Oct 172011

(LSZPOS (LT2MOD last mod LT8PW4=2011.10.17(Mon)pst1935) (LT2VER version 1.0) (LT2STA in-starter-use) (LT2NAM

(LT8PHP=position-holder eBB-post http://1.JotHere.com/LT8PHP)  )

  1. (LSZMOT Motivation

    1. (LT8NOP=periodically needed by an ((electronic (bulletin|message board)=eBB), as Meetup‘s, which lack the ability to pick the position of a post within the thread besides the default.)
    2. (LT8BAD=It’s highly desirable to have historic events detailed in a discussion thread be listed in chronological order
      (LT8BG0=indeed listed from the-very-first to the-very-last, so matching the natural order discussion posts are automatically listed when they are auto-dated as they are))
    3. (LT8B92 But
      (LT8BLQ=Unlike in WordPress, in Meetup a user can’t pick nor change the date of a post)
      (LT8B4Y=a Meetup Message Board post can be no more than 7500 characters (actually more like only 7300: Meetup software lies)
      (LT8BSX=so if you later need to insert something in a Meetup post (as an event that happened at that time)
      (LT8BWS=you can have serious problems, indeed it can often be impossible)
      (LT8BY9=Yes you can find some other place to publish it and just insert a link and hope the reader will follow it and return which ))
    4. (LT8KPV So I designed this.)


  2. (LSZDEF Definition

    1. (LT8KQJ=A post in a discussion thread where
      1. (LT8KYV=the post is created hold it’s position in the thread
        (LT8KYV=so the post is mostly empty but possibly will later have content added))
      2. (LT8L9R=the thread’s posts are supposed give details in chronological order but
        1. (LT8LBN=one can’t change the ordering of a post within a thread (typically posts are only inserted at the end and must remain in the order they were created))
        2. (LT8LAA=at the post’s point there are, or probably will be, details of prior time which are not available (as written)) but
          (LT8LD5=post size is limited such that these additional details, if inserted into a post with actual details, may cause it to over-flow))


  3. (LSZ8AY Creating

    1. (LT8NE3=Tragically Meetup does not create this important post automatically)
    2. (LSZ85M: steps (LT8NER=to be fixed; this is a description something similar but for something else)
      1. (LSZ8GO copy the BBCode from a href=”http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/messages/boards/view/addpost?parent=56992112&quote=yes&forum=1432750&pager.offset=”>Quote in reply then selecting the text between [quote]…[/quote] then abort that post) then
      2. (LSZ8GW in (the above appropriate forum), paste this text as new thread)
      3. (LSZ8H3 adjust the text & its links as appropriate for this new listing)
      4. (LSZ8KC add to the event listing the link to this thread as defined in LSZ8LD above)



  4. (LSZCMP Comparison with Alternatives

    1. .


  5. (LT2HIS Additional History, in order

    1. (TL8KA3 (to (formally define a structure to refer to for the need described herein)
      (I created (this post http://1.JotHere.com/535(by copying ((LT2MOD last mod LT8K31=2011.10.17(Mon)pst1731) (LT2VER version 1.3) (LT2STA in-starter-use) (LT2NAM(LSZTHR=(Meetup event listing’s )discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order http://1.JotHere.com/LSZ1QK)) then removing all that didn’t apply and correcting the rest)) and set its ID to (new ID LT8B3E)))
    2. (LT8NFD=~1hr ago, Named
      to (LT8B3E=chronological holder post (needed in some message boards as Meetup‘s) http://1.JotHere.com/LT8B3E))
    3. (LT8NH8= renamed
      to (LT8PHP=position-holder eBB-post http://1.JotHere.com/LT8PHP)
      (LT8NXP=Much shorter while still compact & context-free)
      (LT8NYF=As it can work, expands the concept & utility from “chronological[-position] holder” to (any order) “position-holder”)
      (LT8O0S=To avoid “name calling”( well not quite), moves the criticism of Meetup and other weaker eBBs from the name to the article.)
      (LT8O7N=Renames the guid from “LT8B3E” to nemonic “LT8PHP” for “Position-Holder-Post”))
    4. (LT8OJA=Completed first use:
      Posted Oct 17, 2011 2:46 PM

      Group Organizer
      Laguna Hills, CA
      Post #: 302
      Send an Email Post a Greeting
      (under construction)
      (LT6POS THIS POST=(LT8AY1=a (LT8AY1=additional post on the initial history of the subject of this thread, from-conception-to-legend)))

      • (LT8TBA=more to be filled in)

      (LT8LVT=This is a (LT8PHP=position-holder eBB-post http://1.JotHere.com/…).)

      Powered by mvnForum

      (LT8ON3=Seems to work fine!))


  6. (LT2PLN Additional Planned Changes, in order

    1. ()

    LT2PLN )

  7. )