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NV03AZ    “intro & overall”

  1. NV03JK ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except: none.
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    NV03K2  post name:

    ‘‘content revisioning/versioning on, so especially on WordPress with what plugins to fix ’NV03AZ

    1. NV03P0  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. NV1WOT   now to next: present,  to make clear the important point that article also applies to a wider audience (WordPress) and explain why.
        1. NV1WTX   aside, per that, add post to category ‘WordPress LGVU5T’
      2. NV0611  now originally to next:‘‘ content revisioning/versioning ’NV03AZ
      3. NV03QD    “per post name, add post to categories”
        1. NV063C   ‘this site’s documentation for its users NQBFBL (30)’
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  4. NV1V53    table of contents overall for remainder: ‘definition’ +  ‘post history additional’

  5. NV0651   ‘definition’:
    1. NV0JBX   on posts and more involved comments,
      1. NV0JCS   typically one can see the date of the version being displayed by looking at the end of the post/page for the ‘post history’ or equivalent section, such as ‘post history additional’. Indeed it will tell you pretty compactly but accurately the writing status of the post, including TODOs plus what has been updated, with the most recent stuff always displaying and just a mouse-over to see it all.
    2. NV065V   follows WordPress revisioning except as noted here
      1. NV067U   including most notably
        1. NV1TN5   heads-up: this section is very long because there is a lot the WordPress user needs to note because the WordPress default behavior here (in revisioning), while covering most of the basics since 2010~, is still poor or especially incomplete.
          1. NV1WWW   indeed so much that article also provides a reasonable directory of the plugins available to here fix/improve WordPress, for each area of deficiency.
            1. NV1WZ5   aside: this section inspired/reminded by seeing, next to the WordPress category,  category  ‘WordPress plugin LXI1Y7’ which then I now add this post to.
        2. NV0FRT   for content other than posts & pages (as comments, categories, tags, etc)
          1. NV0FSL   it is NOT versioned/revisioned –only the latest is kept (except via site backup, another matter)
            1. NV0HNE   unless fixed by a plugin as say Settings Revisions, etc
        3. NV0FUD   for posts & pages,
          1. NV0I01  when viewed via normal reader view, as for this post
            1. NV0G5R  a post/page you’re reading is out-of-date/not-updated 
              1. NV0IO3   is to be expected because: the author(s) haven’t updated (hey, most are unpaid for this!) else the updates aren’t shown
              2. NV0IQJ   please handle by:
                1. NV0G9N   First, if you have edit access the post, attempt to open the post for editing, including to see if {it’s currently being edited or/and there are unpublished edits}.
                2. NV0GBR    Second, contact the post  author(s) to let them know (as by commenting on the post or other means), including as there could be updates
            2. NV0FNS   When one looks at a post/page from the normal reader view (so not via edit mode), s/he will only be shown the latest published version with NO indication of {any (newer) versions  being edited/drafted, even though they’re likely to exist due to 1 or more reasons}
              1. NV0JZ7   –a mistake of WordPress designers IMHO.
                1. NV1TYD   most notably, failing journalist integrity (of show the changes/corrections)
                  1. NV1TZV   probably due to WordPress’s initial wrong ideas that:
                    1. NV1U12   WordPress was just for a blog, so news articles
                    2. NV1U1A   news articles need so little updating it is not worth providing for (wrong) because (true but insufficient:) are just a flash in time, not analysis, which is easier to get right.
            3. NV0I7P   there are often unpublished edits/updates when one might not see any, because the combo:
              1.  NV0ICN   they are hidden from in normal reader view
              2. NV0IH2:  1 or more of:
                1. NV0ICY  the post/page was/is recently edited
                2. NV0ID4   frequent explicit saving is generally not good.
            4. NV0JO1   the previous revisions, even the existence of any, isn’t revealed
              1. NV1W6O   but differences on
              2. NV0KZ3   even though the edit mode has near complete display here, including any-to-any diff, so it would take very little coding to also have this for the front/reader view
              3. NV0JXJ   –a big mistake of WordPress designers IMHO –similarly again: point NV0JZ7
              4. NV0KCQ   the radical opposite of most famous wiki MediaWiki, so including for its most famous example of all Wikipedia, which features a full-featured full ‘History’ on every article, and even for the article’s discussion/talk:
                1. NV0KI1  example for MediaWiki entry: article history+article talk history
                  1. NV1767   which is very useful and seems very heavily used, even by/to non-editors,
                    1. NV179J  to examine what changed happened to something someone cares about
                    2. NV177D   give a permanent URL to a article that won’t change, including where links to within it won’t break, in order to quote something from it with a reliable link to the source
                    3. NV17BS   possibly more uses
              5. NV0JQ3   unless mentioned in body itself, such as done on
              6. NV0JSX  unless fixed by a plugin, such as by ‘Post Revision Display’ (best currently known) or equivalents.
                1. NV1682  However after 2 hours of active web searching (shown on that last link), the best plugin we could find (that one) hasn’t been updated in nearly 5 years and, 2nd, rates only 3 of 5 stars with only 300+ active installs
                  1. NV17JX   though do note that search only includes search for fixes of this feature alone, and notably NOT  for full wiki packages or other wiki plugins (seems a complete list) which may ad this feature but not so much mention this feature (so making them harder to find here) per expecting these are wiki features which go without saying.
                  2. NV174B   which, by the stark feature difference with Wikipedia, suggests to u that WordPress isn’t used very seriously as a wiki, especially for general public edits, with no significant change so apparent plans for that for now ~5+ years
                    1. NV17HU   which then leads us to more see content needs to (more) start moving away from WordPress to a different CMS
                      1. NV183A   …which reasonably proven and has this & related wiki features, naturally starting first with considering (just mentioned) MediaWiki,
                      2. NV1843   so, as always planned, would be done with existing content continued to hosted, though maybe without further improvement, until converted, by opening for a the new a simultaneous site as
                      3. NV18VI  aside: per this section’s topic, now add this post to category ‘> NV185U’
          2. NV0I18 when being edited (edit view, as for this post)
            1. NV0GQ4   the content of the full page/post is auto-saved
              1. NV0GRP   seemingly about every ~30 seconds, so very frequent.
                1. NV0H28   so under normal situations, web browser die/hang only causes a few last typed words to be lost –very impressive– IFF restore done right which is a tad tricky.
              2. NV0GS9   actual typically with 2 variants:
                1. NV0GT2   to the database and to the browser local storage
              3. NV1RM7   confirmed by the bottom of line of the edit tab window saying essentially ‘Draft saved at 9:57:06 pm
                1. NV1ROC  where ‘9:57:06 pm’ is the current time according to the website
                  1. NV1RPP  including in the time zone the website is set to
                    1. NV1RQU   which is set at /wp-admin/options-general.php ‘Timezone’
                      1. NV1SGL   which (being international) sets to UTC, so that time is displayable via
                  2. NV1SNJ   which should be confirmed is the expected time-of-last edits if there is any doubt and edits important, as I’ve occasionally seen the editor’s code to update this time stamp not run.
              4. NV0GTY   which over-writes the previous auto-save so
                1. NV0GVI   big pro: wastes no significant space
                2. NV0GVX   small con: if an auto-save exists at the start of editing (the editor will warn of this at the top), then seems that must be addressed immediately before any editing started…
                  1. NV19AB  else bad things:
                    1. NV0GXK   the auto-saved content will lost
                    2. NV0H0V  else will be very tricky to merge with the new content, including likely requiring external merge tools & tricky copy-and-paste.
                  2. NV19AR   which is very-disruptive, a little time-consuming, and reasonably error prone as:
                    1. NV19BX  error-prone, as 1 to 2 auto-saves need to be checked
                      1. NV19DN   as sometimes at least 1, I think the browser auto-save, is NOT newer indeed considerably older
                      2. NV19EY   which is tricky & time-consuming for the browser auto-save as no diff there is given so must be done with care via external tools as kdiff3
                    2. NV19L3   creates a revision in the post/page’s permanent revision history which is
                      1. NV19M8  needless (at least has been), but then
                      2. NV19MI   seemingly still needs to be tracked per the normal revision tracking, including at the very minimum since the revision # count has been unexpectedly bumped mid-way through edits.
              5. NV18Y3   -forcing this for temporary exits
                1. NV18ZH   is needed as a combo of:
                  1. NV191A   if not done, notably from the  web browser being killed, when the content (page/post) is edited again, the editor person will get a confusing warnings as ‘an auto-save exists’ or/and ‘a browser save exists’ which must be dealt-with seemingly-immediately & properly -very disruptive.
                  2. NV1FRP  1 or more of
                    1. NV1FDI  about every day of editing, especially when editing more than 1 post, seems  needs to close at least 1 edit session before editing complete
                      1. NV1FDT   typically due to the browser or/and {operating system, especially Lenovo 2e‘s Window OS} becoming corrupt with warning, so needing restart
                    2. NV1FSE   (editor’s) tab refresh needed, caused by 1 or more of:
                      1. NV1FT9   the (editor’s) category listing needing refreshing, caused by 1 or more of:
                        1. NV1FUE   other edits of the category list which needs to be incorporated here
                          1. NV1GDV   which frequently happens as the page/post editor’s category creation has problems:
                            1. NV1GR6   regularly falsely reports, even for site administrators, ‘you don’t have permission to do that’
                            2. NV1GRR   allows no editing of categories, including what it just created (which frequently does need to be corrected/improved)
                            3. NV1GTL   does not allow the category description to be entered nor displayed
                2. NV1FJ8   -how to do?
                  1. NV1FJK   so far not at all obvious
                  2. NV1FLZ  by ‘ensure the auto-save has run complete’ then closing the browser’s tab
                    1. NV1SV4   where ‘ensure the auto-save has run complete’, if failed to be done, specifically if the user explicitly closes the tab before a needed auto-save
                      1. NV1TB3   which is (by default) mostly not likely, at least if the user waits a bit, as
                        1. NV1TD2   pro: the default autosave interval is fast.
                        2.  NV1TGC   con: so far the editor lacks any indicator (as the typical ‘*’, that there are further edits to be auto-saved
                          1. NV1TID  besides {the ‘Draft saved’ date  being behind the current time} but that takes time for a user person to verify (specifically comparison with the current time, plus both clocks being in sync)
                      2. NV1TBG    then instead the latest auto-save before that will be restored and any edits after that lost –also without error nor alert!
                        1. NV1SZS   per empirical tests done on this page of:
                          1. NV1RE0  -this entry not auto-restored (so manually restored)
                    2. NV1FMG   which will cause the expected (but here mis-leading) popup warning, as Chrome’s ‘Confirm Navigation<br/>The changes you made will be lost if you navigate away from this page.<br/>Are you sure you want to leave this page?’
                      1. NV1FP9   which would cause anyone unknowing of the trick to almost certainly say No, but
                      2. NV1FQD   actually seems to affect an auto-save which does NOT require special recovery
                        1. NV1GZT   so rather when the edit tab is loaded again, the post content is automatically restored they way it just was including without any special alert
                        2. NV1T40  per trying it out on this post, confirmed:
                          1. NV1GY2   -as 1st discovered ~1hr ago
                          2. NV1RAW  -again here.
                          3. NV1RGL    -again here
          3. NV0FP5  it’s typically better to put off explicit saving of a new version (so creating a revision) until 1 or more of: everything’s good or a non-editor now needs to see it or a different editor needs to edit it.
            1. NV0H5O  because all of:
              1. NV0H6K   to avoid forever wasting storage space per NV0GLW
              2. NV0H6R   its helpful practice to write up the changes done in each revision plus give {revision stats as via post.status.snapshot}, as done by ‘post history additional’, which takes time & makes clutter, so it’s almost always better to do (so collect) at least a few edits for each of these entries.
              3. NV0HEP   after a post/page has been published, further changes can’t be saved as draft until ready…
                1. NV0HHV   except unofficially & possibly dangerous via auto-save
                2. NV0HI4   unless that fixed by a plugin as say Drafts of Post Revisions
          4. NV0GGC   every explicit save of the post/page creates a new version which is never deleted
            1. NV0GKF   where each version is a full copy, not a delta/diff, of content being revisioned
              1. NV0GLW   so wastes a lot of space for non-small content that is saved frequently
            2. NV0GHQ   unless some something, typically  a plugin, overrides this, as many of
            3. NV0GIH   unless post revisioning is turned off,
              1. NV1VQ5  but turned it on and that seems now the default.
          5. NV0K5R  The only thing a revisioned/versioned is
            1. NV0K68  (post/page) body & title & maybe excerpt (so not categories, tags, status, and other post/page value fields)
              1. NV0K83   IMHO quite mistakenly, and per  WP-Post-Meta-Revisions‘s basis, that seems to now be becoming realized.
              2. NV0K6H   unless fixed by say a plugin as  WP Revised StatusWP-Post-Meta-Revisions, maybe (unclear) Watchman
          6. NV0KOG   revisions
            1. NV0KOT   are not listed until ~2 exist
              1. NV0KQ9   IMHO a mistake by WordPress designers.
            2. NV0KPK   are listed by the ‘Revisions: browse’ link.
            3. NV0KR5   allow any one to be compared t any other with the list.
            4. NV0KRS   in comparisons, compute a reasonable diff of source.
            5. NV0KSE   lack the ability to display a diff of the final output.
            6. NV0KSX   lack the ability to display the final output of any previous ones.
            7. NV0KU0   where in IMHO, all ‘lack the ability’ here is a mistake of the WordPress designers.
          7. NV0FR3   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. NV0G0W   Email point NUWCZ5’s info now fully brought here, specifically:
              1. its point NUWD2X gave the initial facts of points #NV0FNS+#NV0FP5,
              2. its point NUWDPM gave the initial facts for point NV0GBR,
              3. its point NUWDNJ gave the initial situation of #NV0ICY,
              4. its point NUWD39 gave the initial facts for #NV0JCS
      2. NV1VL7   exceptions (from normal WordPress)
        1. NV1VMU   revisioning is turned on, though that may now be the WordPress default.
        2.  NV1VZV  via the normal reader-only interface (here’s default behavior)
          1. NV1W1O  displaying previous versions (here’s default behavior)
            1. NV1W3O  has been first requested by one of our articles, so to make there & the other examples there, prior versions of legal contracts easily visible, so…
            2. NV1W4F   we plan to fix this soon, & TBA here.
        3. NV1VS0   more TBA here to fix the many built-in WordPress limitations mentioned.
    3. .

  6. NTGGV4   ‘post history additional’‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. NV1X9C ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20150921Mon1701pst‘;after ID ’minutes 3‘;revision ’5‘;version1.0‘;words ’2531‘;as ’more additions coming but meanwhile quite complete & usable‘;do ’Publish 1‘}}’
    2. NV1UD9   initial content now complete: definition NV0651 down thru say {#NV0JCS+#NV0HNE+#NV0GBR+#NV1U1A+#NV0ID4+#NV17BS+#NV18VI+#NV0HI4+#NV0HI4+#NV0HI4+#NV0GLW+#NV0GLW+#NV1SGL+#NV19MI+#NV1GTL+#NV1RE0+#NV1RGL+#NV0K6H+#NV0KU0+#NV0G0W+#NV1W4F+#NV1WZ5};  +spellcheck;verify links+{update IDs to latest format: 156 replacements}
    3. NV033S  ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20150920Sun1709pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’0‘;version ’0.0‘;words ’Tba8500~‘;as ’need to make notes on this topic most notably now research finding NV17HU itself motivated by #NV1W4F‘;do ’~1hr ago, to get a reasonable template & source text, from pick the post with the highest #, so (so last revision NUXHXP) and there do “Copy to a new draft”, so creating this post “ then cut {all its content not to be reused here, so the content just applying to the template, so all the posts’ fully stated points including their KCGUIDs} replacing with new ones.”‘}’.
    4. NV030R  originally (only related post found) ‘Turn on Post Revisions (infinite versions) LFQP4J‘ but decided to leave that rather than generalize it, so…