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LSAUBO:famous favorite “Food with Integrity” Chipotle Mexican Grill http://1.JotHere.com/LSAUBO

Happy DestinyArchitect crunching down on your *average* Chipotle burrito! (on 2011.05.31)


  1. MD0OR3:Kind of like a Mexican-food Subway Restaurant, but much cooler, including:
  2. MD0MG1:The #1 favorite Mexican “fast-food” chain (of 8 leading) says 2011.08 Consumer Reports according to their 36,733 reviewers!
  3. MD0MS7:And um, I concur! It’s my favorite restaurant, as it’s got everything (per slogan “Food with Integrity”!): super-tasty, healthy, fast, super environmentally-conscious (including even tasty vegetarian offerings), yet surprisingly affordable with humongous servings, making for one HUGE burrito! Plus friendly happy staff who typically remember me (including remember my crazy Halloween costume, all year long!)
  4. MD0NNG:The week around Halloween they sell each burrito for just $2 to everyone arriving costume,  –what they call the Chipotle BOOrito special –so making the most of my favorite holiday including promoting costumes.
  5. MD0NO2:And at the end of the day, all leftovers they give to the local homeless, staff tells me –one of the very few restaurants I’ve found which do this (as it costs more in liability risk & employee time), but Chipotle does it anyway.
  6. MD0OC5:As of 2011.12, 1316 locations across US & some Canada says Wikipedia.
  7. MD0OG6:“third” “fastest-growing restaurant chain” “in 2010” says Wikipedia.


  1. LT2SVE :There are currently no alternatives I can think of for the combo of advantages it offers (that is, if you add in real work to help the environment, too), one of the reasons I get so excited about it.


  1. LT2SQN:I don’t make any money or fame promoting Chipotle, it’s just notably-good food at good price and notably good for the environment, so that’s plenty of reason.

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  2. NEWS: Chipotle was vocal supporter of cool Prop 37 (Right to Know) on the 2012.11.06 ballot as that details, one of the things which led me to think “If Chipotle supports it, it must be cool!” and it was.

  3. Some of the Chipotle stores which users here have noted.

  4. Wi-fi (Wireless 802.11 Internet) in stores
    *Presently doesn’t seem to universally exist, so this thread is about why & workarounds & fixes.