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NW9ZZ5 “intro & overall”

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    ‘‘constructing: trust especially general trust rules ’NW9ZZ5

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      1. NWA09C  now originally to next: ‘trust especially general trust rules’
        1. NWA0AS   I’m only mostly certain on the title in terms of it covering all & only what I want to cover.
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          1. NWA0HK  ‘privacy ensuring N0BV66’
          2. NWA0JM  ‘secure N0BVN9’
          3. NWA0KT  ‘rule N0BY8E’
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          5. NWA0NE   more TBA
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  4. NWA0NX  table of contents overall for remainder:  ‘definition’ +  ‘author(s) background (on the topic)’‘post history additional’

  5. NWA0OK ‘definition’:
    1. NWA0WT   covers deeply profound stuff where there seems to be a lack of formal definition & rules and certainly plenty of bad rules.
    2. NW9WNE  How to handle inquiries
      1. NW9WNK  rule NW9WNK
        1. NW9WP4  of/is
          1. NW0LCQ  Important news: if anyone contacts you or your family asking about a person who you don’t know the person well-trusts ,
            1. NW0LCY  where for me the only folks I really trust are like very few, as <10 people, including NOT any workers from any {organization including government including medical & military} — unless I write you otherwise
            2. NW0LC8  your answer is ‘I don’t know. But let me take a message, I can write a lot of detail of what you want’ so giving no info out about me but getting all info possible from the party contacting you,
            3. NW0LCG  then, ideally without telling the party, ASAP passing all this info collected to the person they were calling about (so they can handle the matter)
        2. NW9YSB   per, from most important:
          1. NW9YSS   #NW4JOA
          2. NW9YT0   listen, as people want to be listened to.
        3. NWA0SW  to file
          1. NW0LDI  So for these kinds of things:
    4. NW4JEK what one reveals about people & more
      1. NW4JJ9    can cause substantial wrongs;
        1. NW4JMD  to protect against this,
          1. NW4JMQ   what one reveals
            1. NW4JOA   should not exceed the degree to which the info-receiver(s) is known to be trustworthy especially with this type of info
              1. NW4JSC   where for the trustworthy, know:
                1. NW4P4Q  see #NW4LST
            2. NW4JNQ   should be, with limited exceptions,
              1.  NW5TMG  minimally including typically-not
                1. NW5TNZ  misleading
                  1. NW5TO6  so
                    1. NW5T0F  accurate
                      1. NW5T6S  else it’s being misleading
                      2. NW5T27   including
                        1. NW5T1O   balanced
                          1. NW5T5E  else it’s being misleading
              2. NW5TPX   limited (to trust)
                1. NW5T0M   fullness specifically detail
                  1. NW61N9   so essentially ‘need to know’
                  2. NW5TD2  including
                    1. NW61LL   most immediate/severe as in serious
                    2. NW5TD9   Why
                      1. NW5TUA   for instance, you say ‘I’m upset’ but are vague on Why or not just not tell Why
                    3. NW5TR6   exactness
                      1. NW5TY4  for instance,
                        1. NW5TWZ   you give a person’s zip code but not tell the exact address.
                      2. NW61GV   including in more extreme cases,
                        1. NW61HA   degree
                          1. NW5TWE   for instance, in more extreme cases, you say ‘I’m upset’ but not tell the degree.
                    4. NW6270  blame
                    5. NW639S   basically only information that the other party could or should know
    5. NW4LST on trust,
      1. NW4K2T   one should trust every creature/organization/belief (on something) exactly as much as s/he reliably knows it has earned that trust (there)
        1. NW4M4Y   where as far as speed of earning that that trust
          1. NW4M6A   generally it’s slow, as ‘reliable’ is hard to get.
            1. NW4MGX   especially due to ‘fake-builders of trust’
          2. NW4KVB   in limited cases it can be & should be fast
            1. NW4LAA   most notably from {certain reasonably unfaked appearance} plus related laws there plus {solid morals & info)
              1. NW4L1Y   for instance, if a legitimate looking police officer requires you to stop (including pull over your vehicle) or arrests you and one has no substantial reasonable reason to believe substantial bad motives here.
        2. NW4KWK   which means
          1. NW4KY3   NOT one is being unfriendly to the org or creature
          2. NW4KZ7  one is being responsible with the info & other power they’ve been entrusted with, for themselves & everyone

          NW4MDT   where know ‘fake-builders of trust’ as…

          1.   NW4N5Y   thinking perfection exists in at least the real world, {at least for some thing(s), as builds fake trust in it/them}, as
            1.  NW4OBJ   every real-world every {creature, and seemingly creation}
              1. NW4OA2 has substantial problems
              2. NW4OH0  does some substantial wrongs
            2.  NW4N76   wrongs being are done
              1. NW4N7Z   are probably slowly reducing but are still plenty
          2. NW4OLR   from not knowing else fully {including constantly} realizing & appreciating,
            1. NW4NHO  those doing wrongs are …
              1. NW4NBL  very likely to do more wrongs to hide it
                1. NW4NEG  indeed regularly hiding their wrongs, often including from themselves, it is what enables them to do the wrongs in the 1st place, so a vicious cycle.
                2. NW4OKR   especially against anything that might expose it
                3. NW4NJE   including by instead accusing others
                  1. NW4NON   typically the ones they are most hurting by their wrongs
                  2. NW4NVF   of the very wrongs the accuser is doing
                    1. NW4NX2   not always but especially if the accuser is not too smart, probably because smarter accusers quickly realize the smarter audiences then readily spot the accuser being a hypocrite
                  3. NW4NOT   so causing them to be a hypocrite, indeed seemingly the core cause of hypocrisy.
            2. NW4OPN   work in & perhaps-for government, probably especially in the executive branch, and definitely in police
              1. NW4OQN   often attracts so has bullies
                1. NW4P11   as would be expected as bullies like to {govern & control & especially command} those around them
                2. NW4OTG   though this seems to be reducing in the US the crackdown on police abuse
                  1. NW4OYF  including most recently crackdown starting 2013~ requiring body cameras, against unjust racial abuse, and other police corruption
            3. NW4P7V  At least in the US, government contractors are routinely notably corrupt
              1. NW4PMH  usually to wrongly get money
              2. NW4PMS   with little indicators of that reducing, with most attempts to stop it being squashed.
              3. NW4P8H   including notably with regards to the US military
                1. NW4P9L   including likely because about 53% of (federal?) tax dollars go to the military, so plenty of money to be had there.
                2. NW4PB1   including, after WWII, the military industrial complex (US) seems be the leading decider of seemingly every war the US engages in.
            4. NW4PJ5   follow the money seems to explain the largest corruptions.
            5. NW4KTH   ‘From’ address by itself is notably NOT reliable.
              1. NW4K5Q   as a person can easily spoof/fake the ‘From’ address on popular forms of remote communication
                1. NW4KCP  so the address is suggestive only, so should not be trusted until other proven else strong suggestions.
                2. NW4KI9   but generally it’s hard to have a info/message, going to a correct reply address,
                  1. NW4KOE  going to a different person
                    1. NW4KN8   so a generally way to insure you’re talking to the person you expect is
                      1. NW4KPF   look up the address(es) of the person/org in trustable directories, then use the addresses given their to contact them (instead of they contacting you)
                3. NW4KE6  notably
                  1. NW4JTK   phone calls: caller ID is easily faked so is suggestive only
                    1. NW4JW0   as https://www.google.com/search?q=fake+OR+spoof+caller+ID reveals services which allows most any person to fake/spoof caller ID for a cost of ~$1/call (with near free in bulk)
                  2. NW4KGS  message ‘from’ can generally be easily spoofed/faked
                    1. NW4KHU   notably
                      1. NW4K6U   standard (SMTP) email: the From address is easily spoofed/fake
                      2. NW4K81   standard pmail: the From address is very easily spoofed/faked
                      3. NW4KFO   SMS/texting ‘From’ probably can be easily spoofed/faked
    6. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’

  6.  annex
  7. NWA1BB  ‘author(s) background (on the topic)’‘author(s) background (on the topic)’
    1. NWA1F4   I naturally have a strong background on privacy & security, as my profile & topics I publish here would suggest; and proper privacy & security is naturally according to trust.
    2. NWA1BN   coauthor NWA1BN
      1. NWA1CK   so far chooses to remain nameless, at least foremost due to dangerous controversy of some of the ‘fake-builders of trust’  issues, but has considerable sociology expertise & interest.
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