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NVUVL5 “intro & overall”

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    ‘‘if you are impeded by most any problem, well at least tech problems, what to do ’NVUVL5

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          1. NVV7R9  ‘problem solving NME8N3’
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  4. NVUWOC  table of contents overall for remainder: ‘definition’ + ‘post history additional’

  5. NVTN8C   ‘definition’:
    1. NVUWMT   means what the name says
    2. NVUVMG    –here’s generally what one should do for seemingly everything one is reasonably asked or invited to do, especially personally
    3. NVUVFL   do in order:
      1. NVUVGM   do self-diagnosis
        1. NVUVQI   check for directions (that doesn’t significantly interrupt anyone)
          1. NVUVRN   check the text or other content giving you directions that you followed them else if they’re good
          2. NVUV94   web search, as Google search, for what you’re doing especially what’s going wrong especially error message(s) you’re getting
        2. NVUT8U    generally try again say up to 3x and try it say 3 different allowable ways
          1. NVUTJL   generally including trying how you think or/and guess it should work, provided that approach would still be reasonably {acceptable else allowable}.
          2. NVUTS1   including, after say 2 or 3 attempts, as time allows, trying something else which will also need to be done for the mission else doing something else, then coming back to this to try a few more attempts, as time allows –as getting away from the matter regularly leads to solutions indirectly.
          3. NVUTDI  provided
            1. NVUTG4  the attempts are quick, notably faster than it would take to report back problems and wait for help here
            2. NVUTEA   you’re not trying something dangerous, as defusing a bomb or something that could reasonably could delete some data, which will rarely be the case unless say you’ve received reasonable-seeming warnings of such
      2. NVUWYS   find & put in place workarounds –for until a better solution comes notably from the problem report(s)
      3. NVUTN7  If after the above, you’re still having significant problems with this mission, report back the problem you’re having in {full detail, notably so those you’re reporting to can significantly diagnose & help based on just that your report message}
        1.  NVUU3J including, as best you can, do NOT reply on others helping you līve else very-interactively, say from you having ‘the līve-only mis-believe/practice’
        2. NVUX2X   first reasonably try to find & use any existing report threads instead of creating a new separate report
          1. NVUX5Q   typically the best of those likely found by your web searching
          2. NVUX79   as
            1. NVUX8K  this can save you significant time reporting (as you don’t have to detail most of the problem)
            2. NVUX8R   can dramatically improve the chances of your report getting seen & appreciated
            3. NVUXAB   as long as a decent problem reporting platform (rare), can increase the quality of your report.
        3. NVUXG9   for your report, use the best communication methods possible
          1. NVUXL9  including make it as public as effective to help & gather the most people.
        4. NVUTZ5   as well known by software developers and other techies, including full details, from generally most important:
          1. NVUULG   what exactly are you seeing/experiencing that appears wrong
            1. NVUTZJ   what error messages are you getting
          2. NVUUW0  where in the process did you run into problems –if not answered by question NVUULG (previous)
          3. NVUUMA   where/when has this worked for you and not worked for you, including telling what attempts you tried and especially when/where exactly did it stop working.
          4. NVUX20   workarounds you’ve found
          5. NVUUQV   what are the names of the relevant tools/components, especially software programs, you’re using to accomplish the job, and especially for each which aren’t current, what is the version/date of each.
        5. NVUUBL   so naturally do NOT say just make a vague report, including just generalizations such as ‘I can’t make it work’ or ‘I can make it out’(quote inspiration) –well unless you’re goal is just to obviously waste time so really frustrate others, which hopefully it isn’t.
        6. NVUV8B   note just writing up the report is useful in itself: indeed in doing so, I find about 1/4 the time I solve the problem and nearly all the time I come up with general relevant solutions.
        7. NVV8J7  aside: per section subject, add post to category ‘problem report NT5T3Z’
      4. NVUXDZ   work on something else until responses to your problem reports, then act on them.
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      1. NVV7WT   among many inspirations, recently is /5037#NVV2W1 then /4875#NVT6R7

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