Feb 012016

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    1. O1SNHL ‘‘values & goals,  for me & ideally everyone :O1S6V2’ for my & ideally everyone’s housing :O1S566’ :O1SN2D

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    1. remaining sections
    2. O1S566 ‘values & goals,  for me & ideally everyone :O1S6V2’ for my & ideally everyone’s housing :O1S566
      1. O1SNYU ‘so post category’
        1. O1SNY9 ‘human housing NRGI7U’
      2. O1UL3R section ‘‘motivation or source or change’ ‘in reverse start order’’
        1. O1S7C5 the final trigger: wanting to say something as a reply to Lisa emailing me a few days ago about housing needs, specifically when my telling my mother at breakfast how I was planning to reply
        2. O1UL65 something I should have written starting 1993~ due to my major innovation & exploration starting then in {housing ‘via automobile :O1SP27’}
      3. O1S6IM for foremost my present situation
        1. O1S6IY of
          1. O1TWG2 having to care readily round-the-clock for children or other dependents:
            1. O1S6J7 none including no plans within at least 2 years
          2. O1TWHY romances in the same bed (for sleeping & sexual activities):
            1. O1S6LF none now, with none foreseen in the next few months, but with the capacity of 2 to 4 non-obese adults in the same bed ideally every day but at least 1x per week.
              1. O1TWQ1 thus a bed of {size near full to queen} with privacy at least basic-level.
        2. O1S7LX much more TBA
      4. O1SCL1 (goals) from most important
        1. O1SCMN reasonably safe from badly behaving creatures
          1. O1SD52 especially from humans not living there but encountering the domicile, as humans generally do the worst things including with least good & predictable motive
          2. O1SCU6 from most important, safe from…
            1. O1SCUK physical harm
            2. O1SDA8 property harm (as theft)
            3. O1SCUQ emotional harm
            4. O1SCWK noticing of occupant activities by, so privacy from, other humans, as they notably misbehave
              1. O1SCZG especially gossip & mis-accuse & mis-interfere
              2. O1SCZP when seeing others especially humans doing natural healthy things as nudity, sex, voicing opinions, & some more.
        2. O1SCO5 reasonably safe from weather extremes
          1. O1SCOS from most important
            1. O1SCP8 extreme Earth colds
            2. O1SCPQ extreme Earth hots
            3. O1SCQ8 significant humidity including rain/snow/ice
              1. O1SCRD for me, especially when warm/hot
        3. O1SDBC in an area of good resources
          1. O1SDCN including
            1. O1SDE4 food & drink
              1. O1SDGU for instance, lots of quality fast food
            2. O1SDDP people, especially good-hearted & good-variety
              1. O1SEQY possibly think ‘friendliest cities’ (Google Search), though that doesn’t cover ‘good variety’ and one leading ranking ‘America’s rudest cities’ ranks Seattle 17th surprisingly.
            3. O1SDIB Internet especially at least 3G
            4. O1SDFB appropriate schools where that is needed
            5. O1SDJV nice aesthetics where affordable
              1. O1SDK6 big ones for me:
                1. O1SF12 NOT with lots of humans rushing about & high-strung, so
                  1. O1SEZQ not urban, especially not ‘concrete jungle’
                  2. O1SEW2 definitely not New York City, ‘the city that never sleeps’ and restlessly always busy –there I get tired just looking out the window!
                    1. O1SF2N except at one time: Times Square on New Years Eve: ‘which is mostly total strangers happily hugging & kissing total strangers — outstanding :O1U4LB
                2. O1SDR4 shaded by big trees (as in Pasadena) and/else other heavy vegetation
                  1. O1SDUF but not where the vegetation appears to be fighting to overrun & push-away the housing away as it seems to in New Jersey
                3. O1SDS3 lots of little winding trickling streams & pools & perhaps small fountains, as say a lush typically-oriental garden
                4. O1SDSA lots of {ducks or other nosy curious birds or possibly other pleasant non-plant creatures especially if a little {curious & nosy & noisy}}
        4. O1SVFS near minimal expense (on housing) :O1SVFS
          1. O1SFIS –I’m quite unusual here & very sad & upset there aren’t yet more like me, though I have a feeling the idea is catching on extremely slowly.
          2. O1S83A per ‘frugality taken seriously :O1S6VP
          3. O1SVLM meaning
            1. O1SVMA only buying & obtaining what one is actually really using
            2. O1SVMT sharing as much resources as practical
            3. O1S7H0 total {gross, so before subsidies}, including utilities, should be near raw material & labor costs, with profit minimal and near 0
              1. O1SW5H so take all serious financial profit out of housing just as one would take it out medical care & basic education, as it needs to a commodity everyone can easily afford
              2. O1SXLD as core reasons…
                1. O1SXMI we humans today have nearly entirely mastered what it takes to make indeed mass-produce a reliable & soon zero-carbon-footprint home for humans, and ‘every human generally needs & wants {one, some reasonable housing} for every day of his/her life :O1SX2S
                  1. O1SXP0 so it’s {crazy, meaning counter-productive to all our society} that we humans should make housing so expensive on ourselves  it takes a person a say 30-year mortgage to afford one
                    1. O1SXZ5 at most it should be a say 5-year mortgage, and probably just 1-year.
                    2. O1SXZC other than for getting collateral for huge loans we mostly shouldn’t be taking, as instead we should be saving (but can’t well, as all our money is going into housing) and those loans just serve to make the “elite” money lenders even richer.
                2. O1SWZ6 demand for housing is near unprecedented
                  1. O1SX2S as every human generally needs & wants {one, some reasonable housing} for every day of his/her life :O1SX2S
                  2. O1SX3B only possibly 2nd to food & drink
                  3. O1SX4G and even greater than education and medical care, which {are already increasingly socialized :O1SX5F}
                  4. O1SX8R so {notable profit in and perhaps and capitalistic providing of it}  for the majority of people is likely bad, as
                    1. O1SXGE serves to make everyone poor or poorer while making a few land holders & building financiers undeservedly richer, causing notable economic inequity
                    2. O1SXDK likely unnecessary for diversity and improvement development as demand is already so enormous that that will happen naturally.=
            4. O1SW2M the cost & features & standards when housing is {public meaning government} service used by {most people, not just by poor people as public housing in the US is unfortunately limited to}
              1. O1SWI5 in addition, socialized housing probably a good idea,
                1. O1SX5F just as it is increasingly proven & seen to be for {socialized medicine meaning  universal health care} & {socialized education meaning free education thru {reasonable basic level , which today is a bachelors degree}} :O1SX5F
          4. O1S7ZF so in present US and similar “modern” popular areas
            1. O1SNZP a house around the cost of a not-pricey but quality automobile especially station wagon or SUV
              1. O1SO0Q as with inexpensive upgrades, that can technically serve as a reasonable house (HomePak™ example) with the leading drawback being getting human’s social acceptance of this.
            2. O1S7VD in present SoCal,
              1. O1S7XA about 1/6th of what it presently costs
                1. O1S7T1 <$500/month/adult, ideally <$250/month/adult
                  1. O1S7O4 –even though the average is ~$1600/month (for rent)
            3. O1S7P5 –I really do not want to be supporting the standard housing & building-finance industries with their setting expectations of highly resource waste and high prices.
              1. O1S81R even if my government is paying much or even all of it for me.
        5. O1SCH9 affordably fast re-locatable
          1. O1SFDB –I’m quite unusual here & sad there aren’t more like me …yet: may extremely slowly be increasing
          2. O1SCIJ in <~5 days/person (so 15 days for a home of 3 people), ideally <1 day/person
          3. O1TWUC as pros thru cons:
            1. O1TX6J readily allows occupant to stay on the worksite during work week (typically 5 of 7 days), so cutting driving & travel pollution to about {1/3rd: from 6 trips/week down to 2}.
            2. O1TWUL could be handy or key for major emergencies, including
              1. O1TXGF human mis-behavior, including:
                1. O1TX44 atomic bomb
                2. O1TX5T a being wrongfully threatened especially from being a whistle-blower
              2. O1TXDQ severe or even unpleasant weather, including:
                1. O1TX4F larger earthquakes (including from making the building much more immune to the quake itself, if already in a vehicle which is already moving (so “quaking” regularly)
                2. O1TX49 tsunami
                3. O1TWZK flood
                4. O1TX6J hurricane/tornado
                5. O1TXD5 heavier snowstorm
              3. O1TX67 medical/family/work emergency causing relocation
            3. O1TXIC seems readily affordable given the good looking solutions of ‘living from a motor vehicle which is NOT tied to any parking space nor lot :O1SOLP
            4. O1TXKO discourages one, including lessens one’s ability, to take out major loans where {not appropriate: when that involves leveraging one’s essentials, notably one’s home}
            5. O1TXKB –neutral–
            6. O1TY5I notably higher technical requirements & expense, from, from worst first,
              1. O1TYAK today mostly NOT from the raw technical problem but from {having to fight off bad human attitude :O1TXO6}
                1. O1TYSE O1TYSE: typically have to appear to be NOT living from a vehicle or other mobile house, especially to passer-byers, which takes a ton of fairly advanced work & technique including largely determines the vehicle/house.
              2. O1TYJG O1TYJG: sufficient electricity –increasingly getting solved especially by solar panels, but still a notable problem
              3. O1TYL9 sufficient plumbing, notably water & drainage including for toilet/black water  –acceptably solvable by many means including alternatives but seemingly never as easily as normal fixed-building plumbing.
              4. O1TYCK mobile communications, notably:
                1. O1TYE0 electronic, as no {cable TV & probably dish TV} and no landline {phones & Internet} –today largely not a problem due to 4G & equivalent Internet plus smartphones
                2. O1TYGK pmail, –today not an insurmountable problem to due mostly to mailbox services.
              5. O1TYVY gas or other combustible for cooking & heating
                1. O1TZ1D there are portable solutions, but can be tricky if to be safe & {low-profile :O1TYSE}
                2. O1TZ1P instead {O1TYJG: sufficient electricity} feels increasingly the solution, but takes high electricity, so also sleeping bags & warm locations are readily required.
            7. O1TXO6 one must combat the negative reputation, readily undeserved especially in modern times, of being a ‘gypsy’ and {living in a vehicle as one’s primary home and especially when it is not a luxury item designed for that}
          4. O1UKA9 else ideally near {largest roadway(s) as freeway(s)}
        6. O1UDEK (housing) companion(s)/household
          1. O1UDLL in the same bed on a routine basis, for sleeping
            1. O1UDF2 I like to sleep routinely with my romance in my arms all night.
            2. O1UDLY the average man seems to like to sleep not touching anyone, and some don’t like anyone else in the bed with him.
          2. O1UDKO house sharing, meaning having other {household members including  housemates, meaning persons living in the {same house, meaning same building where we encounter each other on a daily basis}}
            1. O1UDG2 I like to have 1 to ~5 other housemates, indeed always desired that :O1UDG2
              1. O1UDYD If I do not have this for any extended period (from days to 1 month), I become restless and somewhat anxious & generally uncomfortable which also hurts my productivity.
              2. O1UE8C This seems the most natural & healthy level for humans, including for most resource sharing that doesn’t lead to excessive virus spread.
            2. O1UDIC The average American appears to like 0 others except for his/her romance or dependent children.
              1. O1UEOS apparently explaining why I’ve seen Americans seeking & doing
                1. O1UEBV {shared housing, so housemates and especially roommates besides romances & kids} generally only when forced to
                2. O1UEP4 housemates who {don’t work from home} and {aren’t in the house during the day or a good deal of the time}
            3. O1UDKD My mother likes 0 others regardless of family or not.
              1. O1UDSZ That displeases me and I’ve asked her why numerous times but it seems she’s unable to explain it.
        7. O1UATY ‘general location in world :O1U0JL’ –see that
      5. O1SOKW consequentially, solutions from best matching
        1. O1UHO7 reasonably mobile housing
          1. O1UHPG from most desirable
            1. O1SOLP living from a vehicle which is NOT strongly tied to any location (parking space, slip, lot, etc) :O1SOLP
              1. O1SOYQ from most preferred
                1. O1UHXC for land vehicle
                  1. O1SOQB compared to ‘boat :O1SP30’, notable pros thru cons:
                    1. O1SORY unbelievably more destinations (not just some of the land perimeter, effectively most of the land interior)
                    2. O1SOR5 much less expensive including substantially less maintenance
                    3. O1SORN generally less dangerous, including no risk of drowning & sharks.
                    4. O1SOTN -neutral-
                    5. O1SOTZ notably less romantic
                    6. O1SP4B notably more socially acceptable
                  2. O1UI2W from most preferred
                    1. O1SP27 for automobile :O1SP27
                      1. O1SOP1 ‘so post category’
                        1. O1SP9Rhousing via motor vehicle NR5KZ5,’
                      2. O1SPDF from most preferred,
                        1. O1SPF0 ordinary-looking automobile vehicle which fits into a normal parking space, as from most preferred
                          1. O1SOZ7 Automobile HomePak™ :O1SOZ7
                          2. O1SPDQ motorhome which (1) fits into a normal parking space (ideally fully utilizing it) and (2) looks more like an ordinary van (so achieve O1TYSE) and (3) is ‘near minimal expense :O1SVFS
                            1. O1TZFE availability: near 0, as
                              1. O1TZGI closest seems to be certain Roadtrek if they priced reasonably, specifically ‘near minimal expense :O1SVFS
                                1. O1TZJJ I got one but only thru a mis-price (about 5x lower than normal, from a 2nd hand seller who apparently didn’t know what he’d acquired), which expectantly does not appear likely to happen again.
                              2. O1TZH6 there are others that meet the first goal (1) but they fail one or both of the remaining goals.
                        2. O1SPEA reasonably-priced motorhome which requires a bigger-than normal parking space where {there are plenty such parking: rare, but could happen if society decided to properly support this need}
                        3. O1SPQG aside:  ‘so post category’
                          1. O1SPSY motorhome NPEFVD
                    2. O1SPTB certain trailerish:O1SPTB
                      1. O1UHV2 if {plenty of parking and socially acceptable: not likely so far except in country}
                      2. O1UHW5 including, from most preferred
                        1. O1UI7D standard trailer
                        2. O1SPX3 certain tiny house (movement)
                          1. O1U05M …if all of, from biggest problem:
                            1. O1U07C plenty of places to place it: seems so far unfortunately unlikely
                            2. O1U086 ‘near minimal expense :O1SVFS’, which may well be a problem due to the high custom nature
                              1. O1U0CH as opposed to say enhancing an automobile, as it already has handled both mobility & much weather handling.
                            3. O1U06Y readily mobile
                        3. O1UI6Y –neutral–
                        4. O1UI7W mobile home
                          1. O1UI88 NO, as plenty other ‘trailer-ish :O1SPTB’ exist which are plenty big, about the same price, and a lot more mobile.
                2. O1UICN if submarine
                  1. O1UIDK if affordable which seems impossible
                3. O1SP30 boat :O1SP30
                4. O1UID4 –neutral–
                5. O1UIG1 space ship/station
                  1. O1UIGA NO as too so far {too lonely: think Ground Control to Major Tom – YouTube}
            2. O1UHS3 living from certain hotels/motels or equivalent
              1. O1UIN7 if ‘near minimal expense :O1SVFS’ which appears impossible
                1. O1UIPQ except possible by hostels but they seem to often not allow romance & sexual
              2. O1UIQS amusingly, note ‘”the homeless billionaire” .. lives in hotels [4]’ but note that still isn’t best as the these hotels are almost certainly not ‘near minimal expense :O1SVFS
            3. O1SR5F living from a tent plus community facilities for bathroom, laundry, & ideally more
              1. O1SR76 yes, I think the American Indians got it right (the tipi et al)
                1. O1SRC9 note you didn’t have to take out a 30-year mortgage to pay off your tipi (your house), maybe just 1 year
                2. O1SRCW and now “modern” housing has severely regressed.
        2. O1UJ1Q fixed-location housing :O1UJ1Q
          1. O1UJ28 including, from most preferred
            1. O1UHLL shared ‘fixed-location housing :O1UJ1Q
              1. O1UJ52 including, from most preferred
                1. O1UJNUdormitory :O1UJLC’ or  ‘barrack :O1SPAE
                  1. O1U0CY availability/eligibility
                    1. O1U0DT seems the biggest problem
                  2. O1UJQQ from most to least preferred
                    1. O1UJLC dormitory :O1UJLC
                    2. O1SPAE barrack :O1SPAE
                      1. O1U0EB best I’ve heard of
                        1. O1U0IP Los Angeles VA Homeless housing
                          1. O1U0IF 1st learned from http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-va-property-plan-20160128-story.html (2016.01.28)
                2. O1SQ6R group home if {‘near minimal expense :O1SVFS’, which may be rare especially due to the 6-person max limit}
                3. O1TU50 boarding house if {‘near minimal expense :O1SVFS’}
                4. O1UJC7 certain housemates or roommates in a share
                  1. O1UJD2 if ‘near minimal expense :O1SVFS’, which in places with high property values, is probably rare, and only so-so elsewhere given high property prices in general
            2. O1UJG2 –neutral–
            3. O1UK3C solo occupant of a standard adult dwelling
              1. O1UJGX seemingly NOT due to, from biggest
                1. O1UJHK not ‘near minimal expense :O1SVFS
                2. O1UKLZ fails ‘I like to have 1 to ~5 other housemates, indeed always desired that :O1UDG2
              2. O1UK4K where such doweling type is, from most preferred
                1. O1UJGN apartment :O1UJGN
                2. O1UK66 condominium
                3. O1UK1D house
    3. O1U0JL general location in world :O1U0JL
      1. O1UAV5 this section I now factored out of its logical location O1UATY as it goes into details which {are {naturally extensive indeed potentially unlimited} & {significantly but only indirectly & secondarily related to housing choices}} so {too much interrupt the flow at O1UATY}.
      2. O1U0KC in US
        1. O1U0KQ notable pros thru cons
          1. O1U0LA my healthcare support: US VA
        2. O1U17C in west (western US)
          1. O1U18B notable pros thru cons
            1. O1U18Q all blue states (along here & coast)
            2. O1U19A often best weather of US including dry but not too hot
            3. O1U1A7 low: oceans nearby
          2. O1UBX3 in PNW(Pacific Northwest)
            1. O1UBYK notable pros thru cons
              1. O1UC76 the average person’s opinion of homeless persons appears better than {the situation in California :O1UCAY}
                1. O1UCBI seems to treat homeless as somewhat respectable people
                  1. O1UCDH per my data points
                    1. O1UCDW on the sidewalk and in parks in Portland, people are allowed to sleep there & many do, including {a rare thing for homeless: numerous people in their 20s & 30s}
                    2. O1UCEI I saw no homeless people in my ~3 day tour of Seattle, explained by
                      1. O1UCKT my not seeing all areas, as The Jungle is ‘known for its homeless encampments and crime’
                      2. O1UCIU maybe what our I recall our tour bus driver claimed, that {Seattle (largely?) doesn’t allow homeless: as they put everyone up in housing}
              2. O1UBZW cars regularly have car-top carrier boxes & bags (why? -skiing? -living from cars?), so would seem to enable ‘Automobile HomePak™ :O1SOZ7’ to much better achieve its high goal not to call significant attention to itself, though that may still happen unavoidably anywhere due to its roof solar panels.
              3. O1UBYW lots of pretty trees
            2. O1U1BQ in Washington State
              1. O1U1C4 near Seattle
                1. O1U1CQ notable pros thru cons
                  1. O1U9S2 average thinking socially appears notably healthier than ‘in California :O1U0M6
                    1. O1U1D4 seems notably friendly
                      1. O1UA39 for example, see ‘Seattle Sounders FC .. :O1U8SG
                    2. O1UA3U seems more sexually & romantically advanced
                    3. O1U8SG Seattle Sounders FC –not sport-watching, which I’m not into, but it’s more socially healthy-thinking :O1U8SG
                      1. O1U8WJ specifically 2-sub events/activities, actually 4 of them, from most important to me:
                        1. O1U8N1 home of March to the Match, the most spirited sports fan march in the US and only one I’ve heard of in MLS
                        2. O1UBGK a section of the seating (section 120) officially warned to be for super fans (not by money but by spirit) who are expected to be (and seemingly are) so spirited, among other things, they never sit! –see that link for details.
                        3. O1UBBV ‘have their own marching band, the first of its kind in MLS.[88] This led to the creation of the Sound Wave, a 53-member marching band’
                        4. O1U8UE soccer instead of football (which is more healthy), indeed the apparently the leading city in the US to do this
                      2. O1U90N attending 2014.08.10Sun game, was as that spirit describes, even though I was by myself, the very people, a man+woman couple, I was randomly seated next to on this 1 of 1 visit were:
                        1. O1U97J very friendly, indeed we afterward we walked to a bar for drinks and they wanted to hang out more
                          1. O1U9KS not seeming {pretend nice, the norm in the LA area :O1U1DK}
                        2. O1U97S a rare thing: roughly as sexually advanced & open as me, as were already doing poly plus, even more advanced/liberal than me, {the guy said he enjoyed receiving, so recommend, anal –something I’ve never had non-gay & newly met guy tell me}
          3. O1U0M6 in California :O1U0M6
            1. O1U0MY notable pros thru cons
              1. O1U0NA seemingly world’s strongest support of my field (software)
              2. O1UCRH –neutral–
              3. O1UCAY O1UCAY: homeless seem to be seen by the average person as near untouchables, though the situation seems to be slowly improving.
                1. O1UD3K ‘so post category’ ‘human homelessness’
            2. O1U0O6 in South (SoCal)
              1. O1U0V2 notable pros thru cons
                1. O1U0VZ best weather in the US
                2. O1U0WA –neutral–
                3. O1U0WP ranked & seemingly worst area in US for dating, especially for {those not wanting casual sex} & for men
              2. O1U1K9 in Los Angeles & neighboring counties especially ‘OC(Orange County) :O1U0OT
                1. O1U1NI notable pros thru cons
                  1. O1U0Q4 top familiarity: ~90% of my life spent here.
                  2. O1U148 I’ve got ~4 storage units here
                  3. O1U1S4 –neutral–
                  4. O1U0VI still too materialistic
                  5. O1U2LF shared land transport, including public transport & car pools & biking & walking
                    1. O1U3GD heavy wrongful anti attitude :O1U3GD
                      1. O1U30H though that’s painfully slowly getting better due to Uber & equivalent plus, in LA, due to {its subway return O1U2WX}
                      2. O1U3J8 including
                        1. O1U3O1 probably the worst attitude of any major metropolitan area in the world.
                        2. O1U37Z getting folks to car pool, especially people who not already friends, is seemingly impossible (from my years of attempting it for community groups), and generally the only place I’ve heard of it happening is worker car pools in larger companies.
                        3. O1U2OM public transport & biking & walking is typically not respected
                          1. O1U30R mis-thinking O1U30R: normally the terrible mis-thinking {every good person has & mostly drives his/her own car, so if you take public transport, or if you regularly bike or walk to work or to the store, you must be poor & probably minority and probably an illegal immigrant} O1U30R
                        4. O1U2QC subway & trolley car
                          1. O1U2SN notably nonexistent
                            1. O1U2TA except in Los Angeles,
                              1. O1U2WX but where it was also notably destroyed for ~50 years due to materialism greed (GM destroyed to force everyone to buy cars, which they did, so only recently (starting ~2000) has been restored. :O1U2WX
                  6. O1U1DK O1U1DK: socially people typically appear friendly on the onset but are {often if not normally} flaky & selfish
                    1. O1U1G2 so the social (per coastal?) reverse of the New York City’s ‘rude until you get to know them’, and clearly the reverse is much worse
                      1. O1U23S so seems the social of NYC’s area is actually notably better than LA’s
                        1. O1U3SS which appears to be well explained by me by
                          1. O1U24F by what draws people to each area:  for LA, it’s heavily the self-care and vanity, notably best weather & {Hollywood, so celebrities plus {movie & TV, so machine-produced largest audiences}}. But NYC has bad weather and {much fewer celebrities & movies/TV, and interestingly instead {live plays, so then much smaller & fully-natural audiences}, so what seemingly must  NYCers is all the different & many people (which they always to hate, but clearly actually don’t).
                          2. O1U4KT by the cool way to spend new years eve is radically different:
                            1. O1U4LB NYC it’s freezing (~20F) but everyone is outdoors (Time Square), in order to the biggest party on earth with each other: millions of people packed in, which is mostly total strangers happily hugging & kissing total strangers — outstanding :O1U4LB
                              1. O1U4OH –perhaps the one few hours of the Year where NYCers are “allowed” to not be initially rude to each other 🙂
                            2. O1U4OZ In LA, its 60F, but the streets are empty, as instead everyone partying is partying {indoors, as after all, 60 is “freezing” by SoCal standards} and instead {trying get invited, which typically means buy their way into} small exclusive snobbish parties of ~$150/person.
                              1. O1U7P9 Though starting 2013.12.31 is annual ‘N.Y.E.L.A.’ #NYELA ‘with the hope that it would rival .. in years to come .. the ball drop in New York City‘s Times Square’, which drew 40K on 2014.12.31 though only currently ‘enough space to accommodate 50,000 people’ so ~1/20th max
                                1. O1U8DD still I plan to attend ASAP to support this great cause & trend
                          3. O1U3TC each area’s attitude & use of public transport & related:
                            1. O1U3V8 in NYC, everybody, seemingly even the most successful & wealthy, walks & takes the subway & taxis.
                            2. O1U3WC in LA area, such behavior is rarely done (unless the lowest classes of society per ‘mis-thinking O1U30R’) and normally not even considered (instead every acceptable person “needs” to drive his/her own car per ‘mis-thinking O1U30R’), as detailed at  O1U3GD
                              1. O1U46S as a consequence, people don’t really know & especially trust their community
                                1. O1U4CJ since most notably they stay within their own car private car bubble whenever they would really encounter & explore their community, and only otherwise encounter it in places of common interest they explicitly select, as a store or restaurant they buy it, or of course workplace they go to.
                                2. O1U4GC so when they interact with the average stranger, they will be friendly, but its mostly just to minimize problems as they really want to get away from such persons.
                    2. O1U1HG including appear more likely to {ignore, not trust, & readily backstab} a person unless they see s/he’s already in good sized circle of friends, naturally also a Catch-22.
              3. O1U0OT in OC(Orange County) :O1U0OT
                1. O1U0PO notable pros thru cons
                  1. O1U11Y a couple good friends here
                  2. O1U0RC –neutral–
                  3. O1U0RU conservative politically, including uniquely (Behind Orange Curtain_, though very slowly seems to be headed for a flip,
                2. O1U12R near Laguna Hills (so in S. OC)
                  1. O1U13B all my immediate family here
                  2. O1U13N here now since 2009~
                  3. O1U15V run community groups here

  7. (for this post) my ‘motivation’ (and, TBA, its achievement)
  8. ‘success of this’
  9. NZ3KAG ‘annex’
    1. O1S6V2 values & goals,  for me & ideally everyone :O1S6V2
      1. O1SNJ2 ‘so post category’
        1. O1SNKW‘MissionFirst’’ –as it covers  items key to {‘me’, who I am}
      2. O1TUOM affecting ‘for my & ideally everyone’s housing :O1S566’ and much more, from most important:
        1. O1TUTW core needs minus ‘socially acceptable .. :O1TUA4’ :O1TUTW
          1. O1TUYI including,
            1. O1TV1R typically many functional and aesthetic needs which vary by context.
            2. O1S6VP frugality taken seriously :O1S6VP
              1. O1S6W2 most notably, regardless of how much money/material-wealth one has, IMHO it normally immoral if not disgusting to buy/spend-on or encourage buying/spending-on, so endorse, anything or organization that is significantly above {low-cost or the real needs}
                1. O1S87K as even if one or/and one’s government or organization can afford it, that wastes global resources (so typically also hurting our environment) and encourages/enables inefficiency pus less- or non-affordable prices for others
                2. O1SYP4 where ‘normally‘ has the limited exceptions of:
                  1. O1SYD7 (unless) serious innovation is needed in good or service which the average person can’t yet afford but selling it expensively enables it to ASAP be made affordable by all
                    1. O1SYGO a notable example, indeed seemingly the only exception for, so only acceptable, luxury vehicle, is Tesla Motors’ cars which, being all electric (so great for our environment) plus super quality plus even self-driving, are pricey so far, so in practice just sold to the rich, but so to develop the technologies including their mass-production so to ‘eventually offering electric cars[ including with similar quality & features] at prices affordable to the average consumer.[16][17]
                      1. O1SZI5 Indeed, in this spirit, Telsa is the only…
                        1. O1SZBC the only car make, and definitely only luxury car dealer, which I know to be sold thru ordinary shopping malls, plus
                        2. O1SZIE the only high-end electric car maker to present at the (average consumer) Laguna Woods Electric Car Demo of 2015.
                        3. O1SZKP the only luxury car owned by celebrity Bill Maher apparently (from watching one of his 2015.Q4 shows where he said he was getting rid of his Volkswagen vehicle due their cheat on the environment).
        2. O1TUA4 socially acceptable without much work :O1TUA4
          1. O1TUKK where ‘work’ is notably extra {social innovation & presentation-upkeep}} to make it ‘socially acceptable’, which may never be enough at least in this life time to make it socially acceptable
          2. O1TVA2 –prioritizing this after {all other ‘core needs .. :O1TUTW‘}
            1. O1TUD6 is unusual, indeed highly given that it is after ‘frugality taken seriously :O1S6VP
            2. O1TV4D could & occasionally will mean, as minimally necessary, breaking…
              1. O1TW7T certain laws which very likely shouldn’t be laws, especially {laws against victimless activities, which are unfortunately still {common in America}}
                1. O1TW57 such as it being illegal to sleep in one’s legally-parked car: see ‘3 of 4 California cities outlaw sleeping in a legally-parked vehicle
  10. NYWZWX ‘so post category’
  11. NYM1ZP ‘post history additional’‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. O1UKNX ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date ’2016.01.31Sun1902pst‘;after ID ’minutes 24‘;revision ’1‘;version ’1‘;words ’4507‘;as ’draft overdue’‘;do ’(add thru #O1UL65) then NY0WO6 with replacement qty 342 then Publish 1 then plan to soon continue editing‘}}’
    2. O1SNFV added content so far then more
    3. O1SMX3 ‘{post.status.snapshot: date ’2016.01.30Sat1735pst‘;after ID’ minutes 5‘;revision ’1‘;version1‘;words ’192‘ ;as ’need a proper place to put this’; do ’following NXBIBI with {{template plus no source text} last {addition if known else history entry} /5351#O12NAO (post 1st-latest {nearly as was ‘View the autosave’} and unrelated), create {this ‘document’ http://1.JotHere.com/5373#O1SN2D }‘}’.
    4. O1SMVP started this temporarily in another 1.JotHere.com doc but never saved it there.
  12. NYMK00 comments next & elsewhere, per reply instructions.