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  1. NYM1X1 ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, info’s allowed use’ is’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except: none.
  2. NZ23L1 ‘completeness stage’ CONSTRUCTING
  3. NYM1X9 ‘name anew’
    1. .

      NYPKOE ‘‘{IT SimulSquad™ & similar intimate meeting} newcomer introduction :NYPK6D’ :NYPKEK

  4. NYM1YF To reply & discuss, please use’s default methods (click) except: none.
  5. NYMMA7 remaining sections ‘definition’ + ‘post history additional’ + ‘comments’

  6. NYM1YV ‘definition’:
    1. remaining sections
    2. NYPK6D {IT SimulSquad™ & similar intimate meeting} newcomer introduction :NYPK6D, in order generally encountered…
      1. O04MI2 custom message pointing to here, of form…
        1. O04T62 generally-private message
          1. O04T75 such as a Meetup ‘email’
          2. O04TQO template with sample text ‘O04TQO instance body:  In preparation for your meeting at ’[relative date & time]‘, we kindly could-use so await your easy-to-do follow-up on {your ‘PARTICIPATION at & REVIEW of this happening’ comment thread ’ [URL of that from O058UY] }‘; thanks in advance.’
        2. O04T7V (in) the person’s comment thread for his/her ‘PARTICIPATION at & REVIEW of this happening’ :O04T7V
          1. O058PC template with sample text ‘O058PC instance body: {’­
            David B Osgood‘}’s PARTICIPATION at & REVIEW of this happening –please put all on that here in this thread

            1. O058RN: ’ ‘Member since: December 20, 2015’ ‘with so far ’~1‘ times joining us and ’~1‘ times RSVPing for us.’
          2. O04MIM template with sample text ‘O04MIM instance body:
            1. O058UY: thread URL:’
            2. O04MJ3: WELCOME, ’David‘!
            3. O04QG0: ’[‘personal appreciative greet :O0UT2F’]‘’
            4. O0UPCX: Now else ideally before arriving, please follow {our IT SimulSquad™ newcomer intro for those already RSVPed YES’[]‘#O0UP2K } –thanks in advance. & see ya there!’
          3. O0UT2F personal appreciative greet :O0UT2F
            1. O0UT76 just for that person
            2. O0UT7K based on the speaker’s knowledge of him/her from at least his/her profile
            3. O0UT3Q from real examples
              1. O0US9L In your profile, u’ve ‘No introduction yet’ –please add an intro especially telling ur interest in our group 🙂 :O0US9L
              2. O0UTAW From ur profile, I see u’re in ’13‘ Meetup groups including ’10‘ on coding & similar –so you should feel right at home here. :O0UTAW
              3. O0UT47 In ur profile, u nicely write ‘I have been a front-end web developer for over four years but really only know HTML and CSS. I .. [looking for] online JS / web dev. schools that has actual interaction with an instructor (to answer questions, etc.).’ Great intro, David! &yes we teach IT subjects here via {our successful & proven LUMDBI method that we’ll cover when u arrive} where by design typical Q&A comes from other participants which works great including better than expected, +the self-paced feature is outstanding; &when u’re here we can also likely readily find u courses w/instructors.
          4. O053MQ Each instance should ideally fit into 1 Meetup event comment so
            1. O0585U <= 1000 characters.
            2. O05860 ideally <= 900~ characters to allow the standard header line standard header line O058UY (100~ characters) where that’s needed.
          5. O057Y4 usage
            1. O057YE 1st: ‘2015.12.29TueEvery2
        3. O04TFU ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. O0UYOX:  note: after doing KCGUID replacements, add back KCGUID ‘:’ in templates of #O04T7V :O0UYOX
          2. O0UWU0 factored out & expanded ‘personal appreciative greet :O0UT2F
          3. O0UQZ9 ‘(with sample text) template’ replacement ‘template with sample text’
          4. O0UQBT in ‘template O04TQO instance body:’ patterns, moved {the ‘template’ outside the quote/body, aka moved the open-quote to right of it} as ‘instance’ covers that.
          5. O0UPV5 in ‘template O058PC
            1. O0UTV8 cut ‘O0598A ’ so appending its line with the preceding header, as confusing
            2. O0UQ33 factor out {message 1} text into ‘template O04MIM’, now that’s possible due to #O0UQ29, as is more logical
          6. O0UP4I in ‘template O04MIM
            1. O0UQ2E replace with latest
            2. O0UQ29 factor out much of the text to new ‘for those who RSVP YES early :O0UP2K
          7. O04TOM due to these now being in ‘the person’s event participation comment thread :O04T7V’,
            1. O058YZ ‘(1st time|again)’ replacement O058RN
            2. O04XVC ‘(this eve thru possibly late nite)’ cut
            3. O04TP0 #O04MJ3 replaced from ‘Dear  ’([group]/member/[number] [name], )*‘’ to present
            4. O04TGY NYRW90 replaced from ‘The latest official event comment is ’ ‘’ to present
      2. O0UP2K for those who’ve already RSVPed YES :O0UP2K
        1. NYRW87 Per your early RSVP YES on our IT SimulSquad™ event listing (thanks much!), we’re very much looking forward to your joining us there.
        2. O04NMC Before reading on, please read our newcomer intro core (below) then…
        3. NYRW90 On our next-upcoming event listing where you’re RSVPed YES, read the latest event details (reload/refresh the web page to get latest), especially read the latest official where + when-times + the comments –including notice there in multiple places we’ve appropriately thanked you to our group 🙂  Then…
        4. O04TUJ On {your comment thread for your ‘PARTICIPATION at & REVIEW of this happening’, notably the thread which directed you here}, kindly reply comment-post replying say…
          1. O0UUNP ‘Got it, thanks!’ –so to let all participants know you’ve read this intro
          2. O0UUOC plus ‘All good except I’ll not be there for portion _ mostly because _.’ if & when that’s needed. :O0UUOC
        5. O04RCY Thanks. Really looking forward to your joining us at these.
      3. NYPKYL core content :NYPKYL
        1. O04MPY For this next and the other upcoming IT SimulSquad™s
          1. O04N6N We’re very much looking forward to your joining us!
          2. O04N7E And if you RSVPed YES early, thanks much –especially given that on Meetup, that really helps appropriately build our attendance for everyone so including for you.
          3. O04NE2 These being IT SimulSquad™s, as the event listing should tell you,…
            1. O04O9M For beginner thru expert, for coder or writer or organizer, A GREAT TIME IS HAD BY MOST EVERYONE ATTENDING & JOINING IN!  Including since…
            2. O04PD0 SimulSquad™s are special community events, notably…
              1. O04NZ9 SimulSquad™s are NOT the usual community, especially Meetup, tech meetings, which are normally NOT as good as they initially appear, as normally are…
                1. O04PPD just presentations which…
                  1. O055AB I and many find these days we can get better, & for free, on YouTube & the web, and where on the web you can watch (and read) at your convenience, plus as slow & fast as you want, including watching while & when you actually work on that topic, plus bookmark & search & file, and post permanent & meaningful comments and have plenty of discussion including those most in depth.
                2. O04PPN plus minimal networking, usually  just massively random chatter (so shallow) & brief, and
                3. O055AU are (presentations & meetings) usually from the primary motive to build/boast the resumes & wallets (via getting higher jobs & sales) of not you but the group’s select {speakers & group leaders} and their sponsors :O04PPD
                4. O04PQV and where you the typical attendee are not really a person but a number, a head count, so “you come or don’t come, we don’t care as we’ve got massive numbers”, as the more massive the number of  cattle (attendees) the “better”
                  1. O04Q51 –of course per the normal goal to mainly build/boast the resumes & wallets of those leaders & sponsors
                  2. O055O2 so where you are NOT really genuinely & especially-individually cared for
                    1. O04Q3L including something worse than even a cattle call (for at least at a cattle call, one gets at least a minute of serious personal attention by event hosts!)
                5. O056B9 so very disappointing IF one just stops & realizes all this and really thinks about how one is really spending one’s valuable time & perhaps money.
              2. O04PBO Rather every IT SimulSquad™ is actually doing IT work & play with your community members, including optionally & regularly collaboratively, where then is real meaning in your being together with others here everyone is actually doing IT projects and really collaboratively learning & training-on IT. So…
                1. O04YEG this SimulSquad™ is like coworking except better, as here it’s…
                  1. O04YHQ fully tied to the important thing –the people– instead of to any particular work location
                  2. O04YI5 for play, too!
                  3. O04YJ1 including right there with good & inexpensive & healthy food (so get your meals in, too)
                  4. O04YJ5 often usually a shorter drive/commute, so also more local
                  5. O04YO3 more tied in with your community, as at good local public venues
                  6. O04YIA and all at a fraction of the cost
                    1. O04YWJ in contrast, regular co-working locations start at about $150/mo for 1 seat (real example)
                    2. O04YT1 including here you pay only for what you use, so without any periodic fees (as monthly or annually) so where if you don’t use it fully (as appears common), you just lose your money.
                2. O04PWY SimulSquad™ is intimate, ‘Where everybody knows your name’ (quoting our RSVP policy, and the Cheers song), so making here point NYRWHL (below) the ‘most important’,
                3. O04PXO indeed SimulSquad™ is potentially the stuff which dream teams are made of.
            3. NYRWRF Naturally bring your laptop & IT devices, plus whatever IT projects & you have, and get ready for busy productive hacking fun!
            4. O04QVH O04QVH: The latest details will always be posted on our event listings, else post comment there to ask; and in general…
              1. O04W2I As for remote communication & record-keeping,
                1. O04W2T we do that foremost via web posting including where & so the info can be maximally shared, per, & detailed at, MKDX9S, so…
                  1. O056PA why our latest details & all are stats are always centrally posted, as just shared in that last point O04QVH
                  2. O04UEO only where privacy is truly necessary, you can & should reply to the event host(s) by means with the needed  privacy –starting first by replying to {message(s) from an event host leading you here, such as O04TQO}.
              2. O04R1N Where:
                1. O04R1X generally always within a ~5 minute drive of whomever is hosting the event.
                  1. O0524L so with our first one centered around its event hosts Destiny & Lucy so around US ZIP code 92654(US.CA.south.Orange_County.Laguna Hills).
              3. O04QPL When:
                1. O04NRB Every happening’s duration is ensured to be enough time for each of us to be able to put in some real work towards getting done our IT projects & training, plus have a great meal and do some socializing, so 4 to 7 hours.
                2. NYS0EK And it can be just fine to attend just part of a happening: just tell us, ideally by commenting on the event listing, telling what if any portions you can’t attend & why. :NYS0EK
                3. O04NEM Our event happens/repeats regularly and frequently –generally every week to every month,
                  1. O051ZI for instance our current main event happens every other week.
                4. O051M9 Every happening’s time
                  1. O051NG is typically outside, so not to conflict, key common conflict times
                    1. O051QS of
                      1. O051XO holidays
                      2. O051MH the usual work week of M-F 8-5pm
                      3. O051NQ the late night party times on Fri & Sat.
                      4. O051SW busy days
                      5. O051X9 occasionally other popular events.
                    2. NZFEOD so thus far…
                      1. O051WM usually on a Tuesday
                      2. O051WU evening & probably late nite, so
                        1. O051TU starting on some particular time between 5:30pm to 7:00pm
                        2. O051VG ending on some particular time between 9:30pm to 1:30am
        2. O0548Q And as would & should apply to every intimate meeting via Meetup,…
          1. NYRWDT We are individually sending this reminder in advance for 3 reasons, all about ensuring our communication with you is solid:
              1. O04OID indeed firstly by what I just said: ‘to attend just part of a happening: just tell us ..any portions you can’t attend & why :NYS0EK
              2. O04OIM For here,
                1. NYRWIC as announced, this is a tiny & intimate meeting, so naturally we’re really depending on you attending,
                  1. NYRWII including coming & leaving as you let us know in advance (should have to arrive late or leave early) and especially becoming a regular attendee, as I shared at NYS0EK.
                  2. NYRWLV So any updates & changes for you on attending, as I mentioned, please tell when & especially why, ideally by posting it on a thread for yourself on any event listing(s) where will you be missing part or all of the event. As…
                2. NYSJRS UNLIKE many, maybe most Meetup groups, here we DON’T treat people as numbers, where they don’t care if you personally show or not, as they’ve got somebody to replace you who is all the same to them, you’re just another cattle head in their massive attendance; NO, as with any group that truly cares for you, you personally showing is a big deal, so…
                3. NZFFZP While it’s not the norm on Meetup, here it’s NOT OK to come, get help & advice, and perhaps say you’re having a good time & everything’s fine, but then stop coming without warning nor discussion nor ensuring event hosts clearly know your top reason why –as doing that teaches us nothing, and just steals our investment in you! For _here_ we’re trying to build a supportive,  cohesive, _caring_ group, and we’d like to have you with us …if you help & contribute back at least a little and especially NOT create avoidable loss surprises such as that one. So…
                1. NYSJT1 so we can best ensure all have the best time and we get & keep attendance –key for us and for most any {small group or group that genuinely including individually cares about you}.
            2. O04OZV Ensuring you saw & answered our private RSVP Qs. :O04OZV
              1. NYRWO4 If…
                1. NYRWP8 at least one of…
                  1. NYRWPI we don’t yet have your phone & email & zip
                  2. NYRWPM you haven’t yet seen or answered our ~5 private Qs (that one is supposed to get when RSVPing YES, but often Meetup’s bugs forget them or ask them too many times),
                2. NYRWQH then please see & answer this important info: {please ASAP change your RSVP to NO then immediately back to YES again} then Meetup will show & ask you this important info.
            3. O04SOB Ensuring you’re getting & seeing at least the comments on the events you’ve RSVPed or commented on. :O04SOB
              1. NYRWA8 So did you get & see Meetup’s email to you of the event comment(s) giving you the latest details? –plus there celebrating you, & the others, each by name, for early-telling us all that you’re joining us 🙂
                1. O04N1F Most notably, did you get & see Meetup’s email of {the comments on the event where you’re RSVPed, which we point you to at NYRW90}?
              2. NYRWNB …as it is impractical for everyone to be able to always message and especially call everyone individually, at least until they’re regular attendees; so ensure your getting & seeing comments on the Meetup events you’ve RSVPed to
              3. O053ZE If you didn’t see some of the event comments & updates without someone explicitly having to tell you,
                1. O054NM make sure you’re refreshing & checking the event listings before you go to them, especially a few hours before, noting especially any change of locations & times & occasionally what-to-bring (including warm clothing).
                  1. O054OW especially in response to the emails alerting you of changes, which to ensure that’s working for you, make sure…
                    1. O054K8 everything is set to YES on your group communication settings, as on for ‘OCJavaScript’
                    2. O054KO your email clients aren’t sending these to spam
                    3. O054KX you are checking your email frequently at least as upcoming events near.
          2. NZFFAQ So please ASAP make all of those 3 above updates that are needed: notably see the upcoming event listing and…
            1. O04WOJ let us know any times you won’t be making & why,
              1. O0UVT7 per ’MOST IMPORTANT ..:NYRWHL’, as again…
                1. O04X2N We don’t ever want to find you not there, even for part of the meeting, but not know why.
              2. O0UVQX –it typically just means you doing simple timely event comment post per example O0UUOC.
            2. O04WVZEnsuring you saw & answered our private RSVP Qs. :O04OZV
            3. O04X0EEnsuring you’re getting & seeing at least the comments on the events you’ve RSVPed or commented on. :O04SOB
          3. NYRWRQ Thanks. Really looking forward to your joining us at this.
        3. NYPL28 ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’ :NYPL28
          1. O0UWFU addition O0UVQX plus ~5 other small wording improvements.
          2. O0UVW8 {add explanation/intro ending to #O04NZ9 title} + {#O056B9 move from sibling beginning to end} as criticism too hard to understand at start
          3. O04P4D ‘ideally why’ replacement ‘why’
          4. O04QBR add O04MPY thru #O04NRB
          5. O04OUO ‘ever clearly telling event hosts’ replacement ‘ensuring event hosts clearly know’
          6. NZFMFZ generalize it for arbitrary event
            1. O04MGL continue
          7. NYPKPH the work so far NYPK1H import to this post, for revision…
            1. NYRVAO same revision as above 
              1. NYPL7T #NYPL7F formatted for (with the future point splitting added since we know what they will be): ‘core content :NYPKYL’ content
              2. NYPL7F original raw unformatted (so from column ‘from MNMKFW NYP7VM text core’): no longer applicable
            2. NYPKTL id (so from column ‘MNMKFU NQTN1V’, ranging from NX9IDG thru NYP5G3), newest first, labeled with post save id:
              1. NZFMBA no more from spreadsheet so revisions will be here.
              2. NZFFQP NYP5G3 :NZFFQP
                1. NZFG7N now publish in /5246
                2. NYP5G9  now incorporating last proof NYP16F + more, including notable extension of point 1 to also talk about what NOT to do that we (all the time) see happen, with Lucy’s help.
                  1. NZFG7H so adding #NZFFZP
              3. NYP4QU print for Lucy’s editing; as can be seen by her only fixing 2 apparent typos, she says it’s much improved.
              4. NZFEAO NYP18W :NZFEAO
                1. NZFFQ5 in last saved, publish in /5246
                2. NYP1BF now incorporating last proof NYP16F + more:
                  1. NYP4JD fully rewrote: {incorporating #NYP29O } + {putting the URL last, since only one, to ensure focus kept on the text} + {swapping the last 2 of 3 points for better prioritization plus flow with the ending} + {for the ‘3 reasons’ , putting in summary introducing and a conclusion} + {extending & strengthening point 1} + {possibly more}
                    1. NZFFAG so added #NZFEOD + #NZFFAQ
                  2. NYP4J4 fixed all noted typos
              5. NYP16F the last version I printed for Lucy to edit which she did, including
                1. NYP29O verbally she said a key idea of her edits is to the words inspiring attendance first (presumably so to build up the energy for the doing the procedures)
              6. NYS05V NYOYAQ :NYS05V
                1. NZFE4H NZFE4H: now publish in /5246
                2. NYP115 rewrote including changes
                  1. NYSKLM ‘[you need ]’ was missing, here added as such
                  2. NYP14M for (1), add NYSJRS from trying to thwart last time problem NYONOA, meaning to include this warning from the warning of not showing for the range you’re expected.
                  3. NYSK7L replace ‘around 6pm to 1am’ with approximate since the time varies so we don’t want folks to rely on this.
                  4. NYSKBJ replacement ‘say’ with ‘you let us know
                  5. NYSKDD add ‘(should have to arrive late or leave early)’ for clarity
                  6. NYSKF6 changes throughout, for clarity, including 4 small not covered here.
              7. NYRVSL NX9IDG (#1) :NYRVSL
                1. NYRVTX sent to ~3 attendees before meeting.
                2. NYRZMJ now doing 63 replacements then saving into this post
            3. NYRYB1 for each
              1. NYPKU6 I reconstruct the history here to best approximate it being created here for the start
                1. NYRYD5 this allowing all to be kept here plus easy diffing
                2. NYRZIO including I will add internal IDs, then do NY0WO6 except skip spellcheck on quotes so #NYPL7F, then save, then update to the next revision, so to allow diffing between prior versions.
                3. NYPL0N delete the source except first revision which I’ll point to here.
          8. NYPK1H in ‘Meetup profile&RSVP Qs + std stmts MNMKFU’ I had drafted this, series NX9IDF, thru revision NYP5G3, to be sent as a Meetup private message as needed, then realized per length & formatting & more, this would be better as a post.

          9. NYRXTW ‘so post category’

            1. NYPL5Q ‘community group MMPQ65’ -as intended to multiple
            2. NYRXS6 ‘rule N0BY8E’
            3. NYRXF9 ‘Universal Rules & Guidelines for L2PFGY LR7MKT’ as would be covered here
            4. NYRXI9 ‘of event MJOFFU’ from the mention of ‘RSVP’ and ‘newcomer’
            5. NYPL4Z ‘OC Community Tech Groups N155W7’ –as used here
              1. NYRXKG ‘ MMPQCX’
              2. NYRXLC ‘ NI7IF6’
              3. NYRXOL ‘ LQEI1C​’
            6. NYSKX4 ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. NYSKXD ‘display place’
                1. NYSL7G NYPL28 in
                  1. NYSLCA why?
                    1. NYSLJ9 {in there since the average reader won’t want these details}
                    2. NYSLJR kid since a key aspect
                    3. NYSLK2 last since
                      1. NYSLNG being in at least some categories belongs to the section since its inception
                      2. NYSLKG it ideally & typically changes little
                      3. NYSLMR we don’t want to clutter up the 1st item which changes
                2. NYSL72 just before NYPL28 –so far
      4. O05777 ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ section 1st :O05777
      5. O04XGJ ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. O04XIV ‘‘SimulSquad™’’ replacement ‘IT SimulSquad™’ as this is really tied to work & plan via {laptop & other mobile computing device}
        2. O04XIE ‘intro’ replacement ‘introduction’ as more serious as this is serious.
        3. O04X6Q ‘See ya there soon!’ replacement ‘Thanks. Really looking forward to your joining us at this.’
        4. O04US7 (‘looking forward to’) ‘seeing you’ replacement ‘your joining us’

  7. (for this post) my ‘motivation’ (and, TBA, its achievement)

  8. ‘success of this’
  9. ‘annex’
  10. NYM1ZP ‘post history additional’‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. O0UXRX ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’2016.01.12Tue1308pst‘;after ID ’minutes 21‘;revision ’11‘;version ’3‘;words ’3732‘;as ’completed all immediate updates so notably ending in #O0UWFU & #O0UWU0, now need to share updates for new uses as ‘;do ’NY0WO6 with 225 replacements then O0UYOX then Save‘}}’
    2. O0UOC3 ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’2016.01.12Tue0924pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’11‘;version ’2‘;words ’3374‘;as ’due to Chrome crash O0OESI else another, now on reload get ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ (by Lucy) + updates {all grammar else wording fixes {#O04TOM + #O04N6N + #O04PD0 + #O056B9 + #O055AB + #O04PQV + #O04Q3L + #O04YT1 + #O04W2I + #O0524L + #NYRWIC + #NYSJRS + #NZFFZP + #O04X2N (biggest)} + history #O05BPD } + ‘Post restored to revision from December 30, 2015 @ 01:19:02 [Autosave].’ then NY0WO6 with
      200 replacements ‘;do ’ then continue editing‘}}’
    3. O05BPD Lucy proofs: Very small changes (words omitted, verb and subject don’t match, etc.), except for revision of O04X2N for clarity and less-awkward wording; meaning is the same.
    4. O05A9G ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151229Tue1649pst‘;after ID ’minutes 19;revision ’8‘;version2‘;words ’3259‘;as ’to ready for host Lucy to proof, do NY0WO6 with 198 replacements then‘;do ’hand off to her‘}}
    5. O04LYQ ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151229Tue0734pst‘;after ID ’minutes ?;revision ’8‘;version1‘;words ’?‘;as ’due to OS crash O023GT, now on reload get ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ + updates {#NZFMFZ + #NYPL7F + #NZFMBA + #NYP115} + ‘Post restored to revision from December 16, 2015 @ 03:52:59 [Autosave].’  then NY0WO6 with
      92 replacements‘;do ’ then continue editing‘}}
    6. NZFE4Z incremental update in order: ‘NZFE4H: now publish in /5246’ + ‘NYP18W :NZFEAO’ + ‘NYP5G3 :NZFFQP’ + #NZFMBA; then do NY0WO6 with 98 replacements
    7. NZFDC9 ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151215Tue1629pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’4‘;version1.1‘;words ’1661‘;as ’just now, for reason unknown, on reload of get ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ + updates{ #NYPKYL set  #NX9IDG to #NYOYAQ –key + #NYRW87 + #NYRW90 + #NYS0EK thru #NYRWA8 + #NYRWDT (update not finished) + #NYRWII + #NYSJRS thru #NYSJT1 + #NYRWNB + #NYRWPM thru #NYRWQH + #NYRWPM + #NYRWQH + move #NYRXTW thru #NYPL28#NYPL7F + #NYPL7F thru #NYSKF6 + #NYRXTW thru #NYSL72} + ‘Post restored to revision from December 3, 2015 @ 17:25:47 [Autosave].’ and nothing else ‘;do ’punt {NY0WO6 with __ replacements} until editing finished which now continue‘}}’
    8. NYRZVL ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151203Thu0134pst‘;after ID ’minutes 0‘;revision ’1~‘;version1.0‘;words ’1227‘;as ’ready to start doing #NYRZIO naturally then starting with #NYRZMJ‘;do ’as that notes starting with Publish 1}}’
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