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NXH5VH ‘intro & overall’

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    ‘‘constructing: probiotic findings by meNXH5VH

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      1. NXO04Z present
      2. NXH669 ‘‘constructing: probiotic research by me ’NXH5VH
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        1. NXHAGQ‘‘human’ ‘health’’
        2. NXHAEY‘of MissionFirst’
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  5. NXHAHJ ‘definition’‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s’ or other syntax, of probiotic…
    1.  ‘for remainder, sections overall  TBA
    2. NXR0Y5 (probiotic) usage, especially compared to ‘its apparent dual antibiotics’
      1. NXR2LA ‘its apparent dual antibiotics
        1. NXR2KM was noted by one of the probiotic term definers in his/her paper title ‘(1974). “Probiotics, the other half of the antibiotic story”.’
        2. NXR2M8 seemingly until reasonably, has  not been talked about much, especially not probiotics doing the job of antibiotics; more at #NXR12F
      2. NXR0Z1 from history, medical benefits seem to have been known indirectly as early as the Greeks & Romans, and formally starting 1907, including
        1. NXR297 were used for ‘treating infectious diseases .. when antibiotics were not yet available’
      3. NXR117 popularity feels like notably growing since 2005~
        1. NXR1H6 shows  interest since earliest records (2004)
          1. NXR1OC for ‘probiotic’, steady growing and accelerating, including notably in 2015.
            1. NXR32C Why?  Possibilities:
              1. NXR2ZM world obesity is a recent growing American & increasing world problem and probiotics seen as a means to help
            2. NXR332 people are realizing antibiotics not as cool as we thought.
          2. NXR1OM for ‘antibiotic’, kind of stable and with recent news reporting its negatives.
        2. NXR174 On Amazon: Health & Personal Care : Vitamins & Dietary Supplements : Supplements : Digestive Supplements : Probiotics’, I’d guess maybe 100 offerings (say 8x larger than the average drug store), but actually there are ‘‘3,180 results’, including many seemingly limitless with 100s and occasionally 1000s of user reviews.
        3. NXR1T9 for ‘antibiotic OR probiotic’ finds
          1. NXR1TU probiotic news generally positive.
          2. NXR1U3 antibiotic news mostly negative, as ‘GP antibiotic prescribing dropped to five-year low over last year GP onlineNov 12, 2015’ and ‘ Could a commonly prescribed antibiotic worsen MRSA infections? Medical News TodayNov 11, 2015: The global medical community has witnessed a rise in antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” as the use of antibiotics has increased…
      4. NXR12F still not common knowledge, indeed feels antibiotics still much more commonly known than probiotics
        1. NXR13R why?  Possibilities:
          1. NXR147 more money profit to medical industry
            1. NXR14W –possibility –not yet?
            2. NXR15A to cure rather than prevent sickness (as per common phrase ‘ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure’)
            3. NXR15T to sell prescription (antibiotic) rather than over-the-counter
          2. NXR2TS not as effective?
            1. NXR2U4 yes, short-term, antibiotics seem to typically have probiotics beat…
              1. NXR2VF and perhaps that notably contributed to the stop of probiotic research & interest
              2. NXR33L but
                1. NXR2WR long term, antibiotics effects don’t last (humans build up resistance) and are increasingly found to have long term negative effects
                2. NXR2Y9 if we continued probiotic research, perhaps we could raise them to the effectiveness level of antibiotics.
    3. NXIW2L my interest
      1. NXIW3O immediately
        1. NXIW53 as via simple pill taking, significantly improve health aspects
          1. NXIW86 both
            1. NXIW6J loose belly fat
            2. NXIW72 cut flatulence
              1. NXIW8X the only thing I’ve found to work here.
          2. NXGK4Y as my 1st probiotic dosage proved it would 0 flatulence but had just run out, to select & order a replacement ideally even better including now to also do weight-loss
          3. NXIWAB all possibly relevant history I can think of:
            1. NXR3I9 it is common for an abused child to self-abuse; and indeed, as  child I became literally anal retentive
              1. NXR43D specifically when I had to urinate or defecate, instead I held it until the feeling went away, perhaps enjoying and definitely because I usually had important work to do so didn’t want to be interrupted by such thing if it I could make it go away.
              2. NXR450 And continued doing it that most always, not even thinking if anyone else was doing the same, indeed not even thinking about it all.
              3. NXR47B But 1 or 2x per year, I had and was several times hospitalized for what I thought was my appendix about to burst which the doctors kept diagnosing as gas. Until when I was about age 20 the emergency doctor made the correct connection and told me to stop being anal retentive.  So I did, and indeed these immobilizing killer gas pains never returned.
              4. NXR48I but permanent damage to my intestines & bladder appears to have been done, as:
                1. NXR4AG apparently stretched out & lost is stretchy-ness, as now my body  only gives me about 3 minutes warning that I have to urinate or defecate.
                2. NXR4DM possibly causing now bad changes to gut/belly
            2. NXIWIE given my height 6ft0in, broad solders, seemingly heavy bones, plus naturally little body fat (I’ve never floated), my ideal weight is probably 187lbs~.
            3. NXIWKV colds have always been my alkalis’ heal, easy for me to catch and clinging to me readily 8 weeks or more if no antibiotic.
            4. NXIX19 except as noted here, all my life (decades)
              1. NXIWAQ I’ve been thin, even a tad scrawny (at ~177lbs) and without knowingly doing anything special to be that way (so seemingly genetic), including
                1. NXIX4W never really exercising (except as required during military activity duty, but that would have 0 effect on my weight)
                2. NXIX55 eating a lot of junk foods, except always drinking a lot of milk (but then, soda, too).
                3. NXIX5E when my peers of my same age would be putting on weight as they aged, I notably would not –a trend which continued 20 years.
              2. NXIWRV I’ve had flatulence (passing gas) just ~1 per day, and always silent & smell-less.
              3. NXR4PQ my sex drive has been quite high, making my popular among ladies in these areas but a big & painful time waste for me as in today’s world, unless one seeks just pure/casual sex (something I detest), romance generally has terrible ROI.
            5. NXIWCU Then 2008~
              1. NXIWKH Instead of fast foods, I began eating mostly my mother’s home cooking (a factor?)
              2. NXR4NE some notable physical body changes me happened gradually over the subsequent years:
                1. NXR4LB I started growing a few gray hairs, but mostly only  in my beard and not that noticeable.
                2. NXIWOJ in the first ~3 years then, I recall getting notably many colds, and having to take readily 2x the antibiotics to rid them, often pushing my doctor to give me more before I run out, which the doctors were reluctant because of ODing on them.
                3. NXR4H5 bad changes to my gut/belly
                  1. NXIWEW over the next ~4 years, my weight grew to its present steady ~213lbs
                    1. NXIWGT all in my belly/gut, so now giving me a tiny pot-belly.
                    2. NXIWH3 stopping 2013~ when I started eating notably healthier
                      1. NXIXA1 something I’ve steady continued, including 2015.10 starting transition to & via Knives over Forks transition book
                  2. NXIWV4 over the next ~5 years, my passing gas slowly but dramatically increased to about 3x per hour, still silent & smell-less.
                  3. NXR4FX This year 2015, I regularly feel a very tiny bloated: very tiny intestinal/stomach pain.
                4. NXR3GZ my interest in sex, normally high (great for mates but not for me), has dropped to somewhat below normal levels.
                  1. NXR5SX a big relief for me! –as now I can really concentrate on matters with real ROI.
                  2. NXR50C I suspect this is because my testosterone levels dropped. They’re is now around 300s, which is on the low side. I don’t know what it was before.
                  3. NXR5H4 This may not be relevant to probiotics & related, but thinking it could be and is a big physical change also at that time, I include it.
      2. NXO09M ‘so post category’
        1. NXO0AY ‘MissionFirst’
    4. NXO4KR other product selectors & comparison reviews, from roughly best first
      1. NXOS75 (example result)
        1. NXOS7L has nicest selector interface I’ve seen for this kind of product
        2. NXOS83 not clear how it works –bad
        3. NXOS8W seems like small product selection
        4. NXOS9A not clear its trustable –may well want to force certain products.
      2. NXO5H2RWM a side-by-side comparison of ten leading Probiotics NXO46Y’ (quoting table)
        1. NXO5L1 cannot find a better URL (than one given)
          1. NXO5N9 per search for it, seems posed only as on product review entries on Amazon & similar for the mentioned products.
        2. NXO5QY ‘1.. Some probiotics like Lactobacillus GG or Bacillus BC30 have unique and scientifically proven benefits – in those cases, one or two strains are fine. While there are no probiotics that have 1000 strains, many contain 15-30 strains. These are often called “broad spectrum” probiotics.’
        3. NXO5UF rather than quote a lot of stuff, please see source for full details.
      3. NXO4MA now ref’d by here
        1. NXO4N7 recommends species by about 5 conditions
        2. NXO4RR lots of concrete product select recommendations
        3. NXO4SP ‘Pick one that has at least seven strains, and five billion CFU (colony forming units).’
      4. NXO55U  now ref’d by here
        1. NXO559 ‘ bacteria per capsule. Generally the more the better, but if you are starting your treatments it is advisable to start with a lower quantity. Once you feel comfortable that they are not causing a severe Die-Off reaction, you can increase the dosage.’
        2. NXO585 ‘As long as the probiotic contains a few of the most potent strains (including L. Acidophilus or B. Bifidum), and at least 5 individual strains, it should work well.’
      5. NXO5CM now ref’d by here
        1. NXO5BX ‘a range between 5-50 billion CFUs ..over 50 billion CFUs rarely adds benefit’
      6. NXO4Y1 now ref’d by here
        1. NXO4ZO ‘multiple strains tend to be more effective overall than products containing an extremely high concentration of just one or two strains. This is because many strains work synergistically to influence our health.’
    5. NXIXS9 table (sheet) ‘‘probiotic ’NXGMKH’ –click
      1. NXIYB6 this or similar formalism seems the only way to reliably tabulate all the research finding
        1. NXIYEO so why have I not seen something similar?
      2. NXIXXP goals & ideally their achievement
        1. NXIYFN allow a person, starting with me, to well select a product based on his/her goals
        2. NXIY5F for every item
          1. NXIY6T tell its name(s), a KCGUID (I’ve assigned to it), how I was referred to it, and its key URLs
          2. NXIXYH for small number (notable) probiotic product, also
            1. NXIXX7 given the ingredients, calculate how well the product will perform for various goals, including anti-flatulence and -obesity, based on quality research studies as for these goals
              1. NXJ4V6 currently in the prototype stage, just being coded and not yet tested.
              2. NXO0LE so far hasn’t worked well due most notably to #NXO0ZG
              3. NXO0SP requires
                1. NXO0T1 every increment which significantly affects a goal, know how & generally how much it effects it
                  1. NXO0UP done via study NXGK5U
                  2. NXO0VZ can get which & direction (as x seems to help (or hurt) weight loss), but how much is hard to determine
                    1. NXO0ZG most notably, things which hurt weight loss (actually cause weight gain), most notably #NXJ0RF, are so strong that seems to badly rate products which are get high (Amazon) reviews.
              4. NXJ5E5 so far assumes that if multiple goal-affecting ingredients, their goal achievement will be a pure sum of their individual achievement
                1. NXJ5GA but my guess is it will be somewhat less than that, but since how much & even if is just guess,…
                2. NXJ5LC I keep the simple pure sum until its any inaccuracy clear.
              5. NXJ4QZ on anti_obese_NXINEM
                1. NXJ4RW assuming standard dosages, estimates the ratio of weight loss per month
            2. NXO0O5 systematically record core characteristics
              1. NXO0PT this works well
              2. NXO15C as required for #NXIXX7
            3. NXO15T estimate ingredient amounts
              1. NXO16G as required for #NXIXX7
          3. NXIY30 for every leading strain of probiotic, give its {its pros & cons, including via the formulas
            1. NXKI12 for ‘strain number’,
              1. NXKI4Q seems typically not provided in many result summaries and ingredient specifications.
              2. NXKI1E so far calculations generalize consider a particular number the same as no number specified, due to the complexities of this detail including #NXKI4Q
      3. NXIXSH additional notes which seem hard to well-fit in the table
        1. NXOTN9Bio Prosper Labs Nexabiotic Probiotic 23-strain NXNBUP
          1. NXOU3G my current favorite pick so I starting to order now.  Results…
            1. NXW8SY arrive yesterday.
            2. NYUGPH:  is it just a placebo?
              1. NYUGPX:  so far I’m thinking probably not but I wish I could be certain with the results I’ve verified
            3. NYUCFL:  my experience
              1. NYUGM0:  making my next purchase & trial my next highest rated
                1. NYUGNT:  thinking about it
              2. NYUGKX:  results: so far disappointing
                • NYUEBV:  my flatulence reduction
                  1. NYUEDR:  disappointing given ‘my 1st probiotic dosage proved it would 0 flatulence
                  2. NYUECY:  to about 1/2
                  3. NYUEHF:  Every of the ~3x I ate a lot of 15 Bean Soup (yum!), for the next ~2 days I was tooting at about 2x.
                • NYUF5W:  my weight loss
                  1. NYUFHN:  None. My weight is & has been 211+/-2 lbs stable.
                  2. NYUF25:  ‘Your actual weight is for your eyes only, this is always kept private.’ says MyFitnessPal (I don’t like no overrides), so would have to share this via advanced methods which I will do as I’ve time.
              3. NYUCFY:  what I’ve been taking and some notes ( use Lock Key ‘NYUD9J’
            4. NXW8T8 now Joan tries 1 pill.
              1. NYUC1G:  next day she said it cut her diarrhea by about 50%, so I give her 6 more.
              2. NYUC2K:  about 2015.11.24 I gave her 7 more.
            5. NYUC3G:  2015.11.15~, I hear Lisa is experiencing diarrhea or similar.  At that time I may have given her 0 to 7 of the pills (can’t remember quantity).
              1. NYUC6I:  2015.18~a few days later, she said {it helped} or {she’s interested}, so I gave her 7 more; she said she might take some 2x per day and some 1x per day.
          2. NXOTOC ‘notable pros thru cons:’
            1. NXOTYM seems very low price –pro
            2. NXOTWX if lives up to claims, has seeming near ideal dosage amounts, CFUs, plus capsule to protect from stomach acid  –pro
            3. NXOTRA goes beyond the usual ‘ bifidobacterium NXHQSO’ and ‘ lactobacillus NXHQT4’ collections with seemingly alternative probiotics (5 species) –very unique and seeming pro
              1. NXOTV1 most seem well proven just perhaps forgotten or something
              2. NXOUPC some seem in big use on non-human animals: see #NXOJ5A
              3. NXOUPY used for when before antibiotics exist ‘ to significantly stimulate broad-spectrum immune activity ’ (so possibly a better way to go); specifically ‘Cultures of B. subtilis were popular worldwide before the introduction of antibiotics as an immunostimulatory agent to aid treatment of gastrointestinal and urinary tract diseases.’ says
            4. NXOUT5 for reasons I don’t know, for any product I’ve seen over 6 species I’ve seen, the most =anti_obese_NXINEM, including unique so far:
              1. NXOV82 cutting some of the bad: ‘lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus NXKRT1’ + ‘ lactobacillus reuteri NXKRLN’ + (not sure yet if this is good) ‘lactobacillus fermentum NXJ5A5
              2. NXOV8U doubling-up (2 species numbers) on some of the good: ‘ lactobacillus rhamnosus NXH2J4’ + ‘lactobacillus plantarum NXHQXD
            5. NXOTPB highest number of different species (that I’ve seen): 21 –seeming pro
            6. NXOU12 company I’ve not heard of and doesn’t seems medium-sized in this area, but appears has been in it for years and offers a good selection of other probiotic products  –basic pro
        2. NXOJ5A for ‘enterococcus faecium NXOIJJ
          1. NXOJ5M is this good for humans?
            1. NXOJMT conclusion: probably & bleeding edge.
            2. NXOJ5Y Wikipedia leading description, ‘It can be commensal (innocuous, coexisting organism) in the human intestine, but it may also be pathogenic, causing diseases such as neonatal meningitis or endocarditis.’, certainly raises question
            3. NXOJ9S
              1. NXOJB3 find 3 concludes vague positive ‘The increased absorption of glucose could be interpreted as a positive effect for the animal.
              2. NXOJHH find 7 is for pets and gives 3 of 3 references citing medical benefits.
              3. NXOJMB shopping link lists ~15 products presumably with, many of them for pets & livestock
        3. NXNABDRenew Life Ultimate Flora Mega Potent 150 Billion Renew Life NXMSCQ’ has the [2nd] most strains of any probiotic product I’ve seen.
          1. NXNADF Mostly this is because it has an average 2.22 strain numbers per strain sub-type.
        4. NXNA4U lists a supplement’s individual strain numbers and in selectable text, whereas other sites don’t have this info (in the case of ‘Renew Life Ultimate Flora Mega Potent 150 Billion Renew Life NXMSCQ’, even the maker’s URL lacks this info).
        5. NXMR0S on ‘Hyperbiotics’
          1. NXMR1A delivery mechanism: video at 0:55 claims ‘ate yogurt and took probiotic supplements but because of the effects of stomach acid and probiotic supplements, only 4% of the good guys actually arrived and she didn’t notice much improvement. .. 15x more effective than other capsules because 60% of the good bacteria make it to the intestinal track alive; pearl shaped and contain a patented ‘bio-track protection’ and time-release technology that provides a potent percentage of living organisms throughout the day to provide instant & ongoing comfort and help you absorb more vitamins & nutrients so you can get & stay well.’
        6. NXMNYJ on ‘bifidobacterium fermentum NXJ5A5’
          1. NXMOBE for weight loss, per notes here, 3rd most potent
          2. NXMOCN vendors
            1. NXMOI5 as far as supplements, finds 1 brand
            2. NXMRKO has 5 finds.
        7. NXMNPU on ‘lactobacillus amylovorus NXJ50D
          1. NXMNQW for weight loss, per notes here, 2nd most potent
          2. NXMNRF vendors
            1. NXMNVK finds 0
            2. NXMNY3 finds only scientific refs no supplements
        8. NXMLJD for ‘Phillips Probiotic Capsules Colon Health NXMK0Z
          1. NXMLNB for its ingredient ‘lactobacillus gasseri NXH2FI’ it has a footnote ‘previously identified as L. acidophilus’ –what is that supposed to mean exactly?
            1. NXMLXS these are different strains, so that’s seems a big change, so taking more than this cryptic footnote.
            2. NXMLW6 Is this a mislabel? By whom? The packaging? Science?
            3. NXMMEW –on look ~5min, found no answers.
        9. NXHQMC for ‘Safeway Probiotic 10x NXGMUC
          1. NXGMXJ I took ~14 capsules, 1 at a time, from 2015.04~-11
            1. NXIZ4J I only would take a capsule after noticing for as long as I could remember (for days to weeks after the effects of my last dosage had worn off I now again had my now normal high flatulence
            2. NXR6Y9 every time after 1 capsule, starting within an hour & continuing ~2 to 4 days,
              1. NXGMZN my flatulence, from being high, would be 0!
              2. NXR6YH my bloating/stomach pain would be 0.
            3. NXIYGK had no effect on my weight, possibly because of my very low dosage.
            4. NXIYH6 when the normal dosage is 1 per day, so at ~1/10th the normal rate
              1. NXIYJB mostly because I was only think to cut flatulence, and the effects at this low dosage were immediate & lasting and then I would forget to take it again.
          2. NXMMXQ ‘Compare vs. Align (This product is not manufactured or distributed by the Procter & Gamble Company, owner of the registered trademark Align). ’ says here
        10. NXIZ6A for various yogurts my mother had bought
          1. NXIZ72 after eating about 2 in 1 day, I would notice my now normal high flatulence would reduce about 33% the next 1 or 2 days.
            1. NXIZBF This wasn’t enough of a drop off, and eating more per day seemed possibly imbalanced plus would be expensive.
            2. NXIZF0 so it got me researching & taking just core ingredient reportedly causing this affect: probiotics.
        11. NXIZG5 for Beano(sp?) pills
          1. NXIZGJ I tried these for a few weeks but this didn’t seem to have any effect on me so I stopped taking them.
        12. NXIZGY for typical non-organic anti-gas tablets
          1. NXIZHB my doctor prescribed some,
          2. NXIZIG so I took some for a short while, but
          3. NXIZIQ they didn’t seem to have any affect on me.
          4. NXIZJ4 I didn’t like the fact they were based on pure chemicals, nothing apparently natural.
        13. NXKSP0 on ‘lactobacillus gasseri NXH2FI
          1. NXKSK2 ‘part of the vaginal flora.[1]
    6. NXGK5U each goal and what strains affect it
      1. NXINMN weight loss
        1. NXGK66 findings from roughly most significant
          1. NXGK7X gives many finds
          2. NXGK8M (archive)
            1. NXICF4 ref’d by in order: #NXGK7X 3
            2. NXICGF ‘The most impressive study .. In this study, taking the probiotic Lactobacillus gasseri caused people to lose 8.5% of their belly fat mass over a period of 12 weeks (44[ published 2013.11]).’
              1. NXITIY so loss rate =8.5%/(12 weeks*(7 days/week)*1 month/30.41 days)=3.08%/month
              2. NXITIJ ‘When they stopped taking the probiotic, they gained the belly fat back within 4 weeks.’
            3. NXICGJ There is also some evidence that Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium lactis can help with weight loss and obesity prevention (45[ published 2015.03]).’
              1. NXIUM5 see instead more detail from this same source NXHUPA
            4. NXICH6 nothing specific on flatulence & gas
          3. NXGLRU (archive)
            1. NXICLL ref’d by in order: #NXGK7X 4
            2. NXICJM ‘yogurt was spiked with either the bacteria Lactobacillus fermentum or Lactobacillus amylovorus. ..Most of that loss was belly fat,’
              1. NXINYD ‘.After a month and a half, those who ate the __ probiotic supplements had lost __ of their body fat .. than at the study’s start.’…
                1. NXIOLQ ‘L. amylovorus  4 percent’
                  1. NXITWA loss rate =4%/1.5months= 2.67%/month
                2. NXIO10 ‘L. fermentum .. 3 percent’
                  1. NXIU04 so loss rate =3%/1.5months= 2.00%/month
                    1. NXOAB1 however #NXJ091, published ~3 months before, says it ‘associated with weight gain in animals’
                      1. NXOAI7 resolve at by putting down by 2 ranks
              2. NXGLRN referring to (without exact link) published paper 2013.01
          4. NXHUB7 (archive)
            1. NXIDAR gives the most detail so far (of #NXGK7X before it)
            2. NXICNE ref’d by in order: #NXGK7X 5
            3. NXHUPA ‘2014 Dutch review study .. conclude, “Lactobacillus gasseri SBT 2055, Lactobacillus rhamnosus ATCC 53103, and the combination of L. rhamnosus ATCC 53102 and Bifidobacterium lactis Bb12 appear to reduce fat mass, body weight, and weight gain” (17[ published 2015.03]).’
              1. NXIUC0 for ‘gasseri’, I will reuse result #NXITIY
              2. NXIUUN for ‘lactis’, since 2 of 2 sources found it helpful and #NXIBYA attributed notable additional benefits, I will rank it just after #NXINYD
              3. NXIUQU for ‘rhamnosus’, since only this 1 of 3 refs said it helped, I will rank it just after #NXJ3XS
            4. NXHUPW ‘Another large review paper (18[ print published 2012.08]), which looked at 82 previously published probiotic studies, concluded that
              1. NXIV0J “specific strains of L.  (Lactobacillus) gasseri and L. (Lactobacillus) plantarum used as food supplements presented an anti-obesity effect” .’
                1. NXIV5J repeat #NXIUC0
                2. NXIV6D for ‘plantarum’, as 2 of 2 sources found it helpful and #NXIBYA attributed notable additional benefits, do same as #NXIUUN
                3. NXJ0JS relevant quote from the study’s ‘Result’ doesn’t mention this (no big harm as its in the Conclusion) but does give similar results non-human animals (‘Lactobacillus plantarum was associated with weight loss in animals. Lactobacillus gasseri was associated with weight loss both in obese humans and in animals.’)
              2. NXIV1Z lactobacillus fermentum and lactobacillus ingluviei were linked with remarkable weight gain, at least in animal studies.’ 
                1. NXJ030 paraphrasing here is not fully accurate, so instead use real quote from actual study ‘Results’:
                  1. NXJ050Lactobacillus acidophilus administration resulted in significant weight gain in humans and in animals (SMD 0.15; 95% confidence intervals 0.05–0.25).  Results were consistent in humans and animals.’
                    1. NXJ0PZ use rate results via & of #NXJ3K2
                    2. NXM8E4 What is SMD? ‘Results were pooled by host and by Lactobacillus species and are summarized in a meta-analysis of standardized difference in means (SMDs).’
                      1. NXM8UW Which I interpret, in clearer English:
                        1. NXM8V3 Results from the different studies  ‘averaged’ by SMD.
                        2. NXM925 SMS ‘standardize the results of the studies to a uniform scale’ so the results can be legitimately averaged, improving wording of a leading SMS definition.
                        3. NXM93W I spent ~15 minutes reading thru but do not have further explanation of what SMD is, including don’t know what values it ranges over (other than 0.15) and how to interpret them.
                  2. NXJ091Lactobacillus fermentum and Lactobacillus ingluviei were associated with weight gain in animals.’
                    1. NXOATGfermentum’ covered at #NXOAI7
                    2. NXOATR for ‘ingluviei’, since only this ref which is not specifically for humans and especially without concrete data, decrease at ‘-pos_median*2/3’
              3. NXIV36 ‘Notably, they couldn’t find any significant or consistent effects of Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which contradicts findings from the Dutch review.’
              4. NXOBIA source report says ‘Other species (L. reuteri, L. casei, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus sporogenes) were not associated with significant and consistent effects. [Of that group,] Only L. delbrueckii was significantly associated with weight gain (five comparisons; I2 = 0%; SMD = 0.39; 95%CI (0.06–0.71); p = 0.02) but this effect was summarized from only two different studies in chicks and rats.’
            5. NXHUQL concluding ‘Lactobacillus gasseri appears to be the probiotic strain that can best assist weight loss in humans.’ with latest study 19 (2015.03)
          5. NXO7A8 ‘Claims that some lactobacilli may contribute to weight gain in some humans[48][49] remain controversial.[50]says Probiotic on Wikipedia currently
          6. NXIB0R (archive)
            1. NXID6P ref’d by in order: #NXGK7X 6
            2. NXJ0WM author
            3. NXID8V has a lot of info but heavy repetition
            4. NXIBAC ‘yogurt and some probiotics negatively affect our gut bacteria, which is an unknown culprit in making people fat and foggy headed
            5. NXIBAV ..  My history of 15 years of heavy antibiotic use for chronic sinus infections as a young man set me up to have a histamine intolerance. ..’
            6. NXIF84 ‘#3) Increase histamine degrading bacteria’  and ‘#2) Reduce histamine producing bacteria’  –article’s main point apparently
            7. NXIBD0 ‘categorized’ (in reverse order to match the overall listing (of most effective for weight loss)
              1. NXIBHEHistamine degrading bacteria: Bifidobacterium infantis (found in breast milk), Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus plantarum, and some soil-based organisms.’
                1. NXIF18 [mentioned later] High phenol foods like blueberries, coffee, and chocolate can feed a type of gut [histamine degrading ](?)] bacteria called firmacutes[ Firmicutes?].
                2. NXIBYA mentioned later ‘.. key histamine degrading bacteria: Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifdocaterium[ bifidobacterium] lactis [NOT mentioned at #NXIBHE unless ‘some soil-based’], and Bifidobacterium longum.13,14 These particular strains not only lower histamine levels, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion, but Amasi as a whole food helps improve absorption of specific nutrients such as vitamin B6, B2, and K, folic acid, niacon[ Niacin(?)], and zinc.’
                  1. NXJ43B for ‘plantarum’, covered by #NXIV6D
                  2. NXJ4DR for ‘lactis’, covered by #NXIUUN
                  3. NXJ4F5 for ‘longum’, has basic benefit plus notable additional here, so rate it just after #NXIUUN
                3. NXJ3XS for ‘infantis’, this is only mentioned here so, rate it just after #NXJ4F5
              2. NXIBG7 Neutral bacteria: Streptococcus thermophiles (also in yogurt) and Lactobacillus rhamnosus (shown to down regulate histamine receptors and up-regulate anti-inflammatory agents)
                1. NXJ3QF per this the 1 reference to ‘Streptococcus thermophiles’, set that rate to 0.
                2. NXJ3RG for rest so ‘rhamnosus’, #NXIUQU covered it.
              3. NXIBF8Histamine producing bacteria: Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus reuteri, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus (Found in most yogurts and fermented foods).
                1. NXKRGC for ‘reuteri’: since not highlighted, rank right after #NXJ0RF
                  1. NXOG68 due to significant evidence #NXOBIA, continue this with this new data
                2. NXKRJB for ‘bulgaricus’: do same as #NXKRGC
                3. NXIBJS [mentioned later] I took an “acidophilus pearl” capsule because those were convenient and I was out of my normal probiotic. The one I took had lactobacillus casei, a histamine producing bacteria in it.<br/>The result? I gained 10 pounds in seven days, with a noticeable inflammation in the gut. I stopped the probiotics and it took 7 days to lose the weight.
                  1. NXLESG finds
                    1. NXLEYP
                      1. NXLF8C ingredients: ‘Lactobacillus (casei, acidophilus, reuteri, and rhamnosus)<br/>Bifidobacterium longum  500 million CFU  * ’
                      2. NXLF3N aka aka and no make page
                      3. NXLF40 appears discontinued
                    2. NXLEZ3 no other real matches
                  2. NXJ0RF (loss) rate=-10 lbs./(author’s guesstimated weight before, assuming trying to loose & become good weight of image: 190lbs)/(7 days*1 month/30.41 days) =-22.9%/month
                    1. NXOBKU this seems way too extreme
                      1. NXOBOR due to
                        1. NXOBO0 significant positive ratings of such products, alerted at #NXO0ZG
                        2. NXOBP8 conflicting and much more professional report  {#NXOBIA & more-general #NXO7A8}
                      2. NXOCTN I wonder if it could be from histamine allergy that only a few people have
                      3. NXOCUY so instead set to be a negative {median positive, so #NXITWA} but {at 1/5th the rate since lack of proof}
                  3. NXJ3K2 merging this info with #NXJ050, also use this rate for ‘Lactobacillus acidophilus
                    1. NXOD9G this proof is bad as seen for sibling, but due to notable but amount-less proof #NXJ050 yet conflicting but general #NXO7A8, rate this is at same median positive but at 1/2.
                      1. NXOHDY as this ingredient ranks top 1/3rd ranking in the average supplement, including regularly #1, more work needed here to ensure this accurate
                4. NXIERA [mentioned later] mostly commonly found in the majority of yogurts and fermented foods, especially when they are not balanced by other species. Rampant unbalanced focus on lactobacillus in yogurt has led to this..
          7. NXHTTV (archive not displayed yet)
            1. NXIEDQ ref’d by in order #NXGK7X 2
            2. NXIEDB ‘the numbers of Bifidobacteria are higher in children who maintain a normal weight than in those who later become overweight. .. genetic mutations that affect levels of the “satiety” hormone leptin are associated with more fat-forming bacteria and less good-for-you Bifidobacteria. .. Intestinal inflammation, or leaky gut, drives obesity and problems with blood sugar. When the gut barrier is “leaky,” bacterial toxins make their way into the bloodstream. A dose of probiotics (like Bifidobacteria) has been shown to reduce leakiness and improve blood sugar.’
      2. NXINOC prevent flatulence
        1. NXGKGH findings, from most significant
          1. NXGKQI I’ve been using and it does it incredibly.
            1. NXGKXK indeed contains 5 strains of ‘bifidobacterium’ and 4 strains of ‘lactobacillus’; contains no ‘fermentum’ nor ‘amylovorus
          2. NXGKS8
          3. NXGL4U
            1. NXIN8Y ref’d by in order #NXGKS8 3
            2. NXIN9F recommends 1st of ~5 ‘Lactobacillus plantarum’ plus otherwise only strain mixtures without specific mention of strain names
          4. NXGKV3
            1. NXIN8E ref’d by in order #NXGKS8 1
            2. NXIN8R ‘ in 2005 reported that patients taking a probiotic formula containing bifidobacterium and lactobacillus — two common strains of probiotics — reduced the amount of flatulence significantly ’
    7. NXWD5Y tracking usage & effects
      1. NXWD6Y has no matches
      2. NXWDXZ
        1. NXWDH1 looks disappointing
        2. NXWDMC shows only about 15% of the vitamins and no probiotics.
        3. NXWDSO over more than 1 year of data saved & displayed?
          1. NXWDPJ will not report (so system doesn’t save?) data over 1 year
          2. NXWDXM workaround for display
        4. NXWFX2 data export
          1. NXWFWV official says not yet with no ETA.
          2. NXWYZ4 3rd party –extensive
            1. NXWYZ4 most generally powerful I’ve found: –can download individual meal names & data
    8. NXJXTA ‘-’  strain
      1. NXJXTJ ‘-’‘strain number’
        1. NXKHR0 ‘‘name’ ‘anew’’
          1. NXKHRF ‘strain number’
            1. NXKHTE per
              1. NXKHY5 ‘‘rendering’ ‘anew’’ ‘‘strain number’
          2. NXKHW7 ‘model number’
            1. NXKHWJ my informal term paralleling manufactured goods
        2. ‘per def’
          1. ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
            1. NXKHTX >0 ‘1’
              1. NXKHUV ‘ATCC 18824’
    9. NXMA5A rank to quantity projection
      1. NXMA47 for ingredients
        1. NXMA6N motivation:
          1. NXMA8N At least in the US, by I guess FDA labeling requirement, a editable product tells us the ingredients from most to least present but doesn’t tell the exact quantities.
          2. NXMAA4 But in order to compute meaningfully, we need so much project the quantity of each ingredient.
      2. NXMAAN for studies reporting how good something is for you.
        1. NXMAE1 an average nutritional value study gives…
          1. NXMABK in a few cases, an exact result, as weight loss in lbs. in the # of weeks of the trial.
          2. NXMAED in many cases, less exact results, as ‘3 of 3 studies finds x helps where as 1 of 3 studies finds y helps’
        2. NXMAFW from these we need to project how much for a given (typically ingredient) x, how much that seems it would help.
      3. NXMAH8 via reduce by ratio method (my informal term)
        1. NXMAI4 in JavaScript (quote of latest):;function rank_pct_NXIMAB( //NXIMAB=
          rank //NXIMAE=
          ,qty //NXMAXF=
          ,ratio //NXMAXK=
          ){ “use strict”;var var0=this //NXIMAD=
          ;ratio= //NXMCV4=
          ratio||rank_ratio_default_NXMIU8||1/2 //NXMIXQ=
          ;if(isNaN(qty)) qty= //NXME1V=
          5 //NXME2S=
          (ratio==1/2 && qty>5) //NXMKZU=
          ?(1/Math.pow(2,rank)) //NXIMBE=
          :(Math.pow(ratio,rank)/sum_exp_total_NXMAXG(ratio,qty)) //NXMD8T=
          );}//=template N9LFW9
        2. NXMAJK ‘notable pros thru cons:’
          1. NXMKPK (by design), insures  rank_pct_NXIMAB(1,..)+..+rank_pct_NXIMAB(n,..)= 1
          2. NXMKW7 feels like a very natural & good interpolation
        3. NXMKYI rank ratio
          1. NXMKYQ in JavaScript, quote
            ;var rank_ratio_default_NXMIU8= //NXMIU8=
            .85 //NXMD13=
            // 1/2 //NXMD12=
          2. NXMAQB ~85% feels most natural
          3. NXML30 for 50%, minor aside:  sum_exp_total_NXMAXG quickly approaches 1 as qty + infinity, including close for >5
            1. NXMALO naturally achieving #NXMKPK and with a then simpler formula
            2. NXML8T enabling one not to worry about the qty except for the otherwise small #.
      4. NXMAUZ via specified drop-down method (my informal method)
  6. annex
  7. ‘motivation’
  8. ‘success of this’
  9. NXH64H ‘post history additional’‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. NYUBG5 ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151204Fri0738pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’3‘;version1.1‘;words ’5138‘;as ’on reload got ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’ + ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ + updates {#NXWD5Y thru #NXWYZ4 + #NXW8R4} which is hopefully latest‘;do ’continue editing starting with #NXS2YK with 365 replacements‘}}’
    2. NXW8R4 more edits:
    3. NXR72M ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151113Fri0437pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’2‘;version1.0‘;words ’4969‘;as ’significant todo but usable and after days of work writing this I need to move on to other tasks for at least a week‘;do ’Publish 1‘}’.
    4. NXR6E1 {spellcheck} + {update IDs to latest format: 349 replacements}
    5. NXR3E1 TODO: #NXIOIZ+ add results as occur + organize better + proofread + verify links then
    6. NXO031 updates: #NXR0Y5 + #NXR3I9 + #NXR4NE 2x bigger+ #NXO0AY + #NXO4KR + #NXIXYH 3x bigger + #NXOTN9 + #NXOJ5A + #NXOBKU + #NXOD9G
    7. NXNZYZ ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151111Wed1111pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’1‘;version0.1‘;words ’3085‘;as ’mostly complete 1st draft but many days of work‘;do ’draft 1‘}’.
    8. NXNSQD {spellcheck} + {update IDs to latest format: 224 replacements}
    9. NXIOIZ todo: {MT7BXK(_HTML_Chrome).htm & equivalent} move to here
    10. NXHAJS starting initial updates: move to here the calendar entry notes
    11. NXH5XD ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151107Sat1836pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’1‘;version0.1‘;words ’216‘;as ’a new permanent shared home for my probiotics findings (formerly MT7BXK(_HTML_Chrome).htm and today in a calendar entry)‘;do ’following NXBIBI with {{template plus no source text} last {addition if known else history entry} /5160#NXG5R4, create {this ‘document’}‘}’.