Oct 272015


  1. NWUJH3 ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is JotHere.com’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except: none.
  2. MC Escher's drawing hands drawing each otherNRE6WI Most notable in this post is its creation including definition of  ‘NOLDef’, a language foremost used to define key aspects of 1.JotHere.com (specifically the templates for posts & categories) and novel in many aspects including that it fully uses itself to define itself (so this fun famous pic), a healthy circular definition also demonstrating the language’s power via full dogfooding achieving maximal recursive reflection.

    NWUJHJ post name & ‘post image’:

    ‘‘constructing: {‘NOLDef’ overall & top-level & meaning definition} ‘in ‘NOLDef’’ ’NWUIVG

    1. NWZ6MG ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. NXK12H present
        1. NXK350 follow /4670#NXK0JA plus fix the link
        2. NXK12T change per #NX76G7
      2. NWZ6M0 ‘‘constructing‘‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s’’ of {‘NOLDef’ & its internals} ’NWUIVG
      3. NWZ6LT ‘so post category’
        1. NWZ6O1 ‘NOLDef NWZ578’
          1. NWUYZR ‘this site’s documentation for its users’ –as implied but not yet in practice
        2. NWZ7HO ‘in NOLDef NWZ6UN’ –when cat list refresh
  3. NWUYZZ To reply & discuss, please use JotHere.com’s default methods (click) except: none.
  4. NWUZ0B remaining sections ‘definition’ +  ‘contributors’ + ‘post history additional’

  5. NWWQ6B ‘‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s’’ of…:  ‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s’
      1. NONTLI ‘name ‘in reverse start order’’
        1. NOVNP6 ‘NOLDef’
          1. NOVNK5 ‘renderings ‘in reverse start order’ NOVNXA’
            1. NOVNNK‘NOLDef NONRHW’’: ‘NOLDef NONRHW
              1. NOVOMM now until next.
            2. NOVNM8 ‘‘NOLDef’’
              1. NONTOC now originally until next
          2. NONTWB ‘motivations & sources & changes ‘in reverse start order’’
            1. NONUI0 for readability, placed in CamelCase
            2. NONUBK per common convention to do that, replaced the last x characters with another x characters fairly meaningful:
              1. NONUC3 ‘def’ for ‘definition
            3. NORYVW Also NOL also nicely means ‘”nerd out loud”.. truly “nerdy”’
            4. NONTZE picked convention start which /4658#NOLXCJ
            5. NONTT0 considered using present IDs as ‘NONRHW’ but realized that has problems:
              1. NONTXZ Beginning ‘NON’ effectively reads ‘non’ which is a negative
              2. NONTYQ System actually started yesterday with so would have a different 3-letter prefix
      2. NONUMX ‘definition ‘in order conceived’’
        1. NONUNC a language
          1. NONURB developed by DestinyArchitect
          2. NONXS8 based on the author’s years of self-directed similar work, mostly on knowledge representation
          3. NONUSW for (with goals)
            1. NONVMK activity
              1. NONVK7 defining
                1. NONUTO of
                  1. NONUWB  aspects
                    1. NOTEKS especially most-core
                    2. NOTEFU specifically concept-wise,
                      1. NONUWL naming
                      2. NONUWS meaning
                      3. NONUX4 motives + sources + changes
                      4. NONUXF more
                        1. NOTEML including any possible ideally & perhaps
                      5. NRDR8C specifically term-wise & implementation-wise NOPOLH
                    3. NOTEGR of (choices)
                      1. NOWAAD concepts 
                        1. NOWAZ8 NOWAZ8: so then defining the concepts
                        2. NOWACS expressed via
                      2. NOWB7R (formerly) expressions especially terms
                        1. NOWBBT originally
                        2. NOWBEU NOWBEU: per NOWBGL, now replaced by NOWAAD
                      3. NONUZP possibly more
                    4. NOWAQR via
                      1. NONUUW expressions especially terms (terminology)
                        1. NONXYX used on
                          1. NONXZF especially websites and other locations with reasonable hyperlink support
                            1. NONYKM especially a-tag support
                              1. NONY1T starting  with http://1.JotHere.com but certainly not limited to there.
                          2. NONYL2 printed text: TBA
                          3. NONYLU verbal: TBA
            2. NONXDN medium/location
              1. NONWVR HTML or equivalent which includes, from typically-hardest to get hardest first:
                1. NOO5JI live anchors: huge plus: ability for the browser position any anchor, notably to an HTML element with an id-attribute set to a particular KCGUID
                2. NOO5ID unlimited outlining so nestings of the {ol-tag or equivalent}
                3. NOO5RD big plus: live links, such as working a-tags
                4. NOO5IM KCGUID on every li-tag or equivalent
                5. NOO5S7 ideally bold or other formatting
              2. NONXGV eventually sourced from a custom database in SQL or better
                1. NONY98 notably a certain schema the author is designing
            3. NONV9K audience
              1. NONVA5 humans (with the help of a web browser)
              2. NONVAE gradually computer understanding
            4. NONV7H “stage”/user-interface
              1. NONWX7 displayed & created in common web browser
                1. NONXJU first on http://1.JotHere.com , notably this post.
            5. NONV8F special goals, from most key:
              1. NONWDO practical
              2. NONVC4 0 history loss even without {the environment, as editor or file system}’s revision control
                1. NOO2RE so via built-in revision control
              3. NONVDD effectively diffable
                1. NONZ74 including all {diff utility or equivalent} output is compact including from
                  1. NOO34R not having reorderings, as example.
                2. NONZ6V so including:
                  1. NONVU4 formal, including:
                    1. NONW75 normal form/canonical form for everything practical, so including:
                      1. NONV7A precise including
                        1. NONWBD no accidental ambiguity
              4. NONV6Z compact
              5. NONY5Y other aesthetics
          4. NOO375 its structure as a deep, formal outline
            1. NOO37W seems highly unique
              1. NOO57B especially in terms of its completeness
                1. NOO55Z dogfoods: including dogfooding: here the language so powerful that it well-defines itself in itself! More at NRE6WI.
            2. NOO38Z is closest to say (from most close)
              1. NOO555 well-defined XML {including schema definition within XML itself –which I have almost 0 experience with so may be making  the compliment too quick}
              2. NOO586 JSON except that lacks a formal way to define what each property means nor what should be nested in what.
              3. NOO58Y HTML except that’s often not extensible, which is the major point.
            3. NOO39R ‘in comparison to’ the source being in a table
              1. NOO3CE where every term is a row and there is a column defined for every term aspect (at least the basics plus perhaps many/most-all of the specialized ones)
                1. NOO3IR as concluded here, outline wins, indeed so much it dogfoods.
          5. NONZUP ‘definition ‘in order conceived’’
            1. NOM6Q7 see instead #NXH23O
      3. NXH23O remaining sections TBA
      4. NOOQEA see ‘‘term reference in ‘NOLDef’’
      5. NOM6QL quoting:
        1. NOTER2 using start & end character-string pair
          1. NOM6TU double quotation-mark as in ‘​“quote​”’
            1. NOM6UD done
              1. NOM6UJ starting especially {when got a AutoHotkey macro for it, so in file ‘NI3PET.ahk’  created ‘Jan 12, 2015’}
          2. NOTESS single-quotation-mark as in ‘​­‘content​​’’
            1. NOTF5P so which are NOT ‘[single ]grave[ accent]( ​` )’ and ‘apostrophe( ​ )’ commonly found on keyboards
            2. NOTEUI instead of double-quotes
              1. NOTFJ8 ‘notable pros thru cons:’
                1. NOTFXD Notable PROs: notably confusing for expressions which are extremely common here:
                  1. NOTFRV 1/2 {the clutter, specifically quote marks}
                  2. NOTFTC notably less confusing for nested levels.
                    1. NOTFVJ especially when the nesting is adjacent, as bad example ‘‘‘term reference in ‘NOLDef’’’’
                      1. NOTJXK examples at this are what motivated me to consider single-quotation mark including write that section.
                    2. NOTFW4 indeed now the quote mark count depth at any particular point tells the depth level (instead of it telling 2x the levels!)
                2. NOTKJ3 PRO: the-most else among-the-most unobtrusive parenthetical
                3. NOTFK4 CON: less familiar including typically only for nth nesting for even n, notably per each natural language
                  1. NOTINX BUT some notable languages do as primary: specifically English, UKDutch, Welsh, and surprisingly NOT Esperanto.
              2. NOTIRQ for new content
                1. NOTITW done
                  1. NOTIU9 starting now (for this & all my content)
                    1. NOTJ9T so now accordingly edit NOM6UJ -works!
              3. NRBW5A for upgrading old content (as practical)
                1. NRBX4U done
                  1. NRBX53 starting now, following NOTIU9
                2. NRBXZM protecting characters not to be upgraded so they won’t be
                  1. NRBY0C by having them quoted somehow including so they won’t get substituted
                    1. NRCB97 by using additional non-HTML-specific character(s)
                      1. NRCEPW to quote a single character
                        1. NRCWH4 So far, the quote character quoting  the quote character undoes the latter’s quoting  (similar to Bash & more)
                        2. NRCERG via an additional prefix
                          1. NRCJKG as ‘​x’ (prefixing with “zwsp” aka HTML character ​)
                            1. NRCJO5 (based on NRCI9B) test source  ‘x replace, replace x, no replace ​x, replace ​​x, no replace ​​​x, replace ​​​​x, replace x’
                            2. NRCJTT NRCJTT: (based on NRCBPFin MsExWeb fr ‘{(^|[^​])(​​)*}x’ to ‘\1y’
                              1. NRCK6N passes  NRCJTT
                                1. NRCXGK NRCXGK: applying NRCJTT to conversion ​“double-quote​” to ​‘single-quote​’:
                                  1. NRCY3D before using these formulas, after copying & pasting them, be sure to remove the quote character before the character to be substituted from & to, before using
                                  2. NRCZ2L note that at least in 1st use NRBW0K, each takes 2 applications before complete & does a different breakdown of replacements –all for reasons unknown.
                                  3. NRCXJ9 fr ‘{(^|[^​])(​​)*}​“’ to ‘\1​‘’
                                  4. NRCXMY fr ‘{(^|[^​])(​​)*}​”’ to ‘\1​’’
                            3. NRCWLJ ‘notable pros thru cons:’
                              1. NRCWN0 Notable pro: doesn’t alter especially mess up the display (unlike most quoting, especially single character)
                              2. NRCWPR Pro: as a rarely used character, self-quoting (and the complications associated) should be almost non-existent plus fairly easy to search for all uses
                              3. NRCWOL Tiny con: a little tricky but not hard to detect: must use cursor left & right.
                            4. NRCWU6 done
                              1. NRCWUH NRCWUH: starting now, with this post.
                          2. NRCBOI as ‘\x’
                            1. NRCBPF so regex substitution
                              1. NRCI9B NRCI9B: test source ‘x replace, replace x, no replace \x, replace \\x, no replace \\\x, replace \\\\x, replace x’
                              2. NRCBPF NRCBPFin MsExWeb fr ‘{(^|[^\\])(\\\\)*}x’ to ‘\1y’
                                1. NRCCUK coded {outdated: but untested}
                                2. NRCKGW without a look-behind construct, this was pretty hard to figure out, taking me ~.4hr!
                                3. NRCJIA passes NRCI9B
                      2. NRCESK to quote 0 or more characters
                        1. NRCBA0 via  ‘quote(..)’
                        2. NRCBDO via ‘{<id/> quote .. </id>}’
                          1. NRCBGH so regex substitution
                            1. NRCBHV in MSExWeb fr ‘{\{{[A-Za-z0-9]+:b+quote(|[^A-Za-z0-9]+)[^A-Za-z0-9]+\2\}|}x’ to ‘\1y’
                              1. NRCCUK coded but untested
                    2. NRBY90 via using a standard alternate representation notably ‘&..;’
                      1. NRBYTY –notable codes from say http://dev.w3.org/html5/html-author/charref as subset here
                      2. NRC7QM ‘notable pros thru cons:’
                        1. NRC7QY Notable pro: would then almost always NOT use the character in question in the source so making replacements of that character easy including no regex needed.
                        2. NRC7TO NRC7TO: big con: current WP (4.2.2) converts to the actual character (per testing all 3 forms linking to here)
                      3. NRC747 via alternate numeric rep ‘&#..;’ as defined at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_XML_and_HTML_character_entity_references#Character_reference_overview
                        1. NRBYA7 via HTML decimal rep of character as ‘&#8217;’ (rsquo)
                          1. NRBYLA ‘notable pros thru cons:’
                            1. NRBYNZ Pro: as a numeric and {decimal, so the least native & in-general longest}, seems the least likely form in normal case be used so good for this special case
                            2. NRC7BX big con: NRC7TO
                        2. NRC7GE via HTML hexadecimal rep of character as ‘&#x2019;’ (rsquo)
                          1. NRC7SK big con: NRC7TO
                      4. NRBYEP via HTML-spelled out rep of character as &rsquo;
                        1. NRC7FK big con: NRC7TO
                3. NRBW2X due to upgrade, create new {name as ‘‘‘name’ ‘in reverse start order’ NOM5WL’’}entry?
                  1. NRBWCS -because the name has indeed changed some
                  2. NRBWDE does the update to uses take place automatically? -as say from a spreadsheet vs. typical text document
                    1. NRBWRM Yes?  Then do it.
                    2. NRBWS5 No? Then don’t do it.
                      1. NRBWTV as it’s not a major update, notably as the change is not one “noted” by most search engine queries meaning the quote symbol should be generally ignored, such as the case of characters.
                      2. NRBX0Y done
                        1. NRBX25 NRBX25: starting now, following NRBX53 & NRCXGK
        2. NOM6RA always
          1. NOM6RS done
            1. NOM6TA starting 2015.05.15
        3. NOOQES around any value which could modify the {prior text, else if none, parent text}
          1. NOOQIU so including every instance of a ‘‘term reference in ‘NOLDef’’
          2. NOOQLK when that modification is not desired
            1. NOOQJ3 is done
              1. NOOQJG starting ~1 hour ago.
      6. NOOZ0P‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept NOOZ0P’’: ‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept NOOZ0P
        1. NOOZ21 ‘name ‘in reverse start order’’
          1. NRE0FT ‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’
            1. NRE0IO per NOWAZ8 including ‘definition’ and ‘concept’ defined there.
            2. NRE1R3 in order to make easy plural starting with NRE22S, changed & moved ‘concept’ to ‘of concept’
            3. NRE0T9 per NOWBEUnow starting 
            4. NRE147 ‘renderings ‘in reverse start order’’
              1. NRE14V‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept NOOZ0P’’: ‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept NOOZ0P
          2. NOOZ2L originally till next: ‘term definition in ‘NOLDef’
            1. NRE0WF ‘renderings ‘in reverse start order’’
              1. NRE10Z‘term definition in ‘NOLDef’’’: ‘‘term definition in ‘NOLDef’’
        2. NOOZ9E ‘definition ‘in order conceived’’
          1. NOOZA5 originally so far, quote: term definition in ‘NOLDef’ where
            1. NOOZB0 takes on the following form or equivalent: concatenation
              1. NOPNYD standard section structure of
                1. NOPO1W id  of concatenation
              2. NOPOH4 ‘IDed section NOPO30’
                1. NOPOII id ‘[‘‘NOLDef’ term id’]’
                2. NOPOJ2 heading
                  1. NX8W5W concept mnemonic
                    1. NX8W4Q [‘-’  operation]
                    2. NOPOK8‘term reference in ‘NOLDef’’
                      1. NX8W87 ‘replacement’ #NX8W4Q
                3. NOPOLH NOPOLH: subs
                  1. NX7TO9 ‘IDed section NOPO30’ ,[new], [‘concept choice’]’*
                  2. NOPOXH except:
                    1. NOPOYI for every type, there can be 0 entries and at most 1 entry
                      1. NX8VNV so including
                        1. NOP0HK there can be only one definition entry.
                    2. NX8VQG entries should appear in the order they are specified
                    3. NX7TTM more TBA
                4. NX7TA4 where
                  1. NX7TAJ ‘concept choice’ is 1 of:
                    1. NX8Y1Q (order is not yet fully & finally defined)
                    2. NX8XYG‘replacement’
                    3. NX8XLN definitional (choose 1 within)
                      1. NX8VUE definition
                        1. NX7TDR 1 of:
                          1. NOPOOD‘definition ‘in reverse start order’’
                          2. NOPOPW‘definition ‘in order conceived’’
                          3. NX7TRZ other equivalent entry
                        2. NX8WLX rank
                          1. NX8WME follows NX0VA5 ordering
                      2. NX8XJR‘per def’  ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’’ especially {0 so ‘‘entry’’} and equivalent
                        1. NX8XTF rank follows NX0VA5 ordering
                      3. NOPOLX {‘‘name ‘in reverse start order’’ or equivalent}
                        1. NX8VVI rank
                          1. NX8X6Q follows NX0VA5 ordering
                            1. NX8VZV starting 2015.10.15~
                            2. NX8WH7 also as
                              1. NX8WGZ if concept has any, #NX8W5W mentions latest, which generally gives enough of a sampling
                              2. NX8WQD if defining that overrides per #NX8X6Q
                          2. NX8VVR 1st (originally)
                    4. NOPOSI‘notable pros thru cons:’
                    5. NX8XO1‘usage’
                    6. NOPOUQ ‘[certain other ‘‘term reference in ‘NOLDef’’’]’
                    7. NX8VGL ‘recursion entry(s)’ [‘IDed section NOPO30’]
                      1. NX8VHB yes, it can contain itself
                      2. NX8VHS 1st major example: /5143#NX7VD6
                    8. NX7TU2 TBA maybe more
        3. NOORCA‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s NOORCA’’: ‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s NOORCA
          1. NOOYJW ‘name ‘in reverse start order’’
            1. NRE22S‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s’
              1. NRE275 per NRE0T9, now starting
              2. NRE291 ‘renderings ‘in reverse start order’’
                1. NRE2BW‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s NOORCA’’: ‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s NOORCA
            2. NOOYKHtermdefinitions in ‘NOLDef’
              1. NRE1VX originally to NRE275
              2. NRE1T1 ‘renderings ‘in reverse start order’’
                1. NRE1UX‘terms definitions in ‘NOLDef’’ NOORCA’:  ‘‘terms definitions in ‘NOLDef’’’ NOORCA
          2. NOOYUI ‘definition ‘in order conceived’’
            1. NOOYWW ‘heads a {list, notably ol-tag} ‘‘in order first entered here’’ of ‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’
          3. NWSLWE ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’
            1. NWSLWQ 1st -now created
        4. NXK3IQ (NOLDef) template :NXK3IQ
          1. NXK93S ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
            1. NXK949 goal
              1. NXK94P instantiatable
                1. NXK9NM in say about 20 seconds by manual copy-and-paste.
                2. NXK96X by in order:
                  1. NXK977 copy {the ‘per se’ as #NXK3MU}
                  2. NXK97M for every (uncompleted) section do 1 of:
                    1. NXK994 instantiate it by giving it an id plus its data
                    2. NXK9CW ignore it until doing do one of the other sibling options here.
                    3. NXK99X delete it with plans, should it every be needed, get it from the latest sources and properly add it
                      1. NXK9GF ‘unique pros thru cons’
                        1. NXK9GQ cuts all is clutter
                        2. NXK9H4 does not need maintenance (notably updating to latest standards)
                        3. NXK9M8 ensures more when needed, will likely be current.
                        4. NXK9HK if & when needed, getting & properly installing becomes notably more work & error-prone
              2. NXK9QH (per any good template), in the order typically/best used.
          2. NYQNYK ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ section 1st
          3. NXK3JF#NXK3JF
            1. NXK8F2 ‘usage’
              1. NXK8FM initially
                1. NXK8GD expect ~10x/day
                2. NXKB3J 1st use NXJXTA
            2. NXK5RQ ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
              1. NXK8R6 goal
                1. NXK8SH include 1 else 2 usages of every normal ‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’
                2. NXK8S0 keep current
              2. NXK3MU per se :NXK3MU
    2. NWVZUY ‘-’ ‘‘definition’
      1. NWVZVF ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’
        1. NWVZYFdefinition
          1. NWVZYW ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’
            1. NX1QHP‘definition’
            2. NWVZZM‘definition’
      2. NWW66J ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
        1. NWW670 ‘valuing ‘anew’ max’
        2. NWW7I2 definition
      3. NX1QAX ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’
        1. NX1QBQ 1st
    3. NOW32M‘definition NOW32M’
      1. NOW32Y ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’
        1. NXKADR ‘meaning’
          1. NXKAPO considering
          2. NXKAPC ‘motivations & sources & changes ‘in reverse start order’’
            1. NXKAMK 1st attempt to fix #NXKAEJ
        2. NOW33Wdefinition
          1. NXKAEJ notable con: too much coverage  as
            1. NXKAK3 {‘‘name’ ‘anew’’ and equivalent) is ‘defining’ the name
            2. NXKAKG {every other child item/property, as example ‘‘usage’’ and ‘‘motivations & sources & changes ‘in reverse start order’’’}  are maybe not ‘defining’ but ‘specifying’ the concept and are defining that aspect.
          2. NOW36Z ‘motivations & sources & changes ‘in reverse start order’’
            1. NOW37B extracting from NOM6HK
          3. NOW38R ‘renderings ‘in reverse start order’’
            1. NOW39O‘definition NOW32M’
      2. NX0CWJ ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
        1. NX0VA5 the value is given by the merge of, from highest priority:
          1. NX0VBE this (section’s) value, including
            1. NX8WTH should not here include sub-structure as instead do recursion
              1. NX8WWB realized & done 1st for NX5JPQ
          2. NX0VG3 the entry‘s ‘‘entry’
          3. NX0BB8 the entry’s ‘‘name’
            1. NX0D6L specifically limited to the values there applicable at the time under consideration
            2. NX0D77 specifically the name string naming, ideally by an a-tag also linking to, the particular meaning(s) intended by it as well as often telling where the name string/value itself comes from
      3. NXH1IB ‘-’ definition explicitly ordered
      4. NX1U1J ‘-’ ‘‘per def’
        1. NX1U9J ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
          1. NX1U9Z {truths or values} which follow from the ‘‘definition’’ of {the entry in which this term is used, which here must be on the LHS of the usage}.
        2.  ‘notable pros thru cons:’
        3. NX1UCG usage
          1. NX1UD4 frequent is seemingly practical
        4. NX1UEI ‘per def’ ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
        5. NX1U5L ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’
          1. NX1U7Y ‘per def’
            1. NX1U8E conceived & 1st used at #NX1TBX
            2. NX1UIB ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’ ‘‘transitive relation’
              1. NX1UOZ‘per def’
          2. NX1U4X ‘consequences including consequential theorems’
            1. NX1U5X conceived & 1st used at #NX0VMA
        6. NX1UM4 ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’
          1. NX1UMC 1st
    4. NOWBUN ‘defining concepts instead of {expressions including terms}, especially in major (as dictionary-like) directory listings of that’
      1. NOWBGL given the web, is else highly-seems a very big improvement due to the pros-thru-cons
      2. NOWBYS ‘notable pros thru cons:’
        1. NOWC6L desired # of meanings –huge pro
          1. NOWBN0 a concept generally as 1 meaning –notable pro
          2. NOWBJN a expression including term can and routinely does have multiple meanings
            1. NOWC8E which is entirely-else-mostly disadvantage except for jokes
              1. NOWC8U so we adopt the convention that every term should have just 1 meaning
                1. NOWCA2 but using ‘concept’ seems to do this automatically
        2. NOWCCG expected # of names –pro
          1. NOWCD9 a term having multiple names/phrasings is typically reality, especially due earlier poor wording choices, but is considered undesirable.
          2. NOWBQR a concept seemingly always has multiple indeed potentially infinite wordings  –accurate, so PRO
        3. NOWCIH expected human initial impression now –neutral
          1. NOWCH8 seems easy to grasp –pro
          2. NOWCGQ notably less familiar –con
        4. NOWCJQ due to NOWBQR, it is impossible to readily alphabetize concepts, unlike terms & expressions –CON
          1. NOWCLE so probably the source reason the typical dictionary & thesaurus instead defines words
          2. NOWCNC BUT now with amazing computer search (page & web) at everyone’s fingertips, plus hyperlinking to the term being referred to made automatic & instant by the computer, alphabetizing here (and many other places) is heavily if-not entirely no longer necessary.
            1. NOWCTS yet we still don’t see ‘concept’ directories
              1. NOWCRT probably because nobody has thought of them, because mostly if not entirely we’re used to centuries of paper, where there any significant systematic collection of concepts were always defined under alphabetized word/term directories due to NOWCJQ.
    5. NYCA8U ‘-’  ‘‘completeness stage’
      1. ‘replacement’
      2. ‘completeness stage’
      3. NYCAXC ‘usage’ in order: #NYCAJC
      4. NYCALW ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
        1. NYCAMO the subject/topic’s
          1. NYCAPJ stage of development which
            1. NYCAQT ranges from say conception to dead & dust
      5. NYPH2N ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’
        1. NZM8EZ:  ‘completeness stage’ ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’  ‘‘completeness stage’
        2. NZM8DT:  (misspell) ‘completness stage’ from start until now
          1. NZM8HJ:  a few minutes ago, realized was accidentally misspelling
          2. NZM8GW:  ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’
            1. NYPH2Z‘completness stage’
            2. NYCAAS‘completness stage’
      6. NYCAJC ‘‘motivation or source or change’ ‘in reverse start order’’ inspired by instance NYB00D
      7. NYCCPP ‘per def’
        1. NYCCPZ ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
          1. -1 ‘1’
          2. 0
            1. ‘Wikipedia’
            2. ‘maker’
          3. NYCCNQ‘1’
            1. NYCCO6 the present write-up
            2. NYCARG covered by {‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’ or equivalent, {most notably {‘post.status.snapshot’ or equivalent}, especially {{‘version’ or equivalent} + ‘‘doc stage’’}}
        2. ‘compared to’
        3. ‘unique pros thru cons’
        4. ‘notable pros thru cons:’
      8. NYPGZL ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ section 1st

  6. annex

  7. ‘motivation’
  8. NWU8GU ‘contributors including their contributions & relevant background’
    1. NWU88C from most contributing
      1. NREHNZ DestinyArchitect
        1. NREHQQ based on years of related experience including a few former builds using different structures, and now 2 more weeks work
        2. NREHOD so far entirely created by me
        3. NWV4JT  so now add this post to category ‘DestinyArchitect creation N0L9VW’
    2.   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. .
  9. ‘success of this’
  10. NWUJ3X ‘post history additional’‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. NZM7JK ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151219Sat0907pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’12‘;version1.5‘;words ’11105‘;as ’want to edit category ‘resource’ to new standards‘;do ’reload getting ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ + updates {#NWUZ0B + #NXK9HK thru #NY0T8S + #NYCA8U thru #NYPGZL + history #NY0TKR thru #NY0QZT} + ‘Post restored to revision from December 7, 2015 @ 19:22:09 [Autosave].’ then NY0WO6 w/o save & with
      467 replacements then continue editing‘}}’
    2. NY0TKR update: #NY0TFH
    3. NY0QZT ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151118Wed0827pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’12‘;version1.5‘;words ’4235‘;as ’Due to Chrome crash NXV6F0, on reload got ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave giving updates {none really other than last restore #NXVTIH} + ‘Post restored to revision from November 16, 2015 @ 00:34:12 [Autosave]’ and on quick look looked current‘;do ’continue editing‘}}’
    4. NXVTIH ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151115Sun1632pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’11‘;version1.4‘;words ’4173‘;as ’Due to Chrome crash NXV6F0, on reload got ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave giving updates {title + move #NOM61X thru #NWW2ME + move #NOOP8E thru #NWSLWQ + #NOORCA thru #NXH1IB + #NOM61X thru #NOOPM4 + move  #NOWBUN thru #NOWCRT} and ‘Post restored to revision from November 9, 2015 @ 20:03:56 [Autosave]’ and on quick look looked current‘;do ’continue editing‘}}’
    5. NXK3HQ updates: #NXK12H + #NXK3IQ thru >=#NXK9U1 + #NXKADR
    6. NXGINK ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151107Sat1014pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’7‘;version1.0‘;words ’3748‘;as ’Due to OS forced restart NXGEHV, didn’t properly save so on reload got ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ showing {reformat + removing of {naming & referencing} + maybe more} getting ‘Post restored to revision from November 7, 2015 @ 13:47:11 [Autosave]’ looking current on quick look‘;do ’continue editing‘}}’
    7. NXCPI3 just before ID time /4670#NXCP2G, I realized for this split I forgot to do step NX7E5H, so
      1. NXCQYK for where loss of detection NXCP2G, start maintaining the list as go along: just /5156#NXCR6S
      2. NXCROA for present post content, do that step {now so late but better than never}: {spellcheck} + {update IDs to latest format: 766 replacements}
    8. NXB9WR ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151104Wed1417pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’9‘;version1.9‘;words ’10016‘;as ’yesterday eve Chrome crashed so on reload got ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ getting updates {move cut #NOM5R5 thru #NOM7EU}+{move cut #NOM6YI thru #NONS7P}+update #NREFRD+#NX8W5W thru #NX7TU2+#NX0VBE thru #NX8WWB+{move out #NVWNQ9 thru #NVWNYD} +{move out #NWWOPP thru #NWWP51} + history #NX8Y4P thru #NX0D9R; restore getting ‘Post restored to revision from November 3, 2015 @ 16:08:33 [Autosave]’ and no more‘;do ’continue editing with again intent to now split‘}’.
    9. NX8Y4P {#NOPOH4: considerable improvements}
    10. NX76FD split (planned)
      1. NX76G7 new sectioning in reverse order done:
        1. NX76H4 defining: as #NXK0ZQ, decide it not necessary, and since very logically connected, leave it here.
        2. NX7OIT naming & referencing: for that create  /5160#NXFGBI
        3. NX76HA multi-value: for that create /5156#NXBA1B
        4. NX7OJD ‘pros thru cons’ into /5138#NWYUYU –moved all 2.
        5. NX76GR here: intro
          1. NXK0ZQ now dropped to 3761 words (of ~10K max)
    11. NX7G3G fix the problem just mentioned with #NWWR1J: discover my misread: a similar but different ID NX1U1J assigned to ‘per def’ that perhaps the diff algorithm found similar enough to sync on, so no problem with my data being corrupt
    12. NX76CO updates: /5138#NX75JF ‘comparison to’ + {cut already moved out ‘‘motivations & sources & changes ‘in reverse start order’’’} +
    13. NX75DM ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151102Mon0849pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’8‘;version1.8‘;words ’9997‘;as ’got ‘Aw, Snap!’ so reload getting ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ getting updates {some #NWZ6MG + using ‘compared to’ at #NOOO8N et al + #NX6E59 thru #NX71JY + #NX0CWJ thru #NX0D77 + #NX1NYJ thru #NX1O14 + #NX1IB7 thru #NX1IBN + moved out #NWU06V thru #NWWE6G + #NX1QBQ + diff lost sync #NWWR1J thru just before #NWU8GU possibly due to {#NWWR1J mis-assigned to multi meanings (‘maker’ and ‘per def’) [–nope
      not multi-assign but similar enough to cause this mis-sync
      ]}}, do getting ‘Post restored to revision from November 2, 2015 @ 15:42:26 [Autosave]’ and ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’, do getting 1 line more to apparent full restore back to last addition ‘#NX71SM’  ‘;do ’continue editing with intent to now split‘}’.
    14. NX0D9R {cut the text moved out by #NWYU94, an op which completes at completes at /5138#NX02PZ}+{add #NX0CWJ thru #NX0D77}+{add down thru #NX0D77} + add + {add NX1NYJ thru NX1O14}add {add #NX1QHP}+{add #NX1U1J thru #NX1UMC}+{add thru #NX1UOZ}+more some detailed next
    15. NWZ6IZ ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151028Wed2204pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’6‘;version1.7‘;words ’10538‘;as ’to reload categories, {click refresh: well almost: did http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5129&action=edit ; disappointingly got ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ –did that & got ‘Post restored to revision from October 29, 2015 @ 09:10:13 [Autosave]’‘;do ’continue editing‘}’.
    16. NWYU94 –too many ‘Aw, Snap!’ here, so split this post again
    17. NWYU37 ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151028Wed2204pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’6‘;version1.6‘;words ’10464‘;as ’got ‘Aw, Snap!’ so reload getting ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ , did & got ‘Post restored to revision from October 29, 2015 @ 04:50:37 [Autosave]’ and ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’, did & got only addition of ‘<sup><a id=”NWYTG8″ class=”aself_KEP2FG”></a>NWYTG8:</sup>  weight &amp; distance specification’ but that’s latest‘;do ’continue editing‘}’.
    18. NWY695 continue completing latest entries
    19. NWY65C ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151028Wed1327pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’5‘;version1.5‘;words ’9948‘;as ’got ‘Aw, Snap!’ so reload & got ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’, did & got ‘Post restored to revision from October 28, 2015 @ 20:16:48 [Autosave]’ and NO ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’, basically all text seems restored’‘;do ’continue editing‘}’.
    20. NWXSXI continue completing latest entries thru ~ point #NWY5IJ
    21. NWXSQR ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151028Wed0837pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’4‘;version1.4‘;words ’9302‘;as ’got ‘Aw, Snap!’ so reload & got ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ , did & got ‘Post restored to revision from October 28, 2015 @ 15:19:12 [Autosave]’ and ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’, did & got only addition of ‘<li></li>’‘;do ’continue editing‘}’.
    22. NWW0NL {continue completing latest entries thru ~ point #NWXRE0} + {NWW39J thru NWW3R4}+{add NWWOFT thru NWWONM}+{do #NWW39J here where it could help: most/many entries}+{add #NWW6CR thru NWWP51}
    23. NWW0BR ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151027Tue0926pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’1‘;version0.1 aka 1.0‘;words ’8211‘;as ’significant TODO plus  waited before saving to see #NWU63H was done, including continued making additions but {now need to edit prior entries as #NOM6HK and even just did so at #NWSQIK and some smaller before} so finally realize better to 1st save‘;do ’Publish 1‘}’.
    24. NWW06F TODO: finish completing latest entries + proofread + verify links +NX7F7E
    25. NWV4FM continue completing latest entries including {update NWSQIK thru #NWVYTP} {add NWVZID thru #NWVZZM}
    26. NWV24Q to finish  #NWU63H, do NWZNOM
      1. NWV25A search from prior locations: http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=pretty-link&search=4670&size=100 finds 27 matches; replaced moved ones with 5129; remaining are 16; moved 12.
    27. NWUINJ ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151026Mon1406pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’1‘;version0.1‘;words ’277~‘;as ’to do for /4670#NWU63H,‘;do
      following NXBIBI with {{template plus some source text} last addition /4670#NWUHQ7}, create {this ‘document’ http://1.JotHere.com/5129#NWUIVG}‘}’.