Nov 202015

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    1. NY3MATdid you hear the good news announced Veteran’s Day? [2015.11.11Tue] — Virginia is first state to end chronic homelessness’! says Huffington Post & many others.

      1. NY4W4K ‘I 1st heard it on MSNBC news announcement of it broadcast then.’
      2. NY3XLY And while very big for Virginia, this appears huge for ‘US HUD-VASH’ –as the 1st truly major proof of concept and big endorsement; accordingly news said the director of ‘US HUD‘ himself was at the announcement ceremony.
      3. NY3MI5 aside: parts quoted here I SMSed  ‘11/13/2015 8:42 PM’ to ‘ePATH.Org.Veteran Services.OC.Ronda’

    2. NY1DG2 Dear ‘US.CA.OC Community Services’, congratulations on your org’s big recent accomplishment and its public celebration, which I learned of Wednesday 2015.11.18Wed by it being featured that day, including with center celebratory photo, on the front page of the county’s leading newspaper!

      1. scan0005_NY4LS0.crop_NY4NIN.144dpi_NY4TZCNY1GCV Have you seen it? Naturally I’m referring to Orange County Register’s ‘County will gain homeless shelter aka with pics OC Register’s ‘‘We changed history today’: Supervisors approve permanent homeless shelter in Anaheim’
        1. NY1GGW The article’s naturally referring to your org’s project OCCommunityServices.Org/hcd/homeless/kraemer
          1. NY1GHD Still as of 2015.11.20Fri, that project page still doesn’t seem to feature this wonderful news. You might want to suggest the your web site editor update to tell of this, as link it to your OC Register front page article or/and to this my post of the news 🙂
      2. NY1E5W That article mildly implied to me that, as far as OC government orgs tasked with this, ‘Karen Roper , director of OC Community Services’ (link added) was to be foremost credited, but as she oversees a this project plus a number of other departments, I imagine that whoever directly oversees & works on that that project should get the real credit, yes? Just curious, who might that be? –as I don’t see them on a quick look from that official project URL.
      3. NY1GJS This new 200-bed group home, with ‘goal for the average stay is 30 days, with a maximum stay of six months’…
        1. NY1FYS appears an achievement to be immensely proud of, including making me proud of my county.
          1. NY1Y8E especially given the combo
            1. NY2RVV being in OC here we’re behind (specifically in & repressed by) the Orange Curtain, and
            2. NY2JBH today’s Republican politicians unfortunately normally thwart real help to the homeless (while often suggesting otherwise)
              1. NY2JC8 indeed do know, in the last Republican presidential debate (just last week & hugely televised), your organization was (IMHO very mistakenly) slated for elimination and without retort! –specifically  ‘US HUD’ (which your organization falls under) was brought up, notably one famous candidate, who now ranks in poll averages 4 of 16 & fast climbing, said he’d eliminate HUD: in the most famous & highly quoted ‘oops’ moment –by Ted Cruz –but he wasn’t joking about nixing HUD.
          2. NY1G5B and most especially after my seeing the apparently not-uncommon shocking battle against homeless housing as shown me most recently by HBO’s 2015 mini-series documentary ‘Show Me a Hero’ (article featuring).  Seems like you’ve got some real heroes in your office!
        2. NY1GLC ‘will include a service center aimed at helping people find permanent housing and employment’
          1. NY1GQX notes the OC Register {in their 2nd sentence, so strongly}
          2. NY1QKR –that sort of innovative inclusion
            1. NY1GOB is news to me (never heard of similar), though
            2. NY1QN9 it’s not a topic I’ve researched much, though
            3. NY1QNW might it have avoided the problems of say infamous Cabrini-Green?
              1. NY1GPA –sounds possible!
              2. NY1R0M as, unlike say Cabrini, this facility is not just for near homeless, but also for  a few seemingly more normal workers, including regularly working & paid & hopefully-caring, workers who I would imagine would be there for at least 40 hours a week and probably at least a few there 24/7 to fully run the place.
                1. NY1RAV …that I would imagine could be a good influence & hopefully inspiration to those living there.
              3. NY3X8T However, more/less a factor (what do you think?): unlike Cabrini, this is temporary housing.
              4. NY1QWQ What are your thoughts? –especially from those who work full-time in the anti-homeless industry.
      4. NY4VV8 aside: referring to here, in order: NY2RVV + perhaps more.
      5. NY30OV ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. NY4VER for this new context, proofread & updated slightly } + moved #NY1GJS to the end since long & detailed.
        2. NY4I15 for image here, (finish now) scan of the actual newspaper front page.
          1. NY4I79 scanner model ‘HPE64958 (HP Officejet Pro 8600)’
          2. NY4I99 7 scans detailed in standard scan spreadsheet: ‘NY4LIL NY4LJG NY4LKR NY4LPY NY4LQO NY4LRK NY4LS0’
            1. NY4NDG finding include
              1. NY4NDP dpi: 300 over 600 as about 3x faster, 1/3rd storage, and quality still very acceptable
              2. NY4NEK jpg over pdf it seems, as easier to deal with including ‘dimensions’ and other parameters easier to read.
              3. NY4NFV for quick scan, easier to just scan the selected article rather than the whole page.
              4. NY4NGF full page can be scanned by top + middle + bottom then needs stitching.
            2. NY4NIN cropped image scan0005_NY4LS0.crop_NY4NIN.jpg
              1. NY4UW2 the best quick of the bunch but a little blurry where the paper wasn’t tightly pressed against the glass, so as time, may do a rescan TBA here
              2. NY4S6T compressed for web page
                1. NY4QWH instead makes image scan0005_NY4LS0.crop_NY4NIN.include_thumbnail_NY4QWH.jpg
                  1. NY4RVJ WordPress makes its own resized versions even when including thumbnail, as×150.jpg ,so
                    1. NY4S4K find ‘large 695 x 1009’ is just barely readable in full, so 50% more would be fine, from 300dpi to say 100DPI.
                    2. NY4S83 soon  delete*
                2. NY4TCZ from 300 to 100DPI per #NY4S4K & , also having to explicitly scale image to 1/3rd,
                  1. NY4TM7 at interpolation (default: Cubic)
                    1. NY4S7K producing scan0005_NY4LS0.crop_NY4NIN.100dpi_NY4S7K.jpg
                      1. NY4TBQ this is 787*1144 but about 70% the quality of×1024.jpg
                    2. NY4TEA all done in 1 step: scan0005_NY4LS0.crop_NY4NIN.100dpi_1step_NY4TEA.jpg  -is binary equal
                  2. NY4TQF at interpolation at next method ‘Sinc (Lanczos3)’: scan0005_NY4LS0.crop_NY4NIN.100dpi_Sinc_NY4TQF.jpg –about same quality
                3. NY4TZC from 300 dpi to 144 dpi (as 2x 72dpi):  (so image scale 144/300=48%): scan0005_NY4LS0.crop_NY4NIN.144dpi_NY4TZC.jpg -looks good and is small (644KB).
        3. NY30PB this section, for its present location (in NXXC0P), even at the end where it just was moved, is too big, so move to its own post

    3. NY4VPF more TBA here

  6. NY350H (for this post) my ‘motivation’ (and, TBA, its achievement)

    1. NY350Q initially
      1. NY3510 to share recent news I’ve seen with {government agencies dealing with these topics} that I’m working with, as
        1. NY354I it might be useful or/and interesting to them, and
        2. NY4WXE to show I am not…
          1. NY3546 {all/only mission focused}, yes despite my username :-), but also have a lighter side, too.
          2. NY4WY1 only focusing on stuff broken (to get it fixed), but also very much see & am pleased by what works.
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