Dec 272015


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    3. NZRXFP 2015.11.13Fri
      1. NXS8S0 NXS8S0: Per my mom’s idea last month, ‘Forks over Knives’ is the diet I & my family are now transitioning to.
        1. NXS8SR I almost never change my diet but this just makes overall amazing sense indeed seems generally key for all Americans to know.
        2. NXS8TC As we did, I recommend starting with the film (Google entry); note it’s also available to stream from Netflix at no extra charge (how we watched it), plus has a free good trailer on YouTube, plus notable follow-up activity possibilities.
        3. NXS8UK One can then approach the diet a number of ways including
          1. NXS8V2 most no cost as just choosing to eat matching foods.
          2. NXS8VB We then got the book ‘How to Transition to the Life-Saving, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet’ and have been doing so, and the meals have been amusing & often surprisingly good-tasting.
          3. NXS91H In the US today, expect to pay notably more for plant-based food
            1. NXS93E by my informal samplings (as looking for vegetarian frozen meals), about 70% more
            2. NXS93L yes even though it takes 20lbs of corn to make 1lb of beef, so it should be very much the reverse
            3. NXS949 apparently due to the terrible US dairy & especially meat subsidies, which are harming humans incredibly:
              1. NXS95H here (making veterinarian notably & ironically more expensive)
              2. NXS95N plus bad health include increasing obesity problem (due to we eating off-balanced non-natural diet)
              3. NXS97I plus greenhouse effect(so global warming) worse than our driving cars!, as the film explains.
          4. NXS97T Please share your thoughts. :-)’
    4. NZRZIM 2015.11.19Thu
      1. NY3WY7 NY3WY7: watched Chappie –cool!
    5. NZRZUQ 2015.11.20Fri
      1. NY6XM1 NY6XM1: ‘NY6XQC .. The Divergent Series: Insurgent 2015-03-11’ review
        1. NY6YB4 ‘compared to’
          1. NY6YD8 previous in series
            1. NY6YDM very disappointing
        2. ‘unique pros thru cons’
        3. NY6YDZ ‘notable pros thru cons:’
          1. NY6YEQ graphics & CGI –remarkable, very impressive, but that doesn’t save any movie
          2. NY7064 plot tiny pro: ‘Stop. Let him go.’ cleverly causing
            1. NY7092 Tris to also instantly pass the forgiveness test (‘-She hasn’t passed Abnegation yet. \ Yes she has. When she spared your life.’)
            2. NY7098 the stiff to change his loyalty from Jeanne to Tris
          3. NY6ZGH plot –huge con.
            1. NY6ZT3 overall: feels tacked on to the 1st film, especially carelessly & perhaps even unknowingly completely conflicting the core {plot & innovation} of the 1st film just to somehow continue the story
            2. NY701K mild plot hole: Four & Tris have sex at an unlikely & disrespectful time: just after Tris & everyone just saw girls committing suicide to force everyone to turn in Tris.
            3. NY6ZFM bad plot hole: why the badness of Four’s mother & why Four & disowns her is not sufficiently established
              1. NY6ZW7 new to this episode and feels just like junk thrown in as an afterthought so to continue the story including to the next series.
            4. NY6YHP terrible plot hole: the core of the move: the founders apparently-genetically creating a faction society says its to assure peace (1st film, & clever) but by this film is actually a fake reason: the real reason to apparently-evolve multi-talented who ‘transcend these factions’
              1. NY6YN7 per the secret message wording ‘
                And we created factions to ensure peace.
                We believed that there will be those among you who will transcend these factions.
                These will be the Divergent.
                They are the true purpose of the experiment.
                They are vital to humanity’s survival.
                If you’re watching this now than at least one of you are proof that our experiment has succeeded.
                Mankind waits for you, with hope, beyond the wall.
              2. NY6Z6L so trusted founders 1st say ‘these types of people (multitalented) bad so we have rid them & you need to continue to do so’ are now (2nd film) actually secretly hiding ‘no we lied to you; they’re ‘the solution’ and you all were just the expendable incompletes, guinea pigs of or experiment, just to get to these better ones’.
                1. NY6ZB5 who reasonably would do that? I see none  …
                  1. NY6ZE6 holding such conflicting views
                  2. NY6ZEO if they most wanted x, instead most rid x.
                2. NY6ZF9 yet these founders are still trusted by most!
              3. NY6YLG plot hole: the average citizen, in a proper faction, being very happy by this news.
        4. NY70EL script quotes from  SpringfieldSpringfield.Co.UK/movie_script.. ;
          1. NY70FV this site’s script transcriptions
            1. NY70EY I just now 1st found via find 2
            2. NY70GU are wonderful! Including notably very useful
              1. NY70LO for me to write film reviews citing exactly what was said,
              2. NY70LW for anyone to take a quote from the film and quickly find it in the actual video by matching the elevator % scaling in script.
            3. NY70JJ where do they get them?
              1. NY70JX some software stripping out the closed-captions?
              2. NY70O6 on the website, I do not find the answer!!
            4. NY70KV copyright –wouldn’t they be violating that?
    6. O0OHH4 2015.12.01Tue
      1. NYP0NY venue details  (so to file) :NYP0NY
        1. O03NZS ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’  for ‘NLW05D=_ venues’ from /NLW05D
        2. NYOSF6 generic rendering
          1. NYOUBG ‘‘Particular tables TBA. NM5RDF’ ‘Else other (IF ANY) available spacious tables with AC plug +seating many in a row +indoors unless warm +with working Wi-Fi. NLXZI9’ ‘To secure this for us, arrive >5min early if possible. NLXZJR’’
          2. NYOSIN ‘{NM5RDF=particular tables TBA} {NLXZI9=else other (IF ANY) available spacious tables with AC plug +seating many in a row +indoors unless warm +with working Wi-Fi.} {NLXZJR=To secure this for us, arrive >5min early if possible.}’
        3. NYOVAZ the Buffalo…
          1. NYP0SF intro
            1. NYP0S9 ‘At Natalie’s preference, this time we’re at
              FUN TASTY PARTY VENUE above. &this is Tuesday when they offer their famous chicken wings super cheap: I love their boneless medium-spicy. +they got veggie/vegan dishes. And they stay open to midnight so we get our many hrs. of Happy Hackin’, too!’ –used in msg NYOV4S

              1. NZDT1M alert: special: Tuesday is boned wings, Thursday is boneless wings.
          2. NYOU1K tables
            1. NYOS0A ‘Tables along south wall by an AC plug. NYOS0A
            2. NYORZ7 url_archive_MAXUKI/com_/Meetup_/www_/OCJavaScript/events/219661506/HTML.Chrome.NI5XHU.htm has ‘NHKSCG=indoor south-wall tables by an AC plug assembled for our group; we’ve got a reservation but we still may need to assemble the tables to handle all our attendees’
        4. NYP0OL Nina’s
          1. NYOV86 intro
            1. NYOV8T ‘SUPER DELICIOUS VENUE! If u like Indian food, here it’s to die for! &notably inexpensive. The cost: they close 9:30pm, so we begin 5:15pm for those can; so OK TO RSVP U’LL BE LATE, but GET HERE EARLY AS U CAN …so as well as gettin Happy Tummy, we get our many hrs. of Happy Hackin’, too! ’  –used in msg NXYBQ6
          2. NYP0WB tables
            1. NYP0W5 ‘‘Tables just to the left on restaurant entry ’NMEWHJ’
        5. NZDT2L ‘NZDQNK .. Chick-fil-A 92653’
          1. NZDT3J intro
            1. NZDT3U VENUE: Uniquely Tasty, & Friendly, & With the best Southern Tea! Even a tiny vegan . Plus quiet & comfy, so ensuring we get our many Hours of Happy Hackin’, too! :NZDT3U
          2. NZDUL6 tables
            1. NZDULQ Tables along E wall S corner :NZDULQ
        6. O29T62:  Loving Hut -Ladera Ranch
          1. O29T68:  intro
            1. O29T6D:  *Note VENUE, so LOCATION & TIME, a special treat (probably not soon again) & hot! Including the pho here is amazing! And it’s super healthy & good for environment. See details at
              1. O29T7B:  used at  O1KTH6 so
        7. O0OHKB ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. O0OIO9 location: ‘2015.12.01Tue :/5098#NYP0MD’ sibling to here.
    7. NZS082 2015.12.13Sun
      1. NZAZ1K review of ‘Under The Skin’ :NZAZ1K
        1. NZAZ2D overall
          1. NZAZOJ violent including routine sneaky ruthless murder (so powerful) via visceral imagery/fears on {the sexual & romance, so very core}, and with little warning and deliberately without ever explanation (other than implied {just being a man or a woman}), so
            1. NZAZZM is dangerously terroristic art
              1. NZAZG0 so is notably unsafe in its present form, especially it being distributed without appropriate preface & explanation and/or censorship.
              2. NZB05U so a healthy reaction would be ‘this sick in its present form, so accordingly {preface it & limit access to it as ‘lock it up’}’
            2. NZAZ2Q should serve as an indicator & warning that anyone who likes this story after fully knowing what all is told & how, probably {has likely-unresolved & very-destructive including possibly-violent sexual problems or/and is regularly endorsing dangerous things w/o appropriate preface}
    8. NZS0EK 2015.12.16Wed
      1. NZS0EW ‘Childhood’s End’
        1. NZS0FB 2015.12.16Wed eve~ finished 1st seeing it
        2. NZS0G6 I SMSed by bud Bill ‘Me: I watched all 6 hrs. of CE(Childhood End); only very beginning +last ~.7hr looks true significant, so most rest sd be cut incl probably the entire farmer/ambassador character. Its ending a good tear jerker, &it’s got remote novelties as human’s position in the universe, but most core questions, even title(why take the kids but leave the adults,& what much comes of them) are unanswered, leaving what takes place pretty stupid fantastical. [2015.12.20Sun .. 2 days ago ]11:50 AM
      2. NZS0KU ‘NZFMW2  Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other) tba further Syfy The Expanse’ :NZS0KU
        1. O202JQ notable pros thru cons
          1. O202QB likely projection of the world 300 years from now, especially:
            1. O202K3 romance pioneering seemingly accurately :
              1. O202KY group marriage with 8 biological kids: NZU3L3
              2. O202L5 on the dating site Julie Mau uses (S1 E1 or 2~), ‘ the leading (sexual) ‘orientation: pan’ (pansexual) :NZS0OO‘ –though they don’t explain how.
                1. O202SZ well, I guess bisexual & some pansexual will be more common, and much more accepted, but I doubt it will be the majority unless biological tampering
              3. O202ZX great sex in 0G scene (which obviously Syfy’s really proud of; they air the clip many times per day)
            2. O202TD if we’re really going into the solar system to seriously  mine resources (not clear to me it would be cost effective), then definitely the division of peoples (earth + mars + belters) plus great expanse that divides them, does seem likely.
            3. O202W7 earth people’s life span is probably 130 years.
            4. O202XJ probably much more
          2. O202Y1 amazing quality & unlimited space scenes, including plenty 0G –how they do affordably??
            1. O20322 including clever scene when boarding the Martian fighter escape ship where the gravity drives are turned off so a trick to get back onto the platform.
          3. O202Z5 the woman earth ambassador is seemingly the most interesting character, in her strategies.
          4. O20365 characters only medium distinguishable in terms of personality: I would like more.
          5. O2037J characters seem to evolve slowly if at all in terms of personality
          6. O2039S plot has some nice twists & turns, but seemingly not enough.
          7. O2035V –neutral–
          8. O203IN ongoing mystery feels a bit too drawn out
          9. O203AV the bio-weapon being released seems largely unrealistic; notable pros thru cons here:
            1. O203GX contained & spread thru small particles (bacteria?), well when wet.
            2. O203CT killing & feeding on people & contagious
            3. O203DF –neutral–
            4. O203DN glowing
            5. O203DW being able to project human-like glowing dotty hologram (in S1 E last end)
            6. O203G1 being an highly intelligent being
        2. NZS0LK 2015.12.16Wed~ I finished 1st seeing all TV released episodes (so S1E1-2)
          1. NZS0OO I SMSed my bud Bill ‘Me: I’ve only seen 1st 2 episodes of Expanse. Limitless jaw-dropping sets make me wonder how they ever afforded making it. Wild sex is 0-g is cool & novel. Plus note on the year 2300 dating site, the leading (sexual) ‘orientation: pan’ (pansexual). And they’re already starting to unexpectedly kill of some characters. But personalities still vague and worrying unclear if hot or not, but I definitely plan to keep watching to determine. [2015.12.20Sun .. 2 days ago 11:57 AM’ :NZS0OO
        3. NZU3FD 2015.12.22Tue- I finished 1st seeing thru S1E3
          1. NZU3L3 very cool: advanced social tech again, via (again: was also in Syfy’s ) the subtle suggestion of being commonplace (at least that’s what our protagonist is from) a polyamory family at least for razing kids, plus (even newer) creating kids from >2 (here 8) biological parents. :NZU3L3
            1. NZU3MW from dialogue I transcribed from at duration 14:00 thru 14:28 of 43:14 of quote:
              1. Interrogator: Five fathers, three mothers?
              2. Holden: Me? Yeah.
              3. I: Eight parents, one child.
              4. H: Yes.
              5. I: On a 22-acre farm in Montana, North American Trade Zone, very expensive to maintain. You were a tax break?
              6. H: That’s not the way they saw it.
              7. I: Did you know your true parents?
              8. H: They were all my true parents. Full genetic mix.
              9. I: In which female did you gestate?
              10. H: Well, Mother Elise had the widest hips. So…
              11. I: (other topics)
            2. O202BV this is made the most of in S1 episode {-3~ aka ‘Windmills’} where the woman ambassador interviews the birth mother of Holden at her house with the 8 parents; we only see 1 other parent but the fact that he is a biological mix of all 8 is clear, plus that they all raised him.
            3. O202EB the writers being so on target, just today, as S1 ends, the news announces ‘realtime coverage‘ as ‘Three-[biological-]Parent Babies Are OK, Experts Say’!
          2. NZU3GE I SMSed my bud Bill quote:
            1.  Me: Mom & I just knocked off thru S1E3 of Expanse: it gets better: plot thickens & one stop being so sure who the good & bad guys are, a tad like Continuum. Plus developed characters unexpectedly get killed of as Thrones. Mom was reluctant but now she says she’s liking the politics and seems she’s hooked. So u probably sd watch. 9:48 PM
            2. Bill: Ok, will give it another shot. [12/23/2015 .. 11 hours ago]4:06 AM
        4. NZU3PM –now ‘no results’
    9. NZS0SR 2015.12.20Sun
      1. NZS0T4 ‘Yidio’
        1. NZS0TP I SMSed my bud Bill ‘Me: .. these & possibly more Syfy stories are already on for free, plus iTunes & more, legally, -seems that is the trend. is the best dir I’ve found; example: .[2015.12.20Sun .. 2 days ago ] 12:02 PM
      2. NZS0XC ‘NZS1GQ .. Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other) Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens’ :NZS0XC
        1. NZQ43Q film is better than the previous successors, but still so-so; BB-8 is the best part, followed by a protagonist who is a woman & black guy.
    10. NZS2ZK 2015.12.21Mon
      1. NZS31A ‘NZQY5X Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other) Age of Tomorrow 2014.06.10 end (Google)’ :NZS31A
        1. NZRLTK 2240- 1st time watch
          1. NZRLZZ set up projector to watch it & more comfortably
        2. NZRNSW review
          1. NZRLV7 starts off decent but becomes increasingly stupid/corny feeling, with the ending feeling like {throwing in the towel: well got it end it somehow}
            1. NZRLYH plus 2ndly Syfy channel instantly dual-screening with ads the moment the end titles appear –very bad form IMHO
            2. NZRNWV too many unbelievable elements :NZRNWV
          2. NZRNSA taking itself too serious (got to laugh at yourself to make ridicules ok, as done for Kingsman)
          3. NZS83Z small pro: ‘
            Taylor Coliee Taylor Coliee

            ’ (the lead fireman’s daughter) is quite attractive, amusingly in contrast to his colleagues saying ‘don’t save her: she’s not that cute’

          4. NZRM1N notable pros thru cons
            1. NZRM2H getting an alien ship to shoot a fire extinguisher at close range (and thus destroy itself from the explosion) by placing a cell phone in front of it beeping & receiving a text message (saying ‘SCREW YOU!’) get it close & aggravated.
            2. NZRM5K smaller (~3ft) the floating ball (neat movement) shooting & teleporting drones that also open up into a flower when angry
            3. NZRMV0 the lead firefighter fighting mostly with a fire ax, and seemingly never desiring a gun, and always winning with it –somewhat believable characterization but a tad on the corny size
            4. NZRMQR the ‘world’s best astrophysicist’ being quite physically attractive, and notably physically adventurous (including beyond her ability), plus a woman –though at least it was some attempt at characterization. Though it’s nice to see more Asian women playing notable roles and more fighter-like roles.
            5. NZRMH0 pro vs. con divider
            6. NZRNVM main picture seems to not take place anywhere in film (except maybe reaching as the end of Dr. Gordon, but she didn’t red around her eyes nor wire gag)
            7. NZS6V8 ‘It is supposed to be a “mock-buster” of Edge of Tomorrow (2014)’ says review, but its a disaster in that regard.
            8. NZRO1U title has seemingly nothing to do with subject, except take off on ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ that same year but that to do with time-travel.
            9. NZRMOD portals –on top of everything else
            10. NZRMPM teletransporting (as in Star Trek) and by shooting a beam from up to ~35 ft. away –seems super unrealistic.
            11. NZRMK9 the ‘queen’ looking like the queen of aliens, plus pure ugly & scary, and very unlike the other alien creatures.
            12. NZRN37 the rescue mission fighting force not looking like fighters, including at least~1/2 women plus men who are notably small
            13. NZRNDO the lead firefighter and knowing his daughter was ‘taken’ not incinerated, and seemingly anyone on earth well knowing, until the bacon report comes back.
            14. NZRNIJ the rescue mission fighting force teletransporting themselves back assuming the atmosphere is safe (the bacon failed to mention).
            15. NZRNKA ok, {abducting humans is for this alien race’s survival, but why all, and especially how?} –unexplained
            16. NZRMH9 apparent-present day US having space fighter ships
              1. NZRMIL and not using them until finally they get the return beacon from the abducting planet
            17. NZRMLG a suitcase size, 7 in disc antenna, after a 24 hour charge up, sending a message to a different solar system and probably galaxy, and within a day or so  –key to the plot
            18. NZRMYA sending 1/2 the fighting force on a rescue mission with mention of how to return even though no one has returned when they likely would if they could and no one knows how.
    11. NZU6MG 2015.12.23
      1. NZU6MR ‘NZU5PS Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other) average’
        1. NZU76I financially supported by
          1. NZU76W heavy embedded commercials (for airings & on
          2. NZU77U Netflix per :NZU72O
          3. NZU78Z monthly cable fees? Feels no.
          4. NZU78L probably more
        2. NZU6Q3 ‘notable pros thru cons:’
          1. NZU6P9 several good shows (also many junky, so be careful)
          2. NZU6WC each show
            1. NZU6XF fairly good to extremely impressive sets
            2. NZU6TZ very good to excellent special effects
            3. NZU6X1 good to great acting
            4. NZU6YS story quality varies widely (as it does for other sources) but includes some good to excellent.
          3. NZU6T1 own show production
            1. NZU72O regularly appear complete on Netflix
              1. NZU739 1 month to
            2. NZU6V8 shockingly many produced, including most episodes aired just for a few days and never again –don’t know how they afford it.
          4. NZU7BF con: interrupt every show with ads including for themselves, their other shows, & even the show you’re watching!
          5. NZU7DF big con: in their air broadcasts, at the end of every show, the moment its ending credits appear, they instantly interrupt the show by playing, including full audio, more commercials in much of the screen while still showing the titles to the side & speed up by about factor of 3
            1. NZU7LF this I find (& my mother) find very disturbing & jarring: destroying the mood at a very key point
              1. NZU7MX unless one presses the DVR/playback pause button right at this moment, but then that also cuts out the show’s audio track (doing its normal transitions) plus a few of the titles.
            2. NZU7JG instead of say changing nothing for at least 15 seconds for I the viewer to absorb the ending and transition to something, then maybe do this transition and more slowly.
      2. NZULWU ‘NZULO6 Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other) The Cobbler 20140911(Thu)’ NZULWU
        1. NZULYL ‘notable pros thru cons:’
          1. NZULYZ well told
          2. NZULZI amusing
          3. NZUM6L there seem some small plot holes, as ‘how does the cobbler conveniently get the 2nd thug arrested? -as no charge would seem to apply’
          4. NZULZO notable con: don’t really get anything out of watching it except cheer up for the moment.
            1. NZUM34 especially as the core idea: become another person by wearing his/her shoes, is amusing but of limited excitement compared to the many other movie stories out there.
    12. O00YAC 2015.12.24Thu
      1. NZVZVZ ‘{ wireless USB mouse NR12TH} wireless USB mouse Logitech red’
        1. NZVZWH 2015.11~ at a  SimulSquad mtg at Del Taco, it wasn’t working at all, so purchased replacement ‘{ { wireless USB mouse NZVZZP} M325 ..538 NZVZYI}
        2. NZW0JM next day found the problem was these dang Duracell AA batteries corroded the inner terminal (since the mouse was in a bag in my car –not a good enough reason)
        3. NZW0LC a few minutes ago well scratching off the terminals and verifying the battery is full, the mouse works, however
        4. NZW0M7 on my dark oak wood desk at least, the sensitivity especially left & right is poor
          1. NZW0NQ especially compared to ‘{ { wireless USB mouse NZVZZP} M325 ..538 NZVZYI}’ (excellent) and my standard mouse (nearly excellent)
          2. NZW0PQ including adjusting Windows pointer speed (from medium to fastest) helps but not much and then makes the other mice too sensitive
          3. NZW0QR so decide to
            1. NZW0RN not return ‘{ { wireless USB mouse NZVZZP} M325 ..538 NZVZYI}’ but keep it as my backup
            2. NZW0RB give this mouse back to Lucy for extra mice
    13. O00YE2 2015.12.26Sat
      1. O00YTE ‘O00YIQ Show(Movie/Film/Video,Play,or other) The Congress 20140829(Fri) end Google’ /5319#O00YTE
        1. O00YU4 genre
          1. O00YX0 in order: ‘ Sci-Fi’ + Animation’ + ‘Drama
          2. O00YX9 unlike most stories especially ‘ Sci-Fi’, in that most of it is hallucination, including all the animation sequences and perhaps even the ending’s quick visit back into reality, where in the end it isn’t made clear what was real and what was not.
        2. O00Z40 missing preface :O00Z40
          1. O00Z99 2 of 2 (I & Lucy) find
            1. O00Z9T it’s much better than it initially appears.
              1. O00Z4M most notably, the beginning (until the first ‘flash forward’) drawn out & slow, with too many long monologues, but pay attention or/and rewatch that, as most everything raised there profoundly shapes the rest of the film
              2. O01BWE as on first viewing, until reaching the animation,
                1. O01BZD I was just really itching to push the fast-forward button as several of the monologues were so long & seemingly wordy, and
                2. O01C05 Lucy had totally given up watching except for hearing it in the background while working on her smartphone
        3. O01BJ2 how I heard of it?
          1. O01BJI via a flow amusingly as serendipitous the movie itself:
            1. O01BKE Specifically I was trying to get Kodi plugins installed on (Lucy’s) Fire TV Stick (where they belong but Amazon thwarts), so its ‘ES Explorer’ app web browser, was trying to do a Google Search for ‘Kodi’ but, by pressing the voice button, instead executed the search on Amazon’s entertainment selection, which of course didn’t show me the Kodi app (as Amazon appears to not want this app there despite its user’s apparent huge install of it) but did return as 1st match this film (per it featuring an actor named ‘Kodi’) and by the graphic & words it was a sci-fi and played free, so I started watching.
        4. O017QV review
          1. O017R9 in IMDB, deserves about 7.7 of 10
            1. O01B16 and if corrected, could be 9
              1. O01B27 as then say getting in the ball park of my sci-fi greats (‘Avatar’ (risky novel as the humans are the bad guys) or ‘Wall-E’  –also all warning of dystopian future)
              2. O01AR4 indeed imagine this high score could be relatively easily achieved by a remake which merely
                1. O01B85 added the missing footage I invent as detailed in {the cons, so below the ‘pro-to-con divider line :O017Z3’}  and
                2. O01B8L actual keep all else most of the present footage (except maybe just cutting a little of side details which drag (as a little original monologues) or which now make the overall film to long (as extra animation fantasy which is not key)
            2. O017RS so why did it get 6.5? My is {the cons, so below the ‘pro-to-con divider line :O017Z3’} which most viewers understandably wouldn’t have the patience or/and smarts to workaround.
        5. O016TS notable pros thru cons:
          1. O016UB powerful deep imagery, suggesting of freighting possible futures for humanity
          2. O016XU many symbolic-feeling images, repeating almost musically, which are simple but still feel quite moving.
            1. O0176J unique: the plot was clearly & uniquely written by taking the actors chosen, notably Robin Wright, and extending their real lives into fantasy,
              1. O0179M making the ending standard disclaimer ‘this is pure fiction and any resemblance to persons alive or dead is entirely coincidental’ fully ridiculous!
              2. O01D5S further delightfully confusing & transitioning the real world into fantasy
              3. O017JE so the plot and event/name choices itself (and especially the animation),  has a musical organic feel in terms of connected names & experiences connecting to each other as would happen by free-association, yet still being selected enough to tell a good story.
              4. O017B8 the protagonist has the same name as her actor and some of her significant past, as playing Princess Bride and I hear passing over several parts, is indeed the same as the actor.
              5. O017E1 it would appear likely that after picking he actress,  her last name ‘Wright’ was then extended into Wright Brothers so then
                1. O017HQ placing her outside an airport
                2. O017HZ having a son fascinated by planes & kites
                  1. O0170I Kodi the actor being named like Cody the kite but also in love with such kites
                  2. O0171Z Kites being like dreams
                    1. O01727 Cody kites being one the notable kites actually desired to ‘carry a human away’ (so again like a dream)
                  3. O01714 kites destroying airplanes, as ironically a child’s dream destroying modern advanced technology.
          3. O016V9 outstanding animation, with near unprecedented flowing creativity
          4. O01D0G the amusing & foreshadowing characterization (by the doctor) that disabled son (slowly loosing hearing & vision, so inventing a world in his head to make up for it) is actually ahead of his time, already in a fantasy world that everyone will want to be in.
          5. O017Z3 pro-to-con divider line :O017Z3
          6. O01AGH a possible factor it seemingly wasn’t produced & distributed by well known names
            1. O01AIE Lucy sees this as a factor
            2. O01AIO I see this as unclear if it as significant and probably not a core factor.
          7. O016WL very bad: in the serious sci-fi category (or at least appears so) but later goes high  & really non-stop fanciful without clearly explaining how all that could really happen
            1. O01CMJ seemingly worst are:: clearly & admittedly the {living livelong in and as an animation} is a fantasy, so all of:
              1. O01CMZ what is really happening back in the real world during this very long fantasy? –never answered, only left to logically-implied suggestion which is still not at all obvious
              2. O01C11 how is this amazing fantasy achieved
                1. O01CKI as in reality, we don’t have and don’t expect a simple chemical doing all that
                2. O01CWP as that’s not just a drug, but rather something that advanced would seemingly have to be advanced computer generated
                3. O01CJS that, with 0 explanation, in this new world one would be transformed
                  1. O01CDB fully & almost instantly
                  2. O01C8V into an effective Second Life character
                  3. O01C96 in an infinite deeply imaginative & complex and at least somewhat sensible world
                  4. O01CDF via just 1 whiff on an ampule
                  5. O01C9V that would apparently last for a lifetime non-stop
                  6. O01CA6 even, for at least our main character, with no further sniffs or doing anything else.
              3. O01E52 how would our capitalistic economy be motivated to build it? –as it would seem unlikely any sizable company would be motivated to develop  a fantasy so powerful for the common people it was primarily designed for they then couldn’t go to work nor do any work to earn money to pay for it.
            2. O01825 since after a little thought, I see ‘well-explaining .. case of what probably really happened… :O0157B’ , I imagine this is what the writers had mind and but thought (arrogantly & wrongly) {I don’t need to spell it out –as say that would be amateurish & boring– because the audience will get it}
              1. O018BC but No I would expect that is way too much of a leap for many and indeed that would explain the many negative reviews I saw by watchers angry from having spent the time as they (naturally) don’t see this point.
              2. O018G8 as I saw happen with ‘Project Greenlight’ around episode ‘Hug and Release’ where the brand new director (terribly arrogantly) agues against the CEO of HBO to cut certain dialog lines explaining plot transition as notably mis-assuming the audience will get the transition without this.
          8. O017SX very very bad: it is ‘missing preface :O00Z40
        6. O00ZCD on what happens (–SPOILER, but good further reading  after you’ve fully seen the film)
          1. O01D79 unstated but apparent theme: we humans will eventually overcome by our own advanced psychotic “drugs”, specifically we will develop & use technology to the degree that almost everyone will subsist their entire life in their on private (but imaginably social) pure self-aggrandizing fantasy dream world, even while & until the real world & our own body, dies as we’ll be so drugged out we won’t even know else care.
          2. O00ZDV O00ZDV:  almost certainly, after our protagonist sniffs the ampule, she’s immediately in a hallucination until her (probably decades later) death
            1. O00ZJD including during the times when she’s thinks she
              1. O00ZLL is still awake, not yet under its power: when she then 1st drives into the complex
                1. O01DKJ as it seems anti-likely any company would casually hand a psychedelic drug to each of their self-driving visitors to take now expecting them to continue driving.
              2. O014PM woke up by her own choice: rather she is still dreaming (that she woke up per her choice)
                1. O01DML as the world she ‘wakes up in’, while notably symbolic of (her) predicted dystopic future, could not realistically be a human future, as
                  1. O01DO1 people even on heavy drugs wouldn’t stand non-stop (as a for their lifetime) as idle zombies on the subway and even streets, and with no one to care for & protect them (as protect them from the elements, feed them, take care of their defecation, etc), and with no apparent source for their continued drugs.
                  2. O01DRK the non-drugged leaders wouldn’t choose to live & operate in blimps especially when the land still appears clearly habitable, and really spend most of their time sitting around drinking coffee adjacent 3 foot purposeless balloons, with these sky ‘offices’  accessible only by unguarded gondolas.
            2. O014RB as what apparently happened, is:
              1. O0157B this well-explaining but shocking case of what probably really happened… :O0157B
                1. O0158X which feels like the only way to really explain what really happened
              2. O015AN of, told in order:
                1. O014TC after she got the money from her scan, she took off to some distant island or land as her buyer suggested she do, so was mostly tuned out from life in the typical modern world over the next 20 years, so not really knowing what to expect when now she returns her company to celebrate her avatar’s success.
                2. O014WS when she sniffs the ampule, unknown to her is the rest of her life, mostly per the ampule’s extreme design:
                  1. O014Y5 she passes out
                  2. O014ZT expecting & responding that, as they do for all new arriving victors, workers come to actually run the rest of her life while she’s this sleep state
                    1. O01514 some come and park her car in a lot with the other visitors, but this lot might be where the norm is the cars are sold off if the visitor never awakes.
                    2. O0152H others come and place her into something like a hospital bed or other long-term live human storage container, which is alongside thousands of others, where her brain and bodily functions are wired to a machine much as the millions of humans unknowing hooked into machines in Matrix 1
                    3. O015E0 and as expected she stays asleep (lost in her hallucination) for days maybe a week or two.
                  3. O015FN But say after even that time, she still doesn’t wake up, while the other guests are waking up to discover and say ‘oh, wow! All that was the company’s newest entertainment creation! I thought it was real’
                    1. O015KT the workers are surprised by her not waking up, but
                      1. O015L6 find it’s explained from her lifetime of running away from the real world (well everything except her kids), that she wanted to escape the real world so bad that now the thing she was most opposed to (a computer generated world of acting) is ironically but explicably a world she is choosing not to wake from.
                      2. O015PB they have profited from her digitization, and as on of their early users, feel (or are forced) to continue her life-support while this her hallucination coma continues, and do so (indeed as we will see, until she dies).
                    2. O015SD so she continues in her hallucination
                  4. O016F5 and we learn that whole people these hallucinations imagine they are socializing with their family & friends & other people, as they did in Matrix, but really it’s not so advance, rather they are just imagining it, as they would in typical dreams, not really communicating with anybody but oneself but imagining they are, while actually the only thing they are doing is alone regurgitating their memories and inventing a future life themselves where they’re only dreaming they’re socializing with others.
                  5. O0168A in the years or decade that pass while she’s in her coma, perhaps we are shown changes in the real world related to her condition
                    1. O016AD as there appear protests against and downfall of this new entertainment form as too many people like her have fallen into similar endless comas
                    2. O016CK or this new entertainment form becomes so desirable, that humans for themselves build their own Matrix 1 like human storage, so most everyone can stay in their perpetual dream state except a few left behind to make it happen:
                      1. O016Q8 specifically young adults do the work of maintaining the older adults in their hallucination tanks (plus raise the kids) until they turn say 30 at which point they eligible so do spend the rest this time in dreamland –nicely analogous to Logan’s Run.
                  6. O015SQ but eventually in her hallucination she gets to where she really wants to get out of it, indeed to the degree she will take the there-suicide pill and does so
                    1. O015V0 but we are shown in the real world this was just a point where her medical equipment was registering some anomaly, probably life threatening as a heart attack,
                      1. O015WZ so ideally medical staff come to revive her
                      2. O015XG but when that upset is over, no she really is not awake, but just dreaming she is awake, those hovering above her in the real world just more caretakers in her dream of the real-world
                      3. O015ZE and her real world she thinks she sees is actually only her not-quite-right but still remarkably accurate dreamy impressions of what the actual real world is.
                  7. O0161O and then returning in her dream she finds her son (but of course it’s just her dream of finding her son), in the real world say he’s already dead thru say some abuse or accident.
                  8. O01640 and then that scene is frozen forever, as in the real world her heart stops, and she is lying dead in this hospital bed or other long term container, having never awoken from her coma but just died in it, and her worker staff  come to take away and say incinerate her body.
                    1. O016RJ thus a very sad ending also profoundly but heavily realistically warning of a very dark future for humanity.
      2. O00Z8K .
    14. O09PJ5 2015.12.31
      1. O090IC 07xx-
        1. O090J8 to communicate with T-Mobile, want a private IP
        2. O090JN so think about going to public hotspot but a pain
        3. O090KC so
        4. O09HO9 find 1 :O09HO9
          1. O09HR9 recommends 1st CyberGhost –but I’ve tried that and found it so-so.
    15. O09PM9 2016.01.01Fri
      1. O09PO4{ Hola.Org O09M7J}
        1. O09HQ7 ref’d 1st by ‘ :O09HO9’ recommending against, via says ‘Other Free VPNs might be stealing and selling your data[ service] to make their money and we’d highly discourage it – see this article on Hola if you don’t believe us.’
        2. O09JPM
        3. O09IUI
        4. O09PSO notable pros thru cons
          1. O09HSE maker didn’t reveal its money model  including exit node creation until appropriately called on it.
          2. O09HTL peer-to-peer solution which I find appealing as it’s truly scalable for free as they say.
            1. O09ID9 most any free Wi-Fi service publically accessible, and there probably millions. takes around  the same abuse, and they generally don’t get shut down.
        5. O09PV4 alternative VPN service
          1. O09PW1 that is also p2p
            1. O09IFK I do want to find first to better trust the novelty here.
            2. O09K4C
              1. O09K51 find might be a match but website down & software not updated since 2008
              2. O09KJW find –not clearly a VPN service but might be very useful for FunLogic under-layer
            3. O09M18
              1. O09M2K
                1. O09M4R finds Betternet
    16. O0LRBE 2016.01.07Thu
      1. O0LRBW(PBSSoCal) Richard Wolf: Capitalism :O0KACD
        1. O0LRRT 1st watched some, ~30%, at 10:00
        2. O0LRSX notable pros thru cons
          1. O0LRTO 2 suggested solutions I saw: sound possibly good; they are, for at least US,
            1. O0LRUT primarily: significant more co-ops instead of corps
            2. O0LRVL secondarily: a public bank such as North Dakota has
              1. O0LS2G may be very secondary as I think was from an A to  Q.
          2. O0LRZ2 neutral point
          3. O0LRZT passionate but sarcastic and talk-down tone is overall a bit unpleasant.
          4. O0LRWD solution is buried towards end of talk; most so {way too much} time spent on problems & background
          5. O0LRXI only basic solution detail given, but did include 1 real example for each
    17. O0N5NQ 2016.01.08Fri
      1. O21TTP: ‘‘Kodi addon :O1VO8F’ Genesis :O0N5OA
    18. O1832B 2016.01.17~
      1. O17U5M ‘The Colony SmovieE1 (2013) :O0T1X6′
        1. O17U26 trailer looks hot, but…
        2. O17U7Z story has some quite good exciting elements but looses it by plot holes & weak endings
        3. O17UN5 what could be a good thoughtful sci-fi mostly quickly degrades into mostly mindless half-zombie flick.
        4. O17U2N additional notable pros thru cons
          1. O17U8Q plot holes increasing worse:
            1. O17UA8 colony leader especially would not traverse bridge and climb down long wall later without doing & recommending 3 points of contact
            2. O17UOQ at the ending, now the “zombies” who unexpectedly just attacked are all killed just as the last colonist escaped, the remaining colonists would NOT immediately just continue walking to this projected-to-exist haven which was many miles away in this non-stop easily-killer weather …without first returning to their fort & recuperating & preparing for the journey plus only sending part of the people in the 1st run.
            3. O17UW5 while fun to imagine, not clear & seeming-realistic why the earth froze over in response any known effort to man, including suggested overcompensating human-created coolers (also reversible as heaters) in response to global warning
              1. O17V0SSnowpiercer (2013) :O0JKK0’ has this situation & problem too, but gets away with it notably better because all-along the film is half-zany.
            4. O17UBZ near zombie like tribe (the notable lead antagonist) is very  unrealistic: supposedly human but doesn’t talk (except one word from leader: ‘more’), just grunts & roars, just cannibalistically peruses kills others with full energy (even though starving) or otherwise sleeps, and not at all slowed by obviously many more killed on their side, just finds & kills other colonies for cannibalistic food & perhaps shelter only even though obviously colonies are way too rare to depend on that, and no other culture besides that.
          2. O17U7I great sets & acting & exciting & film situation –sad to waste all that on a very flawed story.
    19. O1832Q 2016.01.19Tue
      1. O18333Delivery Man SmovieE1 (2013) :O182MW
        1. O183CY alert: ‘It is a remake of Scott’s 2011 French-Canadian film, Starbuck.[4]’  which receives .9 higher IMDB.
        2. O18349 notable pros thru cons
          1. O1834K 1st movie I know, and a major one, to explore sperm donor long-term consequences especially identity revealing
          2. O1836I seemingly great portrayal of how having kids can turn a parent, at least a dad, into responsible & good for something, while also (thru the lawyer character showing it can do the reverse for others)
          3. O1839Z great variety portrayal of the different types of age ~18 kids and the different fathering needed for each
          4. O183BL many touching scenes
          5. O183C2 some light humor
          6. O18396 –neutral
    20. O1N04Z 2016.01.25Mon
      1. O1JG23 the Lenovo 2e.i5 (not specific to mine except as noted)
        1. O1JFX0 With Bill, study for hardware upgradability, especially putting in SSD
          1. O1JG40 Opened the unit while it ran with no trouble
          2. O1JFY0 took ~10 pics of interior
            1. O1JG55 picks ‘Lenovo 2e i5 interior from Bill O1JG55′
          3. O1JFYA tested space above existing HDD: seems 0 extra space.
          4. O1JFZ2 There his about 3x the volume of 2nd HDD in the case’s interior, but it’s spread out so much it’s not clear another would fit.  Possibly a mini-physical-sized SSD.
        2. O1N0L0 Diamond USB 3.0 to Display adaptor (with DisplayLink) model BVU3500 (make) notes :O1N0L0
          1. O1JGC2 With Bill, try his
          2. O1JGKY which he got from but for $25 after Fry’s Mail-in rebate
          3. O1KHK1 present lowest price I can find: $46 from Amazon
          4. O1JGE3 plug into USB 3 :O1JGE3
            1. O1JGJ6 ‘Device Manager/Other Devices/USB3 to DVI’ qty 2 appears but with no driver :O1JGJ6
            2. O1JGK6 Do ‘Update Driver Software’ -‘Search Automatically’: get ‘could not find driver software for your device’
            3. O1JGYH run ‘DriverPack Solution’ :O1JGYH
              1. O1KIOH does ‘Verified publisher: Kuzyakov Artur Vyacheslavovich IP’ and displays ‘v15.R417’
              2. O1JI3N (in order) ‘Save logs to the current folder’ unselected; select
              3. O1JHXP system info
                1. Computer:
                2. BIOS: Lenovo 0008KT22AUS
                3. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz
                4. Memory (RAM) 7.9Gb
                5. Hard disks: ST1000LM014-1EJ164-SSHD-8GB
                6. System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (410 day(s).)
              4. O1JH9O it lists updates only:
                1. O1JHIO qty 3: (selected) ‘DisplayLink Display Adapter (4300) 14.03MB’  (from Firebug & browsing ) ) id=””
                  1. O1JHT7 can’t select the text even in Firebug so have to retype.
                2. O1JI21 ‘Install and Update’ -click
                  1. O1JIJ2 (aside: Bill 1st tries DrP.Su)
                  2. O1JIJK get popup
                    1. seemingly NOT by DRP but probably DisplayLink makers
                    2. ‘Install DisplayLink Software for DisplayLink Device<br/>English  7.6.56275.0<br/>

                      1. O1JIUF”DISPLAYLINK+SOFTWARE+LICENSE+AGREEMENT” best find is which is identical per
                    3. O1JJ1Q click ’I accept’
                  3. O1JJ50 it seems to complete but it still lists qty 2 of #O1JHIO
                3. O1JJ6F O1JGJ6 now has qty 1 and with driver so no warning; and w
                4. O1KHZE and working O1JK4T with no reboot so far (cool!) so looks like it does full driver install w/o reboot, unlike {standard driver from according to Bill}
                5. O1KI0M close :O1KI0M
              5. O1JK4T hooked up a monitor and it worked great! :O1JK4T
                1. O1JK5R monitor is ‘Dell E228WFP’ with recommended & top resolution ‘1680×1050’.
                2. O1JK7Q played tests
                  1. O1JKER worked fine:
                    1. O1JK7Z find
                      1. O1JKF0 1 (‘HD Test 1080P Full HD (Avatar) – YouTube’) –pretty interesting, too
                      2. O1JKFK 2 (‘NVidia PureVideo HD 1080p Test’)
                    2. O1JKCX find 1 (‘YouTube 60p Test – YouTube’)
                  2. O1JKG1 find
                    1. O1JKIX 1 ‘test slow motion du samsung nx1 (120p)’ –usable but a little stutter:
                    2. O1JKJJ 2 ‘GoPro 3+ Test 720p 120p’  –usable and fairly smooth maybe tiny stutter
                      1. O1JKQO also begins with a ad –1st I’ve heard of it –I’m very impressed!
            4. O1JH16 possibly because of that, got 2 popups :O1JH16
              1. O1JH5D same for both DriverPack icon, ‘New device installation’
              2. O1JH5K Device ID: USB\VID_17E9&PID_4300&REV_1062&MI_00
                1. O1JH6H pause possibly-indefinitely to do #O1JH9O
                2. O1KHSQUse the Web service to download the driver’ –click; popup disappears and instead brings up a nice drover download table with good/bad counts by each item :O1KHSQ
              3. O1JH68 Device ID:  USB\VID_17E9&PID_4300&REV_1062&MI_01
                1. O1KHV2Use the Web service to download the driver’ –click; -does same as O1KHSQ
            5. O1KHLJ per success O1JK4T, see if it thinks its fully installed by…
              1. O1KHNJ cancel the ‘2 popups :O1JH16’ {Driver power pack ‘close :O1KI0M’}
              2. O1KI27 cycle ‘plug into USB 3 :O1JGE3’ waiting for chime in & out.
                1. O1KI6I Windows of extended display go back into main window
                2. O1KI7E after about 30 sec, it’s working again!
                3. O1KI8U no ‘popups :O1JH16’ –good, as then probably fully installed
                4. O1KIL5 redo ‘run ‘DriverPack Solution’ :O1JGYH’ : difference is now ‘Drivers + Soft 0’ instead of 3 –good!
              3. O1KJVF Driver {date 2014-07-09} {version 7.6.56275.0}
                1. O1KJVQ but Bill said his laptop displays {version 7.9}
                2. O1KKGP O1KKGPofficial download has ‘




                  DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows*

                  OS: Windows 10, Windows 8* (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8.1* (32 & 64 bit), Windows 7* (32 & 64 bit)

                  7.7 12 Mar 2015
                  DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows*

                  OS: Windows 10, Windows 8* (32 & 64 bit), Windows 7* (32 & 64 bit),
                  Windows Vista* (32 & 64 bit),  Windows XP* (32bit), Windows 8.1* (32 & 64 bit)

                  7.6 M0  25 Apr 2014

                  ’ –1 newer, but 1 older: close enough

            6. O1KJOF off make page, ‘Check for compatibility’ –
              1. O1KK0Q run.
                1. O1KK1S Get ‘DisplayLink Support Tool′, ‘DisplayLink compatibility check passed.’
                2. O1KKH8 ‘Gather Support information’ takes ~5 min and produces Desktop\DisplayLink Support Files\[host name] (4808KB) –don’t seem to need it as it’s working.
          5. O1KK9H how well does it support Linux?
            1. O1KKM2O1KKGPofficial download ’ doesn’t mention
            2. O1KKT6 says ‘Compatible with Microsoft ® Windows, 10, 8.1/8, Windows ® 7, Android 5.0 and Ubuntu (Linux) OS’ but doesn’t give details.
      2. O1KJAZ (eve) on  warrantee on tablets & smartphones
        1. O1KJCG Bill says he
          1. O1KJEK has never bought a warrantee
          2. O1KJE5 has bought about 5 quality devices, including Samsung & Nook, and none have broke, so no plans to buy a warrantee for these devices.
          3. O1KJF8 bought 1 cheap device, the Windows based tablet from Microcenter, he recalls a WinBook, and it’s power switch broke but fortunately within refund period so he returned it for full refund.
        2. O1KJHN Lucy
          1. O1KJI6 bought an Acer 100 (medium-quality) and it eventually broke, may have used the warranty to fix it
          2. O1KJJ1 bought ~5 quality devices, including Samsung & Nexus, and none have broke
        3. O1KJKE Me/Destiny
          1. O1KJKT bought a Virgin Mobile device, I think Samsung, and it never broke
          2. O1KJLW bought a Walmart AXS 4G, and 2 of 2 broke –and warrantee included extended a real problem
    21. O1N0FW 2016.01.27Wed
      1. O1N0GG extended display via Chromecast
        1. O1N0H9 is something I’ve wanted to do ever since getting Chromecast
          1. O1N0HY especially given my main {computer, a Lenovo 2e, has no HDMI out} so to avoid having to have & use a {‘Diamond USB 3.0 to Display adaptor (with DisplayLink) model BVU3500 (make) :O1N0L0’ or equivalent}
        2. O1N0NK –done (again?) about 2 hrs. ago
          1. O1N0OW find 1 ‘How to Extend Your Desktop with a Chromecast – YouTube’  shows it!
            1. O1N0QT now 1st try:
              1. O1N140 right before
                1. O1N14F I’ve given 2 identical ‘VGA choices’
                  1. O1N158 O1N158: picking 1st (and later 2nd), after I pick ‘Extend these displays’ or ‘Duplicate these displays’ (same for both), then ‘Apply’, I get error popup ‘Change Settings<br/>These display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings.’ then I click ‘OK’
                    1. O1N1BZ Wait: Chromecast isn’t configured correctly. getting ‘‘NH3Mtg’ can’t find the ‘ZW..KY’ Wi-Fi network’
                      1. O1N1DP Run ‘Chromecast’ app
                        1. O1N1FY ‘Wireless Network’ fr blank to ‘L0..BW’
                      2. O1N1JF in every Chrome profile,  chrome://extensions/ , select  ‘Chromecast  15.1120.0.2’ enable.
                      3. O1N1OT chrome-extension://boadgeojelhgndaghljhdicfkmllpafd/cast_setup/devices.html# ‘Time format: 12-hour time’ to ‘24-hour time’
                    2. O1N1QJ retry O1N158 but this time a 3rd display {create then extend-to}: same failure.
                    3. O1N205 remove displays then retry O1N158 but this time only 1 ‘Try to connect anyone on: VGA’, pick it.
      2. O1OKY5Spring Breakers E1 (2012) :O1OKNK
        1. O1OKZG notable pros thru cons
          1. O1OKZU powerful & memorable & mostly very well done mostly-man being-bad fantasy including awesome artistic, including particular effective:
            1. O1OLCS girls wearing pick terrorists hoods, dancing with guns in colorful 2 piece bikini’s,
              1. good sample of Spring Breakers most powerful images: terrorist like gals in very sexy outfitsO1OLLI including in the last scene all matching yellow bikinis with black lights, on pink pier, with this fantasy action
                overlaid with the girls voices semi-lying to their parents in part in own self-denial.
            2. O1OLFX multiple women deciding to own to service a man.
            3. O1OLIP trying to emphasize the women’s enjoyment doing this.
          2. O1OLGM the main drug & arms dealer being charming but never sexually pushy on the women —though likely quite unrealistic.
          3. O1OLM8 the new gals having the man suck the loaded gun each holds saying ‘suck my dick’  –gross but powerful
          4. O1OLK1 starter polyamory (shown by both drug dealer ‘families’ especially the main one), though without naming it and only {the most easy kind: 1 powerful rich man + multiple women}
          5. O1OL29 –neutral–
          6. O1OM91 character differentiation among the women is only starter & generally weak
            1. O1OMAO just ‘Faith’ will play bad just short term but immediately & correctly senses danger, the 2nd gal decides when she’s shot that {enough is enough}, and the last 2 blonds are totally into bad stuff {but very unrealistically succeed}
          7. O1OL2H near killer:  muddled generally confused & easily-bad message plot, including
            1. O1OMGF would be worse except seemingly only a medium or more stupid person would not see this as unrealistic fantasy, though NOT by the film’s clearly stating that as it certainly doesn’t.
            2. O1OML7 can’t well get away with this problem including since it’s not a comedy so being clearly sarcastic
            3. O1OLTM inconsistently but weakly fixed by the last scene: in their car driving back home sad (but they’re now in a Porsche, plus killed all the bad guys and scored tons of money, without a scratch)
            4. O1OL3D confused: starts real, ends in fantasy
              1. O1OL3R in ending, core point is extremely unrealistic: where 2 gals skip in and kill off 100% of rival gang, with 0 experience and super-Rambo style just skipping along {in open, so with 0 cover} pier & sidewalk, plus in the most skimpy clothing; rather they would shoot at most 1 or 2 people before being shot &killed themselves.
              2. O1OLRM –don’t know how to fix it, especially as it did so well on both ends.
    22. O1OM17 2016.01.28Thu
      1. O1OM1QBandits E1 (2001) :O1OM27
        1. O1ON80 notable pros thru cons
          1. O1ON8C scenes of ‘Cate Blanchett as Kate Wheeler’ reacting empathetically to popular tunes, notably in the kitchen cooking happy, then driving away  from her house upset.
          2. O1ONBQ polyamory (though unfortunately not named) of 1 women and 2 men
          3. O1OND2 clever plot including ending
    23. O1QCQA 2016.01.28Thu
      1. O1QCQN ‘Don’t Tell, Show’
        1. O1QCRG version __ which I think is latest :O1QCRG
          1. O1QI1M overall: a flop, meaning not harmful but also not worth spending the time on watch and I expect many/most people will tune out indeed fast, due almost entirely to {story/writing/script flaws, as detailed in O1QIB3}, which is very sad as it means all the other quality & very impressive effort & collaboration is wasted –at least in terms of delivering a respectable show, though hopefully not in terms of learning from the experience of making it.
          2. O1QCSH notable pros thru cons
            1. O1QE1D given it is produced all by volunteers with seemingly near 0 budget, an incredible accomplishment
            2. O1QE3N very good editing
            3. O1QE2Y decent respectable camera work
            4. O1QE38 so-so acting; from notable goods thru bads:
              1. O1QHEV The woman whose pics get hacked was the best actor/actress I saw.  She was quite believable, including immediate character of sexy and wanting attention, except {per O1QGP1, her breasts are too small if their exposure is a key point as it was}
              2. O1QHPS most other characters had not great but reasonable acting.
              3. O1QHKO –neutral—
              4. O1QHLJ The guy who plays the FBI agent is too stiff: really looked like he was acting instead of believable.
              5. O1QH9P I notably did not like Jake’s casting/acting. They guy constantly looks like a depressed sloth, so NOT someone who would (per key plot points) found & lead a company nor stay up for ‘48 hours’ writing software.
            5. O1QE2L –neutral–
            6. O1QHVV absence of background music (as I’m told it hasn’t been added yet)
            7. O1QGOF breast & nipple size inconsistencies
              1. O1QGP1 O1QGP1: the woman who plays the person who had her {nude notably breast} pics exposed, which is the core plot problem, appears to have A cup or smaller, so her breasts being exposed would be less of consequence as there’s hardly thing there, indeed many men have larger breasts & nipples.  So either:
                1. O1QGYG if breast exposure is to continue to key part of the plot. naturally use an actress with sizable breasts & ideally nipples
                2. O1QGYR or else make full nude exposure the problem element and insure the nude pic props are of full nude, not just head & torso.
              2. O1QGAJ –the nude pics seeable in episode ~9 are indeed appear to be of a woman that could well be of the character they are said to be above, except the woman in the pic has B cup whereas the character has A or A- cup, and there is no suggestion, nor apparent intention, of her since having had breast reduction (which, given B to start, would be only from breast cancer in normal circumstances)
                1. O1QGLJ which is especially troubling since a large point of the whole plot is that her breasts have been exposed by a hack, indeed in early dialog her ‘pair’ is specifically referred to, but these breasts priced do not appear to be her breasts.
            8. O1QEAI –some small lighting problems
            9. O1QF0H the title display being ungrammatical & inaccurate, by notably missing the ‘,’ else ‘;’
            10. O1QEB9 –notable sound drops at parts, causing us to turn up the volume to be able to hear the dialoged.
            11. O1QHUT apparent lack of subtitles.
            12. O1QHRH footage apparently taken from other sources, as reporters running to building in episode 1 and audience members crying in episode 10, looked ~90% faked (meaning spliced in from other sources, not really happening).
            13. O1QE48 episodes which are constantly interrupting the user with title/song + credits plus (in at least our case) having to manually start up the next episode plus disruptive to the story
              1. O1QEJG of just ~8minutes (never heard of episodes so incredibly short!) which if they are going to do all that interruption, they need to be 5 to 10 times longer
            14. O1QIB3 story/scriptwriting :O1QIB3
              1. O1QIBB –the clearly worst part, pretty much ruining everything else in terms of a quality deliverable. :O1QIBB
              2. O1QICE The writer job should be given to, else drastically aided by, others who here have at least acceptable levels of ability.
              3. O1QE7Q notable pros thru cons
                1. O1QEBZ clever explanation in final episode 9 (of 10), for at least the lead’s pregnancy and why she did what she did –but seemingly not number of other key points
                2. O1QE9E –neutral–
                3. O1QFGA episode 10 (the epilogue-like) is about 2x to 3x longer than normal and needs to be normal length.
                4. O1QF3U the title (‘Don’t tell, show’) naming the wrong thing: not the story (which is expected & needed to), but apparently movie making technique (which is also something the audience doesn’t & shouldn’t need to be told of)
                5. O1QEEC tries to make nearly every scene highly dramatic when most of the time it hasn’t earned that high drama, including:
                  1. O1QEUU especially thing which are apparently irrelevant to the main plot, plus unrealistic especially given this show comes off as trying to realistic and not even a comedy, including, in increasing bad:
                    1. O1QEX2 all the extreme office sex, especially which is not {relevant & explained by main plot point (who hacked the company & why)}
                      1. O1QFK8 especially the bondage and other weird-sex references.
                    2. O1QEMW the receptionist actions are insanely ridiculous,
                      1. O1QERQ apparently being some spacy new-age healer/feeling-sensor & like-witch-doctor, including duplicating a coder presumably by his crawling into her womb and out again, then his clone disappearing, then he running around bold & nude, then (in episode 10) flying with him over earth in a space craft –crazy!
                6. O1QE8Q mostly confusing beginning
                  1. O1QFRS O1QFRS: Key questions effectively unanswered, or at least unanswered before the viewer’s patience has worn out waiting, are, increasingly worse:
                    1. O1QH4Z why does the company and the FBI, think the nude pics are of a 15 year old (a key plot point) when they are actually of a 20 year old?  -never got this.
                    2. O1QFT3 Why is a ‘software company’ storing nude pics of people? –never fully got this.
                      1. O1QFUH and why is their reputation so damaged if these happened to get hacked out of them? –never got this.
                      2. O1QG6G especially when their product is apparently ‘encryption’ ‘software’ (not secure storage, but software)  –also a seemingly relevant point but which we only seem to find out in episode 9 of 10
                    3. O1QFX9 Why is it in this software company is every seemingly worker’s focus, by at least 50% if not full, their love live and who is having sex  & romance with whom?
                      1. O1QFZV and why should we respect & care for such a company if this is the case?
                  2. O1QEGY which then leads to making terribly confusing  nearly all remaining episodes
                    1. O1QG33 specifically episodes 1 thru 8 of 10 are plot wise mostly unintelligible or/and not-amusingly ridiculous-sounding
                    2. O1QF9Y to the degree that, under normal conditions, I & expect many/most would have definitely abandoned watching and written off as dreadful,
                      1. O1QFFA by episodes 1 or 2, else definitely one of the many later episodes before 9
                      2. O1QFFH had it not that I was watching it upon request of a friend who had significantly help created and who had already warned me the story was pretty terrible
                  3. O1QFLP as if some story writer which is going way overboard on the aesthetic of { the backstory, imply it by usage rather than stop and intro & explain (err, ‘tell’) it}
                    1. O1QFR0 maybe the clues to well explaining it are there in the first episode(s) but if so, it goes by too fast & dense to get all if it.
                  4. O1QJD0 might be fixable affordably and {not entirely but largely} by…
                    1. O1QJE3 beginning the show with not fast news flashes (as presently done) but (also?) 1 to 3 detailed news reports
                      1. O1QJF4 which
                        1. O1QJFJ step by step, and at an absorbable rate, introduce the situation including give the essential backstory, especially answer all O1QFRS.
                        2. O1QJJ2 would be probably be done by TV news reporters talking their report, as newspaper headiness & articles can’t go into enough detail without significant reading
                          1. O1QJL0 –Think of a report including backstory as commonly given by ‘The Rachel Maddow Show (2008) :MEWW94
                            1. O1QJTW for instance, when recently Rachel was the apparent-first to report on national TV (so then there fully introduce) the Flint water crisis.
          3. O1QD8E –1st sharing of this now in SMS to Bill
      2. O1R4RPDC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016) :O1UZMB’ (Google)
        1. O1RZCC notables
          1. O1RZXI a few types of sci-fi/fantasy movie basis, {it combines & implies, including dramatically, including more in shown happening adjacent parallel, indeed self-described {x ‘on crack’}},..
            1. O1RZI6 this ‘feature’ I find a killer disadvantage : way too much IMHO, detailed at #O1RYPK
            2. O1S0IT basis of
              1. O1S00R admittedly superheroes, indeed
                1. O1RZD5 highest number of collaborating super-heroes (8 + time machine ship) that I’ve heard of,
                  1. O1RZF0 by a factor of ~2.2x, as next was ‘Fantastic Four’
                2. O1S01U apparently ‘Dr. Who’ (except with respectable special effects) especially the time machine & anything-goes
                3. O1S031 possibly not consciously, and very lightly, ‘The 4400’
        2. O1RZL6 overall
          1. O1RZLG not a hurtful message, and maybe a few good messages but
          2. O1RZLT overall too far flung & too much crazy action, so too unrealistic & fantastic plus tiring to watch.
        3. O1RYEG notable pros thru cons
          1. O1RYER very impressive special effects
          2. O1RYF6 nice it features as super-hero an older guy (‘Victor Garber as Dr. Martin Stein’) plus gives him fighting abilities especially social engineering gab
          3. O1RYH1Ciara Renée as Hawkgirl’ is reasonably sexy especially with a near C cup.
          4. O1RYGF –neutral–
          5. O1RYL8 too many special effects & super-heroes going in parallel, so visually overloading
          6. O1RYPK way too unrealistic & dependent on amazing things including
            1. O1RYSW to the degree the plot/mission becomes readily pointless (no real challenge) as there is always a way to dream up an out which here actually works
              1. O1RYUO ‘Dr. Who’ has this as well.
            2. O1RYQ5 way too many, indeed seemingly unlimited, types of super-abilities, including distributed & used in parallel where most do not seem likely yet are also weakly explained, yet for some reason never replicated only given to one person.
            3. O1RZ9U too heavy dependence & use of  a time machine (which can go back in time to fix things)
              1. O1RZRH similar to ‘Dr Who’
        4. O1RZ6L watched fully
          1. O1RZ72 ~‘Behind the scenes’ ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S0~E1~(~‘the origin stories of the heroes and villains’) (2016) :O1VNG8’ as aired 2016.01.19 :O1RZ72
          2. O1RZ7V S1E1-2 2016.01.19
          3. O1RZ8N plan not to watch more
    24. O1VO5Q 2016.02.01Mon
      1. O21TZC:  ‘Kodi :O1VO69
    25. O25TDD:  2016.02.06Sat
    26. O2FGI8:  2016.02.04Thu
      1. O2FGJH:  Showtime ‘Dark Net’ O21E74 review
        1. O21H8Q:  As you may know, that DoB you told me of apparently has its official discussion at (which then 1st told me of …and, as may interest you, in a new series ‘Dark Net’ I’ve been checking out, produced & broadcast on the major cable TV network Showtime, ~1 hr ago I just learned (episode 1 ‘Crush’) time 0:08:50- to 0:14:33~ respectfully covers BDSM, specifically via a white millennial couple, she controlling him mostly remotely via smartphone, who apparently participate heavily on which that segment also covers, noting it’s having ‘4.9 million users’ as surprisingly high.
          1. O21IMM:  -I just now SMSed to to a gal I met a few weeks, informing me of {this kink stuff, which I personally find untasteful, but interesting & seemingly healthy if victimless as it is being told}.
        2. O2FGKN:  much more TBA
      2. O2FGLP:  CBS ‘Good Wife’NXBFG3 review
        1. O21PFJ:  ‘chummy’ appears a cover for ‘Google’, as ‘chummt search‘ in 2016Q3~ episodes and ‘chummy video’ (for YouTube) in 2016.01.17 episode.
        2. O2FGUE:  great coverage of important often-very current legal issues & debates
        3. O2FGRU:  much more TBA
    27. O00Y43 more TBA here every ~5 days

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    11. NZRWEP decided, in the beginning at least, that  ‘review personal diary :NZRevw’ #NZRSHJ applies
    12. NZS6W5 months ago realized I needed to stop doing what was done so far: place each review in a minimized spreadsheet cell (of ‘MEWW8V .. SaberPen Overall Rating Why’ of ‘table MEY2HI :NZB68F’) where while it might be found by search results, it almost certainly won’t get read and it’s painful to edit.
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