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    1. NZB5SFDestinyArchitect’s ‘good or service ’{‘review’s, including likes-thru-dislikes} & criteria for that :NZB5TK’ :NZB5PD

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  6. NYM1YV ‘definition’‘‘definition in ‘NOLDef’ of concept’s’
    1. remaining sections
    2. NZB5TK DestinyArchitect’s ‘good or service ’{‘review’s, including likes-thru-dislikes} & criteria for that :NZB5TK
      1. NZB5Y1 where ‘DestinyArchitect’s’ is short for (category(s))
        1. NZB62A‘DestinyArchitect’s’’ including
          1. NZB5YW‘DestinyArchitect creation’’ as it is by {him aka me}.
      2. O02ZK5 ‘so post category’
        1. O03017‘review’ of ‘good or service’} replacement { ‘‘good or service review’’}
      3. NZB67U specific items
        1. NZB68F table MEY2HI :NZB68F
          1. O02ZY6 potentially very useful to most anyone with good Internet access
          2. O02ZIK carefully reviews & ranks 100s of popular or/and useful items including
            1. O032O7 ‘(rows) ‘Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other)’ (headed by row NIRT92) :O1OQ2T
            2. O032OP software
            3. O032OU online services
            4. O032P1 music
            5. O032P7 food
            6. O032PM more
          3. O02ZV9 updated and added to every ~5 days
          4. O00WCR each item’s details which doesn’t well fit in a table cell(s)
            1. O00WFJ include
              1. O00WG1 {why the rating} such as column ‘MEWW8V .. ..Overall Rating Why’
              2. O00WID {what referred me} such as column ‘N8W3O4 .. ref’d by ..1st’
              3. O00WKX {additional notes} for which there isn’t a column here
            2. O00WMN in entries of first DestinyArchitect’s ‘good or service’  ‘review personal diary :NZRevw’ from 2015.10 to {as much as will comfortably fit} :NZRWQG’ and subsequent, per its NZU6JR
              1. O01EHG a dramatic improvement
            3. O00WEC in this table cells in the columns mentioned –originally were there
          5. O01EK9 rating :O01EK9
            1. O01EKN by me :O01EKN
              1. NZB0PS item rating NZB0PS :NZB0PS
                1. O0333B ‘completeness stage’
                  1. O0333L ~70% complete 1st draft
                2. NZB170 tells how much the item should be
                  1. NZB12M promoted (positive) vs. protected against (negative)
                  2. NZB156 left-as-is & respectfully-copied (positive) vs. repaired (negative)
                3. NZB6Z1 is a bijection with column-heading measure
                  1. NZB76M ‘MFK3F4 NXBFEK [my] Like: Rank within Creation Type’ given
                    1. NZB773 1 thru -1 is mapped to first thru last
                  2. NZB77M ‘MEWW76 NZ1FD3 [my] Like: ratio (1 is totally liked, .5 is neutral, 0 is totally disliked)’ given
                    1. NZB7A4 1 thru -1 is mapped to 1 to 0
                4. NZB0QJ is roughly {‘healthiness regardless of disability :NZB1PD* ‘initial desirability  :NZB1PR’}
                  1. NZB0TC where everything (each component & the result) is on a scale of
                    1. NZB0V6 1 is ideally good
                    2. NZB0VE 0 is neutral
                    3. NZB0WF -1 ideally bad
                  2. NZB1P2 where component
                    1. NZB6O0 of
                      1. NZB1PD healthiness regardless of disability :NZB1PD
                      2. NZB1PR initial desirability :NZB1PR
                        1. NZB1W4 meaning
                    2. NZB6K8 every one applies to
                      1. NZB1WT certain significant audience :NZB1WT
                        1. NZB216 of {1 or more –unclear yet}
                          1. NZB1XC the average audience member
                          2. NZB23P significant group(s) which could cause ‘my product rating  :NZB0PS’ to become lowest.
                5. NZB1DL dangerous products
                  1. NZB1HY is where ‘my product rating  :NZB0PS’ is low.
                  2. NZB2ME if merely correctly labeled the onset as in fully in certain category(s)
                    1. NZB2UB of
                      1. NZB2T2 art
                      2. NZB2TG fiction
                      3. NZB2TN all statements of essential truth
                    2. NZB1E2 for even average adults :NZB1E2
                      1. NZB2F4 quantity/amount
                        1. NZB2D3 major
                          1. NZB1GK I say.
                        2. NZB2H4 minor indeed insignificant
                          1. NZB2AE says most Western world
                6. NZB6ZM this section: what finally drove to write it: thinking of & writing ‘review of ‘Under The Skin’ :NZAZ1K
              2. O1OQ5S  see ‘for (rows) ‘Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other)’ (headed by row NIRT92) :O1OQ2T
          6. O1OQ2T (‘table MEY2HI :NZB68F’) for (rows) ‘Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other)’ (headed by row NIRT92) :O1OQ2T
            1. O25UE4:  ‘rating :O01EK9
              1. O01EMX by my society (as American world)
                1. O25ULP:  of real vs fantacy/fiction
                  1. O25UNU:  Reality (show) desire & appreciation hugely increased
                    1. O25W5B:  something which quite pleases me
                      1. O25W6R:  IMHO it’s healthier to focus on reality instead of fiction & especially fantacy, at least when it can be made entertaining, which often can be the case, at least when one looks carefully, notably per the saying “truth is stranger than fiction”
                    2. O25VKB:  ‘Reality television saw an explosion of global popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s’ says 2000s,
                    3. O25VUC:  ‘reality television as a whole remained durable in the U.S., with hundreds of shows across many channels. ..the genre as a whole “isn’t going anywhere.”’ says says 2010s.
                      1. O25VUM:   indeed, Google Trends(reality show) shows steady interest for the period covered: 2004 to 2016.
                    4. O25VXQ:  reality movies increase?
                      1. O25VYF:  it feels like it, starting 2014~, with movies as The Theory of Everything (2014) and more
                      2. O25W4Q:   Google Trends(reality movie) seems steady level
                    5. O25VCS:  writer strike effects:
                      1. O25VD2:  It would appear that shows based more or entirely on writing mean less writing costs.
                      2. O25V0A:  did NOT occurr from 1988 writer strike, except for COPS.
                      3.   O25VAV:   the 2007-08 writer strike appears to be substantially lessened because of reality show interest, per references there of ‘most coming from the reality genre’ & ‘the increase in usage of reality shows’
                  2. O01EOL of amazing but unexplained (but perhaps cool appearing) technology or events
                    1. O01G5Y where ‘unexplained’ is proportionate to: it being apparently unlikely especially without explanation how
                    2. O01ENY as those in most notably sci-fi stories
                    3. O01ETI that don’t appear to be in a story which has itself appear to be notably fantasy and/or slapstickish-comedy
                      1. O01EVA has leeway/tolerance
                        1. O01EW0 as the # of plot holes allowed before the story will be considered trash
                        2. O01EVP apparently increasingly & substantially less
                          1. O01FZJ appropriately IMHO.
                          2. O01EWT as
                            1. O01EXK in ‘MEX5Q1 .. Star Trek 1966.09.08 1969.06.03’ (the original), having a teletransporter was fine (even though that is unlikely as described), but {in today’s film it can kill it, as example /5319#NZRMPM}
                            2. O01FYY note ‘Age of Tomorrow (2014)’ rated to 2 of 10 by IMDB probably due to ‘too many unbelievable elements :NZRNWV
                            3. O01GA4 time travel, especially back in time, appears to (appropriately) be less popular by sci-fi as we increasingly realize that is very unlikely.
                              1. O01H24 last major movie hits depending on {travel back in time}
                                1. O01H2K seem to be notably decreasing
                                2. O01GQS last biggest seems to be  ‘O01GFY .. Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other) Back to the Future all 1985 .. 1992 .. (Google)’ and it was a comedy.
                                3. O01H3L recent but only medium-small:  ’NJHEYW O01H0F Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other) 0.626459144 3 3 Edge of Tomorrow 2014.06.06 (Google)
                                4. O01HOI Google ~‘time travel movies’ potentially finds more.
            2. O031NP  ‘by me :O01EKN’ (see that) :O031NP
              1. O031P1 (column’) ‘MEWW76 ..my Like ratio (1 is totally liked, .5 is neutral, 0 is totally disliked); 2(DECREASING)’ :O031P1
                1. NIT64E from the start, determined according to http://www.okcupid.com/profile/SaberPen#essay_4 point MFK58K
                  1. NIT65E note per that, rated lowest of all are show which are well told and often very-well produced but, on something important, well teaches, including subliminally, behaviors and/or beliefs which are destructive, and often involving untrue beliefs
                2. O0322E this content location {row NIRT92 column MEWW76} until now.
              2. O031X1 (column) ‘MEWWPW .. about other subject’ :O031X1
                1. O031X1: WARNING: This list contain many outstanding videos (films/movies/soaps/shows) refined to their purest & best from my decades of viewing. So if you have easy access to some of these, especially those you haven’t yet seen, be careful not to OD. Most dangerously, this list includes some maybe most sci-fi & fantasy soaps which are extremely good including dangerously addictive; and combine addictive soaps with stream viewing as Netflix, it can easily lead to binge viewing… and with typically 13 episodes so ~11 hours per season, a 3 season soap can easily unexpectedly swallow up 3 working days! Plus, if you’re like where it takes >10 years to enjoy the same video again (as I memorize every one, whether I want to or not), you don’t want to blow it all in a week or so and end up years longing and in pain needing your next movie fix, especially sci-fi fix, but then nothing of quality left! -So one probably needs to limit oneself to viewing no more than 1 episode or movie per day, and so make the videos last and overall get a lot more out of it ..but with the quality here, plus
                  addictiveness of the soaps especially, that requires strength I sometimes don’t have…!\
                2. O03255 this content location {row NIRT92 column MEWWPW} until now
              3. O032C8 (column) ‘MEWW8V ..my Overall Rating Why’ :O032C8
                1. NJIKGP for at least shows
                  1. NJIK5J Rating measures
                    1. NJIKUX history in reverse order
                      1. NJIKVK status: constructing
                    2. NJIKHG of
                      1. NJIKI7 overall rating 1
                        1. NJIKZE is maybe essentially constructiveness
                        2. NJIOHB related measures include “MEWW76 NJII4M SaberPen http://OkCupid.com/profile/SaberPen Like ratio (1 is totally liked, .5 is neutral, 0 is totally disliked)”
                      2. NJIKXA constructiveness
                        1. NJIKPO is essentially theme correctness*power aka utility
                      3. NJINKI power aka utility
                        1. NJINKV is essentially applicability*telling quality
                      4. NJIKJJ theme correctness
                        1. NJINDE possibly on a scale from 1 meaning “100% correct” to -1 meaning “100% backwards” to support #NJIKPO
                      5. NJIO6D theme clarity
                      6. NJIKHW applicability
                      7. NJIKIR telling quality
                        1. NJIO1W for instance, “well-told”
                        2. NJINXM does not include theme correctness nor applicability
                        3. NJIL16 subcomponents 1
                          1. NJIL43 story
                          2. NJIN91 realization
                            1. NJIL1W sound including music
                              1. NJIOES related measures include “MLGWFP NEWGQW SaberPen http://OkCupid.com/profile/SaberPen Music & Sound Rating”
                            2. NJIL31 visual
                            3. NJIN7E acting
                              1. NJINBA subcomponents
                                1. NJINBL casting
                        4. NJIL4S subcomponents 2
                          1. NJIKSW realism/accuracy
                            1. NJIOE2 related measures
                              1. NJIOEC “MEWY6A
                                truthfulness (vs. fiction)”
                          2. NJIL5K aesthetics
                            1. NJIL9H subcomponents
                              1. NJIL9T speed/pacing
                2. O032JV this content location {row NIRT92 column MEWW8V} until now
            3. O1OP4Y sources  :O1OP4Y
              1. O1OP72 (location) goals (what I seek so generally select), from top first:
                1. O1OP7E in-person deep discussion with others viewers after & perhaps during showing, especially by significant  community members I don’t know.
                2. O1OPEX <15 min each way :O1OPEX
                3. O1OP9G big picture & great sound
                  1. O1OP9Y now generally easy to get everywhere.
                4. O1OP8N inexpensive price, notably under $5/show and ideally <=$2 :O1OP8N
                  1. O1OQJ8 including per voting with my wallet, specifically since today most every show can be made low priced per person viewing, I do not want to support shows that continue to be above low-priced. :O1OQJ8
                5. O1OQCA O1OQCA: recorded media, especially:
                  1. O1OP91 the ability to pause & FF, & rewind.
                  2. O1OPAG ability to find & replay & {give a URL to} a portion at cost <10% of a full screening.
              2. O1OO0B from top first
                1. O1OP06 where there is significant discussion about the show with significant other community members
                  1. O1OP29 such as
                    1. O1OP35 the film club happening in the UCI University Center community center, details TBA
                    2. O1OP2R ‘The Film Club at Laguna Woods Village’
                  2. O1OPQW limiting factor: not much opportunity here
                2. O1OOWR at home (mine or a nearby friend/family)
                  1. O1OOZF especially
                  2. O1OPPC with a big screen and ideally surround-sound system
                  3. O1Q63L services, from most used,
                    1. O1OO10 on cable channels with DVR
                      1. O1Q616 though actively & increasingly working on ‘cutting the cable‘ with (the hard part) minimal loss
                    2. O1OO2H near free Internet streaming: YouTube free, Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime free, HBO NOW/GO, Showtime GO/NOW, ‘Hulu :O0M2LD, et al
                    3. O1OOPT (disc) rentals: Netflix & Redbox
                    4. O1Q5TS inexpensive paid streaming: Amazon sometimes, paid YouTube/Google-Play sometimes, potentially Vudu &  iTunes,
                    5. sources
                      1. O1Q5CQ I strongly recommend against …
                        1. O1Q6BP …unless truly no other affordable choice which unfortunately occasionally still happens
                          1. O1Q6C1 from, the combo
                            1. O1Q73B need to, from most common
                              1. O1Q6CJ replay a show, usually for writing a review or/and settling a dispute about what’s in it
                              2. O1Q747 watch the show the first time
                            2. O1Q6GK but legal access to content is not practical (as too expensive or/and too hard to get)
                              1. O1Q6JX due to all of:
                                1. O1Q78W for cable or dish, 1 or more of, from most common:
                                  1. O1Q6XY did show it, but still all of:
                                    1. O1Q7IV isn’t rerunning show, after reasonable search efforts
                                    2. O1Q7GV DVR (recording) problems of, from most common:
                                      1. O1Q6H3 DVR is out of space (extremely common) or/and inconveniently located, but, so to fix this, DVR maker/provider hasn’t given a practical way to offload or/and on-demand
                                      2. O1Q6YT didn’t know, else forgot, to DVR (record) show
                                      3. O1QC2T recording failed due to 1 or more: lack of tuners (usually only 2), bad setting, button mis-press, or/and power failure
                                  2. O1Q7A0 isn’t portable enough (especially in comparison to Internet access), due to regular travel or otherwise just being on the road
                                  3. O1Q7LF is too expensive, most commonly from requiring the customer to buy channels in full even when the customer needs only a little of the channel
                                  4. O1Q6KO doesn’t carry channel nor show, after reasonable search efforts
                                2. O1Q6H9 on demand services don’t have it, after reasonable search efforts, including
                                  1. O1Q6N6 if they did carry it, have stopped carrying it (which Hulu & seemingly Crackle are most infamous for)
                                3. O1Q7QT theaters don’t carry it else problems
                                  1. O1Q7WE of 1 or more
                                    1. O1Q7SB are too expensive
                                    2. O1Q7RM are too far
                                      1. O1Q7TG but in most populated modern world, that’s unlikely
                                  2. O1Q7U2 but for movies, well most of them, but seemingly not plays, this is typically solvable by waiting a few months for show to go to inexpensive theaters and especially onto {disc & on-demand services}.
                      2. O1Q5DS of, from most preferred
                        1. O1Q5RTKodi addon Genesis :O0N5OA’ else equivalent
                        2. O1Q5S3 BitTorrent
                        3. O1QC8Y pirated disc copies
                          1. O1QC9U seemingly never needed given the above.
                        4. O1Q7PL potentially others though I don’t well know of any nor know of much need for more.
                  4. O1OPRS –this is where I watch ~97% of the video I see.
                3. O1OO2Q O1OO2Q: in standard movie theaters under very limited conditions
                  1. O1OO4H of all of
                    1. O1OO3M ‘<15 min each way :O1OPEX
                    2. O1OO45 1 of:
                      1. O1OO5C in a very inexpensive, last run so ~$2/movie, theater as
                        1. O1OO77Starplex Cinemas Irvine Woodbridge 5 . Showtimes & Tickets
                        2. O1OO8HPicture Show @ Main Place . Showtimes & Tickets
                      2. O1OOCF for movie which is especially good to see ASAP
                        1. O1OOFV usually because 1 or more of:
                          1. O1OOHD it’s very good and popular with notable societal impact that everyone’s talking about
                            1. O1OOGT as ‘Avatar’
                          2. O1OOK4 on a topic I need to know & probably decide on now
                            1. O1OOKO as ‘Green Zone’ after I had recently returned from fighting {US invades-Iraq #2}
                      3. O1OOCX for a movie I really want to see in 3D
                        1. O1OOJ0 usually because it’s very good and especially benefits from 3D
                        2. O1OOIH as ‘Avatar’
                      4. O1OOQN a special-family else many-friends event
                        1. O1OORK as ‘Star Wars E7(The Force Awakens) (2015) :NZS1GQ’ arranged by my sister with ~25 friends & family
                4. O1OQ8H play theater & other live performances
                  1. O1OQ93 almost never as
                    1. O1OQAS severely fails ‘inexpensive price, notably under $5/show and ideally <=$2 :O1OP8N’, where the average play is generally $20 to ~$120/ticket
                    2. O1OQB0 fails ‘O1OQCA: recorded media’ features
              3. O1Q57P see also rows ‘() show distributor/producer, from most preferred :NZD35K
        2. O02Z22 in http://1.JotHere.com/author/DestinyArchitect (hundreds of articles), about 20% of articles are such reviews
          1. O02ZD6 eventually placed into such category for easy finding, TBA.
        3. NZB6DB significant more TBA here.

  7. (for this post) my ‘motivation’ (and, TBA, its achievement)
  8. ‘success of this’
  9. NZ3KAG ‘annex’
  10. NYWZWX ‘so post category’
  11. NYM1ZP ‘post history additional’‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. O25TGD:  edits, mostly additions:
    2. O1Q4F4 ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’2016.01.29Fri2301pst‘;after ID ’minutes 60*14+05 as started at Fri0856‘;revision ’1‘;version ’1‘;words ’2480~‘;as ’due to  {OS hang so power cycle O1MQ4F}, now on reload get {not ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’, due to this being a new post that has never been explicitly saved}+ updates {{manually determined #O02ZK5 thru #O03017 + #O02ZY6 thru #O02ZV9 + #O0333B thru #O0333L + #O031NP thru #O032JV + #O1OQ2T thru #O1OQB0 added ~12 hours ago then significant more additions + #O02Z22 thru #O02ZD6 + history #O1Q4F4 thru #O02ZLJ}} + {accordingly no ‘Post restored to revision from January 8, 2016 @ 18:43:42 [Autosave].’} then NY0WO6 with 240 replacements ‘;do ’ Pubish 1‘}}’
      1. O1R7HT completed 2301pst
    3. O0338G ?
    4. O02ZLJ added O02Z22 thru #O02ZD6 +
    5. O02Y84 ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151228Mon1030pst‘;after ID ’minutes 25;revision ’>=1‘;version1.0‘;words ’967‘;as ’due to OS crash O023GT, now on Chrome’s auto-reload get no change message but, from manual check, has {updates #O00WCR thru #O01EKN + #O01EMX thru #O01HOI}  then NY0WO6 with ~60 replacements‘;do ’ then continue editing‘}}
    6. O00V2R ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’20151227Sun0710pst‘;after ID ’minutes 17‘;revision ’>=1‘;version0.2‘;words ’606‘;as ’for this http://1.jothere.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5294&action=edit , due Chrome crash NZXU6X, now on Chrome’s auto-reload of the original window get, for 1st time ever seen, just ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’ getting ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ + (checked via http://cacycle.altervista.org/wikEd-diff-tool.html ) {updates #NZB5SF + source-of-that #NZB5TK + #NZB5F5 } but on normal the normal request-reload (presumably from the normal autosave) there’s no warning and the restore is identical (so no need for the browser restore — well now as it also has ‘Draft saved at 3:07:35 pm. ’ looking like its restore triggered an auto-save)  then NY0WO6 with 63 replacements ‘;do ’ then continue editing‘}}
    7. O00VYT (id added later) content: initial: add (already started):
    8. NZB5F5 ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’20151213Sun0948pst‘;after ID’ minutes 0‘;revision ’1‘;version0.1‘;words ’232‘;as ’previous points‘;do ’following NXBIBI with {{template plus no source text} last {addition if known else history entry} /5292#NZA1Q8 , create {this ‘document’ http://1.JotHere.com//5294#NZB5PD}‘}’.
    9. NZB597 decided it would be best to use user DestinyArchitect, not Sa..en, as this is high & full amounts of detail {whereas I intend Sa..en to introduce to strangers so mostly substantially limiting & controlling the details}.
    10. NZB5KA just now found myself creating more content for this: ‘my product rating :NZB0PS
    11. NZB54V planned to create this, a post introducing & explaining ‘table MEY2HI :NZB68F’, starting ~2yrs ago so 2013~
  12. NYMK00 comments next & elsewhere, per reply instructions.