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    1. O12KVD ‘‘NBTrks=Destiny‘s format defining a community group’s primary meetings via a weave of 2 complementary meeting types determined & named be each meeting’s main activity: “simulsquad™” & “unison™” :NDVCEH :O12J6T

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    2. NBXO9D summary & intro
      • NE890T last modification: NELC18(2014.11.05)
      • NDVCEH heading:
        NBTrks=Destiny‘s format defining a community group’s primary meetings via a weave of 2 complementary meeting types determined & named be each meeting’s main activity: “simulsquad™” & “unison™” :NDVCEH
      • NDVCLE image:
      • NE532H success of this format
        • NE53BF a proven success
          • NDVF1K developed for & tested with first for OCJavaScript (its use of it), which has used this format since the group’s creation 2014.09 so in 8+ meetings; and, based on the success there, now other tech community groups are selecting this as their primary meeting format, too, starting with first OCPython (1st instance) and OCAndroid (TBA 2014.11).
        • NEFFFO heavily based on a well-proven agenda core as point NBYZYP details

      • NEF44P The Main Activity determines so names the Meeting Type
        • NDVD39 The group’s primary meeting series, instead of consisting one general purpose primary meeting type, is a weave of two complementary primary meeting types, each determined so named by its Main Activity:
          • NBYVXQ each summarized:
            • NBYVXS “simulsquad™” meetings, where the Main Activity is every attendee joins-else-creates a squad™ where, simultaneously, every squad™ does a sub-activity; these are scheduled say every 1 to 2 weeks and could be joint meetings people doing related topics, and
            • NBYVXU “unison™” meetings, where the Main Activity is, part 1of2, all attendees participate in unison™ doing a sub-activity, for typically multiple sub-activities done sequentially, then, part 2of2, any remainder Main Activity time is used to do {simulsquads™=the same Main Activity as in the group’s simulsquad™ meetings}; “unison™” meetings occur say monthly and NOT jointly with any other group so are exclusively on the group’s topic.
          • NBYVXW each in detail:

            • NDVDR4 “simulsquad™ meeting”
              aka “divide into simultaneous {sub-groups=“squads™”} meeting”
              formerly & originally “Co-{Work/Hack+Train+Discuss} Meeting”

              (showing 1 squad™ in a meeting of several)

              • NBUVQC Come train, work, & discuss together! –simultaneously in multiple small groups
              • NBUVQD Every attendee joins a “squad™” or else creates one.
              • NDVD7D all attendee break-out/divide into sub-groups, each called a “squad™” (per the military, as the smallest secure fighting unit) of 1 to ~10 people where, simultaneously/in-parallel, each squad™ does a topic-related activity (working on a project, or training, or discussion) as selected from {our activities forum, as for OCJavaScript} including creating one there first as needed.
                • NC42EP A sub-group coding an open-source Ember.js project (from a similar but much smaller-event):
              • NC41YH This is also a place for “Office Hours” with local volunteer subject experts (please join!), where attendees can ask questions of them and even work alongside them
              • NE59Q4 Here each squad™ can be as its activity a study group
                • NE59Q6 –another feature of this with name from here
              • NE8ACF think of these meetings as the “classroom” part of the flipped classroom, the latest technology in teaching formats & arguably much more powerful than methods. The idea came independently, but seems to match this perfectly.
              • NDVEDO Meetings repeat say every 1 to 2 weeks, including more frequently than the other, more traditional, meeting type as
              • NE57PA here you get a lot of work done, including readily off-topic work you have to do, too, as here the activity is very catered to each person, plus, being surrounded & typically working with others in the subject, you gain enormous collaborative benefit!
              • NDVEEC For even more bang, these can also be held as joint meetings with local people of few different but related topics.
                • NC53YE 1st one (2014.09.17) showing 10 of our ~22 attendees (+more pics)
                • NDVEH7 For instance, OCJavaScript, OCAndroid, OCPython, and/or AngularJS-OC all having a joint meeting doing this — has been quite successfully done.
                • NDVEJQ Allows getting together a larger group (better for venue reservations & more) and cross-pollination.
                • NE8ANL And each attendee can chose to work with the attendees of the other specialty topics (as typical & hoped for), or not (for backwards-compatibility to a non-joint single topic/group event)
              • NBUVQI Yes, this series is a great place to, together among your local subject enthusiast community, get trained, do your work in the subject, make friends, and find & join-in-on & create discussions & projects!

            • NDVDWN “unison™ meeting on topics by member-comments”
              formerly “”all” meeting on topics by member-comments”
              formerly “Main Meeting on topics by member-comments”

              • NBUVWP Want a chosen topic, announcement, and/or presentation? -we do several in this meeting, and each can be from say 1 minute to 1 hour, and just the thing you like! Just ASAP post a comment thread for it! –on the event listing where you’d like it done, else on {our activities forum, as for OCJavaScript}, and if reasonable, as most all are, we’ll share it, advertise it, & do it!
              • NDVDAY attendees all, in unison™, do same sub-activity (as watch a presentation with discussion after (most typical), or do a particular training or project), indeed typically 2 to 4 such sub-activities (as presentations) sequentially; then, for the reminder time left, becomes a “simulsquad™ meeting” to get the benefits of that as well.
              • NDVELL These are best done NOT as join meeting with a group(s) or people of somewhat related topic(s), as many into one specialty more often than not don’t want to spend a lot of time on another but the “activity for all” format would have them do so.
              • NE5879 This meeting type is like the traditional a presentation-to-all meeting format but with numerous significant improvements including
                • NE5890 the main activity
                  • NE58BN typically has/is multiple ones (as multiple presentations), as 2 to 4, providing backups plus less pressure on the presenter/coordinator(s) of each including to have quick so easy presentations/activities instead of only longer so harder ones
                  • NE58AS can be more than a presentation, but also a discussion, or co-training or co-working
                  • NE58JD instead of being whatever some event host “dictator” selects (or nothing if s/he doesn’t get around do doing this), the activities are often & ideally recommended by the attendees, notably by event comments, ideally in advance, but can be on-the fly topics, too), so less work on the event hosts & much more democratic
                  • NE58EX in later “half”, the event becomes a “simulsquad™ meeting” with all those benefits, including this allows the meeting to be a notable success even if no presentations or other “activity for everyone” has found & arranged for the happening, as frequently happens in unpaid volunteer organizations
                • NDVERF This meeting type generally occurs less frequently, as 1x per month, especially due to the work of gathering up enough presentations for much of a meeting on them, plus the fact that, like any person, attendees need to be spending more time getting work and/or studies done (what the “sub-group meetings” do) and not just say watching presentations!

        • NE568L every meeting’s Main Activity is broken up into multiple sub-activities
          • NE569N done:
            *simultaneously/in-parallel in the “simulsquad™ meeting” and
            *sequentially in the “unison™ meeting” for its part 1 of 2, then it also becomes a “simulsquad™ meeting”
          • NE590B with each sub-activity
            • NE56OB (each sub-activity) typically on a sub-topic of the group-else-event’s topic(s), but can be on anything
            • NE56R3 (each sub-activity) done
              *typically as the activity of a the all attendees or a “squad™” (a sub-group of several attendees), as co-working or co-training or a presentation or discussion), but
              *can also be done solo the “simulsquad™ meeting”
            • NE56C6 (each sub-activity) one of, from generally most preferred:
              • NE8C9Z full list: work including hack, train including study, discuss, present.
              • NE56FO work on a project
              • NE56IJ Train, including study, on a sub-topic
                • NBUVQE Training by default is by LUMDBI(clever & proven all-level at-your-own-pace in-person training), so with every member following the same common top-rated free online tutorial each at his/her own pace, but also with the members physically sorted by skill so each person helps the person on his/her left and is helped by the person on his/her right.
                  • NELCAY that summary above is presently much clearer than the link to the details, so if time short, just use that summary.
                  • NE566J –invented by Destiny also done very successfully for years by his prior agenda.
              • NE56KJ a discussion on a sub-topic
              • NE56ER a presentation
                • NE56GN –generally only done in the “all” meetings unless quiet, so not to disturb other sub-groups
                • NE5DJW unless say short, presentations, and so “all” meetings, are downplayed including per the flipped-classroom (modern) model (suggesting watching presentations should be done by just watching a video (the web especially YouTube has infinite ones already), typically solo, where one can also pause & rewind & fast-forward & watch as personally convenient, and meeting time instead be used to much more actively collaborate & discuss)
        • NE89QL “simulsquad™” and {in this context of meetings & other events, “simul™”, “squad™”, & “unison™”}, are 2014- trademarks(™) of DestinyArchitect.
      • NE52Y3 WHEN & WHERE
        • NE5BMP typically a meeting every 1 to 2 weeks
        • NE5BTP typically 4 hours, sometimes more when the venue makes possible
        • NE52YI during wake non-work non-hours also not Fri nor Sat eve; typically Mon-Thu evening else Saturday (except eve) or Sunday
        • NDVDYX takes place typically near the group’s center, freeway-close & with plenty of free parking
        • NBVMAY Prefer a different time or venue? Please comment saying so the event listing, ideally in its the “WHEN & WHERE thread”
        • NBVMAZ Have a venue to offer or preferred? Just share that in {our venue forum (as for OCJavaScript)}.
      • NDVCM0 Unless noted here otherwise, details including format are the same as:
      • NEF9MR What to do
        • NBZ08V See {our group’s upcoming event listings, as for OCJavaScript} and there
          • NBVLZR RSVP now (and remember, say YES until you’re certain it’s a NO 🙂
      • NE5E3T See general comments including history & some of its uses
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        2. O12LUC ‘of community group MMPQ7L’
        3. O12M7K‘DestinyArchitect creation’
        4. O12LXF ‘Meetup.com/OCJavaScript NI7IF6’ since originally came from there
      • O12KZ6 ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
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