Feb 022011
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LFZNAS: Around 2011.01.27 Meetup.com switched the GUI on all us it’s users. Here are some of the details.

  1. LFT2R3: The switch took place without any warning to users I saw. That was a bad thing, even if all changes were unquestionably good, which they weren’t.
  2. LFT2RJ: Signing in  yesterday or the day before, Meetup gave me some popup saying ~”The New Meetup. Want to see more?”; saying Yes displayed pointing popups:
    1. LFT2RR:

      Let’s Meetup!

      It’s community powered community

      pointing that (the Idea menu) had been moved as an Idea field on the front of the group

    2. LFT2S2:

      Help plan!

      If a Meetup doesn’t have a date or location, help plan by suggesting one yourself.

      pointing to the 1st event’s date & venue

    3. LFT2TL:

      Community settings

      Check here to see who can add Meetups for this group. Learn more.

      pointing to a line in the side-bar of “Members can add Meetups” – apparently this has been turned on by default, a notable change.

  3. LFT386: Member is given choice


    1. LFT345: Picking “No thanks” does NOT prompt for comment.
      1. LFZNYP: This is a serious problem: see
        new Meetup bug: when one RSVPs NO, politely saying & even asking WHY is impossible in the normal routine case it seems
    2. LFT38G: If you choose “Update” you get Q “Count me in because…”
    3. LFT39O: If you answered the RSVP Qs, they are displayed again but this time with your answers displayed – yes.
    4. LFT3BD: If you say “Can’t go”
      1. LFT3HS: your RSVP comment disappears, so again you can’t make a comment – see that.
      2. LFT3I1: you ARE prompted


        There are:

        27 Official upcoming Meetups

        Check them out!