Mar 092016

O2YZGX ‘-’

  1. NYM1X1 ‘This {post & its comments}’s ‘TOU(Terms Of Use) including copyright ©, confidentiality/privacy, & info’s allowed use’ is’s default TOU(Terms Of Use) except: none.
  2. NZ23L1 ‘completeness stage’ CONSTRUCTING
  3. O3KUE6 ‘picture’
  4. NZ3GR7 ‘name anew’

    Laptop SimulSquad™: portable co-working/training+­social on your topics :O2YZKP


    1. O3DAXT ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’ :O3DAXT
      1. O2Z7WH present
    1. NYM1YF  O3VXYJ:  To reply & discuss, please use’s default methods (click) except:
      1. O30F7G first try: on the official ‘re-announcement :O3VZ3R’ of the happening(s) of this which interest to you, especially in any groups you already belong, do (try) from most preferred:
        1. O30FAY posting, including RSVPing & commenting, there; ‘RSVP policy and comment/posting guide. :O30FQO
        2. O30FC5 contacting the relevant event leaders (as hosts else regional leaders/creators) there, via ideally {the methods given there & foremost electronic writing}.
  5. NWUAVB remaining sections ‘definition’ + ‘post’

  6. NYM1YV ‘definition’: concept(s) definition in NOLDef’ else in NOLDef-to-be
    1. O2YZKP ‘-’ Laptop SimulSquad™: portable co-working/training+­social on your topics :O2YZKP
      1. O2Z5VD ‘completeness stage’
        1. O2Z5W2 version 1, rough, alpha, updating every ~2 days
      2. O30DCE ‘usage’
        1. O3VYVQ:  see ‘instance :O2ZD8Z
      3. O2Z86X further description
        1. O30DBH pics
          1. O30DP8 in ‘‘usage’ actual :O30DCK
        2. O3XWKY:  The activity. At every happening,…
          1. O3XX4X:  build & enjoy a crew of local buddies you work & play well together
          2. O3XWTP:  do at least 4 good hours of coworking­/training+socializing, including fully using your laptop/tablet,­ and have a great meal 
            1. O3XWVK:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O3XWVU:  factor content out of O3XWPQ
        3. O3WLLM:  Bring…
          1. O3WLPC:  your laptop(s) and/or equivalent as detailed at O3PVIV, and
          2. O3WLPL:  the other needed stuff, well as much as you can, as detailed at NHF8SN
        4. NRHRK5 Please ASAP RSVP YES & ATTEND SOME! As we work very hard to see you’ve every reason to…
          1. NJ4TE9 All who attend pretty much always have a great time & get stuff done!
            1. O3UJDW:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O3UJE3: prior source & history at NLGXTR
          2. O3V1VX:  The real payoff is to those who attend regularly.
            1. NMTNFO ‘As a regular attendee who always brings my laptop, I’m pleasantly surprised by how much work I regularly get done at these routine-fun SimulSquad™ meetings… often more than I would get done at home!’ says Lucy on 2015.04.14.
              1. O3ULCD:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                1. O3UZK7:  location: NLHG9M successor until now
                2. O3ULCJ:  prior source & history NMTMEW
          3. O3UZBV:  This is a select group. At each happening, ideal attendance is only 2 to 10 people, with 20 people at absolute max, as this is NOT the usual cattle-call presentation/show but intimate collaborative work & socializing ‘Where everybody knows your name’ (quoting our RSVP policy, and the Cheers song). :O3UZBV
            1. O3UZWU:  In the case of overflow, we reserve the right to select & turn-away people. RSVPing YES early is your best way to ensure you get in.
            2. O3V0XE:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O3V121:  TODO: link here to O04PD0 when that’s ready.
          4. NLHG9M To pull together the best people, every happening has several event-listings re-announcing it. So every ‘re-announcement :O3VZ3R’’s RSVP-YES count & comments will be incomplete; see the central source announcement for official details. :NLHG9M
            1. O3ULAH:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O3V0JU:  until now ‘Attendance is typically much higher than shown on the average event posting as every happening has multiple postings announcing it as this is a joint event series between multiple local groups which works quite well.
              2. O3V06S:  location: NRHSS5 successor until now
              3. O3ULAO:  prior source & history at NLHFAG
          5. O3UYEC:  Each happening duration is 4 to 6 hours so… attendees can put in at least a good 1/2 day’s work on their projects, plus have time to joyfully eat, discuss, put on any mini-presentations, and socialize.
          6. NRHSS5 We’d love you to attend the whole thing; but if you can only attend part, just let us know your reasoning and when you’ll be arriving & leaving roughly. :NRHSS5
            1. O3UL87:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O3UY36:  ‘These events are designed for attending all or partIf attending part, just where possible: still ASAP RSVP YES plus let us know when roughly you’ll be arriving & leaving and your reasoning.’ replace with present, as
                1. O3UZ5O:  though about putting in in ‘Each happening, ’ or equivalent but found it wasn’t necessary
                2. O3UYZU:  cut the ‘still ASAP RSVP YES’ as already said elsewhere and makes too much instructions
                3. O3UZ6G:  The original phrasing is graphically & logically incorrect as ‘attending’ refers to ‘These events’ (plural) not ‘Each happening’ –a notable flaw.
              2. O3UL8H:  prior source & history at NRHO4E
          7. NLOSXA First-timers very welcome!  …even if you’re not yet a member: just RSVP YES to the degree you can, then attend ideally arriving right at the event start; then, while you’re attending, we’ll also work our darnedest to get you approved as a member.
            1. O3UKWJ:   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O3WGJQ:  {full title: ‘Not-yet-members welcome! Please still attend this (and/or our other in-person events) and let event hosts know you’re not yet a member, then while you’re attending we’ll also work our darnedest to get you approved as a member!’} replacement above.
              2. O3UKWB:  prior source & history at NLORMP
          8. NLY4T6 Fun surprise venues: The venue of every happening…  :NLY4T6
            1. O3XKIZ:  is novel, from being carefully selected to achieve about 12 simultaneous benefits, some straightforward as O3ULJW & some subtle as O3WI3H
            2. O3WMZ4:  is regularly a pleasant surprise & adventure, as by design it often changes between happenings
              1. O3ULRJ:  To all who have RSVPed YES, around 1 day before each happening, its ‘event host(s) :O3W9ZN’ tell the venue, plus the start & end times adjusted to match the venue, via SMS & email alerts. They also accordingly update the official event listing(s), at least the main one, including for those risking late RSVP YES.
                1. O3XUCN:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. O3XUT2:  location:  NLY4T6 kid last to present.
                  2. {title all: ‘For every happening, a day or so before it, event hosts select its special venue & matching end-time then update it and email their pick to all who have RSVPed YES to it or attended our previous one.’} replacement present
            3. O3ULJW:  and does have the constant of quality, as it’s always… :O3ULJW
              1. O3XKS8:  good ethnic restaurant, else inside an interesting company, else a fun picnic adventure! (yes, even outdoor, laptop-ing in nature)  
              2. O3ULR4:  made suitable by us for you to do at least 4 excellent hours of coworking­/training on your laptop/tablet plus socializing­ and have a great meal! :O3ULR4
                1. O3XTVF:  –a bit of an art, including we often port in & setup Internet hotspots, portable projector & screen, displays, sound systems, artwork, extension & conversion cables, even portable electricity!
                2. O3XWNY:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. O3XWPQ:  {title all: ‘made suitable by us for you to do at least 4 excellent hours of coworking­/training on your laptop/tablet plus socializing­ and have a great meal!’} replacement present :O3XWPQ
              3. O3ULQH:  near, indeed normally within a 4 mile radius, of the ‘instance/series/track :O2ZD8Z’ ‘.. center :O3W9YH’ :O3ULQH
                1. O3XMHP:  which is normally right where the ‘event host(s) :O3W9ZN’ live so they can very easily host plus easily discover, appreciate, & share their neighborhood with their fellow participants :O3XMHP
                2. O3XLRR:   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. O3XLRW:  ‘almost always within a 4 mile radius of the event host(s) (including so they can easily host plus easily share, discover, & appreciate their neighborhood)’ replacement present
              4. O3ULQ4:  affordable routinely, specifically no more than 2 of 4 ‘$’ on Yelp :O3ULQ4
                1. O3XLRR:   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. O3XN0U:  {all title: ‘affordable routinely (as no more than ‘$$’ on Yelp)’} replacement present.
              5. O3ULPK:  high-rated, specifically Yelp 3.5 of 5 stars or above :O3ULPK
                1. O3XU88:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. O3XU8N:  {title all: ‘higher-rated (as Yelp 3.5 of 5 stars or above)’} replacement present
              6. O3UKX6:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                1. O3XL9G:  order: from {O3ULPK+O3ULQ4+O3ULQH+O3ULR4} to present
                  1. O3XMBH:  order specified by O3ULJW; did say ‘with most important first’ but since all were assured cut this; order now determined by still that ordering given money so O3ULQ4 is a high but not top factor.
                2. O3XL64: {each kid’s ‘all’ prefix}; {title all: ‘…and’} to present
            4. O3UL5G:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O3WMTM:  {title all: ‘Fun venues: Most every happening is at a different & changing good venuegood ethnic restaurant or fun picnic adventure!’} replacement to present
              2. O3ULJF:  converted from 1 big point to outline with new point label {qty 6, thru #O3ULRJ}
              3. O3UL5N:  prior source & history at NLXI2H
          9. NLOUBK All levels of experience & skill welcome!
            1. O3V2MU:  Sizable discount offered to needed {experts & helpers} –ask event hosts.  :O3V2MU
            2. O3UKX6:   ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. O3UKXJ:  prior source & history at NLOTVP
        5. NLQR5C Want this with/at some other place(s), times, or even activities? Simply comment here with the places & times & activities & frequency you can commit to attending, and also if you could be willing to host that (and we’re here to help you, and at least these activities are very easy to host); then we’ll gather feedback and let you know when we schedule that, too!
          1. O3UKZB:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. O3UKZL:  prior source & history at NLP3GK
        6. NO9CLB To help ensure seriousness, a small fee is charged to attend. Official helpers exempted. If you’re paying the fee, it also includes some fast 4G Wi-Fi Internet for your laptop & devices, with more available, in case you didn’t bring any or enough. Details.
          1. O3UL14:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. O3UL1H:  prior source & history at NNZRVY
        7. NLJ9OX Space is limited. ASAP YES-RSVP & comment. :NLJ9OX
          1. O3UL38:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. O3VY86:  ‘Space is limited. ASAP, RSVP YES and comment here!’ replacement present.
            2. O3UL3F:  prior source & history at NLKP91
        8. O30FQO RSVP policy and comment/posting guide. :O30FQO
          1. O3VX6E:  ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. O3VXAB:  just-before & for :O3R02X, factored out of NLJ9OX
        9. O3PRMR ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. O3UJ34:  kids: start changing including {adding in each a history section with {O3UJB3 or equivalent} then with the further details} plus other organizing
          2. O3UJB3:  prior source & history at NRHPE8 :O3UJB3
          3. O3PRNG so far matches the source O2Z6GN exactly except {‘’, ‘ •• ’, and equivalent} replaced with actual point IDs}
      4. O2Z64E ‘‘definition’ ‘anew’’
        1. O3PEBT a template for any number of event-series/tracks
        2. O3PEE3 doing activity which is the combo of:
          1. O3QKXSSimulSquad™ :O3QQ2F<– click the bold for essential details! :O3QKXS
          2. O3PEKM working, training, and/or social(izing), collaboratively else along-side each other, so co-working & more!
          3. O3PEFT on topics which are
            1. O3PEOK brought in & picked by the participants
            2. O3PEOD anything which can be done on/via a laptop computer
              1. O3PTR3 including doing, learning, & researching programming (including Android/mobile-OS apps), website design, picture/video & sound editing, web research, writing, homework/schoolwork, business planning, mobile OS apps, management, gaming, socializing, & readily more. :O3PTR3
              2. O3QW63 except see also next point O3QVT4
            3. O3QVT4 (and per ‘SimulSquad™ .. :O3QKXS’), here participants are not just info consumers but notable info creators & doers
              1. O3PVIV O3PVIV: so as one might guess, every participant is expected to bring & use his/her (1 or more):
                1. O3QVXS laptop
                2. O3PVOJ {tablet-computer or other ‘mostly-portable personal computing device :MTPAT0’} that has a real keyboard or/and other serious input device(s)
                3. O3QUUE ‘so post category’ with {‘mostly-portable personal computing device :MTPAT0’ including ‘laptop LYBN2O’}
        3. O30D0S location
          1. O3UA3I:  ‘portable event series :O36K61’, specifically/additionally… :O3UA3I
            1. O3QILD location often varies/changes between happenings: part of the fun & adventure!
            2. O3UA8E:  each happening is at 1 potentially different location
              1. O30D2M normally within a 5 minute drive of the ‘centered around’ location of the particular {instance aka event series}.
              2. O30D14 “a fun well-rated open-late affordable restaurant very near here soon TBA especially to all RSVPed YES, per “Fun venues” quoting NM55Y2 and to be updated for this context.
              3. O2Z852 with ‘Particular tables TBA. NM5RDF’ ‘Else other (IF ANY) available spacious tables with AC plug +seating many in a row +indoors unless warm +with working Wi-Fi. NLXZI9’ ‘To secure this for us, arrive >5min early if possible. NLXZJR’
        4. O2Z85E price
          1. O30DSP next & coming soon:
            1. O30DZK affordable pricing plan TBA, including
              1. O30DY0 free sample/trial meeting, especially for your first visit
              2. O30E3S internal notes O2G7AC
          2. O30ETR next & present:
            1. O2Z86J ‘$5.00 /per person’ per happening
            2. O30DVBRefund policy
              Additional notes: “PAYMENT&REFUND: NO9FF3=Cash only; card processing soon. NO9FCW=The main event host else his/her designated rep collects fee from each attendee on arrival. NO9FG0=Fee fully refundable iff event hasn’t started; just fully tell the main event host why.”’ –sourced from NO9FC7
            3. O30ECO ‘starting with .. happening ..2016.05.19’
          3. O30EWF original & no longer:
            1. O30EWR $0 aka free
            2. O30EZ4 for our startup introductory period
        5. O3QWOI features including common activity
          1. O3QWPJAll-level at-your-own-pace (in-person) training (agenda/format LUMDBI), with a sub-group for each topic/subject the meeting offers :/967#MJGKNU
          2. O3QWQ0 writing up & safely-sharing your goals & ideas including to get help
            1. O3QWVU using platforms, from most preferred… :O3QWVU
              1. O3QWZF Stack Exchange, for the Q&A that well supports.
              2. O3QWX0 this site :O3QWX0
                1. O3UI87:  intro found at ‘To reply & discuss’ heading point
              3. O3QX2E appropriate Meetup discussion forum/board as a last resort
                1. O3UI4D:  especially to announce on Meetup (via sharing the URL there) plus encourage response from Meetup users to, items posted via the previous methods
          3. O3UH5L:  every participant has a detailed badge & profile
            1. O3UH6G:  including to fast & dependably introduce
            2. O3UH7J:  –now under active re-construction (from using<group/>/member/<number/> to our own much better system)
          4. O3UHER:  electronic posting & forums
            1. O3UHDL:  –now under re-construction (from using<group/>/messages/boards/ to our own much better system using ‘this site :O3QWX0
            2. O3UHIE:  for…
              1. O3UHCA:  job offers & wanted
                1. O3UHPC:  replacing { & prior versions}
              2. O3UHS0:  activities including topics  & projects & mini-presentations :O3UHS0
                1. O3UHV9:  replacing { & prior versions}
              3. O3UHRH:  special events calendar
              4. O3UHYF:  Q&A
                1. O3UHYZ:  ‘using platforms, from most preferred… :O3QWVU
          5. O3QWP1 and many others per O3PTR3
      5. O30FSS ‘‘motivation or source or change’ ‘in reverse start order’’
        1. O3WH26:  we want people picking on to attend or not based the important things and NOT on distractions, at lesat not the common ones
          1. O3WHS1:  including finding & being with & bonding with people based on, from most important,…
            1. O3WHJE:  big-picture match: the people they actually work & play together well within the big picture of doing projects/work & socializing :O3WHJE
              1. O3WIUD:  instead of, so not too much based on, the ‘non-people’ stuff, secondary if that
                1. O3WJNQ:  notably
                  • O3WHK6:  (in contrast to ‘big-picture match .. :O3WHJE’), not based on excessive ‘topic/specialty :O3WA73’ choices, meaning on generally overrated & often-technical particulars as say does this person use the AngularJS vs. EmberJS JS framework, or do they use the exact same accounting software I do, etc –as happens from most ‘topic/specialty :O3WA73’ choices, if pushed/featured too much (as they commonly are): driving away and/or  boring good people we otherwise could be bonding with & benefiting from. :O3WHK6
                  • O3WI3H:  not based the particular venue :O3WI3H
                    1. O3WITD:  as for usual events (not this), the venue is something which gets attendees, especially possible-attendees, way too distracted from the purpose of bonding with other attendees, especially from ‘big-picture match .. :O3WHJE’, as by then the attendee then choosing to attend based on {Is this happening at a restaurant which has my favorite food?} or especially {Is this happening at a company where I might want a job?}
                    2. O3WIT4:  so a big reason we…
                      1. O3WISB:  don’t reveal the venue until after most people have RSVPed YES, and
                      2. O3WISH:  change the venue regularly
                      3. O3WKBQ:  generally pick as 2nd choice any venue at a famous or big company or organization, preferring tiny companies/orgs and especially common & ordinary restaurants.
                    3. O3WKUU:  as long term, one is not supposed to be attending for the venue(s), but foremost to be with people attending.
                2. O3WJTL:  stuff which is normally overemphasized, mostly by habit it seems, to where the people-bonding goal is mistakely placed in the back seat, indeed sometimes increasingly so
                3. O3WJIX:  which people often get way too distracted by in picking events to attend
            2. O3WHT3:  local: local people, meaning others in the person’s real physical community, including being with the people they are physically close to, including so then it’s affordable, including good on the environment, too, to have frequent in-person meetings with them.
            3. O3WHUK:  synchronous: people they can actually reliably & regularly spend simultaneous time with each other given everyone’s present schedules, favoring them above others who require asynchronous communication, which yes our new electronic messaging toys really enable, but still that is much less natural plus considerably more complex.
        2. O30GG0 for healthy life & career aspects you can’t or just don’t get just online…
          1. O30GH6 including
            1. O30HBU by here well-integrating in-person community {life & friends} into your life-via-a-computer :O30HBU
              1. O30HGY instead of the norm here: randomly adding, but well-integrating, other stuff (random supplements) to your schedule (to give you the ‘in-person community {life & friends}’) but then, as they’re separate, they don’t really help your info work and can readily pull you away from it including from others you involve in not understanding it.
            2. O30GJA in-person discussion & friendship where online just doesn’t measure up
            3. O30GIJ learning & training beyond the online, including
              1. O30GLD the stuff which is not written down
                1. O30GVB including because one or more
                  1. O30GQA too hard to show online
                  2. O30GPL it’s too new —but still it’s key for one to keep up.
                  3. O30GR9 those already involved just assume everyone else knows it
                2. O30GVL making this especially key for beginners, but also good for everyone.
          2. O30GDY especially for someone who’s career & life exists heavily, sometimes almost entirely, on & via a laptop, tablet/smartphone, or other computer, here making your life great…
            1. O30G9O by living a healthy life, including
              1. O30HW8 by ‘here physically & happily interacting with & gaining from the nearby community :O30HBJ
              2. O30HVC ‘by here well-integrating in-person community {life & friends} into your life-via-a-computer :O30HBU
            2. O30G2Q and not working & even playing physically {alone & solo}
              1. O30G8T such as living in a cubicle or on a laptop at home
              2. O30G6O as is now possible & increasingly the reality for the increasing info workers
          3. O30GZG –why I the founder (DestinyArchitect) created this.
            1. O30FU4 I love my career & life as an independent consultant {doing info creation, which means, per my job as a software & social architect, almost entirely working on a laptop programming & writing & designing},
        3. O30I18 co-working at a fraction of the {commute & readily price} compared to {the usual: a fixed-location co-working facility}
        4. O30HBJ here physically & happily interacting with & gaining from the nearby community :O30HBJ, including
          1. O30H1L in-person socializing, {making & being friends}, and here even working, with those nearby
          2. O30H1A eating good food at the great nearby food establishments
        5. O3PSHG evolved out of me Destiny
          1. O3PSRJ wanting to insure a healthy live style for serious info workers, starting with me.
          2. O3PSPX running main as part of me running community group events on monthly to weekly basis starting as early as 2004
      6. O3U9RR:  ‘contributors’ :O3U9RR
        1. O3U9U3:  from biggest first
          1. O3PTH9:  Destiny: head and also main founder
          2. O3PTJ5:  Lucy: assistant-head & assistant co-founder
          3. O3PTKU:  10s of much smaller contributors
      7. O2Z6O5 ‘name anew’
        1. O3PEXYLaptop SimulSquad™: portable co-working/training+­social on your topics
          1. O3PF28 ‘portable’ added per Lucy’s suggestion
          2. O3PF1N ‘Laptop’ added per Destiny’s suggestion
        2. O2Z6QASimulsquad™ Coworking/training+­Social on your topics
          1. O2Z6ZM starting with happening 2015.03.24Tue
      8. O3QUIQ ‘so post category’
        1. O3QUIZ ‘‘Laptop SimulSquad™: portable co-working/training+­social on your topics :O2YZKP’ :O3QSDT’ -it’s own
      9. O3U9ZA:  ‘per def’
        1. O3U9ZM:  ‘same or similar’ ‘sub’
          1. O3U9ZV:  -1 ‘1’
            1. O3UA1J:  ‘‘SimulSquad™ ..’.. :O3QKXS
            2. O3UCK9:  ‘‘portable ..’.. :O3UA3I
          2. O3UCUA:  0
            1. O30FS7 ‘Wikipedia’ none yet
            2. O30FRW ‘maker’ this post
          3. 1 ‘1’
        2. O3UCVV:  ‘compared to’
          1. O3UJG9:  leading competitors/alternatives
            O3RZ05:  ‘notable pros thru cons’
            id O3UECS:  area Laptop SimulSquad™portable co-working/training+­social on your topics :O2YZKP O3UFBZ:  typical coworking facility  ‘ :O3UCW6
            O3UFCO: O3UFCZ:  price O3UFDT:  expected $150 to $10/month proportionate to actual use; currently $10/mo O3UFFZ:  $200/mo even if you use just a little
            O3UFT5: O3UFY5:  commute/drive O3UFTQ:  per O3UEBB, designed to be about 5 min drive each way O3UFUT:  per O3UG3A, ~25 min aveage drive each way at best O3UFWF:  varies; I lucked out at a 5min drive, but with only ‘26 :O3UEBN’ in the world, the average drive is probably 20min each way or often hours so impractical.
            O3RZCK: O3UEDD:  topic O3UE8V:  {fully & very} flexible :O3UE8V O3UFHX:  totally flexible O3UE94:  very specific so limited: ‘Mac/iPhone/etc. [& other Apple]developers and their friends’
            O3S046: O3UEDL:  activity O3UE9B:  {fully & very} {flexible & complete}, not just ‘coding & conversation’ but also training, projects, social, & eating, including tools to make it happen O3UFIL:  anything possible but nothing coordinated, so you start at 0 must be lucky O3UE9L:  just ‘for coding and conversation’
            O3S079: O3UEO2:  networking & relationships O3UEA9:  more & increasing emphasis with very serious tools to make it happen. Lots of tools to facilitate interaction & introduction, including break the the ice. :O3UEA9 O3UFMI: only if you’re lucky, and no tools except maybe a few events, usually only presentations you could better get on YouTube. O3UEAG:  only if you’re lucky, and no tools
            O3RZ8M: O3UEEY:  co-workers O3UEBY:  ~75% familiar faces; quantity~4 as just beginning, with ;about 6 to 15 per happening is our target.  Also O3UEA9. O3UGER:  quantity 1 (just you); arranging more is totally on you (a huge job); yes depending on when you visit, you probably will run into into other members also visiting, but they will be doing their own thing and may typically not want to be disturbed, including no solid facilitator o get you introduced & working together, so the truth is you’re only ‘co-workers’ in loosest sense of happening to be be working the same building; the truth is is finding partners is still vastly not done for you & still mostly luck. O3UEC0:  quantity 5 at ‘S.OC ..:O3UE59’, with ‘familiar faces’ aka retention unknown; no special ice-breaker tools.
            O3RZB3: O3UEDU:  eating: food & drink  O3UE9V:  right there, and guaranteed {top-rated & very affordable} per NLY4T6 O3UFK1:  limited drinks offered there usually at cost; food requires generally a .5mile drive each way; no guarantees on eating quality & price O3UEA1:  at best only coffee & limited drinks per :O3UK36 ‘S.OC ..:O3UE59’ is an office & has food  ~.4mi away each way; plus no guarantees on eating quality & price
            O3S06K: O3UEEB:  variety O3UEAO:  eating & location & topic adventure, per NLY4T6 & {for topic, O3UE8V  &} O3UFPS:  same old thing every day O3UEAV:  same old thing every time
            O3UEQV: O3UER8:  meeting frequency O3UET6:  you pick your frequency, up to every 2 weeks, with plans to go up to daily O3UFQ9:  you pick your frequency, up to daily O3UEXD:  you pick your frequency, but limited to at most 1x per month to per week, with no plans for more.
            O3RZAT:  –neutral–
            O3RZT8: O3UEEM:  locations worldwide O3UEBB:  1 as just beginning, though plans to have at least 1 each zip code as it’s super affordable to open a new franchise with us. :O3UEBB O3UG3A:  in the US (probably the best area), probably 1 to 5 per county do the major cost of buying or renting a building. O3UEBN:  26 :O3UEBN
          2. O3UCW6: :O3UCW6
            1. O3UJL5:  see column ‘:O3UDKY
            2. O3UE3T:  source
              1. O3UJLP:  official website
                1. O3UK36:  specifies venue as merely ‘Internet cafe or coffee shop. Your local chapter may be different’ :O3UK36
              2. O3UE4B:  visiting
                1. O3UE59:  on 2016.03.08TuePst20~ for ~.5hr. :O3UE59
                2. O3UJMB:  on 2016.03.15TuePst1800-20:00 TBA
      10. ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ section 1st
      11. remaining sections
      12. O3WB3T:  happening
        1. O3WB48:  always takes place as a particular ‘instance/series/track :O2ZD8Z .. happening :O3VZ0N
      13. O2ZD8Z instance/series/track :O2ZD8Z (of ‘happening :O3VZ0N’s’)
        1. O3VZ1D:  each
          1. O30F30 planned
            1. O30F3C as well developed, to be replicated to as many locations/series as we volunteers to run them, ideally at least 1 in every zipcode
              1. O30F5U We’re always looking for those interested in hosting their own series. Contact us.
          2. O30DCK actual :O30DCK
            1. O30DCS in order
              1. O30DDL ‘.. near US.92654(Laguna Hills) :O30DI8
        2. O3W9DN:  is the series/track (singular) which every ‘happening :O3VZ0N’s  ‘belongs :O3W9V1
        3. O3WB94:  is designed to, so ideally does, have about ~80% of the same {faces meaning participants} between adjacent ‘‘happening :O3VZ0N’s’’, aka low turnover
          1. O3WDC5:  so
            1. O3WDD3:  real relationships & trust can be built & maintained
            2. O3WDDB:  training & especially projects which take multiple meetings to do can be reliably undertaken
          2. O3W9AO:  so is itself a ‘community group MMPQ65’ except for ‘membership formally .. :O3WCX2
        4. O3WA1T:  custom characteristic :O3WA1T
          1. O3WFSD:  must be approved by ‘belongs to :O3WBP2’ (org)
          2. O2ZD9C name :O2ZD9C
            1. O3WAGL:  is to be of the form ‘[core event type name: ‘Laptop SimulSquad™: portable co-working/training+­social on your topics :O2YZKP’]’ plus/appending every additional ‘custom characteristic :O3WA1T’ which
              1. O3WAN2:  is not-default or is intended to be constant & the focus
              2. O3WAOW:  is in the form, in order:
                1. O2ZD9M   ‘ near [country 2-digit letter] [zip-code nearest]([city])’ specifying the ‘location center :O3W9YH’  :O2ZD9M
                2. O3WAK0: ‘ [‘topic/specialty :O3WA73’ name]’ :O3WAK0
                  1. O3WDIX:  doing this, aka including this in the name)
                    1. O3WF3U:  –one probably doesn’t want to do this option as :O3WDU5 explains
                3. O3WAZJ:  ‘ [‘event host(s) :O3W9ZN’ name(s)]’
          3. O3W9YH:  location center :O3W9YH
            1. O3WDFM:  typically picked by the founding ‘event host(s) :O3W9ZN’ to be most convenient for them
          4. O3WA73:  topic/specialty :O3WA73
            1. O3WAEU:  defaults to {all}
            2. O3WDU5:  picking a specific, so not {all} (‘topic/specialty :O3WA73’), especially {including it in the name :O3WAK0}  :O3WDU5
              1. O3WDMR:  seems desirable to many/most inexperienced but
              2. O3WDMZ:  is typically counter-productive
                1. O3WH0S:  as both:
                  1.  O3WDOC:  the ability to handle many many topics simultaneously, including flexibly & even dynamically, is what the ‘‘SimulSquad™  .. :O3QKXS’ already does and does better, by much better,
                    1. O3WEE4:  especially at ensuring the appearance of a critical mass of people present key to overcoming human herd thinking notably  ‘””no one” wants to be the first “on the dance floor”” :O2TTBN’.
                    2. O3WEEI:  For instance, if one just has a Perl group of Orange County acting solo it may never do well
                      1. O3WELK:  notably it may
                        1. O3WEHD:  never take off  because not too many people in that area (else who are willing to drive that far if there are is big) are into that topic, so so prospective attendees don’t see enough other people there to really attract them
                        2. O3WELQ:  never really thrive because, operating in isolation, it doesn’t hear of, so keep up with and adapt to, competing technologies as Python & JavaScript.
                      2. O3WEOC:  indeed the one I witnessed around the one I well witnessed, ~2011~, quickly failed for these reasons.
                      3. O3WERN:  but as part of a ‘SimulSquad™  .. :O3QKXS’, it would seemingly do fine.
                  2. O3WL5V:  if overdone as is the present norm, stops, often seriously, people from discovering & bonding with each other notably in the big picture, detailed at O3WHK6
                2. O3WEUJ:  so better to
                  1. O3WEVR: have including announce that particular ‘happening :O3VZ0N’s, but necessarily the whole ‘‘instance/series/track :O2ZD8Z’’, include work/activity doing particular ‘topics  & projects & mini-presentations :O3UHS0’, notably by linking to their entries in that forum just referenced
          5. O3W9ZN:  event host(s) :O3W9ZN
            1. O3WF9Y:  get ‘Sizable discount [for helping].. :O3V2MU
            2. O3WFRD:  are the choosers of the ‘custom characteristic :O3WA1T’s of their track
              1. O3XMS3:  most notably choose location, so get notable benefit O3XMHP
            3. O3WFKB:  must ensure that at least 1 qualified ‘event host(s) :O3W9ZN’ oversees & runs every ‘happening :O3VZ0N’ in their track.
              1. O3WF96:  including at least 50% of them done by themselves
        5. O3VZ0N:  happening :O3VZ0N
          1. O3W9V1:  inherits the ‘custom characteristic :O3WA1T’s of the generally-1 ‘instance/series/track :O2ZD8Z’(s) to which it belongs :O3W9V1
          2. O3VZ3R:  re-announcement aka event re-listing :O3VZ3R
            1. O3VZ4V:  location
              1. O3VZFX:  actual: see ‘instance .. actual :O30DCK
              2. O3VZFO:  from most familiar
                1. O3VZ6O:  on an event (re-) listing of some group listed on :O3VZ6O
                  1. O3VZ99:  …for ideally as many groups which would and are-willing-to cover it
                2. O3VZCP:  EventBrite
                3. O3VZD4:  CraigsList
                4. O3VZDX:  web ads as Google ads
            2. O3VZHB:  content
              1. O3VZHT:  official :O3VZHT
                1. O3VZQR:  is to be
                  1. O3VZYU:  minimal, as noted in ‘official :O3VZHT’, so
                    1. O3W02Y:  to well show we are are operating independently, including under a fully different domain name, so should not fall under the assumed behaviors, of the organization(s) where the ‘re-announcement aka event re-listing :O3VZ3R’ is placed
                      1. O3W0Y0:  for ‘ :O3VZ6O’ ‘most importantly’…
                        1.  O3W0AS:  most importantly that we’re not, the monopoly location for present day’s community tech groups, including that we’re not a Meetup group, as has killer-destructive deserved-{reputation so assumption} of being in-practice {{cattle-call}, {cheap free}, and {rule-less anything goes}}, which then, from great experience, fully undermines our goals for intimte & committed meetings & participants which are worth paying for & seriously committing to.
                          1. O3W206:  so ‘post category’ ‘ bug LSXLEY’
                    2. O3W02A:  to cut down on maintenance & duplication
                2. O3VZRB:  ‘happening :O3VZ0N’…
                  1. O3VZS3:  name
                  2. O3VZS8:  location
                  3. O3VZT8:  date & time including end-time
                3. O3VZUF:  ‘instance/series :O2ZD8Z
                  1. O3VZVL:  recent picture
                  2. O3WFWU:  descriptive text
                    1. O3VZVZ:  especially giving the URL
                    2. O3WG5A:  of form, from latest:
                      1. O3WFXT:  ‘This is a ‘re-announcement aka event re-listing :O3VZ3R’ of 1 ‘happening :O3VZ0N’ of the ‘instance/series/track :O2ZD8Z‘ officially at [URL] –please see that last link/URL for the official details.’
      14. O3WBP2:  belongs to :O3WBP2
        1. O3WCJH:  means {who holds the money & internal data and to whom the highest loyalty is given}
        2. O3WCLM:  is 1 of, from most preferred:
          1. O3WBPD:  larger organization(s) planned by Destiny, such as a replacement, when that’s ready
          2. O3WBPD:  itself, its own organization ‘‘Laptop SimulSquad™: portable co-working/training+­social on your topics :O2YZKP’’
      15. O3WBGC:  membership :O3WBGC
        1. O3WCVZ:  informally, including physically,
          1. O3WBIM:  is to the ‘happening :O3VZ0N’s of an ‘instance/series/track :O2ZD8Z
        2. O3WCX2:  formally, including legally and in highest loyalty, :O3WCX2
          1. O3WBGZ:  is to what {the core activity ‘belongs to :O3WBP2’}
      16. O2Z6LO ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. O2Z66V until {now: 2016.02.22} else days later, all history of this we placed in
          1. O2Z6E0 specifically
            1. O2Z6GN the intro content in the event listings for this series, (ideally) ending with or next :O2Z6GN
            2. O2Z6I0 the details including change reasonings in thread starting
          2. O2Z6KM but has many publishing advantages.
  7. O3KYPL ‘post’: post… –where its subsections don’t specify
    1. O3KZL1 ‘TOU’ + ‘completeness’ +‘picture’ + ‘name’ + ‘To reply & discuss’ + ‘remaining sections’: already above & in that order since these are key
    2. O3KZ2I ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ example /O3Bern
    3. NYWZWX category so ‘post category’
    4. O3L134 remaining sections ‘success’ + ‘sharing’ + ‘motivation’ + ‘contributors’ + ‘annex’ + ‘history’ + ‘comments’
    5. O3KZ33 ‘success’
    6. O3DC5I sharing beyond ‘TOU’
    7. O3KZ2Q ‘motivation’ & its achievement
    8. NWV4HX ‘contributors’ including their contributions & relevant background :NWV4HX
    9. NZ3KAG {to be put elsewhere} so ‘annex’
    10. NYM1ZP ‘history’: ‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
      1. O3U9JD:  2016.03.10ThuPst1145: resume editing:
      2. O3R02X {post.status.snapshot{;date2016.03.08TuePst1753‘;after ID ’minutes 25 since Pst1728‘;revision ’1‘;version1‘;words ’1907‘;as ’need to get this published so that Meetup events can link to it’; do ’{updates all manually noted} {all content here} + {add small updates thru {none}} + then NY0WO6 with replacement qty {90 + 6+ 144} then then Publish 1 then continue editing, no, paused‘}}’
      3. O3QYGR format: update to {latest so that of /4830#O3QFGM} :O3R02X
      4. O2YZB5 {post.status.snapshot: date2016.02.22MonPst1423‘;after ID’ minutes 5 since 1418‘;revision ’1‘;version0‘;words ’300‘ ;as ’need a proper place to put this, notably to do {move TBA}’; do ’following NXBIBI with {{template plus no source text} last {addition if known else history entry} /5407#O2YDYX (post 1st-latest and {related: no}), create {this ‘document’ }‘}’.
    11. NYMK00 comments: are next & elsewhere per ‘To reply & discuss’