Dec 102015

NZ3L3S ‘-’

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  2. NZ23L1 ‘completeness stage’ CONSTRUCTING
  3. NZ3GR7 ‘name anew’
    1. .

      NZ3LVE ‘‘{git repos & equivalent} in ‘online drives including Insync/Google Drive, Dropbox, & more’ :NZ3LA4’, ‘in ‘NOLDef’’ :NZ3L3S

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  6. NYM1YV ‘definition’‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s’
    1. remaining sections
    2. NZ3LA4 {git repos & equivalent} in ‘online drives including Insync/Google Drive, Dropbox, & more’ :NZ3LA4
      1. ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
      2. NZ3RLH where ‘online drives including Insync/Google Drive, Dropbox, & more’
        1. NZ3RMZ includes
          1. NZ3RND these ‘file hosting services’ (comparison) plus
          2. NZ3S1X WebDAV service/server
          3. NZ3RNX other online drive solutions.
      3. NZ3TOL for this, there appears to fairly high demand from a good fraction of software developers, per its NOT being supported ‘upsetting many users for years per web posts :NZ3KFD
      4. NZ3QTF ‘notable pros thru cons’
        1. NZ3QTP for repo source content (which is usually very valuable stuff) which has not yet been ‘pushed’ to a good offsite server
          1. NZ3QWE ensures offsite backup
            1. NZ3R1T though that not significantly needed IFF a number of things
              1. NZ3RAC which don’t always happen :NZ3RAC
                1. NZ3RBI especially for the beginner without all this picked out & set up
              2. NZ3R3S of all of the following:
                1. NZ3R44 have the repo synced a copy which
                  1. NZ3R7U which offsite and otherwise acceptable  (as GitHub (but that costs for private repos) or Bitbucket)
                  2. NZ3R5X where you are frequently committing new changes & pushing them to that repo
            2. NZ3QXI including versioning if the service offers that
              1. NZ3QY1 that though not significantly needed IFF a number of things
                1. NZ3RC2 again ‘which don’t always happen :NZ3RAC
                2. NZ3R3J of all of the following
                  1. NZ3R0Z using a DVCS as (git) and {backing up its local versioned repo as the .git}
                  2. NZ3R18 making frequent local commits
        2. NZ3SGW me and seemingly many online drive users are used to that online drive handling all their backup, plus much of their data sharing, so it’s disconcerting & disorienting to here suddenly find the online driving failing so have to figure out workarounds (hard) or other ways to separately back this content up.
        3. NZ3SNJ con: probably not many but a few will overuse this ability, so then not eventually move important stuff to sharing via a proper VCS repo.
      5. NZ3LEO ‘so post category’
        1. NZ3LEX ‘service to share file/folders across the Internet LGUBTX’
      6. NZ3KAQ {.gitignore or equivalent} for ‘online drives including Insync/Google Drive, Dropbox, & more’
        1. NZ3LHK ‘so post category’
          1. NZ3LHQ ‘electronic file/folder LGT82K’
        2. NZ3OZV is a key if not critical need (to achieve ‘{git repos & equivalent} in {versioning cloud drives such as Insync/Google Drive, Dropbox}  :NZ3LA4’)
          1. NZ3S41 as not .gitignore-ing can or will heavily burden (so cost) or overload the online drive
            1. NZ3T15 at least with ‘npm :NYACFW’, so then for seemingly all ‘Nodejs :NZ3T8V due to ‘NYACTN: popularity’) :NZ3T15
              • NZ3P1E my experience so far: in Node.js coding {where using Yeoman skeleton framework, but I expect other common development work would have similar problems}, a simple ‘hello world’ became~20K files (so 99.99% cache) which rendered my Insync useless (slowed it to its knees).
              • NZ3STT It appears here, coding stored in client drives (at least Insync) will normally kill the overburden or incapacitate the drive!
              • NZ3T0D ‘so post category’  ‘JavaScript’
        3. NZ3KEL (but) appears no support for any major cloud drives so far
          1. NZ3KFD upsetting many users for years per web posts :NZ3KFD
        4. NZ3QH7 for Mega
          1. NZ3QRF alert: Mega features presently lack file versioning
          2. NZ3QJH solution worked out & proven at  –I found by NZ3QGB find 1
        5. NZ3KHS for Google Drive app
          1. NZ3QGB NZ3QGB
        6. NZ3KIS for Insync
        7. NZ3LZ5 I did an event comment on the topic in {‘ (‘May 14, 2014 · 6:30 PM’) :NYC7JZ’ or a near future or past happening of that}, TBA eventually here.
        8.  ‘per def’ ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’ <0
        9. NZ3LTC type/solution
          1. NZ3KJG my #1 N67PZ5(sync.ignore).js :NZ3KJG
            1. NZ3NC5 ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
              1. NZ3NU6 split each local repo in to 2 synced ones as follows…
                1. NZ3NCJ the repo source :NZ3NCJ
                  1. NZ3NLD is stored in the synced folder
                  2. NZ3NWO is used only to
                    1. NZ3OTJ create & edit the sources there
                    2. NZ3OTU git operations on {the repo itself but not its sub-modules unless sources also kept there}
                  3. NZ3NYF {everything in it matching {.gitignore or equivalent}, so  cache & regeneratables}
                    1. NZ3O0E my program moves out of it into the ‘working copy :NZ3NJT
                      1. NZ3O30 so everything remaining is sources
                        1. NZ3NK4 so now is {typically tiny (compared to w/o this)} and can be effectively synced
                  4. NZ3NJT the  working copy :NZ3NJT
                    1. NZ3NOJ is used only for all automated editing: for all make/build and dependent module loading & updating operations
                    2. NZ3NNM includes merged in, via symbolic links, a virtual synced copy of ‘the repo source :NZ3NCJ’ :NZ3NNM
                      1. NZ3NQO –my program ensures this :NZ3NQO
                    3. NZ3OGU anything appearing in this folder NOT matching {.gitignore or equivalent} {which is not a symbolic link per NZ3NNM} does not belong here, so
                      1. NZ3OHY my program moves & merges it into ‘the repo source :NZ3NCJ’, then (again) does NZ3NQO for it.
              2. NZ3OP2 –an idea I came up within about 1 month before 1st writing my program.
            2. NZ3LJK ‘so post category’
              1. NZ3LM9 ‘DestinyArchitect creation’
            3. NZ3N36 ‘completeness stage’
              1. NZ3KK1 coding unfinished
              2. NZ3NAT offers promise
              3. NZ3N3T could use conversion from {fs, use note at NZ2X19‘} to something better such as probably ‘via ‘gulp :NZ2KJW’ :NZ2KQI
            4. NZ3KPE purpose:  (a fairly simple program use to have the running git repo’s sources be symbolic links to Insync or similar backed up files, since Insync lacks .gitignore)
          2. NZ3TTO more TBA here.

  7. (for this post) my ‘motivation’ (and, TBA, its achievement)
  8. ‘success of this’
  9. NZ3KAG ‘annex’
  10. NYWZWX ‘so post category’
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