Mar 012016

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    best supporting Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign, aka how to #FeelTheBern :O3BW0H‘‘especially what I need to know’™’


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      2. O3BW5L:‘best supporting Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign, aka how to #FeelTheBern :O3BW0H‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :O3BVTN
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    1. O3BW0H: best supporting Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign, aka how to #FeelTheBern :O3BW0H
      1. O3BW71: section ‘completeness stage’ in reverse order:
        1. O4CSI7: version 1; rough but lots of useful detail; updating every ~4 days except every ~2 days around a {happening of my event series :/O4Bern#O42CM0}
        2. O42OOL: draft 1, ~85% complete; updating every ~4 days
      2. O3C6OF: remaining sectionsWhy: :O3BWCQ’ + ‘How :O3BX6F’ + ‘When :O3BW7U
      3. O3BWCQ: Why support Bernie: :O3BWCQ
        1. O3BWIT: my write-up O39WR9 gives deep & core reasons, including prioritizing all candidates & telling why
        2. O3BWLV: Google Search(why Bernie Sanders for president) gives more
      4. O3BX6F: How to support Bernie :O3BX6F
        1. O4V6H7:  ‘name anew’ ‘support Bernie’ ‘rendering anew’  ‘‘support Bernie’
        2. O3BWAN: above all, follow instructions of ‘ :/O4VBer#O44YJ7
        3. O3CEAQ: a lot more than just your vote… is needed, as…
          1. O3CDYQ: Bernie speaks the truth (& even now Hillary, from copying him): our US political system has gotten rigged to severely favor the wealthy (thus creating a catch 22) which NO presidential candidate can fix unless the people also ‘rise up as Bernie says, meaning {do non-violent political action to get these good big changes done}.
          2. O3CE85: And especially with Bernie being the only candidate appropriately funded instead by us the people not the few billionaires, that starts now, way before the election, to get him elected: more at ‘When :O3BW7U
        4. O3C1EU: from seemingly biggest first, sorted by how much time you have, :O3C1EU
          1. O3C1PK: if you only can spare a few minutes, just…
            1. O3C9CC: vote for Bernie Sanders
              1. O450D7: most especially now {in ‘the ‘primary races :O3BW8Bso he will be the Democratic nomanee in the big 2016.11 vote}
              2. O3C9H0: See how & when at http://VoteForBernie.Org else Vote411.Org or CanIVote.Org
            2. O3C1GW: donate a few bucks to the Bernie campaign: fast & painless :O3C1GW
              1. O3C1HW: all the other candidates are primarily funded by billionaires. Whereas Bernie is the only candidate primarily funded by you & me, so needs your donation support.
                1. O3C1L9: even if just to say ‘hey, I like Bernie’s way of funding candidates –yes you show your support of that by giving Bennie a few bucks.
              2. O3C7CK: use one of the official donation web pages, where the funds go directly to the campaign, as
                1. O450P2: use a official referral donation page :O450P2
                  1. O450RV: –seemingly only by ActBlue
                  2. O3C1NS: our ActBlue donate page (1st & present) :O3C1NS
                    1. O3C7EI: gives us credit (not money just acknowledgement) for helping you 🙂
                    2. O3C7BU: form should work
                    3. O3C7BJ: needs completion!
                    4. O3C753: text
                      1. O3C7AT: has
                        1. O3C7AE: ‘test; 1st need to see how editable the page is’
                2. O3C7FU: ‘ :/O4VBer#O44YJ7
                  1. O450UA: –uses the same ActBlue
              3. O3C7HM: once you‘ve made your donation, be sure enter a password and then you will be able to make your own donation page as {we did O3C1NS}
            3. O4V7KZ:  feature & distribute Bernie promo items aka swag
              1. O4V7RQ:  ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’
                1. O4V7UY:  /O4BPro
                2. O4VA2O:  /04BPro –to address the common 0/O typo, especially on these items as they’re printed else non-electronic
              2. O4V86Y:  Unfortunately on quick look these have been hard to get and {fairly expensive: as $3 per bumper sticker and $25 per T-shirt}, so…
              3. O4V825:  I am designing business cards & stickers which ordinary people can print & make themselves using Avery labels & similar.
                1. O4XIQ9:  with viral marketing feature
                  1. O4XJ7T:  These include a small but still readable footer of (from most recent)
                    1. O4XJ8K:  ‘Design:  –get more, including print yourself, and #SpreadTheBern!
                    2. O4V8MA:  ‘Design:  –Get more of these, including print yourself!’
                2. O4V8AY:  sticker/label
                  1. O4V8BS:  4 by 3+1/3 inches (so 6 labels per sheet)
                    1. O4V8FF:  as Avery 1564 aka QuikStix 15006
                    2. O4V8HM:  ‘Bernie 2016’ :

                      1. O4V9WJ:  file to print .pdf
                  2. O4VAED:  bumper sticker
                    1. O4VAEU:  TBA
                3. O4V8Y6:  business card
                  1. O4XIOH:  design 1 TBA here
                    1. O4XIKP:  will sell Bernie in few words, especially to lower-wage workers as fast food
                    2. O4XILP:  will include Bernie’s pic and website
                    3. O4XIMN:  I expect will be a high & fast sell, possibly the best handout, even more than sticker
                    4. O4VAF4:  more TBA here
                4. O4X3PC:  printing notes
                  1. O4X3WY:  unless it notes otherwise, it should always print exactly 1 full color page
                  2. O4X3PT:  unselect ‘Fit to page’ as that will size it down into margins but it’s already full-page & fit
                  3. O4X3RB:  print directly to printer else not thru any filters as Fineprint which will resize it
                  4. O4X3V3:  make sure ‘Color’ is set to ‘Color’, …as in Chrome for me, it was set to ‘black and white’ for my default printer
                5. O4VAHX:  protecting the label/sticker and the ink, especially from water exposure as bumper stickers experience
                  1. O4VAY5:  method, from most preferred
                    1. O4VAYS:  spray paint over with a clear gloss, ideally before separating labels
                      1. O4VB7V:  as very fast (except allow dry time) plus very inexpensive.
                      2. O4VB0D:  as using Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating 1303
                        1. O4VB1S:  for me so far, it
                          1. O4VB2H:  is all i’ve tried so far
                          2. O4VB35:  works great: I submerged Ink-Jet printed labels in water for .5hr then let dry: they had 0 damage to the label!
            4. O3C7ZT: Encourage your family, friends, & groups to support Bernie, by 1 or more:
              1. O3C7MO: Tweet, SMS/text, and (Facebook) wall-post to your buds with Bernie support
                1. O3C7OD: as links to
                  1. O3C7RF: videos on the ‘Bernie 2016’ YouTube channel
                  2. O3C7RM: links to my posts on Bernie, as this 🙂
              2. O3C99W: more TBA
          2. O3C1QB: if you can give just an hour or two, please do…
            1. O3CCDG: all the above plus…
            2. O46WV8: attend Bernie support events in your area (just enter your zip) :O46WV8
              1. O46WSS: really allow you to discover & make friends with all your fellow friendly Bernie supporters in your area
              2. O4HZ63: find them by
                1. O3C7TL: clicking Bernie support events in your area (just enter your zip) :O3C7TL
              3. O4RFIT: here are mine: ‘Bernie Sanders 2016 support events designed & normally-hosted by me :/O4Bern#O42CD6
          3. O3C7W0: if you can spare 3+ hours, please do…
            1. O3C7WK: all the above plus…
            2. O50QM8:  aside:‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ /O50BDi where ‘BDi’ is for ‘Bernie Dialing :O3C1FC
            3. O42H8P: do Bernie phonebank events in your area :/O50BDi#O42H8P
              1. O46W6J: are delightful & educational & fun
              2. O46W7S: I’ve done, as of now…
                1. O46W8K: 2016.02.17, I’ve gone to 3+ (O3CD37 + 4gq75 + 44mzy) and hosted 1+ (‘/445cv :O4294Z’)
                2. O3CD37: I’ve gone to 1 (2016.02.28SunPst1400-1700 at :O3CD37
              3. O42HBP: each is an event where most all participants together do ‘Bernie Dialing :O3C1FC’ –which is extremely important as that details.
              4. O451C7: are listed & tagged as ‘phonebank’ in ‘Bernie events in your area (just enter your zip) :O3C7TL
              5. O46X6N: In my experience,
                1. O42FRH: Expect to participate at least 2 hours at a phonebank in order to make significant calls there :O42FRH, as
                  1. O46X84: Dialer setup & training, plus greets & talk, takes 1 hour itself; more on that at O46UWI
                2. O46X9F: so a phonebank event should be at least 3 hours, ideally at least 4, and say ‘come when & for as much as you can’, to allow for {time to fully participate :O42FRH} {latecomers from trying to find the place} + {volunteers unable to make that exact time range}
              6. O42G29: Supporters can & ideally should (also) dial from home & elsewhere, but that’s dramatically easier, including more comfortable, after you’ve first made significant calls from a phonebank; plus the phonebank is typically more fun.
              7. O42HTU: find a Bernie phonebank event in your area (just enter your zip)
              8. O42FPE: also hosting them ‘is one of the most important things you can do to help elect Bernie’ says official site
              9. O42PN8: more info found at
                1. O42PMZ: O42H6O but searching for ‘phone bank’ or ‘phonebank’
            1. O3C1FC: do Bernie Dialing :/O50BDi#O3C1FC
              1. O42HEU: is key, including
                1. O488NT: couldn’t be more needed than right now (2016.02-06), as
                  1. O42FPZ: if we supporters don’t do Bernie Dialing now, Bernie may well not be an option for President in the coming in the big November vote.
                  2. O488QH: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’ :O3DAXT
                    1. O488R3: title copied out of /445cv#O42KMK
                2. O3C1G6: appears the by far best method for the ordinary person to ensure Bernie’s elected
                  1. O3C1V2: including fast makes sure your vote for Bernie is multiplied several times over!
                  2. O3C2A7: including you don’t even need to be voting age (18), as a HS student yesterday pointed out to me
                    1. O3C2BC: and remember the younger the age, the more likely to want to support Bernie!
              2. O3C24D: goes surprisingly very fast & painless, indeed nearly-maximally painless
                1. O3C26K: around 12 calls per hour, so just 5min per call.
                2. O3C2CQ: due to the campaign’s impressive automation including auto/robo-dialing & easy survey completion
                3. O43Q5T: Once people especially independents & democrats, really know about Bernie, they generally vote for him.
                  1. O43Q5T: The stats show this: Bernie pointed out just today: when the turnout for a democratic primary is low, Hilary wins; when it’s high, Bernie wins.
                  2. O43Q7T: The biggest problems is people just don’t know about the Bernie option.
                    1. O43Q90: indeed several are just burnt out on politics; I just had one caller last night say ‘all politicians are roaches, so I don’t even vote’. He has no idea this big positive change is right in front of him!
                    2. O43QAY: So we’ve go to get out the word and inform people:
                      1. O43QBT: For people who not fully decided, let them know what they’re missing.
                      2. O43QD3: And for those leaning Bernie, if they want him, the time to get involved in getting the word out is now, else Hilary will win.
                      3. O43QEZ: Those already convinced for someone else, including family members, my painful experience, and the advice of multiple experienced I’ve happened to encounter, is, instead of trying to convince those sure of other candidate (which also can lead to painful fights), your time is much better spent helping inform those other two groups of people above.
              3. O46XSQ: can & is done…
                1. O3C2DU: from location either:
                  1. O3C2F5: (apparently from) wherever you are (as from home!, or from work if allowed, or a fast-food restaurant) :O3C2F5
                    1. O3CCYL: so the name ‘phonebank’ appears misleading as that suggests to me {many people dialing together}, when in fact
                    2. O3CCY7: this calling for Bernie can be done solo & from anywhere apparently, without having to go to a…
                  2. O3C2FM:Bernie phonebank events in your area :O42H8P’ :O3C2FM
                    1. O3CD3W: but don’t wait too long if not one soon & near enough, especially if before any voting/caucusing; instead just do it from ‘wherever you are .. :O3C2F5
                2. O46XU7: at when
                  1. O46ZNR: US time zone map so you know the time where you’re calling

                    O46XWU: by at a time of day widely ranging (for PST, from ~7am to 11pm)

                    1. O4700H: by, for any given time of day you’re at, picking a state which can receive calls then
                    2. O46ZTI: since caller time zones are mostly different from yours and range from/to
                      1. New York Bernie Dialing (‘10:00am – 9:00pm ET .. 7:00am – 6:00pm PT’)
                      2. Hawaii Bernie Dialing ‘.. 3:00pm – 2:00am ET / Noon – 11:00pm PT
                  2. O46XUK: any day of the week Mon thru Sun
                    1. O4703V: with probably somewhat higher…
                      1. O46XV0: …voter payoff if calling 0 to 3 days before a primary election, which are not always but often or mostly held on Tuesday
                      2. O4707C: …volunteer payoff (getting Bernie volunteers) if calling 1 to 3 weeks before a primary election
              4. O3C1Z2: all you need is:
                1. O3C1ZM: a telephone :O3C1ZM
                  1. O3C2UZ: ideally (but not required) with a headset (Bluetooth or wired) –very helpful :O3C2UZ
                  2. O3C3IS: –it seems it can be anyone’s phone you’re allowed access to, so not necessarily your personal phone, but
                  3. O3C3KE: it appears this phone # is NOT given to the people you are calling, per O3C3DG
                2. O3C1ZZ: a web browser session to interact the website including while you’re on all the phone calls :O3C1ZZ
                  1. O3C2ZH: as that, specifically the web page
                  2. O3C2K1: which can be had via 1 of
                    1. O3C2KG: using or borrowing both:
                      1. O3C2MZ: a {laptop or maybe tablet or maybe smartphone} with a web browser
                      2. O3C2NS: an Internet connection
                    2. O3C2OQ: your ‘telephone :O3C1ZM’ maybe iff
                      1. O3C2QT: a smartphone with a decent-sized web browser & Internet access
                      2. O3C2R8: with a headset, as detailed at O3C2UZ, as then you can see & work on the web browser as you talk on the phone
                      3. O47095: from testing phone…
                        1. O4709M: Samsung Galaxy S3 from Virgin Mobile running Android 4.4.2 on 2016.03.16: unusable as fails misdirects to and seems to hang on a blank page — result O470LJ
                        2. O470PG:
                3. O3C37W: information about you :O3C37W
                  1. O3C3BN: which appears to only be given to the campaign, NOT your callers. Instead
                    1. O3C3DG: for their caller ID, (I’m guessing) they are only given the campaign’s number. :O3C3DG
                    2. O3C3E7: When they answer, you are encouraged to verbally tell them your name. You can use whatever name you wish.
                  2. O3C3FE: of only
                    1. O3C38A: a first & last name you’ll use for you.
                      1. O3C3B8: The last name can be just an abbreviation, as ‘B’.
                      2. O3C3GB: It appears to be unverified.
                    2. O3C392: the number of the ‘telephone :O3C1ZM’ you will be using the make the calls
                      1. O3C3H3: This is verified & must work: the system will call that # then connect you to those you’re calling.
                    3. O3C39V: your email address for purposes of this campaign
                      1. O3C3NO: it is unverified but
                      2. O3C3NZ: it would be rude to give a non-working & counter-supportive to give an email address which doesn’t reach just you
                4. O46UVB: time
                  1. O46VFV: ‘TIME CALLING GOAL: 2 HOURS

                    1 BERNIT 641
                    2 DAVIDCOLBERT 546
                    3 BUCKY_FOR_LIFE 501
                    4 KATESCHMIDT 474
                    5 DSTEELE713 450

                    Want to see your name here? Sign up at BerniePB, and
                    come chat with our online community of phonebankers
                    on Slack!’ –quoting ->
                    on 2016.03.16Wed

                    O46V6R: goals

                    1. O46VJS: the official page O46VFV (right box)
                      1. O46VMK: recommends doing a session, say at ‘2 hours’ of calling (after the 1st, the each additional breezes thru)
                      2. O46VO6: says top callers in the world can get up to 600 call per day (so, assuming a 8 hour shift, that’s 75 calls/hour –but naturally the average person isn’t expected to do so fast and especially so many …but for those who want to get their name featured there… 🙂
                  2. O46UWI: to setup & learn takes about .5 hours to 2 hours :O46UWI
                  3. O46UXL: each active call takes 10 seconds (for say a hang-up) to ~3 minutes for the fun person wanting to learn about Bernie
                  4. O46V1U: for you, the system finds & connects to the next callee: takes 5 to ~30 sec, while you take a breath.
                  5. O46V4J: between every call you have the option to pause or/and break.
              5. O3C5U1: for people who say they reasonably and especially strongly support Bernie, as well as {the script norm: encouraging them to vote}, I recommend:
                1. O3C5WE: encourage them to ‘best supporting Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign :O3BW0H
                  1. O3C5Y6: the topic of this post. You can even tell them to see this post.
                  2. O3C5YU: as will notably ensure your outreach goes viral!
              6. O3C5C3: an overview of what happens
                1. O3C4Z8: You are using & talking on your ‘telephone :O3C1ZM’, but…
                2. O3C5H7: you actually aren’t doing any dialing yourself, nor having to find some place to make & hand-in your notes of how it went & what you learned. Rather,…
                3. O3C5CP: The automated system dials you, then. 1-by-1, dials people needing calling, connecting each with you when the person is live on the line while simultaneously displaying a web form giving the person’s info and a script to read to them (if you need one) plus questions to ask them & enter their answers.
                4. O3C5F5: So all you need to do is talk to the people (who appear from your screen & telephone) and type in their answers.
              7. O3C5MD: how the people called react (from the phone bank event I attended)
                1. O3C5KZ: a few of the times the people won’t like the call, but your identity is hid apparently so no real harm against you, and the system allows for you to take them off the list if that’s what they want.
                2. O3C5N1: most of the time people like your call, yes sometimes even if they’re supporting opposing candidates.
                3. O3C5NP: occasionally you get into a long & fun discussion, where both you & the caller really enjoy it.
              8. O4NV56: voter solicit script/conversation
                • O4RFRG: phonebanking provides them
                  1. O4RFUF: -one for each state and {sometimes one for each group of states voting on the same day}
                • O4RGLE: me doing this (selling Bernie, here via Bernie dialing)
                  • O4RGJV: various Bernie supporters seem to consistently tell me I’m pretty good at this.
                  • O4RGN1: I’m able to turn ~1/2 of ‘Not home’ and even ~1/3rd of ‘Wrong number’ replies into Bernie supporters
                  • O4RGOU: I don’t enjoy this job (yes even though I’m good at it)
                    • O4RGQZ: as it takes me a huge amount of energy
                      • O4RGRG: to be on my toes instantly ready to turn to the positive all the mean stuff call answers do
                      • O4RGT7: especially talking briefly to many people (more quantity instead of depth, though there are the occasional exception), which is not my style
                    • O4RGV6: so I prefer to do it with others doing it
                    • O4RGVW: still I do it, even if I have to do it alone say from home, as it needs to get done.
                      • O4RGWX: most recently, for the vote ‘2016.03.26Sat :O4RGZL (75 delegates from 3 states)’, alone in my bedroom, I Bernie dialed for many hours (FriPst1500~-2400~ and (for HI) SatPst1000~-1500~), getting several people to vote for Bernie, and (as that link shows), next day Bernie won in all 3 states by a 3-to-1 landside! :O4RGWX
                • O4RFWD: IMHO,
                  1. O4RFWS: following the or any script is secondary to sounding positive & natural & sincere, the degree that most callers don’t follow the or any script rigorously, just use it as a start point.
                  2. O4RG1Z: caller tone
                    1. O4RG3F: is key, even more important than what is said
                    2. O4RG3N: should be
                      1. O4RG46: friendly
                      2. O4RG4Q: familiar, like talking to someone you personally well know
                      3. O4RG5A: positive, including lightly expectant of positive
                      4. O4RG5W: natural
                      5. O4RG5Q: sincere
                      6. O4RIHJ: like you the caller is a semi-familiar good old friend who is calling as you are back the callee’s town so want to get together
                  3. O4RG7Y: caller should say only enough to find out how the person s/he is talking to feels on the most core things, then exactly address those things, by first being empathetic & agreeing, then, once agreement is established, shifting it towards the goals, then repeat this process.
                • O4RFR3: my script
                  • O4RGFS: for dialing/calling
                    • O4RGG6: sentence 1
                      • O4RGGQ: ‘Hi! Would [first name] be in? :-)’
                      • O4RGHI: once that person is speaking to you,
                      • O4RLHX: if you get {Not Home}
                        • O4RLIO: ‘Oh, perhaps you could take a message. And actually maybe you can help, too ’ then ‘intro :O4NV33
                      • O4RLL2: if you get {Wong number}
                    • O4NV33: intro :O4NV33
                      1. O4RIVR: -is extremely critical
                      2. O4RIWC: needs to be fast & to the point & give the big picture.
                      3. O4RIXK: consists of the following seemingly in order
                        • O4RISB: who you are
                          1. O4NUZH: ‘I’m Michael from California. I’m a volunteer and an Iraq war vet.’
                          2. O4RJKW: here, important to make clear else clearly suggest you’re not {being paid}, not {a professional at this}, not a ‘telemarketer’
                        • O4RITV: what you’re calling about
                          1. O4RIUJ: ‘And for our US president, I’m calling to earn your vote for Bernie Sanders! :-)’
                            1. O4RJBK: ‘I got this basic wording, especially excellent ‘earn your vote’, from .. :O4RJ03
                          2. O4RJNT: here, important to make clear else clearly suggest you‘re not asking them to monetarily buy anything.
                        • O4RIV0: your 1st question
                          • O4RJ5W: ‘And I was wondering about your thoughts on Bernie 🙂 and your plans for voting in your caucus tomorrow 10am.’
                            • O4RJEF: pro: gets on subject
                            • O4RJEY: non-pushy and won’t alienate anyone
                            • O4RJSC: includes when they are needed to take action
                          • O4RIZO: ‘At your caucuses today, can we count on your vote for Bernie? :-)’
                            • O4RJ7O: notable pros thru cons
                              • O4RJ9D: pro: gets to the point extremely fast
                              • O4RJ44: as a Yes/No question, dangerous as
                                • O4RJ4L: I got a few ‘No (something)’ then hung up on, else hard to recover from No.
                              • O4RJ2W: pushy sounding
                                • O4RJA5: as
                                  • O4RJ23: a lot to decide in one question
                                  • O4RJ3C: wanting so much
                                • O4RJB4: so will likely put at odds those opposed and sometimes {those undecided from pushing them}
                            • O4RJ03: I got this basic wording from the suggested script at my 1st Bernie phone banking. :O4RJ03
                      4. O4RLYF: other script
                        1. O4RLYX: nothing formal –but rather free-flow with the callee
                        2. O4RLZL: include fragments
                          1. O4RLZZ: ‘this is the only campaign funded & powered by ordinary folks as you and me’
                          2. O4RM0M: ‘this is the only real grass-roots effort. Nobody assigned me to this job. Just like you, I just looked onto the site for ideas to help. I’m just here calling her from my bedroom.’
                          3. O4RMAB: some text else points from ‘my SMS :O4RJXD
                          4. O4RMBW: if the person can take on more than just voting for Bernie, then as much as they can take, of (increasing)
                            1. O4RMDC: to your vote/caucus, bring your Bern buds per O4NV4L
                            2. O4RMMR: ‘as you like this campaign and what Bernie stands for and is doing, perhaps you could just jump on and donate a few bucks.’
                            3. O4RMFQ: ‘You can multiply your vote 50x. And we need to. Not everyone is as smart as you, so we need to call people in other states to let them know about Bernie if we want to have the option of Berne in November. If they don’t know, the vote goes for Hillary. But if the turn out is big, consistently Bernie wins. People just need to be told of him.’…
                            4. O4RMJM: ‘Did you know you have Bernie events happening within just a few miles of you every few days? … Yes you can find them at .. What you’re thoughts about going to a few in the next few days?’
                  • O4RJXD: my SMS :O4RJXD
                    • O4NV05: fragments in order:
                      1. O4NV0U: ‘Hi, [first name]. Nice talking w/u. It’s Michael from SoCal again. Our auto-dialer somehow cut off our call, so I’m texting u from my personal cell #.’
                      2. O4NV1E: 1 of
                        1. O4NV44: ‘Yes I’m delighted u #FeelTheBern, too!’
                        2. O4NV4D: ‘Yes I’m calling to earn your vote for Bernie Sanders for US president. I hope u #FeelTheBern, too!’
                      3. O4RK01: for HI residents or vets
                        1. O4NV27: ‘HI congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is an Iraq vet (like me) and quit the prestigious DNC Vice Chair so she can strongly advocate for Bernie (latest news: ) -so she’s also a top Bernie supporter.’
                          1. O4RK10: if a HI resident, prefix that with ‘Your’
                          2. O4RK4Y: specific news sources considered:
                            1. O4RK5D:
                            2. O4RK6S:
                            3. O4RK7U:
                      4. O4NV4L: ‘Your big Presidential Primary vote is today Sat around noon. For that, just follow , including simply use the ‘LOOK UP’ to get ur caucus location; that tells me your location is ‘TBA’. Arrive early as ‘doors close at 1pm’. And be sure to bring with u all your Bern Buds u can gather! all can self-register that day that page explains. Just SMS else call me if u have any Qs. And thanks so much for Feeling & Spreading The Bern!’ :O4NV4L
              9. O3C3PV: to do a calling session, do in order
                1. O3C3Q6: optionally go to ‘Bernie phonebank events :O42H8P
                2. O3C3RP: on your ‘web browser .. :O3C1ZZ ’, go to & follow the directions there
                  1. O3C3UH: which will, in order,
                    1. O3C3XB: tell you what states Bernie especially needs help with by when, & ask you to pick one.
                    2. O42HX7: ALERT: directions that follow are
                      1. O42HXW: which the Bernie leaders seem to have replaced ~2016.02 with say
                    3. O3C462: in the right-hand column, for your chosen state, tell you ‘
                      • CALLING HOURS …
                      • CAMPAIGN ID: [4 digit decimal number]
                        PASSCODE: [6 digit decimal number]
                    4. O3C475: When you press ‘Start Making Calls’, you will be redirected to where it will prompt you to enter the info given in that last step.
                    5. O3C4XJ: then in some order, the system will
                      1. O3C3YD: give you instructions on what to do, including
                        1. O3C46D: you just need to skim these instructions
                      2. O3C4L2: you will be prompted for the ‘information about you :O3C37W
                    6. O3C49S: When you click ‘ ‘Let’s get started’ or similar, your phone should ring, and when you answer you will be told your ‘agent id’, a ~7 digit decimal number which you enter onto the displayed web page.
                    7. O3C4CJ: Then you will enter the call cycle:
                      1. O3C4NR: The system will pick out someone to call, dialing until a person has answered live with ‘hello’ or similar.
                      2. O3C4OX: Then instantly the person’s name & details will appear with a script for you to read and a survey for you to complete on the call.
                      3. O3C4QF: When the person hangs up, you will be given an automated voice saying ~‘The person has hung up. Please enter the survey information then press Next Call or End calls’
                        1. O3C4S9: this message repeats way too frequently which I find quite annoying.
                        2. O3C4T1: You enter this info about the call.
                      4. O3C4TY: Finally you press either ‘Next Call’ and the cycle repeats or ‘Last Call’ and it ends.
              10. O42GNZ: More info can be found at
                1. O42H3X:
                2. O42H6O: page-searching for ‘Phone’ –several articles :O42H6O
          4. O3C7YO: if you can spare a day, please do…
            1. O3CCO3: all the above plus…
            2. O4HYDS: host a Bernie 2016 event
              1. O3CCIF: If you need venue space, consider local quality fast food restaurants that, in Yelp, top rated & inexpensive; that’s what I’ve been using for community events (goal)
              2. O4HYVZ: to advertise
                1. O4HYW8: foremost, including to make it official, do ‘ :O44YJ7’ ‘event :O44Z0X’ create & edit :O44YUR
                2. O4HYYD: more TBA
      5. O3BW7U: When :O3BW7U
        1. O3CD8J: ASAP! Like now!
          1. O3CDBK: including Don’t make the big mistake I now realize I made: waiting for the ‘primary races :O3BW8B’ voting/caucusing to come my state, as O3BWNC coming up next…
        2. O3BW8B: during primary races :O3BW8B
          1. O3BWNC: as these are critical else ‘Hilary Clinton :O39SFQwill be chosen as the Dem choice :O3BWNC, as…
            1. O3CDDN: with Hilary somehow the assumed winner by our voting system even before the races began, indeed somehow she’s given the effective to be the Democratic party’s choice in advance (!) O3CBOD, if we Bernie supporters don’t substantially start delivering our ‘support (a lot more than voting)..:O3BX6F’ now & including months before & up until 2016 Democratic Convention (2016.07.25-27), Bernie will loose.
          2. O4RL1E: the overall goal: ensure Bernie gets the highest total delegates after primary votes done for all US voters.
            1. O4RL9M: ..where every US state plus {Americans abroad} have been allocated some to give, seemingly proportionate to the number of registered voters or citizens there
            2. O3CC1O: Do realize that just because a candidate looses in a state and another wins, does not mean the candidate gets 0 support from that state. Rather each state has a certain number of delegates, which I think are roughly assigned proportionate to the number of people in the state, and the delegates get divided up according proportionally to the popular vote — or are supposed to. Delegates also appear to be people who can change their vote. I’m not sure of the exact details. But the point is it’s not simply just who wins each state but how important the state is & how big there each candidate’s win is. :O3CC1O
            3. O3CBOD: ahead of the actual votes & caucusing, a landslide of delegates pledged to Clinton, and not to Sanders nor anyone else? :O3CBOD
              1. O3CBQ0: naturally this seems very unfair
                1. O3CESZ: Indeed my 84 year old fellow Bernie supporter Elaine responded to me on this today indeed she suspects the political system is rigged against Bernie —O3BZDK.
              2. O3CES9: I’m only beginning to understand this.
              3. O3CBP2: I’m seeing news reports of this, including
                1. O3CBLG: I 1st heard of it on MSNBC today 2016.02.29Mon14~ and 15~: a short spot saying about 500 or 800 delegates were pledged to Clinton, and only 45 to Bernie, ahead of this Super-Tuesday, reported by ABC I recall.
                  1. O3CBRW: -unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture and can’t find this MSNBC news report on the web.
                2. O3CBVK: finds reports of this from several months earlier, as
                3. O3CC15: suggests something is quite wrong with the system, including well-respected MoveOn is protesting it.
            4. O4RKFA: where focus should be, from most important roughly:
              1. O4RKGE: the soonest ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date + key updates :O4PPVX
              2. O4RKHO: states which have higher delegate counts
              3. O4RKI7: a state with ‘warning: a closed primary :O4QIJQ
              4. O4RKLK: if a ‘winner-takes all/most’ state (which I’ve so far only seen not Democrat but GOP),
                1. O4RKQY: then securing just enough votes to definitely win then going help other more critical support needs
                  1. O4RKRP: to do the former effectively, requires following representative polls, such as those of O4RKDK
                2. O4RKVQ: else consider other factors, as then the {delegates will be assigned proportionately :O3CC1O}, so most all additional work generally helps
          3. O4PPVX: upcoming {presidential primary votes + related polls & key news} essential for Bernie supporters :O4PPVX
            1. O4RDAY: by date in reverse order
              1. O4QJIM: more TBA from ‘source :O4RF43
              2. O4PQ4O: 2016.04.26Tue vote :O4PQ4O (384 delegates of 5 states)
                1. O4PQ60: 189 delegates from PA(Pennsylvania); Bern dial ok ‘10:00am – 9:00pm ET; 7:00am – 6:00pm PT; 9:00am – 8:00pm CT’
                  1. O4QJ1N: ‘warning: a closed primary :O4QIJQ
                2. O4PQ6H: 095 delegates from MD(Maryland); Bern dial ok ‘10:00am – 9:00pm ET; 7:00am – 6:00pm PT; 9:00am – 8:00pm CT’
                  1. O4QJ38: ‘warning: a closed primary :O4QIJQ
                3. O4PQ7H: 055 delegates from CT(Connecticut); Bern dial ok ‘10:00am – 9:00pm ET; 9:00am – 8:00pm CT; 7:00am – 6:00pm PT’
                4. O4PQ8D: 024 delegates from RI(Rhode Island); Bern dial ok ‘10:00am – 9:00pm ET; 7:00am – 6:00pm PT; 9:00am – 8:00pm CT’
                5. O4PQB4: 021 delegates from DE(Delaware); Bern dial ok ‘10:00am – 9:00pm ET; 7:00am – 6:00pm PT / 9:00am – 8:00pm CT’
                  1. O4QJ0L: ‘warning: a closed primary :O4QIJQ
              3. O4PPYU: 2016.04.19Tue vote :O4PPYU (247 delegates of NY)
                1. O4PQ2W: 247 delegates from NY(New York); Bern dial ok ‘12:00pm – 9:00pm ET’ so 9:00am-6:00pm PT
                  1. O4PS7X: Bernie has challenged Hilary to a debate in NY but Hilary has not yet responded –says ‘..CNN correspondent Chris Frats.. :O4PP98
                  2. O4X205:  (For Bernie to win), notable pros thru cons
                    1. O4X22K:  Bernie was born in Brooklyn, NY and has a NY accent
                    2. O4PROW: Hilary was famously a 2-term senator here –big
                    3. O4QIZF: ‘warning: a closed primary :O4QIJQ’ –very big
                  3. O4X1IY:  2016.03.31ThuPst0726~: MSNBC reports Bernie “beating” Hilary by -12 points 2016.03.22-25~ poll, citing
              4. O4PPXG: 2016.04.09Sat vote :O4PPWO (014 delegates of WY)
                1. O4PQ0L: 014 delegates from WY(Wyoming); Bern dial ok ‘10:00am – 9:00pm MT; Noon – 11:00pm ET; 9:00am – 8:00pm PT
              5. O4PPWO: 2016.04.05Tue vote :O4PPWO (086 delegates of WI)
                1. O4PQ09: 086 delegates from WI(Wisconsin); Bern dialing ok ‘10:00am – 9:00pm CT; 11:00am – 10:00pm ET; 8:00am – 7:00pm PT’
                  1. O4WZ0R:  2016.03.31ThuPst0237~: MSNBC reports Bernie beating Hillary by +1 points on 2016.02 and +4 on 2016.03.24-28, and reports on that date Bernie would beat all 3 republican candidates by points 2 (over Kasich) to 19 (over Trump) whereas Hilary could only beat Trump (by 10 pts),  citing poll (IMHO hard-to-read).
                  2. O4XGX6:  friend-builder conversation especially from someone out-of-state: noting where WI got recent favorable national attention: ABC’s Shark Tank espisode 2016.03.11 1st segment covered Madison, WI’s innovative Mob Craft Beer (Wisconsin Gazzette article)
              6. O4WYS8:  2016.03.31ThuPst10:00- KPFK broadcasts interview by giving high details on what Bernie needs to do to win the primary. Essentially ‘possible but will take a dramatic improvement, including winning NY is very key’. Note his colleague is Nate Silver, the most famous predictor of presidential outcomes.
                1. O4WYYK: entry: streamable mp3 from podcast
              7. O4PP98: 2016.03.27SunPst1122-24: CNN  reports announcer ‘Welcome back. Bernie Sanders sweeping victories in 3 crucial democratic states, winning big over Hilary Clinton in HI+AK+WA. … Now let’s get to CNN correspondent Chris Fraits [in Washington DC] with the very latest on this. .. ‘.. Yeah they give him enough momentum to keep him in the hunt. ..remember here, those delegates are awarded proportionally. .. Going into yesterday’s contest, Sanders trailed Clinton by about 300 pledged delegates; .. with his sweeping wins yesterday, Sanders .. [now] lags Clinton by [only] 240 delegates [plus] [a few more]unaccounted delegates which will likely go into Sanders column .., so going forward, Sanders will need to continue to put up these big huge wins; he has to win 75% of the delegates left to clinch the nomination, … Clinton, for her part, she needs just needs to win just 35%. .. ‘’ :O4PP98
              8. O4RGZL: 2016.03.26Sat :O4RGZL (75 delegates from 3 states)
                1. O4RHM2: 34=25+9 delegates from WA(Washington) Results »
                2. O4RHOJ: 25=17+8 delegates from HI(Hawaii) Results »
                3. O4RHR3: 16=13+3 delegates from AL(Alaska) Results »
              9. O4RDJC: ~3 votes here TBA
              10. O3BWY1: before else on Super Tuesday, which is 2016.03.01Tue :O3BWY1
                1. O3BX06: is super-critical
                2. O3BX45: My email on it quote ‘
                  O3AWCP: Dear Karen, and all activate-able Bernie supporters, URGENT Bernie NEWS: Rachael Maddow & more call for urgent immediate need for ‘3 times’ more Bernie Dialing & similar…
                  1. O3AWD2: Karen, Thanks for hosting the attached Bernie Dialer event below; I very much enjoyed it.
                  2. O3AWDF: And when I mentioned there ‘it probably would have been better if it could have gone on 1 more hour’, I couldn’t have been more right. Indeed as typical for me, I underestimated it: it seems it should be immediately 4 hrs. every day, as…
                  3. O3AWFD: Just saw on TRMS 2016.02.26Fri at the start saying {except in except Bernie’s home state VT, on all polls of the Super Tuesday states that can be polled, even MA, Hillary is notably winning (& only the 2 caucus states, MN & CO, are not polled) and at minute 7~ in conclusion ‘I mean, if you’re the Bernie Sanders campaign or you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter, tomorrow in SC and Tuesday in all these other states, you look at polling, it’s not a good outlook. The Sanders campaign and the Sanders supporters are at a moment now where however hard they have been working, they’re going to have to crank it up & start working 3 times as hard in order to overcome these very stiff headwinds that they’ve got against the Clinton campaign in these crucial next contests.
                    1. [O3CKF2: here’s the audio from the podcast]
                    2. O3AY94: I can’t find an online

                      version of this episode but that URL might find some later and most importantly the core news is already above, and

                    3. O3AY9C: a part of this news is a repeat, in less detail, of a warning that polling even in Bernie’s most needed MA is failing, starting at 4:00 in this clip from day Thu, and (again) so Friday’s news adds polls also showing Bernie loosing in all the other Super-Tuesday states mentioned.
                    4. O3AZ5M: These 2 other major news sources on Bernie agree: ‘Clinton looks to close Sanders out in March CNN-16 hours ago’, & ’in Boston Herald-Feb 28, 2016’ saying ‘an expected brutal Super Tuesday [for Bernie] on the docket’.
                      1. [O3BXU5: and at least 1 more: LA Times 2016.02.29Tue front page has ‘Why Tuesday is so super? Contests in 12 states could go a long way toward settling the races in both parties’]
                  4. O3AWUT: So please tell all the phone bank attendees, and tell all the Bernie supporters you can reach, this TRMS news plus please all need to immediately, especially today Monday but also Tuesday early, do [‘Bernie {Dialer aka Phone Bank} :O3C1FC’] (or equivalent publicity) for as many hours a they can endure, including even if no Bernie event (as phonebank; just enter your zip) one can make: then still put in the hours on one’s own. Yes? [
                    1. O3CMUR: SMS ‘Me: Leon, NiceJob&ThxMuch4 hosting(&organizing?) starting in 3hrs. I cd go but might it be more critical today Tue to do {Calling4Super-Tue }? Also (interested in)doing Bern Calling soon by esp. Saddleback students, ideally even interested students who cant yet vote? -seems esp. powerful per younger more #FeelTheBern 🙂 -Destiny 6:55 AM’ :O3CMUR


            2. O4QIIS: warning signs:
              1. O4SV68: warning: non-caucus vote :O4SV68
                1. O4SV8Q: History shows the state vote is a caucus, Bernie almost always wins, but otherwise Hilary readily wins.
                  1. O4SVC7: specifically MSNBC on 2016.03.28Mon points out, especially on the TRMS that day: S8E62: that even while overall Hilary is so far beating Bernie, the reverse is true for the caucus votes: Bernie won the last 10 of the 12 caucus votes so far; but unfortunately there are only 2 more caucus votes left.
                    1. O4SYEW: I suspect this is true
              2. O4QIJQ: warning: a closed primary :O4QIJQ
                1. O4QILD: Most independents vote Bernie but in a ‘closed primary’ state independents can’t vote in the primary, which means {opponent Hilary} has significant greater chance of winning.
                  1. O4QIP4: to fix this, Bernie supporters need to extra work to and/or:
                    1. O4QIPJ: get more registered-democrats to vote Bernie
                    2. O4QIRI: get independents who want to vote Bernie to re-register as Democrat in time to vote for Bernie
                2. O4QITY: This problem alerted to me in 2016.03.36SatPst16:40 SMS from my cousin Michael and also covered later that day by CNN.
              3. O4SYGH: warning: a low-voter turnout
                1. O4SYI7: Bernie has repeatedly pointed out (at least in 2016.03) that when voter turn out is low, Hilary wins; when it is high, Bernie wins.
            3. O4RF43: source :O4RF43
              1. O4RF6Z:
              2. O4RKDK:,_2016 :O4RKDK
              3. O4RF4G: for 2016.04(Apr), from ‘..CNN correspondent Chris Frats.. :O4PP98
      6. O44YJ7: :/O4VBer#O44YJ7
        1. O4V4MV:   ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ /O4VBer
        2. O44YKA: –the official campaign website, and email address domain for official communications (via
        3. O44YLH: –where supporters especially ordinary people seriously need to go to & use NOW
          1. O4512J: especially to support the campaign by at least 1:
            1. O45143:donate a few bucks to the Bernie campaign: fast & painless :O3C1GW
            2. O45162:attend Bernie events in your area (just enter your zip) :O46WV8
            3. O451K5:do Bernie Dialing :O3C1FC
          2. O44YNG: notably in Bernie’s case for, as far as presidential candidates, he’s the only true grass-roots movement where, not being bought by the super-PACs & billionaires but the ordinary people, the movement counts on not just votes but people doing this support
        4. O4505A: (the site) is mostly self explanatory (and very pretty); tricky points I note below:
        5. O44Z8G: user account
          1. O44Z94: create/edit/delete
            1. O44ZJQ: create
              1. O44Z9E: anyone can create an account
                1. O44ZAE: takes just about a minute
              2. O44ZNL: warning & bug: ‘editing does not appear possible :O44ZML
            2. O44ZL5: edit of ‘info (field) :O44ZDW
              1. O44ZLF: how?
                1. O44ZML: editing does not appear possible :O44ZML
                  1. O44ZT3: what I consider a bug
                  2. O44ZQ1: and there’s no warning of this, what I consider a serious bug
                  3. O44ZQ7: so pick your info carefully
            3. O44ZR2: delete
              1. O44ZVJ: delete does not appear possible
                1. O44ZVY: I consider this a benefit.
          2. O44ZDW: info (field) :O44ZDW
            1. O44ZEV: required
              1. O44ZEA: name
                1. O44ZFV: appears unverified & can be anything
                2. O44ZY3: will be displayed publically for anyone who create
              2. O44ZGK: zip code
              3. O44ZGR: email address
            2. O44ZH4: non-required
              1. O44ZHE: none I’ve seen
        6. O44Z0X: event :/O3Bern#O44Z0X
          1. O44YUE: system
          2. O44YVW: search :O44YVW
            1. O44YY2: around any zip-code
              1. O44YYL: is super-easy
              2. O49ZSE: type qty 2: :O49ZSE
                1. O49ZTG: pure text output, as ‘O49XFQ: text search for target (92654) in 5mi ..’
                2. O49ZWJ: mapped + text output, as ‘O49X96: map search for target (92654) in 5mi ..’
              3. O49ZZ2: display of end time
                1. O49ZZM: not done –semi-serious bug :O49ZZM
                  1. O4A00I: causes my all 8am to 11pm event to instead appear as just an 8am so just a morning event, as seen in the results quoted by the 2 search examples I given in O49ZSE
                  2. O4A136: as most events are under 6 hours, will likely cause the average user to probably unconsciously mis-assume that a longer event is going to be <6 hours, too, unless {the event somehow features its length/end-time in the title, which introduces more problems :O4A19U}
              4. O4A0E5: display of ‘‘ALL DAY EVENT’ :O4A05P
                1. O4A0EH: is not done –bug :O4A0EH
                  1. O4A0FI: instead the ‘start time’ is still displayed even though it’s properly not on in the event details.
            2. O45IQ9: (for events which) happen
              1. O44YWS: in the past
                1. O44YZA: appears impossible
                  1. O44YZP:an apparent bug
                  2. O470TR: so I can’t look up {the event I went to :O3CD37
                    1. O470WB: so asking find it :/O3Bern#O470WB
                2. O45NAD: –partial workaround: ‘URL .. permanent including lasts after event expires :O44Z28
              2. O45IR1: currently/during
                1. O45IRJ: appears to work, by my testing it at ~3 hours before end of O4294Z
                2. O45MVL: should be done
                  1. O45ITO: including was ‘Urgent & Important’, indeed the #1 issue as point O42QXS of O45K2D
                  2. O45N1D: as, perhaps most notably, ‘O42R0R: For this & any other event listed on short notice, especially longer duration ones as this, if this display is not the case, most all the advertising benefit of listing it here will be lost.’
          3. O45POK: RSVP :O45POK
            1. O4721N: RSVPing (create & edit)
              1. O4723X: sends alerts (email)
                1. O47254: seemingly instantly (right after RSVP)
                2. O4725K: to…
                  1. O4725T: to the event host
                    1. O4726M: unless the event is set not to send this (not default and probably a bad idea)
                    2. O47279: telling the RSVPer’s
                      1. O472B0: the event URL (hopefully)
                      2. O4727U: name
                      3. O4727Z: email address
                        1. O47289: -key so the event host can respond & ask more Qs
                        2. O472K8: not knowing I’d get this, I wrote /445cv#O42GLX which then forced our ad to be much more complicated :O472K8
                      4. O4729I: # of guests
                      5. O4729S: no other info
                  2. O472AE: the RSVPer
                    1. O472BE: the event URL
                    2. O472BQ: for phonebank events, additional prep work
                  3. O472CI: –these details need to be documented in ‘(‘event :O44Z0X’) creation & editing :O44YUR’ forms so to know what to write in the description.
                    1. O472HX: I didn’t see this, so
                      1. O472IV: made the ad much more complex, per O472K8
              2. O45POW: editing
                1. O45PPD: how:
                  1. O45PPM: impossible? :O45PPM
                    1. O45PR2: –a bug
                    2. O45PQB: it so far appears
                      1. O45Q7M: as latest as I can’t properly remove my guest for even though I’d want to so to avoid the ‘no show’ plus free up a space as the event has only 1 space left.
                    3. O45PRL: causes problems:
                      1. O45PSU: no-shows
                      2. O45PT3: capacity limit to be reached from those who now would say they can’t show.
                        1. O45PVJ: workaround: pick some capacity even (as a factor) higher than actual (beyond even normal no-shows) to account for {RSVP editing as to NO ‘impossible? :O45PPM’} :O45PVJ
              3. O4ANOT: the button currently ‘mis-labeled ‘Next >>’ –bug :O4ANPZ’ doing {Submit your RSVP and, for this event type, get universal prep details get universal prep details for the event type} :O4ANOT
                1. O4ANPZ: is instead mis-labeled ‘Next >>’ –bug :O4ANPZ
                  1. O4ANSH: ​including mis-suggests one is {not yet submitting, just gathering more data for it}
                  2. O4ANXF: instead use an accurate and kindly fully descriptive label, as I give at O4ANOT
          4. O44Z0E: URL
            1. O44Z28: permanent including lasts after event expires :O44Z28
              1. O44Z36: Yes in my experience
            2. O44Z3N: is short
              1. O44Z40: the particular ID is, but not the overall URL
            3. O49VCE: type
              1. O49Y8Y: for general public display & RSVP, 2+ choices :O49Y8Y
              2. O49YAF: for event creator, 2+ choices:
          5. O44YUR: ( :O44YJ7’ ‘event :O44Z0X’) create & edit :O44YUR
            1. O3CCI6: pretty easy, especially once you know the tricks of this section
            2. O45JSK: create
              1. O44Z6U: anyone can immediately create an event –one just needs a logon which takes only a few minutes to create
              2. O3CCFK: host a Bernie event –click there
              3. O45JT3: then delay before appearing in ‘search :O44YVW
                1. O45KXM:O42QLP: After creation, this event didn’t immediately appear on distance search results, such as this, which gave us a bit of a scare. Now, about 1 to 2 hours later, it does. Why the delay?’ —O45K2D
                  1. O45L1C: says ‘Help Desk Volunteer’ ‘Sarah’ of ‘ Date: Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 8:04 AM’ :O45L1C
                    1. ‘Events are reviewed as best as able for issues with data entry after they have been created, and issues are resolved as soon as possible. If you notice an error that hasn’t been corrected you are welcome to email us at this address to resolve.
                    2. There is a delay in posting events on the map because of how the site is designed, it only updates after a specific period of time, probably to avoid overloading of the database if I had to guess. ’
            3. O45J62: editing
              1. O45KK5: can be done at
                1. O45KKP: at any time, including during & after the event
                  1. O45KLO: as is appropriate & best IMHO
                  2. O45KLX: appears YES per testing it on ‘/445cv :O4294Z’: {before the event: worked}+{during: worked}+{after: edit option appears}
                  3. O45KQN: unlike Meetup, which mostly-destructively freezes edits after event has started (except for comments, ratings, & attendance)
                2. O45LW7:the creation process doesn’t alert, especially just before creation, of what can be changed & how, but IMHO generally all creation processes should do that, so a semi-serious bug
              2. O45JWK: how:
                1. O45JEV: official instructions
                  1. O45JH9: with exception ‘If you get an error message that your email address / account is not found: create an account using your same email address that was used to create the event. Follow these instructions: Create an Account on Bernie 2016. Once that account is created, it will log you in.’
                    1. O45JNF: this & parent section info from O45L1C source that I here compacted.
                2. O45JY8: finding & getting to the edit button :O45JY8
                  1. O45LMB:this is not intuitive enough IMHO’ —O45K2D :O45LMB
                    1. O45MST: so ‘Urgent & Semi-Important’ bugO45K2D
                    2. O45LTD: ‘Ok, I just [finally ]found it[ by rather awkward means:] in response to the even creation is an email which says ‘Check your event details After logging in, you can view your event details and edit them if needed.’ and that link leads the creator to a list where if one finds the event then clicks ‘Event Menu’ an ‘Edit the event details’ and other options appears’. —O45K2D
                    3. O42S6U: .. instead the ‘‘Event Menu’ should appear on the event whenever it is displayed provided logged in is the creator or other user with such access.
                      1. O42SAN: Agreed? When & how can this be fixed?’ —O45K2D
                    4. O45K2D: –quoting my email to on ‘/445cv :O4294Z’ :O45K2D
                3. O45K4J: is done via the URL…
                  1. O45KJ6:O42S6D: notably giving for this event[ ‘/445cv :O4294Z’].’ —O45K2D
                  2. O45K9P: which is so far {likely, at least I find} easier to bookmark rather than ‘finding & getting to the edit button :O45JY8
              3. O45KF5: note ‘not creation but editing :O451YLbug(s)
              4. O49YGX: ‘‘’ :O49R99
                1. O49YHZ: does not display (so can’t be edited) –bug :O49YHZ
                  1. O49YVW: workaround: use the browser inspector to get to the hidden form field then paste into it the desired input as raw HTML
                    1. O49YXV: –doesn’t work: I pasted in some sample text ‘test text O49YMR’ but it wasn’t saved.
          6. O44Z4U: custom info #O44Z4U
            1. O44Z5C: text
              1. O451RX: quoting :O451RX
                1. O43O30: bug: ‘‘..’’ corrupted into ‘‘..’’
                  1. O4A3TJ: workaround: replace each with ‘&lsquo;..&rsquo;’
                    1. O4A4P0: –must be lower-case
                    2. O4A4PG: problem if source kept in WordPress: it converts each back to ‘‘..’’
                  2. O43O56: so replace each with ‘“..”’
                    1. O451XX: fails per ‘bug: corrupting every ‘“..”’ into ‘“..‒ :O43OK2
              2. O451SA: field
                1. O4A0UN: ‘EVENT TITLE’ (defaults to blank) :O4A0UN
                  1. O4A0WT: character qty max: 128 :O4A0WT
                  2. O4A0X1: for events over 6 hours, in {here: the title} put {the event {hour range} or {start + length} or say ‘all day & night’}} to workaround ‘event search [result] display of end time not done –semi-serious bug :O49ZZM’ :O4A0X1
                    1. O4A19U: problems: clutters up the title a bit and & now requires the title & event times to be kept in sync :O4A19U
                2. O451P2: ‘EVENT DESCRIPTION’ :O451P2
                  1. O49Z5K: keeping the source elsewhere, as in a WordPress post as I do here O48B3V
                    1. O49Z8E: seems a good idea, especially since ‘HTML is filtered & corrupted somewhat :O49ZBT
                    2. O49ZHS: then copying into the create/edit description editor
                      1. O49ZIO: needs to be done as raw HTML not WYSYWIG
                        1. O49ZJC: as otherwise local a-tag href, as the KCGUID links here, get made into absolute-full path, thus breaking them typically
                        2. O49ZKQ: so from WordPress source, to copy the source, one can browser-inspect the source (both in the editor and in normal display) then click ’Edit HTML’ and not edit but copy that.
                        3. O49ZN4: so in the destination editor, it should be 1st put into ’Source’ mode by clicking on that.
                  2. O4A3FF: if just li-point, cut the li & parent ol/ul.
                    1. O4A3GK: as add readability including helps against ‘bug: each nested ol-tag get ~20% bigger :O43OC1
                    2. O4A3ID: fastest method: paste in the source with the li, switch to WYSIWYG then back to source (to format HTML), then cut the outer li and ol/ul tags
                  3. O43OCY: bug: bold is obscenely huge
                  4. O43OC1: bug: each nested ol-tag get ~20% bigger :O43OC1
                  5. O49ZBT: HTML is corrupted somewhat :O49ZBT, including
                    1. O49ZC9: pic stripped out :O49ZC9
                      1. O49ZD3: as I first saw for O49H79
                      2. O4BB9K: –serious bug, as ‘a picture tells 1000 words’ plus generally dramatically spices up the event listing and encourages attendance.
                      3. O4BB4W: specifically the img-tag is completely removed.
                      4. O4BB5E: workaround: 1 or more:
                        1. O4BF00: put in ’DESCRIPTION’ an alert and/or redirect such as O49H79, and after pasting this into a calendar entry, if the picture works, then remove this.
                        2. O4BF33: still put in a picture in the ’DESCRIPTION’ for calendar entries (as on Meetup) where it works, and other places where it doesn’t work as here, after pasting into the calendar entry, strip it out.
                    2. O4VBOM:  sup-tag is stripped off, just leaving bare contents
                      1. O4VBQ7:  –so every point’s KCGUID  (used everywhere on and elsewhere), appear upsettingly full-sized & distruptive!
                        1. O4VBTP:  workaround: strip out the sup-KCGUIDs when re-posting here /OV4Ber#O4VBTP
                          1. O50R9G:  then delete any excess spaces.
                          2. O4VC00:  doable by MSExWeb’s Find & Replace for HTML
                          3. O4VBXJ:  notable pros thru cons
                            1. O4VBXY:  very readable & familiar-looking text
                            2. O4VBYD:  no linking to internal points
                    3. O451YL: not creation but editing :O451YL
                      1. O43OK2: bug: corrupting every ‘“..”’ into ‘“..‒ :O43OK2
                        1. O43OQ0: workaround: replace each with ‘&ldquo;..&rdquo;’
                        2. O4A3KM: seems to only occur after the edit tab has been reloaded after prior edits
                          1. O4A3MR: so one way to avoid temporarily is after an edit is done, in {the resultant window: a manage type}, click the Back button to get to the last edit status {there: dangerous if changes elsewhere} without reloading.
                    4. O50KDN:  i-tag is replaced with b-tag
                      1. O50KEJ:  1st seen around /O4Bern#O50K59
                      2. O50KFU:  workaround possibility
                        1. O50KGQ:  swap i-tag with all-caps  :/O4VBer#O50KGQ
                        2. O50KHB:  swap i-tag with prefix & suffix of ‘_’ as ‘_italics_’
                3. O49S8E: see also ‘‘DIRECTIONS TO EVENT’ (defaults to blank) :O49S61
            2. O45LBI: ‘x person(s) has signed up to attend this event’
              1. O45LDX:O42R9M: For this & other small events especially, the event display to the general person telling ‘x person(s) has signed up to attend this event’ (as is now done) can be destructive’ —O45K2D
                1. O42RCS: especially if ‘this event was fully listed here as of [date]’ is not given (as is now done)’ —O45K2D
                  1. O42RG3: as then a late posted event with few signups can appear to be a bad idea/write-up/organizer when the real problem is normally usually just that it was late posted, but the user can’t see’ —O45K2D
                    1. O42RRS: unless say the event poster manually included the 1st post date –like most everyone, I didn’t think to.’ —O45K2D
                2. O42RGF: How & when can this be fixed.’ —O45K2D
            3. O4A071: ‘When’ field
              1. O4A05P: ‘ALL DAY EVENT’ :O4A05P
                1. O4A0JH: removing this feature
                  1. O4A0JX:I recommend
                  2. O4A0KJ: would force people always be specific on event times: a generally a good thing
                  3. O4A0L4: would remove the many bugs as it’s tricky to get it right
                2. O4A07T: causes ‘(All Day Event)’ to be displayed for the hour range for {event URL ‘for general public display & RSVP, 2+ choices: :O49Y8Y’}
                3. O4A0B2: however {in search results ‘is not done –bug :O4A0EH’}
            4. O49RUX: ‘Where’ field
              1. O49RV8: ‘COUNTRY’ (defaults to ‘United States’) :O49RV8
              2. O49RXJ: ‘LOCATION NAME’ (defaults to blank) :O49RW7
              3. O49RXR: ‘CAPACITY LIMIT’ (defaults to 0 meaning ‘no limit’) :O49RXR
                1. O49S4I: heed ‘workaround: pick some capacity even (as a factor) higher than actual (beyond even normal no-shows) to account for {RSVP editing as to NO ‘impossible? :O45PPM’} :O45PVJ
              4. O49S4Y: ‘ADDRESS’ (defaults to just filling in zip from earlier) :O49S4Y
              5. O49S61: ‘DIRECTIONS TO EVENT’ (defaults to blank) :O49S61
              1. O49SG2: If a personal phone number I tend to say ‘NO’ to avoid putting a personal number on the public web, but provided
                1. O49SJS: the venue can be readily found without calling/SMSing
                2. O49SJZ: the organizer also includes an email address in the public listing, else replies to RSVP YESes quickly, so interested viewers can ask questions.
              2. O49SGY: Most of the events I’ve been to happened to be hosted by women, and they put YES here.
            6. O49R82: ‘ASK ATTENDEES TO VOLUNTEER?’ (defaults to NO) :O49R82
              1. O49XY6: what it does
                1. O49Y21: is badly documented in the event create & edit forms –bug
                2. O49XXW: O49XXW: for {event URL ‘for general public display & RSVP, 2+ choices: :O49Y8Y’}, in (right-hand column) ‘RSVP to this Event’, inserts a final form question of ‘

                  Would you like to volunteer?

                  [ ‘‘’ :O49R99’ ]



                3. O49REB: [REPLACED BY O49XXW:] appears to create a special text prompt which only appears on ‘the signup page’ –though I recall that being not a ‘page’ but a right-hand column.
                  1. O49RFV: so possibly to keep the ‘‘EVENT DESCRIPTION’ :O451P2’ shorter and just bring up certain details when the person decides to RSVP YES.
                  2. O49RID: so far I’m recommending against this feature as it’s simpler conceptually & especially maintenance to have all detailed text (except perhaps Directions) in the ‘‘description :O451P2’’
              2. O49R99: If selected, prompts for ‘’ :O49R99
                1. O49YK6: see critical bug: {in edit form, ‘does not display (so can’t be edited) –bug :O49YHZ’}
                2. O49RBH: with note ‘This message, which will appear on the signup page for this event, should describe the types of volunteers needed for this event.’
                3. O49RDU: with default value ‘If you have a spare laptop, please bring it so that someone else without a laptop can also make calls using our Bernie Dialer system. Thank you!’
        7. ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ section 1st
      7. O42OUI: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’ :O3DAXT
        1. O3CEQU: draft 1 ~75% complete; updating ~daily
  7. O45VZL: ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’ section 1st
    1. O45VZY: /03Bern as a common typo for ‘/O3Bern :O3DAE3
    2. O3DAE3: /O3Bern :O3DAE3

  8. (for this post) my ‘motivation’ (and, TBA, its achievement)

  9. ‘success of this’
  10. NZ3KAG: ‘annex’
  11. NYWZWX: ‘so post category’
    1. O3BVXP: ‘voting NOL1LW’
  12. O3DC5I: post sharing in reverse order
    1. O47A5T: we share in comment in thread
    2. O3DCDZ: SMS to bud BillMe: So, as u a guy who often likes to help out with the world, would u like to do a little help these next months that’s VERY much needed right now, and would make real & big & soon changes for good for all? Now’s ur chance! +I &many u can meet, will love ur help. Pls share ur thoughts on the efforts of me, & over 1 million others, including many in our area: 🙂 8:39 AM
    3. O3DC88: #O3CMUR
    4. O3DC6J: went live #O3CEZS
  13. NYM1ZP: ‘post history additional’: ‘‘post history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
    1. O4TV2O: ‘op’{;end{;date 2016.03.29TuePst1831 ;polish .9~ ;version 2} ;do{resume editing after {NY0WO6 with replacement qty {267+6+647}} after {update {determined by wikiEd} {#O4SYI7content last half restored} after ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ after ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’} after {;words 9416 ;revision 9} after {‘Post restored to revision from March 29, 2016 @ 13:23:56 [Autosave].’ after updates {determined by WP} {#O3BW5L + #O3BW0H + #O4CSI7 + #O3C1EU + #O4HZ63 thru #O4RFIT + #O4NV56 thru #O4RF4G from probably diff sync failures + #O44YUE move + #O44YUR thru #O3CCFK + move #O3BW7U thru #O3CC15 + history #O4RCWO thru #O4E81C} after ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’ after reload now}} ;as{got Chrome ‘Aw, Snap!’ ago hours 3~} ;begin date Pst1804}
    2. O4RCWO: this post in edit ‘Visual’/WYSWYG mode idle in Chrome taking up ~22% CPU when should be near 0%
      1. O4RD0W: 1st noticed when adding O4PPVX
      2. O4RD3C: hoping it’s not from its content so a tab or browser restart will fix
    3. O4ELZB: post size has grown to where WordPress is buggy so break out ‘events I organize :O42CD6’ as 5327 words. :/5419#O4ELZB
    4. O4E81C: ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date2016.03.21MonPst1223‘;after ID ’minutes 4*60 since Pst0723‘;revision ’8‘;version1‘;words ’12143‘;as ’due to a ~5min ago Chrome ‘Aw, Snap!’ at time of entry #O49DWM}‘;do ’now on reload get ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’+ updates {#O4CSI7 + #O49H5O thru #O4BCK6 + #O4BEG8 +#O4BEN8 thru #O4BENV + #O4CU58 thru #NUBNKF + #O4CU9V thru #O4B7P0 + #O4BF7N thru #O4BCK6 + #O487PA + #O4D7SE thru #O4D7WN + #O4AWI6 thru #O4D6ZT + #O4BB9K thru #O4BF33 + history #O4AWSZ} + ‘Post restored to revision from March 21, 2016 @ 14:12:23 [Autosave].’ + ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’ + ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ + updates from wikiEd {#O49DWM} then NY0WO6 with replacement qty {150+0
      per avoid+798} then continue editing‘}}’
    5. O4AWSZ: ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date2016.03.19SatPst1300‘;after ID ’minutes 32 since Pst1228‘;revision ’7‘;version1‘;words ’10535‘;as ’due to {Chrome ‘Aw, Snap!’ at time of entry #O4AWQ8}‘;do ’now on reload get ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’+ updates {#O489YD thru #O49X43 + #O49FSX thru #O48B3V + #O49H5O + #O49FNP thru #O43FTP + #O49WCB thru #O49K8H + #O49J9K thru #O4AWNZ + #O49ZSE thru #O4A0FI + #O45PVJ thru #O4ANXF + #O49VCE thru #O49WPX + #O45KF5 thru #O49YXV + #O43O30 thru #O451XX + #O4A0WT thru #O49S8E + #O4A071 thru #O49RDU + history #O49PT5} + ‘Post restored to revision from March 19, 2016 @ 19:26:59 [Autosave].’ + ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’ + ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ + updates from wikiEd {#O4AWQ8 thru #O4AWPI} then NY0WO6 with replacement qty {286+~4+735} then continue editing‘}}’
    6. O49PT5: ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date2016.03.18FriPst‘;after ID ’minutes t since Pst2059‘;revision ’6‘;version1‘;words ’t9871‘;as ’due to Chrome ‘Aw, Snap!’ here just minutes ago at time of update _}‘;do ’now on reload get ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’+ updates {#O42CD6 thru #O45Q10 has updates but also move so updates impractical to spot + #O42PRX + #O49FSX thru #O49JGE + #O44YJ7 thru #O44ZEV possible updates but that & further moved + #O3BW7U thru #O3BW7U moved + history #O49202} + ‘Post restored to revision from March 19, 2016 @ 03:56:58 [Autosave].’ + ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’ + ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ + updates from wikEd {#O43OQ0} then NY0WO6 with replacement qty {199+4+606} then continue editing‘}}’
    7. O49202: ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date2016.03.18FriPst‘;after ID ’minutes t35 since .05SatPst1224‘;revision ’5‘;version1‘;words ’t9871‘;as ’due to {Windows 10 Update O48ULC}‘;do ’now on reload get ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’+ updates {#O450D7 + #O3C7CK thru #O450RV + #O3C7FU + #O46WV8 thru #O3C7WK thru #O46X9F + #O3C1FC + #O488NT + #NUBNKF thru #O488R3 + #O43Q5T thru #O43QEZ + #O3C2FM + #O46XU7 thru #O4707C + #O47095 thru #O470PG + #O46UVB thru #O46V4J + #O3C7W0 thru #O3C7TL moved + #O487Z4 thru #O45PNE + #O45O8K + #O43PI5 thru #O45P1M + #O43M5O + #O43LKW thru #O42IFR + #O44YJ7 thru #O42RGF + #O45VZL thru #O45VZY + #O47A5T} + ‘Post restored to revision from March 18, 2016 @ 09:48:23 [Autosave].’ then NY0WO6 with replacement qty {471+4+505} then continue editing‘}}’
    8. O42P3B: ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date2016.03.15TuePst0225‘;after ID ’minutes 25 since Pst0200‘;revision ’4‘;version1‘;words ’3675‘;as ’need to get to appear publicly the ~4 references to here by new O42O11 now that that just became pubic’; do ’note {updates found manually} {#O42OOL + #O3C6OF + #O3BWAN move + #O42H8P thru #O42FPE thru #O42PMZ+ #O3C1GW+ #O42HEU thru #O42FPZ + #O42HX7 thru #O42HXW + #O42GNZ thru #O42H6O + #O42CD6 thru #O42PRX + history #O42P3B} then NY0WO6 with replacement qty {124+0+231} then continue editing‘}}’
    9. O42BJ5: ‘{post.status.snapshot{;date2016.03.14MonPst2120~‘;after ID ’minutes 13~ since Pst2107‘;revision ’3‘;version1‘;words ’3000~‘;as ’due to probably {OS reset O3RUZ8}’; do ’now on reload get ‘There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave’+ {updates found by WP} {#O3AY94 + #O3DAE3 move + history #O3DH44} + ‘Post restored to revision from March 5, 2016 @ 18:34:34 [Autosave].’ + ‘The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.’ + ‘Post restored successfully. Undo.’ + wikiEd updates {URL capitalization in #O3DAYS} then NY0WO6 with replacement qty {41+4+176} then continue editing‘}}’
    10. O3DD49: O3DD49: resize YouTube vids from default (too big) to match post max: currently [_embed alignright][/embed]; change to ‘embed width=”453″’ per matching NX9249 (at /4670?) and cutting dup-override ‘alignright’. Tried ‘maxwidth=”453″’ but that was ignored.
    11. O3CEZS: {post.status.snapshot{;date2016.02.29MonPst2057‘;after ID ’minutes 31 since Pst2026‘;revision ’1‘;version0‘;words ’2640‘;as ’need to get something published before ‘Super Tuesday, which is 2016.03.01Tue :O3BWY1’‘;do ’{updates all manually noted} {all content here, so thru #O3CESZ} + {completed small updates thru {none}} + then NY0WO6 with 161 replacements then {got rid of nbsp ‘ ’: 241 replacements}, Publish 1 then continue editing‘}}’
    12. O3BVRJ: {post.status.snapshot: date2016.02.29MonPst1333‘;after ID’ minutes 3 since Pst1330‘;revision ’1‘;version0‘;words ’322‘ ;as ’need a proper place to put this, notably to do {move none as fresh}’; do ’following NXBIBI with {{template plus no source text} last {addition if known else history entry} /5417#O3BOVD~ (post 1st-latest and {related: yes}), create {this ‘document’ }‘}’.
  14. NYMK00: comments next & elsewhere, per reply instructions.