disruptive (positively or negatively), notably going against expectation and/or preparation} NUR5I8
                        2. NUR5I8   where ‘the cost, if negative, reward’ is:
                          1. NUR4BV   usually this is a cost, because usually rules aren’t made to be broken.
                          2. NUR4FV   however, there will seemingly always be at least a few rules which are both bad and must be broken to show they’re bad
                            1. NUR4MQ  –indeed that’s the major point of Beverly Hills Cop movies and many similar mostly-fictional moves.
                            2. NUR4KV   and for these cases, an appropriate reward here should be given.
                      2. NUOLPL   party(s), usually those injured by this breach, can & typically should respond by requiring contract changes of:
                        1. NUR357   ideally first new terms more in their favor proportionate to ‘cost beyond raw’
                        2. NUR37E   eventually  contract termination, with terms, with termination notice shorter proportionate to ‘cost beyond raw’
            2. NUQP01   NO (compensation for) {potential ‘use’ which is not ‘actual’ potential}
              1. NUQP3M   as, by definition, that would then be compensating for something that actually wasn’t readily available.
              2. NUQQKZ  as by false advertising (which promises more than actual)
                1. NUQPAB   for instance, NOT {paying the full amount for {Internet service promised to 20MB/sec} which {did or could not have} actually deliver speed that fast, even if those higher speeds were never used}.
              3. NUQQMU   as where  ‘actual’  use was impossible and the resources to provide for it were minimal):
                1. NUQPW1  for instance, NOT {paying for the bulk of excess insurance coverage, including get it refunded if paid, where the excess can be reasonably proven}, much as insurer may  wish & seek to collect & keep such compensation (as by oversimplified arguments as ‘no refunds on insurance’), as doing so would be immoral as the insurer didn’t actually have the liability exposure for the excess (so not just no valid claims there but such claims were impossible) but, if the compensation was paid, plus, until corrected, did have access-to & interest-on those funds.
            3. NUMZ02   NO (compensation for) anything else.
            4. NU4QKP ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. NUSFWG   this section: move to end of its parent  ‘compensation’ as its the most unfamiliar so confusing and generally doesn’t cause stumbling blocks.
        3. NUX2SH   ‘contract start’
          1. NUX2SW   ‘contract start date+time’
            1. NUX2TN   to be defined by extensions.
        4. NU5OQL   ‘contract termination’
          1. NU5OR8   unless specified at the contract’s start, must be done via a ‘change notice’ to terminate.
        5. NU4SZF   ‘contract modification’: contract modification/alteration/change
          1. NUUGB0   limitation
            1. NUUG80   ‘requiring ‘modification notice’’: ’ ‘contract modification’ requiring ‘modification notice’ for it
              1. NUXFTA  includes any valid relevant agreement…
                1. NUXFVF   especially if…
                  1. NUXFVR   officially signed by all direct parties.
                2. NUSU5P  except for…
                  1. NUF983    content…
                    1. NUF9A7   which is not strictly part of the agreement, especially content not part of its definition.
                    2. NUF9B7   aesthetics which don’t significantly change function
                  2. NUF9DB    changes where there is no substantial argument by any ‘direct party’ that the change has been agreed
                    1. NUSU2P  with notable possibilities including certain {extensions, clarifications, content-reorganization}
                3. NUF7UX   alert: for certain common & important electronic record-keeping, that can still be hard & problematic per NUFA58.
              2. NU458U  The effective start date of every mod/change requiring notice
                1. NUUD7N  is determined by its ‘modification notice’;
                  1. NUUD8G  specifically will when which ever of the following 2 options is further into the future:
                    1. NU45BZ   when the notice specifies
                    2. NU45CE    {the ‘notice warning duration minimum’} plus whichever of the following 2 is sooner:
                      1. NU5QG7   when the notice received
                        1. NUUE6Y   including, when there could be dispute, according to ‘proof of receipt’
                      2. NU5QJ4   when all known reasonable methods to deliver the notice, with recorded shareable proof of each attempt, have been tried plus
                        1. NU5QN6   7 days
          2. NU44V9   ‘contract modification notice’
            1. NU44VN   is notice that one ‘direct party’ gives to the other that s/he plans to modify/alter, or otherwise change the contract.
            2. NUUG3O   situations where required: see #NUUG80
            3. NU493W    ‘contract modification notice warning duration minimum’
              1. NU494W   is defined via its use at NU45CE.
              2. NUUFCB   defaults to:
                1. NUUFCU   ‘1 average month’
              3. NUUA6C   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                1. NUUG00   add default NUUFCU
                2. NUUARI   title from ‘minimum advanced change notice’ to present per parent change NUUBUH and more
            4. NU4YCP   (‘modification notice’) canceling
              1. NUUDBN  can be done…
                1. NU4YDU  by only the initiator of the notice
                2. NU4YE3   up until the actual change date
                3. NU4YF7   with no penalty
            5. NUUBTX ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. NUUBUH  per parent change #NUUAVJ, title from ‘change notice’ to present
          3. NU4QKP ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. NUUAVJ   title from ‘change/modification:’ to present, following NUS3JM use of ‘mod’, also since, from most important:
              1. NUUBOW  ‘modify’ is generally less radical than ‘change’
                1. NUUC4O vs bears this out.
              2. NUUBR1   ‘modify’ has a separate noun form (‘modification’), but ‘change’ does not.
            2. NU5OWV (for NU4SZF), decide to change the title from ‘termination’ to ‘changes’ and create a new section ‘termination’ –for additional flexibility & specification
        6. NUO7NB   ‘use’: use notably made possible by this contract
          1. NUSGLH   What is specified in this section:
            1. NUSG83   The contract’s particular product(s) or service(s) delivery does belong under this heading but is not specified in this document but rather in its direct-else-indirect extensions, to keep this document reusable for multiple extensions, however
            2. NUSGMD   Certain abstract sub-categories are needed for reference by at least the other sections of this document and can be meaningfully specified, so are specified in this section.
          2. NUO7WN   relevant adjectives ‘actual’ vs. ‘actual potential’:
            1. NUO7YQ   ‘actual’
              1. NUO7Z9   is {where actually {happened, as utilized}
            2. NUO83H   ‘actual potential’
              1. NUO8ER  is {where the potential is/was {‘actual’ meaning actually-including-readily could {happen, as be-utilized}}}
          3. NUQOCB   subcategories actual/actual potential:
            1. NUQODM   ‘actual use’:
              1. NUQOF6   is ‘actual’  ‘use’
            2. NUQOFX   ‘actual potential use’
              1. NUQOGM   is ‘actual potential’ ‘use’
          4. NU4C9V    ‘use allowed by contract’:
            1. NU4CFQ   are contract’s activities, other than it’s administration & ‘compensation’, typically products and/or services, that the contract promises allowed/delivered to/from its ‘direct parties’
            2. NUMYST  has potential/actual subcategories of:
              1. NUF1O3  ‘actual allowed use’:
                1. NUF1OS    is {‘actual’ ‘use allowed by contract’, so also ‘actual potential use’}
                  1. NUF1S4   such as, for rental contract, when properties & entities of different  ‘direct parties’ non-remotely meet,
                    1. NUF1UZ   specifically when some of a rentee’s entities are placed in the rented space, phrased as {the rentee actually occupies the rented space}
              2. NUMYU9   ‘actual potential allowed use’:
                1. NUMYV3   is ‘use allowed by contract’ which is { ‘actual potential’} so also {‘actual potential use’ so actually-including-readily utilizable}
            3. NUXGWK   must be reasonably delivered
              1. NUXH0W   including
                1. NUXHGG  ‘anti-surprise’:
                2. NUXH24   provider personnel being reasonably available to timely-correct valid problems
                3. NUXH45    outage
                  1. NUXH5V   notice where possible
                  2. NUXH65   compensation, especially appropriate {refund + penalty}, where significant
                    1. NUXH88   especially where lack of notice
              2. NUXHCT    ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                1. NUXHGY inspired by same as for ‘anti-surprise’
        7. NUUEF8   ‘proof’
          1. NUUEBF   to be trusted, should have all its relevant details
            1. NUUELF   {reliable including unfakeable}
            2. NUUELZ   shareable to the degree all parties need to witness it
              1. NUUENK   including ideally & typically recorded
          2. NUUEFO   must show of the relevant pieces of information in the relation the proof claims
          3. NUUEHF   ‘proof of receipt’: ‘proof’ of receipt
            1. NUUEJ3   must show
              1. NUUEP3   parties receiving something {on a particular date when that relevant}
        8. NUUFT3   duration
          1. NUUFE8   ‘1 average month’
            1. NUUFEW  ={{1 year=365.242 days} divided-by {12 months/year}}=30.4368 days
    2. NUC76X  ‘form templates’:
      1. NU9GPT  when:
        1. NU4B4P  start date+time:
          1. NU9GT5 2015.09.07Mon0000
        2. NU4CNB  termination: minimum (duration of) advanced notice
          1. NU9GVY  2 weeks
      2. NU9GZQ ‘compensation’
        1.  NUCE5P   ‘tracking’
          1. NUC92A  contract NTGG2U ‘compensation tracking: some charges & fund-transfers in incur order’
            ‘item ID’ {item or transfer}
            method (as ‘cash’) and id
            start date+time
            amount (+:pmt,
            NUC9T6 sign date+time setup start date+time to end -0 -0 rentor (SAMPLE)
            NUC9YK || deposit || to end -65 -60 rentor (SAMPLE)
            NUCAK4 || rent || 22days -47.67 =22/30*-65 -112.67 rentor (SAMPLE)
            NUCAKH cash || balance || varies 112.67 0 rentor (SAMPLE)
            NUCBLT PayPal NUCC28NUCC28 2015.10.29Thu1015 rent 2015.10.01Thu0000 1mo -65 -65 PayPal receipt
            NUCBME || || balance || || 65 0 PayPal receipt
            NUCC97 NUCDBH 2015.11.12Thu1531 term. notice 2015.11.27Fri000 -2wk 0 0 rentee (SAMPLE)
            NUCCU0 2015.11.27Fri000 rent || -3day 6.50
            6.50 rentor (SAMPLE)
            NUCCFH Walmart receipt 3442249482213 2015.11.28Sat1135 cleaning solution same -20.23 -13.75 rentor (SAMPLE)
            NUCCOD 2015.11.29Sun1216 deposit rtn 65 51.27 rentor (SAMPLE)
            NUCD7O cash || balance now all -51.27 0 rentee (SAMPLE)

            NUCE6T   HTML table

            1. NU7LBQ ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. NUFSM5   better formatted heading labels and used links instead of values for NUC9T6
          2. NUCEBN   a shared spreadsheet TBA
        2. NU4BGD medium:
          1. NU9HIV  ‘PayPal remote async’ else ‘cash in-person simultaneous with receipt’
        3. NU4B7R  setup fee amount:
          1. NU9H7I   $0
        4. NU4BCN  deposit amount
          1. NU9HDV   regular period amount
        5. NU9H0W    ‘regular period’
          1. NU4B8Z  amount:
            1. NU9H4W   $65
      3. NU0E67 the ‘direct parties’
        NU0KF3   ‘The contract’s ‘direct parties’ table’
        NU0EAG ‘item ID’ NU0IP1 NU0IP2 NU0IP3 NU0IP4
        NU0EAR contract role rentor1 rentor2 rentee1 rentee2
        NU22CV other
        ‘added/removed’  5132660916 [similar one]  (none) NTEOJK+
        NU0IJ0 ‘contact’  phone #  1.949.[redacted] 1.949.[redacted]
        NU0IJS ‘contact’ email
        NU0EC6  ‘photo ID’ type (as DL)  DL  DL
        NU0EDI  ‘photo ID’ org/govt  US.CA  US.CA
        NU0IC4  ‘photo ID’ expiration date  [redacted]  2018.[redacted]
        NU0EBO  ‘photo ID’ full
         [redacted]  (none) [] (none)
        NU0IBX  ‘photo ID’ ID#  [redacted]  [redacted]
        NU0IF5  ‘photo ID’ DOB [redacted]  [redacted]
        NU0IQZ signing signature
        matching photo ID
          [redacted]   [redacted]
        NU0IUG signing date  2015.09.03
        1. NU7LBQ ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. NUFEVV   fabricated IDs NU0IP1,2,3,4 were, in hindsight, not necessary and should just be treated as generic IDs including replaced in the actual contract.
          2. NUC1G0   changing from ‘the ‘direct parties’ & properties’ to preset, factoring out table to NUC1I1 also there cutting much of ‘plus their respective properties (where rentor‘s property stores renter’s property)’
      4. NU9ETQ references
        1. NU4TAQ minimum quantity from every ‘direct party’:
          1. NU9FAD   3
        2. NU9FCH   individual specifics
          NU9FFD references in order provided
          NU9FK5 ‘for party’ NU0IP3  NU0IP3  NU0IP3 NU0IP1 NU0IP1 NU0IP1 NU0IP1
          NU9G9T relation to party mother good family friend supplier ‘a good friend of mine’ says ref daughter ‘my last tenant’
          NU9J64 relevance here ‘knows me probably better than any’ says party ‘knows me fairly well’ says party similar contract –& ‘ask mgr _ my history :-)’ says party similar contract
          NU9J7B per criteria,
          involved {since
          or/and duration}
          since party’s birth 1975 2005.02 ‘many years’ says ref ‘about 4 years now, a little longer perhaps’ says ref (since ref’s birth?) ‘for over 3 yrs’ says party
          NU9JMY occupation former writer+ graphic-designer & now very active retiree former HS teacher & now very active retiree storage biz ‘an insurance broker’ says party
           NU9GAM name
           [redacted]  [redacted]  [redacted]  [redacted]  [redacted]  [redacted]  [redacted]
          NU9J4D phone esp. cell #(s)
          (redacted) (redacted) (redacted) (redacted) ‘does not give her number out to people she does not know’ says party (redacted) (redacted)
          NU9J58 email addr
          (skipped) (skipped) (skipped) (skipped) (denied apparently) (skipped) (skipped)
          NU9JYR ask for
          (as title+name)
          –name confidential
          self self manager (redacted) self self self self
          NU9KID {1st direct msg
          from ref to chkr} date
          pst1520 3min(call NUBIN9)
           none as of 2015.09.06  ? 2015.09.02
          2015.09.15 pst1556 2015.09.03
           none as of 2015.09.07
      5. NUBC7Q ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. NUBC35   cut this next section but not contents, since each child is better of listed on its own and the grouping seems to serve no purpose
          1. NU4AOE additional terms
            1. (moved out)
            2. NU7KV5 ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’NU9F1C table
                : yesterday see not just some but all its contents can be seemingly probably better placed in an outline, so moving it to there, then cutting the remainder data-less table:

              1. NU4ATZ  The contract‘s additional terms that fit well in a table,
                broken down by the contract’s periods in order to allow for changing of these terms
                NU4AV0 NU4AZL NU4AZL: NU0IP1
                NU4B30 period name 1 (begin)
                  start date
                  termination 2 weeks
                  compensation periodic duration 1mo
                  compensation periodic amount $60
                  compensation setup amount $0
                  compensation deposit amount 1mo worth
                  compensation medium PayPal else cash

                NU7LXC   in table

              2. NU7M43   table name from ‘The contract‘s other terms’ to ‘The contract‘s additional terms that fit well in a table,’ then move out stuff which doesn’t well fit.

  1. NUPGNV  ‘reviews, design standards, & popularity’
    1. NU4ZL7   ‘notable pros thru cons’: this contract & typical extensions, especially compared to similar contracts & their templates, ‘notable pros thru cons:’ 
      1. NU4ZD2    BIGGEST PRO: designed to be fair, indeed to have no role favoritism, and achieves it so far
        1.  NU50S7   including via maximal symmetry/balance including much higher than most  than most legal contacts that leads to notably more fairness & more
      2. NUSCHI   2nd BIGGEST goal: aims to be, from most important:
        1. NUSCLW  correct –literally every word.
        2. NUSCMA  complete plus {universal where that can be make practical}
          1. NUSCMQ   for trouble-free later on, including for super-compactness of extensions
          2. NUSCZE   this is hard very to achieve while also minimizing the then high cost in athletics & sometimes readability,
          3. NUSD49   Do we achieve it? Well in 1st use (1st extension),
            1. NUSDCD  see how well completeness achieved;
            2. NUSDDP   Also notice there the definition is very compact indeed shockly small, because these core universal terms & forms already handles it ~85%!
      3. NU4ZQ7  Big PRO: provided above goals aren’t sacrificed, as simple as practical, which fortunately here makes it:
        1. NUSCE7   somewhat-to-a-lot easier to read & understand than typical legal contracts, including avoiding typical legalese
        2. NUSCFL   easy & remarkably-clean to extend & version & even refer to any of its points, plus reasonably short
      4. NUCGBL   Notable PRO: notably high, indeed maximal, symmetry/balance including:
        1. NU50N0 much higher than most legal contracts
          1. NUCGG8  which instead are typically written from the perspective of one of the party/roles, ‘you’ vs. ‘we’ (typically ‘the company’)
        2. NUCGCA  especially with regard to every party/role:
        3. NUCHBP  via (from biggest first), by design:
          1. NU50U0    has same the same terms & forms/required-info for all parties, both
            1. NUD45V  via tables asking the same questions & requiring the same standard met for every person especially: examples: every party’s/role’s personal information, property features, and even references
            2. NUD4BI  in prose holding every direct party to the same standard as references for every partyliability statements, even  late payments.
          2. NU50TC  written in impartial 3rd person
        4. NUCGJ2  resulting in notably more PROS over the typical legal contract, from biggest first:
          1. NUCGKX   fairer
            1. NUCGL2   including balance (so fairness) is dramatically easier to see.
          2. NU50R7   simpler
          3. NUD3Y1   more understandable at least once familiar
          4. NUCGKP   more quickly complete
          5. NUCGKF   more compact
      5. NUDCRJ   Notable pros: writing style features especially commonplace on & often pioneered by
        1. NUDCYF  Notable pro, including still novel for legal contracts: use of hyperlinking, including for most every key term & phrase.
        2. NUBZAS  Notable pro: unlike traditional {documents, maybe especially legal contracts}, maximally factor out repeated info,
          1. NUBZJ5   so makes the particular instance signed to, and every other component, minimally short (just the unique particulars for this case)
          2. NUMJIH   included built out of reusable modules with potentially unlimited nesting levels, similar and approaching {quality software internal design, as top example via NPM and similar powerful code reuse}
            1. NUMJS9   where here (for the 3 core module types) ‘the final contract & each signed update to it’ is mostly just references to the rental template (which itself is very general purpose) which the bulk is a general contract (unusable for other contract types)
              1. NUMJZM   where also
                1. NUMK3M   ‘the final contract & each signed update to it’
                  1. NUBZIW just specifies the particular variables & their values for each case, so making that doc very short, indeed typically near maximally small, while still immediately referring all the full detail  & explanation via links.
                    1. NUC02M so it’s easy to see what terms are particular to each case and what is shared & the same.
                  2. NUBZM6  has the bulk of the rules & terms being signed to are via links (rather than repeating them or else respelling them out)
                    1. NUBZOL   so also makes the original advertising & discussion part of the contract (as much as practical), which is most natural & typically simplest & certainly cuts down redundant specification where syncing &  insuring synced is readily time consuming & problematic.
        3. NUD4J5   Notable pro: ‘use of GUIDs’
        4. NUD4HP   Notable pro: maximal use of outlining, which is notably more than even the average legal contract
        5. NUDCO8   Notable pro: features use of ‘{..}’ grouping in natural language (as English) phrases to make concept grouping clear (an extension of to ‘(..)’ grouping in mathematics).
        6. NUDD3H   Notable pro: doesn’t just tell the terms but often also tells why/motivation,  source, & background, including to be maximally transparent.
          1. NUDE2C   though, since a contract, regularly factors out the why/motivation to keep it easy to see what all is agreed to;  biggest example: the contract’s definition verses the its other aspects as this here text reviewing it.
        7. NU4PWZ   PRO: designed to be easily used including instantiated & shared including effectively long-term paperless.
        8. NUDE90   PRO: pioneers & successfully 1st uses JotHere’s collapsing ‘section[& post] history additional’
      6. NUD4ZB   Notable Pro IMHO: unlike contracts still common today, intentionally absent of any full waiver of liability in its basic form (naturally any extension, including here instantiation, could add such terms)
      7. NUDHSK   PRO: the contact’s source/template is public (this post), whereas many/most rental agreement contract sources are private.
      8. NU4PIN   PRO: while probably still has a few holes compared to similar contracts (example), appears to cover the immediate basics.
      9. NUDHFW  Pro: without redoing the whole contract, has features:
        1. NUDFQ6  Pro: allows the entities to change
          1. NUDFOO  including party adding (example), updating, & removing
          2. NUDFPS   including property adding, updating, & removing (notable example)
        2. NUDDEX  Pro: tries to be generalize-able to any # entities as practical, including:
          1. NUDDH8   typically prefers terms of ‘every’ (else ‘all’) instead of {‘both’ or ‘either’ as those  specifies exactly 2}.
          2. NUDDFZ   for any # of parties,
            1. NUDDII   including support for multiple parties within each role: notable example ‘The contract’s ‘direct parties’ table’ (can have multiple rentors & rentees)
          3. NUDDNA   for any number of properties: notable example ‘The rental’s properties including changes table’.
      10. NUFSB7  small con: when viewing from a distance (overall window/page appearance), not very pretty
        1. NUFSCO   largely due to outlines giving raggedy edges and tables floating about.
      11. NUDB4U   CON: since ideally every instance is built out of extending other indeed several sources, it is notably harder to snapshot all of this to have good record and to avoid alterations which all parties don’t agree
        1. NUDBA2   notable tools to fix this:
          1. NUFFNQ   using the built-in-editor’s duplicate features, as for WordPress.
          2. NUDBE5   for the public portions, using Archive.Org or equivalent
          3. NUDBAL   multiple systematic uses of browser web-page save-as, maybe most notably url_archive_MAXUKI
          4. NUDBFW probably ASAP using git or equivalent, notably say policies via Github
      12. NUD3NS   Notable con: probably off-putting to a person to the degree s/he is used to the traditional contact form
        1. NU4ZZ2   as is the usual case for most anything notably pioneering
        2. NUD4VC  being  a very novel way to write a legal contract, per all the pros-in-comparison mentioned
      13. NUQ4MS   see also {sibling sections, so in #NUPGNV}
    2. NUPGUF  comparison with alternative
      1. NUPGVF   immediately analogous alternative:
        1. NUPGWO  no others known so far.
    3. NUPGRN  use in practice:
      1. NUPGRW   1st use’s
      2. NUPGT3   so far no other.
    4. NTGGUP     :‘success of this’
      1. NTGGUB   TBA here after known.
  2. NUD9T0   ‘annex’annex
    1. NUFA58   Via electronic media, even today {doing  ‘does not alter (prior revisions)’ while still well managing them} is still commonly hard & problematic.
      1. NUF7VX   Default WordPress with regards to this
        1. NUF9RZ   is one of the better solutions here (from saving all prior version) but still not automatically a full solution.
        2. NUF8E8   is what is currently uses though the site controllers are ready to do the needed fixes for full support notably to support needs as this.
        3. NUF7YP   saves all prior revisions, and can even auto diff between any pair,  but has notable limitations in displaying them: they’re apparently only displayable via the post editor’s button ‘Browse’ (real example link for the present revision of this text)’ is seemingly (need to check) only accessible by those with edit access and, worse, displays them as not final output but HTML source (much harder to read), though does also auto-diff them (so much easily compare them) with any future & past version.
          1. NUF9Z5   as a sometimes usable work around, one can of course make a copy of existing content to then draft a new version, indeed has plugin Duplicate Post for such uses, but that doesn’t automatically track where copies came from so it’s easy to loose track plus diffing is notably harder as then has to be done by an external diff utility.
          2. NUF8EU   where these limitations can semi-readily be fixed via plugin(s) as those among these ‘display revision’ plugin offerings
      2. NUFADI   a pretty good workaround is to keep an image of the printout, also done to capture signatures, but that doesn’t capture hyperlink targets/destinations (unless it displays it) nor dynamic content and can be notably harder to diff, though is still arguably better than any paper-based means.
    2. NUD9TF   IMHO contracts should as much as practical assign appropriate liability, including notably avoid full else max/high liability waivers that have become common in contracts even today
      1. NUDA3T   Full else max/high liability waivers
        1. NUD55X   are still common in contracts even today
          1. NUD5FU   becoming common when (in response to?) law suits becoming frequently abused
        2. NUDA7A   IMHO are to be avoided as much as practical
          1. NUD57H   as yes determining & enforcing liability can be hard, but any full waiver of liability
            1. NUD58Z   is fundamentally not fair
              1. NUD5E3  as, in seemingly every imaginable circumstance, anyone significantly involved can cause some damages to others
              2. NUD5DG   so it is wrong for people to go hiding it because of say court abuse: rather one needs to fix the courts.
            2. NUD5GL   is not fair and readily not sensible including for most if not all rental contracts,
              1. NUD5UH   as the degree one party can access to the other {party(s) or/and property of}
                1. NUD69Y   is the degree to which damage can by done to that other party(s).
                2. NUD5I2    is, for at least rental contracts, regularly significant including in both directions
                  1. NUD63J generally to the degree to which each party has access to other party
                  2. NUD6CA   such as when a rentor renting out his/her property for putting (as storing or occupying) a rentee his/her creatures & property
                    1. NUD97U  via various ‘hazard types’:
                      1. NUD5S7   hazardous materials: a fire or explosion or excess water/chemical caused by & at party could hurt the other
                      2. NUD6YP   hazardous construction: either party’s property not built or maintained to safe standards in cases could hurt the other party.
                      3. NUD6OR   hazardous creatures: either party could even-unintentionally bring persons or/and creatures causing damage to the other party’s property or/and creatures, including by then bringing more hazards.
                        1. NUD6R2   of course either party could readily hurt the other property having access (though likely that won’t happen after trust established via each gone thru contract setup process if that includes qualifiers photo Id & references)
                    2. NUD7QV   any interacting property used by its owner-here for additional purposes (beyond what the contract would entail) can & sometimes does affect the other party(s)’s damages risk
                      1. NUD7WW   for instance, if a property is also used as a residence by one of the parties
                        1. NUD81Y   especially if somewhat unusual, as:
                          1. NUD7ZQ   a home owner renting out storage in his/her home
                          2. NUD80H   storage facility also used as a residence by one of its tenants
                      2. NUD8EZ   making the damage risk
                        1. NUD8KP   sometimes worse (notably due to overuse of the property causing hazards)
                          1. NUD8OW  indeed one of the key arguments for zoning laws/ordinances
                          2. NUD8WA   which, in modern western world, appears a common sentiment which IMHO has gone too far.
                        2. NUD8NI   sometimes better (via more eyes to thwart off  and warn of bad things, plus more hands on hand to undo them)
                  3. NUD6HP   where it is small seems to were there little physical overlap between parties
                    1. NUD7K9  as is the usual case by remote services especially mail-order
                    2. NUD6JC   Such as rentor Netflix or equivalent
                      1. NUD6KI   especially when using their pure-electronic (Internet delivery of content instead of via disc)
                      2. NUD6LI   but still here some significant bi-directional damage is possible & happens:
                        1. NUD6M0   rentee can damage rentor by:
                          1. NUD75E   overuse content, notably via info piracy
                          2. NUD74F  damage or lose discs
                          3. NUD74L   make inappropriate online posts/communications, especially with other potential/actual rentees, probably especially the rentor‘s website
                        2. NUD7AY     rentor can damage rentee by say
                          1. NUD72T    provide content which damages players, especially via physical media as disc
                          2. NUD7D7   not delivered what’s promised, possibly most upsetting by delivering content not appropriate for children.
              2. NUDAJW   as even when the product/service is at cost or free or below cost, there is solid argument for the provider having less liability (due to less being charged) but not NO liability
                1. NUDAM0   such as software licenses even when the software can be obtained for no charge (as freeware, shareware, plus typical open-source)
                  1. NUDAN6   here the norm is to include full waiver of provider’s liability
                  2. NUDANZ   but what if the author or/and owner is deliberately delivering a malign virus or other malware?  Should we then, per this our contract with him/her, relieve them from all liability?  I and seemingly most people would think that was morally wrong, but legally it would be correct.
    3. NULF87   payment forms, at least common ones, and their basic properties
      ‘item ID’ name speed ‘transfer reliability’ ‘attaching the receipt’ remote transfer cost typ setup time
      NULF15 wire transfer seconds 1 0? 1 ~$25 .5 hrs
      NULES3 bitcoin or equivalent seconds 1 0? 1 <1% 5 hrs
      NULETE PayPal transfer seconds .99 1 1 0 or ~3% 1 hr
      NULF3O payment card esp debit card & variants seconds .99 .2? 1 3% 0 (norm)
      NULESL cash seconds ~.97 (easily lost) 0 0 $0 0 (norm)
      NULFYZ cheque of any type ~3 days to 2 wks varies but but except as noted: for remote transfers, may not actually be sent where&when reported .7 via memo field .5 (can pmail) $0 to ~3% varies
      NULEWB cashiers cheque or money order ~3 days .95 (see for any ck type) same as any ck type same as any ck type ~2% .3hr
      NULF07 regular cheque sent by writer ~5 days .75 (can bounce so limit amt to sender trust;  see for any ck type) same as any ck type same as any ck type 0 .3hr (as now unpopular)
      NULG26 regular cheque  check sent by party’s bank ~4 days .95 (as bank insures funds before sending (so low chance of bounce) & guarantees sent when & where) same as any ck type same as any ck type $0 .2 hr

      NULH6F   On payment forms

      1. NULHH0   properties
        1. NULHHR   ‘transfer reliability’: —column NULFD6
          1. NULHIR   seems the only popular sometimes bad one is ‘regular cheque sent by writer’
        2. NUMD3O   ‘attaching the receipt’: —column NULFDF
          1. NUMD6N   see quality ‘attaching to payment the receipt’
      2. NUQ4FR  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1.  NUQ4G7   TODO maybe: move this section into ‘definition’
  3. NTGGQF   ‘‘author(s) background (on the topic)’’‘author(s) background (on the topic)’:
    1. NTGGR1   not a lawyer, but a MIT CS grad & writer.
    2. NTGGRC   have written a number of prior legal contracts successfully used in practice many times, including:
      1. NTGGSZ   an employment agreement
      2. NTGGT7   a house mate rental agreement.
    3. NTGGW2   Why write my own legal contracts?  I find:
      1. NTGGWV   I can often do a better job, or at least make significant improvements over typical legal-ease, including more readability & re-usability plus fairer & sometimes-completer terms.
      2. NTGGYH   it’s easy & fun for me to write!
    4. NTGHA2   ‘ “of MissionFirst”N1O49’
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    2. NUUA46   start edits & adds: NUWMXC + NUWJ4Y + NUXEWB + NUXDT3 + NUX0BB + NUWYQU + NUWYHO + NUWYUE + NUUGB0 + NUUG3O + NUUBUH + NUUAVJ + + NUXHGY + NUUEF8 ;  +spellcheck{but ExWeb failed on the ID bug}+{update IDs to latest format: 936 replacements}
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